The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 21, 1951
Page 7
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 2t, 1951 BLJTHBVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ?A(HS BLEYBH Our Boordino House with Moj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams T, HeCRD SUMPlki'COD 66ARCHllsJ' FO' MI5TAH TVMIGSS , MISTAM BlSS'.'^OMe IKS TH' CAVJM PLOVOIM 1 K/ LET'S TOL6 MEMOOJO-.M AlfOOR COMES 6HIMERS CAPTIVATED A ^fOSY?TH^T BANANA LET ME THAT THREE-POWER MAM.E LIliB THS GLAi-5>S TOUCHIM' ME / I'M TH' ONE WHO'LL OUT OF THE -3UNJGLB TSLL (JePDKT FROM THe PAE.TV = Annual rainfall In most of Saudi Arabia amounts only to about three Inches. Fir cones stand erect on the twigs; cones of pines and spruces hn rig down. Some men always prefer a blonde. Others don't give a hoot, But when you serve them Meyer's Bread, They think all gals are cut el THE GILA MURDER • BY WLIUS LONG <• PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores REPAIR SERVICE A11 appltanc**: refrigerators, freezer*, rmn KM, nod wash era. Radios and small appliances. All nnr work !• jraarantevd. Adamt .Appliance Co. vin fN the office ot Police Chief 1 Mucuel) lhat evening Baker ^ave his version of what nad happened just oefore the aurder ol ^ura Colton J l figure someone was to leave jixiethmg for Mrs Colton in the love compartment ol her car He -vaao't 10 b« s«en so instead ol lei parking ID ner reserved spot at the tront part ol the lot at the .'orhmumty Center, she parked at he back, where the Jght \vas dim .fter the meeting of th« Civic etterment League Mrs. Colton rove Mrs. Morton and Mrs. Bill- igi home She was about 100 ord» from the Billings house be- ire she reached into the glove ox to get whatever was suppose*: a have been put there for her iut it wasn't there Someone had emoved It and left s substitute— d Gila Monster." Chief Mitchell nodded. "Yes, 1 an go along with that. The killer lad to count on her opening tfae •love btx and doing it promptly ifter the lizard was put there. I ,t was left there very long it woulc make a fuss and scratch and she'{ ^now ;omethinv was in the box I'tie motor noise apparently cov ered any sound It made while shi drove those two women home." "It must have, for neither e them heard anything, though Mrs Billings now remembers she noticed an odd odor. 1 think tt'i iua her imagination working over tinw." , "Could be," said the police chief "Anyway, the guy who did U knew nbout Laura's.heart condition, an he knew she was scared to deat of • Gila Monster even when was in a wire cage. It sure look like it was somebody in the family or awful close." • * • OOTH men turned, foe Dr. *•* iitoo bad entered the chief offic*. He apologized for the in trusion and said: "There's something that 1 think 1 should tell you I hesitated oe- •e Because of the confidential lationship ol physician and ps- ent However in this case. 1 was eally retained by Laura Colton nly and not by Lawrence '*ve ecided to tell you all about it/ "Please do." said Chie. Mitchell. >it down and tell us all about it. oth men eyed the ohysician with ntensity a5 he sppke. you know. 1 wat the draft oard physical exammei during ic war And ', suppose you re- ienaber the talk when 1 put Lawrnce in IV-F when he was draftee 1941, People said 1 kept him ul of the army because Laura aid me to. They said a lot -of ellows with flaf feet, weak eyes nd worse hearts than his were rafted. That's true enough, bu /hat they didn't know was tha Lawrence wouldn't have passed a sychiatric test, and 1 knew tt "So 1 thought I'd save the fam ly embarrassment by making hi •yes a little weaker than the; were and his feet a little flatle and throwing in a heart murmu o Ooot. 1 was never paid a penn this by Laura, but I did lei ler all about it, 1 don't know whether she told Lawrence why b. wasn't In the army or not. bu right after that he got. hepped on abnormal psychology. I've kno 1 of ca sea where fell o wa go into :hat field because they knew tha they themselves were a little abnormal, and they wanted to out what made them tick. "Always after that Laura sisteci'on Lawrence going to m for a physical check-up. But wha she actually wanted was a menta. check-up. Of course I'm lust country doctor and not a high priced New York psychiatrist, bi every time J examined the boy saw that he was growing a lift worse. Finally last week 1 to Laura that i* there wasn't aom thi ng done a bout Lawrence couldn't answer for the consequences," Mitchell exchanges * caning glance with the orosecut- g aitorne.} Baker askeo bluntly: 'Do potj think Lawrenct put the ; (a Monstei w thai jlove oox?" Dr Creviston managea 10 tintl (nothing on the floor 10 hold Ni« ize •*l'm not making conjecture* I'm ny telling you what I thin* you lould Know Have you checked i where Lawrence wa« last ight?" 'Hts alibi was the first ihtn hecKeO on." Jhiel Mitchell an- wered curtly ''Lawrence was out riving, and so was Pat. Sam was i home, ae says, out the servants 'ere off for the niszhu Not one b: le family has an alibL Tel) me o you really think Lawrence if uts? 1 ' Dr Creviscon looked wretchea It's my orofessionai r>pmion thai e'a a mental case If proceedlng^ o have him declared mentally il' /ere tiled in the probate court. Pd ave to give my opinion that he ,-as," Baker asked: "'In what waj .oes his illness show Hself?" "Well. iot« ot ways. Bocks b« eads for example Poe, Uaude- aire, Huysmans and othex deg writers. He ]ust hasn't a normal idea ID his bead. Ask him opinion on anything, and he lives you something outlandish. •Jo stability of mind. And he get* excited so easy. Talks to himsell ind wrings his hands when he hinks nobody's watching him And he's getting worse." MITCHELL nodded un- derstandingiy, "People in thii town have always thought he was crazy." Do you mind," Baker aaked, "calling Johnnie McAdami her* to your office?" The police chief looked perplexed but reached for bis phone He located the lawyer and asked him to come at once. He hung up and said: "He'll be hen. What's on youi mind, Paul?" "I just want to ask him one question." Johnnie McAdams, changed to evening sports clothe*. arriv«d 11 minutes later. (T« Be Continued) Check Your Speedometer! Ii Will 8*™ ¥•• Money An you iur« your speedometer •eads correctly? It'i no excuse for speeding, Comi In tomorrow ,m« day service for all cars and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. •vth Dealer Phcne H2I DfllRV QUEEN IUNBAI cms L, IIIRT IBfEH il VMDMS • MHTS • tDIKTS • riNTS DAIRY QUEEN So. Highway 61 HAIRY VETCH New Crop Vetch Seed IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Place Your Order Now! We Accept PMA Purchase Orders Blytheville Soybean Corp. Phone — 6856 — 6857 WANTED MEN and WOMEN to f«H«w lemdi on Hospital Inmranre Gre*t Demand — Good Pay When In tht Hospital friends seiuT Flowers — - We Send You Cash SeeUnitedlnsurance Agency 106 S. First St. Blytheville| "Everything in Insurance" At lx)wer Rates SHEET METAL WORKS OF ALL KINDS Cuslom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing tip lo '/< inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 A. F. metric* What Don't You Need? | Old rickety furniture, worn bthfff, fishing equipment. Anything on rarth that you i don't want Is worth money in trades and .twaps at II A M Salw Co. Brine It d<iwn— j rou'il flnd something you T>O H&M Sales Co. FOR SALE Concrete calvcrls, 12 Inch to* 48 inch, plain or reinforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than Inmher for barnn, chicken houses, pump hooves lennn house*, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 691 Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Miles Extra Powtr Get The Best I Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phon* 2089 »* Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks— Culverts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. 8*. I. Bljth«rm> Shoe Repair Helps You Look Your Best H-fM_T€RS lLITY SHOe "=."- FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSAEB The Very Hest FA WHS SOTOL SO GA-GA HE'S ., AMD W/7H THE SfORrs LARD'S our TO VJIM } LET ME AT TMOSE TOOM--JUST FOS ME/ J CREAM PUFFS' INDIANS ARE NATURAL ATHLETES' SUPER NWORW./ We're looking for the grave the doctor said you wera digging with your teeth 1 ." 'KISCn.LA'S POP 1 here domes a D;u BY AL VERMEER (THREE AND ONE, >i PLEASE!! AND AS A SPECIAL BIRTHDAY TREAT, WE'LL TAKE YOU i THE MOVIES!! JUST THINK!! AT LA*5T I I'M J 12 YEARS OLD! BY MICHAEL O'MAU.EY anrl RALPH LANE I SUES* THEV CALL *\tZIGHT YOU ARft, IT THUNDER SAP ONI \ STUPID. IT MAKE* A.CCOUNT OF rr AAAKE* J A LC7veL.Y , HCV, &HAK&- V FOR A PICNIC. 6PEARE7 ^f r ^_ T ^^-' WE'VE SOT IT ALL OURSELVES, TOO/ CAPTAIN EASY A Band of Rubber BY LESLIE TURNER RECKOU \ I'VE BEEM CHECKING HIS STORY. EWWETT COLH.C* \LEftRHED SEEMS TO CONFIRM IT- EEEW SHIELDlWe \EXPUlWS TME CHMtRED PIECE £>' POKOU HIS BROTHER. BY (RUBBER. I F0UWO IU W5 TRJiSH THROWN' US OM W WRONG TRIkCK, IT WAS PART O'ONE LIKE THIS', * BWJP • THAT FITS TIQHTLV AKOUUP A WEAKEUED KWEE, FOR SUPPORT' BUT WHY 8URW IT WITH YMJCey's CLCrWES? WHL,THATt>OE6M'THElP US. BY THE WfW... REMEMBER. EMWETTS KEY RING WE SWCHEP? KEEP THAT COP'S MTENTI0N WHU.EI TRY 'EW IN VAMCEV'S DOOR'. DUUHO. BUT IT WAS IM TH' KMEE THAT CCKEK'E BULLET HIT HIM IAST VEAK. BUGS BUNNY THEKE'-S NOTHIN' TO IT, KIP. ALL VA PO 1 TIE TH T- NEK. TOOTH LIKE THI*... WH-WHAT 16 IT CICERO? NOW TH-THAT WASN'T S-50 BAP...WAS IT? Cl-LICK...THAT'S TOOTH/ \ fJoorl Ones! inn YES, MY FRIENDS,WITH TH' CHAMP RIDE THROUGH. T WHICH OF TH' CHAMPS,TH'OLD OR NEW? CHAMP'S THAT'LL BETH'END ONLY POOLS BET AGAINST BOOTS AND MKK BY EDGAR MARTIN

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