The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1938
Page 5
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(AUK.)' COURIER NEWS VAGE FiVI CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate i>cr line for consecutive Insertions: One time per line > ..10c Two times per line per day ...C8e Tlitec times per linn per day . .We Bix times per lino per day 05c Monlli rate per line UOc Cards of Tliaiiks 50c fc V5c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered tor three or .iix limes and slopped before expiration will l)e charged [or tlic number of times (lie add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising cow submitted by persons re.sulini; outside of til ccity must be iiccom- / panted by casli. Rates may be easily conijiulcd from above table Advertising ordered for irregulai Insertions takes the one lime rate No responsibility will be takei for more tlinn one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory HmTv Hailey's CURVE IN CAFE Good Fond at Cloud 1'jiciK FllESH KEU Crappic EXTKKT AUTO IWAIKb Unrage operated by 1'Joyd Marge 1 Hatchery Poultry Baby Chicks < UHUO HATCHING. Miuhynl Hatchery, Illylheville, Ark., H.W. 1 Norlh, 1'hoJip 7«. 1 WE BUY POULTRY llitlirti Sliirki-l I'rltfs Piilil .1. \\, MOOIUC 3!H !•;, Main .St. Repairing LAWN MOWERS Sh(ir)iciiv<l & Repaired Bly. Machine Shop Phone liOS Seed cow PICAS, CANH si-fun HK10I) COKrV. SOYHHANS Whulr.ii!c *i UcUil W. 0. REEVES it. R. St. Jjlythrvillr, rtik. rho.i'S 555 -V SC9 Notice Hrolhci. 1 , 1 . I'tilMtcrs 321. Nonet: .' Notice Is lun-eliy tuvi'U Uml (lie L'hiiroh of Christ Ims illed nil n|>- lillcaltnn for a. permit, to erect « one story frame building, M feet by .seventy feel, on Lois II nnd U. of the Clyde Uuulnwm addition to IllyllU'Vlllc, Arkunnui, in Iho 1210 Mock on West Main .street, lo be used us church. Per- luilt Irr tin 1 eri'cllmi of wild build— IUR will l:o issued atler lliirly dnys mid | f v()m (iip date hereof unless pru- Uci.t Is lilcd UK provided by law. Golden Juliilee of Iliis oily, II «»s wei'SMiry lo iidverllsc In the newspapers to obtain it horse and buu- $y fur llii- nUulr. The Miner Slipper Shop Paris I''ushlou Shoes, by shoe Co. sells Walil K oom and Board liooni in phone 1193 West A^i IU-ck-5-l'J Shoe He pairing Quality Shoe Shop NKW SAMT1.K S1IOKS KvcrvlhhiB 1'ur Your Shoes Phone I'M Free Delivery Nicely furnisiien rooms, nonrd If desired. Phono C03. 112 E. Cherry sa-ck-i-'JS Aulo Pails Dalcii tills April IB, 1OT8, JOK CAHNEV, Cily Engineer, lB-2U-a5- - J7-M«y 2--I-SI-1I. Horses unit Hutjj;ii"i Srane TUbAliR. Cal. iUl>) To lielji carry out Its theme parade for Iho For Sale Tl\'() TON'S ijtoncville -I-A Cotlon ford. $:i7.riU per ton. .). C. Uuch- tuiiin, phe-iic M8 or UM. 18-iik-2l CigHfctics 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Ilullnml. Mo. I'lioiH-s 5-V-J A «73 Tin Work SNYDER'S TIN SHOP Metal Work for 20 Years Valves, Dlowpipes, Seed Bins ALL WORK GUARANTEED Money Buck Cinanintceil STOP-A-LEAK Koof Cn«tin^ Also Plastic Cement 3'.U No. Glh Phone 405-0 Coal • My Caal Is Black But I Treat You Wli<le. LOCAL HAULING John Buchanan 1 '' IJlythcyilic, Ark. Phone 107 wo iiiiT houses—one live rooms and bath, oilier fofti 1 rooms. Rent or .$22.50 i>er month. lioth in loan or S82(i.2« to Iw paid S1.0I) per th. SG50 Hires deed, you assume can. Hi-ill on .smnll house will pay o»n, insurance and taxes. I'rolit 12.50 per month on investment o! .050.00. fee H. C. Campbell, Admr. R. M. Beck Office 103 S. 2ml. ll-ch-19 USED AUTO PARTS City Autu Parts Co. Nest (o IHib Slaliull Tall Kit Wauled To Buy aiiee hull nnd brer parlor on Highway 61. Doing good Ijusi- E. B. Chitwood. 12-pk-5-12 room white stucco House. 512 No. 1st. Cull Quality Shoe Shop, 120, II. D. Campbell. S-ck-tf S2. r )l)0 Wnrlh ll.SIOD All M:ikr5 Uiulius Repaired WADN KUItNJTURK CO. 112 XV. illuln 1'bonc 155 5Uc YARD SCREEN AT A Ki'imlrliifi' MA11K FOU WORK BAV1NO New Scrims AU, I'Uni'OSBSi Barksdale Mfg. Co. 1'hone 10 DIRT Sand & Gravel I'lumc 70(1 ^6WLER~DRVG~CO YOUK I'KBSCKII'TION DRUGGIST Main 1st Vlioiio HI ELECTRIC & AUETVI.KNk. EASY TERMS on Used Frigid- aires, Maying Washers, Delco light plants & radios. E. 1!. <3ce Sales Co. House uptown. B rooms ami bath. 4 room .servants house on rear of lot. Easy terms. Write 13ox "A" Courier News. 21-ek"l Male luslru.eiiou Male. Inylrticlion. We want to select reliable men. now employed, with foresight, fair education tuxt mcehnnieal iiirlinalions. willing lo train spare time or evenings, to become installation and service exports on all types AIR CONDITIONING and Electric Refrigeration equipment. Write fully, giving 3ge. present occupation. Utilities lust., Box "T" c/o Courier. I8pfc!0 WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. COTTON SKKI) 1). P. & L. - ///I Carefully Selected Ki'iuMlrd <iciininatiiin Trsls !li In lOD'.f. 1 proihUTil nwr Iliile an Aere, iin poor lund. 1 KuitraiiU't: this seed us tiiuil us the bi'st olitahwbh 1 . A. F. DIKTRWU I'lionu 7oo ui- ro Conuirt'ic Of ELECTRICAL Kixlurt's & SEED We hnvi! on luiiid for tiiile ov Irndc. (or oilier products, Bcuns • -Laredo, Delsta, Mammoth Brown, Wilson rtnd Virginia Drown. Teas--Whips mul New Kru. Lespcrtwii — Korean. Cotton Jiceil—D. I 1 . 11. H-A nnd KUmc'vlllu -I-A. Will sell for cu«h or (rude with you for other kinds of bonus w cotton iw L, R. Matthews Gin Co, Tel. ll-r-3, Vnrbru, Ciithin, Cotton Seed * foul Legendary Outlaw-' HORIZONTAL Aruwer to Frevlou Fwile IllltlilW. 0 Solitary, 10 striped 13 Kindled 14 Molhcr. 15 Lund right. 17 Possessed. 10 Girl, 21 Crlet. 'i'i .Sudden invasion by police. 2-J Sword guard plate. 27 Among his followers was hi:: rliiipluill Yv'iyt . II Frozen \valcr. lie was « 20 Whetstone. 23 Deeds. • WALPOLE'S '"I'lu 1 fomplcto Klctlrlcnl Slurc" III) Ho. 2ml rhmio :it-l Now Located n* 101 N»rth Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Propriety ' Calculators—Repairing— 1'arts—Itllibons All main ol Ildruilt Typewriters, Adding Mnclilnn «n( Calctiliilors—ltc|i:ilrine—1'iirts— Itlbbmis Crescent Cafe DANCK DINK A. I.'VKKV Hot Pit Unrtxcuo & Klccirlc Cooked Steaks ' All liocr, Li'udhiK Uiiiuds of Whiskeys. Wines Gin lca, 'J I'ackngea 25 Phillips Ons & Oil •M HOUR HKKVICB HlKhwiiy Bl I'holio IV Holland, Alo, (I'M. Monltey. i5 Preposition. 43Br«aks awoy. 45 Turkish commander. t2iJ'° dibl ? 1<? ' w Mil ! oral spring. 40 Seed bags. 51 Cnnluloupe, 53 Heavenly body. VERTICAL l7Slreiim 57 Tlu'cat^ncci, Si) Pish. U0)k' WHS also 30 Postscript. Cl Ho hid in thq ISJudiciul W Hinolier's lube, forest ol ——. decision 3 To hoot. •1 Forny. 5 Requires. (I Knlraiicc room. 7 Kimono s 8 Cnrso. IJKIiKhtlcss bird MUnit. 14 His 51 Males. sweetheart, 52 Horn. Maid —. 54 Stir. 16Slarllko. 55 Scarlet. 5V Mother. Corplina. 2v To «x|sf . 28 Plural pronoun, 20 Slccvebss cloak, 30 Osculation. 32 Opera melody. 33 Membranous bags. 36 Breakfast food 38 Geographical drawings. 41 Wireless. •12 Paradise. •!3 Era. •H Inner courtyard. 47 Sound of sorrow. 49 Wages. 53 Doctor. Batteries BATTERY SERVICE J. Ben Clune Phone 8 c.t Tom Jackson's Spo Ha y— Soy beans— Oa ts Seed Corn— Milch Cows And Tractor Work. See . \V. L. Tate, Armorcl. Ark. 10 volume set oj Stnu- darti ncfercncc Books.wlth loose leaf binder. Call 239 or IH'J. 15-fa-Ia A1,L13Y OOP '('hu Situiilitm BY V. T. HAML1N Beaus . . . Seed rling Goods Complete Block Goldsmitli's Baseball Goods Just Arrived! SHOUSE-HKNUY HARDWARE CO. Cotton Seed D.P. LNo. 11 COTTON SEED Germination Test 88 lirr ccni 56D I'cr Vmi at > f ccnn Fobif, Arli. JOHN E. \ Several Hundred linshcls LAREDO SOYBEANS II)(I Huslicls DELSTA BEANS also H tut of D.P. LNO. 11 COTTON SEED Tlicje loltoii seed were ciiincd 01 our OKI; private gin. N'D! a hale of any Oliver cotton ginned on this Sin but this vne variety. C. P. TUCKER LARKHO IHOLSTA I'lcnty to .^npjil IJclla Empki Call BEANS HKANS v Vour Needs! imnils, Inc. 802 3AV, HOW DOES IT CC»AE VOL) &L)Z7.ARD£> APPEAE-? VOU V-.^CW DAWQ WELL VSR MOT WANTED HERE! J VWJ'RE &XILEP CRIVil.VALS WrTH RECORDS 1OM&- ) GIT iiACK TVEK. JUW6LE WHERE ^OU BELOWG : OU!2 JUN16LE1 BAH!.,IT'S 6 IT Tl Kl' SO /so -y SEf^ s ' { \CKQWDEP WITH A VE ' UE Q^E \MOOVIAK15AVE I V CAN'T 1UEN X POLLOVVIWG THEie ESPUU-IOMOF EEWV, OOP AMD roOZY/IKJ SEARCH OF AklV REA^AIWINS CIT1ZEW5, CUM SMACK IKJTO THE EX- KING WUK.AND COOTsy BO&Q.7HE EXILE ...... <4-ia OF EENV'5 FLIGHT, OOOLA MOBIL11ATIOW OF MOO'S SCATTERED FORCES. OOOLA,DONi'lCHA THNK THERE'S CMOLIGH OF U& PA K50WTPUT TH' 5TOIKW6 SHIDS UUDEBUT &UKJ EENY1. SWBLL.'VJE'LLPUT TH' KISO&H DM mm ri.Riii.1l;.'!::- l',^ BY EDGAR nIARTIN For Rent Nicrly iiirnished licdroom. Inner- prini; malliTSo. Mis.5 Hall, phone JEO. 18-ck-tf mum anil Iratli mcdcrn. iinlurn- islicd apl. With Supcrfpx oil hcalci". 5!iadf.s ;iii(l iiot wolcr lieal- er. 22i E. Davis, call M8-J. '1-ck-lf 3 room furnished »partmciit. in Cliickasavvba. Mrs. J B. Gcscll. 12-ck-lf Apni'lniriiL Itijzcaui fitiildnif,'. Inquire I'arkhnrsl Co. 4-cfc-lt 2 or 3 furnished rooms. '1 upstairs. !IH llcarn. 2-pk-5-2 Modern V room apartment. Newly decorated. Unfurnished. Corner Main i; 2ml, K Simon, ijlione Ifil. 2-ck-S-'.! WE HUY USKl) FUKNJTUI1E NOW - - - 1'AY NEXT" FALL HUBBARD "ntl Hand Furniture Xe.\( lo Coff Hotrl Tailors Let IK tnolh-proof your clothes . ctecls .S; living room r.uiles. Guarnnlced prolcrlion I year. Mo- )iitr process. Hand IJox Clraners, Vlioiio 171. M-ck-1-30 If you need n Tnilor. see Cieorg? Muir, "Blylhcvilln 1 .-, Only Tailor." Main & H. H. U, Piano Tuning Pianos tuned and repaired. Call Gcoree Ford at Wade iMinilme Co. Phone 155. iluniwiii'e tore and resilience combined. Mndrrn I'onveniiMicrs. Nc;ir fuc- ny. \,. Fovvlrr. BlylhiviJIr Molm c:o. (,':'ii ijf.ii. yo-ck-tf 'or Kent: Main. licdrcom at mom furnished apnrlmct)<. ncw- lv decorated. I'honr 7fl5-,I after U P.M. Mrs. Brlle Wood. ^8-ck-tf 1M acres land, lour Houses anil kirn, in Half Moon community. II ;»cres cif alfalfa, iicc iiirl Dell. Arkansas. ai-pk-l-a-l Comfortable bedroom, nut. Cull 103. Personal Will drive to Annrillo. Texas, nr vieinily. for Irnn.sixM'l.'ition. licf- crenccs. Box '19, Ktowah, Ark. 15-p-k-l!) Kirhv's T;istcles3 Cont.ihis Morn Qntnln? Tho Rdconunairtcd MALARIAL C KILLS anil SWAMP FKVKR —AGUE At All Kltby Dini Slot«i Found I'jcd I..IHII sroirrrs S2..10 up liscrl Oil Sloves S'i.50 ul> Used Oil Conk Sfc.vrs . . .S2,5(l up liicd Ilicyclcs SI.50 «i> \ll in Fair Condition SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Ark. h'urk liceiusc. No. ''1(1. I'm T«'o Ton Truck, owner muy have same by paying cost ol this- ad. Courier News. Position Wanted Young white woman desires housework. Will care for children. Excellent References. Call 637. 15cklD BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY ROY CHANS UT BE^T OF ALL IS THE FREE. TRMM RIDE TO AND FRQtfvTHE CLUB IN WASH'S KIDDIE TdAIW, WASH TUB.BS NCLUOIMG A feEVV 0 STEPPIK1G BEAUTIES TW15 TOO CUTE F0« VJOB.DS. •4 ' FORTV EHTERTAWERS! HOT-CHA SWING BAND T HE 6AV.A',ONEXPECTEP OPEWtWG 'OP TVE TOP6Y TURVY CUUB ISA HUGE SUCCESS. BY MERRILL KLOSSER OM,ALL RI6HT—: NEVER LET IT BE SAID TVIW I WAS THE YOU'RE NICC , AMD ALL THAT, OUT I'VE GOT A GIRL' GOSH, LADY, VJMY BOWER WITH CRUMBS . WMEM I'M HERE READY ID CUT YOU OFF A WHOLE SLICE.! MY NAME'S "L&RO" SMITH I THERE A GUY LAYS HIS COAT IN A PUDDLE SO'S A LADY >A<OMT GET HER TOOtSIES WET, AND WHAT HAPPENS.? SHE STEPS ON HIS NECK! ISN'T A OF THE LONELY , HEARTS CLUB ,' WE'RE HERE TO PLAN THE PROM ,' WE'VE GOT V/ORK OH, i DON'T WIMD.' A CRUMB OF AFFCCTIOrJ MERE , AMD A CBUMB THERE, IS ALL I ASK,' , OTHERWISE ? More Iron FEVER ThlE WHEELS Of- INDUSTRY'

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