The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1930
Page 5
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lU.YTHMVlLLlO, (ARK.) COU1UMR NUWS Porker Football lling To Hc Family Affair 11 Philadelphia Washington „ i r • \; I 1 I Kev ' ^' or ' t 1'ast and r vinous Verbal' Cleveland /*> \ r 1 i • r\ i Uc'.roil Lombat tuds in Draw; Sl LOU,., Evadalc Wins Event. ,j« u ;;;;• niW™ " N;U '°'' ;I ' The Ark-Mo ama'.L'ur tins-Kill lerjyue appears celinilely to be a league v.-ilhout a chanipiun and • chica'"o" with a ciminpiciisliip cup that will | N-"W'YOI->" 01 | FAYKTTKVII.LE. Aik.--Foa.bAi: |i-. settii!;; to l:e a family allalr at University oi Ark.uisis. Ali;l s'.rani;? part about it Is that 11% ™ 1 Hudsonmen 0;f For souvi Town for !li-lil Iji'i-lh. Mis. Karr. IIK<: Mrs C'm,;hlui!, is a Ni-braska pit 1 !. '1 hi- thin! iiii-mlhT ui llu- in.iriir.l (no I:; Jui'k Dal:, lianl-l-.llliii.ilmli- Inrk. who Is lalcii as ono (if ilu- t--: 1)1 i.-ki-rs lii tlii' i-nllro poiitli- vvc:.i. >]ia. L),iU> Is a former tt.iiw- lj.-i•'•; i-u-cil. .UK! li> keep n;-:ir lii-r!) mil now for Ills year lii-re stio is- n IcnclHT in n lorai 1PA6B-MINIS-: ' I'OM Won't (id Hit A!I thru- wives know llu-li foat- b.ili. All three pluu en following' I AW, .112' . vai-Miy ;;" "'"';; - k fjnclderi i n . or them Hut si-;i- ; -'»e H~m the vim ! l p Mi;i.-iilii:rs. ti'.cii- the nrldiion, And '.o b.? any ml^cucs I lielil. this i-.lo Mill ime ! J • cK- br.-,!di\; lleail C. Thmnsi n 10 r.imk up an ! Si Louis fa Oiu-kers (if Evadale, Holland and several other teams in the loop, specifically v.-ith a chance ;ii tin- cup in the event a [jaine should be foneitcd Evadale. <:ath- ' cr«i at the city lull here last nhht • and engaged in one of tin.- mos'. I strcr.uous and rabid verbil cor.-.-1 bats -."Uncased here in many a clay, i And had it not boon for thc presence ot mind oi th: pictidcnt. now ex-presldcnt, Wilson Henry. \vho had the mct-ting transferred from . the Hubhabrd Hardware buildim; t-j I ' JM'.lsturgli Cnic'innatl .. Plillartclnliia W. I,. 85 (id 84 « 83 03 RO uli ~<j iia CU "9 SO till 50 !W If you buy of Mr. Bowers' Store SIRLOIN STEAKS K. C. !b. 28c Games Today American I.P:ISUC New Yovk at Chicago. Philadelphia :tl St. Louis. Wnshinyloii at OL'lruit. lioston in Clevehind. i ball obErrveis i.nly Ct-inio for II:: Cliic-!:: waiiir.:!' 1 =.- lll::L '. bn'. wit'.-. [ Be-.wicn h:i]vcs. Joe p:v|i.irlnr in suv its native sun. Tommy rri'C- ! ! up canio for (]'.-. Clikfc bn'. wit'.-, w.wicn halves. Joe Aim inny • : ,..,T, n ,s-,ly <-'Jv,m.d wd:,-n^.|i: the younger of the tv.-o Ci'aii: toys i.ave ll:i- p!ua-iu\> of p!.,yiir: wit: ' c!i uiipiui- » iuvil wi-laum- i'-nii (who we:-e apparently se; to in-.!; >:lly K;m-, tiiaL'-yc.u-oh! son el l, : , uiilv.ii hnv.'lic will .isrlve la't,- ! the 'brother act 1 more lanioi' l.hun K;IIT. candUliuu (or a buck- '. lutiiijlil. in Chick history, ou! i pass-inly fa- U.o seavJii. a o slnom has settled tivu ilse ClilcJ Xalional I.OLISHC - - .. _ .,_ al lioslon. thc city hall the iircsesu-o ot ] rntsbun!:i al Ui-oaklyn. several uniformed policemen amn:ig j Cincinnati at New York, llic atrJienre that enjoyed Hie s ; !, 0 ,.,i s !U piilladelplna healed exciiahges, the battle might ! have been mor? than verbal. lave been mor? than verbal. ' R!fl The arar.mcm developed, it is i jj I iniiicrsiood. over a same i* Eva- j U . | ja'.e Sunday bct.vcen Hiartal? andj' 1 U camp. Tile present squad is 'iiiloriov ly v.-cak in resui-vcs. especially !:• bacr:rie!d roplaccmi'iHs. anil '. hr less of Ihe flafhy :;;iii:i'.-.-i ui :!'.: j Chicks is a h:iv;l b'.y.v. \Vi;h yo-.m-. I Crnis inissina tl'.e Hii;ls;>!!incn \u!' 'probably start In th-.- \.-.isity liat-'r:- fieltl with MacFce callins sigiuh- '.Short and Wetlbiooh at Hie halve I an:l tlic vcteriin 1'ete Cr.ii 1 /. '.'.!!1 ' state fullbac'r;. ?.t his usual post. V. '. the bays pile up a mud score | Ccaeh Hudson will probabiy u^e hi-- dthci- backfield candidates av:ork ! out but. if the game piove.s har'.l cisilc man. ! A/Iarlrm*»n Ainin A-nf»l'!rnn ' loiitht Hudson will have a har Worils, Words, Words iViaCKmeil Agaill rt.nCl Itail The league president said thai the lirst he knew abouL tho contrc- versy. cf the iimpircb-in-cliief [ of the game, it seems there were!, came 10 him Monday mom- iii" ^nd nnnounccil thai, he fcr- leiied the same to Holland. This Holland. To state the circumstances would be impossible as ll-.e circumstances were decidedly dilfer- j cut. depending on whether the j speaker was a Holland man or Eva- j occurred after the uamc had been t] . L , A ., lcl ' lc;m League i lime finding a likely substitute to: Birds Beat his s:artiim varsity backs. j-, , • ' ,' T1 • i r. • i . i The linu aUaoiiiiii s!iowi!iB c 1 KoblllS lot' Ihll'U Straight a tcw seasoned faces, should \\o\t i iis own ayninst ihu- Missuurl lads NEW YORK.—The PhlliuielphiR | «ii:-.out mild-, triniijie. MatihcM-s Athletics, world's c hamp ions. | capl. Raydcr, L-.ickeU, Alexander chnchid the 1930 championship o'. Clcsto;'.. -"id Gord')n will played out at Evadale. and Eva- dt ., c;ui ,,,, t ;:i:cago as the second dale, if we again are correct, had . |jlacc Sl , nutors lost to v/'cs Herd! v.-on thc game as scores go. Ti:? a , Kl thc Cleveland liicians. came was interrupted early by a ; ]p tj)c Kilt j 01!a i c jicuii the St. fight between a Holland bailor and • Ix)uis Cal . rtin!lis Bl>Lntd a tw0 ya:n: Evadclc catcher. Tha umpire-m- mart , Ul ovol . thc ECCO nd place Hub- chief at the lime, a Holland man. I jns wh{ . n lhcy h . u)dcd lr , e ixi:lger» wii'ilwl to forfeit thc B.nne. he salt',, l[Kn . thira stralgl u setback ycsu-r- bnt was afraid to do so. nppa.v-, d Tnl , Cul)s r( ,, nawctl jn nurd cntiy he had cnougn atiti left tnc ^ ce b la La ihe Ne . iV York i game, which apparently was play- I oialUs ed out amidst, a mix hue and cry ! Tho Car( | 3 i-f pio-.ests, "let me have some i i[0 3 - ju the U)1 ,. d Clo5cly that meat." and noise deluxe.^ ! sal , le O l the series and th; or.e Thc session of managers "" t: - r ' ] w i 1K .h cxpcrls sr.y has iieiinliely Jeague tcims last msht devr.oye:. m ,.,. c . u IhL , UUD .,„•.[ ;,,.,;,- lrn h--., JC \ into a free for all with players and Bjrds od , ;s on ftivori;t ., lo CO;J . -ay by I probably start for '.lie Chicks. trimmed the Robins 4 p or t Woi'lh \VlllS SeCOlld third closely centc-stJd .-, r i\- • c ' Game or Dixie bevies; Next Game at Forl Worlh spectators joining in the verbal Eurlcigh Crimes, ex-Robin, did conflict with one tall Ir.nky ir.oi- £ome = oin a , ia lancy ,,,.,.,,„,„ lor \itinal from Lvadale, who si-jmi-.i i ^^ Ciiu!s w 'iile Ray fnc'ps did ~. to he one of that t?am's several I ( . ijr jub ' Io ..' UlK , e Rcbmsan a ,, a Kniiagei-=. sweeping honors in ihe Ho|Us - Thll , blon , lia betu . r w ;,, h "loudest voice-'.' contest. Wilson Henry, president of Iho league, after K series ot eifous '.a Hollls they let him take the mound. hcmer oy Bo'-tomlfy, iripio by a'.v.l homer by Herman lea- MEMPHIS, —Tha Foil Wort'.' Panthers ot the Texas U-ayue won theii second straight Dixie series victory yesterday, 4 to 1, from the Memphis Kiicka. Two more v.ins would clinch tiic scries. Up In tils rooting bectio-.i where several hundred hysterical Texa fans yelled, rang cowbe'.ls a n c: ,vi-.LU- ii'.ayjd bvais hiitrur.-.e:iis. a big Thi-sr- lacis in the Ark-Mo lengu: season, boys. Scliools To Giidu'on I another American league pe.. - ..... ' -A-ilh a 14 to 10 win over tnc Chi- firs'.. On the next pl.iy Brazill urop- • cvo White Sox. The Sa.s u.,ed livf pert Meyers' liner, a prospective ; pitchers in tna slugfc-st and ih= double play wen; qlimmenns ann ;-.Iacks eveiHuonv called upon Bob the bases were Silled. Kcliy fanned Giove alter three other ,Vs had pa- Whi'.worlh ai-.d McDaiuel siabbe. r^dcd to the mound. Mocrc's (.rounder to force CM a • n'.atc. The two runs then v.-cre next- Friday afternonn. To the 1'ine lilulf Zebras and Ecntcn hiish school so thc honor o' up'jLiiii'j tile season. th3 Zebras iro'.nicins Bentun lust Saturday. W to 0. Tcxnrtana iTex.t high school opened yeslerday -gainst the Slumps. Ark., .team. Thc Van Buren Pointers : ictics. n I The New York Yankees finally j ,• ! von a ten inning contest Iroir. the | at. Lo-.ns Browns, 7 to 5 at Si. | Ix>u:s. Four home runs, two by j Charlie Knifing, starting pi'.chui, feaUired the game. Mark Koenig, veteran shorlstop. OSCEOI.A, Ark.—With 38 vie lories tu tl'.eir credit for the se.i- sun tht O?ce-j!a indim- will til" llonolU- club at Mounts Snn- :i.iy. !io-.h terms I'a-.f clsl-.n to th. into the Ddtruit-BastDii yanic ; Southern Tr-dt-pendeiU title l-.aviiip Fayctteviilc hic'n school C])::is i' ;-.->.Fon lcd.iv againM t'.ir Hcavcner (Okla.i high school at Fayelte- ville. He', Springs lake.; on the Shcri- ilnn squr.d at thc former cily. liot Gprir.s:; this year will make a l-;c fra- its pace in the race Icr the ^ tlali- championship, a husky squad ] having been a^cmbicd and tutored St. Louis Open Golf Tourney Begins Today ST. LOUIS. Mo.—Two hundred and lifty amateur and professionals. j''"t" 1 ;p|.{''cr"'ric<-s""i:"ioii!!cl including r.imcs! all eolt MUIS in , their la? 1 ncltc club lining an ct'.^r Ic:' tiv ! censcn. havin; won the fiv;L l/vc- "uri'i ijl.iycd. Por'.ci. ri'ht !-.:inc i er, an Jie" oi tl:e li-.ifT.--.lors pilch : inp sla'T. wi'.l bo on '.!u- nv.n:r;l fa Monett'j while Sli.n 1/wo, vcicra: co'.uilry. b:L'at\ thc liiiesl of , p v | ZLS ^,iid honors in the S1U.OOJ : Ciccoia. powerful hieli F.-i:ool. A nuinbrr of hi^li .'.~:ic'; 1 this year will play al nuUil. 'ii't i Johnnie IVpp, pro ot the Biytho- rive mrmbi-rs of ;!ic Ulytheviil club. Ii. A. Lvnch. C. M. ISax'.er. i G. C»ii<ii!i.'cii M< ;se and K. 1 ,s game ar.d may mnke s^-niL- Haitiord will open its 1MO SM- 1 ^ "* «K o •-, .o'f r s. Tl' son next Saturday aq.iinst Hi. V lc ,'.- ucl kl ' OTl1 b °' u '" M -'' l l-V,-l. Smith Cilices under f.ood i fo ' c ll:0 mccl Is ovcr ' lilihls at Har'.fovd. .nighl. K:i>hnf-r lif-il v.ith JnciL; "Pickf-r.s nf X?wpoi: for n'iin:r-u 'in the 13 iinle mr.ial scdro tha '(leteimnu-:! the Hiciiis. On 111 . Inst 13 i-.clr.s JntLv I'icktns MltAVAUKEE. a'P)-.John Vrprl. to Ihe f:o:r. n t.ik- l-.-idhi:; honor The iil-.oio'.i-Ap'.iir inrluMry of UK 5'. ya\vne:l ^o hear.lily hc dislocated .in dm ra.iiu;i:or,ship H:.:h:. I'liitr:! Ktilfs co-.isi;ir.fs over 150 nis J ;r " '-ere rrr'iillv. Tl-.r bi h '; voyie Ti::ivr n; Joan, b' won !f'"s of ,-iIver pc-r year. y.cwn can-.c \vhen Vogol aroused ' fur se-oiv! nigh! »ii:.". Unv Bro'li A!:hoii;h !'.ie v,jtfv in t'r,•• Arctic jhimjcl! Irrv.i a ;-.ap t.-.ken in a of Wynr.r- thc th:rd fl-.jh: pr:?, 1 'and Antarctic oceans is salty, the I park. Attendants a: City s --.d Dr. \vr.;ett ai Jnneslicro :cc -.hat forn-.s :s free from salinity, ii.u^ii'al tct thc ailing ja-.v. -uraphed ir. tiw fourth fiifjhl. Pound 12!/2C BfAg^jUKI Neck lioiK's Pound lOc Spin c Kibs Pound- 17%c ROUND SHI Sliced lianin Pound 29c K. C. Ifcef Slew l'i« Tails nnwr-aBeasui Pound I5c I Pound 171/2C lk ' s{ (Jrilde sulcs Streak-0-l.i-an, II). 1 7i« 1*2^ ! Phone 177 We Deliver ! /2 pound 15c Jieef Uousl K. C. Thick Itib Pound 17c Pork Shoulders Whole or Half Pound 17e CURED HAMS 27c Winter iS;in;in;i Jiunlio Sixe Suit Mont Itdgniar l'i;iles Pound 12c I.amli 1'attits K. C. Liimb Pound 25c I'ork Chops Pound 25c PUKE LARD iraund 15c I" I'ouml Limit With IMir- Bhusc <>f 51 (ir Morc o[ Othur Mcrchumlist! -ti\ Yellow Fruit Found KKAUT, No. 2J Can 13c Jk-ans Stiiiuliinl jNo. 2 Can 2 Cans 25c lMirc J.anl S II). Tiiil Each $1,27 Mothers Oats 05 uvs. I'kg., With China Each34c CRANBERRIES I'ouncl 2Sc LETTUCE Slridlv Do/1- n C SOAP Hominy No. ii'/j! C'nn Can Iflc si ICE Chum Salmon | 2 for 25c 1' & fi or C. W. 10 Ibir Limit i tea us 1 I'inlo or Gmit Northern 1 11 Ibs for $1,00 | Fancy Fnll m Rosc Hcutl 1 Cocoa Hersey Mb, Can 23c glc 1 12 m. Holtlc Vermont iMaitlc Syrup and 1 I'kg. Aunt Jamima Pancake Flour Both tor 37c lb. 5c Preserves All Flavors 2-lb, Jar 49c Maxwell House, Canova ,. ., , . „ or licrkley Blend J Can Limit OPT1M SQg !fff^!/^f |gt CAPCO 21 Pounds 21 Pounds Jello All Flavors A leal 3 Pkgs. 23c 24-lb. Sack 70c I'ork & Vieans Campbells 3 for 23c \ C Sunshine Suited. Mb. 2-llj. VEAL CHOPS 'omul c ASPARAGUS 1 lb. Si[. Can 23c \Vi- invite you lu inspect GUI: Complete line of fresh fruits and vegetables BANANAS Golden Yellow Kriut ' pound 5c PIG LIVER (iolden Uod t'liund Pound JL & '2 I 4Sc I POTATOES y (.riipi's ket 23c Nice & Firm Pound lOc Alligator Pears Each20c No. 1 Kctl Triumphs NWOLEQ Pound pound Pound PEAS Pound Sc TOMATOES i'oumi Artii'hoki'S ' l.iirnL 1 Fiiiu-v Each 17'/ 2 c Beans Fresh Striuglcss Pound 7!/ 2 c Spinach Crisp & Tender Pound 15c Nice -Mod. Size Dozen I'runes Tor Preserves Apples Winter Banana 18-!b, crate 98c I Pound Iflc Mustard and Turnip Greens Bunch Me

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