The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR .HLY'J'mWILLB. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS ID ME SU1I Sees Endless Source of Cheap Power in Warm Waters of Gulf Stream. Mile Long Tube to Ocean's Bottom Ready By Nca Service HAVANA, Cuba.—Prof. George.: Claude, the busy French scientisl who believes he can put Ihe warn; walers of Hie gulf slrcam to wor;-. for mankind on an enormous scale. and who has spent most of his life prying Into the obscure corners cj Ihe domain of science, may al tosl ! be on llic verge of a dcvclo;j:;ie:v,, of far-reaching consequences. C!nudc is now close lo the |X>int where he can learn definitely whether his scheme lo generate power from Ihc sea Is practic.-.l. He lias, succeeded in sinking a mile-Ion;; tub? into the sea at Matanzas. after spending n million dollars in three altempls. He is confident tha; the result will be a revolutionary development in industrial engineering. If he succeeds H will mean llvit the humnn race Is forever Ire: 1 :!' ol Us fear of exhausting Us supplies of fuel. It may mean a new economic order and industrial up- lit aval. lion- Flau Works Prof. Claude's scheme. puz/liiv- to the average newspaper reader, is after nil iairly simple. "There are two waler supplies o'. unlimited quantities and niivnryhx temperatures throughout the year in the trnplc oceans," he explains. "There are Ihe surface waters, which rclain the temperature varying bclween 79 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit; Ihcn Ihe icy walers found beneath the surface al fi depth of 1000 yards or more, of a constant temperature of 40 degree; Fahrenheit." Temperature represents energy and so this difference in tempera- lure levels represents a supply ol latent, energy which Clauds proposes lo tap. Claude proposes to harness the tiopic ocean on a principle similar to that in an ordinary s:cam engine. But in n steam cn:;lne the water Is boiled and turner! into steam by healing H with fire. Claude proposes lo do it by substituting a vacuum for lire. His scheme is to .ntrodiice the warm surface waters into a chamber in which a vacuum has beer.- created. The boiling point of water depends entirely upon the nil- pressure. Water, lor example, boils at 212 degrees at sea level, but at so low a temperature on a high mountain that it is not sufficiently hot to boil an egg. Boils at 18 Degrees The-H'acuuav- says Clawlc. will cause the surface water lo bail nl i Its lemperalure, approximately 78 degrees. The sleam ilms lormeii would be used lo turn a turbine. From the turbine the sleam would pas; into a condenser. Here is where the mile-long lube comes in. This tube, extending lo the depths ol Ihe sea. would bring wa- ler at a temperature of -10 degrees. This cold water \vc-uld then be turned into the condenser. This would then condense Ihe slcam. The condensation of Ihe steam (conlraction) would ccate a new vacuum, causing more waler to boil or turn into steam and so, according to Claude, the engine would keep itself ill operation indefinitely. Claude says that each cable foot of water will furnish 11 pounds 01 swam and that it is feasible to build an engine using 35.000 cubic feet of water per second. Such au engine, he says, would furnish 300.000 horsepower. The cost of such plants would be about equal to the cost of modern hydro-electric power plants, with tlieir dams, etc. Is Famous Tnvrr.tor This plan lor getting unlimited power from Ihe sea—a plan tin', sounds almost like perpetual motion—is only one of many intricate problems Claude has applied himself to in his bu>y career. I:i iris boyhood the'.e fictional inventions of Julc.; Vcrm 1 captivatcd him arid as a nun he has sought, lo mr.tch these imaginative inventions with real onc.s He has succeeded so well that today there is more than S150.003. 000 invested in his lnvenliar.3 $00,000,000 of which is America! capital. The gov:riimenl's enormous ac-1 Slw;!i c | 0: . crt cumulation of nitrogen ajiparaw st Muscle Shoals, Ala.. Is based, on a process he devised. Nearly every big chemical plant in tV.e world i. ; indebted to nun for some method 5:ow in daily use. It Wiis Claude who ka-.ned how lo gel neon gas from ins air— and who showed what could b: done with it once it had been ex- J M . U-scled. The bright neon lights M;iri that are such common lectures of %i ;l y n:Cdern cities are due to Claude'.; j u iy research. Developed Acetylene Gas It was he who changed accty- 19,1930 Returns IJul Not To Husband Tin- fUclrlivb abuvu shuw how 1'rof. (iciirKi's 'Claude plans In use llu- dllFen-me in (un- of si-a w.ilcr,! by tlu- uiiir slroain, In (urn a lur Wnc i-iifiinc. Tlu- lower skfldi si-ows warm surface ivalcr lire piped |n|, || H . llic upper skcti-li stiows how the engine detail in the story. I'liulos fliuw tin- Hie- liollum' and a i'loscii[i uf Viol Claude. liuw cold bottom water and jKjiu 1 ! 1 house from the sea; i-. c[i(r;ilcd, as- explained In iriLe-lonjf tube licblng laid tc Thi.s'r\vo_Y(.-ai-JJkl Is a Venlable Iluiiiaii Miniature Golf Meet Nearing Final Rounds .<:>* f:? Ily NliA Service CLEVELAND. O.—If there 1 .-, nny- Miing yo-.i \v.i:it to know, ju-t a^k Flnin True Doweii, wlm is two years old, (joins '.si tlivee, thank yriii. For CVjveland'K child prtrtigy, knows the correct answers to perplexing questions lhat would stump a good many- grownups. She know;, which United Stales ptrsiiii'm wouldn't tell n lie. and v.tiii'h one fj-f.Ml the ihivi's. She can lei! you the nainn of almost every slate official ami all Ihe city officials In her iK.nie town- Kcr does she hcvlUitu lo loll you thai Thomas Edison Is. in her opinion. Hie greatest man in the ivc.rld. She kni\vs who owns the Clevclaiul Indians' baieball team' nnd who built 11: * ureai. Terminal Tower here. fihe ean lell all about Llnrty's Atlantic [light and what he mimed his b:and-ncw baby. And she's just a;; fnmlllnr wilh the nnincs 'of Ihe mannyiuK editors, city cililors nnd radio editors of Cleveland newspapers. Such que.-iions as "Who h the manager nf I lie public auditorium?" "Who was Ihe first city malinger?" "Who is vice president of Ihe Uml- ed Slates?" "Who is pcstmiisler of Cleveland?" "Who is prc.-tdi-m. nf (he bar n r ^onia!ion?" and "Wflio ore Ihe rrclu-slra dircclors in > Cleveland's downtown theaters?" |'» " lllsic ls nn«wt perfect and her elicit prompt loplics. | ?nunclalion is remarkable. She Flora True, who talked nl the hopes lo break inlo the movies be- age of five months, h:'.s memo- fere IOIIL-. rizerl 'a songs and has sung over 1 she is tli? d.iunhicr of Mr. and the radio six limes. Her rhythm Mrs. rioy Hill Ban-on of Cleveland. The first round of the "Golf Garden Tournament" has already Lven run off. In [lie second round A. n. Holland vs. Gilbert Hlll-.cock —J. W. Mycis vs. C. M. Baxter— I'ercy Wright vs. Victor SUwell— R. N. Ware vs. W. C. Wall! -Jeff Kolaiul vs. Carl Clanske. In Hie third round the winner of ttie Frank Whilworth and Chas. Ken- j dig match meets Paul Swartz-Dr I Owvns vs. tl:c winner of H N \Vi e ind w. c. Whhl ma(cli-J I D. Talc vs. Earl Buckley. There is j «\ptcud lo lie some close unnpe- tilion for tlic silver trophy and i the putlor, for Ijolli Frank Whit- ! '.vcrtli and Eurl Buckley have shot I a Lhirly-niun on a pur forty-six ' com L Everybody is urged lo t;et : in touch with their partner and play off their match before the 20th or their march will U.? forfeit- Mrs. R. H. Jones of Osccola Again President of Ba[> tist Organization. OaCKObA, Ark.—Mrs. R. II. Jones of Osccola was rc-elecled superintendent of llic Woman's Missionary Union of Ihc Mississippi County Baptist association at Ihe annual meeting held In Luxora yesterday, and Osccola was decided upon as Ihe place for holding the next annual meeting. Other officers re-elected were Mrs. C. B. Woods, Luxora, associ* ate superintendent; Mrs. O. W. Sellers. Manila,' secretary and j treasurer, and Miss Cordelia Wll- i hile, Blylhevillc, mission study su- ! perlntemtcnt. Mrs. D. R. Garner. : . Armorel .was elected personal Mir i vice chairman and Miss Delln Pir: tie. Blyihevllie, assoeialionnlyoun: i people's leader. Mrs. Garner succeeds Mrs. Leslie Moore of Bly| iheville and Miss 1'irlle succeeds ! Miss Katlierine Kirkendahl of Dell. ! Approximately a hundred Baplis'. . women of the county attended ycs- i lerday's meeting held in Ihc Lux- 1 ora Baptist churcn, and other vis- , i'.ors Induced w. M. Wood ol jLuxora, Kev. C. E. Welch of O-cc• cla, Kcv. W. H. Lnnglcy of Dlylhe- , vi!I.', and Mrs. W. U. Langford of Jouesboro, superintendent o: the Northeast Arkansas District W. i M. U., accompanied by 'Mesdames Kelly and Milliard, both of Joncs- boio. Mrs. Hllliard bt-ing a lifetime ! member of the W. M. U., and Miss 1 Ixmise JoilM of Osccola, who is a ; student at the Baplist college in i Jonesboro this year and who rendered a vocal solo on the day's I program. A feature of the program was i talk at the afternoon session by Mrs. W. U. l>ye of Lillle Hock,corresponding iecrelary of llic state W. M. U., who spoke, on the use of funds contributed through the local organizations, terming her talk. "Precious Sloues," us a par'. of Hut day's theme "Laying Our Foundation Stones." She was preceded on the program by Mrs. Oscar liarksdalc of Wilson who talked on "White Slones." or the wor 1 done through the denominational hcspilalb. orphans home and oliici institutions. On (lie morning program Eplen- clid talks were mace by Mrs. l iX . L. Ingrain of Memphis on "Altar Stones." or the hii[K>rtance of in dividual prayer and family altars. Mrs. Marguerite Beery (aliove) wlic of Film Star Noah Beery, 1mb returned to the home of a Iriend in Los Angeles; after a fortnight's absence in which her husband asked police to search for tier. Beery asked the police to continue tlieir investigation of her my.V.eii- ous disappearance. ler of Memphis, who is well known here, and Mrs. J. E. Jeter, alv.i of Memphis. "Living Stones," cinblcmalic of Hie training of the youth of the church, was portrayed by means o! a playlet called -'America foi Americans.' cliBimlnsiy prc->enlc<: by a tjriMip of lilvthevillc yoim: people under i!ic direction oi A!i~:; Delia I'ir.L' of Blyilu.-ulk'. ArlUloNineTo Play Cooler Team Here Sunday, 21st. An al!->tar bast-ball [cam from Cooler. Mo.. will play tilt Ark-Mo itKlrp:-]!;k :r. rlub of this eily al the Chicago Mill park here Him- day iilli'Nicon. The k>c:ii indppondeiiSs have hi-id j tlii-ir o-.vii through a .ilrcmious c.'.:n- p.«l[!!i tills year v.-ilh mc.^t of the::- yahie.s bc-ir.y played away fro::i 10:11?. Manage:' Smich .'/ays he v.'iH have ;; couple of star pitchers tc [>ic nyainst ihc Cooler nine. molor!s,ts to obtain un iincbsiructc il.'w of oiK-cmiug cars. Several ;u cidcn'.:: occurred in (he county On '.•j inability of motorists to sat nrc'.md the grain, it was b aWj J, V»(ii: I'OHN CL'TTIN'G WABASH, IllJ.. iUI»l—Mains of tall cc;-n i/ no: f-nr.-^'.irp.yed in Wu- Ix.ih (C'.mtv. at lea',', in i!-?:i!' cress roads. C-:iai:y iciul cotumissioneis it-ill a mi,:c;;t lo all i.umi-rs to cut in:)!!;?!! cf li-,'::r co:-:i tile c< oi fields 10 eiia'Dio ^ns.'.in^ TOO LATE TO CLASS! I-'V LOST— White i;r)ld rins set wi seven diamonds. He-vard l-'indC! 1 re'nni (u Idell I)ym::n, E. Cleveland St. 19pi:23. . 100 j V.'ANTED-Cotlon pleiiH-:. Pay 75 1- per hundred. V,'Ui furnish Uuck to move. Ezva Hamilton, Route 2, Box 173. ltlp:;2^. FOI? RENT—Sleeping loom cim- venieni to taiilii. private home, garage if desired. 120 Dougan lOeiffii „ 01 — Typhoid Fever Scarlet Fever Diphtheria Tuberculosis and Diarrliual Diseases can \>y Kroatly t'cthiced by using Pask'uri/.i'd Jlilk . from (Kleven year.-) cxi>e; k'nco in jiasleumir. plants.) j ed, unless mine arrangements are I and Mrs. Tda M. Sirolhcr of Mcni- mnde nnd reported phis on "Hewn Stones." stressing -— ! the importance of I3ib!e study nnd ' HIOiniKOW TIIIKVES i mission study courses. Mrs. Ingram Flora True llowcn TOLEDO, O. (UP) Toledo's thieves are EOJIIR in for the finer things of life. Sheet music valued al S-iCO was stolen from n prominent orchestra conductor. The same day J. 11. Davis, piano timer, missed his automobile. It contained al! his ,111:1111!; instruments. TIJ? car returned, but the Instruments are still among the mining. and Mrs. (trother WC1 'C I-anicd by Mr. Ingram, lay not allowed, but Claude enlisted and used such bomus liir.isrlf. He perfected a device by which alr- ilar.e observers could locale cn- •my bat'.criso through sound wavrs. ie was able (:> liqueiy ctilorine ^'.i^ "or the manufartiire pi poisonous as slscils. Tiicse feats «-«:i him the order of the Legion of Hcr.or. His plan for Kenrratiu- iiowr-r ;rcm sea \vatcr. however, in^.y iirov T,OYC revohitlonaiy lhan all ;!u-rrst of his discoveries. Places like Cuba and Florida might Ivcome industrial centers if his idea turns out to be as practical as lie believes it will. Cotton Seed Market MEMPHIS. s,-p:. in (UP)—cottri: 1 , : ?ed clor-cd ^'.e:uly. Sept. illi to •_';!.15: Oct. 20.501); Nov. 2G.7Sb; Due. •J7b: Jan. i7b; Fi'b. ^Bb; Mar. 3nb; Apiii 30b. No sr.lrs. Ciiilcn :red HUM! clrscd steady today. Oct. 2K.53 11 J!; Nuv. '2X'.m '.; ll:c. 25.50 Jan. 30.2:> Hal: Feb. L>?.5eb; Mar- 31; April 31.'J5 fiat. Sales -0.500 lo:i^. . MAYBE TIIKV FOUND IT WpOSTER, O. (UP)— Shcrirr Claik Shearer and two deputies went in to the wilds of Wayne county after a still. They came back to Wocitor with tales of having been chased by a snake eight, feet long and as big around as a five Ballon jug. it wa^ r.ol reported whether they found the still. Attention Blyllieville Merchants The Mississippi County Fair Will give you the opportunity to show your waves to 50,000 people in one week. Last year 30,000 grown people visited the i'uir. There will be more this year. ^/B.'iV Exhibit space is available at reasonable rates- make your reservation now. Don't Miss This Opportunity Week of Sept. 29ih lo Oct. 4th New York Cotton NRW YORTs. K-pl. >'.tcn clo.scd steady. Open iliuh lO^J ICW 1000 IM'J 1111 llli 112S 11:3 iris n;n 115S mi r.u Oct. old Oct. new- Dec, old Dec. new old Mar May Jiilv .... H'31 1114 I.l\v 103", HOG 1100 1117 \\-n inn lliil LO(; iS ISATTl.r.K UILOK, Mont.. lUPi— A small biy. Ilio son of Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Lovoll. was buHdinj; n lo^ house with slicks o! weed he had carried into the hour.*. One of Hie "U-kjs" wouldn't ".-,-ay put." sn ll-.e ! ! iad called his nu::hiT. in to ex- . ] plain the l:-<mbh'. Mrs. Love It dii- tovcrcd the "slick was a baby rat- I tier. ' C'.n.-c uos 1101 1117 11J7 11-17 in; i at Iff.ip. o!t 10. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. S.'p!. '13. <U1' — Cotton closed s'.er.riy. Ojh-n Jlial: LJW Ci.Ko Cct ..... 1M4 irbs li)3i icni Doc SKU.F.TONS in c; n- KKNTOM, O. (Ul'i—Skeletons of' Iwo huge animals h.n,. bren dis- cove:ed in muck pu-kds near ISoumllicau iown.'h/|i. :i;-ar \:n". Only parts of 111-,- .^rU'tcirs were '.c-c,u.':l. They wviv -iiiLOvi-ied by faun h.inds a; \to:k Tu>l:s fonin 1 . incasured more Ihiii-. live feet Jr. length. Skeletons ul 11 linii.ins were I riccnily fciind in I) > ^a::•,^• district. Firsl—in the dough. Then in ihe oven. You can be sure of perfect bakinss in using— BAKiNCi POWDER! SAME PRICE 25 ounces for 25c MltLIONS OF; POUNDS "US1D ', ' BVOURCOVERNMINT 1111 curiosity lo a cheap product and Unis brought on acclylcne weldins. Claude is. also famous for having devised a process for Hi? synthetic manufacture ol ammonia Incidentally, ttie trans-Atlantic telephone and the telephoto process by which pictures are trans milled to this newspaper by wire use neon tubes as an integral par of their machinery. During the World War Claud was busy in the service of t h c French government. He mixc;! liquid oxygen with lampblack to produce a powerful explosive. Il sras so dangerous that Hi use was 1112 il'jn n?S 1170 UO'J 1110 ir:7 114ii lir,2 1110 ir,:7 IHfi 1103 Spo'.s ci.-ocd s:r-uly ;\l ICG.i. Jit 11. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T Avia'.ion Chrysler Citir.s Service Coca Cola Fox General E!r-c:r;i: General Mrj'.or; . Grii-sby Oniuv.v I. T. and T •>?. -27 ; t-n 47', _ Packard .............. i_> :,.?. Radio ................ ^n 1-S Simmons ................ 2V. Stewart .......... :.i United Gas ....... aa 5-8 U. S. Steel ........... 163 1-a Ask for Gold Medal Flour at \wii- Merchants Grocery Co. Distriliutors -—Now Miss. County— housewives are to be supplied vvith —Quality Food Products- All EviM'-Cnud meals :iri' niiiilu from -Tri-Stalu Hogs ;i n (I Cattle Are Cordially Invited to Attend Display and OF SATURDAY, SEPT. 20- AT 412 W.MAIN STREET, BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. MUSIC SOUVENIRS FLOWERS Memphis Packing Corp., Memphis, Tenn. On And After Sept. 27, Kvcr-Gnod (Jualily ^Ita*s l';in lie Supplied "i'oti l!v Any .Mm-lnnf In Hlvtheville and B'vllicville Territorv. -SMOKED U R £ B r^ E A

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