The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, June 30, 1936
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LYTHEVILLE COURIER VOL. XXXIII—NO. 90 Blyth«vHl« 'Courier Blythtvllla Htr.M TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BODTOKASV MISSOURI Blythevlllt D»lly tttvt Vilioj Leultr Bl,i 111]'! JC, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, JUNK 30, 11WG SINGU3 COPIES FIVE CENTS E'S LEI! I Demonstrators Seek to Prevent Emperor's Address to Assembly GENEVA, June 30. (UP)—Km[ peror Haile Selassie of Ethiopia • deposed and exiled by Ihe Italian conquest of his kingdom, appealed lo the nations of the world represented at the League assembly tonight for (he protection of his country. A rather forlorn and hoprfsss figure, deserted by the big po'wers, he addressed the assembly in his native Anharic. He accused France of violating Ihe covenant, and delivering Ethiopia to "greedy Italy" when Paris agreed to tile Hoare- Laval plan for the partition of Ethiopia. . . . j iChcers Answer. Jeers I When tile emperor arose to'speak after Premier Paul Van Zeelaud of Beigium had teen elected presi- ! dent of ths assimbly and .had d->- Hvcred a brief introductory speech,' lie was greeted by a host'ils dem- I onstrallon from Italians in th» • public gallery. Police niatie numerous arrests. The demonstration, designed to block the emperor's supreme ap- .pcal for international aid to Ihe assembly of nations, marked the first time in the history of the League mat a speaker had bsen jeered. ftalian correspondents whistled and oat-called, others In the gallery responded with cheers for the Negi;s. It, took 10 minutes to re- Elore order. .lick-gales'. Imlijnanl •IndlgiiaSan spread among the . delegates when it became apparent .';• tiyit t'ne outburst had been prepar- • -flte^ciimax -or" a" "seTl'es ~of'" Italian efforts to prevent the emperor from addressing the assembly, including n veiled threat to leave the League winch Italian unofficial Wees spread throus'h Ihe corridors bo- fore the assemllly met. Farmer's Slayer Gives Up to Justice of Peace POCOHANTAS, Ark,, Juno 30 (UP)—Joe Flannlgan. 45, farmer living near the Mlcsovrl state line, surrendered Icday to Justice of Peace Earn W. Merry, following the killing of Fate Mock, farmer, of Warm Springs. - 1'lannigan, la surrendering to Merry, said he shot Mock after the Ir.'iter attacikncl him with an ax. The two farmers were said by their neighbors to have been threatening each other for some lime. Plannigan was being held without bail, pending a hearing before the county grand jury July 30. \ T (U Massed For Closing Convention Sirne Urces Adootion ot Nyberg Proposal in Talks Today Series of Admits Heading 'U. S. Fascists' Accident on Highway 61 Curve Near 0 s c e o I n Proves Fatal MEMPHIS, June 30 (UP)— Clllcs 1 King. 31, of Ilol 8]irlniis, Ark,, died at hospital at 1:.|| i Mils morning from Injuries .suffered when n six-wheel truck he wns di'ivlni! left the roiwl a mile and it hiilf north of Osrcoln, Ark., about '2 a. in. I Undertakers who brought IClng •lo Memphis said Ihe truck driver win; hauling a large motor uoal. (The Iriiiik, according to it'negro riding with him, turned over on a curve. The negro was not Injured. ARKADELPHIA, Ark., Juno 30 (UP)— Gov. J. M. F«ti-ell addressed a crowd of 1,000 persons today in behalf of the proposed Nyberg amendment which would lake the right to levy new or Increased taxes from the hands bl che general assembly. The governor's appearance was the second one of the day and it was to lie followed Inter this aft- , and° 0 Mae b |iolif a'nTat "H olrtdo ( TC " S ° f lllollsi " 1(ls of P"IMcH>'>l™s who were unable to gain admlllance to (he Municipal Auditorium during the week-long Democratic national convention, flocked (o Franklin Held to hear Vice President SMS m Jumps Gun lo Mcel Current Payrolls Works Relic Husbands Ask Divorces Husbands are plaintiffs in two divorce siiils filed yesterday in chancery court here r-i u i • I 1 " I1J "' cnuuyii immcs 10 Ol'llll •an nV,'", 'SJ. S | S ? Ck ?" s a divorcc | I " c l> re P<>s«« constitutional amend I" one of the i meats exempting homes under Ihe tonight, Puirell was accomplished here by 30 mem'rrs of the Little Rock nnsiness M'en's club which, with Rep. Leo Nyberg, of Helena, is sponsoring Ihc amendment. During the speech members of the governor's party circulated petitions and obtained signatures of n nfajorily of the audience. , .Foll<jjyinB.-;-his--retur\i to- Little Rock tonight the governor plans lo take a short rest before resuming his behalf of the •'amendment... Caioi'f '• Files 1'eliiiinis LITTLE ROCK, June 30 (UP) — Petitions tearing the names of more tlyirii SftOOT voters ' were Hied today In the oITice of Ed F. McDonald, secretary of stale, by Lt. Gov. Lee Cazort. Cai'nrt, said the millions o"n- tained enough names lo brin from Gladys ___ actions, alleging adultery as the basis of his suit. In the other E. H. Glnsscock is si-eking a divorce from Mas Giass- eock. charging desertion. Nelson and Nelson are attorneys for the plaintiffs. John N. Garner and President Franklin D. Roosevelt deliver their cliallen-jhu; acceptance of their rc- nu.lnntlcn. Here Is a panorama of the tremendous Ihrong that had assembled mure lhan :in hour before the expected arrival of Lhc president. Has No Authority Over .intra-Slale Manufacturers, Court Rules \ • 1 , ".tune 30 '(UP) —The United States' circuit court of appeals does not regulate today ruled congress LEPAffTO, "Ark. Borne octogenarians ' attribute' their longevity -'to various diets, etc., but'Mrs.'Sarah Elizabeth Conastcr, SO. .at Lciianto. says her long life is Ihc "wish of the Lord." • . . Hale and hearty.- Mrs. Canaster walks a mile'or two a day'to visit neighbors. She divides her nine authority ^ to | between her grandson, Oscar Con- graiiudaughtcr, Alf Surely Is 'Landon' 'Em SI,CCO class from laxalion and to furnish free lexlbooks to Ihe elementary school students, to a vote )l the people. The lieutenant governor said Lhe homestead exemption petition contained 27,021 names while the free texlbook petition carried Ihe signatures of 23.111 voters. "Meanest Thief" Takes Cycle TOLEDO. (UP)—A "meanest thief" took the bicycle of Mrs Fred ' have the r control relations be- ns [ CV ani \ " ni!r .ween an employe and an employer Mrs.' Arlie McAilhur, near here when Ihe latter is engaged in and when lime palls she strikes' Ultra-state manufacturing. ; out alone on the bus or train for The decision was given in a! a vLslt . wiu , grandchildren In Los :ase brought by the Frenhauf \ Angeles. Cal always Trailer company, The court also of Detroit. ruled that the ..„,, ., , >c °" tllln ° ' National Labor Relalions board,! created by the Wagner-Conneiy labor relations act, was without uithorily to issue an order in regard to relations between a company and its employes. The case came before the Pellatc court on an appeal by the Frctiluutf company from a decis- , ° for '. "'"' Ilerc * hc "" em 'l)ted tearing a letter o|icn and peering into the contents without the aid of glasses, "is that I won't ue dependent and bedridden." "It's awfully hot Grandma," said passer-by, "over a hundred in jlhe shade." _. - ........,.„, ,.„,„,„,„, ,n,i,, „ uttia-i "Just makes you hotter talking Elwell's son. The boy, despite th: ] 0n on a cross-petition of the' ntout tne weather," explained ,„„ _, „.._ ,,„..,,._ .... ... , .. , MrSp Con . ls(er BS shc sh . oflc o[t Policeman, Accompanying C - I J D opgrcssman, : Wants 'to Bet He'll Be Re-elected WASHINGTON, June 30. (UP)— lloaling ihe gun by 10 hours, works Progress Deputy Administrator Aubrey Williams. lo:lay distributed $350.000.000 of the new $1.425001)000 works relief fund for the 103U- 1937 fiscal year whk'n starts at midnight. Although the money under the congressional appropriation will not be available unlll midnight, WPA had exhausted funds from trie $4- OOO.OOO.Wf) appropriation for this year and the allotments were necessary to keep needy on government payrolls. The allotments Included sllshUv more than $3,000.000 for" Arkansas. an —„ --".-, ~^,...~ „.,.. Jul | un a croAS-pciition 01 loss of one hand's use in an acci- > board asking enforcement of dent two years ago, lia-j earned! order given Ihc company, (and paid for Ihe cycle and was] ]„ its mling the court cited the using it lo ride to a golf course | Guffcy coal decision and the de- where he caddicd to pay for a ',105- • - pilal bill. ABOARD "ZIONCIIECK, SPECIAL" En Rome To Scatlle, June 30 (UP)—Marion A. Zloncheck,] Ihe Washington congressman, who! by comparison makes a whirling' dervjsh ,'lcok like a paralysis, victim, ' toasted lo his "retinue" today lliat he will' be re-elected lo congress this year. He spoke with such conviction lo the two Baltimore and Ohio railroad detectives and George Bishop, capitol policeman, that Bishop came out of Zioncheck's stateroom with the announcement: "He says he'll run and win. I'll lay dough on that. He's got more money for his district that it ever got, before. lie's n cinch for rc-eleclion. 1 ' Bishop's appearance In the train . , . jhalloss in (he blisleriii!; sun. Wife and cnls Hacked Grandmother Injured Par- The While Shirt Crusaders, which lie heads, nre "American Fascists" and advocate violence when nnd If necessary lo achieve Ihelr aims, George W; C'hrlsllnns, saluting, above, Isi salil lo have adinlllcd. The CriisatU'i-6 were charged by a Kansas City minister with sending him n llirvnlcnlng Icl- ler. The pastor protested lo I'i'csldcni Hoosevell, dcctarlni: he hnd proof thin llic Crusailcrs [Jlollcd liiivcrinncnl ovcrlhrowJ Many Farmers Are Already Cutting Drouth Shriveled Stalks CARUTHERSV1LLE, Mp.—1'eml- scot county farmers, ndmltling defeat by drouth and 'heal, have he- 10 Death'I 6 '" 1 clll(m S shriveled, bleached , . , ' i conl - Thousaiuts of acres, it ap- New York Cotton cision in Ihc case against (tic Jones Eteel corporalion. of the hoard and Laughlin Livestock NEW YORK, June 30. (UP)—! Cotton clwed barely sleady. open high low closa \Closiiifj Stock Prices July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May .. 1235 1166 11G2 1164 11(3 1172 1242 1173 1172 1172 1218 1148 1H9 1119 1223 NEW YORK, June 30. (UPl — Chrysler capital stock rose to another new high since 1929 today to 1151 bring firmness to anol'ncr cxtreme- 1151 1172 1150 1178 1158 1153 The liimy denizens of Cow Creek, near Estes Park. Colo., jiisl haven't a chance these cinys. Gov. AU London's eyes Rleain with pleasure as he studies another of Ihe iront he h^s been capturing with as much ease as he landed the _presidenlial nomination. i ly dull stock market. The' strength . iu Chrysler overrode a continuation 1152 - of. the nervousness in steel sharos — created by the strike threat — and brought improvement inlo several L'sucs of that group. Cnryslcr points gain. ... 101 1-2 Anaconda Copirer .... 33 7-8 Beth. Steel ........... 50 1-8 Chrysler .............. 113 Cities Service ........ 41-2 Spots closed quiet at 1233, off 6. 1 t--ollto Ul Lllitt k^Ll/tll/. y^.tl^SK A; f\ j ,-r 11 I touched 114 for 2 3-4 points gal New Orleans Cotton 1 . A. T . and T. 101 ?-2 NEW ORLEANS, June 30. (UP) | | —Cotton lost six to 13 points today In a wave of liquidation attributed mostly to selling for far eastern accounts and also lo the government's decision to release more loan cotton. o;xm high low close July 1236 1242 1224 1224 Oct 1164 116J 1144 1146 D;c 1161 1167 1143 1140 Ja« 1101 1166 1146 1146 Mar 1162 1170 1146 1148 May 1173 1173 1102 11C3 Spots closed sleady at 1249. oil 6.' Chicago Wheat July Sep. open 33 5-8 94 1-2 high 93 7-8 94 3-4 low close 92 1-2 92 1-2 93 5-8 93 5-8 Coca Cola Gen. Am. Tank Gen. Electric Gen. Motors Int. narvrsier McKcsson-Roubins Montgomery Ward N. Y. Cciiira! Packard Phillips Pet Radio Simmons Ueds .... Slandard of N. J. . Texas Co U. s. Smelting ..., U. s. Steel Warner Bros Zsnitc 98 1-2 43 1-4 37 1-2 CO 3-8 88 3-8 9 1-8 43 3-4 36 1-4 10 3-4 42 11 3-8 33 5-8 53 7-8 35 1-2 85 1-2 60 1-8 9 3-4 G Chicago Corn i open high July 65 1-2 67 1-4 Sep. 05 1-2 66 3-4 low 65 1-2 65 1-2 close CO 65 3-\ OAK HARBOR, O. (OP)—De- cause of a 50 per cent increase over last year In t'.ie number of cavalry troop officers stationed at the Eris Proving Grounds, government range, men will be quartered in rooms in Oak Harbor, seven miles away. EAST ST. (UP)—Hog:; Top 10.00 170-230 Ins. LOUIS. Til.. June 30 C.COO 10.75-10.8S corridor as It sped across Cbio. i bcnriiv; the playboy congressman to his home folks, was the first! " IL> >' lime a member of Ihe party had | lalkcd since Zionchcck was given safe condfct out of a relieved District of Columbia. HO-160 Ibs. 10.00-10,75 Bulk sows 8.75-9.25 Cattle 3.500 Steers 8.40-9.03 Slaughter steers 5.00-8.15 Mixed yearlings ami heifers 4.50iS.CO Slaughter heifers 4,50-8.50 Beef cows 4.00-5.00 Cutlers and low cutters 250-3.75 CGDEN. Utah. June 30 (UP) — Three persons were found hacked to death today and a fourth injured so severely she probably will die. Police slarlccl ' search for George Mortensen, 37, a salesman. The dead are Mortensen's wife, Grace, 35, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Snyder. Mrs. Emma Scotl, 82, grandmother OL Mrs. Mortensen, was near dealh. Police said to the home of her parents'. MoV- Icnscn came there early today, they said, failed to persuade her lo rejcln him, and then In a frcn- •iy seized an axe and started his murderous assault. Mrs. Mortensen left yeslerday and went Says Social Equality FflCGS U, S. Forced by New Deal ATLANTA, Ga,. June 30 <UP) —Gov. Kiigenc Talmadgc, leader of discontented Democrats of the deep south, charged the New Deal today with forcing negro social equality on Dixie at its nallon; convention at Philadelphia. Spying Charge Was 104 Outside and Holler Still In the First National Hank Building It wasn't a Janitor gone bcserk that caused tenants in I'ne First National Bank building to fmi their offices far hotter tiian other buildings in the business section during the 100-p!us temperatures of Monday, u \ v as an Iron chcl rule of the comptroller of currency. Hotter than t'ne tenants were R. U Bradley, federal receiver for the defunct bank, and the janitor. They were carrying out the renuiremen* of the comptroller that oH records of the bank and all records of tha receiver except t'nose to be sent to .Washington be destroyed, by burning, at the close of Ihe trusl. If there was anything still l-.otter it was Mr. Bradley's record in paying a total dividend of 11025 p;r cent to depositors in the closed in- stilution. Starling In late Saliirday afternoon Mr. Bradley and Ihe Janitor began removing a vast accumula _ lion of old record books and pa- iwrs from Ihe bank vaults and burning Uiem in the furnace in the basement of the building. Ttiev worked until the early hours of Sunday morning when they knocked oft and went home. Then I'nev relumed before noon Sunday and took up where Ihey left otf, finallv ' "burning out" with the job still unfinished Sunday afternoon when- the official thermometer resislere'l' 101 outside. ' ; Monday Bradley loaded Ihe remaining records inlo a truck and had them hauled to the Blythevllle canning factory, where he parson- ally supervised fne destruction of the last of the papers in the cannery's furnace, Tenants relurnini to the building Monday found It far hotter than the sidewalk temperature. Harvey Morris ol the First National Insurance agency which has its offices directly" over the furnace, transacted his business from a sidewalk chair during the larger part of Ihe day j [icared probable, will b e cut .In Southeast Missouri before the end of the week. Some farmers are holding off In the hope that rain will fall and yet mature part of Ihclr corn, hut even should a dow'n- paiir drench the earth, the harvest will be only a small fraction of Ihc usual corn crop. With around the temperature lioverlng and above Ihc hundred Charged with conspiring with ,-i Japanese officer lo steal U. S. nnvnl secrets. Harry Thompson, 32, will face federal trial in I.os Angeles. He is shown above ofler pleading not guilty to Ibe indictment A former sailor. Thompson Is said to have gone aboard U. S. battlc- 5liips to obtain information to ic'll to the Japanese. Toshio Miyazakl. also indictee!, is be- l.cved to have lied CiOin Ihe U. S. mark for the past two weeks a record high of 108,5 being recorded Sunday, and no rain of any consequence since May 18, crop conditions arc serious. Cotton lias prc- malured. and should a general rain come rticdding of fruit would be heavy. Hay prices have advanced here from $4 per ton to $15 durin» the past thirty da.vs. The oncoming alfalfa cutting will not be more than W per cent of the usual harvest. Many farmers arc afraid to make file cutting, ivhich is due within the next few days, for fear of doing perniiincnt damage lo their fields. Farmers who are cutlln» llielr com will make a hurried planting of 86-day corn In the event of a ram within the next week or so. Little Abandonment Here While Mississippi county's corn crop has been badly damaged by drouth there has been little actual abandonment In this vicinity County Agent j. o. Pullerlon told the Courier News today. Some farmers west of Bis; l,akf are culling their corn. Vie said, but few if any east of Ihc lake are doing so as yet. He estimated drouth damage to early corn In tills couiily at from 30 lo 50 per cent. Young corn can still be saved by rain. Snow in Vermont • NEWPORT, VI.. June 30 (UP) —Snow covered jwrtlons of northern Vermont today. The Newporl- St. Albans highway, 30 miles from here, was while for more than a mile near Havens Notch. Announcement Erroneous Through erroneous Informalion It was announced in the Courier News under "Huffman News" recently that Mrs. Steale Boles and Will D. Hatfleld were married. The Courier News regrets this error, v,. Fanners of Spring Wheat Belt Are in Immediate Need of Help- : WASHINGTON, Juno! 30 (UP) - Administration lenders,' fearing mother catastrophic drouth equal :o that of 193-t, worked feverishly .uday on plans for relief of Imii- Ircds of Ihousamls of fanners. Urouth, Intensive heal waves, levnstatlng grasshoppers «<»d, grnhl itrstroylng chinch bug.'! combined lo plngue farmers throughout the TO< from the Oiilo und MKsouil rivers lo the Canadian border: Immediate problem was lo llnd i method of providing siislena'nce for farmers In the spring wheat 'section—North and South Dakota, Colorado nnd Wyoming.— whose Hops have been burned out''by h'oulh and blistering' heal. A special committee appointed by Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace planned dally mect- 'ngs until the drouth Is broken, wordtnatlmr work of various)relief agencies—WPA. AAA, the Rc- •ieUlement •Administration slid the Federal Surplus Commodities corporation. . \ . The group hoped lo ]ia\'e ile- llnitc relief recommeiida lions ready for submission to President Rccscvelt later this week. Enlargement of WPA and RA activities In. order to pump cash Into (he area, Inauguration of a cattle purchase program and expansion af I'SCO actlvllles nil were • discussed at Ihe col hm I lice's first, meeting yesterday. Wallace himself planned ; to leave the capital today to 'make' .1 personal Inspection tour bt 'Hio drouth area Ills office said ho planned to make: Hie lour alone fiiid Jhgt U any derinfl SPEC! RELIEF 1 Months and 29 Days for Passing Bad Checks MEMPHIS, June 30. (UP)--F. D. Smith, 38, who said, lie was from Blylhcvlllc, Ark,, pleaded guilty In criminal court here today to charges of passing two worl'nlcss checks. lie was sentenced lo 11 months and 23 days In the workhouse on each charge, the sentences to rim concurrently. Smith passed a check for $15 at Ihc Electric Waffle Shop and another for $35 at Phil A. Halle's store. Average 81 Miles a Day: on 25-Day Bicycle Tour Jimmy Adams, Charles Prut-smaii and Russell Blhvood, of near Chicago, were here yesterday on t'ncir bicycles on • the last lap of a 25- day trip which started June 15. The boys, who live 22 miles soutli of Chicago at Crete, 111., went from Chicago to Louisville, Ky.,' to Mammoth cave, then to Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga,.on to Memphis and Ihen Blythevllle. They covered 1133 miles In 14 days, averaging 81 miles a day on iheir Irip through seven states. Glasscock Child Dies Billy Gene Glasscock, two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jcc Glasscock, died at three o'clock yesterday aftrenoon at the family residence, 1707 West Ash street, after an Illness of less lhan 12 hours duration. His death was attributed to coillls. : Funeral services were held this afternoon at the home .with the Rev. Mr. Dennlson officiating. Interment was made at Maple Grove cemetery. The Cobb Funeral Home was In charge of funeral arrangements. He is survivd by his parnts, one brother and one sister. Watch Dof on I'ayroll TOLEDO. (UP)—The payroll of the Toledo Art Museum carries Ihc name of ft watchman who has a special cook, He Is Ranger, a huge German police dog. who stands guard at night. WEATHER Arkansas—Probably local thundershowers tonight and Wednesday. Not so warm In west tonight and In northeast and central portions Wednesday. Memphis and vicinity—Increasing cloudiness-tonight. Wednesday probably local Ihundershowers, followed by cooler. The maximum lemperature here yesterday was..lpO, minimum 77, clear, according to Samuel F. Norris, 'official; weather observer.

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