The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1931
Page 2
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PAQE TWO Iil.YTlIEVII.LH, (ARK.) COU1URU NEWS SATURDAY, JANUARY vy Society?Calendar .jgcaii Lends Now Chic Lo Gown i , Sunday Mrs.. Max-.BarowsVy, of Manila, 1-il viill ba\e 'Oppn House" frc-m' 7 ! unt'1.19 o'flort complimenting Miss] Pear! She-nan, of Tulsa, Okia., her' •<~ Monday. The woman's missionary " ttnion of the Secmd Br.ptls; church will meet' with Mrs. T. H. Asher. The woman's umsiomiry society, cf the Pirst-Mclhcdist church vill' haver'a projrcm and social m:c-'.m-j: at the church. , . | Circles ijUthe Woman's auxiliary: of Ihe.. First Presbyterian church' will mset in 'these homes: Circle 1 1, Mrs- W. H.. Easley will, ue hostess at the li'c'me of Mrs. Ray Woi-: thington; circle' 2, .Mis. Ross SU-j vens; circle 3, Mis. James H.j Brcoks; circle 5, which mccls nl I 7:30 p. m., Mrs Ross Sleu'iis. ! Mr. and Mrs. William L3Uf will Clave Open,- Hpus>e from 0 until 11 o'clock in', honor ol Miss iVerl Sherman of Tulsa. ckla., and William Barowsky, of Mani's. CIrcl: 2 of the Woman's Mis- sioiiBiy society of Ihe First Bamls; church, WM meet at the church: Circle- 3 at- the home of Mr*. S-im Hair and the Vo'jnj Matrons group with Mrs. Marlon Williams. | The altaj- society, of the church i of Hie Immaculate Conception will mecl at the .rectory. Tuesday Mrs. May L. Alclr!c!_ep is entertaining' the Tuesday Contract club. Mis. Crawfoiii- Green? Is having! , Ihe;-Young Millions Bridge club, The' Literary department of tl^, Woman's . club is meeting at 2:30 o'clock. • ; . Wednesday Mrs; W. J. Pollard- Is having the; \\Vyinssrtns' .cliib. . j Mrsjijohn i?. McUiulei jr.. is.en-' icrialrilnr-the Matinee- Contract f • club. 1 .'• •. .. - , • j '-'•'. '-Thursday I Mrs. Cecil Shane'is hi--:iers to| „ Ihe MM-Week/Bi Idge club. t ,- • Friday ' . | ^-" Mrs. J. Nchl CcseM Is hostess to I <-,,„,. ... ,,,„ th-r.Young Matrons. Bridge club- Su1rls ln " lo members and theiv hiisbancls 'for a night- party. The Music department LAKE /STREET .METHODIST CHURCH W, J. licroy. Pastor * T_ : The pastor will preach at 10:50 A. II., and ncv. Mr. Vance will frost-j preach at 7:15 1>. M. "vcryone con'lally invited, =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON The Childhood of Jesus _.„_ i .. -. . . • ...,...„ « nut»i*sii (i|..u *>vt III Will 11 ll. 1*1 i every bit of natter, frcstlner, pud- Sermon subject: "Llviiiy The Chris- ding outlet or anything that must tbn Life." A sharp, thln-bladcd "knife 'forjp'm cutting bread and cakes should be! Evening praise a <ci:t for these purposes only. Thls'p' ,„. s=rmon tubj knife f.hojiM not be. -pu{. with other ktnh?n Jl^iivcs and v.-ortysf but placed where it will not be nick'e ' rubbed ,u>-quints 'edfc."/ - •'AVJtli, •.'/Reasonable cire. The Uniform Sun! flay School I/osson for' Jan, 11. The t'hlldliocd of Jesus. I.ukc 2:40-52. I1V \VM. K. UII.ROY, I). D. Edllcr of The Conircgalionallsl The p!ctui-r t:int Luke gives of the chlldhc.oel cf Jesus is of a -.sry normal dcvelonir.?;il. It Is significant, except for the assurance that the "child grew, and waxed strcnj, filled v-ith wisdom: and the trace of God was upon him," ilia! and all the New Testament biographers of Jesus pass over (he whi-ic period from babyhood to the Services arcf-held each Sunday / 0 ,.5:1 tuple or'i-estralncd. We have* [ soup, i?ss and lettuce 1 sandwiehss, i • canned strawberries, cookies, • milk. ! tea. ' : .. ".njMNER-'-stuffed. pork tenderloin, baked sweet 1 potato£$:."and. ap- rjrs. s'UvTid torna,to:sV molded jriilt salad, urnn bread;. 'spon?C> •ca 1 '" huddlui;, milkAcpffee. '-^il''": j|' ' Bits of! Mostly;.P,orso'ijn!i ' u'-clock. All are cordially invited. UllUiCJi 01- THE N,V/.AHENE • no Clierry Street A. T. McAnilly,.Pastor Tho revival with the Hcv. J. S. Wallace, of Jonesboro, as the Evan- rollsl, Is prcrjrcssln; nicely. In the past week thcro has been absut 50 i mm * n:C "' 5 !c 3 cntlal 'l' a;Kl |, lve narra tive \\iln little rcferencci to the moral and splrluial Impart | of the life-of Jc^us. We have in i these apocryphal gcspfls such! slorlcs as that of the fluid Jesus at play nmong hts fellcivs making mud i birds when the birds that. Jesus, made tcok wings u::'l Hew away, j Impressive. Simplicity. H Is by contrast with such fan- pic at the allar for prayer. The Morning .worship and sermon by .. „.. ..'. ••-• ; the Rev. J.. S- Wallace, at 11 a. in. Mrs. otto KpchWzky and. her subject "The Heart'of Every Man." mother, 'Mrs. . j. •'• W. Morse of- St. Louis, accompanied by Mrs. -Ross • M u ,,. D Hughes, arc In Memphis today, president' ' K. Y. P, S meets at tb: church with Kenneth McAnally, , pre E. c. ration Is a business visitor ' T j,- cvcll in g «-orshlp and sermon In Memphis Friday and today. ii, it a n'l scc-nd P>rls' teams ol . Jcc Felscnthal Is exiwcted 16 nr- by Evangelist Wallace, at ^ p. m Com. messages. | rive today from Brownsville'. Tenn.., t,,.|,i.-. he has been visiting !. J\vo : days. , Arthur P.ittnu will 50 to Memphis today for the weekend. ' Mr. and Mrs- E, C. Patton have: as their nuest for the weekend Mrs. Hugh Drlscoll, of Memphis. ! The. Rev. and Mrs. Alfr_d.-<6, i Woman's .club/meets house. '• of the ' the club .back. motle nrc raylshlngly lovely, prefer two or three nnterlals- to one, and nre large cnougji io ce thrown sbcut the neck to cr-aie the ctTect of a cowl front neckline and a divided capo I_ar,vell will day for n Joinl Hireling of Mississippi county nnei the Mount.. Zlon Association workers' conler-; Club "The $unpy, Day club." was or. sanlzed .Friday, 'afternoon nt the home of Christine Scott with tiicss charier" ''ineihbEYs': Molly" Guard,. Opal Crane, Juaiiita Walpolc, Eto-|of the First Baptist church Friday ina Whitworth, E«E--nia Cra»for<l' fflctncqn when 13 members were nnd Christine Scott. '. ' ,' ;-, '] ' ,' Eugenia Crawford and Christine. Mrs. Ivy 'Crawford resigned .isj Scott are cnpUJns rf Ihe group j trrnsurcr 'to • lake up cradle roll which .plans .to.,read InleresUna'wcrk and Mrs. c. W Afflick wa" I books and to Imvp social mcclinss. elected to (ill the position Plans j This black chiffon and beige laco go\ni from Worth border.-; its large chiffon ami beige lace scarf with pointed lox and has it almost a yard wide and two anel a half yards long. In Us vast possibilities ar, mil adornment, the new type scarf rivals the shawl of a fev: "sensons- ago. ence. Marcus Evrard has returned from a brief ness trip to lostic and imaginary things that ir.-etlng will continue all 'nest mefc.|»><! documents ol the New Testa- L'unday cchcol - 0'30 a m. ^th menl Impress us wu i their simphc- C K. Cpijl). Supt. ' ity.Eien the miracles that-are re- 1 • corded are In almost every Instance miracles that are associated with the ministry of Jesus in healing and saving. The striking incident in the 12th year of Jesus which occupies the greater part of our lesson, though it forms a dramatic- episode in ths long years concernlnv; which we have little record of tiis Master, is toid with simplicity and im.pressive- Kss. One marvels that a boy of 12 should have been able io converse with (he doctors in the temple in such a way as io win their attention and wonder. Uut the story carries its ov.u authority. It is told with a simple realism that reminds us Hint the boy Jesus was ao remarkable as the man Jesus, and it reveals only what \vc might expect at the age of 12 from Ihe man of later yc-ars. T;!c age of 12 was a crucial and important age in Hie life of the 'The SISRS of the Tiinas." •ut and hear the great nitsT n.irnsT CHURCH Alficil S. Harwell, Pastor Sunday school meets at 9:45 A. M., O. W. Mullins, Supt. i Preachin™ by tiie pastor at 11 to JQ,p)x,vo_Mpn-! A ^ fll . 1(1 - 7 . 3 ' 0 p. ^ Morning subject: "Proving our ! love for Oext and the. lost". E^cnins subject: "Why hesitate I to become a Clirlstlan?" ; D. y! P. U.n fo;- all ages meet Delicious, refreshmenis ware served by the hostess' D.: Socti. were made for launching an ex- mother, Mrs. C. tensive membership campaign in i an effort to inteiesl both old and „ . . . ' Ir-tw incmbers, CclcbrMes Birllulay | De!iclo;!s refreshments werei Mrs. B.. H. .Hall celebrated her• served ' 71st blrthdny Inst evening by hav- SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN HY SISTliK JIARY N'F.A Scrvirr \Vritcr Do you ever take an inventory, '. so to speak, of your kitchen uten- ing a party. Included in the 4!)JH;>s Chili i --" ^ «(".»•», "• jum nuui;t:ii present were members of the Sun-: Mi' fs i;-,,;-^ Ha-dtn entertained s!ls llml weed out (he old and pay school das.-: of the Baptist;Uic'Nlghi Bridge club and one! ™'™«s lo make way for th.> new Mission church. Games and contests featured evening's entertainment and In , ul ._ st- Kllss Ad _, D , in;u - cnl , F rid«v ' Mrs C T i '' ' ' ' !llu ' Things 'wear out. Mrs. Hall Is the oldest member of the First Baptist church• * * Have Dinner Parly Memhrs of the Sudburv- school' T::e hostess .-.-f-rvctl an appc- ! li?J::;: piste ot chicken salad, sand-' -.vichcs and tea. i fashions nnd inctlicds anel improvements are constantly being made in the manufacture cf kitchen wares. For UK- .sike of eccnoiny nnd efficiency, it's quite faculty entertained with a dinner ,„.. n ' rcrs C1 ' ;c -" s psrty Thursday evening especially: C1 ' ;c -" s ct ihe compliment™? Mrs. John B. Lanci ,, c! ^ s ° r tl: ' l.orlanl for the housekeeper to have a full rel of E;o:l to:ls as it is for tlie carpenter nr plumber. Sharp knlivjr,, broa Hist vicinity. Sunday school oiliccrs and tca- Mrs. Margaret Flannigan, Paragould, Is -the guest of Mr. and! Mrs. Marcus Evrard for several' ridierr- meet Wednesday, 7 P. M. Bible study Wednesday evening Tc\l: I.ukc 2:40-52. And the child grew, nnd waxed strong, filled the grace of God was upon him. w;aiom:,-aKjjl ; ! Jewish toy. Almost as much as thy IaUlcr all[1 I ^ , n the age of 21 today it marked his ' passing from childhood to manhood And his parents went every year lo Jerusalem at the feast passover. ' '"S'i'i .y«v.- t And when he was twelve years old, they went up after I'.ic'cfis- " torn of the feast. , • And when they had fulfilled the days, as they were returning;*; ihe boy Jesus tarried behind in Jerusalem; and his parents''knew ' It not. ' ' "j • ! But supposing him to be in the company, they went a da'y's i journey; and they sought for him ani:mg iheir kinioik aJtl °, acquaintance. ~:i "\--. And when they found him not, they returned to Jerusalem, stefing j for him. ';'&-. J And it came lo pass, after three days they found h!r.:- iiii.llifc.'.'. temple, sitting in the midst of the teachers, both h:r.i:nr; -.iiem and asking them questions, and all thai heard him; v/ero unaic'd , at his underslanding and his answers. And when they saw him, they were astonir.'ied; and his ;mother said unto him, Son, why hast thou thus dealt with us? behold,.-'. so far as responsibility was con- ceined. Henceforth he participated with his elders in all religious rites. It musi have, been for Ihe boy a 1 n'. 7:45. Lesson. Acts l:12-ff. I Choir meets Thursday evening at Mr.'arid Mjs. O. if. MorgUn wc'rit! 1 o'clock, lo Memphis yesterday. -Mr. Mor-| A J C ! 1K mc-elmi of the/, gr.n, who-was-'injurcd two at;a In all - 'automobile nccid' slowlv hnprovine:. -• : . • . i •••- * -- --i • „ . r. ., ,. . _ ,- . Braxinn Br» Eg . of Osc«!a..attend-! A. M. j "•'" »«P Hehgicus Interest c-1 fi busln-ss her-- yesterday . ' Our church is financing its Th; movement of t:ie nation lo- j'-r'Hnb of Parasould wa-^ a wcrk li:r=i! the Sunday school ward its religious capital, the bigness visitor in the eilv'Friday this year. Let every one aliending j tlironss crowding ,every highway, rrios-iitlul 'of St Louis is at- Ihe sch::oi put envelopes in there.! the colorful and varied scenes, must icndim to business here anel visit-1 An opportunity'will bo given ntlhave made their deep impression inc his" son Paul-H. nosenthal, anel each service for those- to give who!"!™' «>c boy's hearl and soul; and do not attend Sunday school. "o doubt his parents would recall Li; every member of the church j 'o him the similar circumstances either bring or senel ills weekly of-1 '» :d « which he had been born, icriiu- each Sunday. Everyone h v)lc " crmvd s thronged Bel-ilehem fhoiiM pay at least one tenth of nnd f h p rc w »« "?. '' com '» "" '"" his or her inr.c.r'-—much or little: • MOT-I A jcliu mc-eliiii of the/. Missis- « '"us-, nave reen lor me ooy a rr-iiftth'iiElrpi doimty sr.d the Mdjint Zion rich and v onderful experience going tent -I' is I Aiscfia'tfcns.! Corker's CDnfarpucc I "•> lo Jerusalem for the Feast of ,'.'. jmcet'; at Jo!:esboro Monday a', 10| tI: P Passover. . t Dr. Carl and Dr. E:inn N:.;s went to Memphis today .for a two d?.ys Longest lift Elevator Planned for i Let's pay it v-:e;):ly. WASHINGTON,: .CUP)— What is SECOND BAPTIST E. 7.. Xc'.aDm, Pasiur S Anel he said unto them, How is it that ye soujht ny;? kn:w y: . not that I must be in my Father's house? . ,.-•And they understood not the saying which he spake tn'.o tliem. I And he went down with them, and can>s to Nazareth; r.;id .be i was subject unlo them: and his mother kept alt thcss.'saylnjs'-'i!!^! heart. ',' ., . •' ^'-'-i-'fl And Jesus lidvancsd-'in wisdom'and-stature-'and God and men. In favor wit!:' represent. It was in the soul of religion and not in its external adornments that Je.sus found, reality. One can easily conjecture the na- moving Hire of the boy's questions and an- , spirilua knowledge that they did not r;aiiy possess. .-.' ... The probability is (hat the miiiii' of Jesus, now as in later years, V.T.S • in t':;e realm of a great . . . ritual simplicity which laid trp sv.-ers as he sat among ihe learned-supreme stress not upon artificial..,' teachers. | conceptions of truth, but uiion lifp's'.,-, Teachers Xot So l.carurd The world's teachers have not But beneath all external imprt-S-1 aftpr all teen so learned that sions and wonder at, the scene around him was the boy's deep In- lerest in religion. The temple Itsslf must have Impressed him with its little child could not aik them qiiestions which they would find it hard lo answer, and in almost simple institutions and its strongest.,., evidences of moral and spiritual.;/.-depths. Fo Ihen we need noi nja,r-',' vel at flntU:-.g Christ amon? thii,,^ dcciors even at the age cf 12. ..'.'... every age the lore of the learned believed lo be the longest tingle-1 Bhy lift elev.itor in the :\vorlel. will be i Church service. 11 A. M. and A human touch, such as b ciye^ '. ... ... ..^.L-r..., K »...». . i - - - -- — -- .-, to the v. hole story of Jesus cf Nil- Simrtav school 0:45 A. M, W. M. ""'"ensc proportions and with its has represented such a complex and : bareth, is found ill the anxiety of'" laylyi-k'. Superintendent. ill:? 0 ?, 1 . 1 ] 8 . p ," and a? 1 " 0 ™ 11 .'™'-1 nrtlficially developed mcclmiiisin of his parents for '•' -' '•• '"'-•'••• stiff knives, limbe r knives, ems long tv.o-ltned fcrk. one ;.lr.r Oie Dorcao Snr.el.vy tl-.c First B-ii-l 1 -".- iJ. ij.lnv, j . j - ...... v. i- nji,^, n. u lun.^1 1^.1 ,-x. lull' M]-.ri- a teacher'who is leaving the city- lrcn cmertaimei other in>-uil:.-.-.-. three-lined foik. nssnrtcrt spoons January 23. i °- "If ?iouj> with a sooial m:\-:-. antl a pair of prli-ers arc as ncc- Faculty numbers, Iheir husbands': 1 '.'" nt ll '--: ho '-' U: '' : -''-"• '!'• '--i ff'arv in (he kitcron as ihe bits of and several mothers were included ] "ayncs 1 riduy cvc-:ii:i? v.;ic:i I":' ch'srh and siws and h-nn — in -these present: Miss Nctllc| lr ' lr> ' lt '-' 1 anci r ' V1 -' visitors attend-' IV carpenter's to-1 tins' Gray, Mrs. Mary G. Spann, Mr. and; ctl - ihan this. I hi- lui-.;s«':c.-i-«. IL , s Mrs. Jce Craig, Mrs Alline UlmcrJ A " r - ; - " : Wert prrsieii-d in ih.^ !i"r tools three tim.v. ;i u ;ly 3135 r>r plumber. available lo visitors to Ihe. parlnbad-j 7:15 1>. M., ty the p.islc;-. d blunt knives. Caverns National Park i:.'?xt year. E. Y. P. U's. G:15 P. M. W. if. S. Award of construction bids -has mrois bcc:i made by the National Park] We Monday nt 2:30. Service of the Interior Department'. | school lost Sunday that we hava At piesent the upper Uvcls (if. the caverns, located 750 feet below millir c.iv:' rn'.rancc, nVc reached only More by a series of stairways nml foot- pall-.s. When the elevators are Installed. h'ad in n long time. W? are expectini; a large crowd Sunday. Come, we are looking for you. Mrs. J. V. Rogers. Mr. and Mrs.! bus:ne.^ session v.hlch preceded the ! Cr.ys in the yrar. rain o : - VhiiVe"! IMs'teliev^l tlui''trip from the'sur- John B. Lane, Miss Mary Hublcr,! *;"* onal. The cbss sonr: -]:,:p Sunday rr i-.ohdsy. face o Ih-upper jovcls of the cave Mrs Salhe Hublcr, Miss Lucille• Sonctatly Today", the rrntin; of A nirkol rr b-:n-M;nl p nil-" ! will require but one or two minutes. Armstrong. Mrs. Emma Armslroiig.j Romans e by Mrs. E-.ib EppM--• knife 1". worlh!,^. i,, ihrr klir-r>CMi' TV-c r'--vaf-r-- will trawl about as "jr. and Mrs E. M. Fry. Mr. annjfcn. a piano folcclicn by Mr:;. M- ami shiiuM be r lT ,l.icc,-l by a ;-oo:li far undnrgrountl as those in Ncwj[ llcmc Mrs. Cecil Whit,;. Mrs J. R. We!.-' I rc;I S. Harwell and a veadiii-j : teel knife that u m ; . i[lnri ,,,'.,„,. I YQ-K'S skyscrapers travel above ster. Miss Alma Peters, Rostov : "MyKli". Edgar A. Guest, by Alia '.. mt "S. A pnrism knife ts a c?li- ground. " : iniRions made up t'-ip pro-^ ca ' c ( " 01 —id should not b" mrd' for scraping ;-,MS and pans nnr for I pryinj r[f rofiaelon- lids. If a | r:oDd price is pn-d for a slali.Ws. !- - a:iii.-; knife with a lili.n-p ] easily inn-.rd celr,^ <lr-sigm-d espc-' ior paring, the mniipy is milcrs intrlllvent FIKST MFTI1ODIST Morris, Mrs. C. L. S'.ubbs Charles A. Stubbs. | A delicious rncnu was served at u 1 long table in the auditorium, at- 1 tractively t d,ccorated. i Mrs- Lane'was presented a rcarf aild matching handkerchief by '.tic faculty. "A lino each" was -writcn lo ;:rar.i. A letter cf :ip'.:rcciat!i:.i> v,::; read !ro:n Mr,. \V. M. Crow. 11-- fiif. teacher of the e-las-. v,ho \v.-.b remembered with r. rna^arme sub-1 ' k ' r " : '' ccr/ition as a Christmus pitt. A-.i '.vcr: P. Q. Horic, I'.islnr Worship anel Sermon 11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. lake Membership Mean More". Morning soi'vicc broadcast Station KLCN'. Sunday schncl. 9:4"j A. M. Texas Bank Robbed r r ., J ""' ol \. Hy - " ml Senior Lc ' >5 " cs ' Interesting urrr.y of niflsi c; ' ll! V ].-re;cntcd Mrs. lio:ii.i^:j\vorth' ^ 3 l '- v -, -- -- ttlu:,- Sum::; was (iaii-.a-cd'bv i'r.! cnrn '" nivcn lo Ihe knif" D-.n-. 1 ; Mrs. Grace Andersni, who recent- .rccu-tiv ' " '• c;!t down 11:1 a hard surfar^ \vith a 1>•.resigned when 3h« moved te, ! The'hostcES served fruli -imrh i V™™ !: » if ?- For instance. Mmter City, Miss., and rclali:)!! ard ca'rc slorics of how Christmas was s-rc-nt, ' [G:30 P. M. - , rt , Woirvm'r, iii-isionarv Society, CAN VON, TEXAS. Jan. 10 -LP MO]ubVi 2:30 ,, M ' -u-c bandits li.-lel '.ip fit .-irsij D i str i ct i Kn \ w . e wi n be held. Xaiio:ial bank of Canyon f-day | TucHl!1J . at 10 A. M.. nt I S-6 a::.! vscaped v:ilh appioMatcly First Ml , thoriist c!l , irclli joncsbcro .H—MO. But the teir.ple now, as in the later : knowledge that- a thoughtrul child years of his ministry nnd leaching,; preaching truth with cari-cstr.e^ was subordinate to the deeper and simplicity mli-ht challciiRc it tjinujEtliat Ihe temple professed to! Doctors have sometimes assumed a him anel in reply, wise beyond his years, to his mother's lovinj reproach, "Wisf-yc not that I must be about my fa'- v ," ther's business?". """ ; BRIDGE «V W.M. E. McKENMKY his ace of clubs misl-.t be a trick Sccrdary, American Bridge. E ,^| winner, but, in case that Soulli. tin While sidercd an nee is generally con-i declarer, is out of clubs, he can fee a sure trick winner Ihcre no possibility of defeating the de- n! '- . n 'f s . , whc " lhls lrlck ^brer's ctntract. As he holds jack, may cc doubtful, to one 01 the op-, ten and small trump ,hc therefore pnncnts in the MATERNITY HOSPITAL—Fcr unfortunate girls; secluded, private/tales reasonable. For ini'oiiiiatio;;. • write Fairmount Hospital, 4911 Ens'., 21th. Kansas Cily, Missouri. . .'.':. no chances but gets rid of his ace. thereby making ceuain that he will hand takes; discards ihe ate of clubs, knowing win another trick. NORTH WEST H—Q-3 D-8 C—K-10.0.7-6-5.2 this year also cnlerlaincd the p.u- ly members. fruit ;:uncli rn ' ln[: r:llife - For instance, wiion j nnncmi; parsley, put the parley 0:1 I a small board rolhcr than u ;i a:i |"!d p:atc or saucer. A sharp f;nir t . : i* an ecoinmicnl dcvin- in that (H'.\uin:t) no: nt'itixc HALElGil. N. C. tUI'i—S-xty-. five ye.irs after he had e;iar:ic:l her p. ArSnnsas. Prayer Meeting. Wednesday. 1:30 P. M. Choir rehearsal. Wednesday, 8:15 home :ii i Union .'oidier. L-J.I:; W. Shir'.ds. DlomiiaEtsn. Hid.. rr-,irn- It'll. Oil Dl l.l'TtllT.AN CHURCH for 'he sub;.:-ct "D. V. p. u. Efli- cicncy": 'Song; prayer; special r>-.u- sic. Woodro-A- Fisher; BiKc road- »i,in»: A:-.T) TIIK c. iUP>- litivs . ctables. Very ofuu the i' ef a c.ise-knifc niiikcs it i Mo loo'ou sntno tiny c-ccm:- of next I D—1-109-7-5- 4-2 S—A-K-JC-5-2 H-a D-6-3 C-Q-J. 9-4 that his partner will lead a club which will fore? Ihe declarer to tiuinp. If declarer trumps. West can overtrump with the ten spot. Ifj j declarer trumps with the ace or ,' king o! hearts, West is bound to make his jack or ten of hearts. I East bads the four ol clubs. De-! clarer, hoping for u break, trumps with the ace of hearts. West dis-: carding a small diamond. The i C—Ji-3 SOUTH— DEALER S— 9-7-4 H— A-K-9-7-5-4-2 D— A-K-Q C— NNi! The Kidding The hand was playki at dupll- nine of hearts Is then led by de-1 clarer. West covers with tto ten,| I forcing the queen In dummy. A 1 small heart is returned from dum-1 j my. declarer goes up with the king, • ; but must grant West his jack of ] , hearts i '•:^. by discarding the ace of | NOTICE TO MY CUSTOMERS AiND FRIENDS I iiavs o]iL'iiotl up the Barber Shop located on Railroad Street between Main and Asli Streets, find will be glad to liavc you cull and sen me at my new place. Hair Ctil - - - 25c i Shave - - - - lOc . .- , , Thursday at the" hqrm of Mrs. L.| Sci] Atchison. 13CS iV,^;\sb street. '* bio cats auction and South, the deal- clubs - n !»s sibl<! lnck Wllmcr - . - , cr. in seme cases opened with one' "eating for himself a sure tries 1 64 htarl. while,at other tables three' Wlllncr >» t"" n l l - dc ' cat f hearls was the first bid put in by c'arer's contract cut l "^ , trick. lint ot practically.every table. Entt overcalled the hearts. .10H1.ESS JlEXACIi DKKK RED BLUFF, Cat. iUP>—Ga:r,e willi spades. South tlv?n going to -Meeting Pos-pofccd i M Tm mceling of the Jewish l-id-' A .: !cs Aid society, announced !o ir.o:f h-'ic in OJcecla January 15, will no'.' An meet unlil Jam.ary a j. Ci , the fH:r.:c! by ' Er.Jcriains C'.iss. . v ,':.,,» "{„-,,. '- M?r"C. W." Afflick •|o:Lc-;'v:r'ls foLr-Veaf-rY"'^™- to. the Fiaelis Sunday .-ci;o:>'. f!a-.= |ham. " I.l'.OIOX : t tove. \\;p Hi-Mhiiiiv -- Ycmi' , :;a k C; - it poitiWe lo „., an i'.riive -j c^kc i:. (l-.e pan lo i irc\i- 't I lek in ^T.^:Ti"r. . v.-:!:*.-!; 1 . l-i-cflki'.ig. It a'.so is cor.- , which s Dau:h- • . tnii-nl to n:n arcunrt .ir.J unelor n;n:l;e: ^'.'- tt:.i contents (;f a i«o!d. faid to b? rcs|wnsi'j'.e- for local \vhcn baking ccokie-s. i'f::i- tula will us us-rt LO iv:-:r.-,. >!••:--, f:\-.- G;-.i- from the molding bnr.rd ?.;•<'. r, ,:\\:\ < r.. lo remove ll-.em ivom '.ho bakiu: ihci;- wpu-.rn o ~hc Play '.'"': i SHJIICSK Al'I'i.C KXHIHITF.I) ! As the- hand was played at auc-' , . " ' BLUEFIELD, Va.. (UP) — J. T.|lion. West evened his partner's' i tip hru.-hiiiff :fi- •••• :i-r. ;riidii-'.d erocer. is ex- ; suit, the six cf .spades, dummy i:ir mothers and -r.inci- hibithiR an inlerctlin^ ncveity in a '_ played small, and East won the p.ivc- tl:e:r IOIK trc-':s is "Si.imew twin" apple- The two a;>- j tries with the Jack. East continued ,'pics arc normal in a-^x-.uance and. with ihc kin? of spades and West •d.iy ;-rjy hair have two stems. Ti-.ry arc united i discarded the three cf clubs. East ; Hun at i into one and a qu-v.icr of an Inch! COIIK-;. rijhl en with th: East and West have now! tloclor's rrfsrription and Hea IS THE MOST SPEEDY KEMKDV KXOWX. taken three tricks West feels that; Gfiii ALSO IN TANLKTij.

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