The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1944
Page 3
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'Freedom Of Air Policy Attacked Plan Would Threaten American Wage Scale, Union Leader Says NEW OH LEANS, Dec. C. UP) — llwcy W. Brown, president of the 'iiternationnl Association of Machinists, the largest union in (} le American Federation of Labor, yesterday branded propositions' of the American delegation tit the Chi- CIY> International Air Conference r.E n clanger to tho American'wage scale. He said that establishment of a policy of eomiilete freedom of the sir, in international air • t-w'nort rperallons "cnn only ..result-in'-a i eduction of American wage scales and {living standards." . "We would be forced to compete" he stild, "nnd to compete In our own country will foreign operators whose construction coils iiiul wage scales are .far Mow those we maintain. ''Under, the present system of intemat'ohal. nir transport ' each country maintains the foverefgnty of Us own air space. They arc all r.f- liberty to negotiate equally for a fair _ division of international traffic. A policy of freedom pf the nir or rights of innocent passage would immediately cause these ' precious and inherent rights to be forfeited." Brown heads 700,000 machinists^ maiiy of whom are engaged in alr- (riaft construction. • ' ' Gilliland Services Are Held At Cooter Funeral services were held Wednesday at Cooter, Mo., for Mis. Ida S. Gilliland, former postmaster and business woman of.Cooter, who died lust! Monday at Campbell's Clinic in Memphis. She would have been 81 Jan. 15. Death resulted from injuries received in a fall Nov. 1 at .her home. Born in Salem, Ind., she and the late John Thomas Gilliland moved to SouUicnsi, Missouri in 1889. • Of their six sons and daughters, three survive: Dr. Mary L. Gilliland of Los Angeles, Claris A. Gilliland and Mrs. Stanley G. Eggert of Cooter. She also leaves n stepdaughter, Mrs. Dakc Franson of Oakland, Calf/., and a sister, Mis W. W. Pepper of Huffman; three grandchildren and one great granddaughter. " '••,.;. Widely known in Southeast Mis. som i, she was active . in church, civic and conumuiity affairs until age prevented. In addition to serving as postmistress for a number of years, she and Mr. Gillilanri were in the mercantile business until lie retired in 1914.' • Funeral services were. conducted at the. Methodist-'Church by the Rev. Marvin Niblack, .pastor at Stecle, Mo., and . the. Rev. j W Young of Cooter. German Undertaking Company was, in."charge. .,,/;'.- SCHOOL NEWS CENTRAL SCHOOL NEWS— November lias been the banner month in War Stamp buying in this school, $550.05 hns been spent for War Stamps at. school nnd children have reported bonds completed, or bought tor them by pnr- ents, S856. All the children have enjoyed eating some of the apples provided for , the hot , lunch program, which Is not-yet in operation In this 'school. Sixth tirade—Mrs. Carl Frank The Sixth Grade' observed Book Week by giving very interesting book reports, by making poster.? advertising good books, by selecting scenes .from books and. making stage settings (or thcni, and by dressing' dolls as characters from books. .They; mnde an Attractive bulletin • boar,) with covers from books children of their age and grade could enjoy. TJiey llianlc the librarian, Mrs. Ira Gray,,for the use of.thc book-covers and also for visiting their room nnd giving them an Interesting look review- On the Silent Rending Tests given by the Elementary Supervisor Miss .Winnie Virgil Turner; highest scores were innilc by Johii wilkcs, Ruth Hate,, Ann wilford,. Murray Sinart, Dick' Reid, a juj F/nnk'Iln Wnrthi •••'..•: •.'.,..;, •The following have' perfect • attendance records -for • ••November: Rcbn BenjJcy, Wanda. • Burrcss, Mary Sue Copelahd, Shirley Davis, Ruth Hale, Annie • toi'ilse'Hiibbtml, Annella Humphreys; Molly Maxwell',' Bin-barn Donning, Faye.Reld, J. C uioke, Odcir Flowers,'Ben P.-Elder, Allen Greene, Billy Dan' Rnlney, nick. Kcicl; Donald . Rice; 'Marvin Ross, ; Graham'Sutlbiiry; "-Franklin Worth, John Wilks,' and • Toniriiy Nosft Attends Conference iThc Rev. F. W. Nnsli, >istor of the, First church of the Nazarene is in Dallas, Texns, where he is attending the General Regional Conference of the South Central Zolie oUhe Young Peoples Society of the Nazarene'Church. . States represented nt. the mcr-Mnf include Louisinnn, Arkansas, Oklahoma' and Texns. ..The Rev. Mr. Nash will return tomorrow night. : . Arabs spray themselves with perfume arinr-!, mcai to chase avrayi food odors. . , . ,I ; M •:; ' . , Fiflli Grade—Miss Sunshine Swift During Hook Weefc one good book was read aloud in cla'&s. An effort was made to make the room one nundre;! per cent in reading books from the city library, as -n-ell as from the school library. The children reported 204 books read since rlic'.beglnnlilg of school, with Joetta Schuhart, , Bill Wmiderllcli, Ann Gatens, and-Betsy Bell being the greatest, renders. Mrs. Ira Gray gave an interesting talk on liooks and reviewed one of the new books from the city library. • ;. On the Silent Reading Tests scores were made by Ann Gateris, Joelta Schuhart, Betty'Ann McMahan, George Rppp, Bill Wuliclerllch, Betsy Bell, cmd.vGharles Abe Kinningham. ' :'.'..}. Perfect attendance for the month: Ther)e George, Charles Abe Kin- iilngham, • o.' U • Prince," George Repp, Charles Shepherd, George fkelton,- Doyle Wilburn, .Theodore Wilbuin, Bill Wunderlicii,, Betiy Bell, Sopliia Ann Bright, Bobby Jean-Davis, Ann Gatens, Roxanne Johnson/ Bettye Michael Rosemary .Monaghan, Olene Stone, -'and Jane Wilson.- v Fourth Grade—Miss Mary Outlaw Tills class had a very interesting Book' Week, Many lovely "Visiting Books-" were brought In by children for the others" to ciijoy for a few Says. One day was devoted to listing books and authors and another to the study of- the lives of authors, including Robert Louis ; .Stevenson and Eugene Field. A day .was given to the study of uo:ms. • Each gave his favorite- poem", telling why he liked it. Many beautiful • booklets' of poems -.were mnde . imcl exhibited. A period was given of choral reading of poems. A les- fon was given on the care of books and another.on the.making of-book reviews. On Friday Mrs. Ira dray visited'the room and. gave a book rcvie'.v for., the children, then heard (he following reviews given : by them: A. Surprise For Araminta by Eva Knox Evans, reviewed by Janet Dickinson; Mr. Bug Goes To Town by Max Fletcher, rev jewed by Kay ?mith; The . Pilgrims' Party by ' Andson Louise reviewed by Heard Wylle; The Darning Needle by L&ulio Ahvell, reviewed by Gcorg- Irthiie Jinlchctt;.'riie Mystery of thu Flying Express by Dixon, reviewed by Johnny Lout-Ins; High Waters In Arkansas by Charles J. Finger, revlowed'by Ann irindmau, Ann «!so ga\'c her review to the third grerte children.' | This group Is keeping I Is good record of buying War Stamps each week. They have led the echool every week but one. The pupils In this grade who nmde the highest grades on the Silent Reading Tests are Hoard Wylic, Kay Smith, •Johnny Logalite, snd Pat Smothermnn. Those ullh perfect nttcndnncc records for Hie month nvc: Dwaiue Graham, Cecil Graves,. Johnny Ilnl- Ecllj Tomniy Harrison, Johnny Logglns,' liobby McPnrlnnd, Ullly Wayne Miller, Jan Kaydcr, i-olly Aim Akin, Tommic Lee Burns, telma'. L\un, Pntty Jcnu Privctt, IJcrotliy Mae Perry, Kay Smith, Lois Cnisa und Rhonda Eaton, Those with •perfect score on the six weeks spelling lest are: L. W Stafford, Wendell Keeling, Polly Ann Akin, Jewell Bates, Dorothy .Mac Perry, Ann lllndmtm, Bobby McVnrltmd, Patty Jean Privctt, Billy Wayne Miller, Shirley Wiulc, Georgiannc Hatehett, Uuddy Taylor, Heard Wylle, Johnny Ingrain, Pat Smothcrmim, Kay Smith, and Johnny Logging.. Tl-lril Giuilc—Sirs. W.. O. Clement ' 'Hie boys and gh'ls enjoyed Book Week very mit'cli.'Thcy told stories from books they had read. A fourth grade girl, Ann,, reviewed the,book "Hlgh'Wator In Arkansas" by.Charles J,,Finger. Miss iMrncr has given Stanford Achievement, Tests to the class. Highest scores were mndc-liy: Kay .•hmdmnn/Charlcs Hay Hall, Patsy CnUiwcll, nnd Bobby - Gai-gan. 'The children with jierfc:l : at. tendance .this month are: J. D Clemmons, Billy Colston, L-on Copelnnd, Eddie Enkcs, Freddy Gore,, Chnrlcs Ray Hall, Rnndnl Johnson, Billy Oenu Michael, Tommy, MoEley. Billy Phillips, . Mn ,. v •Bob Blnshnm, Dorothy Ann Bolmcs, Patsy Caldwell. Alberta Carver, Clydell Eldridgc,. I'cggy Ellcclge. Elllin Fayc Graham, Snllic ' noark, norotliy iihephcrd, and Linda Tay- Second' Grade—Mrs. Thomas I). SmylliD Jr. This class hns started a new reader called "Hello Dnvid" ivhlch is beautifully illustrated. The story is about a little boy nnmed David who went to a one room colmtrv school for nwlille, then moved near a big city where he went to school Ilie children arc enjoying, reading : There are four children in the rcom who have perfect attendance since school began. They are- Mnr- iha , Ann Foster, Uutla Hnytler rhccdorc Bailey, and J. C. Privctt, Others who have perfect attendance for November are: Sam Lnm Donald Powers, aim Coralie Fox ^Thc children enjoyed n trip" to the Public Library. Mrs. i rn Gray he librarian, told them n story °.n-l gave them library cards so tiiey might check out books to read They arc finding that books arc their friends and ore learning how to take care of .them. Drane Adnms brought to school i\ ae.rrmn helmet, a belt, and, n U'nttildge case sent him by'his uncle. They were very Interesting, I'lii' Grailc Newt—Mls» Meklne Hnlstfiiil For nook Week the chlltlrtn In i the Jlrst grade made u booklet II- j histratlng stories nnd Molhcr Goose Uismi's. Many children brought , books from their home libraries lo school for the -other children ; lo enjoy. • , ''. ; Keeping a weather chart has provided fiilcrlnlnmcnt for the children ihls month, • At HID lircscni time Ihcro aic inorc'sulis thnn umbrellas ch It. i. ., . Fourteen,books have been oi'ileh'il for the first urtide library. AmdiiE Iliem are throe'tralii books, "Pox'o's Train Hlrto". "1 Like, Trains", nnd "Clmsuety-UhnK". • These elections were made because the children die no-.v reading In "Tom's Ti'Ip", and also, the lost book which follows tills one Is a contlminllqn of the same story. < -•'•' , The following rhliilreh lind perfect attendance records this month: Frixtdlc Alters, Dnvlil Cnlndr, Robert Knrl Clemmons, Lloyd Coifmnu, Don Cojjelaml, P. 'A'. Eicnrrc, Dick Foster, Arils Ctcorge, Hobcrt Holt, Robby Jones, D.irrcll Joiies, Jimmy Mlddlctou,. .Haymond Miller. Frank Moss, Curlw 1'eny, Duddy Mas Porter, Johniiy Untc'llff, Hobby lieagnn, ThQinns'Siieiton, nogcr Sudbmy, Tommy 1 Wise, Pan) West- bvcok, linn-lei 'Appleljamu, laVntln Crim, Eva Lee •QrfiVc>..Pntsy Rutli McOlme, Jiiily Michae); Slilrli-y Jemi Wbllchcad, Dora licrnlco .Wylle.' Temperatures : Atlantn ... Augusta . .. Birmingham . Charleston . cluulolto .,- Ghulliiiiooga Chlcngo . .. Cliicinnali .. Denver . . Detroit Jacksonville . Tallahassee, Kansas city . Mncon Memphis . Miami. . .... Montgomery New Orleans New York . . Ean Antonio Savannah . Tampa . ... Washington Dallas Houston . .. Jackson . .. Little Rock . Shreveport . ,State Budget \Committeemen ^ Are Appointed ., K'OCK, ijc c , a ( ui>) _ Memboishlp of tho House Bud«cl Loimiiittce has been announced, uy Ki-jircsenttttlve II. u Northciitt of u ,'i°" ,?, t i Unty " s l )M| n.«v-cli'sl»imtc H the 10.15 scjslon of ll )0 Arknnsas House of Itcprcscnlallvcs. Norlhciut • made his coiinnllti-c i.l'paliMmonis known rollowlni a with |!ovoinor-clMH«.)i ut Llttlo nock MiuKliw night ol llu' nlim-inumbc-r comjnlt- n v e. four »re newly elected rnure- sflinllves. ' Committee members »ro' Hcpi'c- H'ntntive* Bn't PUUIIC.V of llii K lits, first consi-esslonnl dlstrl:!; nr, W [I. Abliiiiion of liccbo, ipcond dls- !,i I ,i' ; ' 8 ' c "' lllmi11 of Lowell, hlril district; cnrj K. Uc'iulil.v of Horntlo, loiiilh district; Elucn L Fiuiccll of llttlo nock, fifth dis-' ti-lot; Mcrlo U, Smith of I'lne DHitf, 'islli district; !). D, McUoiuUil of P.nullcy, bovonih district. And JnuiM n. CaiiipbelJ of Hot Siwiilss nnd W. f. WuiKlerllch of Ulyihevllle, mcm- id-s-nl-lnrKc. , , Llculeiiant Govoiiiur j. i, shnvrr ".is inmoiinccd Iho nu'inhei'sliip of the Arknusns Scimte Prc-scsslon .... cobithliwt; , . They tiroi, Stale Si'iinlors E. j Hmlef of Folicsl City, first dlslrlcl; Ui\ Ji K. Sniuii 0f Hi'vjio ' spcOMtl dlstvlcl; Hoy Mlhni'i of ilniilson llilril itlslrlct; Ih'ynn Ooodson of His Qiuioti, (uurtli dLltrlct; E,i Dll- on of Utlle Hock, fifth district; Hem rlx itowoll of Pine niuff, sixth el; aim a. W. Ixwkndoo of AI- kiulelphln, seviihth (Hstrlct, ftOH'oll iVDI serve us chairman of the committee mid tfoodsoh will act .is vice chairman, The seimli' committee will mpct will) the -ill-lily appointed Homo UmlgtU QonimlUro ivToniiay lo consider njwoprlnllmu /or the Won- nlnl Btale.budgei. \1hahksglving f ,„„„„,> ; Held at Harrison School As.j'i Thanksmvlnu treftt.rflftii Ki'iKlo pupils of Harrison' idipo were clilcrtiMncd vvltli a turk'cy dlnV ner uy, tltclr trachcr; Bc^Jo P ivv """-•'••- illmlcr, Ihcy '"'" Church Women Plan Meeting At Manila A f.onc miKilliiif of mcmbci'ij ot vnflo\\s mills of the Woman's Eo- cti'ty of Chrlsllnn Ecrvlco of Mclh- odl»|. chlli'dics In tho joiiMbol'o iJlslvlcl will be held Friday at Mn- niln AloUwdbit cluticli. Tho all-dny mcdtiiiii Is scheduled to begin nt 10 oclock In ihc iii6ililnn with Mrs. w. A. Thelme 01, Manila, 7*1110 chairman Inii. 'Mw-, i<...E. : co)!,n&u of,... 111BW1 , V , conference-; p|x>sUlcnt of. Die . Wo- mtin's .SoclHy 1 o(.. Ol,u|8.(lnn • Service, will , J altoml' tlic -iHcupng, .mid n tM«6.iiuml)«r l .oM$lytli(!Vlllo women plan tti be pr'esi'lit. '•'•,' tfprgflmgp.' sored by tho sixth grade imd heir leiicholv.O. .W. UlaJtcly. • , "'.[.• -:; Numbers on the program included n story of UW first T)«infcs e lvlrig'toi3 i>y Clone llcnlon; n. playlet, *\vhy home of SHERWIN-\VlLLIAMS DE LAVAL MlLKE*S GOULD'S ELECTRIC WATER ; U. S. BELTING and CANDLEWICK COMPLETE LINES Have a Coca-Cola-Let's all have fun ...or meeting friends at the Youth Center Across the land you fiad you.h meeting togethcr'to talk, to dance, to have fun at Youth Centers. And the center of attraction is the wholesome refreshment of ice-cold Coca-Cola. Yes, fa ^ u that rcfreshes wlth ice . cold Coca . Cok h a friendly American institution. The word, ll atle « "Ccte" are passwords to companionship. Coca-Col, sunds a, a sym bol of hospitality and fn en dli n e 5s -to,folks of ail ages, , .OTTtEC, UN[)E R AUtHORiTY OF ,H E COCA-COU COMrANr ,r COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of BLYTHEVILLE rr~ . ' • ..-; . 'if: .' '•• .•. '•m.t'-'-^^S^^'m' : ft+:-'•^^•-•' :• .. , • •; ••••.. '• ^.'V''i ; ;v •^^.'^"-•'i'^fw^^':^'' ii j-ou t,,w j i OVl ;|j. i s j } . } ., ni . vv |J MJI ^- a i ll|(1 g 10 ",'j 1 [ | , i jj..;, • . ,-:•;: ^i^v^ii'ttV..';. 1 !, : '•SWIjclailti; )'oM,, p ood iml s »,™t if x du g iv t lie,', ^^^•^^'•iim^'^f - 27 , 41 .V.'. ,63' '48 5B '48 48 39 ,... 51 :,44 Twenty million lives nnd . $400,000,000,000 were lost by the nations involved in World War I. Gaynindc* Itnyon Sheers Smooth, full fit. Itcinforccd lor. • wciir • . IRRITATIONS EXTERNAL CAUSE ;G!FT HANDflAGS Envulupcs and loii-hnn- dle styles in rich J.!)8 leal hers. Patents T • these miseries \vitli|liiBBiinp!eh(>Tnbtrohl 'hito Ointment goc Dlnck niid H'hit to vyork ntoiicu. Aids liuallna, worka tho iinlisentio _wny. 2S ycnra success. 10p 2uc. 61)0 sizes, rurclinso price rcfonild il j'on ro not Bnlinlicd. lino only im ill ««|n'..yi<M iti ctauiaiiiB ia g (J od softp linjoy Blnck andAVhito Kliln Sunp dally lioxcd Hiind kerchiefs 3 handkerchiefs with embroider or 1,-icc i.OO Clil(e r ing Per/ccllan Far Feminine Maralt DRESSES DESIGNED BY MADGE DAVIS* Il's cither blackest blick or brighhul colors — no in between! Anil gay rayon Jersey prints, too Dramatic lines to make men turn and fook, *nd women "Ummm!'' •B«.IJ S.P«t Off. Holiday 'i'i e s Snt in Hroi'ados! Sntln Stripes! Wnrm- tone Wools. Novel! SWKATKKS (''OR HOYS A warm and rugged L'ift for any hoy! coats and slipovers hand- «.98 somcly Klvled . . L Dresses for Daughter Rayon (affctas and cotton. bi-if,'ht colors. A.98 IrimminK. * ft'. £o*y STo'SeVCny /i.V. NEW OKESS B^AUTISS • T a ^t^. it's natural for popular names to acquire friendly abblcvia. tidns. That's why you heat called" "Coke". Colorfdl— I'raclical— In Popular Sliadcs With 3-inch Rayon Stain Bindings, Slw 72x84. Fabric shrinkage will not exceed 1% Make Yowr Selection's • tS|p'W~ • USE,OUR LAYAWAY PLAN • • • • ^ ^. • ^ »^ _.___. . ../•''., "25 years' Continuous Service" R«di»nt,with holidty,spirits'that rwill c«ny, you on "* I . into the New Yetrt Bliek rayon erep« l^tshly qxia. - ' -.ItW.witli teqnlM . /..bright cotori,UctfuIly locked " Ayvn KlifTfid •• i 11 f '1 —-.-^- »_'^ * . _""_*„. 1 1 ,, ^ '••

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