The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1946
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MAY 8, 1940 State Gets 61 4 Mew Industries Newsman Finds Paris Theater Backed With Many Surprises $4«,000,000 III AA»MPf Wtttito Net 1 5 Mtntttt. By fKEUEKICK C. OTHMAN JBlted rreu Staff Correspanaenl PARIS, May 1.,(UP)— A motherly tooting woman with marcelled while hair In tlw lobby of 'the roller Ber- itt said did 1 want to see tliem urn* A total; ot «« •*» *• t OUU»» of wittl »«, CW.OOO , hftvt Wfn «tabbeh«i In Arkansas In Uie put IS month*, according to a profresg report released here t$d*y *> the Arktntii Economic council— st«le of Commence • • , The plant* art now in operation or under cO«*tr«rtioo' ! pontr»ct, the report poinitd out ' The> wet* «*ttauU»d to provide more than lt,00« )ot* when »U the planes |ire In ojieratton It* report saW that Jor ««I7 new Job created at least two others In commeraimJL jgf^K* or ptafttriony oieupBUdSi »Ul,r«Mli, fMot U state an MUmatod MMt additiona urbin or snj«a-««J«>!>nlty y*B Labor ,Exfic;utive Says UMW-Boss Is Selfish Wan NASHVILLE, Tetin, M»J 8 (UP) Delegates «f ttw^Tmn**** Ped- cratioVi of Labor Convention >esler- da\ Heard 09*. of theij- A F of L chieflains, Mb/a U Ltwis, d*«rlb- cd as> an 'arrofaut, sha^ft) browed uiLwrupulquS and^MUlsr) person " However,'ui« speaker. State Bn- nloyment JSeourtt) Commissioner W Ot Hake, praised ^he record ol the American Federation ol Lator. o< which tb« TfUflesse* troui is a part, for its general • no strike policy' during, reconversion l Hak« described the national economy- (u a thre^Jewed "stool with capital labor *hd the p*iic as Ihe three te«». H* added tha^ "the third leg" In the,past Quarter of i century "ha* toW the ronscience- leis element s ol in«U*try where fo get <*t" nnd add«l Uiat "the public, before too long, I hope KIT Leni*. hea<} of the striking mm (workers, "Out busiheK!, must, be carried on Sot all of ui ' what weeglef She produced a poatcard with a nude figure on It. ld In front of an incan- lescent .lamp it weegled, For 50 rarics, slie snicl, It would wecgle he rest of my life. Mlnsky's was never like this. The obby was cavernous. Around the idges were shops selling the wccgle wstcards; handsomely (rained ol >alntlngs of the stars fully clothed iolf clothed.' and unclothed', doll; and statues of saute: photo albums )f ditto; and books of jokes, BOIIK of which I understand aren't j>ollte My knowledge of French is Urn 1 ted to the • restaurant menu. Ever then I frequently get creamed fUl when I expect lamb .stew. The Folie Bergere can't possibly corrupt in; morals. The: theater wasn't as big as th lobby, but It was fancy in an 188 tftylc with red plush seats, a organ, 'an enormous orchestra tool 'ling full'bJast, ai>d n series of churc belts on the pro-secenlum which wen bong to . emphasize the jokes. Th began like a clieap burlesqu and then to my everlasting amaze meht it turned into .the most elub o'rately. »ta(ied and costumed revle* I ever saw. It mude productions like "Okh\ homa" nnd "Op In Central Park look small time. The girls came out in swirls of brocades, sequins, sutlns, silks, furs; ostrich feathers and'talcum jmwder. The .'stage swirled.-New sets down Iroin above without the curtain ever tailing.and the designers i achieved numerous effects 'of perspective by plKcIng the i»rformeis ;i hidden hooks all Uie way lo tlic elUhg. The show lasted from S:K until ildnlght with 20 mlnulpr, oia for tilase of weak beer, and the loni;- r It continued the more siirpris became the tliovisimds of yard f glitter which went Into Hie BOWII- The management hid some iiom lie Oermans and betiBcd, Iwrrnwrd es, and stole the rest. Vcl sin ' t { hat Hie New York producers mU/lil. i Irop over here now and :ir.nln tor I new ideas such ns how lo |)i'o duce ii comedy skit In a fnm-rnl larlor. The star of tlie proceedings w^s Jusy Prim, and I don't know v h- ih r she was funny or not. 1 ruuk! vuiUcrstand not one word ol IHTS. I got "n eyeful, thoueli, nnd can report that she Is n blonde of about j Ilia heft and shape of Mm- West. | lias the same come-hither look in j the .big blue eyes, and the "Same clip of the hip. There were perhaps 50 filrls in Ihe chorus, mostly pretty nnd in gen-. eral Boose-'piinply. 5!nlf the ilmc they wore no undershirts and a quarter of the lime they wore nothing at all. In one scene they wore coats of cold cream which inndr them glisten us they danced on a flight of stairs. So 1 didn't get my dinner until tift«r midnight In n iT.slauia:il known us Du Caslel. which !KK] been highly recommended. . The food wasn't bad, either, but n.'.strip tenseroo ciune with the SOUIL and n small riot with the veal slcnV:. •When the chanteuse ucfjnn to aim:, a "customer'!) dog started to howl. She insisted the hound be ejected. The proprietor of the dog said ovoi Ills deud body. Things went on from there. I had Indigestion the rest of the night. Felons' Silence Slows Probe of Prison Violence SAN FRANCISCO, May 18 .<UP< TBf Agents, seeking murder evidence against suspected participants in last week's savage Alca- tran prison riot, ran Into stubborn silence today from the prison's '230 inmates. Convicts who for three days hid beneath mnUresses and furniture f In their cells to avoid flying bullets, told authorities they had seen nothing unusual. "The convicts always refuse to ] tall:." Warden James A. Johnston I i aid, "hut we always manage to, find out what we want to know. 1 It merely lakes a little time and I patience." Veterans Get Priority I As Army Sells Surplus FORT SMITH, All:., May il. (U.P.)—Surplus property to be sold this week at Camp Chaffcc, near here. Is to be disposed of und^i 1 a new method giving top priority to veterans. Robert S. 8ugg.s, Jr., and Bob Ed I.oftin. representing veterans' organizations, said the sale will be conducted to conform , to a recent amendment signed by President Truman. Through Thurs- day of this week, the veterans Inspect the vehicles after showing theli 1 discharge papers and stating their reasons for buying. Read Courier News Want Ads FIRST-ftIB Ft! SCALP-SCRATCHIIS If dry tcalp itcb** rub on ft few drop* of Morolin* Bur Tonic. i!«tp<r*mov0loo**, uneixhtly dandruff flakt*. MOfeOUME HJUR TOHK Chas. S. Lemons Furniture Now Offers You The Luxury You've Longed for in his oillce and bombarded with pelilions demanding an i-xtcnsiori of the Price Control Act. 1 Senator Robert F. Wugner, ot New York, is pictured above genially greeting Uis jovial invaders, Brooklyn, Now York, housewives who swelled the ranks of OPA. sunnoflers in their march up Capitol Hill and into hails o£ Congress. Peace Officers Of Nation Meet In Little Rock .Wonder About Political rritontiofis Of fbrbt*r Governor NASHVILLE! Tenn, May I (UP> —Teftnesb«*s politically - minded people wondered today of fofroer Oov.r Gordon>Brownta^ might not be emulating .the lat* President coolldges'ramous ajnblguOils 'I do not choose to.'ruti"'. Aatemerit. Browning'Is toow a lieutenant colonel »nd'mUil»nr no*emraent officer fea OcmanT4tMku< iofonned lij Umted frei*»^»iink$ort that i groxip of • Marshall'county cltl- 7£iu> were qualltylhg hlin as « can didale" for' riepibcraUc nomination foi governor he said that he would • take no part in Uie campaign as I am in the VArmy: until after the primary is over. \ •> LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. May 8. (UP> -,-County. sheriffs from all over the nation moved In on Little Rock tq- daj »s the unnual convention of the National Sheriffs' Association j got under way. i Formal plans were completed for the 3-day meet in a closed session of the board of governors yesterday, arid registration ot delegates betfuii. nt 9 o'clock this morning. Sheriff Qus Caple of Pulaskl county will welcome the sheriris after the group is called to order at 11 *.. m. uy Sheriff Ferris E.' Lucas i offPort Huron. Mich., the association's president. >ttt(m, the' : men will settle down to three', (lays of .entertainment punctuated by panel discussions centered around crinie prevention programs, sherlff-depu(.y tclations. detention, the sheriff's duties. United Stales alls and the effect of Supreme Court decisions on the sheriffs Thursday, night, au Informal "dinner will be held for the law-en- Soyernor Asks Ruling On Sending Negro to Death Chair Again NEW IBERIA. La., May H. 'HI 1 ) —Acting Gov. Emllc Vorrct today asked the state attorney general I" rule on whether young Willii- Francis, 17-year-old negro and eonfesiied murderer, must lake a second trip to the electric chair tomorrow. 'Simultaneously It was Icurnu; that attorneys for the National -Association for the Advancement of Colored People were planning Ic-^ul moves to halt, or lit least delay, the second electrocution of the hymn- einglng young negro. • .Tnst what steps were lo be inkon could not bo learned but a cwitt action of some kind was cx during the day. Russian Aid Asked by Arabs In Palestine JERUSALEM, May 8. <U.P.> — 111!' Aral) Higher committee cle- :klril today to appeal throng n .he Soviet embassy at Cairo l» 'rcmji'r Hlalin for Russliin support. jf AniWc opposition to the AinoriKin reconiiiitiidatlons tor 'ak'.stlm 1 . The Higher Committee met for four . hours uxlny to deliberate \vh;U should l>e done in case th'j Ati^lo-Americnn proposal that lUfl.GGO jews be admitted to Pale-i- lin« is put Into effect. The committee decided to direct to Ktnlin through the Cniio embassy n copy of I Is letter sent •arlicr to Prime Minister Clement R. Altlce on the subject and appeal t<> Stalin for help. Verti'hrae Vary . Swans have morn than iliret- tlme.s as many neck vertebrae as tlruffes. Almost all animals have seven neck vertebrae, but there seems to 'be no .standard nmoii|> birds. Swans have 25, geese m, ducks about Iti. and even the tiny bird has 14. HunKo THE (Dainty COOKING FAT Ms Wonderful! MATTRESSES AND BOX SPRINGS Drawing on thctr 65'year* of mtiUri'53 making experience, Stilly offers improved construction foul urea with luiig~Uf* Injitl in. Duralftle, rc- eitieiit inner spring uiultt tbmt give lo the slighlcsl touch, >' e * assure overall firm li«uy«n«y t« Reading thai his supporUrs who filed his : .tflWHfylng!.petition yester-i forcers and their wives. The Friday clay, pointed\out'tha£Prewiring hud- rnOrnlng"session will lie highlighted not sUmnted the.door cornpletely on his ctindtdacy with that slilemetU— that he didnt sat he would not permit his name'to ; be placed'on the ticket Store Your Clothing Now International Bank Directors Hold Conference by the election of officers, followed by a luncheon with the Greater Litle Rock Chamber of Commerce. The group's present officers »re | SheriH Uicns, president: Shertft Ciiple. 1st vice-president; Sherlrf Gus O. Anderson of Orceley, Colo., 2nd vice president; Deputy Sheriff Robert E. Moore ot Detroit, Mich., UTiisurer: John I\T. Goldsmith of Radt'ord, Va., general couiisel; and Charles J. Hahn, Jr., of Washington, D. C., executive secretary. WASHINGTON,..May .».: L '(UP>— Executive dtrtctocs ot Uie International. Bank'for' Reconstruction and Developrheitt;today' postponed indefinite^ selection ' of a president for thf $8000800000 iiutit'i- tlon., - •> Tiw tl«Uoci had b«r, scheduled for the^flrst meetiog of the directors today. Secretary* of : Navy , Janws For restaj aiid Cprnpti(dltr of the Currency' 'Prest»a Deiano ' h«v« been mentioned x ttroiig possibilities for the/post. In WARVDtG ORDER UK Chancery C«awt, Chkka- Representative ot VA In Leochville Saturday Wylmar-H.. Pope, contact representative of the Veterans AdmlnlSr trfttlon, will be at Leroy Carter's ortice; at l,eachville, Saturday between the' hours of 8:00 a.m. and 15 noon. Tlie purpose.of these vlsiU Li to assist the veterans of all wars and their dependents in filing any claims for benefits, administered by the | Veterans Administration, or for giving such general information on ru- nted subjects as may be available. Art «»««». Claude W. Heatoy. Jr ...... PtalntlfT. vs. Ito. Kt» Map Lortne Healer Defendant Ttif defendant Mary Lorlne Hea- )ey is . henbr .wained to appear within thirty dajpi; in the" court named in the caption tiertol and arawrr tbe cbtiplatnt of the plain tiff Claude W. Bea^ey Jr. Dated this a oay ot April, 1»K. ~'7. Hjuiymr MORRIS, cier* . >By Maty Lee Jaxratt. D. C. Percy" Wrictat, AUy; for Pltf. Here's Good News! Due lo ;m increasu in nnr sugiir mvnl ^VL' are now uuikini; more Dixie Cream Doughnuls (h;in liefore. iNIiikc onlers. I'nr parlies, etc., in advance. Reserve your Dixie Cream Doughnuts by phone to l»e sure ol order. Our Doughnuts Visit our modern shop are made under sanitary conditions. DIXIE CREAM DONUT SHOP Gco. C. Bartholomew 111 South Kniiiklin Phone 901 MATTRESS before gou dial... w&it l&i the, <iudt&*ia *u Motl of lha time you hear the dial lone th once. Sometimes Iheis's tecondt' wail. IF you dial before you hear the dial lone, you won't gel your number. SOUTHWESTERN BEU TELEPHONE COMPANY Our unexcelled COLD STORAGE facilities guarantee ABSOLUTE PROTECTION for ALL of Your Furs, Woolens, and Household Linens. Charges Due Fall Until Super-rest" Innerspring Mattress as Shown Above • . . . $50.75 Scaly Matching Box Spring 29.50 Scaly Rest Innerspring Mattress 40.25 Scaly Matching Box Spiing 29.50 "American Way" Innerspring Mattress A Sealy product Ready for Immediate Delivery 24.75 Launderers Cleaners 218-220 North Second Street Read Courtei. Newi Want Ada. Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights dMrf« nmin I The was- (or trooi rno3r>laln«.' Piedmont, Wyo. Utt Italian lan- • "foot of the s mttA dnu wltk mar • lEuum Oker« if KMBCUiing wroor <* M«M<r. tor Ho , by miBxxm f«r wtr j- WALLPAPER WASHABLE 32< Me LIGHT-FAST NOW 20* WALLPAPER NOW T.ROBINSON "• lUMRFRCo 1T l NOTICE! RESIDENTS OF ARKANSAS! BOYEIT DDI Spraying Co. IS NOW EQUIPPED TO SERVE YOU Due tit Uio fiirl il is Iivice ns bard for a veteran uf WoiM ULU 11 tn »n into business sis it hi Ur any other IUMMHI, 1 ;\m jnst opfnin|f for bust- m'.ss ami wuiilil ^ppn-ri.xtc yonr pulrona^r. 1 linvc sci'un'd the best in DDT insecticide powder juul liritiitl. It is tlic same type wt ««cl hi tin- l-;unHHMn tin-,tire of war and ;*lso belne used in ilic I'.nilic tbr;Ure of operations by our nrmeil Torcrs tn combat insects. This type ot DOT is now brins; iisort l>y the Rovernment »n farms. I :\nt prjuipiird to .spray or dust anything you ^visl^ lo In- tiiislnl or sprayed, especially liomcs, livisim-ss place*,. i;dr(len!t t barns, rhkktn rm>, ls - sUntl.l-riy. clJlchrs nnd nvthowm. I am also rnoinl to anno«nc« thai 1 have veterans wnrkin; for me, who have just been discharged Crttm tin- Army. Why Pay More Than Necessary to G«* Your Property Cleaned of Pesty fnsects? 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