The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1949
Page 15
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THUWJUAT, .TTTLY Zl, 19 It (ARK.T COUWCT NR'IfB PACE FIFTEEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople POP, YOU'Rft TH& OMLV HOOPL& VslMO EMER GAVE Me AMVTrtlNG BUT BATTlfr f 1 KIM SHOW 1OU BETTER'N I KIN TELL •>OU, POC-TH'HOSS . FELL RIGHT AGIK1 TH' ' GRANDSTAND AN' TH' SADPLE HAWN HIT i EIGHT THAR ON TH' BACKBONE; MARTHA, TO k««P VOU IK) 6U88LE GUM. AM06 A>JD T ARE AWAY/ DOES THIS suv ME A TICKET. TO vievsi sowe MORE &P YOUR ART THC gASTuOG THE INJURED KAAMOVER. IN THE AMBULANCE? SBTT(.e H£R£ AS STEAD"/ AS tUE SAG IhJ fv46 SACK PORCH/ ' ''/• FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB Muscle Muney Rice Sent for Relief Ruins Before It Is Used BANGKOK— Of i— JUce sent for relief of suffering resiclcnls of the southern province. 1 ! of Thailand - (Slam) have undrrgone a corruption process before reaching the sturviiig. The rice has b«n changed from 30 percent to 50 percent broken rte, reported Deputy Agriculture Minlsier Nal Kitcha Vathanasilp after a tour of the area. CLIPPED ANGEL Copyright, l»4», NEA SERVICE, INC By Give Grierson Cornish Youths Guide Automobile With Ropes from Rear ALTON, III. -(.<?)— A startled motorist informed the police as follows: te passed a car on the highway. ^5\ioked, saw no driver, looked again Then he saw two boys In the 1 rear seat. They were guiding the car with ropes attached to the steering wheel. - GOOD FOOD - DRIVE TO SIMPSON'S CAFE Uk-Mo Stale Lint A Cool Place to Eat Sunday Special from 1 to 3 • Crappie Fish • Fried Chicken Dinner 75c • We Never Close • »erv/ce — ' That't Our Motto! We rpare no eflori ID providing an EXTRA everyday prescrlptioo service which means extra i»n- ?enlence to vou Peel free to can on us «t any time Prompt delivery jervice Phoru SOI WOODS DRUG STORE XVI •'•IT'S crazy," 1 repeated. "The Idea ot nol being able to go rito your own mine because you've jot claustrophobia!" Cory Parnelt flushed scarlet "All right, Mike, I'm a coward l can't help it. • Tve tried »nc ried, but every lim« I get * few eet past the portal—* [ reached for her hand but she •natched it away. "Cory, you've ^!ot rne wrong. Claustrophobia's lofhing to be ashamed of. Every jrxly's got something the matte vith them. Take me—I'm scare* o death at horses." She brighlencd up visibly Really, Mike?" 1 felt better. You hnte to 3 omebody with guts ticked by hing they can't fight "What 1 meant." 1 said, "« ;hat if people around here know •ou never go into the mine, how d 'OU expect to keep them oo the oes?" "Because I can trust them." I groaned. "Cory, don't give m lat again. Listen, and I'll tell >u what I've been doing." I gave her the story, leaving out e bit where 1 nearly got conked d. She heard me out and when le'd thought it over foe a few inutes, she came out with some- rung absolutely typical: "Mike, wish you knew who it wa?." Without thinking, 1 said. "We ~ould and out easily enough. All •e'd have to do is sit on the roof f that shed tonight and watch the rarade." "Then let's do ill- Right then is when I should lave pul my foot down. 1 should lave pointed out it wag risky, unnecessary, and that things had •cached the stage where the law ihould be called in. preferably in he shape at several smart detective*. 1 should have told her not to be melodramatic, and generally acted my age. Instead of that 1 toyed with » cozy picture of Cory and me sit- .ing close together io the dark for several bours, sharing an adventure, and perhaps the two rrf us planning our life together. I'll admit I behaved like a romantic idiot—but I liked it. "Okay," I said, "and any time you'd like a few dozen dragons slain, just say the word." • • • T ATX that afternoon I said good by to Uncle Jake and Archie Trask, and told them how sorry I was I hadn't b«en able to fine any ore for them. I said the same thing to every body 1 ran into, and told them also, that Cory was driving me intc Seattle right after dinner. I want ed it known to everyone that Mr McTaig had taken the hint am was pulling up stakes. We set out about eight o'cloc and when we'd (one about a mil toward Driscoe, Cory pulled int a gravel pit where the car was ou of sight from the road. U. S. Bakers Soy Goods .Sold for $3,782,000,000 CHICAGO —f/Tj— The Americnn Bakers Association figures that every man, woman and child in the U.S. spends an average of *26 year for bakers' products. H estimates that J3.782,000.000 worth of such goods are solrt annually. Read Courier Ncw> Want Ad In England It'f the Chemist Shop In France It's th« Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service Say It . With Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP Glenco* Hnitdlnx Phone 4491 at ,174? SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS C'uslum witrW (or gins, alfalfa mills, oi! mills.'Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway "Why-*f-h*Ho, deor, -er Miss E/orriui wo* just telling me how simple it was to get a car loan tnm GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE COHPORATION," .STUDEBAKER I'hone 888 Take Your Pick From Good Used Cars 19.19 Ford Custom 2-rIonr in IS Studeb«ker Unrl Cruiser 1911 Plymouth 2-door IB 10 Chevrolet 2-door 1910 Kord 5-passenger Coupe 19S7 r'ord 2-door 1',».'(« Ford 2-door Set Thes« Truck* Before You Buy 1947 Sludehaktr 1-Ton Pickup 19.12 Ford 1 '/|-Ton 1942 DodR* '/i-Ton 1937 Chevrolet 1 (/j-Ton Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Frlendrj StorfelMkeT Dernter" Railroad * Ash t'hone 888 •STUDEIAKER 1 - 1 WORKIN6- « I OORSaVES CC.LL ' CKJE CONSIDERATION '' "Whose picture? Well, if you don't remember, with your mother coming to visit us tomorrow, would you like to guesi it might be yours?" I'RiSCILLA'S POP They Ride hy Ni liY Al. VERMEER f .BUT TOMORROW I'Lt- C 3OME PO5TCARD5 VO(J -' Man With G-Noles BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE HAVEN T MOU GOT AN IDCA.ALEX? 1 WAS TEILIN THE TRUTH, BAK, W«£N 1 TC1D THt COPS I WON'T KNOW ATMW6 ABOUT THE MURDER Of 1MIS JOSE CHARACTER. HE DISAPPEARED WHEN WE BLACK VtAEKET FOLDSD UP. I'VE BEEN DlAL- MS Wt'H HIM, BUT IVEN f DON'T KNOW WTiEBE HE tS. HE VMS SUPPOSED TO PAS5 ME SOMt G-NOTES AT LUNA PACK tAST NIGHT-AMD DIDN'T. BUT I DON'T KNOW WHO KILLED HIM. II MAY HAVE BEEN A GUY NAMED BASIL CHRISTOPHER. T W45 HIS WOOSAWO- DOILAE BIlLSf WAS BUYING--AT HALF PRICE. WASH TUBBS Lew's Confession BY LKSUE TURNER VOU MUSTN'T REAP T SORdYi 1HO,Tl IT'S O.IETTERI\ SUM. BUT WRITING TO MY \ IT WIFE WHEN THE OUT- 1.PSW3 CAWE IM. 1HEV / U&T6N TO SCOOPED IT UP WITH L THIS.GI5 BUT tSZOOOWftS WlSSIkls AFTER THE HOLDUP, EfeSY 1 . HOW COAVE OULV ABOUT »2.0OOftl TH'ROX* TO EXPLMH THAT. ..W«>.rs tins PKPEE? RUGS BUNNY I'M GONNA GIVE TH' JOINT A REAL GOIN'-OVER/ ,- BY V. T. HAMUN TWC> HUNDRED THOUSAND MILES AWAY BUT MV5TAIS IT'S 6'JCH A SCRAWNY LITTLE ND HER BUDDIES Say That Again! BY P.DGAK MARTIN She Knew a trail that led put le far edge of the townsit* and c stumbled along in the dark for n hour until we flnally came out xi the road, just below the »hed hich the Highway Department ad apparently forgotten it owned. 1 scouted Ihe ground and noticed xjlh uucks were in the shed, but icre were no signs or sounds of ctivity. 1 gave Cory a boost up nta the roof, It was flat and once it had been arred and graveled, but now /as covered with moss. A foot igh par-apel was along the front dge and we settled down behind 1 like a couple of fan* in 'leachers. • • » A LITTLE before midnight roof started vibrating and 1 [new ore cars were in the tunnel. We heard the rattle ol ore cas- :ading into the trucks and then H topped and a moment later the ihed doors below us swung open. Somebody stepped out and stood istening for fully hall a minut*. "All clear," he said, and N the voice of Uncle Jake. Cory grabbed me so hard I ly yelled. A starter whirred and a loaded six-wheeler pulled out. It traveled with dimmed headlights and turned along the road in the direction of Argus Mines. Who's driving it?" Cory whimpered. I shook my head. The second truck pulled away and somebody came out of shed and stood with Uncle Jake. "You filled that last one » b+t too full, Jake"—it was Archie Trask—"the tarp didnt quit* cover the load." "It doesn't matter," Uncle Jake said, "that snoop artist has gon« home." "Yeah, but if any of the stuff spilled on the road it might start someone wondering." (To Be Continued) FOR SALE Concrete culverts. 12 Inch to inch, plain ni rc«nturced Concrete Building Blorks cheaper than lumber for barns chicke* houses, pump hnn«es. tenanf houses, tool sheds We deliver Call us For free estimate . . Phone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO.

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