The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio on August 3, 1961 · Page 34
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The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio · Page 34

Akron, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1961
Page 34
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Akron Bracon Journal ThuiV.a. August X TV Svh'vliott Audio Amd Yid0 VHF For Akron? WAKR Uiws 'Highest Priori. v' -KYW. Outlaws: "Fmrils No "1 : More ! By DICK SHirrY Bearon Joaroal KsdloTV Writer WAKR-TV has asked the Federal Communications Commission that Ak- ron be "accorded the highest priority in any further I interim allocation of additional VHF channels." The request was made to 'the FCC by S. Bernard Berk, president of Summit Radio tCorp., which operates WAKR- AM-FM-TV, after tt was noted Akron was not incRided in the ? list of cities under consideration by the FCC for VHF J t Very High Frequency) dropping. -k BKRK'S request asserted Akron has not received a fair, j efficient and equitable distribution of service, as provided for by Section 307 (b) of the Communications Act that a UHF' (Ultra High Frequency) channel in Akron cannot continue to exist in competition with three VHF channels located in Cleveland, that WAKR-TV has proven the need for a local TV outlet tth extensive and exclusive AHxon area community serv-. It programming. 0cCA single VHF channel was removed from Akron, by the 3952 reallocation plan, though tWAKR had applied for the channel in 1947. Three UHF S.ijiannels were substituted, tonlyone of which was used jphannel 49). JL. V , ; t.-JVAKR CHARGKS "certain afge interests, for purposes ,oL their own, would like to consider Akron as being serv- ved'by the Cleveland stations. ) AH authoritative sources, how- ffyer, including the Commis- Mon and the U. S. Census Bu- eu, have always recognized (..Akron as being an entirely separate community from feveland..." fThe station request notes Itftatt "although Akron is un-Her the umbrella of the Cleveland stations, they do not iserve Akron in accordance Wtth Section. 307 (b) of the liSommunications Act, as interpreted in Commission de-i.cJsjons, which have held that 'red i o service' comprehends ;hoth the ability to transmit 'programs from a community, rag- well as to receive them. Furthermore, the Cleveland stations do not carry pro-Vgfams for local community -service organizations, local Jiews, local weather..." jt. WAKR-TV HAS proven the i i I;-- - ' :v 1 r -or X -r-J RflftWK-.i- TUmf 'r' IIHI . ff 1 DAVID WAYNE guest stars as a meek western schoolteacher who cooks up a wild scheme to impress his fiancee (Patricia Barry) in tonight's rcbroadcast of 'The Outlaws" (KYW, 7:30-8:30). It's one of the infrequent comedy episodes seen in the western series. need for a local television service in Akron, the station declares, with extensive and exclusive community service. In its contention a UHF channel cannot continue competing with three VHF channels, the WAKR request to the FCC states, "The difficulties encountered by WAKR-TV in its attempt to establish a successful UHF operation in Akron have not been due to any lack of effort on its part, either financial or otherwise... "WAKR-TV has provided the Akron area with exclusive local live studio and remote programs, as well as network (ABC) and film programming... "THE STATION has con sistently been operated In a manner fully and effectively meeting the highest standards of public interest, convenience and necessity. Strong empha sis has been placed on local news, weather, sports and pub i w 3 - AUGUST 3 WAKR 49 KYW 3 WEWS-5 WJW-8 f.:(K l ulled Fund S IS Donna Kefil i Suio Jrhuvnh Wiinesn t: ABC New. 1-.1AS ( dpt. Ernl t 7:30 Civic Form s 7:43 Civic Font) gfS:00 Bowllnu 8:15 Howling f'i:30 Bowling 8:43 Bowling Feature F'llm Feature Film News. Weather Hunt. Brlnklev Vogl Bear YobI Bear Outlawi Outlawa Three Sioogej Three StooKfl Futdhelm Newa, Weather Hotivh Ridem Hnueh Rider Ouestward Ho Gueatward Ho Donna Reed Donna Reed Real McCoya Real McCpya t. 8:00 My Three Soni f 8:15 My Three Bona . :30 Sheila Hyan v 9:45 Sheila Ryan fTo:6o'"Shella Rvan -10: 15 Sheila Ryan 10:30 Silenta I'lease flOj45 Silenta Please '31:00 Loretta Younn 11:15 Loretta Yourm il:30 I)relta Y'ounu 11:45 Loretta Younn Outlaws Outlaws Kat Maaterson Bat Masterson Bachelor Father My Three Sons Bachelor Father My Three Sons ihot Tales Pops Concert Tales Pops Concert Groucho Mar Groucho Marx Canadian Police Canadian Police Pops Concert Pops Concert San Fran. Beat San Fran. Heat News Sports F.ast-West Fast-West Kimt-West Tom Field Jack I'aar Jack Paar Jack Paar Feature Film Feature Film Soldiers of Fortune ci(y Camera Dour. Edwards Divorce Court Divorce Court Divorce Court Divorce Court Front. Justice , Front. Justice C.unsllnKer GunsltiiKer C.unsllnRer (lunslinner "CBS Reports CBS Reports CHS Reports CHS Reports Newt. Sports Feature Film Feature Film Feature Film lie service programs. . . "In spite of all this, WAKR- TV, each year since its inception, has suffered very substantial operating losses. Unless a competitive VHF channel is provided soon, the large Akron area will be deprived of its only local tele vision service. ONCE OVER LIGHTLY According to one source, Jack Paar's record album ("The Best Of 'What's His Name'") available only in stores and bought together with a liquid mending producthas been banned by a chain of New England stores on grounds it contains "off-color and sala cious material. . ." Will Jack ask the rest of the nation to walk put on the New England states? Joey Bishop, finished with his film chores in "Three Soldiers," has started production on his forthcoming TV show. Paar will be a guest on his fourth show of the season (the series is to be seen on NBC-TV this Fall). Other guest stars probably will include The Clansmen. . . ABC-TV will air a two-part drama, "The Assassination Plot At Teheran," on Sept. 23 and 30, pre empting "Roaring 20s" on those dates. The drama deals with a rumored Nazi attempt to assassinate FDR, Churchill and Stalin during the 1943 Teheran conference. Cast is to include Nehomiah Persoff, Hermione Gingold and Oscar Homolka. 7:3rt Mme Books." Schoolteacher Darius , Wooiiley (David Wayne pets' involved with a vicious out law in order to Impress his fiancee (repeat). 8:30 -WEWS, Real McCos: "Raldy" is what Luke thinks he's turning Info. Luke's uncles were bald and Luke doesn't have as much hair now as he used to. 9 - WAKR. My Three Sons: "Off Key." Robbie tries to live up to the genius tag his kid brother, Chip, has pinned on him (repeat). 9:3(VWAKR, Film: "Who is Hope Schuyler?" The shady dealings of a district attorney are exposed. Starring Sheila Ryan. Joseph Allen Jr.... KYW. Great Ghost Tales: "August Heat." An artist sketches a portrait which turns out to be the face of the man who might murder him. Starring James Broderlck. Vincent Gardenia. Virginia Leith ( color )...WEWS, Pops Concert: The Chicago Sym phony Orchestra is directed by Andre Kostelanetz in an hour-long program featuring selections by Prokofieff, Martin and Rossini. 10 WJW, CBS Reports: "Britain - Blood, Sweat and Tars Plus 20 Years." A report on three aspects of change In Great Britain: industry, the western alliance and the economy (repeat). 11 - WAKR, Film: "The Call Of The Wild." A man sets out to search for gold In a "lost claim." Starring Clark Gable, Loretta Young. 11:15 KYW, PM East: Guest tonight is drummer Buddy Rich....WEWS, Jack Paar Show: Jack's guests tonight are Clive Revill, John Scarne, Buddy Hackett and Kave Ballard (color). 12:15 KYW, PM West: Terrence O'Flaherty's subject tonight is "Ballet" and guest is Don Rickles. HM8MjBaB8l8MsaL F.tery little irl'f Cent 1 our shopping. hne.t Doll selection. W right's dresm isle' liter's largr.t snrl it w. r.. Lay-away flime ANNUAL DOLL ARAM A FRIDAY'S TV FILMS 9:30 WJW, "Fireman, Save My Child," Joe E. Brown, Evelyn Knapp (1932). 1 KYW, 'They Live By NigM," Cathy O'Donnell, Farley Granger (1948). I tXC!3-r 1 BriiiB Mom I Y K ' ; 4 Rirls! See I I N V J T 1 ct.cUIIy. be 1 :P- . 1 wask. 1 i IK new h as Grandma, and all the the dozens and dozens of autiful dolls . . . there orn bubies, so real look- startle you . . . there are nils, drink and wet dolls, lis, walking dolls, dolls description, every size. Hear Narman 8roksnshirs "NEWS FOR SENIOR CITIZENS" Every Sunday - 7:43 la I 00 . M. on WAKR Radis - 150 n Your Dial Rrsught ts you by AC0U5TIC0N AKRON HEARING SERVICE S5I N. MAIN ST. FR -4-2 32 3 FIBERGLAS and Aluminum Awnings Canopies and PATIOS EASY TERMS FOR FREE ESTIMATES CALL PO-2-7213 ZWICKER & GO. 20 Yearg' Confrach'ng In Akron ,i " W le-.l K ; i- 4. !-' Denotes Programs Telerast la Color AUGUST 4 r WAKR 49 (7:s5 if-on 8:15 '8:. '10 "8:45 Von """ " 4 m :Vi i'o.-oo 10:1 5 M:S0 W:46 Pstlern, Ns lli)0 Osl Storm 11:15 Oale Storm 11:30 Leva That Boh 11:45 Lovs That Bob KYW 3 WEWS-5 WJW 8 TV l ilniH Today 5-WAKR, "Wake Up and Dream," John Payne, June Haver... WJW, "Danger Signal," Faye Emerson, Zachary Scott (1945). 5.05 KYW, "D a n g e rous Mission," Victor Mature, Piper Laurie, Vincent Price (1953). 9:30 WAKR, "Who Is Hope Schuyler?" Sheila Ryan, Joseph Allen Jr. 11 WAKR, "Call of the Wild," Clark Gable, Loretta Young. 11:20 - WJW, "Wyoming Kid," Dennis Morgan, Jane Wyman (1947). 12:45 KYW, "Desperate." Steve Brodie, Raymond Burr (1947). THE ORIGINAL MOULDED STONE THE BEST FOR LESS 301 ImOWIB-a.tOOaa.H) jH Our Ntw Suptrimpottd IIDOESTONI Givtt ony homt grottr btauty end chorm. Nvtr ntdi painting nor oth r upkp. Wid chotc of color blnds ood o(Kr combination to itltct from. PERMASTONE AKRON (0. hans JE-S-ilal Thompson Tee Todav Totlny Torlnv Today "Today Today Totlny Today Funsvtlle Kunsvllle Truth or Tons. Truth or Cons. Give V Take . Cive 'n' Take I'laT Hnn.h I'lay Hunch Morning Mfl. ( artiKHis liomner Room Romper Room I'alse Talmer I'aiKe Palmer Paiee Palmer Your Child Home Economic Home Kronomks Itcx Humnard Clutch Carao Clutch Cariro Caul. Kanearno t aut Kaniraroo Caot. Kansaroo Kd Allen Kd Allen Krnle'j Place Ernie's Place Krnle's Place Krnie's Place Krnle's Place Krnle's Place Trice) Is Rliht Tries Is Klaht Concentration Concentration Hale Storm C.ale Storm I.ove That Boh Lova That Bob 12:00 Can 13:1.1 Can imouflaaa smouflaae 12 30 Number Pleast U;45 Number Please 1-00 Code 3 1:1 A Code 3 i:8i Cartoon Tlma :V Cartoon Time 20 rav In Court 2.1", Day In Court 1.30 Seven Keys V2:4S Seven Keys S 00 Oueen for a Dav 3;i5 Oueen for a Dav 2:30 Do You Trti.i? 3:4o Do You Trun? 4:00 Randstand 4:1!) BsndHtand 4:30 Handstand j.-." Bandstand .oo iiretia Tounr Kyewltn'sa News Noon Show Kyewlln'ss News Noon Show Could Be Von Noon Show Could Be Von Noon Show ft !t toretta Your 1:30 Tiretta You t i Loretta Younf Feature Film Feature Film Feature Film Feature Film Feature Film Feature Film loretta Voune Loretta Youn Dr Malone I r Malone These Itoois I'hese Hoots Room for Daddv ninrlstnrl llonrn for Dadilv P'andxt.'ind Rnrnahy Iiandntsiirl HHrnaby Bandstand Featurt Film Clubhouse Feature Film Clubhouse Feature Film Three looses Featurt Film Three Stooges 1 OTlock Cluh 1 O'Clock Club 1 O'Clock Cluh 1 O'Clock Club "l O'Clock Cluh 1 O'Clock Club Seven Keys Seven Keys Oueen for s Dav Oueen for a Dav Do You Trust Do You Trusl? Douh. Exposure Doub. ExDosurt Sum. Packsae SurD. Packatte I.ove of Life lxjve of Life Search for 'loir. (Juldln Light Hudon's Journ. Hudson's Journ. 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