New-York Tribune from New York, New York on November 20, 1916 · Page 7
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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · Page 7

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1916
Page 7
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Thc Smilc i wa arrested yesterday afternoon. ^, v ;,* . r insulting a woman. I think, wu thc way thc charge waa wor I can hardly realisc it yet. I liaii been over in Jers y nearly all day. tramping with Elaine. Tho glory of thc PaD day seemed to have seeped into mj 08. The irown leavea everywhen . Thr - never bluer. Tho atmosphere never clearer, And Elaine never moro companionable. We nny little French place way up on the Thi or. the tablecloth . oiled. and the itnell ol ciieap wine clung to the room. 'i laugh made the meal something to remember. Street at ftvc o'clock and hurried di wn n in the subway. iness, I - was singing within me. Mj arm with the sunshine of Life. like crying my joy aloud. ? 1 noticed a girl wait inp for a long line motora to p4-> by. . li, wan tl ng, auch aadneaa looked out of hrr tired eyea' She wasn't pretl , and not at all the kind of girl to i ? tion. oh! she i mcL "Been standing in some store all day." I thought. And tht 1 thought of how 1 had spent my d That aaddened me a litt And 1 i411 h I'd like to bring a little sunshine even a minute into her lonely face. A. - nf ihe happened to glance my way and 1 unj], . . iled ln a friendly way as I might .. child who looked tired and unhappy. rd. tde no move. alled a policeman and had me arrested. | ?.. ? a court and possibly disgrace. God i> my .iudge. 1 swear I only meant to try to smilc a little happiness into that poor girl's life .... .nd now I'm wondering will the judge believe me. P. \V. BEATEN BY FRAUD, HILLQUIT INSISTS 3.000 Cheer Socialist as He Begins His Fight for Congress Seat 10 comrades cheered Mor *. in a eeterday 1 he had been elected Kepre - rt, but ? : of the off.ce through Ifl, flagrant and shamele** frauds." ta con ? prom backtd by the entire na i.ona! -'?'' b>* "e<*?*& ? 4 carry ou a flgkt to from isaae Biegel. Rc _ r.o truth what II a roeouat were .,1 by the court, he added, he felt to la* resent plurality. |Uit will bring lltfl and one criminal action ' l ttjti election ' that he eharged was in hi* pos nifltrict arann. He will r.lso appear thi Supreme ? tf the \oid ? flllota i lo' th* lamai on the Board -tion* calling for the opening or Battlt WIH Join ln Motiont ? Battli has been re Uintd Dflmoeratit candidate, i ? kelleeei bt .? lawyer said join with Hill bofort Ju?tice "1 have already bad an inveatigation "ar.d bo far I am if u i bavi ? ? the result. [ laid Im fort tht 11 ?.-, ai.d I ihall t o - fl fl 1 : 0 0 ?? - miad ti.**. ?:rist honest elections ?h f'ongres ? uv. whether lr. Rosenbiatt has betn | . apparent to me tha*. I ? 4 dtftated i . .. ? ? i mrt I wi ? . >ant * Ire'iuent ( hargea ol Fraud tatflflfleat made i ti btfl upeecii ?' I * his talk briitled w tl . phraae* and unqualified cbargtl II he aaid: ? ROt ciy fraud because it is fraodL bat becau?e we have net of fraud, and we owe it Ivti but to tbe entire , re?pon?ible far ?Tll givt you a ?arnpl* of how II wi s I first ten dil tai ?: I fltOfl ah*ud. 1 ?. election ingbt. Than irni stopped coming in, and nol for twelvt boan we* another d n Wl.ile thifl unprecedented hold-up was on 1 went around to ?ome polling plaeea. ' One 1 went into wai pr??ld*d over by a board of election in*pectors -<o but let me tell you that they thfl lowest fellows, the ?ile?t ten and the wor?t dope ftendi 1 .-v-rr imv. I ?aw them throw away per ftfltly Kood halloth ca?t for me They declared then. void. They refuied to keep a Ullv on ihe bookfl in ink afl tha ,,.? . . Tht apoloK>* for a tally tbat tl rv aept traa ptsncilled on a tcrap of paper " fient for Police Captain When he prot??ted, Mr. Hillouit con 'inued, tand informed tha four thtt tbty, were Birtiaf with Jtil thty ttnt word to tht ncarttt pelie* itation. On thtlr complHint a police captain C hv thal the t>. . ijrnore all hi** pr ? ""i meant wa were nli Americi.* zens-" , , , . A*. thia the crowd Ian BERNHARDT TO AID BLIND Noted Actreai t<> Appear llere for BifhtkM Heraes a! Allies Sarah Bernr.. \ Fund for Seldiera take pluce in the bullroom ol Biltmore December 3. Mn Alda. of tho Met! p_ny, and other musical srtiata have al.o ci. blmd oaldiera of The hc?ts aad baaet far tha I ? will he aaetioBed ot the Bill Friday afternoon, with pron th W honor, ? l >' of tha ' .r Am.. 0 II P, Bi Clows, *? P. ? Whitridge, to ll i. ? " ? and ller.i\ ? COLUMBIA MAY WIDEN WORK Exlen.ion T.aching Head I'rges I'lmnd ing f>f Cerreepeadaace Caaraea Th4- Exteasioa Tea*, I of Columbia Vt Itl work still further, if the recom mc-ndat.on included ln the BBBUa port of Jasaei C Efbert, ii fo'.lowi .1 aad eorreai Tl ?(? OXl -. ln Bridgeport, E? I " ? Stamfoi ??lt li ?*f _* tha ubivi ? ? ? broade: ? plishes wiUlOOt ' whieh it ia naw naalal 'I WHAT IS GOING ON TO-DAT ? - _ . uiara ? ? ' ? ? i ? ? ,A ' -' * .j -. I ? ... C r 1 ] . . ... v., , tat tfattAt < ? a..- . ' a ' 1*4 r?? a' ... a . , Ci ? I ? | li i i ? ? . ? i Ma_h_U_ii r \ ?H_. A |.? , I, .. .? I_| ? f- * . , H .. _., I*ubll_ _rn<_,: ? . - x .-? y,'t. ?r.rr>h .'r?.r. ?Tlia H'.air. ,? W WallM K?r. I |ic-Jli.| B n.a _ ' I H" ____?! tt * . i ,. ...-? a * ?? . ? " ' ' ,.' ,'? , ? ?> A Ir. ? I. 1 ? ' , .... li -. ....... - A'a I .?'. ? . \. 7*4._-' ? || 44? T_l 11 - r s e A ____ B*l___??Pu-ll * ? ? i_nl a._ \m kenxm. w">* ** 1!-J ",'?r, AVERY HOPWOOD GOES OVERBOARD "Our little Wife" Is Farce Withoul the Experi Touch AUSS ILLINOTON NOT l\ PROPER METIER Work of Robert Fischer. as Walter, Is Best Thing in Play w.-*. ** r, farct hv A*.? rj . the Harril 1 heatre. With Margai i . I nted hy Stl nn r itr ? . i ? ? ? i . i ... i . * Bj BEYWOOD BROUIS :e hi" ? U ipi. "Our Utl ? ?ri in humor. v. arm* r" tht i hns diminiihed, aad thtl bt haa rtly errontoai notion .de for tht * Bparkliag play. A* it and \\ uriiier" had here , rittflii with deliv i iltfpu ? nould Ilopwood nbtervtd that folk , i n Madgi Ktai ? dj litp* d net itrivtn olor tnd ti * t tl ?? I ...-. . ? d. human Mrain hun or which may I ? li al ? milv. but Hop ? draw but, much more than that, ti ? thinf to .-.ii run, nnd <iuite an tf a eartaia ii ?i,i(h will nut bear cloaa n ind tht second , ?' r Littli \> ? ?? | ai ide r . hai not r ,? thnt ... -. .*? ? i r fnr i t ii not a| i Intidiom ? r r.ot ; ? ? VT ? btdroom. ere not < - ilation, bul ? *:it-a "Oir- ven funda . . ounded. The original ? md Invitei oyalty tf hi* wift .. tat. In | makes a odt nf h ;?? tn md tn rt nre other ? . ? ,, band ? bfl dit n remarkii MHt I ? iffl, BBOfl bid . r the time, handi * " He neidtntal. vie retnrn tt t:" tltogethei p-.infu) anil nndlng. "Onr, Littli ? poorly played. Ther* ., why lUrgaret iltinirtun ? ? , tnd there ? . ceellenl rtttoni why , ?! ... It '<>r i ht trick favon -I b| W tl* . .? H ' ? ? i ? M tnd Lowell Sheri tn tnd Efl ngham i well enough ln mort fll .., ,i ti a i tuttnding raittr, capitally playtd by Robert Pi?cher. gton veara aema baaeeome _ OLDEST ACTRESS IS 93 \\<- I fhe Dltltt \"V 111 < elehrate Her Birthday To-morrow Mrfl. Elfle Elltltr, the olde?t living, w\\\ j,,. ? ira old ? to-morrow. li other veara il waa Mn to talk With reporters ? i oteh of h r bii thdtJ of tht dtyi of Booth , iU| h. *~lie Wtl unable to , I ss. ..? with her lon-in- i VVcston, al Sutlty, N. J. i ' ? I ! : .'ii lh.' itflgl lll 1871, ? .--er Ititing prat* . began tl ? i, when ihfl wa tht trma ol Francn oi of 'ne day, iti ? | . i'i Bahj." tl l ? . |n Philadelphia. ? '- lt | parl li . ? j* (ftrion'i MRip ... i parti, farct, : paa Ui || r playtd them all v hnd ? d Edwii Booth tn she ? ? i "Mtrckaat of SANTA CLAUS BUSY ALREADY Attociatiofl Plaaa le Bar* More mmmm\ hri-tmaa Tre^s than Kver I '?? ' husier r |f tka plana ei the ia Claaa Afltoclfltlen , rktn Will bt more throughout avti before and ? ebildren ? . Saata I laaa, iocie \ pi le. A, . i board <rf ger* r mi A-Mnmtion V*oolwti .? , .*. ' tn begin M rampaign tt f Christmas tree* as oi cf poaea in ? ptriai of war. itand ffhildrfla, 11 ???' ?? :. havt already written letters ia Clitu-*. The asaociation gets from the ?His' and turns them over to individual donor*, who s-e thnt the reejOflfltfl are fultilled, if bit. New Northern Bank Dividend Aibany. N'ov. 1!? With the approval of tha Bnpreatt Ceort tf New Tork !.:n'ii> Ritherea. .stat? ? 1 Hmiks, is paying an I per cent dividend to th* <!* ira tf the defunct Northern Bank tf New Vork (ity. Ckttkfl amountin. lo $J75,.rrt*i hava heen mailed to the ib.bOt) creditor* of thii bank. ASKS BILLION TO AID FRANCE Myrea T. Herrlei Makes bapaeelaaa Appeal to Nail.mi for Blatet I'eiuiblir | ? r Philadeli i la, Mer. I I Mrroa T. . Rcrnck, fonaor Aa__aaaadoi ta I i tho i" "pie of tke Uaited Stataa f.-r $1,000.00(1,0.10 to aid the wounded Md haaaelesa af th. ir ; ter roaahlie and r<> raelatai ihe Uuad that has heea ton iad i ur_ keaad hv war. Mr. n. r reqeeet for thii gigaatie sum | i liul.. !.' ' honM of ?r.i Mra, Edward I oti bury hn*;.i.i i ? phia'a ? 'I h. fofl ? r inml. _n appi r.i rer Frai ?? lie of ihe prBiit'i.l.- whieh 'hi. n? tu.p owod te l- ranei, at a 1 ? ? hen . ' ally. I nate all our charity ppcal to onr capital. . ..ui bankoi . oai ? "i. j oeale of the l aitod Sta. Lai Ihe law, onlv for once, in tha nrromplishinent i.f thii arrut work." NEWS OF PLAYS AND PLAYERS Anna Held at the Casino? "Flora Bella" Moving to 44th Street Aaaa Held sad "Follew Me," nn i ouaeod aa thi r to "The riimie" i.t the Porty-fourth Theatre next week, \*...! laataad he brOBght to the. Casino. Ihe p .... ll a musical ihow by MVOtal GeiBBaa au? thors, ono or two Ameriean adaptera and an assortment of composers, and will mark the return of Miaa Held to ;: ? '. taJM, after BB B_ "Flora Bella." pow Bl rill Im moved to the 1 i S ? i !.. "Follo I Me" Anna IIr-1.1 will tako _p tho work recently iaid dawa by| .? l "War l: stopping the war. Mr. laee'a Him was polled tO leavo New York v. ith ' II di and the "W;ri Bridei" admil that .? picture ??? I ln< I taa late to ?ct. In "Follow Me," . r, Miaa Held will i all tho warrii . look for h decided break tho moraiag after the | premiere. The profe.sion .1 matinee of "Captain Kidd, Jr.," BBBOttBced for Priday, has ??, Thuraday ta a'. oid conflict with the Mackay teitilBOBial at thf New Amsterdam. Vivian WtamW, who has been play Ing tha ehoraa fcirl 'n "Nothing bai th Truth," retired fr.nn tho east on Sat urdsy tr. join tha new Shuberl n i production, "Girla Will Ba Glrla." She . loa Barnes. As a itep in the direction of drai uplift tho - *? haT? ''" ;,i"' ., their theatre* will hereafter be of l ?" !li;r;'1 appearaaee aad anifonall sttired An extra matine" of 'Tollyanna" aMIl bc played Bl the Hudson on l>e. ij followiBg Thaakii Otto Hauerbach, who has baen ing that "'Ihe Bilenl Witaeea" would ntiirn tO NOW York soon.-r 01 '.>'?' B * further viadieated ??- terday, wh< productl.?? d playei duly armed in thi - eity The plav eloaod until fur ther nn';c" oa Batnrday night Marv Shaw will bc in thc east of the childrei putondurin holidaya foi :,t t!u> V*aau ._ _ police Cenmisa 11 i -"/e >da will at tend to-nighfa perforBiaBea <>f FixiB** eaaini the raid of the aaetioa bridge pertj bj nd it is expected thal com ? , the eai I ? ' ttina c-mpanlei wl 1 attaad later in tho week in order to see their earda ased. (i. S. K. Red Cross Seal Contest Be^ins Thc National Aaoociation fo Study aml PreveBtioB of 1 aber. . tnnouaced iti third ai |e competition for h< nora bi d town, ' >? tafiwt per < Mlc, ol Red Croaa aeala. rhe vil towm and eitiea will be arraBged Ib ,? -roupa, accordiBf U> populatioB, SSapeaaaat will be preaeated ta the wiBBeriB each group. tea will ?IM. divided into three elaases, according ll populatiOB, and B banner will b. ..iven tne winner in oaeh elaaa. New York won the state prue last year. NEW CLARK FILW SEEN AT STRAND Screen Star an Ent.C.flg Prevaricator in "Miss (ieorge Washington" THE SIN YF DO," RIALTO'S FEATURE Frank Keenan in Photo play?Valeska Snratt at Academv *?? i lurk ihould " i " ?*? * tal. for tha * plain ?i "JI (,. ? _??? *.'. ' tl the S'rrwi.l tkia wttk Bkt aaraa tfct title by 'mr iaability t<. t-ll the truth. She .i ii prevaricator one miRht even chII "rter and itglier name, but -ina nurm- ' Bv av*. ttktl iaid be as iwflflt h Btrnl ... li he is alt". ???k an.l enticing and rrot wear her hun- in ringlfltfl. Mitl Clark'i moch terror in the situation whieh her fallthi . Iag, Bka m tma to take it fnr d that btr audience flrill und'-r itaad and laugh With her, imt merely tt her. That seem* to i" tht .eent of Mitl Cll right 'ail tad foolfl the rest of I v. I !i a win Borniet Somers stsrts ripht otf the hoodi ii ichool, bat h a acrioni mien . ? ??? \ matt* * ." tht il dee i ean* not tell a lie. Her partner ia gailt ii Aliea Alt wold, played hv Florenca Martin. After Ben Ice i tire medal ?he it amund her neck eonttantty reminder to her tuociatei that ? beyond impicion. When ?pprthended In tht middle of a mid? night ? lei tht ehaftng dish in btl lidet thr tray under ?he tablt ???' tht tfirls under the bed, -1-, led tO i ? ? ? II of Wtlth ra ? he is apparently wrapped i'i ilurabtr, with her truth medal Ip her liand. I ft'. i'Oh, 1 dreamtd that t beau tiiul angel ua" bending over me aml thtn i twakt tnd it ih you." Ona iee Miss Perkiaa to tppn thia. Lattr Bflraiet Kets ln more aenou* trouble when she and A'.ice ttttmpl tO itetl tway tfl ? matinee. Just as they ta Join their flflcort, Perkini appear*. Tt tavt tht litua ? n m rited te call on Mr. and Mrs. Gardner, . Perkina insi-ts on tcei .... ter, tnd here I'ernice didn't ki oa ll thi n. In . litaation she i* forctd "i become Mrt. Gtrdntr and tfl : |y Traftoa, tht man room iht entert, u Mr. Gard? ner. Of enurse. the younp couple are in viti-d for t "???' ?* - ' itrt trt tll i eomplieatiom whleb tlwtyt ll ' lor.s, but fl Georgi B ngton ivery om' "l have deeeived rou tll, but now 1 will ttll nothing but the truth. Mra. Gardntr couldn't be there baby ha.l tht ?eafllet.N irae, everj er, ti >l oift tha< ht ttka Mrs. Gardner to btcomt Mra '1 rafton. ? ffl De," with Frank K tt iti tl .tart al tkt R The plai geti twty to ? good itart, but toward tbe aad, A eourt room iceoa ii nol ?? Intereiting in the t ia n tkt pokl n drama. Theri r,"u* about littening tt tn impaaaiontd addreat which cannol be heard. Then. too. Itl i that tht charaeten which Mr n, a* Barrel Steele. was defend- | ing wert nol inttrttting tnoogh to c\ .?, ? 'rom tht audience. Oi.,. t Mar; ** trd, tbe . ihould 1 ave known that no trir' . tnd that Aliet W trd wai rather of t perton tfl drivt a man likt Dact *\ hitloek tfl aaeh a fieasy. Frank Keenan li ""??' coavlaeing. The littlt tlftir whieh nearlv eost lnm bii lift wai with Rou Derrew, a ti married woman, who con pa( ied him. lf all his af ,i on with the lack of arhich bi ditplayed in this one, Barrel 8 etlt was m>t lt black as he irai aainted. Steele did not know tbat he hud a duutfhtcr, and when he Buried Under Soil of Old Home HeTreasuredinTrunk57 Years Christopher Hinrk Died Dreaming of German Town of Hii Birth, and Earth l Ie Brought Oversea in Youth I lelped Fill His Grave TU 1144k low? ?* *,Mi' Br",C,'? __-_,_>__ _4__-a* ""**'"?;, ,.???,; r_r,._i _.ut.. ? 2 end ,.ro,r.,nr*t plaeS ib the ' _ .eai I* ama there communitv there for >"' , ., ?_ _._ . orne him cnimren Mayer. . . . Christephar Hinck fell preei of thU Hi yet often when he looked out upon tho pleaaaat leeff tists beyond the , pane he saw .aateai a .obbl.d ... beases red tiled roof*. and a clean swept mar? ket s.iuare where red eheekei peasants langhod together and slattered over tha cohbles on wooden ihi bright tierman BUBlignt That waa bome. That was Kehilg Braeh, i ,e had been harBi Kehdi. Briirn. which he had left to aeek his fo ia the Kaw Werli afty-eaaea tat ra aj,-. Trunk H?ld l.a_t Hi *? Home And 'hen _nmetime_ when the old eyes were dim. and the lorpinp more I eartbreakinc than BSBal < hristophi-r Hinck would steal away to the Bttie and, openinir a heavy that - there plunjre hia hands __.p into itn eonunts. fWhaae bia o fe him there. and aittirif Ho?n at hia m.i. over the open box tbe ?wo woald dream together of days long fUkt Mi K.hdig Bruch. . u ._____.. _____ To.ether the two old people would i livt over tgaifl the day they t'llled tl I r mariiatje was tktfl Itill n thrilllng rvent of yetttrd?y. C young* a:. " and brave, tnd their iteamer tieketa wera ' md "ll the n: native ai laga for *????? Ut* World. ??lt - *opher had said. i.- he dffOVa hia spade mto the ' tal i 'he flarth ef gi i trbfli Ofl <ne, we shall be bu ? ' ll |a i< ?bchtnT Aml tht girl II ** 'he htadfuli eheat That was tne che?t over which the worn old coup'.e BOW dreamed. Huried Inder German Soil ? thfl rame the kaowltdfa tfl old fhris'opher that he would never look atfum upon the pltataat ttl . et as his .ii td his lonifir.g for home inCMaitd. Oaly a few days before he tfl bi' bed for the last time he a' fur hours beside the chtst ' J! of the fatherland, that lalaed tfl him. Chriatopher A. Hinck rest* in the of u Montclair cemetery, but he tf Oermany about him. Hefore 'he coffin wa* eloted yes? terday bi| wife had the cheflt brouis'ht to ita tidfl. Then with her own with ered hands sl.e ptflrtd half of its cun tenta ifl the body tf her husband. tVflfl as a ifirl more than a half cen truy ago she had poured this name soil l chetl and had laui;hud at her ' yaaag hu-band'* talk of death. \\ hen ahe Roen to Jelfl him again the cheflt will fltand itnpty. She will |il ..: his |idi in aU that remain? on this ? *" the Atlantic ?f the ioiI ofl Kehdig Bruch. Ii called iipmi to defead Alu-e Ward. ? i. killed his best frieri.!. Dace ll i-i oaly aftar bia wifo teil? him their danghter is to be tried for mur? der that he eaaaenti to defead ber. In hii ad.lre-. .ry he tell? ?t hia ??? lation hip lo the priaoner and . rerved .... waa rr,..-* obligiflg ?nd allowod Bteele ta take] .1 i.r ?> r 111 hia ai ms and pn h.-r t.. tl,.- [nry. Aj gentfemeB, thev eould after tha* do irothing against her. \aleakn Beiatt ia at the Academy in i. ilou , " It would perhaps be more i paretyssai af jcal .. . ir. ir..i_hs. i ??? r_v*i aai teara her hair in lealouiy, nnd when -hr is tinallv de tected By her huaband and thrown out OB th** t'ront la OOOO hor rea iob, sad i; apparently aboal ro bo di *r. fed I.. 'he god.-. Her husband h ,v, | noan better than to . Lruel a WOBMM Who would wear ?' ? with ln'. -si/.e,| blackbirdi \u-r hasaaai wai Pet*. Martin. fil.iv.*.! I.v Wal'-r V. hen bo decided rnnr he hai had . -.,,1.,-}, of Val ?? : ? il owed hia (irst of Intelligi Val'*ska was Anne Baxter, who mar ir money, and ther. procooda to eparate tho man she loves from hia wi'o. She makes it appear to Koland ?. that his wifo had apaat 'he with a villain Pnmed Hai dolph Parsons. Then ahe wnlei n;i anonymOUl letter anl sen.'.s b v.p Agaea'i baleoay ,- .,1 compromise her. Randolph is ty exit, however, ,on of the baleoay | wav. daehing him to lus ieath. B .'ust long enough to e.oncrate Aani goea on trying to wm tha man she ooco iporaed for hii laefc | Ith. 11.' all she does ia to ac- , compllah her o\*.n min. II. U. J.C CLARK, NOTED AS CLOWN. DIES Succumbs at 82 to Break down Causcd by Re ligious Work Hranch. M. J., N'ov. 10. "ap? tain John Orum Clark, tho oldest liv iag tlown, who was knock'ng 'em otT with the Dan Rieo circus 'way back in 1819, died hero to-day. He was eighty-two years old. Keligion, which he embracei". in his fiftieth year, was the indirect cause of his ileath. With tlie memory of many lurid circus days to aper him on, he was an indefatigable worker in the Uethodial ''hurch and an exhorter of no meuti ability. In December, 1014, hia religieaa work brought about a breakdowa from which he never recov? ered. Hut until he fell aaleop for the laat time Captain Clark "ever believed that he would not recover hia health. ?*Six doeton have told tne 1 woald never live te ba lereaty," be woald aaa I el ICkla. "Dut I've lived to aee 'OH all buried." Before he aettlei at Branch ll lalaiag years of his , Capl lia Clark had a rariai ex{ie II.* ran away from his home, in New York, at sixteen and joined the Dan ihow, an.l for tw.n'.v years there? after toured North and South Amer ? i Kurope. Duriag this time it 4 boa-: be Bllei evi ry position on the circus payroll but ticket taker His ipocialty was broadjumping, and he became profeoaloaa .champion of rorli by defeating W iltlaaa K:ng 'he then champion, in IM.. For thirty years after his retirement irk ran an oaprass beeineaa ? i mg Hranch. He leavea a son and a daughter. He was a member of the Maaona, <>dd Pellaws, Knights of II and the Order of the Kastern Star. _ OHIO SOCIETY AT CHURCH I'astiir I'rearhes Sp<*eial Sermon on Pioneers of Nation Members of the Ohio Society of N'ew York went to c'nurch as a body for the tirst time yesterday, when they atten.l ed the morning aervicea at tha Fourth Preabyteriaa Chareh at the invitation of the pastor, the K-v. B-gBT Wiuiak. r reaidenl chaplain of the ?oelety. Dr. Work'- lernton, 'Tne Mission of tho Pieaeer," was Iargely a rarlew of Ohio'a biatory and eareera ol *******' most native sons. He reealled the pioneora of all time. from Abraham. "tho original pioneer," who loft the valley of the Kuphratt*** to seek a l*r countrv. i.wi*. tO Daniel Hoone. who blased the way late the "dark and bloody ground." Boene, Geerge Rogeri Clark aad Abraham I.incoln, he aaid, ?mbodiod the most vivid pioneer spirit. Liaeoln he called "the most truly rep le.entative, the (irst Amencan. Among the twentv or more members of the societv present were the presi? dent. Charlea Pattersen Braeh; David Homer Hutes. ir.. vice-president; Mil ton P. Jackson. secretary; William A. Dobbya, recerdiag seereury; Howard 1 |nor Crall, treasurer; Kvarts I.. I ren tiss. recordiBi aetretary-eleet; Reaaell l Bare noraliioe for the board of true tee?; Lewla D. Baker. Bagaae Prayer, Walter I Baraet, lohn H. Hlood and C. K. Althouse. -?-?? WORK ON NAVE TO 00 ON Iti -hup f.reer Kiplains St. John'a Ca? thedral I'roject nishop David H. deer said last night that the suspen.ion of work on tha nave of the Cathedral of Sr. John the Divine, on Morningside Heights, ,'y temporary. an I that eonatmc tion would be resumed within a few nionths. . . ., "We have had other similar sus ma of work," iaid Biahop C.reer. "lt has been our custom not to attempt more than we had money for. and when our building fund is depleted we stop the woik and wait until we have col loeted more." Bishop ?aid that plans had been made through which lt ll be : sufficient funds would be co - to complete the nave, which will -tw2en $1,000,000 and $1.500000. He refused. however, to say what these plans were. "There are some thinfi, he said, ?which it is not necessary to tell the public. We intend going ahead and buildinir th. cathedral, and when it ia completed it will be without a cent of debt."_ $250,000 Fire at Roscoe. N. Y. Roacoe, N. Y., Nov. 19.- Fire de itroyei the entire bu.inei* part of thii village earlv to-day, with a loss esti? mated at I_.i0.000. More than a doien buildings and reiidences were burned including the Koscoe National Hank. tho Faiibe! Roaao. the Rfaverkill House and a theatre. The village is a iummer ..f Sullivan County. Waldorf Orchestra Dincs The Waldorf-Astoria orche?tra had Ita seeonil annual ilinner at that hotel last night. The guests of honor wert* PritS Kreisler. violinist; Henry Had? ley. the composer; Professor Samue1 Roahaer, head of the department of music at Columbia Lniv.riity, and (ieorge C Boldt SIX VMINISTS HEARD IN A DAY Kreisler, Flman and a Newcomer from Russia Among Virtuosi HOCHSTEIN GIVES ANOTHER RECITAL Many Turned Away from Metropolitan's First Sunday Concert Tfl flmpbafliflfl the flf music which New York is called upon to hear thifl Bfleaea, it Ifl tfl be noted that in the eight concerts worthy oT the attention of lovrs of high-class mu-;.- givtn in the metropoli* ft - riolin v: ? * v.ere bttrd. Two ef thete, Frita I l?# and Miachfl Klman, belong in popu? lar and nl a ta i greal extent in criti ? m tfl the Brflt rank; and *f men like Albert fpalding, David Hoch ?tflifl and A. Haitowitch i the lait a newcomer from Russia, who gave a COncflrt ln lirooklyn, and of whose abil rt unable to speak from our own kr ai i M ia Emily Grcs ler, who gflVfl variety to Yvette Goll" bert'i, ara tei down as more or ' ?.-, thara will no doubt be found plenty of people to dispute the elfl There would be no .ie in attempting to compare their pcrformari'-' tfll Jay even if it had oot bei Lil impossibility to hear then Mr. Krtitltr wa- playing in ('arnegie ?? thtt Mr. Spald Ltolitn Hall and Mr. Bochltein wai playiag in the Com i bl iire. Ur. Kreisler played a ellaneoui programme whott cul miaation was reached early in the Bath ChaCOnne; Mr. Spalding played Beethoven'i eoncerto at the Symphony eoncert' undtr the direction of Mr. Walter Damroteh. Mr. Hochhtein and, wa belitvt, Mr. Btitowiteb wero down on the lilti for tha bttadtltflohfl con? eerto and Mr. Klman for thp Goldr.ark ? BCi tfl flt thi Int of the Sunday tvi ning tflon at the Metropolitan Opera House. (ireat Halls Crowded The fact that so many artists of note in one department of music were grouped in > day is interesting tr.ougi to il comment un neeeaaary, tflpecially when it i.s adderl tt Carnegie un<l Ai olitn bl I tnd 'lie Metropolitan Opera House itrained the eapaeity of thotfl rooms to the utmost. In fact, Mr. Krtitltr had a tuppltmtntary audience fin the itag i, from arhich ba araa roped t manner that gave the platform the appearance of a pagiliatic arei.a. An Ufl of the day, which ii nol lil ly to receive tpecial men lon tltewhtre, araa the repetition at the Sym| tty'l concert of a peculiar!;.* d-dightful, though unfa miliar, lymphony ia D by Bayda, a eompotitfon written for the band at Eittrhat in 17*8, and remarkable for tht holdness and origmality with which tht Inttramflntl are treated, etpei tht group of four horns. lt, like Mottl's trtnteriptlon of Liszt'* "St. Franei* Preaching to tho I!"and the "Wald** '.-? I.iii." from "Siegfried," had been pltytd on Saturday at a concert of the Young People'l Society. Cadenza Out of Place Mr. Spalding al?o played at that con eert, bat ? coneerto by Ifosart instead of tho Beethovefl work, which was bit number ytittt lay. There wh* much in bil performance to interfero per fflct tnjoyment, especially in the Cadtntat, whieh were ohvously of h.s manufacture; nor did be spare u* one in the middle movement. So great tn trtiil tt Ttayt once re ntarkad that if he could have hi* way hu woald, laatead of playiag ? tadtnta in this work. tuek his violin under hia arm on reaching the hold and tell the audience thal here was tht cnttomar* ? ir a ?? i iflnsa; bai that, con--:ii i ring any and every thing which a player could do with Beethovcn'* ? au imptrtintnet after the com poser had had his say about them, he would tomidtr the eadtntt played and proceed with Betthovtn'l text. Younger playera might with prolit emulate his tplrlt, lf not tkfl flXampla which he aug gi ???ri. I>a\ld Huch*tein in Reoilal Another violinist, and one of some , artistie tttainmtntl, appeared in the afternoon, when Pavid Hochstein gavt a recital at the Comedy Theatre. Mr. Hochittin is one of the most promising of the younger men and whatever he tfftrt is well worth hearing. He played yesterday the Ua-*h Suite in E minor, the andante ar.d tllegTO from the Baeh Third Soaata, tht Mtndtlttohi t'on CtrtO at.d two grooOfl tf ihorter num? ber-. Mr. Hocbltein i<* an artist pofl* leiltd of an admirable and at time* hrilliant ttcbniqufl, whose interpretive powtn already are weii devtloptd. A little larger tone might ;,t tlmtl have bttn ditirtd yttterdap, hut his playing tf tbfl dirticult Baeh number* was worthy of warm coinmendation. The Society of tht Fri'-mis of Music. flt :t.s afternoon eoneert Ifl the Kiti, rn. mntfld flfl all-Brahm* programme. A ijuartet. eonsistmc tf M.<- Alve*. Mni". Gflrdfl von Waet j.n-Friedberg.; I'aul Hraper an.l lteinhold Ua Warlieh. .-ang teveral of Brahmt'a ojaartttt, and Carl Friedberg flflhytd a group of his piano piece-. The tuditflCt was e\ ceedingly large, aml ttttiiltd to the grewtb of this new musical organiia liOtl. Firat Metropolitan Coneert [fl the evening tin- Mttropolitav Opera Compaay j.iw the tirst tf Itt if).' iiar Sui day night toaeertt. The outside arti.-.' was afiacaa Flman, nnd. rhtn tlu ? \ .olinist play* at 'he Metropolitan, a huge au ditnflt waa present. li. wa* said tbat mort than a thousand. prosnective 1 icket buyers WOffl turned away from the rloo'i. Mr. Flman played with his accus? tomed tluenev and hi< accustomed wealth of tone the Goldmark Coneerto in A minor, Wagner's "Aibumblutt" and Wltnitwtky'l I'olonaise in A major. The two Metropolitan artists ap .- trart Artner Middltton and Mlti Bophie Bratlaa. a apecui word tagbl lo he saul for Miaa Braslau's ?inging of "(ii-it-ehter (iott." from ?Kien/.i." She has an exceedingly beau? tiful natural voice. Mn? Hraslau also sang "Oh, mio Ferr.ando," from "la DUTTON'S NhZW ROOK* Oll) BOOKS I14HEIIOOKS 681 FIFTH A\EM F. Favor,ta." Mr. Middleton. who VM _Uo in good vo,<e. sang B-0.1 appro .'. . v Do rhe Nation* So Fu I _?>," from "The Messiah. ' ., "Largo ?1 factotum " ..- I Bag-Bvaa condur'e.i most effect ? "Le Roi d'Y? ' *' .r'.e*. ' Mme. f.uilbert Inimitable Mme. Vrotio Gailberl gave a ?f hei reeitali m the eve, r.g ar the Marine Elttotl Theatre. A' ia to tei I-i the lily. tb praise of Mme. Oulbert Bniqae anl unapproachabi. ? ?; *. .| loal r _',t in one >. numbers by a .-'norus. Mi*< I ? . two ,tro.ip? of ahort numl." tt the Harrii _.rt.,. hti ?'?? ? <? Tak i ? ... Tollefaon Tr i, M i Mar; -..prano. and RogOl 9* ISruw, and Mercei de P;na. The audurt ? thar has yet aftended one of eoncerts. .-?? PASTOR ATTACKS FTJNSTON Raptiat Reaenla Rentrirtion?? on Rorder laHgteae fmttata General Firiston's refusal to paraal revivals m the OBBBBa af the : roop ?loaf the border was attacke i ? ? '?'? ehild, pastor of the Central Baptif 'hurch. who preached last night upon n'i Rule Againal th' Dr. (ioodrhild ackro-vledge.) tha* tbe general said hr _ . . r* th>* Hap ? ? ta preach to his men if they said ng to arouee gioae emotion* ar.d attempted nothing ia the kat adde.l that :'. wa' impossible for a Baptist to preach un? der thi ' one. "We apparer>?ly have a government that does not protect Ameriean e anywhere," he ^a..!. "aad I shall adv:s* nos a the araaj. loaree it, nai ta -ght to pro- i . ? . mment which wi'.l not protec* woald you V ? e - WILLIAM THOMSON DEAD Hrother of Kxplorer Li*-e*d 17 . ear* ln I'ar Kast Refore < uming to America William Thomson. a retired busi? ness man o' Lancasrrr. PoM . died Thursday at his residence, _ West Naaety-feertli street. ? Mr. Thomson was born in Aberdeen. Seetlaad. When a young man he Hevcnteen years in the Far Eaat his brother. -lohn Thomson. t_M tir.gTiished exploror. He came to this country about thirty > ara airo, resid ing in I.ancnster. He removed ta New York about ten years ago. His .urviving children are Miss I?a bei'e ThoauoB, Al iee Page Theeaeea, Enilly Newland Kaston, Charles I.. Thomson and William A. Thomson. DR. HENRY S. NORRIS Former C,uard*?man and City Hoipital PhysiHan Dlea After Brief lllneaa Dr. Heary Baldaa Narria, .ixty-eight years old, died yesterday in his home, 10 West _*orty-ninth Street, after a hri-*f illness. Dr. Norris was * former memher o' the 7th Infantry*. N'ew York National liuard, and of the Veterans' Associa? tion of that regiment. He began liii earaar as nn iriterne in Bellevue Hos? pital and later became attending ph> - ician at the City Hospital, on Black well'l Island. Hi* was a member of the l'nion Club, New York Yacht Clah, Century Club and St. Nieholas Sedety. Bride Found Dead; Husband Held Bordentown, N. J., N'.v. lf.- Mrs. Rertha Cook, tw.nty-threo years old, was found dead to-day in her kitchen at 229 Spring Street. A shotijun charge had torn off the back of her head I ward Cook, to whom she was recently married, was arrested tne re ?ult of the inqucst. MARRIED MOFFIT BOIII.AND On Saturday. No? vember J*i, at /.ion Chureh, Wap pingers Falls, N. Y., by the Rev. (lerald Cunningham, Klia Aufrere, youngest ilaughter of the late John Borland. Ksij., to Albert Kowchffe Mottit, M. D. N'otirea of in_n.i(r? anil deatha mnal he |. ?.,...;. hv full r.m.l. anil ,.!?!..?-. DIED Cartia, Mary A. I'ost, Kdmun.l R. Diabrow, B. N. Snrague, Carl.ton. Norris, Henry S. IN MEMORIAM McCimmon, Leora. CURTI. On Saturday, November 1?, at her residence in N'ew York City, Mary Alathea Curti>. ildeal daugh? ter of the late Chief Justice William Edfl-oad Cvrtia ar.d Mary A. Curtl.. Funeral kimvi.cs will be I.. 1,1 _? Watertown, Conn. D-SBBOW At his roidene.. M| B 108th st., on November lt, Itld, H< I jamin Newton Disbrow, husband af Joscphine Louise Diabrow and son of the late Benjamin Newton and Sarah Haviland Diabrow. Funeral private. Kmdly omit flowcrs. NORRIS Henry Selden .Vorria, M. D.. aged i)9 >ear_, Supday, November 19, after a short illness, at hia residence, 10 West 49th st. Funeral servicea at the Chureh of the Heavenly Rest, 46th *t. and Fifth av , Tuesday, No? vember 21, at 2:80 p. m. rOST Oa November 19. Edmund R-* dine Post, aged 7. years Funera' services Tuesday. . p. m . at 391 Cor vent av., near Woot 117th ?*.. later ment private. SPBAGUI Carletea, iee of tne ??? Ebaa Carleton Spiague and i both H. Williams. of Buffalo. X. Y at his roaidoaee, IM Eaat ?J7fh it New York Citv. Notice of fi hereaflcr. ln Memoriam M'CAMMON* In loving, tender an.i eonstant memory of I.eora. dearh beloved child of Ida I.eora . Mct'am moni Olmstead. November ft, 1900 i nriwiBiBi mr uooin \u\ CBUVBBjK ::j.I _i l?v Trala __d by Tioll.j Lot* ef amall au< (..r ?_I.. omce aa . ..i ia at. m y Christmas }ueti\ Calendars, Christmas Cards, Private Greeting Cards. An eaaaeall. ?ttrachv. collecbea ls aow oa a.-ihitioa?probably ? larfer variety ikaa cao be foaai ia aay other ttore. ll is nol Im early te eaaao ??leclieas. Putnams..*? $?***_? ? y. iu?i *?-?f-i>r Sis Ara

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