The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1949
Page 12
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PAGR TWELVE An Old Favorite Gets New Look Macaroni, Cheese With Tomato Sauce Gives Good Souffle Here's »n old favorite with a new look—macnroni and cheese BU'THEVn.LE (AltK.) COURIER NEWS Tinkling Iced Coffee Is Ideal Summer Season Refreshment Macaroni and Cheese Sou flit* One cup uncooked tuacnioiu, i teaspoon .*a!t, 3 i-nps- boiling water, 1 l j cup? soft bread crumb*, 1 '4 cups milk. 3 PKB.S. l <i cups 5?rai**d cheese i abu 1 !! 4 ounces). 1 l«aspooti .salt. J i oup tJii-ed pirmenlo, t-3 cup chopped nimon<l.s, fpw sprigs pm>ley, fi munll pirtr.s pfmiemo. Add niafitioni and i>jie U'iispiKjn saU to Hie boiling yaler and rook for about yo mimitrs w until niru' 1 - nroiii is done. Drain m:u itioiil. Soak bread <:rnmb£ in in ilk while macaroni if cooking Si-(mt;»(c ecgs. Mix r OK ether brsuf-n e^g yolks, cooked macaroni, bread crumbs so a kert in milk, graifu cheese, one fea .spoon .•;<(!. dicrd pimieiuo and almonds. ne:i! PI»« white until stiff bui mn <Uv. Fold bpalen epe \vliitr-.s into macaroni niixlure. Pour niixnir,-- into a \vcll- jrla.w ojjpn bnhiri* dc-h flike ... . moderate ove» i;t^5 dearee.-- FI for! one hour. GamM] fnr >ci\ iny will) j parsley and pircef. of pimirmo | Cheese and lomato w.h-e can be niade ititn a delirifju.s so> ff]p also i For a sood mentlr ^ inwm. n-y this tomaio-chee^e snuffle, pnrs- leyed pot a fries, aiccn pr-as. mixed «reen .salad, a pole Bciiv, liglil cream, coffee, milk. Tomald-f'heese Sonfflp Tu-o t8-oimce> cans (uimtia I fOvcrcd ' chi " 1n '^^^tor. sauce. 3 tablespoons r|uicb-cook- ! . 1 2r,^, 1 ^ , lflU ^^'^ wUh ICKD COFFEK-Madr S | rO) , e >,,d syrup, ll'g an ideal summer rcfreslier, d -e c«ff,.e nips of hot. dntible- .'e over '}. two-inch cinnamon. I whole clovos ami i allspice berries. Let stand one hont strain I'mn over ice in nt!. clt'iii and tinkling: Spite ideal irrd colfee. To j Pom three try it~\im a syrup of.strenslti nifr wnter boiled together • sticks I - thiU'.s iht ', >u-fficn it, • Miyar and j and i lulled. To bi 1 at LIS icrd coff ;.-tan with good hot coffee are run ways lo jiiepjiif j l're-<'r>rt| !. Make ctttfvt one M;m<1;ud 1 l«-(j level ;nra tuls. of coffee :tr stveiiMtli i* measure InljJesponn- 1 hrce-(]inu'- JIIK •:>( h , ., tfj-.s iif a measuring cup of fresh I v diawjt water. 2 Cuol In a nnii-iiH'tiiUjc co]i- tainer for not more lhan three I hours, or, if the ('(jntahier i.s tightly nil] «)it,v.sf.s, .Serve with cream sugar. I .Mini Ii-nl ('of f. e Pom- pre-ronlcd rfRiihu -Mfen»th coffi'<- over ice in Top the rhilli-d, /tllr<l ulas.s with whipped <T<>am. to "Ii:-'h a drop or two of mini luis bfcji nddi-d. Knowing Vinegars Is Most Important As Pickling Factor Still '.ryhli! to make pickle* like Ciranclmolhrr used lo do. North Mississippi County lioinrmakm are fiiulins more and more that the .wj'el IE knowing your viiirgara. Home Demonstration Mrs! CJcrtude B Holimnn explained today that vine-gar Is the most im- DOI tant msrcrtiem in pickling. Vinegars m(M t commonly used In mYkJiUB air cider vinegar anil while vinegar. Cider vinegar Is used when ' flavor and aroma are wanted, and while vinepar is u.sed v,hen color :s important. White vinegar Is mast often used in pickling onions nnd There is a difference in (lie .strength of vinegars, loo. Most vlnes(ir.s are from four to six per ccnl acetic acid. Sometimes vinc- 8nr is spoken of a.s 40- to 60-qrain viiiesftr. wdich menus four lo six PCI cent acetic acid. Vinegars arc stronger lhan they were some years ago, and toi _ tins reason pickles made bv old recipes sometimes are too .sour Before diluting vinegar for pickles it is well to check lo see the JJCirentflse of acetic acid il contains. If vincqar is used as a preservative, spoilage Is likely to occur i! the aokl in the vinegar is not kopt above two per cent, she ]X>int- ed out. Remember, too, that the Hciiiui in tile vegetables or fruits will dilute] the viuepar. Read Courier News Wiint Ads i .1 I . •' 1"1.JJI.-.^LJW1I> I|UH IV-CUOK- I . .. tapioca, 1 cup grated cheese 1 ; "" <IU1E "Wr or teaspoon sugar. ! te^poim salt. cl ' oam "' t: ' s '<'- rlash pepper. 1 table.soun >)lltter, 3 eggs, separated. Boil canned, tomato .wince and tapioca for one rnmuie. stirring constantly. Add cheese, seasonings and bmler. Stir until cheese is meiied. Remove from fire and coo] sllphtly. Stir In w^ll-beau-n egg .volks and fold In slifflv-beaten whites. Turn into .greased . role and set in pan of water. Bake (or 50 minutes in a (360 degrees F.). syrup ice. and >/l v\ rt IC1 , IlHKt . ..-n<lcr a teove,,i VKrlallc "': Quick .Mrlliod 1. Moke coffer double slroiKMi. I by using )i:ilf the ainouiit of wntc-r lo the ns!ifil .-ititntnit of coffee. '1 f^oui- liot ovi'i- ire cubes in - ffc nllnv,^ [oc Hie ciilulion c.-nu^cd j I)V 'lie inclliHK of the irp. \ .1. Srivp with no;im :nul ^11^:^1' !<)[• Mixnr synip tn tnslp. | I Here »]-e sliKResfioll.s for several' Mature Vegetables Soon Turn Natural Sugars into Starch Mocha loi-tl Ciiffei. Combine fleshly made clouhlc- streneth coffee lo an e(]iin! amount nf cooled cocoa or chocolate syrup Pour into I all classes filled with ice and serve with powdered and cream to ta sugar Probably one of the main reasons pierce the kernel.'; with Die tliutub North Mi.ssi.wip[>i County home- j "nil. 'I lie milk should spur! out. make.r.s find starchy venetable.s ! Wlieti vrgciables reach Hie. ; -so-calletl "dou^h staqe'' the>' are 'oo mature to cim. The more ilia- ! 'lire the product, the more likelv the lic),ii(i will be low on ;iie 1 c:intied product. : — - , Sldicl,\ \eyetitble.s s\yi-U [iuiin» •ngar-...ln t>ie product IUJILS to . processiiist. tf yuii do not leave »tarch. T^iis tends (o -slou- down the ; enoiiiih heaitspaee to lake care of rate thsj heat will penetrate. i this <-xn:iii.<i<iii. the Jar will pack '- Pea.5 and beans should be gatli-] too tisliilv. Always leave one men •rerf before tlie pods Ilirn yellow. , lieaiispace in ihc'jai when packing Stm«nber when selecting coir; to i Marcln such a.« shelled beans and peas hard to can is that they are often a little loo old for cttnnhiK. Mrs. Gertrude B Holiman. Home Demon- j •tratibn Agent, advisetl today. A.s 1 the vegetables mature, the natural I Mayrose SUGAR-CURED BACON For r , v lly fi, le }, ;min . . . , inirorlll . ,.],„!«. s H,v.s full of flavor. ..Hi.- hraiMl is M ;1> ,•„.„!. 1C,,joy \(. witli cg B s or K n,l,ll,. ,j«k,. s ;lt dreaklast . . . in <U«ens ot last.y clisliL-s for liitidu-<) "nl'lrr- -vhool- saiidwirl.w lor the children .; .and for your own Ue-ul-niglil snarks. ,).. st get a whiffor th al grand ; ,« Ma Y m«, "aeon fries in the pan! Jt: s „ p n .,ni^. o f ,;, /( ,. r4 SS^/ 1 "^ 8118 "- 0 ^ B ^"- MfSEV/UltB Shop Conveniently at May's . . . Plenty of Parking Space Tall Cans PET MILK - Large Bar IVORY SOAP Large Box DUZ - - - Large Box OXYDOL - Large Box TIDE - - - 3 for 35c - - - 14c • - - 28c 28c 28c Pure Vegetable Shortening i Shortening HHB ^^^k CRISCO 78 3 Lh Ct~ * ^^ 3 Lb. Ctn. Light Crust, Self-Rising FLOUR - -«25lb.bag 1.98 New Crop SWEET POTATOES - Ib. 17c Large, Golden Ripe BANANAS - - - - Ib. 17c Ladies 51 ga., 75 denier, NYLON HOSE - - - - 1.39 Finest Quality, Newest Shades We Carry A Complete Line of BIRDSEYE FROZEN FOODS MAYS SUPER MARKET Phone Iil22 121 So. 2l>sl SI. THURSDAY, JUT A' 21, 1949 COCA COLA ° 1S M; PU " 89 1'atisc Ihnl refreshes. JUICE ( 2-'^43 c JUICE '^30 C Kros'cr (Jrapefi'uil CHURCH'S „ , 39 i\ii(tir:<llv Swce( {.'nipe Jnicc MAYONNAISE ,> inl 41 Kndt—.Millions prol'ei' il! SALAD DRESSING 49 Kroger TDCCT 12 1.7.. /Me ln tCI AltMOL'IJ Can *T I Kfiu[y-lo-c!i( .Mont LAYER CAKE , ;ull 59^ (Jherry ftidjcc golden layer ORANGE JUICE Kroger 46-or. Cans 47c KROGER ICED TEA Blend of 3 Varieties '/2-lb. 49c SPOTLIGHT COFFEE Kroger Hot-Dated Ib. 41c Shank Half Lb. 63c Swift Premioum 12 to 16 Ib. Averaqe SIRLOIN STEAK ,,,79 I 1 . S. Graded Good or Choice SALT MEAT Slreak 0' Lean PURE LARD I'ure KROGER COFFEE Vacuum-Pack KROGER BREAD Can hn " l-»ls 2 Ihs. 35c Ceiiler Cuts U). 2!)c «6.79 Bag Pure Cane Granulated KROGER FLOUR " " Pain or Self-Rising Diced Fruits I'ure Hog r °'n or Self-Rising DRESSED WHITING ,,,15- FRUIT COCKTAIL i'nr l>an Krvinsf „ GROUND BEEF ,,,49 The Meat (hat's all .Meal—You are .sun- In - 0 | a K ,, ()( i rr" n |I)wer le i!H"e" S ^'''""""^ °" ™"' 1 b "- v lhis fi " e r ' (li<1 ''^ Extra Thin, Extra Crisp SLICED BACON ,.«• KROGER COOKIES 7 '^r Iced Macaroons No. 7 Con 1-Lb. Box 20' 24' IT RAINS EVERY HOUR ON THE KROGER GARDEN Every hour a gentle shower keeps Kroger fruits and vegetables cool and "fresh A.S summer rain". A It K rog p r produce is Lop-quality, at a low price. ORANGES 5 MARGARINE 2 ,„ 37 K.i I more California Sweet Juicy WENDSOR 2 L75 C Cheese Food LB. MESH BAG PEACHES 3 Arkansas Freestone Elbertas RED PLUMS fxtro Fancy Duarte POTATOES 10 U. S. No. ? Washed California Whites CABBAGE Lbs. Lb. Lb. Bulk Kraft Bag 4Qo P'NOT BUTTER,, 65' ^§ ^f^J Krogpr SPRY 3 I 1 :,,, 91' With Cake Improver CRISCO 3 JL 91 Creamy and 50-Lb. Bag 2.29 Lb. New Fresh Green — Colorado Mountain Grown 5t $ 5O,OOO CASH MONEY, •JEST PER NAMIN'MAH 1st pri7x-: S20.000 Cajih. 10 prizra of Sl.OOO; 100 prizes of SIOO; 1.000 prizes of Sin. Plus Jl.OOO worth of Kroger groceries i( you uln 1st prize and name Kroger as dealer. Get rules, free enlr>' blanks, P&G products »t Kroger. DREFT Lgc. DUZ Lgc. IVORY SOAP 2 Lge. Bars o 1500 , Home Towns 25.3S9 people In 1500 communities in the middle west am l south flnd steady and secure employment with Kroger. La-it year Kroger employes iver» paid $86.500.000 In «-a ge , ^j salaries. This money —. nearly 1 s . million dollars a week — was spent in the communities where Kroger men and wom«n live and work, making business better for everyone.

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