The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1939
Page 5
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TUJCSPAY, .AUGUST 8, 1939 BWT.I1KV1ULK, (ARK.) COUIUUU NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dolly rale per lino for consecutive insertions: One time pci . |j,j E ,.. )o c TWO times ner line per dny....08c Vluee times per line per (iu>'...06o MX ti'iies i>or line per day—05,5 Monti; rait jicr Jinc COc Cards of Thanks 50c & 70c Minimum charge DOc Ads ordered lor three or six 'lines and slo|>i>c(i More expiration will be charged for tlie number of times tlie iirttl appeared and adjustment of bill made. All CJnjislficd Advertising copy tubmiUed by persons residing out- lidc of the clly must be acconi- |)!>nicd by cash. Rntes may be eiis- lly computed from above table. Advertising ordered /or Irregular Insertions takes the one time rat*. No responsibility will be taken lor more Hum one Incorrect* insertion of any classified ad. For Kent 4 room furnished house, able. 1413 W. Main St. Large- front room. 2 beds. Convenient to foalh. Phone 280. 8-ck-tl 3 room furnished apartment. 719 Chiekasaivlja. Mrs. Ramsey bun- can - a-ck-i5 2 and 3 • room fumislicd apartments. ICS W. Kentucky. Phone 683. a-pk-12 4 room modern furnished apartment.. 2 bedrooms. Private bath. Reasonable. 1129 W. Ash. 4-ck-ll For Sale BAKE. 38x48. Weight 3500 pounds. TERMS. City, box 434. 5-ek-9-5 icvcial varieties of grapes. JJ. O. McHaffcy, )',; miles west of Lutes Store, 4-p!;-S Cypress Own Oak, Ash Un)ljc7~on 4QO acres of woodland, » miles southeast 13lythcville. n. H. Garner, Armorel. a-pk-9-3 Milk fed fryers, Batterv raised, MIS. Russell, N. W. Corner Holly and Division. 21-pk-8-21 320 acres good land. Hi talcs of cotton or 50 bushels corn, to acre. 2 good six room houses and four tenant houses. Gravel road to farm. Located 4 miles north of Gairon, Mo. 550 per acre. 240 acres, 2'i miles north of Gray Kidge, Mo., Stoddard County. 100 acres in cultivation, 90 acres cat- over. Two 4-room houses and barn. $30 per acre. 400 acres. New Madrid County, one mile south Highway 62, on Uttle River. Extra fine piece of cypross land. 300 acres in cultivation. $10,CCO. Several olher yood pieces of land ranging hi price from $15 to $60 per acre. Bee me before buying. A. T. Hurls, Lilbourn, Mo. Phone 22 S-pk-12 Weldin g EXPERT ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING Urajr line ami lieavy welding « specially. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Kieber's Sword Returned To Town of Belfort BKU'OHT. vmnef (Ul')—After ii century nn-l « jinlf. (lie sword or Clen. Kleher, celebrated French military chief under Nii|x>lron, lititi been relumed to Keltorl liy American generosity und | s no \ v i )c |n|. «''d soon will come back Into its O'.VIl. Cwiislritclcd In IBS') to replncc i\ frame kiilldlDK which iilso .wral ns a custom house, Hie building recently wns niirclmsed by the nty for $15.050. Tlie Clmmbcr ol CoiiiiiH'n-o will establish ofllccs <m ll'i' floor, und other pnrl-s ot !t '""Ming will be used by the I'liQiic 19 or Itcs. IflJd Wanted Man capable of linmlllniir ofltce for cotton i>ii). Must muke bond. Ciivc full itcttills and references in writing Box "H" Courier News. B/4-ck-lf WANTED — YOUIIB couple foe res- Inurant work. Mini for chef and woman for waitress. Write Simpson Oil Co., Clmrlcston, Mo. Lost Upper Denial 1'hile. Reward for return to Lost Hoy Grocery, lll^li- Wiy J8. ' s-uk-o Ice 5 room house, 110 S. Franklin. Mrs. S. E. Wcbu, 1011 ] learn. 3-pk-10 3 room furnished house, close in. Utilities furnished. )20 Dufan SI,, Mrs. Belle Wood. 22-ck-lf Nice large bedroom opening on sleeping porch. Mrs. Emma No- Icn, 310 w. Walnut. . 22-ck-lf Comfortable ucdrcom. ton Walnut. P'">"8102. 15-ck-tf 21U For Sale or Real I,ANI) IN CI.AY COUNTY, ARKANSAS F;i rni No. 1 320 acres, 180 acres in cultivation 100 of which is black sandy land. 140 acres pasture laud. Four good Houses, and two Barns. Fenced and cross-fenced. Close In school and church, on mail rocitc, and about three miles from Town. reom, Graham S Personal Driving to New York August SOttv Caii ttccoiuinodato one or two passengers. Notify Richard Tylrr, Wilson, Ark. Box 284. 7-pk-10 Arnme Sluggish I.Iver, work ofT Die jiile, to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains am! thaJ sour, punk [ccling. Take one box ,d. . . '. -KIKBK'S .'.,,."" ' ' auxiVE I..IVEU PILLS' " J 25c at all Kirny Stores. : Dairy Frttis/nctory ciuallty and service In Dairy products. Cattle free ot Bang's Disease, in best of physical condition. Call Mrs Grace Lowery. 802-J, for Halsell's Orndc. A Raw Milk. Cream, Country ButUr, Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders Inspection enpoiiraged anytime. Halsell's Dairy Promised land. Rome 2 Minnows For Sale rarm Nn. 2 2'K) acres. 130 acres In cultivation. Black sandy land. Two small Coming, Ark., and 1/4 mile from Slate Road. Will rent, or sell on easy terms. Govl. rent will pay til) per cent ot deferred payments. Both farms excellent for tractor farming. For information write owner. J. U Taylor Corning, Arkjuiis:\s Notice GOLDFISH MINNOWS <&>rl Damon. Cor. Railroad * K Strayed or Stolen Pair of Sorrell liorsc mules. Weight. 1150 pounds. Highfill and Doan Mule Co. 8-ch-J5 Lauiider ing iiiin ;inl | ironing done well. Called fo r and delivered. 321 Ln- clede. ..,, DOES YOUR CAR Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOURTJRES? It';, dangerous ami c.v)irii!>ir(> Io ilrive »rtli Slccrin- f;c,ir oiiit Front \Vheils out of ailinst- mcnf. Kcrpinrr Minn hi ci'inl orrtcr is EO simnlc ami lncxiiiMi- sivc you sliciilri never (rust (o cl'aiiecs. ADJUST STEERING GEAR COJIPI.ETK STEKIil.VG CK\R ADJUSTMENT, ir- (T eluding— aiMistmcK* S of nil Hall SocUcl nls — tightciiinj front Spring Clips ai'd Shack.- Ics. (Parts Extra). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (The above includes a complete. INSPECTION and REPORT on ccndilbii nf \Vbrcl AllqDmciil ami fiictois afl'cctiTij (ire ue.iv.i PHILLIPS T^ | I * Mil &, Walnut riione 510 Fishing License FOR YOUK CONVENIENCE, WE ARE rRKPAUEI) TO ISSlit VOUIt FISHING LICENSE AT OWi STOIiE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Thone 35 Washing, Ironing Expert washing and ironing. Cheap. Rough dry and fmi.ih. 0 quilts $1.00. O;ie day service. Willie liell Green, behind City lee Plant. 8-ck-0-8 ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN ICIi COI.l) Ancient Arabs First To Know Care Of Teeth SAVRE, Pa. (UP)—Dr. Holjcrl Evans, addressiny a meeting here, related several odd facts concerning ancient methods of caring for the tcelh. Dr. Evans said that superstition governed care of the teeth in those days and that the ancients even were Ignorant as. to the number of tcelh. He pointed mil. that Aristotle, Greek lover of truth, wrote that men have more teeth than women. .Deiillfrlcrs used in olden times were composed or many unusual inyicdienls, according (o Dr. Evans. Such materials as marble burned mice and limes' heads often were used, he said. 'flic Arabs were most advancct In the use of dentifrices, he said, and two Ingredients which they employed .extensively—Iron sulfatc and pumice—still arc in general use. The ancient Chinese and Japanese practiced a inn'cpic method of teeth extraction, the physician related. They bored holes in hardwood plunks, drove In soft-wood plugs, and practiced pulling them out with their fingers. The "stu- dent'' then progressed to hardwood pegs. When the "pcg-pull- ing" course wa.s mastered he was admitted to the practice of den tistry, which mostly cmislslcd o. pulling teeth by using the lingers as forceps. Dr. Evans also said that at one time it was generally believed the condition of a person's teeth indicated his future. Alfred rarrtec, an American eol- ector of Napoleonic historical oi>- 1s now residing In Cannes is Ihc pri'st-nt. owner of Klrber's sword, He lent It for the export- Ion. The sword was prcjicnlcd In Kle- ler in 119fi by the clli/eiis of jjel- fort. and he kept It, with him until IflflO. when lie was assassinated by i Mameluke In Egypt. Tho sword mssed on Io Ills heirs. ] n ,i dually jccamc Ihc properly »t I'avdee. Splendor Dims, Custom House To Be Museum MOlill.K, Ala. (UP) _,T| 1C , )W custom house at Mobile, which has stood like a ghost since- Uncle Sam abandoned if for u newer and more modern .structure many years , has taken a new lease 'on life PRESCRIPTIONS Freshesi Slock Gtiiiranfectt Best ['rice* Kirby Drug Stores J. L. GUARD" Optometrist Only r.rnauatf OliCiimc- trisl iu Wjllicvllle. Glasses J-Jllcd Correctly iji'iuilli 1 , l)ioui',ht fiom New Knjj- I'lnd on sailing vessels which went lu'me with cunjDvs of cotton. H cost SOT.OOO. PV>r pears |(. was recounted us lhi> liiH'M Ixiililini; lii (lio city, mid aivhltei'lure and masonry still nri- mil.slamlliiu;. iron ijiiles on boll) sides n;td |o n u . (.ff W |, o( j ls fniRtli ami pcrlormauce, 'I'lie building served (he KOVCIU- mcnl tlmiiiBh the Civil. Kpunish- Aincrlcan an<| woild Wars. Rcait Courier News «-nu nils, Wert Optometrist "UK MAKES 'Ml ,S1!K" Ovrr Joe ].tiiar.s' .Slure 1'hoiie 5<10 HBBBIBBUMMMMHBMBHBHH —PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. t'llono Ml Useless Swamp Becomes Asset, Produces Moss CUKSTON, O. (UP)-Tlit; 'cgenrts cf Creslon's "lUtomlcss Swam))" IIHVU turned Inlo u money-making reality for Ilowiird KaulVnum, He Imd licanl Ids lather and friends discuss the disappearance iM.illi .6 l-'irsl RECTAL DISORDERS Cllnlral olj.srj vullons dls- t'lwie Unit rectal disorders "re responsible for more w ratal nervous systems lhan iiny oilier putholosicul condition. Mllll.V CII.WS Of Ul'll- rnil nnvoii.sni'fs. licmlndir.s. low-back Mdiea. lotj-nches, I'onsllpiillun and Itisomnlix nrc due (o rculul pulliolo|;y. Our nioili<rn offln- inclhod.'! liftvn many iKlvunlnyos and applicable In alwuf 115% of nil cases. The exceptions bn- Itil! cimccr niul (ubvrcnlar flJilnlii. Very lilt!,. df.M;o»l- foi't. and Inconvenience js «.\- Hcrlciicrd while ln>hi|j treal- ed. lU'KUlur work umy be ciintlmu'd. No hospllall/.idlon, i to (;ci»'J!il aiicstlictlc. A very Jinfe mid sure Dis. Nies & Nies , llljllu'vlllc, Ark, Tel. OH 511 jM:ii;i SI. of n 100-foot roadbed •cvcrnlglit., s>loiU"> cf iin iiiulcigiouiicl hliea^n, IHIed with Wind fish, rmd of 70- foot BCimdliigfi that failed to find bottom. He learned that- the town council Is ccmpelled to maintain n "sinking fund" for nilinit holes denied ivlii'ii (he "iKitomlcss fiwrunp" bcnojiir.-; liiingry anil swallows jwrlions of Ihc- surface earth, Ro he Ix-nuhl four aercs of rich muck land,, but apparently useless Bwanip. NOW It Js paying divld.cii(ls[ Ifo Ixigan to look for the bottom and In the pioccss of excavation a Knsollnc-drhen machine began lui-rilng' out peat moss which, he snyw, lesls ,fM pcf cent organic matter. ,'»..;. 'J'he peal moss is in great demand by home gardeners and lawn|HOLD EVERYTHING - By CJyde LewU -N'oir l.ucatcd lit 101 North Sctuud ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON HWVAIWS, Pruiiriiitur All fllakrs of Uc.bulK 'lyiiewrltcrs, Aclillu^ Machines and Ciiluuhitors—ftciinlrlni;—Piirtii—idbtioiiii "1 tloii'l cm-o whnl you siiy, there's no cnlorics Ju that Wpvc <-ot Hit; clctincsl kilchcii in lo\\ul" l';f) HAUMAN CLEVER ACTOR HORIZONTAL 1, 5 .Aclor \vho , specialize; in depicting f^rrioiis men. 8 He was —:—eel screen acting honors, 1S Comes. 14 Provitler o£ food. 36 Conclusion. 17 Warehouse. 19 Accomplished. 20 Onager. 2! Sailor. 2 3 I/ion. 26 Above. 28 Resembling a rose. 31 Browned bread. 34 To leer. Answer t» Previous Puzzle 3C Constellation. 37 To depart, 30 English coin. •10 To debase. 42 Cherub. •H Ceni|3 of tree ferns. 48 To j;pring up. 51 To hoot. 52 To prevent. 56 Blackbird. 57 Doily of war. 56 Carved gem. 59 He is a actor. CO To evade. VERTICAL 1 Father. 2 Mars (god). 3 Coffee pots. A Cover. 5 Large medals. 6 Consumer. 7 Portrait slaiuc S Preposition. P TO give in wedlock. 10 Seed covering. If Proverb. 12 Doctor. 15 Devoured. JS3.H1G. 20 He was torn 21 Extinct bird. 22 Wapjn (rack mark. 2'J Bony. 25 Diocesan center. K7 Blue grass. ?0 Monster. 30 To beilig 32 Eager. .33 Positive. 37 Nalivo iea<I rulphide. 38 Castle. 31 L^om b aj -. •13 Nautical. 45 Doath no'icc. •iGShin opening. 47Veiic.>viblc. •IS Circle part. •10 llnrriih! 50 Bugle plant. 53 Moolcy apple. 54 Scarlcl. 551'cdal digit. yi^Ul'WJT/'-rKBBE.PkDRO,^ VAC: vji^Vi u ^ lw ^.ry" ' -'^i- -•* \SJUUU, fAS HEAR. /l(3£T ^DUR HO65 RE.P.-DY ^i^PI r , V t'mepjywe.R.M so-i' ^J§CL"^ p BUtTHEls REO- TfaHOL-DM'P \\MAJRED II t J V>.P,^VC.^,; l t)l_, l • J\.^ B^UDLE TOR. tou ID BA-S SK&eL . . , RING---VJE 'EETSHSEM/ VffWJn hiif? No v.'ifls? HY V. T. HAMLW i, ANYWAY, THERE'S, THATTTDX 332 GADGET IE SEMT ALONG- M, BU r' , >^m'i i i/ur»ji/ -mi en-,-* -.^ \'f KJaw A SOILI. KNOW TH'SFDT TQ . . , PARDNER^HAVE YOU SEEN . . AIN'T I^\00.'DOC'5 V COME ' - GO HOME,' /£> BRCMSOW OL' .-TIME.-/.VCHWE HOOTS AND HICK 1'iiff (Jot Tlicre HY KDGAR MARTIN VT6 US,.,,. R.\GV\T US1EN WASH TUHI5S HY UOY CHAISE I'RKCK1,KS AND HIS I'KIBNDS i.;inl Is Hurnctl Up BY MERIU1.L RLOSSEH '•? THAT'S WHAT 1 SA1O, BUr F-DOIE SAID IT WAS MOOSE'' PLAlM AS DAY 3M WUBBIM'G SCAVEMStER. LIST/ I Do You SUPPOSE BOSS OF OURS D!D ' Jusr To Ger RID OF WHERE' THE our WOULD <3O . LOOKIMS " BE EM MOUSE I = MUSTA ' Bur .,.. ,, —*o is MOUSE" OM ALL OTHERS I

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