The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1949 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1949
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JULY 21, 19« CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally raw p«j line lot consecutive imiTtlon, iimimuru coars* We i inni- pei imp - l^ ^ cni)c5 ppi nor per day.., r^c d tinier per line pel day Uc 0 times pei line per (la? to 12 lime* per uru per day ^ MoniD pei ime — We Count rive average wordf to the line Atj oroerea tor thrct 01 *i< time* and stopped oemr-f expiration *'iii c* cJmrfi en tor me oumbt-i ol clmt-- tbp aa appt-areo una adjustment m Din maae All Cta.sMMeo AdP^rusmr copy «ub mutea Dy per&ons r«!*uainK outsiat 01 me city njusi oe accnnipsniea oy rasb Hates may easily r>r computed frnm tb« a t>ove latilt uons taKes trie oflt- lime table more tnao onp Incnrrcci in s *rllon ot any cms-sineO «a AII aa* are res trie ten to tfltl; prupcj c(A<iMJi<:3iJnn -US-IP and iy[>f- Tiif Courier rpsrrvtt tin Ms hi to «clit en reject any aa Apartment for Rsnt 1 room ap.itiment. Phone 2920. 2 room lurmshfid house Phone 'JU Modern 'i toom Iurnisht6 apaiuntrtu ouple 01 single men only E'hom- Jfo r 2W&. 1.9-ck-tJ burnished bedroom, kitcni.-n. prlvntp t»;uh. 616 Lafce. I'honi> 2406 7 16-ph; -liJ i'm-are rurrmhetl apur Uncut, two rooms ana oatti, cLccu a- kitchen, itii- tamtmc not vvaiyr Un nislitd Newly decora tea. new rii^s. coii[)k- only 01 crieapfcr rent lor one working ludy PH. 2671. alter 6, 34W. 7 : 19 pk '2i> 'l room turnisiifd npiuumMH. private hath, private entnitnv. Ilylji housekeeping, Coujjlo only, 514 West Wtthmt. . nfurnished. Private bath. 7]<i WP.SI sn Street. Phone 2366. 720-pk-2; 2-room furnished apart in rut 114 \Vesi Ash, Phoue 2704. 7tM-pk-23 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now available at POOLK A1OTUK CO. W« can nji an ynui neea fi uet genuine part* iroxn om complete line ELLIS POULB. UWNEH & OI'EHATOR South Highway 61 HI Steele Uo Phone St«le 49 CHAPMAN 5EU7ICE STATION fcUin 6: tJivtslDD Phone iMj Uon'l endanRet you: family »'Hb UuJty llres— BUY LEE TIRES Loans Services AUl'U AND rUUNlI'UKfc. LOAN* Prompt fer&onai 6er?tc* General rontruci Huicfiast Corp 106 bomb Mb Phone BOJ 4 1S-C4-U MaKe JTOUJ nome pretty foi »prton ,.>pen Hug Cleaning Service u your- 1 I'EHSRLIiSS CLEANERS KcLu&Ke Child Pon rails ly Bob Ulltfl.SOIl I'lione 2-lfcO 7;8-pl£-*|M tioaaic nmEhing 24 a»tu «ervic* i »1KKWK STUDIO 1|6-C*-U At service, bit rim my O'bufl HeglB terea oionrte cocfcer Sire Wnrio ren tiwnea StocKdale bloodline? I'wenij Nine Cnamplnris. Jour cenerallonfl Pb • PLASTERING BOB MALONE Otll ^028 Blytheville or 407 Oscoola 5-a pk 8- Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Kny a i s m i in (jnmn* ana Re ml D .on faruiuift DON EDWARDS , 11U N Second St Insurance Call 3545 Fur Complete Insurance Protection \V. J. Pollard Ayency Planned Protection r« ^ \ft> s\. UUENUGk HOi'EI IUJJU'INO For Sate. Misc. KL'tonci tiiiiitl tinth ouiflt CirxHi con- ii 11 inn Tcto I lie Plnrnhor' Phone FARM LOANS See us for one of the best long'time, easy payment farm loans to be had. Low rate of interest. Money to refinance your farm or help in buying one. R TALES LAND CO. Office across from City Hall Phones 3322 or 4139 7-8 ck tf Money to Loan Uo you neea a loan lo repair or re- nifKiel 1 / No flnwn oayment no mortgage. no red tape FHA APPROVED RATE 5% ASS FOB DETAILS Max Logan. Realtor {Jet Ward's low prices! lop quaiuy at k iow price Ward'v aspnuit rooting «no suliDR La laboratory u-stea Givi's mug. niirtt service Ktiiyi- brignt unu cnlnmil convenient rminth- !y terms ttncif ing B wide vtirlelj ti] styles roior* ana w plants OHoose Kjuny tot an HCtractive tious* &l low <:ctst MONTGOMERY-WARD &1A ch LI Phillips Motor Co. Offers You 111 IS Ford Super DeLuxe Fordor, has radio, healer anil 1919 Arkansas license $1395. 1917 Chevrolet Coach, beautiful two-tone color, p(iui|)|)ed with both radio and healer . . . $1395. lit II Chevrolet Coach, ht'aler, seat covets, 1949 Arkansas license . . . $f>i!5. 1!II7 I'urd i/i-Ton Slake TJody, a much better IrucK lluin .vnu're used to seeing . . . $995. If) Ifi Ford Pickup . . . special . . . §895. l-'onl 1-Ton . S51I5, Pickup, Arkansas license Ford I',i-Ton Truck, very clean $595. 1941 Kurd P/i-Ton Truck, has '19 Arkansas license , . . S^!).'). 5fh of Walnut ompany Phone 4453 National Window Guards furnish silent, sturdy harriers against burglars. Ask for an estimate at BU11.DKRS SUPPLY, INC., ph. 243-1. 6-28 ck tf TRACTOR. F-20 Knrmat] with cultivator. rccoiKlUlfmrit and im1nl<!<l. <TC]Ui|>|)cd wltli gnorl tlrcA. A bargain. Kussell Phllltns 'Iractor Ct>- WALKOUT! 500 «CIf« of k»n> acrea In woods. balunc« op«n. wire fence around (arm. Mil. Hog 7 . mllM Soutnwe«t of lUrl>na, Ark. M ^icad Hereford cattle, 40 Acre* cotton, Hi ion 1847 Dodge truck. n«w V^.O. '**« tractor and equipment. Two-bale<r never b««n UMd. Telephone and electricity. School bus and mAJI rout«. ravel road under construction. POM' •MIOU at once Price »«,000. W. TAPT JOHNSON • Telf.jihont «10-W1 Kt. 'J. Box 110 UaiUnn. Ark. 7,21 pk 1 U HBHC'B TMB BEST TBADE-LN OTH£K IN TOWN. You ctn (*t «IM more ror your car at Glln lUrrlaon Motor Jo. aj a trade-In OD America'* "4- Moat Car," tin IM9 Hudaon. If you're ookmg for the finest ear. aaTe money >n thla ai>eclal Hudaon offer. OUN HARRISON MOTOR CO. 517 West Asll Street. 1 ; 20-c»-27 Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANC U fnurefttea ID Huylai or tiling «M Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls F. B. Joyner Icncoe BUljf. Phune 819 GOOD 7 .ROOM willi 2 bath on HOUSE DAVIS STREET. Two efficiency apartments in rear. Total monthly income 5188 per month. An income like this nlus living quarters is a good investment. Priced $11,500. GOOD 6 ROOM HOUSE and bath on corner lot on Holly Street, choice neighborhood, close to church and school. One block from bus line. A Koocl buy at SGUOO. 100<>» G.t. Loan. WE HAVE 9 LARGE LOTS left in our restricted COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE ADDITION. Priced 5750 to 51150. WE HAVE SOLD 48 of these lots to mighty nice people. It's nice to have good neighbors, also plenty of room. Sec or call, JOHNNY MARR | Phone 4111 or 2596 1 112 Sooth Second St. for Sato, Can A Trucks USED CARS Save Money OD These 1948—Jeep. Low price. 1942—Ford. Exceptionally good buy. 1941—Ford. A Bargain. 1940—Chevrolet. Radio, healer, a truly clean car. 1941—Chevrolet. A bargain 1941—Pontiac. Radio, heater. 1947—Kaiser. Radio, heater. A real buy. 1940—Plymouth. Radio heater. 1940—Biiick. Radio & heater. 1946—Chewoct. l'/i ton truck. Steel bed. Good 825 x 20 tires all around. Also several others to choose from. 61 MOTOR CO. For Safe, Misc. CAKE EQUIPMENT: Castle i-tl. ClR- nr Case, 4-slice Toastniaatcr Electric Toaster, silverware, all kinds of dishes, 6-Spol Cory Electric Coffee Make*, -18' Hunter attic Fan (brnnd new). 18" Attic Fnn, stainless steel Hall Trees. Tafcies rfiitl Chrtlrs. Deep E-'at fryers. Xaiiklti Holders (fttaldless steell. Water ritchcrs. Dish Trays. 16 cu. ft. Deep Krccze. I menu blackboard, menu lolcl- ers, Liable fc Nelson I'lftno. 1 Oany's Hitfh. Chair, French Fry Poiaio SI leer. CALL 2674. 7;20-ck-B,2l> • J Modern living room suite nnd break- tast, sci,. I 1 hone ^^69. '(,20 cfc 23 One Rood used 1 AW n mower and oil water heater. Phone 22-18 7,21 pk. 7 ; 2-l fi tt t'eilernt meal airplay cases rtanitarj scales Meftl DIo<:ks, one ",a nrnse meat chopper, one frtKcd-nilsl sir conOitmncd display case, one walk-in cooler tixfj All thrse- are practically new anu ai a sacrtllcc Ph 33&0 / b rk II 20 Ntin* 2:i cHse brverfiKf! ho* cu H Caie type relrlKcrator & It C'olilspol relrlseiator. 4!j c»i K NOI«K 1'rlced to spl! ARNEVS REPKIUKRA- T10N. 127 SOlllh 1st. Si. 4397 or 4KIG Small FrlglctRlr* tn good conillllon Also Hoad;nastcr bliycle. Call 3C96 between 5 and 1. ?i2U pk 23 I baby bed with IE i good condition Ph. 25)20. ; 20 pk 2J Trmycr Uahy HUBpy. Pxcellent dltlon. 1732 XVest Holly. Phone 42-1 Tested, Choose I'ncme 2034 ( , ynct , Ark • USED IIEFHIOEIIATORS: »l] : Apniovctt. and Guaranteed. ; Irtim Frtglrialre. UE. KcJvlnator. Nnr^r. | Cold Spot. Leonnrds, Phllco. 449.50 UP rK.asy terms. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO . "INC., 206 West Main, Phone 2071. iniS FORD TflACTOn, completely overhauled nnd painted, new Urea- I'HONE 2171. 7 21 -cfc-24 STEP to ihe phone and ask for -infl t'lmm riiR and iipholstpjy cli-anei Ui'al's Paint Store 619 ck 7|2S "B" FARM ALL with cultivator and firpnktnK plow, looks like ntw. rrron- (IHlDntnl nnd r-nlmrrt RUSSKI^ PK1I- LJl'S TRACTOR CO. 7 20-ck-23 Special Offer — This Week Only! SALESMAN for FrlRldalre Appliances, t: a r necc.vsnry. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. INC., 206 West Main. 7,21-ck-l-l SALESMAN 10 handle complete: ll ol Frujulalre Comtnerrlftl RelrlKcratlon Hoe ADAMS APPLIANCE CO . INC '206 Wc-St Mfttn, 1,21-Cfc-Z4 WftSTJNClHOUSE RANGK. Kxrnllent condition Rca.-wnrible. I'lionc 6306 For Sale, Real Estate LOTS FOR SALE We have approximately LOO lots for sale in one of the most desirable subdivisions ol Bfythcville. Size 100 x 150', tlicy are located on Highway 61 South, adjoining city limits, have city water, and streets are now being graveled. These lots have all been FHA approved. Your choice at $liOO. 1/3 down, year on balance. This is a special offer good for 10 days only. RIALESLANDCo. Russell E. Riales W. T. Uiirnett Earcy Williams Phone 3322 7-13 ck 27 lew modern House Floor furnace. «[ectricL hoi water lank, electric OE sink im« tllsrtxvnstier 78 x ISO rt. lot Near school Call 741M4. E, F. Roush, (Jscsola, Ark. 7,!)-ck-23 Norlh Hi way 61 Phone 2142 6-16 ck tt TRUCK. 3941 Ford 1V-Ton. tn KOOd condition, 5595. Bernard Gooch. 4433 7j20-Ck-23 24 n. Carter Semi -trailer. He&vy rtuty axle, 1000-20 tires like new. New side boards. Will finance. ABC Cab Co.. ph. 521. ?[2D pV 7|27 '47 CHEVROLET Coach, nice finish, neuter, radio. Will sell tor $1395 Ray Cole. 6179. 7 j2o c t 23 LOTS —Choice lots on corner o ( F'RANKLIN AND KENTUCKY. Very desirable lor a home or a Clinic, Priced £3,000, lx>ts on MAIN, DIVISION, and WALNUT. HOMK WLx lEirtfe room house o n corner ol First nnd Davis. Everything inside this house •tempt new C'HYSLBR Alrtctnpt Heating System. Jarye b:\tli roorn with rubber tUe floor, i Inrge closet.<s fiomc ceoar lined. Nice ni™n lot. Must be seen to b« upljrcciniccl. 'MV Acres ol good farm land, prod u re anything. Let me SHOW Lt\\s. ls\nn. the crops will telt more Itiati 1 can. MRS J. L. LEWIS 111 Bast Oavis St. I'hone will you you Attention Livestock De«ilers We have & 1947-1-ton DodRft Truclt lor sale, Idea! for cattle hauling and general use. t;ooa condition. * real buy. Contact J, H. Lett B. F Goodrich Store .Ph. 6331. 7[ia cfc 23 19-1H Ford H-door. 5U95, Has radio nd heater. Call C. S. Dowdy. 2547. Personal minute pnntrwi*uc ««rTict '' Notice . i Foi Kent Notice THIS COUPON WORTH PURCHASE OF ANY USED TRUCK UNTIL JULY 23 JUST A FEW OF THE CARS • Check 'Hie Low. Low Prices • 391ft .Mercury Mom Sedan, has only 13,000 actual miles, cily-chivfn. equipped with radio, heater, and sent covers. . .now only. . . .$18-15. 1916 DcSolo l-door Sedan, excellent condition, radio and healer. . .SI 125. 1947 Sludcbakcr Cnmmander 1-door Sedan, has overdrive, nulio, and heater, an excellent buy al 51 j<)5. 1911 liuick 1-door Sedan, specially priced at Si)25. 1941 Chevrolet 2-dunr Sedan, lu'wlv painted, 'enfiinc has just been overhauled. ...•58-15. 1912 Dodge 1'',-Ton Tiuck, you'll see it's well wnrlh this special prii-e. . .S3'.»5. 1910 International Pickup '1'iurk . . .S:{25. Langston-McWaters BUICK CO. at Uroadwsy Dial 555 for Service For Safe. Real fstate ootl 5 room hmise nnil hath with -lthoni rurnltiirp. Corner to:. W O Dimple. 1601 \V. Main Street, phone 2t ' Jl - 7[20 pX 7i27 81) acres of hit] turn! Nice home, largfc inrn. ictiiiiit house. B5t)0. Two -iri acres west or Blytheville. S7IU acre Three -5l> ncres mll« west ol 61 nfgh- vvixy in i'einlsroc County. Mo 5175 acre :ill ncrc-1. J sets buildings. Good crop.. S6O ncre. Three 41 room noitscs Two 4-room houses in West Blythe- vtlle. C'RJI Or 5CR R M BKCK I'tione 2034. oKlce or 2&D3. rpslrt^nce 1|13 pk 26 Business lot cm North Hiway 61. Near Corner. Ph. 2957. 7-7 ck tf T. I.SEAY offers you these truly exceptional buys in good used cars. • STOP IN TODAY • 1DII !"<>rd 2-door Sod;in, lias new motor, new radiator, and a new pairtl job; a real buy n\ $(>!)">. l!MI Chrysler *l-(loor Sedan, completely reconditioned, new tires, new paint jo!>, radio, heater, and seal covers 1037 Ford J-door Sedan, now offered at n bargain price of only $225. !!>37 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, newly painted, a car well-worth (he money. 1917 Chrysler Coupe in fine running condition, equipped with radio, healer, and a new set ol tires. 1DI7 I'lymouth Special Dcl.nxc 2-door Sedan, has all Ihe things you want. . . .brand new tires, seat covers, radio, and heater. Ifllfi Mack Truck. 2-Ton Model wilh Ifil inch wheel base, excellent condition, very good lirrs—see it yourself. T. I. SFAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 Ea$r Main phon« 2122 occasion* 4 5-cfc-U Have oltlce space for rent. Located In our new tnil! cling across the street IIOJTI Mm-wesi Dalrj'- Size la Icet by '24 [ppt TOM L1TTLS REALTY Phono &61 7;!6 ck 1,1'S C-rOOin furnished. 826 Clark Si... call Hoover's Cii/e 3938. 1,21 pit 13 Wonted fo Kent APARTMENT UltCiKNTLY NFEDED: 2 heUrooin apartment for permanently I'.ttnbiished tnnn, wife nnd two II yc:ir old ctnu^iitcrs , . . needed, before beiorc .school starts. Please ca]J If yon cnn tie of any help, E. B. Pivtmer. Liberty Cnsh Grocery, prione 4973 7 21-Kk-24 Female Help Wanted UtIAUTY OrEElATOR War. Apply Beauty 7[20-ck-27 Help Wanted. Male ATTENTION! Man with car. If you MVt making S70.00 a week, see or rite C. c. Elctrldgc. Pxiller Uritsh Co 1612 West Cherry, Dlytchvllle. Tcrrlt- rie.s open include Forrest city and aragouhl EARN WHILE LEARNING IO bELL. Phone 4496. 7|19 ck 26 Wanted to Buy rice palrt for CHICKENS— Street Oroc«ry A- MarKet Clay floor and wall ttlcs are inanufacturcd in .sizes ranging from " U '32-inch square to 12- "dot.s" squares. Kactory uam«d lunei »nd builder or i'laiio ior t«vpr twenty yearB C.JEHALD W FUGLE 108 West Kentucky St Phrme 3109 ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 6-28 ck 7-28 Private Hooms Nice cool rront bedroom 603 W. Main none WJ2. mpn only. IjIB-pIc-tl Heel room, 1109 Chlckasawhn. phone Bedroom—private bath Phone - A comlortabl* bedmnir Ph 2675. T|13 pk 8; 1.1 Bedroom ror settled, employed Iftdy. In modern, private home. Breakfast privileges If desired rh. 3349 7J19 pk 26 Sleeping rooms. 114 West Phone Large, cool bedroom, close In. Men only. 310 W. Walmn. 7^1 pk 8.21 Millipeds or "thoiisaiid legged worms" have developed many different species in motet "Islands" in the deserts of the U.S. Southwest where thr were isolated from other similar "islinds". CARS USED TRUCKS PRICES *r PRICES Blytheville Motor Company '36 Ford '/2-Ton Pickup, good condition. MS Ford 1 '/i-Ton Truck. '17 Dodjje 1-Ton Express. '!2 Dodge 2-door Sedan, clean and ready (o go. '12 Hudson 2-door Sedan, original pearlescent green paint. Like new. Radio and heater. '10 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton Pickup, new engine, healer, fog lights. '•IS Chevrolet '/z-Ton Panel, this one is in new condition. '17 Dodge '/j-Ton Pickup, A-l condition. Practically all of our used cars and trucks nre equipped with heaters and the important accessories. "South'* Fintit Stnrict" ille Motor Co. Broadway * f'hirkasawha Phone 4422 TRADE NOW FOR A LATE MODERN CAR Including Latest Features, Stylish Colors, Economy, O. K. Quality, Fully Reconditioned. Sec .A Us Today. 2—1948 Chevrolet Kleetline 2-door Sedans 1918 Chevrolet Fleetmaster 4-door Sedan 1H17 Chevrolet Fleelmaster 5-passenger Coup* 19-17 I'onlicii "8" 4-door Sedan 1912 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1911 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1911 Plymouth 2-door Sedan 1939 Plmouih 2-door Sedan 1939 Plymouth 2-door Sedan 1938 DeSolo 4-door Sedan Most ot these cars are equipped with radios, heaters, seat covers, and jnany other extras. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always •tlake a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phune 578 Need a Truck? Get More for Your Money At Lee Motor Sales 1947 Chevrolet I'A-Ton Long Wheelbase Truck, has bed, 825x20 (ires, 1949 Arkansas license. . . J1195. 3947 Chevrolet l'/ z -Ton Short Wheelbase Truck with 2-speed axle, S25xi!0 tires, a very clean truck, . . .$895. 1946 Chevrolet Short Wheelbase IVi-Ton with 2-speed axle, 900x20 tires on rear. . . .only $795. 1941 CMC V/i -Ton Long Wheelbase Truck, has a good bed, an excellent motor....a bargain at $495. 1947 3/4-Ton Pickup, has stock rack, 4-speed transmission, very clean. . . .J875. 1947 3/4-Ton Pickup, low mileage, excellent condition. .. .$875. 1939 Chevrolet "A-Ton Pickup, clean, has perfect motor 5395. These trucks have been carefully reconditioned and are in excellent shape. And, of course, each may be financed through GMAC at a very tow cost. LEE MOTOR SALES 309 East Main Phone 205t THE CAR OF YOUR CHOICE IS HERE AT STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. 1916 Oldsmobile "76" 4-door Sedan, has radio, healer, and while sitlewal! tires. 1916 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan, equipped with radio, healer, and white sidewall tires. 19.10 Mercury 2-door Sedan, has new motor, and new paint. 1919 Ford Sedan Coupe, less than 3,000 miles, fully equipped. 19-17 CMC Pickup Truck. 1917 Lincoln Sedan Coupe, a fine car with a guarantee. 1942 Plymouth 2-door Sedan. 1911 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, has new paint. 191? Lincoln Cosmopolitan. This car used as a demonstrator. . .you can gel M at * big .discount. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY -r Pint o» Walnut Pnonc 4333 I

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