The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1931
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\ Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITIOrf"' VOL. XXVII—NO. 254 HI.YTUKV1LI.K, AHKANSAS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO' FOR Tradewind Takes Off for Azores 1 Governor-Elect Plays Rube No Longer 'WFft GUI' HAMILTON, .Bermuda, Jan 10,: | (UP)—Tto seaplane 'Tradowind" 1 i carrying Mrs. Beryl Hart and Lieu-Some Landlords Failing to i n^nffram"^™ YorMoTaV'de 1 ^: ^ em P' lis Po ' ice _ H olcl Key [William H. Murray Is By, Provide lot Helo Osceola' paitcd t0[las ' for the Azor " 1: Rerj Cross Finds. , lands. OSCEOLA. Ark , Jan. 10.—Rcqul- ! •sitlcn blanks were supplied to subsidiary committees of Ihe Osceola i Red Cross Chapter in eight south I Mississippi County communities I yesterday and rations to destitute | families beginning today will bo I distributed through these ccntral- to Numerous Bank Hold- No Means the Clown He' M'j : <J ups They Think, Appeared in Campaign, j i i .;/.,| Fills Hotels;^ MEMI'HIS, Jan. 10 tUl'l—A. W. i Cumm/nigs. alleged bank robber i held at Batesville, Miss., in con' nectlon with the robbery of. the. Planters Bank of Como, may be the leader of- a gang of robbers who have held up half a dozen banks in this area and es- upwards of $15,000, f^ . r c ' A 1-oiice vain itmay. Upening Ot oeSSlOn Ap- Tactics used in robbing the Como proaches. KeibCi. Lnrora. Wilson. Etowah ami •Carson Lake. The system will not only cxpcdi- al« relief for the applicants, but will distribute (he task ••! disburse- , incnl vvhicn lias absorbed all the; Li "le Root's rnlels buzzed time a corps of volunteers workers! political conversation today as leg-- the bank painted toward this conclusion, officers said, explaining that _ LITTLE ROCK, Jnn. 10 (U 11) NBA Service OKLAHOMA CITY. Jan. 10 — Last November .the state -of; Oklahoma elected as its next, governor an nnkept -Individual .hi] slouch hat, baggy trousers and brilliant red suspenders—a close--! to-lhe-soll sr.cllblndcr who delighted in the name "Alfalfa fell!" and htti'h-htked his way about the state to nSake his campaign. Having dene this, Oklahoma £St back and awaited the inaugu-! , I the men used two automobiles yes- laliou on Jon. 12, confident thatj TTPT fMIlT Fll FIl P>—: terday, cne to make a getaway jits ntxt-governor wiiulrl be strange i iPTI nil! I f II I II with | from town and a second to leave land uncouth, a 16 the |LUI UUII IILLU vicinity after transferring Mere sine-? January. 3. when (he na-! iflators convened here for the op-! some distance from the crime, tional lied Cvoss entered the coun-1 <"ing of the general assembly Mchiph'e detectives were cn- ty- i Monday. route to Batcsvillc fcday to qnes- . Records of the 1'cal relief com- Scenes familiar to veterans ol . lion the men. mitlee show that BOO families aver-i ptlst S" 5101 " »'<!ic reenacted as old | Cummings, who has spelled his -ilntanccs were rctvwcci. newiimme Cominjs, police learned was he occupant of an expensive aging five to the family have been' acquaintances were rctvwcci. new name "iFsucd two week's rations since' olles maij e lln(i "hollos" generally the January 3. and the numb ! apa!tm;nt .In a residential apar;- Eockless Jerry" Simivson era, who uoiild thrill Hie clod-hoppers and delight the city folks by making a long series of uncultured. blunders. But Oklahoma is Just beginning to discover thai it guessed wrong. 1 It is learning that this "Alfalfa Bill" Murray, its new governor, nber of des-; wcrc ir / oldi ' r - ig tlhite who have not yet been reacli-! . "he "big four" of the coming ses-i'mcnt building here. He posed'as I is neither a clown nor n simple: ed will run the toial immeasura-1 Bl0 "- Lawrence E. Wilson, licuten-1 a Purdue university graduate and ton It Is lenriilnij that he can bly higher, with increasing suffer- I ant-governnr elect, who will pilot I a construction engineer, ing anticipated during the months! (he senate, Irving C. Neale, Sebas-| as dignified, businesslike and , • f January and February, accord- [ " nn county representative, slated j in? to the local relief committee. ! f ° r the Mttakerslilp of the lower i Cotton, drouth relief, bank fail Four-Inch Pipe Provides Air and Is Used as Phone by Miners. nesday. SAMP MITCHEU,, CAL.,-Jan. 10 Most of the so;ions exhibited an • (UP)—"We're air right, all of 11: south end of the county. Labor on; of tne senatei mor( , than half, will i a small radio set "brought chcer- ' plantatioi furnishin' where the land lord is *food and charging it to next year's crop .is becoming re. sen'tful and demoralized over the anomaly of a situation which pro- make their debut as legislators of the uper brancu. Mrs. Ethel C. Cunningham, Yell capable as any other governor when he wants, to be. ll of which is just, another way of saying that. Governor Wll- licim II. Murray is by no means the rube that a lot of people took hiin for. He Is educated and he is Intelligent.- He has read more and traveled farther than most of his critics. Won't Live in Garage He Is going to live In the governor's mansion here just as any ether governor \vould, and t^iat pre-election remark of his about 0. W. Davis Seeks Ode Restraining Fee Collection and Arrest by City. Suit was filed tn chancery court today by C. A. Cunningham, attorney for O. W. Davis, bread salesman, -.celling an Injunction against officials cf the city of Bly- thevlllc enjoining them from collecting a. privilege liccns; of $WO from Davis or arresting him for failure to pay the fee Th? bill of equity alleges that Ordinance ;t70 passed by the city council last summer, placing a $250 tax on salesmen of bread manufactured outside the city Is void. The ordinance was passed by the] council on July 8th, vetoed by Mayor Nclll Reid on July 13lh and passed over the mayor's'veto on, Aueusl 13lh. The complaint, alleges that the "Alfalfa Dili" Murray, Oklahoma's picturesque homespun llgure ot pre-election canxpalgn days, a sleek and well-croDmeil individual, Is shown above. Uclow Is Mrs. Murray mid at the lefi Is the executive, mansion which Ihe governor will occupy—Instead of renting It out ami living in the garage. [House Leaders Hope to Force Break in Deadlock on Drouth Loan Bill. WASHINGTON, Jan. 10 (UP)— President, Hoover was urged today by Judge John Barton Payne ol the American Itcd Cross to Issue an appeal to the nation for i\ sper clal $IO,OCC,000 relict fund. -,. Will Knrcc Conference WASHINGTON, Jm 19 (UP)— The hourc's deadlock over drouth relief legislation was broken today by ndnilnlMrnltoii leaders' who decided n( a meeting of the steering committee to force a conference with the senate Monday under a special nilc, House leaders hope In tills way li eliminate the $15,COO,000 amend- nt for human food ridded by the r.onnto and opposed by President ' Hoover. It js because of this amendment the bill has been held up for five days In tlw house. When the measure which originally called for $45,000,000 for stc'ck feed loans and other purposes came bnck to the house with Ihe senate amendment, Representative La • Guardla, New York, Immediately objected to tlv? amendment unless assured food loans wculrl-be avalU able to city dwellers as well us farmers,. La Ounrdla continued to object each succeeding day. Deinpsey Proves to Wrestler He's Not Through Yet Pemiscot Legionnaires to Entertain State Chief HAYTI, MO. — R. .L. Ollbcrt,. Hayll, Mo., commander of Post 88, i American Legion, Pemiscot county, 'has announced that Post 88 is to give a banquet In honor ot JIarry ing news in jerky phrases through places for livestock. a four inch pipe inside Mitchell Furthermore, "Alfalfa tunnel today. renting out the executive | mansiorj ordinance IE void for a number ot Sheriff W. W. Shaver has relcas-; functions. Bill' I Murray meant, what he said In the county re press ntative( will be thei on cnr end of the pipe a rescue | campaign about providing farm. sole woman member of the assem- . corked frantically to re- ; relief, unemployment relief and of any^chargejhruibiy. There were two women legis-l m o ve the slide of rock and brok-jan 'economic and businesslike t | mbers tnat cor rtpi e t e h; chok-lstate government. Pe has proved .'.'•-'the' Red Cross to labor on neigh- , Iator5 at the 1-oring plantations. Numerous com-! plainte are registered at relief headquarters here by farmers whose Ubor is being disrupted in this ylranncr, but the relief committee is '/ helpless in face of destitution on farms where absentee, and in many i 929 Monticelio Man Heads South Arkansas C. of C. BENTON. ARK., Jan. 10 (UP)— ed the bore and trapped 20 miners j this, who have bfen held prisoner since. On the day that the retiring 6:20 last, night, when the cave-j governor, W. J. Holloway, was In occurred 1,200 feet inside the I making hla farewell speech to I the state legislature, Murray .filed The life-giving pipe was laid by j suit to block what he charged mountain. cases, resident owners, ignore any lesponsibility for their labor. .The case, of one landowner, a M. L. Sigman. of Monticelio, was|Welby Morgan, 27, nozzleuunj vas a fraudulent plan to settle elected president of the South' while the tremendous cave-in was i inheritance tax claims against the under way. Morgan, credited withlestite of T. B. Slick. muUimillion- saving the lives of all the Im- aire oil promoter. Arkansas Chamijier of Commerce at the close of Its fourth annual Memphis capitalist who farms ap-, ... proxlmately 3.COO acrei in Mississ- meeting here yesterday ippi County, is cited by the com-1 Bauxite shared in the enter- mittee All libor rn the rcsuectlvc i tainm « n t of the delegates with •f n an n ?com«th?s crag's bo ! Benton, and al, were agreed t ha tjber. creak aud_ d "ing cared for through the Redi^re was accomplished yesterday safety but changed h prisoned men, who otherwise might have perished by suffocation, saw the ground swell and heard tim- starud to run for ' Cr P css. Just how long ft will be pps- j '"^.n at any previous meeting. sible to maintain this measure ol relief is uncertain- More Help Needed j While the efforts i:f a loyal corps; of volunteer workers are fully appreciated, a much greater response The Bauxite and Benton chambers were active in voicing opposi- ticn to the proposed removal of He lifted charged through. the group and dragged the pips to a position on the floor of the tunnel beneath the state hospital for nervous di- i the crumbling roof and escaped as ssasc to Little Rock. It was'the walls and ceiling fell, pointed out Bcnton had been se-j When the blinding dust His suit was directed against the incoming and outgoing secretaries of state and against the heirs of the. Slick fortune. He j pre-[ £as. Further the ordinance tends to create o monopoly In favor of local bakeries which sponsored the ordinance and discriminates against residents of the city Interfering with their rights. Hearing on the p!ea for an Injunction will probably be given before chancellor J. M. Futlrell of Paragould in the near future. Reid, Evrard and Henderson, attorneys for Fister Bakery and Cross Food shop, local bakeries, as special counsel will assist Capt. ivy W. Crawford, city attorney in the d his mind. charged a contract had section of pipe, pared whereby it was* planned tot settle the estate on a SIO.OOO.OOO' valuation, and alleged that it was really worth more than 550.000.,000. .. ' i This suit, naturally, provoked had! a storm, and even led some legls- from citizens of the town and . leclcd as the original site for the i cleared the engineers found - the j latcrs to rrr.itrcr vaguely about i hold him up. ?Iegro Robber Shoots Grocer During Holdup LITTLE ROCK. Jan. 10 (UP) — Lee Shook, owner of n grocery store litre/ was shot through the [ breast and f.crlously wounded lust ni^'ht when he resisted the efforts of a negro who attempted to Billy Edwards, Kansas City, the wrestler, certainly turned tighter at the conclusion of a malcii which Dcmpsey refcreeil here last night and learned to his sorrow the Mantissa Mauler Is not as has been claimed "too old to fight". Before the match of Edwards versus Jim O'Doivn, Edsvarcls Iwast- ed ho would "take a crack 1 ' at Dempsey if he. didn't like the way the former champion worked. He won the decision, but disliked Dempsey's work anyway, said so, and swung at Demjisey. He mixed. With one terrlflic right punch Dempsty lifted Edwards clear of the ropes into the arms ol cheering spectators. the New Woman's Refueling cd the list of Jurors who will com-1 The banttucl Is to be held at ]>OEe th? regular penal for the Jaii- j Ctmilhersville, Mo., Thursday night, uary term of civil court which opens; January 27. A larta' attendance of here on January 19th. - Legionnaires outside of t!io Peinl- Judge O. E Keck of tills city will. scot county territory is expected. be on the bench during' the Uvoj weeks term of the Chickasnwba .district circuit, court. Mombers of the Jury panel are: Joe McCarn, C. W, Alflick, J. w. J^rtHtehOR J*V.°Mi.l''n'cy A ot 1 Dfy B - 1 l , OSC EO LA . ARK -; J ™- 10 - T1 ? e thevlllc; I. L. Argo, John Bensoni clv11 division ol circuit court in and A. C. Tucker ot Manila: Vcs- scsslo » " erc since Monday adjourn- $KJO Judgment AgainsJ BHS Manager ter Pierce and Henry Lutes of New Liberty; O. R. Kara. W. C. Smith, and Louisa Henson/ of Clear cd this afternoon and the Jury was . dismissed until Monday of next week. Before adjournment the evidence . C. G. Smith and Claude Ford of Burdette: Walter Stewart and J. II.; was completed in the case, of Thew Ball of Primlse Land; E. E. Byrd,' Shovel Company vs. J. M. Howcll, Frank Minlvtli and Morris Will- n '"It Involving title to a dredge .yard of Lcachvillc; A- J. Bomar. boat purchased by Howcll from the Endurance Mark Set Charlie Cook. M. E. Crawford and company for work in Mississippi Alviri Hnynes of Gosnell; John county. Verdict and Judgment In the sum ucd Red Cross sid is provided here, i according to a statement made by | C. E. Snllenger. local relief chair- . u silou , ventilating syslcm had been car- j iir-carhmenl. But Murray only Shook wr.s prrparcd to close the ...-> ..^ wu UJ _ Hod away, but one end of Mor-! lausjied, and insisted (hat "a i slore for the nijht when the ban- placed here, gan's pipe was projecting from the liunrh cf sheep will never attack | dit entered r.nd ordered him to '' .... a wildcat." . I "poke 'cm up". The grocer struck ! tons ol debris. By No Means Dizzied However, most ! ausural interest of th^ prc-iu- centered abKl man here teriay, who deplored the j Ai r Kail Whs Race j 7.- . lD . appalling lack of appreciation of i _ i nr i j IVcnnett Bank tr"> situation on the part of a de- rart Way ArOUHO World rvff r »T v ',""' • , cidcd majority of citizens of the S wuri^ Officers for New Year 1 M"™! 1 * P'™ to "» the excai- town and county. SAN FRANCISCO. (UP)-Gam-! ' i! 0 ? ^uW Te cLv^ou'"^ Repeated statements of the pol-!gher, operating' manager of thej KENNETT. MO., Jan. 10—Of-i.," , . ,, . ./ icy of the national Red Cross or- Matson Steamship line, has a let-1 fleers of the Cotton Exchange Bank j ganlzation to measure the relief extended in proportion to the local interest shown were reiterated again W'culd he act like a dazzled farin- ter which traveled three-quarters ;1n this city for the past J'- ar | er j the distance around the world by i were re-elected at a meeting of; airmail to reach him. Marked with stockholders held in the directors ' To (nc> disappointment o. ins rccm of the bank building Thurs-1 Antics. Murray-.did not. He - at th: negro with on? hand and grasped the robber';; sun with the other. In the ttrii^ric that followed the revolver was discharged end Shook feel to his knees. The negro fled williont molesting; the cash register. LOS ANGELES. Jan. 10 (UP) — The new world's endurance airplane refueling flight record for women Is 122 hours. 50 minutes, and was set by Miss Bobble Trout and Mrs. Edna Mae Ccop'r. Thsy landed their Curllss Robin ,e Ijirty Rolph. at 5:20 P. ycsU-ruiiy. M. Explosive Studied Beardcn, Boynton; John Smother-! man and W. B. Nclll of .Armorel; !of 5100 v.-as returned by the Jury B. B. Akin, spencer Ilunch and Dan i In favor of C. N. Pace in his suit Ross of Yarbro; R. C- Adkisson and' against J. N. Cornell- and the A. J. J. Moore. Number Nine; W. B. , & p. BU3 Lines, for damages grow- Harvcy McKay. Forty and Eight; ling out of an assault made on ! Ijjflln, Huffman. • by Cornell, who is local agent , Alternate jurors are: Will Wright.! for the A. it P. company. I Manila; John Patton, Lcnchvllle; j ! Burdcttc; c. I,, nevlil, CJosncll. ; T . , . . c , , ; j isme Limit on &tat« For Inflammabilit J Chicago Alky Dealer Slain in Auto! and City Tags Extended Senator Nelson Leaves For Legisiattrc Session at a conference here yesterday call-1 the airmail stamps of five nations, The time limit for purchase- of | [ ' IS31 stale and city automobile 11| WASHINGTON. (UPI-Ei:glncer s ; CHICAGO. Jan. 10 (UP)-lhe ; ccmc , ags wUllout p , aa i ly has I a', the Pittsburgh experimental sta-! bcdy of Anthony "Sherlock' Gas-; bce!1 cxtcnrfert untll j jrlunr y. joth. lion of the U. S. Bureau of Mines' tcrino. believed by nolle* to have | Govcnlor p a: nc!l Issued a proc- aro invostigatln? the infiamumbil- b:e » "taken lor a ride" by ; lalr-atlon extending the time limit ity of explosives with a view to'cs- : alcohol dealers, was found early. la[c ; es[cr( .; n y nn 'd Mayor Heill lablishtns rules for safe handling. 1 today in an automobile in a d?-1 R( , ctl ' or u!yti, :v i!le concurred wi'h The extremely Inflammable na- serted neighborhood on the far ( | w ex t c; i£lon by Governor Parnell lure cf black blasting powder Is south slrte. ' i)ll a s i a t(. mc nt today. well rccognbed. but the desrree of G.isterino was manager of o read Tll( , ^reclamation said adverse , In-.uammaolllty of other types and house between Chicago and Ham-; Cont iition5 brought atout by last grades of explosives Is not so well.mond. Tnd. Police pointed out that n .•,,„.,,,.•,. (j rcl ith end the unom- Dunavant, Rev. c. p. Wilson, W. I ed a "letter by regular malK ' ^ere elected as the board of dlrec- M. _ Taylor, and W. H. Frazier of I in three weeks the alrmaller ar-; tors f or the ensuing yetr. G. C. , w'. Joined In by 'the new governor year-old Confederate veterp.n spon- for a bill to pr'vlde for a re-appor- known. i r^veral c.infstcrs cf Italian desernt 7,i^ v ir.-nt ' '«'- s are being made had been killed in the past few ; en!cnt , R. H. Wilmoth and E. S. Wildy ol i veled about one-third Etwah; R. A. Cromer and W. P. M | came trailing In. Ferguson, of Carson Lake; Rev. V. Galloway. J. R Wilson and J. E. Higgenbotham of Joiner; A. S. Catchings of Bnssett, C. L. Denton of Whitton and Rev. Warren Johnson and J. C. Ciillom of Wilson. Here From Hills «, *"te treasurerPendln the !n- ; distance.the boud n- satisfactory to t with an apparatus which permits w;cki, purportedly in an i an oxyhydrogen flan 1 ,? of intense war". | heal to Impinge on a sample charge -— 'alcohol n'sro Bulletb Tells How , F. Wilson. Veteran Tabulation of the committee's to Build Homes {self In a from for the taking over of the oflice.- promcte thp enacllncnt ot tne Callers found him strictly DUS;- • m , Kmt was recently formed at nessllke. It began to appear r.s ; j onesrjor .i. ] if Murray had Just been Joking, E. E. Alexander. Mississippi coun-1 • when he let himself appear to be j t> . reprcsenUt lve. left fir Little ' KENNETT, MO.. Jan. 10—Fun-1 a. rural clown. p',;d?cd his support to the re-ap- As a matter of fact, Oklaho-' Ro^V yrsterdav. Mr. Alexander has' ....... ( si:uatlcn make It incon- d In many cases Impos- ? for c:ibEns to obtain the 11- crnso p'.ntfs be.'crc the expiration l»r:od, which was today. Letters to Dead Soldier i Returned After 15 Years! English Cow Emulates Famous Moon Ancestor TORONTO, OnU (UP)-Some letters have come for Lieut. Col. _ Rock Will Pat SCO Mar. on Street Work than were hold hjrc this WASHINGTON, (UP) — Persons era ' planning to build' a house are t-ld afternoon for J. F. Wilson, veteran ma ' s nev governor i s ' educated | portlonment measure. LITTLE ROOK. ARK.—Phns for putting 3CO men to work Monday ID to clean parks, streets and alleys records on the applicants tip to, to go about it in a bulletin from ! resident of this city, who sue-' ant j intelligent He sewed In' date reveals approximately sixty the Commerce Department entitled,! cumbed Tliursday to a lengthy ill- j congress wilh considerable cis- HUDDERSFIELD, Eng.. (UP)— eight years after the writer died. The c-,v that Jumped over the Anffus Sinclair, of Toronto. years after they were written and • wera nlBde ye5 i er[lily llt a mating fllcrHf \-norc r,tlat- Hin l-.-r{tar- rllarf . ' ' .of .Mayor Robinson, the council, Parks Committee. City Engineer per cent of the white families to have lived here less than six "Light Frame House Construction.' 1 : ;ness. He was 72 :cars of n;e ani tlnclion. He Is known In hls'i Auditorium and Pool 1 moon had nothing on one of her fatter of Col: Sinclair, wrote lh?m „.,;, „.„£!' VL ni ,;,,V „, *?' - w -- nnd s"I»rlntenden,, of parks. ancestors which guve a perform- when his son was with the Can. . The bulieetln gives advice as to, had spent the greater part of Ills horns district as an able lawyci. iju>v n' i." ..-.-- .- ».... Ant UUIICCLIII KiiCo aUVlUU as lu ii«u aj,vii^ *m, gi V.KIVI ^10.1 v ui -us months. According to members of the best way of keeping plastorlife In Dunklln county whrr: h» here. adlan army In France. They went the ccminitlee, they are for the mo't part resident rf the hill sections of this and neighboring stat«, r.ttraclcd here earlier in the season by iho prospect of cotton picking and left stranded when the season clo"i?d. fr-m cracking, tile from breaking, was born. He is survived by five ] a |f a j n the first crops of «1-, the state, and thereby: at Pamn Pilrn Annrfivpil Tiring of her pastures the Huda. ^amy i mv njJH IU » cu dersfisld cow jumped on the roof possession of Robert Melr. a A decision to employ groups of 300 men for c v,'::k R'as an- , , _ and doors and windows from stlcX- : children. 2 daughters end thre:' showing the other farmers a new! WASHINGTON. Jan. 10 (UP)— of a low slied nnd embarked on an man soldier, who carried u mi; :,,-,,, _-j v,, «•.* ««A*.A~ TI.,,«-,-O,- O?r- 1 " ot "- ccd *=>' ''' c ma >°" T.iursoay. them; various chimneys, through the remainder of the war. ARKANSAS.—ftain and"..H'armcr ml them in the east p;rtion tonight. Rain Sunday.

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