The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1931
Page 3
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.•'ANUARY 10. 19iJl Kr.YTUKVll.l.K. NEWS PACT. TllJtKr': YXHEVILLE'S INDUSTRIAL AND BUSINESS ACTIVITIES Trade, Build and Invest In Blytheville J City of Optimists' Your Coo[)uralion will help make Blvtheville mightier. Girl Wihiess in Strange Case •The Jiiin of the l.owciHko!:U," Umt bit ol history that docs not Hit Literary Guild's Janu.uv: find Us way Into mcsl history books. Cliclce, Is 'JL Trilogy Thai n.'- ; Haym Solomon was a young Vo- sTi-ves Superlative 1'ralst—"EJu-1 lisli Jew who fled Irmn oppression laticii of a I'rfncKs" Is Ahj u ' iu Ills own land and reached Ih3 Ni-lrucrthy Kuuk. . American colonies just iu time lo 1!Y BKUCK C'A'lTON ! Join In the movement that mnde the NEA Service Writer j colonies independent. He was In "The King or thc Lowcnskoldb,' I seized by (he British, escaped, ind Seiina Lagerlof presents a bDJk j lloil to Philadelphia; and although that needs to be described in 311- he reached that city broke, he soon perlatlves. ' made a sizable torume as a broker lr,is novel—tfce January choice' and presently attracted the atlen- or the Literary Guild—is a trilogy. ! lion of Roui'il Morris, who wgs aim runs 10 more than 800 pages;! Guiding the nuances of the young ycl it is never bulky, never ixm- i republic. dcrons, ncrt-r involved. You have I Morris lost no time In putting finished It before yoii realize Hint j him to work; and by the time Corn- you arc reading a novel of more wollls was finally run to earth at than !he ordinary length. Yorktowu Solomon was Ihe man on ML's l-agerlof binds her three whom Morris chtelly relied for sell- sttrles together by the old Icgemt '• i::g government securities, of a great ring owned, generations | But Solomon's services did not ago. by General Lowcnskold, who slop there. He gave liberally of valued tile ring so nmch mat m | his own money to the patriot cause, had it buried with him when he supported a number of delegates co died. His grave was looted and the | the Continental Congress and, In ring vanished; and tragedy follow- short, contributed practically his eci cveiyoiie into whose possession it came, through all the years there, after. •• ihis leit-motif, however, is almost lest after the story gels under way; and beginning with the second di- enllre fortune to the revolution; and he died in a British prison, bankrupt, with his family forced to depend on charity. It is past time that someone gave Solomon his due, and Mr. Russell , vision of the trilogy, the novel con- docs (he job very well. "Haym ! cerns Itself primarily with three! Solomon and the Revolution" Is an people — Karl Arthur Ekcnstedt. a interesting book all the way . Swedish clergy- 1 through. It Is being Issued by the Charles J. Griffen. Miss ( I|.L.I,.,_, , ^ ^ . I3lltHlC3l yOUHCJ ui-c<aioi[ titibj- iniuMgik. ji 10 utiiig LMIIUU u/ mu tin ee high scjiool gins, Don Courtney of Los Angeles is being held man. Charlotte Loircnskold. his fl- Cosmopolitan Book Corporation and for trial on statutory chart's. This picture shews one of the wit- ance, and Anna Svard, a loving I letalls at $3.50. ni«scs, 18-yrar-old Betty Totir.nn, accompanied by her attorney, - BVPsy peddler whom the clergyman Tolman said she and Courtney had shaken i fll S Uy -,?l n ' IeS- , dice, the stakes to be her honor against 5 ,COO. ln"^ cha^cteHsTh^ugh- I ly unpleasant as this Karl Arthur. [His fanaticism and egotism start by bringing Charlotte to a shipwreck f T om which only her own integrity saves her. Then they bring J to his mother insanity and death. After that thuy boleh the life of the peasant girl, Anna, so that sh3, | like "Charlotte, saves herself only FI BILL' : plugs might be removed and ciean- ; ed of carbon, and the points set so KV ISRAEL KLEIN Science Editor, NEA Service A break in the cold, stormy weather should be the occasion tor checking ever the important parts of the automobile and improving: should be ronewe'i its operation. During winter the; At the ' i? , are worn seriously, the spark plugs chassis same lime the distributor particularly seems to be j cover should be'ranoved and the neglected lo Ihe extent of finding; contacts cleaned. Every connec- fro^n spring shackles, dry joints! in the ignition system should be and thickly encrusted spring leaves I cleaned anrf tightened so To as when the job finally is tackled. sure perfect contact Winter is just the time wheu the! The cylinder head may need chassis requires sp 2 cial attention,! t ig htenin? nnd the pack ^ u ™ u because she has inner resources that are out of Ihe ordinary. And finally tiiey-drae Karl Arthur himself dcwn -to the lowest depths. The study of the gradual decline of this character is magnificently done; and Charlotte Lowe'nskold and Anna Svard emerge, also, as two women whom the reader will never forget. And through the whole story there blows a clean wind from the Swedish forests, making each page memorable. All in ail, "The Ring of the Loas fine a novel as you ead all year. benu into lt * P utIL ' !ncd ^ Doublday, tx>- i rBn & Co -< ail( l M ' ls at S3. when every joint sh,,,ld be kept water pump taken up a Wt The 1 f ,*"?• ' well lubricated, in order to enjoy fan should get a touch of oil or' Wel '^ 0l ? s , ls ' the conuoi-U of motoring. Ycl tho grease, as provided Mr and a few; are Ilkely to r car more often is neglected at this dropo of light oil should !» mil iniJ II ^ P 11 ™* 11 time -nan in summer. the generator. Cold weather is not conducive to 1 TIv tatt"ry too MIUUIH ™» i.m.n working on the car. of course, but with" water and' llle lerminab ! A RUSSIAN GKAND DUCHESS tl-orc should be no excuse for neg-; cleaned and tightened A fresh cunt i TELLS OF TIIE OLD R£ GIME lecting it when a warm spell ar-: of grease er vaseline'on the tcr-' Tlle Book of tnc Montn ciub ' s rives. ; mlnals will prevent their corrosion.' ch ^ c for ?, a " a ™ y !s ." IF ; <lu ;; ati0 ^ C ' J * * ' : Thus the car can be prepared for a Princess," by Grand Duchess Ma- The first thing to do is to clean easy and comfortable motoring for rle ot R U"la; and it, too, is a mem- tr.c body and chassis. Mud is the rest of the winter, or at least ora ' J ' e hook that you should not harmful to the paint and leaves until the next warm'spell comes let yourself miss, spcts that are indelible if allowed along. Such care prolongs the life 1 Marie, cousin of to dry. Mud on tha chassis is al- of the car. most like rust—it eats into the — joints and weakens the essential OLD VIOLIN IS FORTUNE /• (Continued from .page one) ma-s constitutional convention more than a quarter of n century ago Wife Is An Artlrt .' Tile bitterness that came his way during the campaign '-ietma to have hurt him somewhat; and there is no question that iv'hurt Mrs. Murray. Mrs. Murray is a .quiet, .refined, soft-spoken women of culture and charm; a college graduate, frt>o can move -In any circle of society. She is connected ,by blood '.'ilrlUi the old chieftains of the Cljiaki- saw and Choctaw Indian nations During the campaign ihe hid' to read statements calling, her * "rquaw" and referring to .'her children as "Ihe 10 .brats." As a matter of fact, she .and the governor have four children, ond:triey are all grown. '.. .. i "And they radioed/ugly stories how my husband, 'wolfed' his flap- tiling uf mld\\ Ivc.s and since spec- InlMif ouMelrU-al cure 111 the b'.'sl hi.-ulliils Is »f niTi'.-Aity nn exceecl- lti'.;ly ivxpenslvc conmicdlty. fc ri r ROOKISfKI l Genc? Er > Pardon-Major Tunney P Ar*,!? £ X^ k L I L_ I ->V>\WI N|?gf/r ^ ! J .' control of tlic I milling or qualincn- SURVEY, AUT01ST AIDS JOIII.KSS IIAYWAR13. C.'nL (UP)— Many ot the dostlliile In this vicinity blcss- i'd Ihe 1'nreles.snehs o! a motorist not lonu ago. A "hit and run" driver Mruck a large hog nnd It was loi.nd dying by n tnifllo oHlcer. who Imlrhrivd Ihe animal and dlstrlb'H- cd (lie meat nniong those needing II. ne\v. MIAMI. FLA., (UP) — Instiumenl In motor tralllc llnn will be put Iu use here during llir Third Annual All-American Air Mcci, when n dirigible con- hc!s the movement ol more than 10.COO ivutomoljlles over an nrca 'J."> miles f(|iiare adjacent to' the Inndliig field. Wont CLASSIFIED He almost "stole the show." did M,,Jor James Josep: he appeared at tho inauguration f,i Governor Wilbur Connecticut, in Hartford. Here you sec Ihe retired champion, resplendent In Ihe gold-braided uniform of marines In the Connecticut Stale Naval sepli Tunney. when ceremonies with L. Cross of heavyweight a major of Mllllln, na he attended the ils wife, (he former rnlly Lander. Crowds along the gave Tunney a lrcm?ndoiis ovnUon during the Inaugural parade. He has been attached to the stall of the new governor. line o[ march Lack of Knowledge Cause of Difficulties In Childbearino- jacks," says Mrs. doesn't Murray. "Mr. flapjacks, and , the last of the I «« ^^^ _ ^ ^ he drinks his coflea from the cup of the old regime in Russia. She I nnd not fronl th'-MUcer." BT DR. MORRIS FIS1IDEIN Editor, Journal of the American Association, and of ,' The Hfaltli >I»cazlne No dpiibt,' long before there were physicians or mldwlves, women g»ve' birth successfully to children: without the help of either. On the V 0thei: hand they, no doubt, frequently suffered unnecessarily and ebmtetljnes. bccaDip 111 or died as a result ^6f'complications which today »re perfectly controlled. '. /AS hupia'n life became mere complicated, .an'd conditions uf living changed, inedical complications' of child-birth .became more difficult and. this" opportunity for Infection far mow frequtnt. There'are, .as haa been frequently ixJnted.dut, Uiree main factors to be considered: First, to bring Ihe mother successfully through the entire period from conception to recovery; second, to Insure the birth of a healthy Infant; third, tn have tho mother as nearly normal after the experience as she was before Because of the fact that mldwlves undertake a part, of the practice of medlcin?,. this phase of medical training- has hid hardly n fair regn I came to womanhood as one of the ; Mrs. painter, one is an of her landscapes lirnging in the historical society hell at the capilol. Nor is she k f stranger to ^tate a girl she lived lor years the paria of the car. It should be MARION, Va. tUP) J. T. Brink- iniosc distinguished members of tile washed off thoro.ighly. Caked.tin- ] C y p an old-time fiddler of Wayn? ,ruling class; yet, she paints out, dfrneatn tb; fenders, it is harm- county, W. Va.. is all excited at the she knew nothing of the world, fill to these parts and, if allowed p rcs pect of selling his antique "fid- • nothing of Russia and nothing of to remain there, would eventually <|ie" for S40.000 or $50,000. He wissnilcrship. She l:nev; only how to ^•.ise their rusting and breakdown. p i ay j n g the instrument recently obe i'- shc wa5 married at 18, to a ^ Outside of ths wholesome feeling when tvvo musically cultured young 'Swedish prince whom she disliked. usat a clean car produces, it helps mcn passed alld went m to in¥esti . !The marriage dissolved a few years to lengthen its nfe.^ gate jj,^. [ oltn j a 1^1 rra[ j] ns later, and she returned to Russia .,. ,.**,*., „ "'"6. Antonio Stradivari us." inside Just, in time to experience, first Uic i K - !lrl , tnrv ,,„,„. nrvrp Adam Afer being cleaned, the car the instrument. H is reported lhal : World War and then the rcvolu-! *™. h " D "- ,j*™ s , ?Z' should go through an entire greas- a Roanok( , mm alre:ldy ' h;xs of , eretl tion. I Emlt!l " nd Herbert s f* n ™ WeU medical advice Immediately on the knowledge of conception,' nnd If they followed such competent advice carefully through thc entire circumstance, tho number of deaths would be greatly cut doun and thcie would be H vast amount of Illness grcvcntcd. • Much has been written of late it newspapers and In magazines con corning l!ie great cost of scientific obstetrical cnre. It Is recoanlzed that the work of obstetric S];cclnl- isls Is not necessary in the vast majority of coses. Specialist Ic service is expensive regardless ol whether It is in the field of law, plumbing, farming or medicine. In (he uncomplicated case Hi' general practitioner cnn secure excellent results. There Is Always the possibility (hat he will be unable to give as many hours of lime to Ihci Individual cnse as cnn tc given by the specialist. Furthermore, he may be called at significant, moments anrt he may bo required to i»ss from an Infected person to the care of n woman In child-birth. The midwife cannot by the vr-ry nature of things be as competent as SUPERIOR COAL CO. Cherry & Railroad Phone 123 IT IS IMPORTANT That yon have your tax returns; uroperly filed. When done In (he right way, much time and rrpncy may .Ije saved. One not versed In Income tax procedure'b-not prepared to •.In- LcUgcntly file tax returns. ' ; • ', ':'-"•••• • -•• It la not gootl business to trust your affairs, with Someone 'hot mmlllled to do the work properly. • ',••-' A. G. HALL, Public. Accountant. 2Ii IV. Walnut St. Bahicd ' .vi.BljitjitTUi*,' Ark. 1 share of attention In medical | the well trained physician Indeed schools. It is an aphorism that a the most important training that badly taught midwife can kill mere [she can secure Is sufficient knowl- highly cduc.itcd ledge and judgment h> enable her to women than physician; can cure. iknow when to call for medical as- u Whaf A Life—-" says one brake lining to another, 261 itopt In a d*j'» work. No wonder we wear out,** • " ItAYUFSTOS IJntd Brake! SUnd (he Gaff. Dixie Service Station Thont 315 Aih A Bradway Before there were trained sur- jsistance. gcons, barbers did much of thc sur- ,\ midwife can usually iccofiiizci gery. It was "barber" surgrry and ! excessive bleeding. convulsions.] not "surgical" surgery. j swelling of thc legs or similar com-1 One of the great difficulties In sc-, plications, but not many cnn reco?- curlng better results In the matter of child-birth is the fact that the public Itjdf is not well informed l IP"" I con Dtink!ei ' S40 ' 000 for tlle violin ' Read Courier News Want ASs. ins and change of oil. miles in .summer, is hardly touched over the eniire winter. Yet it is n"« when thc chasis needs lubrication I.' at nil. \ If thc car has been neglected, the spring shackles may be found frozen ant! immovable. Three, however, should I-.? lo-scned unrt frech grease shot through, from one side ^^ ~ , <• ~- tc the other. Otherwise the mimn-: A Bib oUCCbSS IS IT facturcr should not be Warned for' IFfAlfS SOU PCA/JC4LLV Mf) th; resulting lack of riding comfort. The springs also should be cleaned and given an oil bath, while a shot of graphited oil might be in- j . Jected between the .'wes in order ; to help lei'.en the shock of riding bumps. ' , Every J-int in the chassis, in the' brake rods, at the heels. Ihe nni- j • versal and steering gear i hnuld be'' lubricated for easier and better op- " eration. That will help the engine pull the car more easily and will. • •• -- .. Ufi er rs rea ap;.- (|on be[Keen .. mtmory .. ok charge of a R=d I o ,| ec ( ion .- a !^™y',, a .^:i tl " During the campaij help the driver stop it more effec-1 ±oJ> \ i lively 1=ffl ' : Over tho winter, thc motor might have become revered with ml. When the molor is hot, this oil heats up and throws its flames back into the body. A day might i* thc time for the motorist ti Tttn off this oil with some kero- sV:e. i While the hood Is up the spark I s ough, it was the war that not only her flrit real but her first real happiness. She took. Cross hospital environment she really lived for the first time. She came to evaluate her o™ place In society correctly. She learned, at first hand, just what thc j i defects and inconsistencies of the' ! old order in Russia were. She ; found how she could make her life significant, learned how to stop being a figurehead—and had just assimilated these lessons when the revolution uprooted her and cast her adrift, to make her way, eventually, to America. , complimented him on his amazing I nlze unfavorable physical rondi- ticns mid wrong presentations suf- . flcicntly early lo enr.Ke the sccur- incerning. the possibilities. ji,, 3 (or tnc patient of l\\s best If the vast majority of women | type of ccntrol. made sure of their ability (o tear ir.tmory. He Insists that this not the case, and makes a dlstir and "rec- children successfully and without comolications at the time of marriage, If they consulted competent Tile determination as to whe'h:r or not a midwife, general practitioner, or specialist will be ollcc! is wholly in'the hands of the pa- ampalgn Murray amused and startled the state by hitch-hiking from one end of Oklahoma to thc other, spending only $71 on an extremely extensive speech-making tour. Thc city voters were against him. but he ran like wild fire in the rural districts and got the largest majority ever given an Oklahoma, [.ubematorial candidate. ^ There is a wealth of exciting In- I $t onc lions, gifts ' *o L = cident in this book; but its chief i versity of Missouri by j value lies In the picture it gives of Km?i minister of Ind .^ ' Russia before the revolution. Marie is no blind Bourbon, lamenting the days that were. By describing her g| 'own life and education, she gives ! an adequate explanation of the rev- jolutlon Itself. You will be able to i appreciate what Is happening now , in Russia much belter if you read this book. "Education ot a Princess" Is published by the Viking Press, at S3.50. HE HELPED FINANCE THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION "Haym Solomon and the Revolution," by Charles Edward Russell, presents an Interesting and impor- Mlssouri Gets Stone Lions COLUMBIA, MO., (UP) — Two the Unl- Dr. H. H. Industry, commerce and labor of the National Government in China, have arrived rafely in Shanghai after a Journey on a flat car from Chufu, birthplace of Confuclous, where they stood for five centuries, Sold for Back WATERLOO, 1A. (UP) — The lot on which the birthplace of Lou Henry Hoover formerly stood has been sold for tascs. It was purchased by E. B. Clari of Cedar fesslonal buyers from all over Iowa were present at the auction, as well as a number of persons connected with the state historical COAL SIPSEY SATISFIES Also Other High Grade Coals Buchanan Coal Co. Office Phone 107 Residence 717 \VK DKY CLEAN OR DYE ANYTHING Blytheville Laundry Phone 327 -. Chicago Mill AE£ Lumber Corporation - IP- COAL and FEED Kentucky and Alabama Red Ash Coals. Delivered Anywhere. Hay, Kar Corn, Oals, Mixed F e c d. Special Prices on Car Lots. C. L. Bennett & Co, Phone 64 A.S. Barboro&Co., Inc. Blytheville, Ark. Wholesale FRUITS — NUTS — VEGETABLES BEANS — PEAS Serving southern merchants over fifty yesrs. Phone 920. Second and ROM.

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