The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1949
Page 7
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THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 1949 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN THE NATION TODAY Senators Find Slums and Filth In Battered Shacks on Streets Just a Few Blocks from Capitol lly James Marlcm- ?J WASHINGTON. Apvil 21, (A'j—"When you ain't gol it, you ain't got 11," the Negro man said mildly, inclining morcy. He was leaning agulnsi a battered shack a few blocks from the dipnoi. He was trying to explain why people lived .n tl'.t slums of Washington thousands of people, whiles and Negroes, mcslly Negroes. What kind o work did they do? "Mostly ketch as ketch can,' the man said, He was lookina at senators, pol-+- keinen, newspaper reporters and a doctor "while raggedy Ncyro child- Three-Year-Old Girl Spends Night Alone in Underbrush of Swampland i'on played around tlietn and hit at one another with stkks. A Negro got up and hobbled otf the steps. He legs were bent with rickets. She had a foolish, happy .smile. She might huvc bccu 15 or 35. "An imcbcilc," the doctor told the others quietly. The group wa.s making a quick tour oT the slums in Washington that spread out around the c-apitol The shims -start within 100 feet of the Senate Office fiuildLng. They >vcre beiiiK taken around by Sen- Paul Doucjlns. Illinois Democrat. The others in the party were one Democrat, Senator Green of Rhode Island, and Republican senators: Morse of Oregon, of Michigan, and Baldwin of Connecticut Get First Hiind Information They had just come from Senate debate on a biH to proviti pub- ^'ic housing arid wipe nut slum: Tin the cities of America. The wanted Id see slums first hand in tin nation's capital. . . They went into a house where K people sleep in three beds in twi rooms. . . A man, his wife, 'liin children, one gnimldiHd, and thin a it's grandfalli?r. . . No light except an oil lamp, no heat excep a coal stove in the kitchen. . . N running water. The water is in In yard. So is the toilet. The yard i heaped with rubbish. The plaster was off the walls. The windows broken. . . The furn iture was claptrap junk. . . Outsid In the yard the grandfather lying on a bare bedspring, warmin himself in the sun. One leg was o, at the knee. With his age and his one kg h couldn't work. He makes no inone at all? No. How much does his so make? One buck yesterday, maybe no buck today. He delivers coal when he can. How did the grandfather lose his leg? "T-B of the bone," the old man said. "An awful lot of people die of tuberculosis in the slums," the doc- r?k for told the senators. "And there's ^ a lot of vencral disease," Fine! Filthy Conditions The police captain said they found ft man frozen to death ic outside toilets last winter. . . The parly went from slum l< um, row after row of them. . ow after vow of outside toiletr. an* utside water pipes. . . Yards heap d witu rubbish, . . I asked many Nc^ro men and •omen what was the highest pay nyonc in their row of houses got. highest i hoard anyone say 'as $35 a week, when a man had egular work. . . The rent ran rom $12 to $30 a month. . . Dirty? Yes, a police sergeant said i the ride back to the bright and hining capitol. Bugs and lice and :vcrythinR, he said. "Thre's some KIIICI 01 doctor works or the government," the sergeant aid. "He makes a study of lici:. 'atalogucs llii'in. He told us any line we found any one dead fn the illey to let him know. "Two weeks nfco we found a man. lead ([uite n while. We called the government man. He come down. He xnmcl 11 new kinds of Hoe on the nan nobody had ever heard of Defore. All brand new kinds, the the doctor^said." The sergeant looked thoughtfully at the ancient houses of the slums. "Just look at them," he said. "If some with money bought them up, and fixed them, and painted them, and put a big brass knocker on the door, he'd have a real antique.' BIO RAPIDS, Mich., April 31. M'jfr —Searchers yesterday found three- rear-old JacniuMiue Simons cold and terrified, after a 15-hour hunt through s i vamp' iuic * underbrush. Drought to n hospital here, llto brown-haired, blue-eyed lot was reported In "fair" condUlo i, Tucked in a warm bed, she wn.s soon smiling cheerily at hrr parents. Beside her ws a large teddy bear. "Where's my doll baby? Where's my buggy?" she asked with wlde- eyd concern. Jrvquchne had apparently pushed the buppy Into the swampy area whon she was discovered missing at 4 p.m. yostcrdny. her 23-ycar-oM mother, Ardlna, .s A posse of 100 men combed the swnmp nil night long, their flashlights shooting eerie beams through the underbrush. The father, Carl 24, joined the searchers. A group of searchers came upon the- little girl about 7 a.m. three- quarters of a mile from home. Shi was huddled ngainst a fence on he: hands and knees. She wiis crying and one of her boots was missing Her red-chrekored dress was soil cd with swamp mud. She was suffering from expofv" 1 when luken to the hospital, bu her rnmlitinn was not serious, M rs. Si mons ,sti i d she 1 eft J nc in the e.^re of her fiUhe while slip went lo town to shn •sicrdny. Her husband was I Jackson, where lie works at the Unique iron Works. •Stnte iwlice statd the youngster Surrenders nstallation of Officers \ Closes PTA Congress UTI'LB ROCK, April 31. Wit's the parent's (null if t child ;rows up to b« » crook 01 nil nb- lonnal Individual. A« least that's the concensus ol lie Arkansas Congress of Piimits- Teachfrs, wlio held the closing ses- Mon ol Its 2-ltli annual convention here yesterday. Before adjournment tke following officers were Installed: Mrs. Field- Ing foe, Pamgould, president; Mrs. College Plant Second Seminar on Management SEATICY, Ark., April 21—linrct- K College will conduct n second seinlnnr In Americanism (or hulm- trlnl niHiingoineitt men on its campus April 25 to April 20. 1'ies. poiKe S. IJcnson said todny. This second of the "I'Vccdom J. R. Sink, Newport, first vice prc* Idem; Mrs, Don Alley, Mnmitnln Home. Secrelury. nml Miss lluth 1'tnvell, Little Hock, secrctiuy, Forum" scries will enroll key men 'n Industry, from foremen up, for a fonr-(lny study of America's free economic system, They will nlso discuss ways and means of setting up plant nncl community programs for teaching llio American way of life. Dr. licuson .Mild that cnthusliisHc response to the first forum obliged Hit college to continue Hits service to Industry. One hundred und nine representatives from some of the Million's companies attended the (lr»t forum. rtead Counrr News Wnnt Ads, Liquor Law Violation* To Be Investigated EL DORADO, Ark,, April 20. (/P>_ rne union County grand Jury today was ordered to investlg»t« alleged violations ol the state liquor laws, In charging the Jury, Circuit Judge ous Jones specifically uked tho Jurors to investigate tale of Intoxicant* to minors. He uld he had "noticed several Instance* of minors purchasing beer at a Do. rndo drlvclns, Judge Jones did not came toy specific establishment. Pi eda Llnton (nbovc), 33, last of 'id j)fi>-i]i5 sought In connection | with Russian espionage activities In t-*, MiiTondered to police In Montreal Canada. (AP Wlrcpliolo.) were reported. So far thi-s year Iherc've been 8,3^0 cases of the dlscuse, compared with 2,018 cases durlnc the corresponding period last year. iipparcntlv toddled out of the farm hnuso while the grandfather was nding Mis, Simons' other child, 16-month-old baby. Government Budget Books Again Show Big Deficit WASHINGTON. April 21—f/Pl— The government budget books showed red ink again yesterday—because ! spending has exceeded income more' than $1.435,000,000 lor the last three weeks. Treasury records showed a deficit of $15.972.000 as of April 18: Before that date there was a brief period of "prosperity" from the wave of tax receipts at the March 15 deadline. When the March 15 date arrived, the government was in the hole by S1.0S9.69i.OOO on operations since fiscal 1049 began last July 1. But by March 29 the treasury was able to post a SI. 420,109.000 surplus— excess of income over .spending in one of for the fiscal year up to that povlt. 615 New Measles Cases Reported Last Week LITTLE HOCK. April 21. M't— The Stnte Health Department reported 615 new cases of measles In Arkansas last week. The previous week 96C new cases MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Th« Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief When disorder of kMnor function permit* poisonous matter to remain tn your blooJ, it may ciuisc nnpginfir backache, rhcumnlto pains, ICR rains, loss of pep and energy, set- tinR up night*. BwcllinFT. rulnneta under (he cycfl. hcudnches and dizzinc&s. Frequent or ccanty pasjapes with smarting and burning somclimes ahows [here is something wrong with your kidney* or blndder. Don' t ivail ! Ask j-our druntristfor Dean's Pills, a stimulant diuretic, used, successfully by millions for over BO year*. Doan'a jrive nnpry relief and T-ill help the 16 miles of Kidney tubes flush out rioisnuQUAWUtelrom. your blood. Gel Doan'a Till*. LIQUID CHEMICAL BLEACH Does a great job of "ear- ing" up th« filth, dirt and grease out of your Gar- bag*. Can or Drain Pip* , . . but don't put tnii strong chamical in your wathing maching or tub to "eat" up your expensive clothoi. QlotKu ar« advancing m price every day . . . MAKE YOURS L>ST by using a Safe Natural Bloch Lilc«— Sold by Leading Independent Grocers, A & V, Kroner, Safeway, Liberty, and All Chain Grocers, Golden Rlpo BANANAS - - - - 2lbs.25c Beautiful, bleached CELERY - ... stalk lOc Red Triumph POTATOES -15 Ib. Kraft bag 59c The Dainty Cooking Fat HUMKO 11b. ctn. 19c Hunter Short Shank (5 to 7 Ibs.) PICNIC HAMS Ib. 39c Krey Mello SLICED BACON - - - Ib. 45c Home Dressed Hens & Fryers CITY SUPER MARKET 109 West Ma in 4 Deliveries Daily Phone 2668 Hardware and Homewares 8 BIG DAYS! FRIDAY, APRIL 22 THROUGH SATURDAY, APRIL 30 Lawn Mower • Culs 1C" Path • Tempered Steel Blade • Rubber Tires $1795 Long Handle Shovel Round 1'oint Strongly Built Rubber Tire Garden Plow At V Less Than 2 PRICE $3.95 Ex I rn Sturdy Spading Fork Mudc of Special . 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