Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 14, 1967 · Page 36
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 36

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 14, 1967
Page 36
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JUNt ^967, Loke Charles American Press ACROSS t Coumfy ptec« S BMP stiffness 10 tefrme! rfonct 14 Opera postage 15 ftetetivt: compound 1(5 Thrush of 17 Super highways; 2 words 10 Fishy delicacy )1 Sweersop 22 Old-womanish 23 Euroceon country: «bbr. 24 Palestinian sect; 200 B. C. to 200 A. D. 26 Rood divider: 2 words 81 Wrong 12 Relativity men 17 Moslem priest • 8 Ulcers 10 Voltano M Health solan workers V3 Bear V4 Sofety. factors tor driven: 2 word* 17 Assimnates 11 Ace J2 — Stevenson 13 Scottish hillside ^4 Notional - monogram T7 Intersecting " curves: 2 wordl 41 Goddess of spring 62 Wtird 63 Retain 64 Greek god 65 Position 66 Potato bods ^ DOWN 1 Passable 2 River In ftafy 3 Ceremonial 4 Miss West 5 Engine port 6 Joins 7 Interjection 8 Hou« pet o Sheep 10 Frontiersman 11 At full speed 12 Big spoon 13 Forfeits 18 Indian princes 19 Files 24 Pennsylvania dty 25 Transgresses 26 Mutilate 27 Jane Autten novel 28 Portuguese navigator 29 Doctrines 30 Succinct 33 School period 3t Needleeose 35 "What's for me?" 36 Girl's namt; plural 38 Boss: obbr. 39 Crude meto's 42 Girl's nickno-ne 43 French psychologist; 1857-1911 4$ French painter 46 Wasted time 47 Russian country house 48 Time wosfer 49 Sphere 50 Roof feoture 53 Bibiicol ki"g; Genesis 54 Nobel priie winner 55 Snick and — 56 Vipers 58 Legal matter 59 Permit 60 Stringed instrument Flog Day being observed In U.S. I i Today is Flag Day. one of American Legion book on flag 16 national holidays on which j etiquette. the flag should be flown. When • displaying your flag today, you should hoist it "briskly" and lower it "ceremoniously,'' according to the rules. If such information does not sound familiar, then neither will the fact that you can wash or dry clean your flag. Or that if you are an alien you are sup- VJVTT. \si ujofr MJC f icajucub t-aii »••* •«*.*» »w j^toi u^auo ui 1105* alter any rule pertaining to the ! staffs in a parade only by order flag by proclamation. "* * K ~ »-—!•»--« -* "-- "-"--» AH this information and much more is contained in a 20-page j \j-ji ut v. an ciu^ii j iru 01 t aui/^ •••*%-!! iv **j MWhJii ^. posed to stand at attention if {patriotic effect." a flag is raised or passes in re- >> "Crepe streamers m a y be Or that the President can affixed to spearheads or flagstaffs in a parade only by order of the President of the United States. K'The flag or replica thereof should not be made a part of any article of any kind being • offered for sale." Some of the rules must have sprung from some pretty weird situations: "The flag should never be used as a receptacle for receiving, holding, carry- ling, or delivering anything." And the rules take care of ! everything: "When the flag is [displayed over the middle of ; the street, it should be suspend- LEESVILLE - Vernon Par-ied vertically with the union ish schools will open the 1967- (blue field with the stars) to 68 school year Monday, August the north in an east and west 28. The final day of the school street, or to the east in a north year has been set at May 24,! and south street " according to a schedule re- ""- - • • ' Vernon school schedule is announced leased by Curtis superi n t e n d e n t schools. Bradshaw, of parish LC Rotarians see auto safety film The Thanksgiving holidays will be Nov. 23 and 24, and Christmas holidays run from Dec. 21, 1967 through Jan. 1, 1968. Easter holidays are scheduled for May 12 through May 15, 1967, and graduation week will be May 13-17. The three-day Louisiana Teacher Association holiday period is Nov. 20, 21 and 22. Labor Day holiday is Sept. 4, and the Fair Day at Vernon Parish Fair is Oct. 6. Prior to opening of school, a teachers' meeting and workshop has been scheduled Aug. 23, Bradshaw said. for A film on auto safety re- earch was shown at Tues- lay's noon luncheon meet of he Lake Charles Rotary Club e!d in the Charleston Hotel. Bodies of two Irleans girls lund in river SLIDELL, La. (AP)-New Orans police and St. Tammany msh deputies joined today in 1 effort to determine how two year-old New Orleans girls : et death. Their nude bodies were found Tuesday, floating in the East 'earl River near a lonely itretch of U.S. 11. Officers identified them as 3 atricia Ann Purcell and Joyce ilen Galloway. They had been .' i s s i n g since last Saturday ,','ht. A fisherman found the bodies '. the vicinity of nearby Pearl iver, La,, about 300 yards jjuth of the U.S. 11 bridge. The bodies were taken to New Orleans for an autopsy. Officers s-'-id apparently Miss Purcell '•as shot in the back of the icad,. Blood was found on a ).assiere, which was found, ong with a pair of blue slacks, j;i the river bank about 100 feet ;. -jm where the bodies were dig.: »vered. Relatives said they last saw 2 girls when they left home t Saturday evening to go to a rty. Winters go >n jtrike at Jexandria Interior gets million in oil leases $512 The color film, sponsored by the Ford Motor Co., was narrated by Bob Considine. It showed the research involved in testing autos under conditions of crashes and collisions, with the effects on both the simulated driver (an instrument-wired dummy) and, the car measured and evaluated by company research! scientists. ! The commentator stated that| it has been found that the more stringent the motor vehicle inspection laws are in a state the lower is the accident rate. A slow motion view of a crash was shown, revealing the mpact of the car against a oncrete wall, in this instance, nd the throwing forward of le passenger. Considine, in concluding the ilm narration, said that re- earch is now being done to evelop auto frame and body tructures that will absorb im- act. Rofrarian President R. P. ohnson Jr. announced that all new officers of the club will ittend a district assembly in Jennings and that these new fficers will be installed on Juy 11. La, (AP)-M ike for higher pay was im* :ed Tuesday by union painters 10 rejected a last-minute com omise offered by building con trade UflUws honor* ket tow set W> by Local 988 .the Painters, Decorators and per Hangers of America. The ike stopped construction at ,en site in ttte Alexandria- nevjlle are*. \ two-year contract expired a dnigbt Monday. Negotiations Happed when the Central Lou anj Chapter of the Paintioj uj Qfpitiioi Contractor! o nericg rejected the union 1 *ge dMiamds as too high. 7 NEW ORLEANS (AP) -The Interior Department received a whopping $512 million in apparent high bids Tuesday in a record smashing sale of leases for federal oQ and gas lands off the Louisiana coast The old record was $445 mil- Texas in 1962. The total amount offered in all bids, both successful and otherwise, was another record—$1.6 billion. There were 742 bids offered. During the bidding, the record for the highest bid on a single tract was twice surpassed. An offshore combine bid $32.5 million for tract 1777 in the Ship Shoal area. And Texaco offered $28.2 million for a tract in the South Pass area. The previous single tract record was $26 million in a 1960 lease sale. The high-bidding offshore combine included General Crude, Highland, Hunt Kewanee, J. Ray McDermott, Metals Service Co., Offshore Operations, Inc., and Placid Oil. Offers frere made on 172 of the 206 tracts up for less—about 84 per cent of the area, compared to about 50 per cent in sales in 1961 and 1962. About 700 oilmen attended the sale. The pamphlet also tells how to fold a flag, when to use bunting and how to use it (blue goes on the top), and a number of other interesting customs associated with the American flag. Methodists at Sulphur end school SULPHUR - A sharing program Sunday night at Wesley Methodist Church climaxed the week-long Vacation Church School. Pupils demonstrated some of the things they had learned during the school and displayed handcraft. During the daily sessions, the 44 children enrolled studied, viewed films, worked on handcraft and had recreation periods. Saturday some 50 persons boarded "The Methodists," lay activities bus, and went to Pecan Grove for a picnic. Mrs. H. R. Perry was superintendent of the school Teachers in the kindergarten department were Mrs. James Perry and Prances Fasske; first and — „.„ .~w~... .,„., ,.„„ „„»- second grade, Mrs. Delma Boti- lion for leases on offshore areas ; let, Mrs. Floyd Fasske, Mrs bordering both Louisiana and Drew Caldweli; third and fourth grade, Mrs. R. M. Cow- ttk, Mrs. Grover Cleveland and Linda Fasske. And fifth and sixth grade, Mrs. Arthur Hoffpauir, Mrs. John Young and Mrs. Garland Linscornbe. Mrs. C. R. Fugatt was pianist for the sessions and songs were led by Mrs. Deen Thompson. Mrs. Sheldon Bertrand and Mrs. Bevyon Duhon served refreshments. Former solon from Pineville to seek office PINEVILLE, La. (AP)-Former state Rep. T. C. Brister of Pineville has announced he will bid for another term. He will run in the new House district composed of Rapides and Grant parishes. •Brister, a retired hardware store owner, served in the House in 1944 and 1948-52. Wwcf*inb1«tl«9*feBrl«BMe«, w« letter to <** «!«»*, to form f<rar ordinary words. According to a joint congressional resolution of June 22, 1942, there are a number of things fo remember: i p>"The flag should be displayed during school days in or near every schoolhouse." l^'The flag may be displayed at night upon special occasions when it is desired to produce a TRIPE s , v> tLLSE UGUTOD WWLE r~>^> ^,/k-/ ftMtrtMsiHrntM THE ^ > ^/ s~\ \J r*""% f -TH&y- VvON'T HAVE A P0C10R AROUNE?! to form the Mfffftee matter, *• *uf gerted by the ahpve cartoon. PEOPLE 1 JnrnM«, ClASt • IMtRY ' NIWIfT {Anfw«tt iFhat tnotuy tHcau~ "»t Chiropractor is granted appeal JENNINGS - Judge Minos D. Miller Jr. Tuesday set the appeal of chiropractor Charles J. Deese, 22, for trial on Sept. 12. Deese • was found guilty on May 26 for practicing medicine without a license. Judge H. 0. Lestage of Ward 2 Court, Jeff Davis Parish, sentenced him to pay a $100 fine and costs or serve 20 days, and to serve 45 days in jail. Deese was released on a $1.000 bond. A second charge of practicing without a license was nolle pressed by Dist. Atty. Bernard Marcantel. Judge Miller received the record of the lower court trial Tuesday. He said he would have scheduled the appeal earlier but the defense attorney asked for the later date. The appeal to 31st Judicial District Court is the highest which can be made. However, writs on specific questions relating to the trial may be taken up to the Louisiana Supreme Court Concert pianist Dobrovolsky dies in Chicago CHICAGO (AP) - Voldemar Dobrovolsky, 72, a retired concert pianist and professor emeritus of Chicago Musical College, died Monday in a hospital. He taught in his native Latvia before emigrating to the United ' States after World War II. The appeal is conducted as a new trial. The only exception is that only the witnesses used in the lower court can be used. In Deese's case two witnesses ! who did not testify were retained without prejudice and i will be allowed to testify in the j higher court. | A request for trial by jury in i the loser court was denied. : There is no provision for a jury t trial in a misdemeanor. Sale planned by St. Raphael Altar Society IOWA — Plans to sponsor a cake and rummage safe July 8 were finalized at a recent meeting of the St. Raphael Altar Society. Those wishing to donate to the sale are asked to contact Mrs. Joe LePranc, cake chairman, or Mrs. Fred Doucet, rummage chairman, it was announced. The Rev. Theo Hassink, pastor of St. Raphael Catholic Church, who is to be trans* ferred to another parish, thanked members for their cooperation during his 18 years as pastor in Iowa. In other business, Mrs. Ricb- ard Arbaugh was appointed flower chairman for the month, with Mrs. Gail Fontenot as chairman. "SPEND A WEEK WITH THE WORD" A Study of THE 1ST EPISTLE OF JOHN JUNE 11-18 UNIVERSITY BAPTIST CHURCH Lake at McNeese Sts. Dr. Eddie Liebcrman Sunday, Jane 1 1 a.m. Sunday, June 7 7 p.m. Monday, Jan* 72 Tuesday, June 73 Wednesday, June 74 Thursday, June IS Friday, June 76 Sunday, June 75 e-m, 10)45 ft.m. Sunday TOPICS "Life's Greatest Discovery" "Partnership With God" "Light and Darkness" *You Need A Lawyer" 'Obtain and Maintain" "True and False Believers" "The Grandest Theme in the Bible" "Blessed AMurance" 7:30 p.m. Niflhtly Gordon Atb, Pejior Who gets more out of life? Ella Bradley Ella Bradley, high school htatory ""*** tttcher, is off on a dream trip for two whole weeks. She's going The American Way, which means Ella got cash for her trip at American, instead of putting off her trip till later. Why put off your dream trip? Get more out of life now, by traveling The American Way! Atk •bout our OBT CASH A$ YOU TRAVEL ever IB Mb* HMH M* YOU, TOO, can gat up to.. The American Way! mpijt lo»n» m»de> on your •IgnfttureX TOO BUSV TO COME IN? PHONE OH MAIL COOPON TODAY Td AMERICAN FINANCE AOMEM - , ., WIFE OR HUSBAND'S NAML. 6MHOYEO BY _ ADDRESS MIT. WANTED™- PHOHE-™ ij |Z. USr 3 PUCES WHERE YOU HAVE USED GREQITi • •$500 ANY AMOUNT UP TOS500U 1 * MOt CtfH WMTf. CASH PAYMTS. CASH MYMH. -™~-~*~~~~- ' mM go- — 326 Broad St., Lab Charles, La. 436-7568 N. aJn ret JeoaiJi U- 821-me Steini shows you how to nletise MIKM9K HHH ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Pop on Father*! Day, June IB SSX Dncron* EHtra Unlui Tropical Suits 33 (Price includes Free Alterations!) Dads aM over America will recognize this as the top tropical buy of the season! 55% DuPont Dacron polyester with 45% rayon, in a wilt-proof, lightweight, cool-full'suit. 2--and- 3-button models, both traditional and contemporary in style. Solids and patterns in blues, browns, and grays. 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