Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on May 6, 1941 · Page 4
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 4

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1941
Page 4
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Page GREENSBtTRG DAILY NEWS Tw«a*y, Bfay C, 1941. Greensburr Duly News r&OUBbed Dally Kicept Sunday and certain tiolidaya at the l>aily JSewi Building, corner Main and Broadway. «iy me Oruanuburg Hew* i—-"-"-- Oumpany. liuttier i:. Urnden President ftuJ.iiiiucock.. Vice-fret). «xd Utuu«et •Waiter JJ. l*we Secretary-Treasurer WUluun H. Wlutin....Mecbanlcal Supt. Jdiuered in uie l-ontoffu-e at Ureeu- autg, ABO., ui wxx>ud-clai» matter. I'UDiiBDerc representative, Hcheerer ft Co., aa iliusi WacKer Drive, Cblcago. ma *Ii i^tjiiifjin avenue. Mew lorn. Daily flewa, £«. Jan. X UM „.„,„„„„„ auuuiard Hint. USK> HitwiuOur^ Daily iteview i>*t. 1SJU - 1 in Daily «ewa, Jau.i.UU> •UlUMUKU'Uw.A KAl'Jto Carriei"Ji Oil}, per week. ...... HU2 jlali (luiuae uw attiej per year ..... . .............. ifcOO fer Jlouui ........................ .«U tf> *Uu (ouiauie uio itatej per jwu J4 advauue... ............... O.UU 0uc JUiutii. ...................... .. 2*) *y Mail iweoi «I Uoki.) per y<«r in advauoi ....................... O.OU Mall ;ubi>cripll>>u CBIUMI be accepted to SOWB» vrlMin) we fcave earner d«* uvery. __ ____ _ Bofhimura Toga was the I name of a fiction character who ' butchered the King's English, but Guess Again fans are no butchers, so cut yourself a piece of today's quiz, answer the questions in the space provided for, check answers for and then get your rating. (1) Radioactivity is a valuable thing -to have in some circumstances, and you find it in (a) short- wave receiving sets; (b) during thunderstorms; (c) in ra- f"~~| dium; (d) in television. I I __ Sworn Circulation April 1, 1841 _____ 3678 Decatur County On Holiness Program Approximately 100 people attended the Sixth zone meeting of Pilgrim Holiness churches held "all day Saturday at Hope. The Rev. Charles McHenry, of Shelbyville, is president of the group. There were people present from Clarksburg, Hartsville, Morgantown, Columbus, Shelbyville, Eushville and Greensburg. The morning session started at 10:30 o'clock, with the Rev. McHenry in charge. An address was given by the Rev. George Phares of Rushville. Special numbers were given by the j Misses Mildred and May Hamilton, of Greensburg, formerly of I Hope, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ashby, of Greensburg. At noon a basket dinner was served at the home of the Rev. and Mrs. Clarence May. j The afternoon session, starting at 2 o'clock, was the young I people's service, conducted by i the Rev. Ernest Carroll of) Clarksburg, formerly of Harts- j ville. An address was made by ] the Rev. Marvin Jewell of Morgantown. The closing session at 7:30 o'clock was in charge of the pastor of the Hope church, the Rev. May, and the address was given by the Rev. E. J. Clem, of Columbus. The zone meetings are held once a month. Charlie Chaplin and Paulette Goddard in "The Great Dictator," K-P Theatre Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. (2) This is a horse, dear children, but can yon tell us if the part just between his shoulder bones is called the (a) rump; (b) fet- I I lock; (c) hock; (d) withers. | | (3) A sailor sailed to Europe in the brig, and that meant that he went in (a) a small steamship; (b) a small modern war vessel; (c) in a ship's lockup; (d) in I I the hospital of a vessel. | ] (4) A man who is eminent in the law sometimes writes LL.D. after his name, which means (a) Doctor of Laws; (b) Doctor of the Law; (c) Doctor of Legalities; T~~| (d) Lawyer-Doctor. | | (5) One says another stuck to hihi "like a leech" and a leech, you know is (a) a reptile; (b) small bloodsucking mammal; (c) a I I worm; (d) a little fish. | | (6) A factory is so-called because It's (a) a big building; (b) a place where people work in large numbers; (c) a place where things are made; (d) a place I I to house machinery. | | <7) Knudsen is quite a name. Would you associate it with (a) exploration; (b) diplomacy; (c) preparedness; (d) I I ski-jumping. | | (Answers on Classified Page.) Venezuela President Remainder of Italian Sabotage i Crews Is Sentenced in Federal Court at Jacksonville Flat Rock Woman , Dies After a Falli BOMBS ON (Hy International News Service) Jacksonville, Fla., May 6.— Sixty Italian seamen today awaited federal sentences after being convicted of sabotage in connection with the recent damaging and seizure of axis ships j in American waters by the United States. Thirty-nine of the seamen, removed from the Italian freighter Ircania when the vessel was seized by tne coast guard March 30, were found guilty by a federal court jury late yesterday after the jurors had deliberated for only a half hour. The other 21, members of the craw aboard the Confidenza, were found guilty last week. Federal Judge Louie W. Strum said he would pass on the t'O seamen after he acts on defense motions to be presented Friday. During the trial the jury heard testimony that the seamen disabled the ship by damaging machinery aboard the boats'. Mrs. Wilson Cochran died at her home near Flat Rock at noon j Monday. She suffered a broken | leg in a fall three weeks ago and j death was due to a weakened! heart condition. Born September 25, 1896, she was a daughter of Robert D. and Anna Johnson. She was born at Dupont, Ind., and was forty-five years of age at the tune of her death. Funeral services will be held at the Flat Rock Methodist church in charge of the Rev. Henry Gordon White. The time has not been set, pending word from relatives. •Second-hand typewriters in London are selling at prices as high as new models did in prewar days. Because of air raid damage, import stoppage from j America and a big demand for machines from th'a government, typewriters which would have long ago b»en relegated to the scrap heap are being made to work. (IJv lmeru:itimi:i] News Service) , Berlin, May 6.—Nazi planes! flew 125 miles across the eastern] Egyptian border, today's com-1 munique revealed, and attacked i the important coastal city of ] Mersa Matruh, about 300 miles west of the Suez canal. The attack on Mersa Matruh was ony a small part of the fighting in Libya and Egypt yesterday during which Nazi dive- bombers cooperated with German and Italian ground forces in repulsing British counter-attacks from besieged Tobruk. A British armored car attack on, axis-held Sollum in Egypt also was repulsed. Both German and Italian planes cooperated in an attack! on Tobruk harbor which thei British hold. Wilson, S. C., May 6.—Homer L. Lioomis, attorney for 10 Italian seamen on trial on charges of violating the anti-sabotage laws, had admitted in federal district court today that the engines aboard the freighter Val- Jarperosa were destroyed because of fear that the ship would be seized and placed into service to carry munitions to England for use against Italy. The attorney asserted before the jury hearing the trial that the seamen would admit they destroyed the Vallarperosa's engines on orders from an attache of the Italian embassy in Washington. FIND HUGE METEORITE When you need printing, calli the News office. 101 tfc (By International News Service) Washington.—A huge meteorite, weighing. nearly a ton, has been found in a Georgian cotton field, the Smithsonian Institution has announced.. The great chunk of iron, the core of some comet, is probably 15,000,000 years old, officials said. The area in which it fell was no doubt covered by shallow water at the time, permitting it to sink to the bottom and to be gradually covered by sediments. General Isafas Angailt* —i New president of Venezuela, General Isaias Medina Angaxita has indicated he is in full accord with the western hemisphere defense program. General Angurita sue-' ceeds General Eleasar Lopez Con-] treras in whose cabinet he served as minister of war and the navy.' ICED BEER LAW USE TESTED (l!y International News Service) Indianapolis, May 6.—Postponement until next week of a hearing on a suit attacking constitutionality of the state's new liquor law was announced today by Judge Herbert M. Spencer of superior court. The suit attacks the provision of the bill which prohibits drug and grocery stores from selling iced beer. The hearing on a petition for an injunction was^to have been held today but the case was continued by agreement of the plaintiffs—21 local drug store owners—and state, local and county officials. Judge Spencer has issued a temporary restraining order to prevent enforcement of the law. SUNDAY 1 SCHOOL LESSON* S. S. Lesson for May 11 A Daily News want ad will rent your house. 101 tfc Better Used Co rs! BIG- FINE i The popularity of Chrysler Fluid Drive gives you better used cor selections than we've ever offered before! THOS. H. DAY CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH DEALER J. E. TUMILTY, SALESMAN ITHE RESPONSIBILITY or I HOME REGARDING BEVERAGE* I ALCOHOL LESSON TEXT—Deuteronomy «:*7; ; Jeremiah 35:5-10. • '! GOLDEN TEXT—Train up • ebild ta • the .way be ihould «o; and when he to 'old. ta win not depart tram It—Prorertx 122:8. I The responsibility of the home re- 'garding liquor is primarily that of 'providinf a place for children to [grow up under proper principles (and practice. That means that the .home should be a Christian home, 'where both parents follow Christ in {life as well as profession. Young ! people about to establish a new jhome should give themselves mth- iout reservation to Christ. Those jwho began their home as a Chris• tian home, but who have drifted {through carelessness or unbelief, 'should renew their devotion to Christ America needs many things, but first and foremost stands its need of real Christian homes. 1. Preparing to Meet TempUtiom (Deut 6:4-7). Temptations will come, and when they do it will be too late to prepare a defense against them. We are all j "defense conscious" these days. We ,have seen in the sad events of the last year that there must be adequate preparation in advance it we are to withstand the enemy. That I is doubly true in the-realm of the Imoral and spiritual. We must b'uild ;jnoral fiber and appreciation of spiritual things into the lives of our boys 'and girls from their infancy. How?. • 1. By a Consistent Example (vv. : ;5-6). Only the father (or mother)! who loves- the Lord with all his be- ; ing and who has permitted God's 1 Word to enter into his heart will setj the right example. It is well to know something about child psychology, about the principles of rearing children, etc., but these, without a right relationship to God, are cold and powerless. But let the, parents walk before their children in earnest, Christian living, let them honor God's Word in their lives and in the home, and they will lay the finest foundation for Christian character in their children. 2. By Correct Teaching (v. 7). The parent should make the teaching of God's Word to children a matter of first importance. It is to be expected that the children will be • in church and Sunday school with their parents (notice the word "with"—it's not enough to send i them), but that is not sufficient. ' Blessed and fruitful is that home i life in which the Word of God is a normal and easy topic of conversation, where spiritual things are discussed intelligently and without restraint. Every home can be that kind of a home, if the parents will do what they know they should do about it. II. Standing in the Boar of Temptation (Jer. 35:5-10). As a protest against the heathendom, the intemperance, and corruption of the city life of his day, Jona- dab instructed his house or tribe to live an itinerant life and, above all, not to touch wine. We are not called to imitate In detail their way of living, but rather to learn from them the principles of consistent temperance. 1. Remembrance (vv. 6, 7). Jeremiah was sent to test the Rechabites (not to tempt them to fall) by offer-' ing them wine, but to them it was a real temptation. They met it promptly and without fear, because they had in their hearts and minds the teaching of their "father" Jona- dab. Blessed is the boy or girl who in the lone and trying hour of terap- ! tation is not confused by the nega- 1 tive or unchristian example of parents, but once has a vision of a.God-fearing father and mother, i and a remembrance of their faithful teaching of God's standards of life. 2. Obedience (w. 8-10). Here again is a lesson which must be learned from the tender years of babyhood, but which bears glorious fruit in the days of young manhood .and womanhood. The parent who 'does not tactfully, kindly, but withal, firmly, teach children to -obey has undermined their life in advance. • The Rechabites loyally obeyed the word of their founder, and passed their hour of testing with flying colors. They had his example, they knew his teaching, and life itself had proved to them that, they were in the right way. A closing word. The liquor interests are concerned because-the consumption of beer is rapidly falling off and .because most of their customers are "elderly or middle- aged." They are spending tremendous sums in advertising to "get the beer drinking habit instilled in thousands, almost millions, of young men who-do. not- at present know the taste of beer." That is their avowed aim. Shall they be permitted to put it across? | Not if Christian people will put the ' influence of the American home squarely where it ought to be— against the liquor traffic. VFW APPROVES II (By International News Serrlce) Indianapolis, May 6.—Use of the United States Navy in convoying war materials to Great Britain has the approval of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Charles L. Hopkins, state commander of the organization, said today. Pointing out that his office had been deluged with calls asking for a statement of the VFW'S position, Hopkins- said that action of the American Legion last week in recommending convoys "coincides with a resolution adopted by the national council of administration of the VFW which met in Chicago last September." . "We do not view the present rush of preparedness with alarm," Hopkins added. "Only by being ready to defend ourselves and American ideals can we hope to perpetuate the principles of democracy." Fifty-million pounds of dry casein made from milk is the annual factory production currently reported by the census bureau. AUTO . . LIFE . . FIRE. STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES. Ralph E. Williams Agent and Adjuster. Phone 6131. FREE PARKING FOR WAKE-UP CUSTOMERS. 123 S. FRANKLIN ST. NOW YOU CAN BUY Yourhomedeservtstbebest peintmoneycanbuy.Hcre's your chance to get it—and save money, tool Make tne most of it now—Spring Time, Paint Time!!.. SWP painted hones inourSherwin-WilKuniPaiBt and Color StyfcGude. i St. John & Guthrie w. H. MCMILLAN Floor Covering Co. Ope* KrcmiB* By Alfilmtmtmt. Tmyhr IMd Bid*. Dtal MO. Nature's best drink for you. Our milk is Pasteurized ASK YOUR GROCER OR PHONE 5952 A. NIENABER ft SONS DAIRY Suggestions WATCHES AND CLOCKS SILVERWARE UMBRELLAS CHINAWARE RINGS BRACELETS NECKLACES GANNON'S JEWELRY STORE TAYLOR HOTEL BLDG. GREENSBURG, IND. 8c BREAD 3 loaves 20c JELLY two 14-oz. jars 25c GOOD LUCK OLEO .'. Jb. 16'/ 2 c FAT BACON, for Seasoning ..-. Jb. 9c BAKED HAM _ _ Jb. 49c FRANKFURTERS :. 2 Ibs. 27c BROOMS :~79c down to 23c SILVER SEA COFFEE 2 Ibs. 49c SALAD DRESSING qt. jar 19c DINTY MOORE BEEF STEW can 19c Golden Rule Store Co. FOX FERTILIZER Buy the fertilizer the champions use. The World's Corn Champion—The Reserve Champion—The Indiana State Champion—The Decatur County Five Acre Champiom and many other champions. They all use Fox Fertilizers and the explanation is simple—if S BETTER. BUY FOX . . . GROW BETTER GROT'S Wni. Nadiig Grain Co. Greeosborg... Adams ... St. PanI FOLKS ... It is the time of the year when our thoughts turn to painting up and cleaning up. We have a new supply of paint in stock and can supply your needs at a reasonable price. Before you paint, come in and get our price. Decatur County Cooperative Co. PINNACLE Your Grocer Has It DAILY MEWS CLASSIFIED ADS PAT.

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