Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on March 31, 1941 · Page 4
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 4

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 31, 1941
Page 4
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ftgtfotat ONBJ BAIL? NEWS Mo-day, GitMSuburg Daily New Published Dully .Except «u»day *ad certain t-olldays at the Dally New* •uildisK. corner lUln and Broadway. fcy the Grennsburt Hews Publishing Company. 1>. Brauen President B. J. Hancock..Vlce-Pres. and Manager Walter B. Lowe. ...Secretary-Treasurer tRUIlun H. Wintin....Mechanical Supt Entered in the Postofflce at Oreeiu- hnrc, Ind., u «eeoDd-clan m*ttt,r VnMUbera representative, Scheerer ft Oo, 35 Bust Wacker Drive, Chicago, lad 416 JjeOagtan avenue. New York. JMllM. of Hone Don l»auy Newu. filet. Jan. 1. UM Standard Bst. ISIS _ Dally Bertew Bst. 1870 .ted Jj) Dally News, Jan. X1918 BATES •y Canter In'City, per week IU2 By Uall <lnatde the Mate) per year In advance 4.00 Six Mo*Oui 2-00 Per Momtli .40 07 Mail (outside the atate) per yaar In advance 5.00 ttx Months iOO By Mail (went of Colo.) per year in advance 6.00 •UH ••bwirlptlan cannot be mnwptod ta town* .rhera we have carrier delivery. Sworn Circulation October 1, 1940 3626 C. I. 0. (Continued from Pace One) hi the four closed plants of the Harvester Company in Indiana and Illinois would return to their jobs today and tomorrow, pending a decision by the mediation board. Chicago, March 31.—After two strife-torn months of strikes affecting 15,000 workers, the CIO Farm Equipment Workers Organizing Committee ordered They Run Yugoslav Nation MomtchUo Nlncic General Simovie Here are the pro-British Yugoslav leaders who have been placed In charge of the government in Belgrade, following the coup which ended with King Peter H, 17, taking over the throne. General Dusan Simovie, the new premier, is the chief of the Yugoslav air corps. MomtchUo Nincic, the new foreign minister,, was a cabinet leader during .the World war -when the Serbs were allies of Great Britain. POCANONTAS FORKED LUMP, DUST TREATED COALS FROM DOLES BOLES COAL CO Dial 9191 all its members back to work today in four plants of the International Harvester Company." End of the walkouts came as the result of the FEWOC's de- by the middle of next week, and the smaller Rock Falls, HI., works probably will be back in operation in a day or two. Grant Oakes, national" chairman of the FEWOC, revealed cision, at a mass meeting yester- the decision to go back^ to work day in Chicago, to accept the na- , was based on four main points tional defense mediation board's { nla< j e m the mediation board's proposal that the strikers go proposal. The points were (1) back to work at once pending that there will be no discrimination against strikers; (2) that the mediation board will consider strike issues; (3) that the board will make "every reason- jvester McCormick Works in | able effort to adjust the contro- j Chicago and the company sfac- lversy by agreementi and (4) tory at Richmond, Ind., I arbitration of their differences with the Harvester Company. Four Points Two of the plants,, the Har- th . e Harvester company | ready today for immediate re- will> in the interim> abide by ex _ I sumption of operations. The big ^^g union contracts at the Chi- 1 tractor plant la Chicago, shut cago tradtor lant and Rich . I down since Jan. 29, is expected ' to be put back in full operation FOREKN SHIPS (Continued from ¥*ce One) Maersk, 8,278, are under guard in their Boston harbor berths while their crews are under detention status by immigration authorities. Philadelphia—Snips -taken in Philadelphia waters by -coastguardsmen and marines without resistance were the Italian vessels Belvidere, 6,889 tons, Antoinetta, 4,423 tons. Mar Glauco, 4,690, Santa Rosa, 3,027, and the 4,709-ton Danish Brorden and 2,832 P. N. Damm. No sabotage was reported. Bayonne, N. J.—No sabotage was reported by coastguardsmen who, armed with submachine guns and heavy . automatics, took over the Danish vessels Georgian, 2,272 tons, Lundby, 4,150, Australian Reefer, 2,321, Broholm, 1,544, Tunis, 1,641, Jonna, 1,517, Maria, 1,369, Olympia, 4,488, Marna 1,700, Paula 1,549, Sessa, 1,700, Sigillin, Tanja 1,392. Nora. The crews were allowed to remain on board. Portland, Ore.—The trim 8,059-ton Italian passenger- freighter Leme was seized after its machinery had been almost entirely ruined. The crew of 54 men and one woman were lodged in the county jail. New Orleans.—Guard officials expressed belief that crew rrfembers for several days have been destroying the engines of the Italian ships Ada O, 5,234 tons and the Monifore 5,498. Immigration officials are . holding the 63 members of the crew. Mobile, Ala.—The 4,935-ton Italian freighter Ida Z. O. was reported to be badly damaged. Her crew of 29 is being held by the Coast Guard. Jacksonville, Fla. — Guards- F. M. Hbefler. H. L. HarviU, Thoa. Boms, Edward Cheyflts, r. Shonp Following conferences between U. S. labor conciliators and company and union officials in Los Angeles, the strike at the HarviU Aircraft Die Casting plant ends, thus averting a threatened stoppage of production of'eight Pacific coast aircraft manufacturing plants. Thomas F. Burns and Paul Slump, conciliators representing the Office of Production Management, announced the agreement which carried the endorsement of union officers. In this conference above, left to right, are F. M. Hoefler, plant superintendent; H. L. Harvill, owner; Burns, Edward Cheyfits. Diecasters' union representative; Shoup. members were taken to detention quarters at Ellis Island. Portland, Me.—The Danish crew of the 1,549 Jutta offered no resistance and no sabotage of the vessel .was discovered when seized by Guardsmen. Port Everglades, Fla.—The Stars and Stripes are flying over the seized 4,000 ton Nazi freighter Arauca while her 43 being detained at ean naval war ir the Ft. Lauderdale Coast Guard ships, the American government has a right to requisition them under a precedent established by Italy in the latter part of the nineteenth century. At that time, the Italian government, invoking what has become known as the law of an- gary, requisitioned a considerable number of neutral ships which were seeking refuge in Italian ports from a Mediterran- jthe war men reported that engines of i base. The vessel was moored., hi the seized 4,815 ton Italian ship next to President Roosevelt's! j", Ircania and the 6,4§8 ton Confi-j yacht Potomac from which the III" denza are completely wrecked.:chief executive delivered a 1 d th r * ed the for u of fOT "** ° f ICE REFRIGERATORS Codterator, Econom-Icer, Bohn and Vitalaire in the newest models. Paced : ~ M I ADVERTISED! IN TOE I 5SSS1 GREENSBURG POST I ICE COMPANY mond works. The mediation board was certified by Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins to act in the Harvester strikes because the company holds important defense contracts for gun carriages, tractors, army rolling j stock and various parts for oth- i er defense material. Milwaukee, Wis., March 31.— CIO strikers were called to a Coal-Tuxedo Feeds CALL US FOR THE BETTER QUALITIES OF COAL AND COKE. The "best feed for every need" is TUXEDO. Hog, Dairy and Poultry Supplement. CUSTOM GRINDING AND MIXING. Wm. Nading Grain Co. mass meeting near the big Allis| Chalmers plant today as the fac- I tory went into its fourth day of I curtailed production on ?45,000,000 worth of national ' defense orders for the army and navy. Save Through the Years With a GENERAL || ELECTRIC Refrigerator COME IN TODAY, SEE the NEW 1941 MODELS with features for greater convenience and better preservation of every type and kind of food. —PRICES START AT— j^^^l^ 114 95 GET A.G-E BLTLT TO YOUR INCOME. Hoosier Public Utility Co. •"!.'. . '-..*' They would not confirm or deny' rumors that they had trouble with the crews upon seizing the vessels. The 7,691 ton Danish! Carolyn .Maersk was taken' without resistance. | Grays Harbor, Wash. — A skeleton crew of Guardsmen is aboard the seized Danish vessel Nordvest, 4,702 tons while its regular crew was taken to the stinging broadcast Saturday! New York, March 31.—New night denouncing the axis powers. No sabotage was reported. York police have compiled a list of all French ship in .New Westport Guard Station. York harbor, it was learned to- By KINGSBURY SMITH day. UNS Staff Correspondent) I There was no indication Washington, March 31.—Seiz- whether this action was in con- ure of 65 Italian, German and nect i O n with federal seizures of Danish ships in American wa- axis and Danish ships, lers by the United States coast city authorities refused to guard and army authorities rep- raveal whether -the list was up at the instigation of i resents the first step toward Houston, Texas.—Some $50,-1 requisition of those vessels by Washington officials There are 000 in > damages was caused to j the government for use in Amer- j e j gn t French vessels in New the 6,113 ton Italian ship ?Mon- j ican and British-service, it was York harbor including the;: giant. gioia before it was boarded by; learned today. luxury liner! the Normandie. " Guardsmen. The 28-man crew | The 28 Italian and two Ger- i was transferred to custody of j man ships seized will be used for Rome March 31^ Italian of- warned «uch aciion would be regarded- as the "most serious provocation" and would "not be permitted to pass without the firmest'action.". ' - Considerable Canadian tourist literature is going this year to British parents interested in the surroundings of . their refugee! children. " • flESS PER8AUOM WAKE-UP ^SYSTEM FREE PARKING FOR WAKE-UP CUSTOMERS. 123 S. FRANKLIN ST. AMD PARTS. . .SERVICE LUKE'S McKEE AT MONFOBT ST. r NEXT TIME XOO START A | F16HT BESURE TO DRIUKSOME STREN6TH QV1M6 MILK FROM Pirts u* Strtief Have your tractor magneto serviced before the busy season. WE SERVICE ALL MAKES. AUTO PARTS and SERVICE. 266 West Main Street. Greensborg. . SO YOU CAN MAKE THE SQ?AP immigration authorities at Gal- American service in western hemisphere and Pacific waters veston. Savannah, Ga.—The 6,131! while some if not all of the .35 ton Italian freighter Clara is un- Danish ships eventually will be ficials remained silent today regarding seizure of 28 Italian ships and two German merchant vessels by the United States der guard in Savannah .harbor, turned over to Great Britain, i g overnm ent in American waters. With its CreW Under CUStody Of i infr>rmoH niiarfare traiV! I -,. ,. . immigration authorities. Wilmington, N. C.—No resist- The plant resumed operations ance w .as offered when guards- Friday at the request of men seized the 6,255 ton Italian Director William S. freighter Villarperosa. It could last OPM Knudsen and Secretary of the! n °t ' be Navy Frank Knox, after having been clos-ad sines Jan. 21 by a strike called by the CIO United Automobile Workers. Slap Secretaries After voting at a meeting Saturday to continue the strike, the UAW members met again yesterday to discuss a plan of action and heard speakers assail Knudssn and Secretary Knox for "forcing" reopening of the plant. Harold Christoffel, local president of the CIO-UAW, alluding to the appeal to patriotism made by Knudsen and'Knox in their request the plant be reopened, declared: "Patriotism is loyalty to the country and its constitution, which says there shall be no involuntary servitude. Anyone seeking to force us to go to back to work is violating the constitution." As to the need for resumption of full operations at the plant fpr national defense, Christoffel commented: ! "I believe in the defense of the things we have, including our liberties. I will fight anyone attacking these rights, whether he bs Hitler, Knox, or Knudsen." Company officials said a total of 3,169 employes returned to their jobs last week, less than half the number normally employed. learned whether any damage had been done to the boat. informed quarters said. L/egal Status The Italian ships .probably will be requisitioned first. Steps to requisition them will be taken soon after the Italo-German diplomatic storm which is expected to break today over seizure of the vessels blows over. San Juan, P. R.—Immigration i Legal justification for requi- authorities detained sailors of j sitioning the ships may be based the 5,039 ton Italian freighter j on either one of the following Colorado seized by a party of j grounds: Italian newspapers • did ' not publish reports of the seizures. Informed sources recalled, TOWER TREE JERSEY FARM Henry A. Hellmich ft Sons Phones 4866-4868. Greensbnrr, Indiana. SEED ONION SETS BULK SWEET PEAS AND NASTURTIUMS. Dwarf Essex Rape, Hulled Lespedeza, Field Seeds, Soy Beans and Columbian Oats. CARIEYS however, that about a month] ago, when the possibility of j such seizures arose, both official Fascist circles and the press Guardsmen. New York.—The 2,282 ton Danish freighter Gertrud was boarded by Coast GuarQsmen in the Brooklyn docks. Newark, N. J.—Definite evi T| dences of sabotage were found 1—That in the case of the Italian ships, th-o action of the crews, acting apparently on instructions from Rome, in attempting "wholesale sabotage of their ships while in American j waters sets a pre^endent for_the on the Italian ships Brennaro, | United States government to ac- 4,946, Alberto 6,131, Arso, 5,-j quire complete control of the 441, Aussa 5,441 and San Leo- vessels for the duration of the nardo when seized by Guards- 1 war. I men. Approximately 175 crew' 2—That, in the case of all • Read What Watkins Satisfied Users Say: "I have used Watkins Liniment for. thirty years and have found no liniment as good for stock, poultry and all family uses."—Mrs. Ed Carnahan, Vincennes, Ind., R. 4. USB WATKINS TESTED PRODUCTS FOB BESULT9. V. H. MINNING WBtldii* Axent North of Bo«d 44 New Print. ladlaa*. Dial (31. New Petat. Centenarian Goes Back To Edinburg William C. Kerr, 100-year-old former Edinburg resident, has returned to that town from Columbus where he has lived the jpast few years. Mr. Kerr, who will be 101 years old on June 4, has moved to Hart street in Edburg .with his daughter, Mrs. ] Alice Harrison. The Edinburg location is his former home. He is reported to be seriously ill with leakage of the heart. < Mr. ^Kerr's removal to his former-home town, and the death 'of William A. Abbett in Colum- ibus this week, leaves only one survivor of the Civil-war in Bar-; tholomew county. He is Andrew; J,-Hunter, of Columbus. • Going Out of Business BIC SALE IS NOW ON COME IN WHILE THE SELECTION IS STILL GOOD. MENS' WORK SHOES $1.37 $1.66 and $2.37 Women's Shoes 1C $1.00, $1.57, $1.67 and $1.84 Women's Galoshes - '. -and'... • ' / • Boys' Gym Shoes 47* Children's Shoes 50c and 84c Our Shoe Repair Department WILL CONTINUE TO STAY IN BUSINESS IN A LOCATION TO BE ANNOUNCED LATER NORTHEAST CORNER SQUARE, GREENSBURG. ABE SCHNEIDER, PROP. SEE THE NEW 1941 Norge Refrigerator FOUR IMPORTANT, EXCLUSIVE FEATURES. PRICES BEGIN AT $QA (And your old box) *^ ^^ CALL US OR COME IN AND SEE US. The Farasworth Radio will please the most particular listener. Come in and see them before you buy. We invite you to visit our new store and inspect our fine line of merchandise. COUNTY SUPPLY CO. E. Side Square. C. L. HUNTER Phone 7355 Public Sale Having sold my farm, I will offer for sale to the highest bidder at my farm, five miles south of Greensburg, one-half mile west of Union church and one mile east of Harris City, beginning at 12 o'clock (noon), on Wednesday, The Following Personal Property: CATTLE—One five-year old Jersey cow, fresh; one three-year old cow, fresh May 1; one eight-,year old cow, giving good flow of milk; one Jersey heifer, one year old. FARMING IMPLEMENTS—One 2-horse plow; hay rake; spring tooth harrow; _ mower; spike tooth harrow; one-row corn plow; double trees;'single .trees; corn shelter; wheel barrow; garden I tools; cream cans; chicken coops; four-Putnam brooders and many ' other articles. . * t^^lHimi FEED^-One ton of timothy bay; some corn in crib and some fodder; 4 bushels of rye. HOUSEHOLD GOODS—Two davenports; dining room table and chairs; two gas heating stoves; one 4-hole hot plate; air tight wood-stove; stand tables.;, beds; rockers; kitchen chairs; sewing machine; washing'machine; ice box; churn; clocks; rugs cooking j utensils; and many other articles too numerous to mention. •- * ..Terms-^-Cash.'' ; .• - t •- .. -•.-.• V .- ••. . , • .. ••* ANDREW MUELLER ED,iaNG K Auct ^ESTn,. GIBSON, Clerk, . ^ March 2&-29-31. ;

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