The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1936
Page 5
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MONDAY, JUNK 2!>, UIATHKV1LLK, (AHK.) COU1UI3R NEWS PAGE FIVE- 1/fc Classified SHOPPING GUIDE! ' - ' —— ' ' *-—• •— •' ••••• —i — __ 1 ,„ •^^^^"••^B ^^r CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rule per line lor consecutive Insertions: Due tune ;KT nnti TNO Mines iicr Ihir i«r dny Montli rate per lino ...... lOc 03 c OOc Minimum criargc OCo Tnree linn's per line i;^i day . OGc Blx times per line per dnj .. Mr Am, ordered, -or mrcc or «1» times and stopped More cxplm- lion will be charged for the nuin- b^r of tinirs Uie ad appeared and ^IJuslment of bill mftrte. .ill Ulasanco Advertising copy Biibniilteil by iK-rsuii-s residing out- elcle ol me elty must lie furam- pimlcd by cash. Hates may bi- easily computed from above table AavcrmmE ordered tor irreguhu Insertions tako Uie olio lime rate No ic&ponMUIliiy svlll bo tskcn fov more liiati one hKorreci in* lertlon of any classified e.d. Business Directory We Make All Sizes of Airplane Type Fans A few used desk fans for sale cheap Barksdale Mfg. Co, I'HONE 13 ftatLories BETTER BATTERY SERVICE Call J. B. Chine At Tom Jackson's Scmce Station Investigate oui- budget plan for Home Improvements. Sec E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. MAIN llrs. J. J. I>:IVLS — spencer Corsellcre Drill 421-\v Ior appointments Lost SUBSANTIAI., REWARD fo rrclnrn of 2 buy ware MULES, 7 .fc 8 yours old. 1500 Llis. each; 1 Ijluc liorse MULE, 1200 Ibs. tost by Clyde Middlelon. Sleek-, Mo. 27-pk-l 2 n.AGS (Ills mnrniiii; between here and Wilson. REWARD. !•'. I.. Kcal Estate For Sale Ponlmc Demonstrator 'Reduced Price LEE MOTOR SALES Elto liglit twin 1 h.p. outboard, $25 cash. Quality Shoe Shop. Fnnnc 120. 20-tk-2 Stove and residence [or sale or trade, together or separately, 1020 West Main. Phone H7. 27i)k-l FOR SALE—Westinslioiisc Elcclric Range, sofa, uulfct and bed. flat lop oflice desk, will sell cheap Jilylhcvillc Gin Co. Phone 2H. THANTIIAM TRANSFER. CO. Moving 50c room un. Pianos $1 up. 1'llONt; 904 Only a Few Tracts Left: 1 urn ej.|K?dally anxious fur every one who wants a low-tux plot, of ground near lilylhcviUc to have an opportunity io net'It while ihc price is. low. Come and see me, and let me show you. One 4-acrc block, or -1 one-acre 'locks, outside of (own ovcr- ookint' the new park. 10. 20. 40 or 60-acrc tracts just orl.sldc fit BlytliL'ville. One 26-acre tract on (snivel lifilnvay near niytlicville, good .c rn is. Vacant lots in west, end prac- .ically given away. !•;. i\i. TKKHY I'hniic G17 or Me WANTED —AW, KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, S3 lo S5 ton Aluminum, 10u Ib. Brass, 2c to 4 lie Ib. Copper ",Vlrt, 4c to So Ib. Radiators, 4'/jC Ib. IlIDiSS & 7?UHS WOl,f AIIIAN PHONE 170 128 E. MAIN BUY CI.OT1IKS NOW! Pay out of your bunus. r.UO. MU1K, Tailor 201 N. '.Ind FREE GASOLINE •1,000 Gallons lo lie Given Aw:i> FREE To Our Ciislomcrs! Kvm- CAPE—Good location, on division between Main and Ash'. Walter Paying coal and \vood yurd. Chcai) rent. 118 S. Railroad. 23-ck-ia llicinller 26-c-k-3 j ])j v j,| cn( i rjiui, lo 25 Gallons. Wlicn you liuy of oitr can FOR SALE—5 Room House, bath large lot. Cheap taxes. Wonderful location. Cheap for cash. 809 Cliickaaiyta. dh t TOR SALB^Uscd Ice.-.IJoxcs -nnd Electric- Helngerators. Broadway Sales Co., Ill S. Broadway. 30-c-k-G-30 at liailcy's ask for a nicmbcrshij canl. it cosls nothing. HARRY BAILEY'S At Missouri Sfalc Line Myrna Featured in Real Romance IMIi. VKTKKAN! Here is a chance lo invest your bonus money wisely. GOOD 53-acrc farm mm si. Louis. CHEAP. TERMS. '!'. P. Elder, Care Bell Cafe, West. Memphis. Ark. JPickecl ito /Take iLnndon's Chair For Sale or Trade—My home at, 019 W. Main. Bargain. Mrs. S. S. Stcruberg. Call 084. FOK SALE CH-ftA* 1 —HOUSES at, 700 W. Asli; 331 ,<t 3'X) S. Dl- 'ision, with iiaylng tenants. DAR- OAIN for quick sale. Part cash will handle. Mildred E. Cox, II. R. 1, Box 24-A. Counterfeiting Plol Ends Sap-Quentin Magazine SAN QUKNTIN, Cnl. lUP)-Tlle IJulli'ltii, the iiwnlhly nniKu/ine of l I.1D QuohtliV liftiilt/nlliiry, IHIS boon abolished, H wns In the cnuiavln,; ])lunt of Ihc niiiKii/lne Iliiii mi'ans wciv toiind for lloiullni; the jiubllc wllh i counterfeit $10 bills. However, ilm jconvlcls will still bi' alloweil tu a weekly Kporls News. 1'OllT STANl.KY. Out. (UD — W]K-n llHlilnini; struct the Cullinllc churcli, llio i-ro.v lire mid Hii! bell IB-sun liillinj;. IN TJIK MUNICIPAL COURT l-'OK TUB CITY Ol' HI,YTIIEVU.LK, CIlICKASAWnA TOWNSHIP, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. O. !•:. sunvnrt, plntnllir vs. Aurnn licwnlluii anil j ve Newport, WARNING OUDl-JIt The (IrriMHluiil.s, Aaron lioscnthiil I'liil Joif Ncwilorl. niu warned lo :i|>- licar \vltliln thirty ( |:iys In the noman I TO '"'' """""' '" " lc cnptlon herc- t'llU^klt I'OnTERVlLLL]. Cnl 'UP) — Family monopoly on Ki-nduntlng classes was exercised to a reasonable extent by Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Lalanmic when tliclr three daughters were graduated simultaneous- Announcement that Myrna l.oy, freckled .screen star, ntul Producer Arlliur llornblow. Jr., shown above al a Hollywood parly, were heading ta. a "Orchia Gicon" and innlri- mouy. conlirmcd n lonK-sland- iiiB Hollywood rumor that (ho pair would wed. Miss Loy lias been n lo|>-(li(;ht Icndinu lady since she escaped from thu orienlal roles in '.vliich slic had been typed. Will O. Wcsl, iibove, Mcl'hcr- Min blofktiKin. is regarded ;is al- mosl ccrliili) lo siiii'coi'd Alt M. l.iin'Jon ns governor of Kansas.'s opponi'iil for Ihc Itcpub- lic;in noininalion \vilhdro\v, nnd tLwtlh Kansn;, Uciiuhlicanisin unilocl by Landon's race for llic pvcsiiifiiry, Wcsl is regarded iis ' virliiiilly "in." Toledo Construction lloonis TOLEDO (UP)—Construction Ir Toledo for the tirsi. live montlus ol 1!);!G exceeded the entire umouiv of building lor any single year since 11)30, lalesl nsurcs reveal. Swimming Pool 10 & ?.0c (inchulinrr lax) $4 private parlies Ortni n "I'll !) MONDAY— "PAL DAY" Fresh Water Continuously Operated by Mr. and Mm. Oills finder RADIO REPAIRING A Complete Une ut Tub*s and rail* HUBBARD TIKE at UATfEUV CO. rllONB f* KOK QUICK SHUVICK ON WASMKI) SAND anil GRAVEL P1IONK 700 liorior Coal & fllininjr Co, Anil «,- li.unlli' all l.r:nllii|r llnniib nt Ilich (irmlu Coal— Suinilf, f Iron I Henri, lirlllianl, aillllllrrllo, etc. The lire was put oul without tjrcalof ,111,1 answer Uie complaint of tlio amUKe - plainlin. O, K. Sleivart, IJalod this lliu 29lh (lay of June, FHANK WHITWORTH Clerk of the Municipal Court. Claude K conpfr, Ally. inn ]•:. lirudlry, Ally, nd-lllcin. (Mil Violin Wo rlh 515,0110 j TOLEUO (UP) ...... For 55 years, inij old violin vvns in I'm: family of Joseph Jurdick. only recently did] Jurdiuk learn that -the instrument Now I-OMlttl at 101 North Sccoml ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWA11DS, Proprlntor All niaktji 01 reliulll Typewriters, Addlnj Macnlne* knit Cal- culators—Bcpalrlcg— VAT\A —Ribbon* ONE STOP' SKUVICB STATION •I'Olt YOUlt CONVENIENCE' SINCLAIR GAS AND LUIMICATION WYSK moilllY in dim-go of Service ])ep.iu-tmont. I.. 11. JOHNSON in dmrgo of liody DeiwrLmonl. -IIATTKIIV —KAIHATOIt IlKPAIU —m>»Y WOKK —KKNDKK WOKK — (5I.ASS I -AUTO 1>A|(TS W, T. BARNETT AUTO SALES Uoilk-e ,t t'lymoiilh Healer PIJONE 8S8 HEAR! HEAR! a btu-iiil itssociation cciiifiealo of your loved OHM when Llicy pans If you have any Idnd nn nwny, we will neccpt il. nt fttli v.'iluo d'n tho"JCuiicra{ provided you Iniy us nun;li its ?GO or mm-o •'•• COBB FUNERAL HOME PHONK 2B in Good Used Trucks 1031—1U Toil l-'ord 11)35—14 Ton i'ord rick-Up 19:! 1—1)4 Ton Chevrolet 1331—l!s Ton Inlcrnallonal All have Good Ktakc Ilodics TERiMS Delta Iniijicineiil Co AKyays in the Market foi SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones HlyLhcville Iron & Mela) Co. 221 \V. Cherry Call 4-18 I or ileiit Nicely Furnis'hsct -I room house, 1-113 W. Main. Cheap. Call alter •! P.M. 27-ck-l 5 room modern Jiouse, month. Phone O^G. $15 per 2'1-ck-tC 5 roon) Furnished Apartments. Cheap. E. M. Eaton, 713 Cliick.i- sawba. 20-ck-tf Three Room Unfurnished ment. Kcasonablc. Call Fur. Apartment at 1114 West 571. Aparl- 5. 3p hSO in Shane Duplex Ash. Call 187 or 23-ck-tf a bedrooms or a two room furnished apartment. Reasonable. Mrs. ,). T. Collins. 1020 Hcaru. Six room unfurnished house. 903 E. Cheu.v. Phone 283. 10-ck-lf Crai! front, BEDROOM Reasonable, fjcra Hall. Call 260. fictlf 3 room furnislicd nparlincnt wiUi bath. Mev.'ly decorated. Telephone k \vat«r free. Mrs. Belle Wood. 120 Uougan. Call 185-J. 17-ck-tf FURNlKlliO Rooms, inodc-rn Kink in kitchen. fi!4 Ilearn. INGRAM nparlmcnt, rnrkh.itr.5l Co. Inquire n 23-ck-l Keep Kool With Huulcr Electric Fans Hubbard Hdw. Co. Wall Paper SALE 1<)3G PATTERNS THEARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 STOVES STORED FOR BUMMER Local HauJing My Coal ir, Black But 1 You White JOHN nUCHANAN— rllONE Eggf 5 , Poultry •' l«wm Apartment., i rooms furnished, j. H. Hms.rU Unil 605-J ?c kt Male Instriicllun AiMBlTlOUS MEM: Kn rrimlnal record. 21-4r>: who wl.-h to rrufl- lly at once ior n C'I75 n monUi Coveriitncnl job. Write I!o:-: "I!" Courier ;-rcv;5. \Vc will M-lect inrcto-irally in- fiincd men wllh character relcr- rnrc:-. rniiw \v rmp-Dyc;;. rr::a;i:c with fair education, who wish lo better Ibcmsclvcs by training: in Uicir ."-ji.-ire time lor ?;icclric Re- frlgciMtloii and Air Conditioning Industrie. Write fully. UtilUie.s VXK. liK-l. "A" Tc Courlor Sew.-. Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry 111 E. Main Male Help Wauled STEADY WOFK-GOOD PAY"" RKLIABLK MAN WANTED lo call CD farmers in Mississinui CDiintv. Ko expsritnce 'or c.ifiital nesSsd. Write tortsv. McXESS CO,. Dept. K, rrceport,- Illinois. ( : ; : ' . Barber Shops HOLT'S BARBER SHOP 101 South 2nd 51. HAIRCUT 20c. SHAVE 15o Hath—Close R p.m.—Slilnn Wanted STENOGRAPIIEU ^)id Hookfcccprr wants posili'jit. Good rclrrcnccs. Elcaroi 1315 W. Main. Call 335-W. lop k2J Shoe Repau'ing QUAMTY SHOK SIIOI' Moll's Half Soles 60c. 75c, Men's Rublicr Heels 25c. 35c, Moil's Full Boles and Hcclf Ladles' and Children's Half Soles Mr, and 65o Quality Materials Laces any color. Free delivery service. 3 FREE Shines with half sole. Jeanne, twins, the third, 17. is a genuine Amall, made in um| valued at $15,000. -. COULD S!T OkJ THE SAWALLIAW THROME WITH TH' WORLD AT -' HER Ff^ET, BY SIMPLY NODDIUC^.-HER HEAD- B'JT, DOES SHE NOD- 7 WO, TM'STUBBORN x. LITTLE BUT I THISKnHAT LITTLE LADY IS GOING TO CHANGE HER MIMD -WHEW SHE GETS AW EYEFUL OF HER BIG BOY FRieSJD EATIM& OUT OP MY HAKJO — AMD L1KIMG IT' AMD SPEAKUJ& OP HER BOY FRIEWD -MERE COMES THE BIG HEART-THROB, 1 RIGHT WOW- WELL, ' GOOD MORKJIUO, UY »r.,\ scnvicr. INC, T. M. REG, u. s. PAT. orr. ?, £,URt KRC H \tvi-b\OVL ? ; V J ORC\\ H1DV,BOV5,HOW5] LI5SEN.EA9Y, WE GOT BIG NEVVK.THET DESPERADO EVERVTH1M& IN / V/HO BTOKE OQTA OUR JAIL.HG'S MESE IN EL MOVO. -• 1 TO TRAILED HIM. HE MOPPED A FREISHJ BACK TO EL HOVO, AJ ID I'LL BET A DOLLAR HE'S STILL HERE. WATCH CHAIN. I STRANGE. I FOtlMD If NEAR HAPPEN TO THAT MTRO EX- KNOWTWW PLOSION. MUSTA DRIVER V\DRE eLWGEpTo THE:/A V/RCT WATCH AND DIWT HAVE A OWN. \N1> HIS MMKNDS . UO.V ;TilE ' CV^ETM THE CCOFt AMD LETT THE DOG DO HIS : OhlE..,TWO... ) V/HATEVER tT is, rr's OWLY A MERE SHELL THAT GIVES ME Al I IDEA.' V/E'LL OF'EM THE CX»P /MO LET THIS AHIMAL FPEET.,. YOUR DOO CAW PROBABLY TAkE OF IT! AMD W£ \VAWT TO TAKE; IT-ALIVE ' i I HEAR SCRATCHING AT THAT OTHER DOOR ! OPEM IT QUICKLY, ROQNEY, AMD HAVE GUM REACT/! WELL,I'LL BE S\','fTCHED' WHAT DO NtXJ THIHK IS? LISTEN TO POODLES GRaWL.V SUPPOSE HE'S EEEH $2

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