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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, September 3, 1879
Page 2
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SCIENTIFIC PROGKKSS. T1LDAVLI Disc ovriMi s wn.hmkd. Hit. BBMOB riVI TllK ami hk an ak-oOA I MMTllK TMSCOVKRirS iiIt mai'r DJ Hl? KXI K HIMKX TS tor tii* ru??i>r?Ti"N or plkctric moiit? pioo I SsoK CTIAM'LLR ?PKAES ON TUB SAltA ^TPi.t SIRINi.s, Ill tin* report which is Appended of Mm pro rytM-iiings nf the Anieriran A*?o? iatinn yester? day, the important paper hy Mr. rimmus A. ? Edison is given in full. It iltssTil** lu? cidly the important discoveries he made in the treatment of platinuni. An ??swIICl of Mr. I";?*??:i m piper on the test nf Kai attic machines is ndd d. An Account is n!r?o given of tlie i?it<rtstiiig remarks by PrxrftOabQI t'liimllor on the Siirntosra Springs, witii details showing the general work of the scientists at yester? day 's session. TDK PK'KTF.DINGS Of1 IT IK KCIF.NilsTS. a POI1 Lai i>im orhsi- BJJ mi: *ak ? i< ?<; t si kinos ?papers rnnn mr. BBBBoa am? mi;, i i i<?x. IfKOM t sasMsAaSOMBaaaHaaan or ttik rsrnrwaj SaiiaOx.v. BapA ii.?The closing BggBBBflg of the annual mretingof tho American Association for the Advancement of Seicnce were hehl to-day. The in ? in here look ba.k upon Iheir week of work as tune well spent. uud which will ho fruitful in remit-. Ii ha* l?ecn one of the richest and most iintM.f mir un einig* ever held hy the association in the number ami value of Die pu|s>ts presented, ami one of ihe most notable in attemlaiice and interest. Aniontr the moat popnlsr meetings of the associa? tion has b?eti that given to the subject of the Sara t >ga springs. Ar the Town Hal! was occupied at the time the addresses were riolh red in tho largo M E. Chareh in WaahJagton-at. The interior of th.e church suffered a change into something new Bl 4 strange. On the platlorni WBB O BOW mi tahsSS beating big jars oontauut.g water from tho principal springs, bottles f.lled with < imiuieals, ami geological specimens of various sizes. Under ihroe glass covers wero watch crystals, in winch were salts and other ??ltd matter obtained from three pint - of watt r fr >m three well-known springs. In the neatOn irystal was a heap of white powder made | Op Bf all the solid eubalances which can be got out I of a pint of the water. In the crystals about this j Were the amounts of each constituent; in some ; BBBM ati almost Imperceptible quantity, m others a; pile loo large to be overlooked. Across the ol'irau front and aaeapj ing nearly all the space behind the platf.'i in were broad rolls of nlath. with names and aVgureson them. At a distance these mighi lm\e been mistaken lor the bulletins on which election Jp'tiini- art exhibited. They at tnally were displnrs of analyses af the Saratoga nml liellston waters, and Of other wcl!-ktiowu waters in other parts of the pawn try. One anelyahi wee of 'rotou, and all ex ??< nt . \i? r.*s wi re astonishes! to see by this, and to hear from Professor Chandler, that this coinaim d a Bjaaatrtj Of saits and other substances in solution. The acctnini gleea by pTafaaaf Chaarilai of min eral wad rs in goner tl. and the characteristics ,.f i he TarhaM ehtaaaaiwasaheapBad interesting. Hiado POrtpthNI ll tletail of the nature of the springs here and of ti e MBBBBBOBa held m solution by Iba watet-, was very thorough, but the entertaining I Wav in which he handled bis theme, ami his ant- i mati ii dt !.v?ry, prevented its ever becoming dull. l'mfessoT t'hai.dler showed that the popular im pgaaBBM that sonic of the waters arc tie fen prating i-, erroneous. This impression was t!m< to the diaooVirv of sprn us with wnitts innre BHaagly galiaa I baa Ib-iea of the old spnegs. ihe wetrira of the latter tasted fhtl la eoniperisi n with these stronger eaten, '. was pjao found that the notion thai tbewatereef soaseot the springs ware " doetored " with E paean aal ta had n founda? tion. 'I In history of the foimr.lon of the "high N " ai I Iii High Kock Sei mg hy the wat?*r ih positing carbonate of lime forming! tuia Was pit senletl at consldeiabie leugtb. ihe theory of a l.< a geeSaaiat) that tha ashes of a charcoal tire, Whlel were ttis uverad by excavation many feet below tha aarfaeeef thetafa ar thisspnug, Blast have dated bank over &.0UU years, was ruli Calad Hiatheory wai based mi ihe opinion that the ; ufa lotms very slow i\. Be was wrong in this, BaProfaa aar I baBdlai peered bj axautples of rapid formation, lie axhlbted on.- lurg' Bpeciinen of tula ln ni the Chaaipioa Bpouting iSprr f Which bad been farated in a year. The apeakai ahowedboa Up presence oi vanous ele Bteata ia Ihe rpHna w aten waa detected by chenn pal reaetiona. whicn he nlnafrated by inter?.?tu.g but simple sTparlajoata. whisb were enr.reiy sue aaaafal lie g i.logy of Saratoga was described be Profeaaor .lames Hall, Stato Geologist, nmt Profi mwmt l. Bterry Hunt anoke ot the gassaais af the springs. Hoth I"n fessor llant ami PrefaaeM ( handler nedau-ii th. (he sup- ' pa oi mineral water nadei Ike surface of this part of ll - Stele was inexhaustible, and ll was shown thai a spring eOBM be ss-: BoWIBg al.t a:i> Where in or about .--arato>;:i by baaing an artesian well. A man who bad Deeds ' tut tun? in oil in Pennsylvania Beaaa bartag aar oil in a bill ui Ballatou, bringing uiuch in., ale upon h aapjlf] lb' gol down ovei otsi feet, and then a friend, who ki.e.v thai boring foi I oil t era aas useless because it waa not in oil region ?Mshnjpcalty. threw a pioee of steel down the hole, IBM pteveaRDg farther hariaa. from this artesian wall tomes uu ahuiidai.f supply ot mineral w der, ant: it bus Hm ms ulhir property of " blow ing otf'' once .> BBJ w i.L u laud noise. MB. KDlsON S DI-OIVKKMIS. Hb oh tatareat waaaThaeod la regard ta an Im? portal.! paper be Mr. Thomas A. Edison ou "The l'lieiioiiicu.i of Heating Metal i:. Vaciio by Means oi an Kb ttno t.'urrent.'' lu the ubs .,vv of Mi. Edison l'i diss-i.r F, K. I'ptou read the paper from the wnter^.s cMU'isite mannstnpt. In the course of iuy experiments on eh-ctrbl hchtliig I hsve developed some sinking phenomena ai'sing from the baaMag af axolala hp Baaate aad by thi electric cur pBPt(oapi lally wires oi pl.itluuai BBdplstinuru a' >>ye?l ? .t:. Iri'ilum. Th'sc cxperlinems are still in progro-s. ?The llrst fsct ohaerved was that platte am lost weight when heeled Bl a lUuie of hpaawpeo, ihnt tha uieiat T'dored Nat flame green, ami that lue*?o two results reii ttBBBf until tae whole of the plstintim lu contact with the name hail t21sap|s?atTsi. A platinum wire *\,x>o Of an inch lu d.aotetcr and weight H'M'> nillu grsiiiines was tMinched togt tuer and stupeudtsl In a pyabsaajaa dame. Ii lost weight si the r .te of s frAc. lien less than one milligram!: o p*i hour ss long asp Was si.spentlnl lu tae flsine. W . a a p.slluuai Wire Is paTetebeil l>et?e. i, two clsiuiun^-te st?. %!.,| urrsttgesl to pass IhraaaTi ? hydrogen flame, it is colored a light gPOM, bat whan Ihe tornjierattire of ihe s ite Is rai-o | a be V> thai of the flame, br paaalag a current through it, Ike Uat'ie i* c?loi.?4 a deep iraae. To MSSPtala the in t?,i velght of a plstlnnm w ire when heati <l by f'e etc, irle ctirren?, I placed is.tween two claiup ng posta a wlia Bicoo tlf au Bpa) le aaaaaaBBr, aM weigiiuig UrtU mint grain.t This wire, aftei it was lui tisht to Incati aeaeents for twsaty mitiute* nr tae eerreat, tost t^ue i isniiue. TBe same wir? waa llien rsls'si to incan gMeeBMi f?r isrrnty minutes it gave a Inas of iureo mmijrraanisTa Ai?e:*ard it was kept Ines ee?is-ut for oae SaBI and ten minutes, at I a hah I lie it welglie J ? .. i > tigi atuiuiis>v a letsl loss of P mlllicrs?i? ea. Another wire aetghine 313 millt ai suiiiies kept moderate ? meaoOSSMBl IM nine Beara,after ekieb ll weighed 101 mllUgraaoroes, show lug a letal hats Of 4? u.:!l<, A plaltaw wire *0,,,?, of ua inch In diam? eter wa? wound in the roiin of a spiral V oi an |. 4 i i<l ra il -t an Itiob lu h inrlh. The two oil the spiral wars seemed to elawplaa-puota. aad I be whole apparat?a ta Mvarad wit a a suss ?bade --a ln< Im-s in tlianieter and 3 inrhes high. CfpM hrloglnr I be st.I si to tiiearnlea<ene?> for iwi nt? luniuiea ibal part of the glob* in llae with theaMes of the spiral oeeaiiie Slight.? tlai k-tied ; In five hours the detour beeaine so thick tiki ihe in. at.ties, en -;.l>al i "oj.l uu; I,.,.,- n tbroMgh the ilepoait. This flint, wuieh Was umsl perfect. aaaaaateO ol pMHoaaa, and 1 havn nodoum hut tust Ini-f states ml .ass might be aoeted eis leaaeaalty tiy plat iuj tfa tti on eact side ?f a large she, t ol ptatlaum sept laraadfIQSBl by the ?leotru eurrenu this loss in waagbt, taaataar with nw iie^?<ti bm ile a-iuss, pio B-utei] a veir serious ohataiic to the use of metal lie WtlM for " giving light by liieamiesceiire, nui tin* was easily surnjoiitted after the cause Wa? ascertained. I oo'ited the wire foim lint tha spiral wlta liie nxula at tuagn'si'itii, Bl duel. Bg upon It Auel? |sjwu, nsi seel ale of uiasue Biam i while l?eeaaaaMat the Mil was ceoonap. n d hy the heat, and iheie reuisiol a strongly adhereiit i. i in. of ti e mule. Tlnsap ral sots-ated was nur-rnl BUB B glas- shade and brougat to Ineatidaaeeune for aeretai tpiiio'.i I. nit, itisteaii ot ? depoali of plaliinini 0|moi the faBBSj Mara w,?s a BapsMI of ;be oriue of luagoe-.a. MBB teal ami <>iBer eaiierlmesis I bes stBM a llaeeB to i this waa due to tho W (blur set on of tba air upon lias aplral | t.iat the 1, sa of weight ,u sod Ihe ? - r . i - of ihe hidr-xg. ii rlsros wsa also One to the weailng awav of tie siirfats- of ihe plstlus hr the slltllloli pKHlUctd by the iinpuet of lua atreairi or gaacs uimiu is? huuiy iD'saadcaet'tii surface, abtl bot to Volatll.talloh, ?s , <>ui jnouiy aaeaMaaea i ans I veetare to aa.v. aiihoaga i bave not tried the MPSMBMH t, thai loetallie aodiutu MB0< he volatllls-d lu bieh \ania by the heal derived from iiitanaeaeaat blatlnuoj; Buy rflcct lhat Umy bo produced will be <iue to the aaai> iiia aeti<>n of Iba residual air. Allot the expenroM t irssi deatsrlbed I pats* d a spuulof BBataBaa ti, th'- riei rear Of a ooinrtmn mr pump and arrang*Ml tl in "tteb o in >nnei tost the current could pass thmogu ll while the recover waa exhausted. At a of two Etldlmetres 'hs spiral Wst kepi at Itieaiuteaei m ? for two oars before Ihe deposit was suPliai 1.1 to become visi? le. In another axperiraeat at a higher exhaaatiou it bfOtUreO flvu Oottra befoie a ilopt eil Oeculoe visible ill a aealed giitse bulb satuosttu b> a euTeugai pi.:/., to ft point whore n quarter of an Inch apark troin un ln daetioa coll ? uid no i lata between poUtM ?m? : 111 meter span wn? nliv-i-d a spiral, the conneetine wires passing through the glass. The spiral bnt> ticcn kept at the moat tlsxrTlnir inonndeacenre for hour* aliboul the slightest deposit becoming visible. OTBBDJ. IfcTI IIK8TIM. OBSFRVAIIONS. I will now describe other and tar more Important phenomena observed in alp experiment*. If n short length of platinum wire l1000 o! M hat h la d. uueti r lie held in tin- thi ne ,.| u Hiinwn burner, at some pnrt It will fuse, and a | loco of the wire w.11 In hem at an an?: e h> the action of the globule of melt. ! platinam i in muuu cases there are several globules formed sliuullancousi v, and tho wlro aasutnes a zigzag shrine. With a wire 'looe of uisdne'i In diameter this cffei i d ies not take j place.astAp tempo: attire cannot ha I o equal thai of j the*ni*linr wire owing P> Hie Increased radiatlngMir'ma I and mats*.. Aflat healing. If the wire be otatotucd under ; i, ?. .. ' - ..|?-. u ,t par! of ib- surface t?Lieh bns he, n Incandescent will be found covered with Idiiiiiu. rable cracks, if theatre h*plant! betwe. 11 ? lainplog-P"*!? and neated to.aedeaci.e for twenty minute* by the passage of an ele, trie current, the cruets will be so margeu as to bo seen with the Baked ere, I ho wire under the t iicrnseope preactila :? stiritnkc:. appearance and I* tull.f deep cracks. It the current is cuilf'tincd for err- al Boen these eflref* will so increase, .but the wire v.. fa i to piaeea A NKW ri 'KU OK ri.iTix*. TbtsQUitit. ^ration has been policed lu platlna long sub. lecled to tho action of a flame by Professor John W. I>ra|>cr. The failure of Ibe pr.icrs* of lighting invented by the Praneb chemist Tesale uu Malay, who ralaed ?beets of .platinum to incandescence hp introducing them into a hydrogen 11 one, was ilti" to the rnptd disintegration of tho metal. I have ascer? tained the causo of this phenomenon, and bare sure.'..led in eliminating that which products it, and In do.tu* so have pr<?lu ed a metal In a state hitherto unknown. na<i wbicu is abeolutely stable at u lemparalme ?hire aeerly a i substances melt or are comuimcd ; a metal which, although ori/i nallr ?oft anl pliable, become* ?- homogeneous, aa sdaas and HS rigid as st. e . When wound In the form of a suiral It N an spungy and el**': - when al the most dazzling lucaadaooasoa as when aeafl, and oanuol be an uea.ed by any preeeM BOB MNBBM BtJ known. Par the aaaae of thfa ahrtaklna and eraekfetaj of the wire is due entirely to |ha expansion of the air In the , i.,i-ji. .,. and pkreleel pores of the piatl.'iuiii und Iii? contraction upon the eaoepC of the air. Platinum as sold m commerce may Im compared to sandstone, in wlnen the wuo.e la luuile up of a in eat number of per? il is*, with luany alt-.paces. The Kundston- upon niell Ing bceomoa homogeneous, niul no air?pice* exist. Wirb plallonm or any metal the air-spaces may be eliminated and '.he metal jMoVt homogeneous by a very simple prtioeas. This proe?i>i I will now describe. 1 'lad made a latge number of pla? tinam spirals ai' of the BBBM size and from the auni" quality of win-; i BOh lpt1 al pfOOOOBl d to tho air a radi? ating surface of S|S of an inch; ttve of tl.e.e were brought by tbe clrenie current aa to tue melons point. the debt was meeaored bra pbotoBtoter. bim! tue nver- | age light waa omuil to four etau.lar.l can.lies for each ' >piraljust at the .uniting point. Du - ol tin- same kind ' of sppais was pieeei ib the reeetcer ol en a r-pump und , the sir exhausted to twn millimetre.- ; a weak cur- i reut was then passed through the w ire slightly to wane It for tbe purpose of assisting tbe peaaaro of lie a.r from the poles of the ill" tal Into the v ac i.i. m. The t'm pcratttre ?>r the wire was gradually augmented at hater Tals of ten iiiunii? s until it became i.(i. The object of slowly incrcectoag tea lompereiBTO bibb to Btkawtaeatr to puss out gradually and not ?-\ lively. After ward the current waa increased el Intervaiaat fifteen minutes. Hef?ro each Increase in IBOCWiroWt the wire was allowed Ui en d, and tue c niiailJon ami i ipausi-.r a: Ciese high temp, ratiire* canaedIke wire t" weld together at ta<> point previously containing uir. In one bonr and forty minutes I bit *p in! had PBOehed such s teniperatctc witno:it luc.'.ittg thu: it v- ii< giv.nga light of tweniy-tlvc ?tandard eandlea. wboreee> It would uudoubtodly bare meli.-.l before it gare a light of live candles, had It noi horn put through tbe Hbove pro? cess. SVveral mote l| I'a's w.-ro Htterwanl tried, ?Ith the same result. One BPIIBl. which had be mi brougul u< the** high ti manrntnrrit m.>n- s ow ;.. , wave a light eqnal to UtdrtJ MBBQarO eaadlee. In the open sir this spiral gave aearty the tama light, altiuuigh it n I qutied more cu' n nt I i k*0p it at tbe same temperature, gpae eiawiaaltee of Ihoai ttttiraia, wbiek had paatad tbroiigbthi vaouemproc fat, h) IkeeiB of a microscope, no crack ? wen vislu <?; the wire had become *s w i m silver, und had a polish w hleli could not bo given it by any oluer mcaus. the win hud a less diauieter ih..u befnn trealnieiit, und it was cv edtngly d'ftlciilt to Uieii .'ite. oxviiyttrogea lame. Aacompaicd with uu irenP-d Plalhitltu. It wm fttnnd ?MI It Was as hard us tue sin ! v in-a . al In p.iua.-, .inj thu! 11 could not be .i^.i a i d at any temperature. Mj . gpt : aat* with manv un-tais ireali d bl this pro? cess hav. pro vi d to my satinfi?i'i ion. auu I have no hesi? tation In siuimg liiat what is known ?i annealingoi me.als io make tht-m soft und pUwble Is nothing more than the era. king of the metal. In every ease wlicit a hard drawn wire had I i' u m m sa d u p.wrfui uilcro reWisli d IUtriads o! CtTMkl III tbe In. tsi. Bn re tfceae experttaenta of i (u h I ?i ? \ ?* in-! ipokeB, I have, by tbe aid ol Sprengel BHWetBrp pumps, produced itiifhi r (xbauatteMj ami bevo, by oouauonug in. hours iu excluding the air from n.' w irc mid iiiteiinll UU^ tin euil.l.ia gl? at ii::.n.i-r ol tint s, sacecc.'i .1 in obtaining u light u* eight standardeaaolea from a .spiral of nue tvith a total lettlettupaurleee i?l 1&>-t an Incj, or .. - if.. < ubottl BBal le a grain id buck wheat. With spital? "I ih * imaU I />? which have not pssseo through tin- pr.. . - i... BVerttsfl aim.Bn: of light given .oil In tore iu. lluis' la ksa* one slandutd at.die. Thus 1 am enabled by the IBOWBBOd capacity ol platluiim to wiibs.utud i. < hign icti'i'i nilures, to employ email ra? diating surfaeeg, und thus rodBOO the energy rcq ilii d i.-t oalidle light. lean BOW Obtain Bleb t separat? jets, i..?:. giv it!e- nut an abaoluteb tteadjr li?bf, and eacu erjttal to sKt. en sleadaid tmna ? or a total of 128 enn ?i es, by ine czpaadttera > t hC'sto foot pouuus of ata io. ot It aa Umb oni bei n i?? at r, Aa a matter afeurloeltj l kutTeargeAo iptiwhief ottatr m.'Uls, at'd rxelaeatO the air ft m them m theuianuer stated, ('iiinuiou irou wnemay ha BMde to g?vc a ill.lit gteat.! ihsn platliiunt not heated. Th" iron becomes ? htidas s ee! and put as BtaBSST. Nickel Is far mere re liac ory [bull iron. Hteel wir. used iu plauoa becomes dacarbonlxod, i tit remains hisid uud aaaume* tin color I of Silver. Aluiuliiluui ir-Its only al u WfellO beat. le oeaoliawoB, It mat Is lafort Hug io au*t.- .bat too ( melting point af asaai oxid- ? i- depoodaal upon '.u matiuer of ai plrli.g the ln al; lor instance, pure oxide ol anrcouluni does MM fuse Bl IBB ttaiucof theox) hydri'geti bi.o>-j.:|.e, while It tin Iis like Wax mid con? ducts electricity WBOB OB BB fdMBBdesccnt piatlnuui wh..!: is al a far lawn temperature; on the ol in Land. ? snii ? f i."in.n u.n ? u-i \ n,i ii? in in,- , - by..rog>'U fbimc, while It only r I tri flea on loe platinum S^llttl. " FASADIC IUCRIME8," Mr. I'ptoi), Mr.EduOB'l maihi'iii asslslatit, read a paper on "Tests of FaTjadJa Machines." Tol lowing is an absir u t : The title of Iks paper, "Teet of Psradic Machines." arlse? fri ni the need of a BOW term teoover both dynamo am! magneto mucbincs, lu the tiandttg of abloh there ts ?o much iinceitatntj at present. Tin? confusion was found trouln aottic to expt-i ..uentlug, where the same macblne could be either a rragnelo or a dynamo, rts the ceiiueetmiis bappeucsl to be made; und Ii was Iben thul thi mint.' waa proposed by Mr. Edison, if these ruaohlUe* could be culled " Farndie," iu bouot Of Faia duy, 1: would Ik.' In the nature of a monu? ment built to the im mory of the rtlsovcrpr and first expoander of tbe principles mi which the) rest, at the Instance o* the inventor, who had used the discovetlea witu so attach aeacoee I%la BMMMBant would be aa elidttrlna one, for In tho near future uutny thousulidsof these inaehmes will It* lu use BN hgbiiut: purposes and for the taatiam'aaloa of power. Mr. Dntoa dcaarlbed the aaatbode paroood at Mr E<1 l*nn'a laboratry,b] which the vulue of the machines were tested. Me g've an of the dejects of exisi bapdpaemonatara?aoeteafwbieii rannt from lotuso percent In their readings As the BMajbBBlani in u nynainoiu."'er bn* to othei fBBCtlua than to weigh. Mr. L f'l' U pointed out the tibKiirditi of the present lorn... which were eithei very jioor spi ing hi.lam es, or scitles with touting beai.ugs. BBBO la> lit; of u nature that a nicotiant wioihl t .ink of selling goods with, though they had bei ti lined f..r m In?; ncrgy. In Ibe for Hi adopted the power was weighed on a plat? form scab . Tl.e pr.netple 1? extit m.-ly .nop:. , tint! :f n,e Sl^ed and strain on n boll are known the i^iwer may tie calculated by muitlplvlng I lie two together. Ihebelt waa passed under a puihy, In tbe same manner as In the Ota* of an ordluan block, tl isi-eing atiaoliesl to the large ' weight on thu platfol.ii of ihe scale, and Hie K lifted nietisur'u. Beaeeeitlra was tbe apparatus mat the pjwer takco be tbe oroabe* reatleg iightii on tbe oommotator could bo detected v>iien the erTs-att was *>P' it, while its rauge .tivs from one one buiiartslth of a hots?-power to leu horse power. Mr. ?pt'iu gave some test* ot the Gramme machine, ?bowuig tnat with a ?i-nsieut held ibe aloctromotive force became m ch lej,? is ih?. r> si'tam e In tin. nn mt waa tern ? itLil put tiling oul I ne leotaous bet w.ea the atiengibof ti.e n. id ami tue tiniaal* i brained, a* wail j as th - ch?n?-e? du?, to variation iu tbe ipeoda, 1 hi. m-w af Mr.BdliBO gives back PC per I cent of the power it received it. the shnoe of electricity. I 1 'ne constants u- u tor der.-nn.mug this were ihe fol I lowing: Ti e lesistiuic* wire a box troni laui [ dop, too eleetromatlva faraa of a DaaiePa ceil was as? sumed aa ode Bad eight bo dredtbs voll?, ami th* foot pounds given od bv a unll of cut rent, one Weber, acting ova one ubin was taken a* fotty foul und tin. ?-t. nth-. f;.is is \oiy re markan.o. being n< ail v l<i per cent greater than item any other ninenim . In making the nieasureiiient? sn ateetraedynaaKKutetei ma?ie after t:ie drawings ot Pro fessor 11?? m nlge, al Harvard t.'oll ge, wu? ased, and pn.ved to be uu instrument ot irreal piac.bat utility in m*aanrmg?truur eurn uta. Mr. L'pu.u piopoMsJaiuciltod oi aieaatiring tue atatrpj in ihe. arboB are, baai d uu tu. BMBBlphi ikal the dlalllhetloil of work in uu on-ctrio cir? cuit is prepertloael to the lall of irBaluu: and he kugt;i'*teal tho same nalbod tor studviuir the law* ol trsnsn.isa'.on of p.iwer by tho Faradlc m?K'h'.ne?. Ta* eriierlon lu Judge a u.a. lone by 1* lb* BBNtteel reaiatame with the greatest rieotroti.oi.v* tore.-, tl.e power con nil med In the BMureeta end the aed ol niaciiiim ami apark on tia> oom uiuialor hi ;ug considered. Mr. K.tiaoa. had old allied from h in.tchlne i tinning at 7oo revoiclions a tmuute. a tension equal to l'gA cells ot Danlelpa, the aiu.Kturt bav lug oni* af aeOhm raaaMaaaa, and ?,ulr one ?ixtn of a horse rs>wer being eoi siiuiid in the tusgneU. CIO].tdilC M. 1 ill Mi;si. 1'rofessor C. II. Jlilthcoek preseuteil a paper to day on I be (ireeu Mouiiiuin Anticiinul. He spoke siilrst-antially us foilowa I Tbe gi ologista b. Ilere-i that the crystalline lock-of the Ureeu Mountains and of all .N't w-K.iglaud were the mo?t ancient known, ir priuiar). A d.fTcieni view la-g.ta I [ to prevail about forty years ago, kuowu a* the Meta I morphic, hy wbtob It wasclalmeal that these rooks w?ra i not older than the tsllurlau syateu of New-York. Of j actual worker* lu the field, Adam* Hr*t deacrihed the anlleiinal feature In a aingk- locality. The author exhibited u dlagritrn, the icsult of taentyyesra' of field work, whet ein the ndgu structure waa seen to in dominate. Lsigau, in le5s, fisim Iheoretleul eisjiatd [ e-a'tonf, luc.hl? d iLut the euruuure waa ayuctluai, but hin ?uroeeaor lu office, Oelwyn. now director of Hm Canada geological airn?, recently ptibltsae.1 a paper, ndopiimr the author's vlro-s und (iWelatuilng Ihcee of Borau. Oilier* have exprv???vi themsrlvoMn the ?tmr effect, and this view i* decide !.v raining grmuiu among geologl?'?- Thal the lN,:-d..oi ipi.tilito al ihe vteul haso of Ihe ??recn Moun? tains i? newer ihau H e crystalline* of the suiomu? i? demoealraled bv tue fart Unit IS former Is made nf Ihe rultis "t the liilter The ?nrlascr. were broken jBBBM im fhUPaMll loitu ? coiiiiIuum rate at Um ha?e of ll.cqtlu.' Uliv lue looulittee UlualritUlig Ihi? el??e.iieiil are iinaaeroua. uluitlai atataaniata bars bsm Maja of the eorre?*H>udiu?i rocke nil the way tnioiicb n*w->?rk, a-j. ii-v .tad mo ou to Alabama. Aloogunssame. ll Tie iiieee??ion ef formations 1> the h.ime, first crvetn.'iiii-. ?icoiid Poiridniu unartlte, third m aal IHM I ?and leck?, um) lo.tollen, fourth Hudson BtTM IMO - T ereia no raaaaa why the er? atalllnai ot the Mlddl nid .?ouii.crii States, geuerally admitted lo he .1 k.i r.ol" sge, should l?e dlffeteni from these of the Oner Minimales. An Idisnl wet ion from the Adirondack* to .-..ii:to . I, NYw-Hampshire I BOWS IiJ'irciilian dipping l-eoeath Ijike i*haiiii>'ain. nama hut not reMklBa the aurtarc utder t 'id Ureou M.uiii am*, and coming to view lu the ,?oi.:<e-\ cr> .-tallmc porpiivrltl? gneiss of M.u.t'e.n Now-'ll.vni*tilro. The a-nolss of the i,i< en Minimums, therefore, oecnole- a place bet wen the baiiiention and the nUBoBBB. U< lernue to I rofe-sor liana's views, the uu ihor staled tu.?! recent publication* BBOWM map proxtmatloa to agreement. Dana Inda in Baa tarn New York tie- name outer of arra' na in Vernum!, tual is, i rritalllBitf Potsdam limestones. Hudson Clvei group As the rnrlr*. are eananllully enuilminus from Now fork to Verniout, the almilar or/augctiieot Indl ratea identity In age. Fartae resorts, tae Mveral wett rnsr.irdod t>e I>*na in his manual at Ar hean embrace all tba blees n tarrrtl to the K aata to the author, and the dtaareaM Iii ftawi roiaata only to the bbbbubi of territory In Mae KBglBIld MfaTat hy the Ar-bcan. IMttiKI-sSolt OOOKW 1'apkr. J'rofessor (reoigo II. Oh>k read a BafBB>Oa "the Now Red Haadatoae formation of .New-Jep*i<y." J ho follow ing is an abstract of hia |>a|>o". He nieutinmd the paper* of Tro'Caiiere Itogera Hitchcock, Ktimions. Cook. Ilm-"11, Fontaine. Walling und others, which lied previously BOM preuenied to the puhlie, fie Bit i inentJotied the difficulties r trending the atudr of the formatlou. lu eomtciiuence ol He being of pure water origin,af the scarcity of fos* Is in ll, the sllglildisturbance lo which il btot Iteen exposed, und the uutrortiuiy of the iiiateriols of which It I? mado up. The interest winch attack* ? to It 1? duo to the fact (list it Is the only represent.?uro on the Atlantic slope of tue long inlorvil ol Ilm? which wa* occupied by tha Permian Triaeele, mm oSUtie torioatioaa lie showed mbmflsereaof b fossil from Ibe loeeel pari ol UM fMBialfoB, Which tia>l s strong resemblance to the Leptdon>ndron, whleh it is well kuoWu UoCS Bat occur above 1'eriuiai. He proved tlii.t. iroui the iiLtfertii northwest dlpof IBeYock-atruta. ami the breadth of tae foriiiu'lon, which la Us widest part en the Del iwaVB Is thirly tidies, it must, if the in? ference tan! ci mpatfttion uro correct, lie eight miles tine!.. He di i notj hawai ar, aeeepl this eouelBaioa, but Judged trout the oeonrrcuce of older luuestouea lu it thai It mail be much IBlBMf, probably ouly a few tllousau 1 lee' I tuck. From the Ion licet icilt Klver red sandstone uud the red sandsioiu of Beseem VlralBla bavins u uulfoim sou t Leas lern Sip, KtolBdarraO thai there was uu sx is of elevation running mid Miutaw.iei Mtween these two belts of red aaadalsBf, aad thai us this axis rose Um two lilt* af aaatatloas Wi ii atevalad so n? to gl\e the rocks of the belt on tile uorlliwt ll a BOIthweal dip, autl those oil the solllht.tsl sate a soin..?iKt d,p. ll has been thongbt by souir that tliest'lietls oi red smul sloae have once MVI ted the whole Interval belwissn the two belts, nnd that tin mpjdhi parttM aas elevated aud has b, i ii since >.orit awat. PteliMMirCimli , view, how? ever, was thai uns Interval between the two * hod alwavs Wen above the Wider, and thai Ibe wearing a war of tbat dry lun.l Intervening rss tv. i en the tn.i b< II? of red siintbtonc furulsbed Ibe uia teriAl from a Bich I BOM red MBdatOBOl hat - been iiiMdc. He allowed epactSSSM also to prove that the lower layers of IS'd IS a (111 i WI must have lieeli i levst'sl above the wuii r along t hen tonikeMltPB ectgi s, and worn oif wita the rock soatheaat et It, to help Mpply man rials for the higher Lty ers. Tue trap r.dge > so eoniuion hi Ihe dlatrlel he BMwad to be foriiuU by sbeets ol melted iusmci wbtafe bad been Intruded between tha strata ot rid MBtlStone, ami had there hardened, aad that the prontnenoe ol tbeae strata was due lo the s oaring awat of the soft aa ids!.- from tue surface uud ciiges of these Mils of irn|si,>ek. From soin.rtoui IrreandarttiM In Ibe sorfaoe of this redsaadstauearea,MwellM from th? conlonuahliuj ot lbs dip of too BBaaaapjM to llie thkaea of this trap, howet ? i eii.-vod I he rulgoc linghl la-, ho was inclined to faVor the tlew that there had been uiu <;.lal eiil'shl, nie lu tbt sandsloue. HI ur oL OiY OP gaUBHIIII. The addres-s id I'rolesaor William North I'iee, of Wesleyan University, ou Iba Qaoloayof lieimmla, was marked b> ability aad bttsweat. His obaerva titins were made mtringalositlence of aeveral Weeks in the Winter oi ;s7i;-77. Appaadad is a brief ah sinn t of his ieii aiks: The n ciis m DeraMda sr.- af course limestone, vary? ing eiteel.ugl) in texture. Ainoiig the tallolus aie mi BBconsolbtsted esleareoM sum', a sun eiystalllne rot h ot almost ft uty rompiictne-s, n coarsely arraiallms stalsgmita, and various Ititertm dlate truil ii inns, llie haul reck is po|iulal!v nallrtl '* baan nrnti" tbseah it by uu men's untformlj uu der lies the softer rock, nor is it Beeeaaanly oltler. Tnree kinds of eoral leek are reeogulsed bj Dana: reef rock, beech rook, ?iiift rock. I he lli-i is gr iei ally easily tilstibcntshuhh from thosjtliers, bol the boaeh rock and tlrift took arc often distinguisiieti from i a Ii other with great difficulty. The BiaTeiseeea ib texture, iatulnati?n ami '--?ll eoiilelits are net BtisoiUte. This imtcetl Uecessa rliv follows from (he fact ihm Intbetrfonna loa Ute Is-ucb rock and drill rock are siiu tly continuous. This con tlliuily of loach ami drift la ad in I: a lily llliiatrated tit the s tud i In- BOW forming on IM soiiiiicru const, is ut Tucker's Tow n. There Is Mreef look it Bermuda in sight ab"Vc WSI r level, IhoagB, the contrair is erroneou ) hy Dana. Detarbod block? of r?cf rock are observed at stock's point. The Island? uro composed Bbaeat entlraly of sirtrt rtsrk. Tula no t, na I? ii ?1ti olisorvea, lotleves o le of too dith eulttes of the theory that Bermuda is uu utob. inn. ort ft :iH-k ulfon ts asost laterestbsg ezaniplea of tM ex llciio > UTagBbaT Inuiiniitmu rMlBOHll I it III of aitid formeu rocks. It is generally sett, Mssotti los crumbling reaoiiy In the Angers, BBBatttflaM Mk el jstalUne ana very Bsad, PPafBBtOt J. & ismov k spokt of tho s.irlace limits of thickness of the Conthaantal glacier inNew Jotaay? Ho apoko in MbetaaM m faUowa I t he existence of a girol lei iiiinul moraine und a Southern haul to the glacial drift 11 VewsJersej aud the Mates, was pointed out to the author in 1S7U, by Professor Oeoige If. Cook. In that vcar tho soi thern Hunt of tbe glacial drift WM Iraaai aeruss tlie Sfate from Bomb Atnboj to a p. mi aa the Delaware River, near Uc.Mdore. In tails -vorc triveuof furl her lnresttgattons lu tracing this line The paper considered two questions: \ What was ihe thiei.ii.*? of the Ice-shoot aloug its south- ! ern margin; und what was ibe rise ot Its upper j slope northward. The termiuai Bsarahterepresents both uiaicriala can t, it tSTWald under HtS to it of the glacier j andalao thoeartaaadSMMBBBTatdoa Its surface und drop]" d iu acoofBBOd mass as It molted and rctreattd nurlhwaid. Theas. BBOamalaBSd heaps may in places lure equalled in height tho greatest thickness I of the glacier front, although In geuernl he nmrame would fall short of the Belebt of the glacier. I As we see It, tins terminal umiauin rah., s greatly In hilght iroin polnl to petal. It la |ai.sslhje to Met a> a I minimum estimate ol me thick im?? hy considering the heights of tome oi tu.- Mil. in the mSPBlBe. It is ?afe ui eouelude Umi the ice trout of the groat g'aeler was from uoO to 100 feel lu IhlakniM k oare'ul exploration of thai putt ot No-,v-Jersey, which ax aorta ol the teitm nat moralM, bus thut tar fulled to dbaWVOt any peaks Ot cre?U which show no murks of a gljcier. h um i: Uf THE BCHOOIA The committee on tho introduction of science In the ?einsds was discharged, ami the following were appointed acomflrittM with the Modified title of a Committee on Science Teat hing in the f'nblic j Bcboola: Profssaon Youu..tus, of New-York; Crote,of Buftaloj Ne.vherry, of New-York; Shaier, I of Cambridge, and Major Powell, of Washington. A short paper by James Samnolson, Presnlent of tho Liverpool Science aud Art Classes was of much value to all interested in BSaBBttBO edoeation, It was on thoeporatiens af tha Science ami Ait lia bailment of tbO Privy Council of Uivai Uritaiu, and was as follows: As it npiH-ars to mo, diuiug the short, four which I am making through the United States, to be a wide field for the diiTusioi of scien? tific knowledge, both praetJeal aad theoreti cul, among the bldnstnons classes of this country, I venture to lav before vom a--"'a ;i a lui f nn HM Of the operations of oiir science and art d. part ment, so fai : s st ienee leaching is conform d. And ?y right to do m ia baaed an tha fact that I have not only founded three or four schkoea letulmg nboehk but thai I bata Baatrrly Bfeiaatad tha ah j. eta id the depaitruBOl almost from lu fouadatiou, end an therefore intimatelj aoQoaliiled arith aha objects ami working oi the ?ratoiB. I he Hstienee anil Alt lb-fiaitmelil oi oui ('oi itml t? o of tha Privy i oeaetl aa Edtttattoi waa fuunded by an "order m Cowmdl,wIohtaary 2fi, ls.:,);, under tha BBavaatoea ol aa aol of E^aiiaaiont. 1 he object ot the depart ment at to praaiaie aotMua battraenoa clmliy Hiiioug the iuduatnal cLiases, and the moans ample] od are: I. Payments tobtaeheraonraanJts shown by the stiiiiial May examinations. These tiaaiinattBM iti?? coiitiucletl simultatieeuslv all ov.r tbe tlnee klnadotaeby priated papanpreaared by tbeexatnt ners. w ho sre selected fi tint our leadift; i,', fu? ll., ti. II. (^.B*l prtai ~, being MieotifiC 1hhJ;m si h . I. d by ihe saeoMsfal atadantg from a catalogM sent down t'V Ibe 1?. partineiii ; also cold ami s,]v, , )m ,j. uls p'omiM-iiiive). one oi waicli ts piteu lot ouch btatieb of -eioi.t c. III. ExhiMtaoea, srholnrsbips, stitflentsbinf,. etc. Among these, are **stwdenlships for training, winch give tl.e stUsietit llie ptivu**i;r ol atlesudstag iL ..once t lutsKa al rsou?i hlouttiigtou ..t i... charge of the Mate; ah", the woli Wnit worf h scbolarsbipa ot llisi per antinm for three years lot practical and theoretical pnificent y. IV. (iiaiiln loiraril u building luntl lor the erec ttofl oi bbbmm a athaeati V. Iii ants tow ird a|>j>araliis and t? lmol fittings. \ L Lahaatarj gianu. Ml. Bbj lu nin in Bad oi training leai hers. The subjoita iu which Uislruiiio i is given are t w outy-fuiir in iiumlmr. aud the uvxabaVof sehtsda iu which instniotnni is imparted, rluetiy In Uu ovotuuga, ia al proaout uaarly l^ico. iu order to givo you nn idea of tli<> growth tf tlie system I will givo you a few tig in oh* THK Pltol.KKSi? A1TAINKH. Tor rwrno Km after tho foundation of the de? partment only livo town* rospo ..I ?<!. and of the live schools *xi founded ouo or two wem iitisucMM* ful. and were closed. In Ihiil 1 had tho honor of founding tlio Liverpool School of r?oi?nce, the first eotabHehod then-, und tho system was already no fur developed thni we nhim between l"<> and 200 student*. In 1807 there were 219 aebools in (Jreat ftritnln irtrinrj iBBtlUCtiot! tn about lo.tMHe ot aoteieexee; in Um mbbjob of L67tV1877, l.M* Mhoola wiili over B0tOOO ritlttftfi owing to Binotal regulation* being enforced, the nuu-her of student- dtmiai died in Im77-1m7h. being 52,330, Inn Um aehaola m u 11 u>l i?-?l. there being 1,484? aritb 4,SS9 olaaafO. UM fmits ot (he mslnlil ute Wlde sprcuit. Mv-TV latge |4, a ii has inativ m] b> ols, Lon? don alone bn> mg 1 and iho smaller :- wns ami QToe TlllegM BJBTB their c Liases, the ?.'udents of which i?roofteu morei.uoei'rtHi'ul than those nl the ajete iinportiiiit oewtrea of h arming and industry. Now let MO endoav. - broil, explain how flic Various localities secure the bMMM Ml i> d by the depart MM I A committee of gcntlctnen, not loss than live in niimlu r, ahd one ol whom must he BelOBgyBBBBM magistrate, is formed in MUf lOMljtj for the pur poae ol managing the cla-Mcs. '1'his enmmii tec places itself, though its aeojetary, in com BMarOBtloB with the department, eng*g<m the lOMhOM, who BMaSl bo " cerlitlcated r; und so the '?scieiu e school' is formed. All payments mit made to tho n immt tec, who may, if Ihev pl-asc, retain OHO dfth of the teachers' f> es lor Cost of lll(lliag<s nicnt. in order to nnderotand Umbmoi of proceed? ing wo must pass on to the May examination*. The papers Bl mm exatirnations are framed to in? clude six gratMB of students who gsj puas as loilows: Klciiieutarv, rittst und second class ; udvancou. l.rst and si ?und MM ; honors, titst and second clans. As soon as astudeu: his in tho second ( I ts* of the nd vain ?d htnge, hoisoti l?leil to cam puyinents nn n siilis; in lac t, In- M a ". i IfaaaMd*teacherol Umd.p.i i t me nt. Hebibo! f;ive IWcnty-tive lessons jelaealeotBTCa)IB uuv BUb ect which ho teaches before he can receive payment for his iiiatrueiiotj. I hm payment rs in propuition to flic degree of Mjeecsa litlltlllcd liy his pupils, and la im obm uxceeda ?4 (820) for each Bleuen t. 4a a mattet of fact, any industrious am? intelligent ?tadeat may enable hie tnecihijr toeern thiaaaMQBl II is impossible in a BBjeef MPOI to enter into the d. ta.isof tbeajrateoL btti 1 will menUoe a bet of tbe sui'ji - is laugh: as they occur to mv tneujory : Hiol oes mull liebranches including botaay no vagei* aide pliysiologv); physics (acoustics, light and heat, magnetism and ckotnety); physical gcogrHpl.y. now k.iowu :?s " phy siogiaphv ;" every brui.i h ?d BMaaMBUttioa; chounorv hagaiilii ami inorganic/; blinding i tuition, steam naval architecture, i Calm y i mineralogy, mtulllgi etc.. etc-. TU * i ?VA Vi Ait km Of run BTBTKlf. A word at two as to tue advantages of the ayatetn. It is IWflhfng our men better tuech.tutcs. It is train* nig HOyOOO people |q d? lo think s\BtOBBBl icu?.V, andtereMonwilboattpeaaion or aajejBdiMfte ai? prceiute yoiii "Cooks'' and your " lugiis dls," and by their Inftiteooe to aoable IhnM Bboal tln in to form rorreel ? ,i lauttM Ol thfl v aim of PBbllC utter? ances on tdeotifk)and philosophical qooationa. it is eualiling iiiauv y oung mtoom who troaU BBTC dmdpod ni the desk or ooaetei all their lives to i am mi addiiioua) ItMOBM by MIBOM teaching, and others io form it higher est limn then ordinary avocations pnm-nt of Ufa Bad of ibb world in winch they live. It is iiiUtu icing our auraea, by giving to people about lo ooni life more rational views of MBltary IBBtterB, and nil others pertalatag to h?nl*h Ban dtaeeeo| ami, laal but not least, it is eX{Mudii'g ihe yMWB M young people, ednoatod it may lai in some iigtd, ro Btrietea though doTOtional eoaool ot tboAtguf, end making them more eharttable la their opirtiebe of I in w who liilfer Irotti t lie-til on leiilgloOB qOMtiunBi In lui i. uis mal? ri.uly bci.i in n-lit t i the teAcber, morally adv antageous to the leaght, and beliebe -ni iu it-, sejteral inftueraee on aadetj, UTHSH MJBJECN. Professrir K. (J. Derketi of Ptttladetplrla, v;?ve a laaraad diacoaiM ob m Tbe CoaretaloB of IfrrhBa leel Buergy rata Heal by Maginto Flamin >' i ehii es.'' 1'rolessor llarker said : in BoaoonM oea al s tea ?aattae n fore IM PBrllemee* tary Con mk ion vu Electric Lhrhllna, made o> .sir Uiii lam Thomp*oa. that hot w^ter might proMefy be dtv WBttted tareaab taw atraota of a city eeuuee?eellj In :... aoppaf lub.s Baad to see ray eloalrknliy for powi r. tbe beel being prodneed by the rcewtanee or the tilde, he had made a MCit'l of aZpOTIBMBtl Upon a Melm ha BMCbiBO, With a View to th '.ermine the economy practteaUy peaMaahla by uns BMtbod of ii'-.itteg. 'ihe expert am t* wire dm de la Aaac u, umbm bP th* kladaeaa of Wallace ?v Bom, IM BrtlWrtitetB ol atJlMg dedoeod by Profeaaor Barter froai this theory of beat g>h eretMB w..< teal u eoald be ?piuied m every aaeeaatty o. tBM nous, hold, ft wounl OfMOM bm tO BtBI Ihe table and instead ot waiting m hour for the sen it t pj bring a Uoied egg or a cup oi coil, i- eaoaed in ? dattaai apartment, the heat aonld be applied bl turning a thumb screw end the egg.i comb eoald be cooked ob tbe labia la leaa time u weald take to give tat ardat t ? au el U loin ot. A lining the papers on the subject of biology were luo liy I'lolcshor Jhnl <i. Wilder, of t orn< 11 l'niv? i sity, iclaiiiig to the brain of .ats. one of tl.eiu be? ing of a gem ial eharae'ei, the ir her i,-intinir the Professor's singular discovery of a c at's brain with the corpus calloauui nbsent. Mis "Noli.a on the aaaliBMji of ibe Cat/i Brara" wm illnatrelail by eras on drawings and d airraius, atodete. photograph* mid iweperaUoee oi the brain ot i .its. 1"|, atrnctnre of the feluM braia wm eoa>noted with ihei ot aer Bt tl other aniti'.iis, such ss dogs, BMMkOTl sad tnan. Mr. Lewis Boob,director el tradley Obeciaatory, AJbanr, n an twopapere,eeeoe ".?star Ptoeea* i? mi, i In oilier i n "ejolar Parallax fiotn Minoi Planets at i rppoi nion * (?m'. /7.7.7: i junr im A LIQUOR snor. TfllfKK MKS SHoT?ONI nF THEM AJUULfHUI AS A TIIIKK. A.gaenel oooarred early yMleiilaj morning In Ih-niard Wiirtenineyei'.s lupior shop, at Paik and Haxlcr-sts., belWMB a number of fill! ins ami thieves who fr? qp nt tho plat e. They hud boCB drinking through t he night. A young man named Caddy drew u pistol pod shot Deanie Murphy in the tirui, "Johnny" Mettowan in tho Icjr, and at? tempted to shoot Baolbar ot thacrowdnaated Lory, bat rauaed ins aim ami shot I> i? ii? l Driaeoll, of No. BChiyajtlaal. While the tight was in progress offner Pi aster was nttemliiia to a robbery which badjael been dioMvoted la Whitest, Tho frienda oi the weanded men eorTied Murphy ami Driaeoll to the Cbambeis Street Hospitul. Li: im oil wae found to have it severe wound in the abdomen. He is a welMcaown thief, und hud only returned from Sing Mug about six weeks crfi A short nine ntterward Im stole n waUn, and tho gfdice have been looking fur h m ?iuc??. \ fter his w nuiuls h.ul been ilrct.s. d at the hospital the physician sent him to bed. duo of lo - - friends called to see him at H a. n yesterday, hut the BtaAehmaii <>l the hospiiaj would not ullow nny cue in the baildingi Ditaeoll theo picked up his i lotbee, paabed tbe tratehiaan one side and oBc?ped. Hjafriend Baaaeead tum ami daally breaahl Inm la his home. iMtic-rs were seaieiiing for him vesfcr day. They dbwaeatad some ot Ins lrieuds going to a uqnor atore for aome brandy, and traced toem to No. .ri Chryetie at. Dnaeetl whs arrested and taki ? to the Fourteenth Prceinrt and was oft? rwanl bxaaaCenedto the Fourth Precinct, lie was taken to court charged with at coding a wateh, and wm re* Dended, Last night he was in n cell, Mlhongb snf lering fnitn the wound. It is BXPBOled that other arrests will be maiio for the shooting of Driaeoll, Murphy and Metfowan. Tney will give no infor illation nhuiit the afJair. and claim that the shooting was aMbjealBl, TRAFFIC OS IHK F.KIE < 1XAL. Bovi ai.o, Beaaa. i.?The Cnnul Colleerlot at this iHiltit furnishes t.'io following BBBtOBMal of the canal nuaim of J.uUaio for lim month i f August and since BBt epeaBBg el uavigatbui duruig tho year* of laTs and 1K7U: (paaraeeMderBhj Atiga?t, HT9. l.asn llearaiii . i anting Aarust. 1M7B. I,ai2 lncr??s?e In 1?79. 1?S Olearaec. s fiem op-sung of nsrlga'.ion lo August 31.187? ....... 4.180 IK)., same liui'\ le.s. ;<,uan Innrc.iae In 187!? . "~ ami Anionni ?d lolla lor Anrn-l. 1. ir:>7,'l|7 3? amuiinl "i tall* for August, 1M78. s.',e.?| irji Increase In 1S79. _ ?11.1*id I Aiiuen.l <l tolls fr. in ipsulng ol u tilgaUuu to Anvnst !1. |a?? . VtT6.7HOT7 Uti.. aama time, ls7tl. aj7,61yH6 Insert iae lu 187H. tit),7?ul'S TUE I BACH THAI)Ii. Iletvipls of peaches lor the seiutoil to ?l.iU' exceed I fOOOjttf baskets for this city There Nave l.-.-:i neut di.ectly l.-oin I?. la?ar.i oreiiiuil- nbont L^o.ismi baskets to New Kiitlaud. Yeat'tdaj'-. .dbnug was ouli i!8,tssj oaaketa here and VJ?O? for th Kite I. ?? . in. .-u. ir : ihe Ilm st fruit arrived ;a'e nml d d n. t no i l the Lest luiyor?. Cratis ranged from 7.'?i Ufl , coi.i:i.oii t . coo ! I.iskris, fs?. *70.v; pHtne and cilia sprig fruit, 75i ?90c. 8a turd a;, s total supply of p. aches was mt.lKsl baauits, and iritis r.Mrd it?a coodderng tue flie gtad< a! fruit. Plain to .......i baskets > .id it 4>' ??0 cuu. good to oitra MgOO ceuta. Veslonbiy. v. lib only 27,000 ha-kets otTi rtlM, lue mat Set was Veiy low, prl.-Bs ranging front 35 to *.!> fsiri* tor the BMM pu. l.kud lioinli'g sri.iua alaive bo Cebt*. OBalCB led BMWty a; IOc.<eL Tlie fruit, howercr, was in .."?ler Htlei paaaliiglwo hot night* tn thai cars. This a ... lie the last w. ?<k lor t in.e aorta of DeBMrBBa. Hinocks and Wnili liratlu aln uJv liegiu to abow. 1 Mew-Jersey pickings wwll be lu older lacil week, bul Uln rstes can bp Ininl! v counted on after the surfeit ol August. OBITi i Bl. JAMES LOfOEAT. Mr. .Tames l.iinlsav, of the ? itiincnt firm of GOOSM Hruce'a Hen <k UB?, d'ed At tils r> BeOBSfl in UriH-kirn, yesterday morning, of pneumoiil:.. nfier an llbMag of fourdity?. Mr. fJodoMJ VH >>orn In OleajfOW, Mem hind. In ik"."*, nnd leitrmd Bat hBSteSBS In the well known type foundry of Alexander Wl!.u.ti. In Kdinhtirgh. In IMI he cam* ?;?? ally lo this country, br request of Mr. Uoorge ilruce. who offered him ihe position Ol siipcriuteudenl of bin foundry. Mow highly Mr. Bruce valued his services msy M oellniuled irotii the fOOl ihat, a few years prior lo his death, ho gave Mr.*> an mtSfwstkl u.stubtisiiui'oit, but couc-alcd iroui him the fact, )>.,y iu>r ll 1 Hi bis shale o! Ihe pioflts as 0 piea ent. It wan only when Mr lirnce died rlint Ids super? intendent knew the who'e extent of the kund'nss wnli winch his asBBlover regarded htm, ?obai\aatitlf Mr. LwdBaf was admitted as a pr.rttu r. Mr. LtD t?iv w IVOS a i .nil s of Ihne orpnuiicd ( hildfcu. Mrs. Lindsay bavim, died lu 1174? a? u type totrnder, Mr. Tiled aaj waa welt known to the hwde atid newspaper interest. He was proud and fond of his laufoaalOa, and noxious to add lo the well established reputation of IBS old house tvlth which he had Itrcoioo ooon? cted. Ills taste and skill were of tue ilrst order; ho was n ii.urough mister af si Ika lull.iithe of type u.iin<i'itctlire ; und bll bos cannot 'all to he keenly lelt by llio-e with whom be wns most in tiuuitely who tsssl tin 1.T"ln...l his morita. TllK BEY. W. H. MKI 'UTT. The Rev. W. B. Mcnift, pimtnrof the Sixth Avenue iteformtsi t'liurcn. died yestciday or hemorr hsgo of H.e bowels, after an Illness of ore wool, al his Isle residence, No. .71 Charles si. lie was born at Kingston, N. Y., April 4, l*:td, und In lISSesBBBM I clerk with DbVM IFagBtaaT, grocer, on < orfland-sf. In 1 ?57. showine Bn Inclination to enter the ministry, die Young Men's ( itrisluiii Asa ci.umti, then a m w oraaaisataM, mot tha ? xp'tis^s of his aanatsktteef and he ?Oa prepared forcolletio by too K'-v. lm>. (iordon and tJ.v.V, hjaooa. He waa prad sated from BubjrersCol hare In IMS, atteaded the sfaw-BmaawleP faaalepitial Seinneirv tor three years and was aesiun-d la his II.-t charge al Platbaeb, Bietet l ountk, ft. V. He was tiana fernstt to the Btzth ATeaae Bafotaii d Basrah la 1873. He preeobed Us laal santaa aapaal ?4 at Kiu?-?tou. Be laaTaa a widow and lour young eln.dreu. His faaeial lakaa plana froai Ms late rbai eh toaiorrov noon, w heii his w :.l ho t tl;et. m Kingston fur burial. COlsONEL V. A. DE Mo I T. 'Ihe (iallia, winch sailed irom LivtipiMil August ?1?. auxi uilived in Now York ycet< rday, .imiiglit nie botiy ot Colonel Fred A. In Molt, of Morristowu, at, J., Whodied on ihe voyage. Mr. Da Molt sue about tmrtv-ilve yeurs or aut. He the study if law In tae ofaea of tae lote Jaooh Ynnrirta. with whom be allesa aidlapenaerablpla iantaad Ktimittod at prut th e as nil attorney lu November. 1 sH">, and as eotin ?etWt Hi IfMO, He vv H< appointed Judge-Advocate flen aralal Howsjeeaoi hyfloTaraorBanaoipnaad ta i-7'j Uoveraer Partei appolutad aim Proaeeuter of the fp-us far >!? Tiis t'oitniy. He wus rcappoitittd by Oovi nmr Bedls mi 1*77. Colonel De Uoltaalied for Baropa May 17, nnd nad been travel.tug with his wife through Ireland, Knglund and France. JOHN LDAMfl JACKSON. John Adami Jaejrjoa, a dUtine^iahed Amer Icaii sculptor, fast dead al Flon m -. Ho was born lu ihitn. itev, in ll -?">. Appreutieed to a ?aaatalal m BOO* ton, he d.-vei .pe.l talents for sctilptun,p and Went to Florence to study the art. He BMPe hock to New-York in i fatl. u'laiolag io Tlata ii he la i-i;5. Aumng ate asel known works are bis " and Abel." "Tie: Culprit Fay." " Hawn," and he it'so c.x. nuied a number ol por lisit patta. Ua waaoaip.oyeda/ ihe Khm Iteaiuuent \ssoi iatmn iu is?io t<i exoeota a itetea af tae A reite ex? plorers; and ne turn la lo d sum Bgarce for the Southern teato aoaaa of the Central t'atk iteM-rvoir. Bjrjhjl r. BOWTDf. FiH.HiiKIt 1K8BI itti.Va., Sept. 2.?(ii Kei ne Bow.ui (dad in laaawod < uiity, on Friday last, iu in? aart htpdtrat y. ar. Ha teaaaaeated tae l.xtb vnginh Uedrntin tha .villi Ooegrooa. ta vMoh aa vaa Bloated ov r .ludgo Baatate, of the Battmf Itataaf aarl forth" IfeaUUII lltsfrhi of TlrglBBt. Hi had represented bis county in tue State LegM siure. BRIQUT?S BKAi ll ...ICES. IstBOB flKIJM ami iMiiiti OOaTTMri ajyja> i.ii.iir, ptaaTB, wlUJI t\ and nu yVT.NNI ae, Tb? BttsTodattoa at tha Bria^ton Bcaidi Pair Urouutls ycslcrd tv wus ?mall in comparison with tht MBWdwatel wimessed Hie Foriuna-li;aatblo race of hntt FridaV I pet there wro probably U.?lSI paBBBBI pri sent. Lar^'e fluid? started In three-if the races, and the ipaeakaten who laid thati asoaop aa Beeaaa Baatketp to win, irtarm d to the rl'y last night with iM-amlug htoaBb Can.!.a, BgTPCj Viceroy and BatBB were the lii\orile? lu th'-lr ii-spoclive l.o' s. aud uK except the lsst were defeated, ?lue picker, I'lsber. was Mseaaafal in ebtetag tweof kteaasaats, waffla ffatiia waa thieea treat hia seat aa caitgala"a aactt at thu aaaaad latraai iu the lust race. In the ti st dash of a mile and a furbrng, for a puree of fJ.'O, Hie scroll ! to ris-elve *?o. out of SM bSfSra BBBMd, oigl t start, d. These tanked In the ,m>oI? a* fol? lows: OaBBita dot paanaaa) loa? t oreiia tUApBaaaa) Bad Kntoipri-e (lot p.mmIs) OjffJ euoa, Janet Murray [US paaadai V8S, aeaUahi (tlf psaaaa) pu?aad ht H'.t (ill i? uii.i ). I.lttl" Jim (1M paBBda). aad H. lin ?aa (ill poaadst la the laid, 1ST. At Iheaaooeal at '.etupt tin sunul ^.as llrsa, BflUi the hursts In a bun h, SjBlaipilas Bad BelaasBBBB belag tu the treat of ir. Ootaa pa?i laegraad ?tanii sad areaad the lawer tars thopoatttoaaehaasad rapidly, Little j m aadOtaadla racing In the van at the quarter-mile jstsl, cb sely fol? lowed by Kuiei prls- and ( la. Hashing along Ihe hui k-.trclt h aud around ti e Upper turn Stinli/ht and Janet Murray rusbetl I or ward, the former taking the Isad aad heaotas U to the end, whore he Brrtvad la 1x91, a laeath ahead si1 tiauita, who had the smallest mt$. tlon of a length the liest of Janet Marra] und liuit-r pn-> ; 1st Rat, OoraUp, L'ttle Jim and H. let, lowed as named. Fortunate holders Bl mutual pool fa*'Is on Sunlight Weic paid 957. ThS winner ?>! the MBBad nice turiietl up unexpectedly Pi K lltloii's bay geldlug Pirtite, who eOB it bv two lengths from a Hold of ten horses lu whleh Morris's well-kuown racer BaTTPf was IBB favorite, and csme in see, iu I He fore I he rut Kir, pt said I ?! stM o, ?-I0 for 1 ?Mirv. MaJd and plel for the llebl. Picluiliiig BtTOBal Mno. Yard's luPian, Fry or'a I'i.|Ue, WoodflM d's i 'ailgiila. Weaiv Moidu MaQlalay, lyres A tatelifh*! Shetaai. A. P. .Smith's Dora I)o.-u, aud iLm winner. Tin r.os vva. for u purse of .fJtsi, ?.lo t.. in..? nol. di-tm i u,t^ quarters of a mile, l.lilian, followed closely bjr Kgvpt aii.l Plnhta, ?Brie *he riiuulnw from tb>> start lo the half-iallS post, vvlib Flrate ami Meeo tuiitiug il.uni st.arply. Befora turniog into the homeward streich Pirate Bad passed lo the front, aad Is Ulan was falling rapidly back lo join Dare Doon far in the rear, Bbtpi held bis phtea Bf second to f!ie string, which RJ ,i. arsaaad two loaaths ahuad al him in lbs good time of 1:1S; Mico tlnrJ. Caligula fourth, and Uinoihera attap irlll|k-. HgVpt euirl-d fhc top weigh-. l '> ,. unde v.', e tae wianareaty paahed IPS. Mateai pool ticket? putd st;n i v.. The thfrd was the heat eooteaii I event of the dap, rt was for a purse of s>:t.'s?, the secotui BBtaa to -eeelve MbO, aelbug alowalicea. distance l\ tulles. Nino borsea were entered, aad hii started. Theaa wore k. t Plesrap IH?"? pBaadai, Imie? Beethars* WlBIsD. (10S Boaada), tyceoBeBni Alben (90 twaede), Ackei man's Surge (Hi'i poiitulsi. A,-res ?% Sote life's flnl Hilloii (111 rsmndai, N. wnian'a BaTtflosa tluft paaada), ilafTm v's Lucky Hit (si pouiot?). Yard's Nippst (llo |iouudai and Kt.n n's Patrol (lot; | oaads), 1 hoy ranked in the \no\t lu tue a'.ove ofd. 1-, Vncmv siij tug the favorite f..r deabta eaal was paid for the second horse, which In Hits < MS liiM.ed out l<> be the w nnei In Willie H. After aprettrevou start, of which Lucky tilt, the favorite mpI Albert had the beat, and Nipper :he worat, lue horses ran to s bunch to the thrct sfaerter mile oust. Whan Lucky li t aad Albert wese u< ck aud BOSS in treat.Ytoaror,PatroleadWUheD u<ir?itnt da.light lu their rear, and lb I I>iUoa, Surge. Nippur nnd Shyloek ehaatn^ hard behind. Sweeping past the grand Staad blips change could be not.-." Sleep! the lavoillo wus loilug up ou AI b-rt, aud Willie I), was k'-epum ?irlde und stride wit ii him. Tuts bniah drew them Irrel and then clear of the held al tho .|Unr'er mile, where II.fl Wire stni side hy -i ic < io the half wnite i>. f greed hia ihoaidari ahead el Tiooroy, *nd ltn imi n was Haa in. \ uif upfroinUitn to third place. Ihe two leaders rail fast to ibe upper turn where Vieeity reet vrred his loss, uinl thai ra. ad laro the aoaatesrotea ? ? even t? ri?? A debsrnuned struggle over the la?t furlonr. In ' a BMB liolh fell w .up uUii aptil. btoiialil Ibem to ibe eud toset to i. Willie fx the winner by un rxtciiib-d nose al Ihe last leap, with Hill In bo. tl ?ad. o !y two lemrtba behllid ?H) is. ilik- pal., <aaa foul h. Alb-rt Ufrt,. Nlius I ?lXlh. Mhi liK k seve ,IU, P.ltro. el, alh, and I P kl Hit 'la-t. r.tne. 11?la tickets paid *-,'4 S5. No i, .1 .%aa in far Iba elaaar, aho was euiend io no SOl'lfol P1.iksi A two-mile hurdle rare over olghl hurdles fur n purse ol r-tOO eiitled the day's sptrk This wan Ibe only i.e In which the chnlc of the pool oox won. The starters mere Keiso. Kilt.- p., v, ..... ? m.d t'alicula (uew nt hurdle lumping). Keiaowasa slight tsvorite over the others. Kalte i' ami Teat Ha tor, who sold nearly ereu, white i'allgula was cheaply tbougbi of. Kelso look tba lead from tue ?tun uutli tue thud hurdle wan rescued, .w h--i Ihr three huntle luinpera wcri ab. ou-1. and Caligina w ns running OjOBI tests iu the real, bav'.g fallen and tin own his |u,kev nt lb< aeoi.ud Uuid.o. At lue and ol ihe mile Y ? ill i tit tai Bad a BMaaaetarj advaetaes? sal i>< tae itiaasla wo... i etisue.l In lu.en am! Kalle I* he ? .a I. ft tweui) aMkytha lu Ike rear, i'baae two altorualod in ii out BBIll (he last burtlle WHaJuui|>eJ ly Kelso Willi a's mtvaniago, winch ha reta ued home without tiouole, wbbe uts rival was driveu lu hard under Lbe whip. ItMaB, Isad Mulmvl tickets paid f 11 40. Ttemorrnw w IP bo the m xi race day, when Kramble, PnTfene. Mint/, r. Clara I', ami Fruuklm will motl lu the llrighloti i up rac*- lor B'J.issi. Cm kking !?Fust Artist (on B peilt sttinn looip ??<.iii v .iil. il w i.len la the beat Inn lu llaeon U> -si 1" Itasiit (,>? lidei. il): ??Iiiplo" Secomi Alliat (;; " l'.ut we i an gel louls Ibt re, I suppose I WBOTS do traveller* see rallj i;uf" itustiu : ?* t*o to tUe Uulou uooalljr 1' ?iFuuea TJiK conns. I II O'HAKx WILL ? '< >N"n:sT, TESTIMONY IIKKOKK IHK SV Ii l;m. VI. I.Y TM l AffVKR WWO I>i(AFri:i? IHK VA II I. AM? i,s>: op IHK ?X KT I'U. Tk#j attattTBg in tin- ci?nU-nf of th. will B( Mrs. Mai v '?'Harn, who 1. '.ta* pn >' I" neu '?? "i of J',' , v.iii icsiiuio! UiimI ii in Iii" I'.n . <.,t, ni/rx. tales C "'rf. Thr will left th? urr?|i r part of lierpi.rp. erty In MB eveetitora. Jidg? Mi ? ?i?. Hr. WBJkMM II. DwdMyMitM Kl v. Kathn Rokerl J >!.. nur. r . MMMtM >>?. two grnml-d ui^ iter? on IM glBBBd want of capacity M t'ie pari of IM decedent ami MiM IBBMBMB, Th" first wif-tea* vcaterdav BJ l?eh?,f 0/ f(l? projH.ii.oiM of ihn will ?hm K'iirar M ( n'ii u. Bjbj lewrae who 1i1 if?i?l the will in oueatlou. II? rar? evidence that Jude BeCaa Brat sailed los altstaiioe lo tat t' u: Mo O'll.nn <tf-li?-<: f.1 alter h-r foria?r will: IBM Mrs. O'Hara came to hlsoftlce hy ji jtontoo-iit ain] !?. BCOW 1 ..< 1 n ut iroiu i.alrorti u. yiug by n< r m d front IM prwelelae*ol ika foenaa will, wktrk eaedrawe bt Judge Mrl'U". Ii Wu? lila BBMaBUsM. :: ,f, ??, a rnlflBiiy alBBMIB IM old >ll' mnilUr In 1 r (llllt lv thr new mi'-. Mr*. ?>*H*-. desired tu iiaTa au estate of (o'nf tenantry, ebe a oi ?Im wished lo leave ner ?1.V !o c< rlalU charoahic institutions. LDd ?t'-alrad Mr exectioir? 10 usi " In that way. One tritrgshe d.sired wa? the nl n at 011 of young men loi IM pricaino' d. At tola palal surrogate DefJap raised tin- oh]<<:ioa that u* ilieco wi ir rinnt'*, :n?tru. : 0.1 * to lo r ?>-. , rr they wer-* 1101' adu.t**ln!c, hut upon J ml ire Met ue'i expressing .1 wllliiii>ne?? to liav a I tue 111-triefirm., admit uu in evidence, tu?> ixtnogale waited ni* , .,. Uana aad Mr. Cattee eoatiaaod, M a. O'Hare aal' 35 she vvi uld s-tvc lue preference for edllrai Ion t o pel ? n?, be..rutg In r ow u name, and tin ) were to h - in ma Kornau Catholic Chans? The win *?? laal raM to Mrs. < iTI.iia In tue iire*em e of JuOge jioori, Jmlah H. V. or. baaea?lCharte*Lewrap. The *iiue?e ai?o drew im oedJOtl to the will hy Mm. O'flara'- Instructions, aa the doatreil ui IQTOlfO aeveral bvtjuesis P rhariteole ins'fta Iiom Nothing wm "aid to Bar akoet tfcta awal Una the reeleaery aateeal **iie ?aid that she .eft the property iu u.i- way lu-' ah - ????md not iv < oii.p isb her emla hy dlroei Beo tee la, far by many lawyer* tttmttoo to ua lueorporaitd iiislnuiioua are held io he not valid. Jfer wliBna aiao ool arpif BMd la tho will, aa they might iahte iM aweettaa of asacaaa tvwM Aeiinow in. ah m ioiitided lo the iletuaty ami integrttv nt IM HecBlora, who, as rcaidu.i ? lataMaea, may apend trie money aa I fie I i 1100*0. Thei ? wm im rro>a-?x'itulnatinn of >fr. t'm.Vi , and i>r. William ii. i>mih y, one of the iarea atioeieta. eeil tin; nieiuoai adviwer of Mra. O'tiara, vaa Beat ealn-d. He teatUed that ha Bad baee la pegwler praetiae la Bn ok lya for tairty-dve jrear% and BM known Mra. O'flara for twenty-live, lie had attended io-r usularly for the. pa?f twelve > e I-. up l 1 the time ot Her deatli.' Juli Jit. Iler eom'ition ?? hea'th during 1 *7?*i waa good. I it 1 -77 she w?? growing more feolle phy?'vally , hut Ml Bl J wmexlraardraariljreleer for a pr--on of iui extieme Mge. lu 1874 ?ne h?ke?l the Willie.> arajllt Her telii^, Bflalrab .-.o- aud auukeu to ni m of Bar eraed-d n.m.,?, hut u.>t Iii ijin titiy. Whe did not em ak of tuein in tt,a wenaeat Bartwa wita rafereeee toatM dtepoaliiaa of her Moaerty : ami iei ly, a'ter the w ill w ut uiade. ?he rs laired to tbaai la a aiaea aa<rl?n<ii> way man ueiurc It wiih BBoal tln< time that the will was made that aba h>M si nke of ner |iro|? rly, and aakisl ihe aM aaa t rm tue of the exeeutors. telling how ?i.e WaBBl iMia her esinte to eartalu i limit aide lusllint sham and ?liaie ulike. film also uifain uel some edit* tat lire el luailtulion?, and tBt WitBOOl spoke of Ihe LoM lelalid College Hoaptlak 11 ii ?er ?ug' gesled the idi a of Ills ladng one of the residuary h go. BMI Alfel (he Wlii w.<n made he k lie :! DVOeMaM Hud thanked Mi's. O'll.lia fol !>? rpie ilhii: g ?-?. i,| tie' hiii-pual. .-he tuen -jaike of her eeqeeehi i > ? enaia eh rgi men, und Haul aieo ihat ehe bad laBMBaharad le r graal-iiaug.iiei?. In t'gitrd lo theraaidiiari p i .f mr i slate, Mrs. (iTIara ?ald tha' she left i: to her BlCtUlari Mfl ?dm-aooual ami iBbiUBBBI l'iii|n.'?, |a Iva Um d mi Olli Ulli lo IBOII '- dmr, disereimn aaid J'l'iKUieuL !>..? dedred MBM yoiiii? iio n Maeatadfei tea -> hood, and spoke of u son of liiurb <? llara. Tee ai.i.^a Bad no Idea of the reuaoua fol KereBM({, hj Hm i aOAJBj MBM of the bMjBaai h L'|miii e.-osH-ex.niimatioii no rew (aiinls w> r ? i n ii.d, and the BaerlM was adjourned BBUl la.-da?. K Igar M. i'ulleti uptciied fir the propomnts of toe u.M. and Men* a rVeraell, Mew m ifsii>es BadaV.Ckdeaea f.r the owliltalauts. ITHE ITTLE TO THjV "HfTPHgRT-*8 fOlAx, " Tin- isiit pluMil's Fold <>f the Phtteatant Edbj* eopal C.nireii ot the < liy of >ew-Votk"is IM MM af 0 eaarttablo laatuataM laeerMtaaal in Mareks 1W0, kf some of ihi Beel promiuent Eplscnpale-.tis ol Uta Ottf, H l'ular eleeilona of I rusteea were Bokt In BOaataBMB with the piovidons of the MrtSMBla it lni orpoi af ion eiitb year until 1S74. At the i lose ol that year Iti homo baaaaM BBBakasMiahlei the aBaatvee Mdai Be ? mm toea were pal m other lustiiiitious, and It remained In aa ap? pale .u> BBBBtataM i jndiliou unill March. Is77. In th?l it hldle ol Iii at in..nth W. K (..irilii.r, one of tor oi t^iual i oi pereta aaaeelatcs, inn u?t cue ot the trust. <??. n < i.<i II. No vi m ? 1.1-71, called a imelmg ef the corporation. Bad ? Hoard of Trustees waa elect, d. liui for iho twenty corporators only tBVTM Votes w. ie (ast,nu.l three "f tl. wer givea of proxy for prisons BOl i : - cut. Some feeling le gau loi. main aoted toward th. ?e Irnaieea by corpora.ora who did m faviiii.cii ielae> ttoe and aettoBt mid in Boveaibar, iu77. aiietkei aeeid ot Trustees waa CDoseu ID tbe icgular Wa.'aud wlilia lu 1 um pi.?i nt. A contest arose and has si toe continued to test the question m to wfcleb Board ex Trustees, or i racticaiiy, b oca IBOCbM < t ib>'corpora* to.s, h.iu tbelisiht to lue tt'lc BBB COetltsI of the ilistltue l*M tJener?I Term of tl.i huprem. t 'oiiri. i esterday, sent down a decision rev. inns Jiti JadSflhfBI Bl the c r Cell Court, from WBteb the upieal wie. leBae, l kd gr.n'uigu mb trkU, sfaataaa Daaaala, wM wtoa me opinion, holds ibat the eight corporators pies.m at iba meetlne in Marek. 1S77.halae laaa ? nt?jorttjr. i o .1.1 n .r have carried oi a tegular BBBethMtM legal aalhority exunng emp.weriug any v..;.- i. liven if th? sc 11 llslees h.n' been regularly el. cteiL ' .1 only to fill the i m im MOBtoMBO or the r. Ii.alu.ler of th.- }< ai; tea) were. iu.-.i Mperaeded a. iraataaa by in-, alee ted at in. ateetiBc Mid lu Novi-mocr. The i oir t holds that th- Ida lltifT* (the bounl cIism d in No V. mini) "Were entiled lo a d.reelion in a fardlct bb their ravor, vvhicn, unter 'he nilMBialaaeei ?hoa.A i. v been given to tin Jury." A new tir.l is therefore granted. _ ? I raCMKMM?skit. ?_? SUfirruif Coin' ? Chtimhrr*? in JadM We-tlironlc. ? Kimgrant lodnatnal "aeiaaa Rank sat. MeNetits s -Order gran ten BepalaUaa Aealek Areket ret -ree. n?w? Martin* Company ait'. lhaM IBM erdet t ibI pi lallB Lav* Juegiuetit for aauaeaai m be a*ti?**n am! MaBj taied by tier... .Vsscr aei. i. ii. u.-.M swa malad. Weeks agt. B*mmt| Haiestei r"ar*;ej Hail Mrk CMaraai Had agt. wiut.-. irancii ?gl. Uu ltrr ; r.'lt?ai;t Tt,e i tilted Males Carpal Oua POMf\ in-Kniest s-t MetleeiflBi oa. 'iii?r aal tiaaaai Bis* ?gt. Draiteri K.aimaar agt. Uenuaaia s?. i. uax i.uou . ta too insllernf surntiei ; Hull sift, flail, CBIVBfSB Mfe f* uraui.* Coataauy um \vrts..i. iiaimr a^t. i.naior.'. w...rr agt. WeiiT. iaaihartaetTBrea mi Pwtri*aav. Muxloa . vvuhtta tart. avaaaB i Baaaaaai. Met* i Otadla ?*t iTurts - rt*a set. lUib/?u . -as-oiiU National Han* i-t ?arwlah ion v Oa iloi ii Lamaer t'oiepauy.? oraara grauicsi. aataae* agt I'ui.i). utaaa daetaioafl aa IperaWaTBiat 'By JadjnC. P.Oalyj ?Mayers ut. Braaeahk?Baad tfftooot. fa th* *Mrter af th* assisauioiit of Veit, ? ic.i in the niau.-r .if ihe assigamaat ot Wilson, i (?'.; In the matter of tile as.urniiieiil *| Ttiahnaa I Antl.otiv agt. Heuxj ; ibe Or.a'.r? Hans sin Mutpby. IJi mi..:. Murine t/'eaii Caaeieare?Rr Jaatice < ?? ? r>t>.? ani. ftmuii.-jinigiiietit for ptalBaWM fsMdaw*gia*Bd c nU? Tucker a. t. ls>u'.:.U'. - l'ru?'M?lin^s ilisbiiMM'd. Wulf BOl Uin auei'. ?Motion denied wirh ut costs. tklMtBMtl agt. Ulm er Atoi.o.i grauosi for s.,.uii?ix-r m, ??, kisi agt. K'-vs.- Ifettaa afaaliat f?r s. ;..?iate'i i. is;-., Hubt'snl agt. Itettiiaii.-.M s.iiii jrraiiiril ; aruemlrurat ado ea. Will?ea Bat. lue Itowery .savings Bit .L-hms a'anud ilin . Use li| ?atuf to i i-i.lj . WTialen. 'eeeirer. atrl. IsfACB. Met." M Uilerploaorr graute., a* pel OtoOM, Kr?te a.i ..... U -lo fer sac* atderee. raaBhad art. Ottaa.?Pra^otstuag* uu. i >?? SH.limiti srt Morgan M'M...ii pra itej opsninir dcfiuif. KaM agi. Mil. . cln rliu*. ii..lion granted with eXOcoats to puunufl lo abide event. CfeJLettiDABa i an uty. 1st i iir.vtK CulHr-C'luew.Be-Wettbrook, 1 ?<;.'?rt oneo* at lo..'o a. Bl. Calendar eal.e>i at 11 * in Baa, M, 7.'..*, SA.h5, sal. KS. hJ, lue, lie. 110. 12V. H.H. IB*, IBBi lt9. J7A 17*. ;.->. attremoB i onai erat ut tekm?.-asigwi. ?, j.-xn day .-a i CoMM'.s Pi.kas-?reciAi Tvsa-C. p. Daly. c.j? C'*irt 0|h?im nl I I i. ni t sse nn ? Asendorf agt. Havel. klAk.NB Cm gf i l.lAt. i'LKM-l'Aiir II. -1|. VdaU. J ? Nos. ?e.'7. Slft?. 334fts?, S2*<7, l.'Sts-, *y60, 61, S?, .^.l. at. 6i, 1?, 67, iK , . f'Al.-l 111. Nu?. -JH, rt"', .T.?, IP, ti, tvt, ta. U. 15. vl'I. 7. *S. Mldo>a, so.??. J74?. Wiiivi: l'p.?HooU?" Eisfht o'clock, sun . oioe (from lue deeps)?" Wi fo^. confound yon f*'?ll'iinr Voice (from me iieepri -" W'ej didu't yc ttill mo thai ix> HatiKrnpt iVoticra. 'IMIls is TO GIVE ftOnCEi Thu aa lit 1 J\nU day of August, A. l>. I?7l?. * Vv ansnl in Haeti'i !><?>* was iss.iisj Kasiu.t The etlaus of CUARLBB D. LAKKV, af Baw-Y*rts? tn Ho. CeWBty i*l >?w i?rk *iul swaie of Ke?> V oi s. vv mi o. en a.ljuilgo.: a bankrupt on 1,1? can is-: twO| tta' 11 .? pivvnu nt ..f an) <le.<u? an.l ilrfo.-rj "f an. pi 'i?-rtf lialotiglug t>. surb nankruut io idia or for ids u-e aaa ike tiatisf. r of say proi.erty hr hlui are f.nh.Udea bv law . tint ? niisslintr of th? of ii.? sal.t Isvokiupl t" |H?>ve l!"*J ilibi .aiel lo akaOM vw "l more aaslirnee* "f i,i? veisle, wuj la in-iit at a ceirt or iiutikiuptcv to t?e baldaeal Ho i?* Breadaat in nn ..i Baw-raeB. i>?f Br. H'urf VA V leu, ll'-sfter, uu the ^.'tu ..a> oi IV ,'t. rulsrr. A. hv IBTtTat IB or.nekte. h'l l' K PA'"Je I * Xaisha , aa deaaei.gsr. e.silliern I'lsUl. t of SewAert TU18io TO GIVE NUTlCfii Hut on m 5? 1 .i*? ol Aiigast. A. I>. IS71?, a w arrant ta Hankruaur was,'. a*?in?' i'io estate .rf AI.VMI Wt->w M i M t*J cove: BaW' ib? ooumy of .New V"rt snu v? pew-Yera. who nee lesvu a>Uailaed a bankrupt 1 BQWB | . 1.1'h. ?dial Bat payuunt ist aur dunte anal rtaUv-nv auf plepeiiy brio ii ?Uli It tOCt bankrupt to Mui M IN u ? a** Boa fti^ transfer.?f.vir i?rot?srtr lie nlai. are f.?a>i*dsa*f law . luat a uie. dug ol Iba creditors "t Ibe sa-U**, t>. i iuvi llieir Bebt? ami lo rtiooei one or more .!*?;????*? ot tils oslate. will Se held at a Cotiri i.t Bansrn|h?-V ?*> ?? hohlen at No. 4 WaiT?U-sU. iu Ihe Cite of N"? ^ *" ? '" 77 /aaa W. Lutte, rsuotre, Kagui tr, on th? Itflh Ja/ ti tOtttm* Isar. ?. If.O, at liioousuk a. iu. L M Is V. I'l-s, Matikal a* M*saenrer. Hoptliern DeMtOtel BeO ? .M toot an? /onn?. j~?Tr.-B.iUl\ book No. ii.OJUol lii<' . U.J IptovTii S-ev ngs ?auk ; tTe Bad er will plra?e ntai" same tu PH I LIP KtiKH I.Kit. HO? "Jd a*e. ._ ? irtiAT -Bank Book N?. LTtf^laeoed by" tta I ai.iriaan i-^vlnaa lUnk lu tuei Hr "( >? v '?' '. . HcHKl I KB in.N. in tmaslug. ibe Bnoeror aottt ''11 book Is ir.|ueMes to ?ellvei Ii I" Uie Hank. If not rttrmZZ btilia-v ia? iu. <l?jr o. i N ioUet. is7e. ap?lieall?>a wi4 b?> at9m to the rtalik for a Ue* Iss.k. _ _ 'JMMAIS ISI'II'.N. (TinyEaWALF.T Ptf; met . ure i tuulU ... ?, ? i r?g-~ ? i - hulAWU. I'arta. tsuid bi all ulisinin

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