The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 11, 1947
Page 7
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, APRIL 11, 1947; BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ^'nw PACK «V»M Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. Published Every Friday in the FARM NEWS-FEATURES Suggestons For Better F«mief , '' 5 Featured For This Section's Pro- \ grcsaive Farmer*. < The ens turbine engine is driven ''" K:IS in the same manner that sti-ani tlriVDs a steam turbine, but 'lK> |>!is is not Inii'nul in Uiu process - im-iely I'xpnudKl by heat. "My tractor will be on the job this summer ...thanks to SKELLY!" Your irscror IIMISI hive U«HH| pt'trok'um projucls to ill- Komi «ork. Our voiu- l>li-lt- lint- of SKKI.LY (ami lutiriranl> is a u-urk-pru- motor ;inii [nont-v-sa\-cr . . . l>:ickfi< by a moncy.back Hunr unti-r of s;u i>fjL'[ioii. (JillI us unlay. Allen Petroleum Co. fli},'hw:i.v ,18 I'linuo 200: Missco Offering [op Farm Awards Balanced Farming .Contest Prizes Highest in Stato North MiMijsi])|>i County is -jtlvt- nt! one of the ln|'j;csl prize lisi.s in the Arkansas Balanced .Fuunius? :;onlcst being conducted by Ihn Ark- unsns Press Association, il \v;'.s revealed this week. • Tlie Arkansas-Missouri Power Co lias contributed $500 for local awards In the five contests to be lirjld in Ibis half of tli(> county. O:ie hundred dollars hi prl/u.'S will be pward- ed in each contest wilh $50 coins In first place winner, $30 lo second and $20 to third. Even though thr Nnrtll Mississippi County au-arils arc ihe highest offered in HIE slate, ihe number of eontrsiunls to Uale is sni:>ll. U is nol- Ion laic I" enter Ihc coolest and apjiliealion forms m:iy l;e obtained from the ••ouuty itKClil's offirc or the Courier Xews. fn Jefferson County the Pine BHifT Junior Chamber of Commerce is offering $360 in prizes to winners in the contests in that county. Prices to winners in the contest there will be S25 for first, $15 for second inici $10 for third in all five contests. The Chambers of Commerce in McCieliee and Dumas, Ark., have announced amnty prizes lulnling $225 for Dcshn County fanners and in Union County, the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce has posted Cotton Yields, Grades Sfiow Improvement remiscot County. Mo., farmers who were mcir.bers of improvement groups in 1Mb 1 , produced 33.7 per cent cottcn that graded middling or 'better and 23.4 .per cent UKU showed a Slavic length of 1 1-32 inches or -.onyei, according |o M. D. Ambtirtiey, county agent. Mr. Aiiiburgcy slated Dial organized cotton improvement groups. In the county had t\ mcniber.ship of 2,503 funnel's last season. These farmers planted approximately \'£.l.- 353 acres and from their production samples from 70,058 bales weiej sent to the government's classifying; office in Ilayti for free classing under tlie Smitli-Soxey act,. Colton improvement groups, Mr. Amburgcy pointed out, give the farmers un opportunity to realise greater returns from their cotton through use of approved practices. Published By The Delta Implement Co, WlythevilU- Warm SlooU's Drinking Water ¥.1OT \valer ean now be yeKnnlcil * * us a fill in prodi'.clion "tool." There are hundreds of farm operations which are done bolter with i-unmni; hot water—cleuning stotk burns :uul shells, washing down clniry stable floors, sterilizing milk- in.LT machines and milk cans aiul \vasliini; anil poultry brooders and Imlchcrs. Hot water can be easily piped to nil parls of the farmstead by ilig- Kinjr narrow ditches to below tho frost line, laying the pipe in the iliteh mul covering with earth. A pvuclieal way of healing water is with an automatic tf;is \valer Frid-ry, April 11, 1D47 Nil. 2.0 THT5 SCUM' SITUATION: Tiicrc is a possibility that we will have to have :t scrap drive if the Mills and Factories are fruinjv (o continue to operate, so that farm e<iuiimicnt, '(rucks and automobiles ran rail off (he assembly lines. Much PO- Icnlial Kcviin \\-as lost (luring the war. Ships were sunk, military equipment was (!CK( rayed and aliaiidniu-d—lifllc of this will ever reach the foundries and sfccl milia as scrap. These factors have created a shortage'-'of scrap which is partially, responsible for one of the most critical materials short- f :i!i;es facing the farm implement indifstry today. DT . Kvery farmer can help to ease this situation l>y seeing thai every pound of scrap lhat he has on his farm gels into Hie hands ut scrap dealers. Actually the situation is more serious now than during the war $150 in county In Hempstenci County the Hope, Ark., civic clubs have announced that they would jointly sponsor tho contest there with $100 offered in pri/A i s to the winners. Three hanks in Pfirngoulcl have contributed $300 to Greene County participants. Winners" l« Enter Slulc Conti-st | Tho contest, which is being sponsored in Nor til Mississippi County by the Courier NRWS, is tho fiv:>t of its kind in Arkansas. Alt county winners will bi? invited to participate in the stale meet and winners of the state contest will be invited to participate in the Mid-Senth pinnt-to-prosper contest, sponsored annually by the Commercial Appeal. More than 5000 plantation owners, tenants tuicl sharecroppers have entered the contest throughout the state, J. L. Miner, manager of Ihc contest, announced recently. Approximately 75 per cent of Hit? total represents enrollment (n (he crop rotation and soil conservation program mid 25 per cent ill ihc llvc-nt-homc division, n contest foi Negro families only, he slaLeci. DI Let's gel (he sera]) in! The demand is IfUGlONT! The price is HIGH! Thu time is RIGHT NOW! DI DELIVERIES: 3ot I1M-100 Planter markers to Mr. O M Mitchell of IU. No. 3, Ulytheville. Stock :anks lo I. A. Harrison of Blythevillo and J. E. Gunter of Ulythoville. Martin Bitchei" to G. K. Lewis of Stcolc, Mo. No. 25V Traclor Mower to li. C. Middleton of Rt No. 2; Stccle, Mo. No. 427 trailer with .springs (o Claude Gray of Stecle, Mo. Heavy Duty Tractor harrow to BurdeUe 'Plantation of nurdelle, Ark. A-213 Walking Cullivatoi: to Dan Limhnrker of Luxora Ark <t 1'. P.. Jarrctt of Rt^No. 2, Blytheville' DI- — * VVTARE HEADQUARTERS FOR TOP-NOTCH QUALITY AT REASONABLE PRICES! "L- licntcr. This cnn TJC fueled \villi liiiuc'Jk'tl itelrolcnm K"S>—butane or j-vopunt'.U'iiich are sometimes knoxiu nt> "tank" or "buttled" K»ts- A t?an service mail from n nearby town \vill itinke the- Installation ami keep yon .supplied. Heating the drinking: water of cr.tlle, hogs and poultry during Iho cold winter months saves a great. dc'al in feed bills. According to tho experts, u lai*RC part of winter feed is consumed to vej>ftico lost body \\2\\i. Tests liave shown thut uni- iiials put on move weight per dollar oS feed when drinking water ii ivaimcd for tlienu Two 4-H Clubs, Fai-m Women, Hold Meetings Two 4-H Clubs and one Home Demonstration Cinb of North Mississippi County im>l tills week ivilh good uttcniinnce ivpjrlcd from nil meet inns. A mini ol L'l ,,ew members imfucU'd into tlie clubs. Sixlcfn ne\v uiemljerii were present »'. ihc mwlliiB of Ihe IJIai-k- wiiter i-ii c'li.iy Tuesday. June WiicUlcll. jiieslcied over the iiieettn.i yliich wn s intended by n total if 62 ^letniiers. | Hi ports \verc (jiveii by various linn t-Uil> niplaius ot progress untie in their respective clubs. | c,ua Lee Colemun, home lemon.stralion iiuenl discussed the girls' 4-11 club vmilorin. Tlie pro- 1 gvnm ojieiii'd with (he sinning ol 'Auicrii'a" by the j-;rolip. Tlie Khiuly Grove 1-11 club met Tuesday \\lth' a lolul of 3:) members present. Ijiiviulu hcngun pi'c- . HatOnrn. Uonner led >,roup ng. Five new members Joined tlie club ut the uiccllng. | The Annorel Home Demonstration Club hold Its scmi-mmilliiy meeting \ n the home of Mrs. Tail Melziier Tuesday. Eighteen members of the club were present. 1 I ,'Afler a pot luck luncheon. 'Mrs. Mel'/^rr. ^president of (tic club, presided over a short business* merlins. | Miss COM Lee Colcman, home lemonstration iinenl talked to Ihe roup about tbe re-ori;anii-.:itlon ol he. county fair. She nrued euoli ncmbcr to decide on tlie exhliills Hint she would mnke. Highway Board Protest Freight Rate Increases U'lTLK KOCK, Ark.. April (UP) ,_ The Arliiinsnx Commission t cnlny Joined severul this time would Jeopurdl/e JS.OOO,- OCO In highway contuvcls • already In eflecl. Tho cai'i'lers hud asked me same loenl niles placed in eitccl In lull, terslnte ti'arflc last Jan. 1 by Ihc y I Inlei'stalo Cnnitncivc Coinmiwlijii. Ready Tractors NOW! H U B B A R D Hardware Company 213 W. Main Phone 2015 Fruit Growers Warned to Battle Peach Tree Pests Peach trees should be treated foi borers now provided this was nol done last Fall, according to County Agent Keith Bilbrc.v. Although October is the best time for treatment results can be had by trailing the trees early in April, he jwinted out. Paradichlorobcnzenc. visually called PDB. is the material commonly used for treating peach trees, Mr Bilbrcy stated. In making the treatment, the ground around the tree should be levelled and a death ring of PDB crystals Is placed around the tree one to two Inches from the bark. One ounce is used on a full-grown tree with smaller amounts to be used on younger trees. A low mound of earth is then built around the tree trunk to con- :ine the gas. These mounds should jo torn clown in June, he pointed out. Pnradtchlorobenzcne is not to be used on apple or pear trees, Mr. Bilbrey warned. Safe Daily Quakes The Japanese consider mild, daily, earthquake tremors as safety valves for the pent-up energy beneath their islands. If none is felt for some time, they become worried, lor fear the energy will accumulate for a severe shock such as that of 1923. Read Courier News Want Ads. is (he lime to let n s install a I'uritnn W'aler System or an Ace Water Pnmp. as cither one of these items are tops in their I'k'ltl. If you haven't heard International Harvester's "Harvest of Stnrs", tune in this Sunday and listen; you'll hoar a Rood program . . . enjoy .1 am c s Melton's singing and hear an Hear America's favorit* tenor For Sale JAMES MELTON Every Sunday on th« ' in.e, e s , ..HARVESTOF STARS ^ Momjihis with Howard Barlow and 60-pl»c» OrchMtra Lyn Murray Chonn Dlilingulihid Dramatic Cott* Special Mwilcal Ou«ttt mi NBC Ktnrow • i ji-w P.M. en WTERNATIOMAL HARVESTU 2 IF FARMALLS wilh cnllivnlors, middle hnslcrs and planters. I B FAKiMAI,L with cultivator, middle hnster and planter. I H FARMALL with cultivator. 1 MO1.INE cultivator, planter and middle buster. I CASH with cultivator, middle huslcr and planter. 1 F-20 FARMAI.L wilh cultivator and middle busier. 1 JOHN DEERE. 1 FORD with partial equipment. Tlicse nucliini-s may he seen displayed al our plant o» South Highway fil . . . They nre in good rontlilion ami will serve you well through tliis Siirinff and Summer. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. DOUGLAS LAWSON. Mgr. Highway 61 South phone 2171 LOSS Of EGG PRODUCTION CAUSf.0 BY ROUFE, BRONCHITIS AND COLDS WHhe's INHALANT and AVEX NIIALANT; U.iJ ii » ipr« K . ""n ill Dili In i ncuuil oil bk», tuptrio o water prrpirAtioni in that it do« iot meiiten ihe bird). tVEX: A liquid u be idmlnliltrcil in [nhil.nt. Composed of tlcuKi which lie eliminated through the retplrilory let. Used by thousands ol Poultry raisers in tlie above* conditions. 3 ounce CO ft Cfln rcipec- kottlc UUu Ind dUU ,| vel y For Sale by WOODS DIIUO STORK <AJ!LK! Dependable ANT1-HQC CHOLERA SERUM Tin- sprinjr "push" is umlor wily nnd, \vo:\thnr ppnniltintr, you will #et lots of work ilonc (hiring Ihc noxt IVw weeks. No one knows tia well^as yon, how irriliiliiiK niul expensive Iraclor breakdown can' ho, while on dm job. Why nol. ciilch trouble from tlin r.ttirl willi a thorough inspec- tion by our mechanics and repairs where necessary? We hove a few used tractors of various makes on display at our plant . . . see them if yon need n tractor ut UiU time. Our Shop is Equipped to do Any Job! RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR COMPANY So. Highway 61 Phone 2171 POWERFUL REASONS WHY IT PAYS TO MASSEY-HARRIS! 5 HEW TRACTORS ...A SIZf TO fIT YOUR FARM! ^ Model "20"—Light 2-Plow Powered right for the famlly-ilx* (arm lh« MaBiof-Harrift "20" U btg onouqh to walk away with your lighl-2-plow loba , . . »mall anough to hold your power cosls at a practical minimum. High compression, 124 cubic inch tnglne delircrn power to pull two 14" bottom* under average conditions plui a 15% power bcmui for your belt work. How crop and standard bead models. Model "30"—Full 2-PIow Full 2-plow power ... top efficiency . . . peak performance v/ilh roiocvo power for lh» toughest going—these ar« lh» piofil-bulldlng advanlagct you'll enjoy when you put Ihe now "30" lo work on your larm, Scll-star(«r, lingcilip t\oet\nq, and Ihe now "Volvot-Htdo" scat are but a fow of many modern traclor (oalures for easier operation. Streamlined styling and a full Una ol available altachmcnU malco Iho "30" a "naluial" for lost, ofliclont work in row cropi. Five-speed transmission provtdoa a piacllcal Epocd for every iobl Model // 44 // —3-PIow ... 4-Cylinder Engine Now all tho way through, the rugged 3-plow "44," llko other Massoy-HarrU tractors, liui a groat capacity for work. Thoroughly 1**ted on (arms liko your*, with accurato chocks on performance, the "44" has proved itself a champion In all kinds of field and belt work. For Ihe farmer who needs 3-plow power, with 4-cylinder economy, the now "44" steps in lo meot your requirements and morel Five-speed transmission gives you a wide range of field cpecds and a time-saving speed (or hauling. 6-cylinder Model Model "44-6"—3-Plow Same power class as the "44," the new "44-6" U made [o order for tho man who wants 3 plow power wilh fi-cylinder smoolhnosi, The 44-6 ts powered by tho samo I.-hoad Industrial typo engine as was formerly used In the famous "101" Senior , . . delivers ready, dependable 3-plow power at the drawbar—plus a power bonus (or your belt work. You'll especially appreciate the steady, smooth power for your power-take-oif jobs. Husky 5- spced traasmUiIon speeds up «T*ry opera)ion, J Model 55—Husky 4-5 Plow Power ^ Your heaviest 4-5 plow work won't bluff the rugged "5S" . .. It's bt si 4-5 plow work won't bluff the rugged "55" . .. It's built from hcod-to hitch to handle big Jobs. Four-cylinder, vertical typo engine has a 4W bora, C" slroko . , . with 3B2 cubic inch displacement. Here's 4-5 plow power at Sis economical best .. . wilh 15% reserve •power always ready lo meet extremely difficult conditions. Yol, In spile ol Us fiito and power, tho "55" handioa easily . . . ridos comfortably . . . has tho samo features and money-saving advantages common to aU Maseey-Harrls liaclors. Mclntcnanci cosls are surprisingly law! "61 "IMPLEMENT CO. Model "44" 4-Cylinder...3-Plow Model "44-6" 6-Cylinder. ..3-PIow No. Highway 61 Photic 2142 < Mod.l "55" Huiky 4-5 Plow Remember, Alassey-Harrfs Ownership Is a Mark of Good farm Management —

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