Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on August 10, 1962 · Page 8
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 8

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1962
Page 8
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8 RENO EVENING GAZETTE AUGUST 10, 1962 r l "J i cx-rresmeni Hoover Feted Water Compact Negotiation End Sought SACRAMENTO (AP) A Cali fornia official called today for an from New York Friday Net Chang Prev. dav end of water, negotiations with'" b IS ! Year ago 1962 high 1962 low 1961 high 1961 low Today's Closing Stock Quotations STOCK AVERAGES (Compiled By The Associated Press) Aua. 10 Mind ISRIs. 15 Utl 60 Sts 308.6 10I.V HA.i zi.r INevada unless agreement reached by the end of this year. A. M. Barton, chairman of the California-Nevada interstate-compact Commission, made his remarks at the commission convened in Sacramento. Barton said the seven-year negotiations between the two states have resulted in only limited progress. "We should inform the Nevada effort to achieve a compact by the end of the current fiscal year," Barton said in a statement. "This would require agreement in principle on all major provisions by Jan. 15. "Failing this, we should also inform the Nevada Commission that we propose to recommend to the Legislature that California terminate negotiations." The two states have been seeking agreement on a compact governing water rights and uses on Lake Tahoe and the Truckee, Carson and Walker Rivers. Barton said the commission has spent 5600,000 since- it was created in 1955 and has sufficient information available to agree on a compact Vital Statistics BIRTHS AVANSINO In Reno. Auff. 9, 1962, to Mr. and Mrs. John Avansino of Reno, a daughter. OOCKRELL In Reno, Aoo. 9, 1962, to Mr. and Mrs. Darwin CockreH of Reno, a dauahter. MEYER In Reno, Aug. 9, 1962, to Mr. and Mrs. Goerse R. Meyer of Reno, a daughter. PARKS In Reno, Auo. 1962, to Mr. and Mrs. imes W. Parks of Sun Valley, a daughter. THOMPSON In Reno, Auo. 9, 1962, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Thompson of Reno, a ton. DEATHS RUSS5LL Funeral services for George Hardin Russell In the Sierra Chapel of Walton Funeral Home, Monday at 11 a.m. under the direction of Reno Lodge No. 13 F&AM; buiral In the Masonic Section of Mountain View Cemetery. Friends may call at Walton Funeral Home on Saturday and Sunday. HAWK.ES Graveside services for John J. Hawkes Saturday noon in Our Mother of Sorrows Cemetery. Friends may call at the O'Brien-Rogers Chapel until 11:45 a.m. Saturday. CALLAHAN Funeral services for John H. Callahan in Sierra Chapel of Walton Funeral Home Saturday at 9:30 a.m. Requiem Mass In the Church of St. Albert the Great, at 10 a.m.; burial In Mountain View Cemetery; Rosary In the Walton Funeral Home Friday at 7 p.m. WORN In Reno, Aug. , 1962: Mrs. Kate Bender Worn, widow of George Pcxts Worn: mother of Charles M Worn and grandmother of Susan Worn Calif.; sister of Homer c. George Austin Worn of Calif.; sister of Homer C. Bender of Sookane, Wash., and Mrs. Jay A. Carpenter of Reno: sister-in-law of Mrs. Homer C. Bender; aunt of Mrs. O. Perry Riker, Marvin and Frank Humphrey and Frank Bender of Reno, David Bender of Whlttler, Calif., Philip Ben-der of Ford, Wash., Clayton Carpenter of Yerington and Vinson Brown of Healdsburg, Calif. Private funeral services were held Friday afternoon In the Walton Funeral Home wih Rev. Edon P. Sheoperd of Trinity Episcopal Church clergyman; cremation at Mountain View Crematory. ACF Indus Air Reduc A Keg Lud Allied Ch Allied Strs Alum Ltd Alcoa Alum Am Air Lin Amn Can Amn Cyan Am Motors Am Potash Amn Smelt AT&T Amn Too Amn 'Vise Ampex Cp Anacon Co Armco Stl Armour Co Atchsn Top Avco Corp Beckman In Bendix Av Beth Steel Boeing Air Borden Co Borg Warn Burroughs Cal Pack Cam Soup Case, J.I. Cater Trac Celanese Co Chrys Corp Cities Svc Clevlte Cp Cols Palm Col Brd Sys Colum Gas Comw Ed Con Edison Containers Contl Can Contl Oil Corn prod Crane Co Crown Zell Curtiss Wr Deere Co Disney Pd Doug Aire Dow Chem duPnt Co East Air L East Kod El Paso NS Fed Monul Flintk Co FMC Corp Ford Mot Forem Dalr Frueh Tlr Tent Dvna Gen I Elec Gen I Food Gen Motors Gen Refrac Genl T&EI Gen) Tire Ga Pac CP Goodrich T Goodyear T Greyhound Gulf Oil Hew Pack Homestake Hunt Foods Ideal Cem Inland Stl Int Bus M Intl Harv Intl Nickel Intl Paper Intl TIT A .4 308.2 311.0 310.8 372.6 377.1 285.8 384.1 319.5 68 51 32'4 36"j S7V2 21 604 173a 44H 39H 15 31 "4 49" 109 V 30 56 13V4 40'4 473,4 38H 21 rm sv- 33 387a 50H 38 38' 25 94 31 Vi 34'4 50 48', 42 S9'4 36"i 25V, 43' 73 2T4 47V, 49 45V 44V 38V4 19 4' 28", ?4"4 43 193", 18'4 95 19 36"4 16V4 65 41 9 22' 24'4 67 52 W 19 21 35' 44 29 274 34 21 53 364 20 ' 36' 375 46 tV'l 39 D .3 102.2 104.1 106.3 131.4 127.2 97.0 130.5 112.2 A .2 124.0 124.5 123.0 132.8 142.9 110.3 148.9 111.8 219.4 A .1 217.8 219.8 219.8 254.4 On Birthday (Continued from Page 1) ed States to be able to appear as Mi a guest speaker at the dedication. 200.6 1 President John TV Kptitimtv io in wasmiigiun ana ionner rresiaeni Johns Man 42 Jones & L 46 Kaiser Alu 34 Kenne Cop 7WA LOF Glass 50 Libby McN 11 Litton Ind 101 Lockh Aire 49 Macy R.H. 88 M G M 34 Minn M8.M 49 Monsan Oi 37'4 Mont Ward 26 Motrla Inc 65 Nat Biscuit 39 Nat Csh R 83 Nat Dairy 55 Nat Distil 24 Nat Lead 69 NY Central 12 No Am Av 65 Nor Pacific 33 Northrp Air 24Vi Olin Math 32 Pac G&EI 29 Pac Light 56 Pac T&T 30 Pack Bell 9 Pan Amn 19 Param Pict ? Parke Dav 22Vi Penney JC 39', Penna RR VA Pepsi Cola 40'ti Phel Dodge 51 Vi Philio Mor 7Hi Phillips Pet 46 Proct 8- G 6"i Radio Corp 43 Raythn Mfg 30 v, Repub Stl 36 Rexall Drg 23 Reyn Met 28 Rey Tobac 44 Rheem Mfg 10'i . Richfld Oil 38 Safeway St 39V St. Regis Pa 25 Schenley In 18V, Sears Roeb 68'i Shell Oil Co 32V, Sinclair Oil 30 Socony Mbl 50 Si Cal Ed 267's SOU Pacific 24 Sperrv Ran T"4 Std Brand 56' Std Oit Cat 54'-' Std Oil Ind 43 Std OH NJ 51 Stand Pkg 13 Studebaker 7 Swift e- Co 33 Tenn Gas 21 Texaco Inc 51' Texas Inst 58 Thiokol Ch 26 Tldewat Oil 16 Tran W A ir 9 Transamer 37 Twent Cen 22 Un Carb 89V, Un Oil Cal 49", Un Pacific 30 Unit Air L 30 Unit Ajrcft 45V, U S Borax 25' U S Gypsm 69 U S Rub 42'4 U S Steel 44 Varian Ao 30 Warn B Pic 12 Westg Air 24 Westg Elec 26 Woolworht 67 Zenith Rad 48 NEW YORK SALES Stocks $2,470,000 Bonds (3,400,000 DOW JONES AVERAGES 30 Industrials 592.32 up 1.13 Bender of 1 20 Rails 119.54 down 0.31 Saratoga. 115 Utilities 117.06 down 0.05 03 dTOKS UP U.VT STOCK INDEX NEW YORK (AP) Standard and Poor's 500 stock Index: Net High Low Close Change 425 Industrials 60.55 59.81 60.23 .08 25 Railroads 27.71 27.45 27.59 .04 50 Utilities 56.54 55.97 56.30 .13 500 Stocks 57.85 57.16 57.55 .08 CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO (AP) Closing quotations: HEAT Sep, 2.07-07U; Dec, 2.13- V,; Mar, 2.I8V4-V,; May, 2.16-'4. CORN Sep, 1.05'4-; Dec, 1.0646; Mar. 1.09: May, 1.12; Jut, 1.14. OATS Sep, 61; Dec, 64V,; Mar, 66: May, 66; Jul, 64. RYE Sep, 1.19'i-; Dec, 1.i'A-i; Mar, 1.20-; May, 1.21-. SELECTED MUTUALS Bid Asked Affiliated Funds 7.08 7.76 American Mutual Fund ... 8.07 8.82 Axe-Houghton B 7.87 8.55 Boston Fund 9 1 -41 Broad St. Inv Bullock Fund 1V50 12.61 1.71 1U.UJ 10.14 11.08 8.99 9.83 9 92 10.84 7.28 7.98 8.30 9.10 2.94 3.23 14.24 15.48 11.25 12.27 11.81 12.76 7.34 7.98 13.82 1494 3.76 4.12 Chemical Fund Colonial Fund Commonwealth Inv. ..... Delaware Fund Diversified Gr. Stock Fund Diversified Invest Dividend Shares Dreyfus Fund Eaton & Howard Eaton 8. Howard Stock Fidelity Capital Fund .... Fidelity Fund Financial Ind. Fund .... Fundamental Inv Common Stock Fund Hamilton Fund H-C-7 8.34 11.48 4.47 9.14 12.57 4.88 BUTTER AND EGGS SAN FRANCISCO (AP)-Butter prices to retailers: Grades AA&A in 1 lb prints 66-70; Ys 67-70x2 cents. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Egg prices to retailers: Extra large A 39-44 cases, 42-48 cartons; large AA 33-39 cases, 36-42 cartons; large A 31-37 cases, 34-40 cartons; medium AA 27-33 cases, 30-36 cartons; medium A 26-32 cases, 29-35 cartons; small AA 16-21 cases, 19-24 cartons; small A 14-20 cases, 17-23 cartons. Hamilton Fund H-DA 4 38 Incorp. Income 8.85 9.67 Incor,. Investment 6.30 4.89 Institutional Growth 8.89 9.73 Invest. CO. of Amerlac ... 8-95 9.78 Investors Mutual Corp ... 10 48 11.32 Investors Stock Fund 15.84 17.12 j Invest. Variable Fund 5.67 6.13 Keystone C-F-K-J 4.51 4.93 Keystone C-F-S-2 10.96 11.96 Keystone C--S-4 3.65 3.99 Lazard Fund 13 V4 14 Loomis-Sayles Mutual 10.05 14.05 OVER THE COUNTER (These figures from the National Association of Securities Dealers do not represent actual transactions. They are intended as a guide to the approximate price range.) Bank America Crocker-Anglo Kaiser Steel Lucky Stores Pacific Far East Southwest Gas Wells Fargo United California Bank Yuba Consolidated Nevada Corporati Bonanza Airlines First Western Financial Nevada Power Co. Sierra Pacific Power Co. Southwest Gas Southwest Gas Conv Pfd Mass. Investors Trust Mass. Inv. Growth Stock National Invest. National Sec. Growth One William St Putnam, Georpe Fund Putnam Growth Selected American Shares State St. Inv Telev .-Electronics Fund Transwestern ... United Accum. Fund ... United Income Fund ... United Science Fund ... Wellington Fund 12.45 13.61 684 7.48 12.65 13.68 691 7.8S 11.13 12.16 13.74 14 93 , 7.5? 8.25 8.12 8.78 .34 36 . 6.79 7.40 .. 4.18 4.58 , 12 38 13.53 ,10.78 11.78 . 5.69 6.22 . 13.44 14.65 50"4 53V4 44 471, 21 22 14 16 10', 12 25 26 56", 60'j 40 43 1 1 I 434 5 16 17 36 38 26", 28 25 28 27 30 Dwight D. Eisenhower is touring Europe. The Hoover Library, a hand some stone-faced building, stands on a 28-acre park near the two- room cottage where he was born in 1874, near the muddy creek he swam in and the bill where he rode sleds as a boy. . . It was here too, that Hoover was orphaned at the age of 10 and from here was moved by relatives to Oregon with a total wealth of 20 cents in cash and a wardrobe limited to the suit he wore. CAREER MOMENTOES The library now tells much of the long, remarkable career that followed. There are mementoes of Hoover's worldwide travels as a mining engineer. There is one room full of empty flour sacks. The flour had been sent to Europe when Hoover was food relief administrator during the first world war. The sacks now in the library were ornately embroidered and sent back to Hoover by grateful Europeans. There is an elaborate scroll of thanks sent Hoover by a grateful Communist government of Russia in 1923 a gesture the Russians have since denied making, but which Hoover can prove down to the box and wrapping the scroll came in. There are documents and me mentoes oi Hoovers career as secretary of commerce and as president from 1928 to 1932. Hoov er was the first president to keep a telephone on his desk in the! White House and both the desk and the phone (National 1414) are now in the library here. BOYS CLUB There are priceless, Chinese vases and a huge Peruvian robe 2,000 years old among the gifts the former president received in his long career. But among the testimonials he prizes most is a citation from the Boys Club of Houston which says "Herbert Hoover is a good egg." Attached to it is a glass egg. Hoover has headed National Boys Club fund drives for years. There are awards and testimon ials and keys to cities and honorary college degrees. TWO DEGREES Among the honors awaiting him today were two more degrees this time from the University of Missouri and Washington University in St. Louis. These make a grand total of 87 honorary degrees received by Hoover. Meanwhile, the little crossroads town of West Branch (population 1,053) has never seen such excitement For days the Volunteer Fire Department has been hosing down and brushing the summer dust off its tree-lined streets. Civic clubs and church groups have strung up flags and bunting. The section which townsfolk call "uptown" also has been spruced up. This is an intersection containing one hotel, one bank, the post office, Peterson's Variety Store, the "Town Tap and Cafe," the Edwards well drilling estab lishment, a grocery, two hardware stores and two filling stations. Downey street was a stagecoach route when Hoover lived there. Top Official Skips Pair Of Meetings CARSON CITY (AP) Atty Gen. Charles Springer missed two meetings Thursday and caused cancelation of a third. Springer, who was. reported to be out of town, missed sessions of the State Highway and Prison Boards. A scheduled Board of Examiners meeting was cancelled. The highway board discussed Reno freeway problems with Washoe County commissioners and members of the United Freeway Association. The board advised critics of Interstate 80 in the Reno area to take their complaints to the U. S. Bureau of Public Roads. Discussion ol the capital im provements program for the State Prison was postponed. Gov, Grant Sawyer, prison board chairman, said he felt the entire board should be present. Sawyer and Secretary of State John Koontz, the other board member present, voted to send Ormsby Asks Plans Change For U. S. 395 Gazette-Journal Carson City Bureau ; Ormsby County commissioners Thursday asked the State High way Board to eliminate plans for controlled access along U. S. Highway 395 south of Carson City to its junction with Clear Creek Road. The board took the matter un der consideration. Commissioners approved limited access for the road from one mile south of the city limits to the Clear Creek Junction in 1355, but now say conditions have changed. They claim that the area has built up considerably during the past few years, and is now a natural extension of the Carson City business district. Ormsby County Dist. Atty. Tom Ross told the board that front age roads proposed by the State Highway Department would ruin WEATHER Information as furnished by the U. S. Weather Bureau at the Reno Municipal Airport. Temperatures hloti and low for 24 hours ending at 4:30 a.m. Aug. 10, 1962. Nevada-California Stations H L RENO " 73 30 Austin 75 42 Battle Mountain 70 39 Bishop 91 Corson 73 39 Elko . 81 40 ElV 86 46 Fallon 81 46 Las Vegas 102 74 Lovelock 76 39 Twi 88 53 Wlnnemuccs ? 2? Sacramento " 82 ' Stead Air Fore Bas 34 Susanville ' 7 40 FORECASTS . RENO AND VICINITY Fair tonight and Saturday, rising temperatures. Predicted high -today 82, low Saturday mnmlrui 39 htah Saturday 66. EASTERN NEVADA Fair tonloht and Saturday. Warmer In south portion Saturdav. SIERRA. WESTERN NEVADA Fair inMt nH ctiriv. rlsino temperatures. -- - . i SOUTHERN NEVADA -toUSTY winu tonight. Sunny Saturday, time Temperature change. I 1A hnin. none: total TO date, .46 of an Inch; this time'last vear, .41 of an inch; normal to date, JO of an '"luNSET today. 8:02 p.m. SUNRISE Saturday, 6:08 a.m. LAKE TAHOE ELEVATION Today: 6,224 39 feet above sea level. Thursday: 6,224.42 feet abovt sea level. the program to the State Plan- me r?ad for de ning Board for its consideration. Main item of business for the postponed board of examiners meeting was expected to be the pay for Legislative Counsel Bureau auditor Elmo DeWhitt. Springer issued an opinion last week saying DeWhitt was hired and is being paid illegally. The board of examiners held up DeWhitt's pay last month pending the legal opinion. They had questioned his 59-an-hour pay and 32-hour work week. Guilty Pleas Are Entered By Two Men Two men who pleaded guilty to drunken driving charges were sentenced Tuesday in Reno Justice Court. Richard Graham, 47, of 305 E 4th St. was fined $200 in lieu of 50 days in jail for an infraction on U. S. Highway 40 June 27. Herbert J. Bidwell, 610 Mar- grove St, changed his plea of June 20 to guilty and was fined $200 for driving while intoxicated and $25 for not having a license in his possession. Justice of the Peace William R. Beemer gave him until Aug. 25 to pay a balance of $125. In both cases, suspension of licenses for six months was recommended. velopment. Commissioners, the city council, and the people are on record that they don't want frontage roads, Ross said. Roland Chabros, who owns prop erty near the junction, made a plea to the board that controlled access was spoiling chances to develop his property. The highway board also heard a plea from Gus Myeyers of Reno that his 1.92 acres of land on the northeast corner of Kietzke and East Plumb Lane is worth $125,-000 not the $56,600 the highway department has offered. The board agreed to check fur ther before condemnation pro ceedings are started. Stardust Hotel Court Regulation Ordered Eased Tholl Residence Burns at Tahoe TREND OF STAPLE PRICES NEW YORK (AP) The Associated Press weighted wholesale price index of 35 commodities advanced to 162.95. Previous dav 162.80, week auo 163.08, month ago 162.11, year ago 165.96. 1962 1961 19n 1959 High 166.84 1 66.69 1 70.42 173.08 Low 159.99 160.78 159.76 165.93 (1926 average equals 100) Luggage Found Between Tracks Is Identified Remains of luggage burned be tween railroad tracks west of Reno early Monday have been identified as loot from a Reno auto burglary, according to Reno police. Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Gallup of Scituate, Mass., reported the loss. Gallup identified a small tape recorder and cans of film found near the fire, police said. Police found their car's conver tible top cut at 1 a.m. Monday and an hour later a Washoe Coun ty Sheriff's deputy spotted the fire. STATELTNE The home Paul Tholl Sr. of Sparks was destroyed by fire Wednesday after noon. The house, on Friday avenue, was constructed 30 years ago of lodgepole and shingles. ThoH's son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cross and their children of Reno were in the home when the blaze started. They escaped uninjured. The blaze started beneath the liv ing room, firemen said. Men operating three pumper units of the Lake Valley Fire De partment kept the flames from spreading to nearby .trees and other dwellings. CARSON CITY (AP) A petition was granted in federal court Thursday to ease federal court supervision of the reorganized Stardust Hotel on the Las Vegas StriP- Judge John K. Koss granted me petition filed by the corporation that owns the plush hotel, me landlord group is headed by Mrs. Rella Factor, widow of Jake Fac tor, who acquired a major in terest before his death. The court order authorizes bankruotcv trustee Paul McDer- mott to begin preparing legal documents to transfer hotel prop erty to the reorganized corporation. Actual transfer hinges on payment of $876,622 owed on a promissory note. Six years of bankruptcy proceed- Tnr! hpp-an in 1956 when pro- OI i fQ. Tnmi rv-vmpm Hl(VT with the lUUtLi wuj -. hotel still under construction. The group headed by Mrs. Factor spent more than $4 million to keeD the hotel in operation. About $3.5 million of that amount went to pay off back debts. Judge Ross approved the reor ganization in 1957 and a group of gamblers from the neighboring Desert Inn leased Stardust gaming facilities. Baring Rival Hurls Challenge LAS VEGAS (AP) Dist Atty. John Mendoza, a Democratic candidate for Nevada's lone seat in the House of Repre sentatives, today challenged in cumbent Rep. Walter Baring,! D-Nev., to "deny any affiliation with the John Birch Society and explain his role in the national indignation convention." "The Birch Society and Bar ing,- jvienaoza saia in a press release, "express identical views on the major issues of our time, and the indignation convention, which the Nevada congressman supported, has openly charged both the Eisenhower and Kennedy administration with treason. Baring owes the voters of Nevada an explanation., Mendoza said Barine's sunDort' of the Birch-type philosophy wasl shown in "his demand for a house : cleaning in the state department; i his isolationist and high tariff stand by his recent vote against the reciprocal trade program and foreign aid , authorization; his stand against the Reno urban renewal program; his branding of President Kennedy's federal aid to education and medical care for the aged programs as 'sodal- Flood Project East of Sparks Costs $49,507 Gazette-Journal . r Carson Oty Bureau ' A $49,507 contract for a flash flood control project on U. S. Highway 40 ten miles east of Sparks was awarded, to Carson Frazzini of Reno Thursday by tha State Hietiwav Board. The firm's bid was the lowest of five submitted. Four other bids ranged upward to $83,170. The. en gineering estimate was $50,000 for the job. The project calls for installing 160. feet of sfeel bin walls on u nri tt:h - t i A.t uie mtAajrran run seuuon in ma Truckee River Canyon. The area was damaged by flooding last year. istic.' TOP SOIL Sagebrush Sandy Loam DECOMPOSED GRANITE FOR DRIVEWAYS FREE ESTIMATES ON NEW LAWNS Equipment Rental EL 5-4483 EL 5-3601 SEABERRY-DEPAOLI LANDSCAPING Chairman Scuba Diving At Reno Y Bill Campbell, aquatics director at the Reno YMCA, has an-1 nounced that the "Y" will offer! an eight-week course in scuba! diving beginning Aug. 14. j The instruction, divided into lectures and pool work, includes diving physics, medical and physiological aspects, marine life and environment, and practical use and care of equipment. The class will meet every Tuesday night from 7 to 9:30, Campbell will be aided by instructors Jim McCartin and Dick Pietz. Mrs. Mel Krchner of 1530 Har vard Way served as chairman in the Reno area for Monmouth Col lege's annual Alumni Loyalty Fund program. The college is in Illinois. MOTOROLA CAR RADIO Fit foreign and Konomy can! Model 320T Is your answer If you own a car with a 12-votl electrical system, either positive or negative ground. All transistor. Tone control. 39'5 Plus antenna WeJ Walker Electronics 917 Wilson Ave. FA 2-5520 Where's Owner? Reno police are trying to locate the owner of five suitcases, aj guitar and other personal effects' found in the Fine Arts Building at the University of Nevada by night watchman John Kimpton. Police don't know whether they were stolen or left there intentionally, j Water Meeting LAS VEGAS (AP) City commissioners and directors of the Las Vegas Valley Water District will meet next week to discuss water development in the western portion of the city. No date has been set for the meeting. HOME BUYERS DEAL DIRECT JED'S LAND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY FA 9-0588 Investors Group: Mutual Stock Select Var Pay 10.48 15.14 10.2? 5.67 11.3? 17.1? 10.93 6.13 BOND AVERAGES (Compiled By The Associated Press ! Aug. 10 20 10 10 10 10 Rails Ind Utl!. Frn. LY Friday 76.9 97.S 87.1 84.2 92.0 Net Change Unch Unch D .1 Uficn A .1 Prev dav 76 9 97.5 87.2 86? 91.9 Week ago 77.0 97.8 87.0 86.6 91.8 Month a9 0 77.5 98.7 87.2 86 8 92 2 Year ago 76.5 99.9 84.7 83.7 90.5 1962 high 78 7 102.2 88 6 87.8 94.4 1962 low 76.1 96.7 85.7 85.9 91.3 1061 high 78.7 103,7 88.2 86 3 93 4 1961 low 75.9 95.5 84.5 83.0 90.1 O'BRIEN-ROGERS FUNERAL HOME 220 W. 2nd. St., Reno, Nevada PHONE FA 3-6191 PRE-NEED ARRANGEMENTS EASY PAYMENT PLAN EVERY CONSIDERATION . . . PERSONAL & FINANCIAL WM. CROSBY -PRESIDENT G. A. ROGERS -VICE PRESIDENT EVELYNE E. MUSSON - SECRETARY Ample FREE PARKING at Chevron Station CASH POSITION OF THE U. S. TREASURY WASHINGTON (AP) The cash posl tion of the Treasury compared with corresponding date a year ago. Aug. 7, 1962 Aug. 7, 1961 Balance 5,797,225,905.70 5,507,738,225.63 Deposit! fiscal year Jury 1 $ 6,674,643,686.01 $ 5,195,156,078.38 Withdrawali fiscal year $ 12,149,313,747.27 S 10,351,416,661.03 Total debt (X) S298,416,290,913,ll $292,275,326,482.32 Gold assets S 16,147,172,168.11 $ 17,526,644,113.34 (X) Includes $432,351,001.65 debt not subject to statutory limit. RPrW J I FOR CARPET? LOOK NO MORE! lust telephone McMaftan's and well gladly bring samples to your home. It's easy to select the right quality and color when you see the carpet in the room where you'll use it You can choose from wools, cottons, nylons, any of the leading carpet fibres. Stop hunting . . . give McMahan's a call . . . select your carpet the modern intelligent way . . . in your own home today! FURNITURE STORES 120.126 W. Commercial Row RENO FA 2-6921 Open Thurs. Nites Til 9 P.M. WHERI YOU CAN USE YOUR FLEXIBLE PERSONALIZED CREDIT TODAY! An Idea for you, DAD . . . take the little woman out to an A &W Drive-In for Dinner tonight ...... Pack the Kids in the Back Seat AND GO -NO! You won't even NEED YOUR . SHOES - STAY COMFORTABLE! DINNER AT AN A&W DRIVE IN LET'S P. S. MOST WIVES LOVE HUSBANDS WITH IDEAS (How About Yours?) FRIED CHICKEN Jumbo Pieces, Golden Frys, Buttered French Bread, etc. SUBMARINE SANDWICH Almost 1 Vi feet' long, H with premium hams nnd 5nlnmi. (a cold sandwich) "AQO FISH & CHIPS Large fresh breaded pieces of select fish, with deluxe extras and fryi. Oddie Blvd., RENO I15 1 I Kir Hyl- II I AjW BOOT 8 j B3ZXeMnHgUIMIMBMHHMHi Prater Way, SPARKS NORTH VIRGINIA AT FIFTH SHOP SATURDAY 10 TILL 6 i Wk u ON ALL BRAND NAME SWIMWEAR Pristine or perky . . . simple or sassy ... any kind of suits ... all name brands! All on sale for 40 OFF during the ANNUAL AUGUST SWIMWEAR SALE ... one piece, two piece, big, little, gay, sultry, prints,: stripes, florals, checks, solids and almost any kind of material. Sizes 8-20. Reg. from 10.95 to 22.95 ......... 6.57 13.77 sport shop, street floor NORTH VIRGINIA AT FIFTH NEVADA'S FINE STORE

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