The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1931
Page 8
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; ni.YTIIKVI Oil Vaoation Movie Men Re I urn (o U. S.j .'• After Thrilling Months' Among Wild Bcasls j l»y DONN BUTTON • . NBA Scrvk-c Wrller . NEW YORK. — Tlic dark shrill ' fsstnesses of India haw? contnb-i uted new stars to the talking pic-i tures. ; .Furred and.'feathered thespians! .who ca'n.'t bo reached by fan inail- ; nor lured by contracts have-.up- : ', peared In improvised jungle slu- .Vdl'os before the u-htrrlng camera':' ..'and. delicate microphones of two.' .v>'P.u n K American adventurers. : . ; ,yoi"--'»"ijed nct-rs who would roar , rip, matter what the 'critics sayj v'^oMt them nmi wouldn't devour i publicity as quickly as they would i publicity men, are described by Cameraman Jim Mclnnls unili Sound Engineer Kenneth Haw!:.: -, who have just returned to this' country with the first sight-anil-' . sound record, ever mnde In the; dense tropic forests of India. i Wctnnis and Hawk became their! own producers, scenarists and dl-i rectors for the Impromptu actsj which featured the Clara Raws niul j Buddy - Rogerses . and John Barry-! mores ,of the jungle. Their prop-! 'erly men were natives,, hired at 25] .writs.a day to drive tlie elephants ..or bullock carts which carried their. In tills nautical looking costume, .equipment. The two -.Americans;smiling Gaill Curd would be' us .fought fever, hurricanes, unfriend-.much at home on the high SKI. ly tribes, de'ath-benrlng insects and:as she usually is on tlic high C's. Miine Indians Have " .Members at Legislature KAS'il'OhT. Mi.. HII'i—Mam" 1 : P. .H;> 1.1 :-i 1.tiire may char/ic its pcistiiMl i- -:i!>!fxion from i\n*.? I. tin!''. !>ui :: always Indue!*. 1 : tv.t,' lull-!!k"-J rl American rndinn;: T!:r i'jy.-,'.i:nquod(ly trilie, v.ith :i .<y':iU'mr-ir iviir here nmi tin 1 ' in'j-m'.;:. -rto iive nt OUI Town CIK!I clro-" a representative t« the rijl'!iilurt' :il every stole el-ction. Thei'e Ii:ili:m Icxlslnlcrs liuve ini; •etc Inn llu-y :imj<:;ir before It:.? "]i- • )ionrlnltan:< immunise, (o pivsent: he requirements of lliclr' i'.Ho Ko:rf. ncwly-i'lcclcd rcptc- ;i'niutive f Hie Passamnnuoddie.i,' vill sc'.'k tn luivc Ills tribe'o niipru- year to $:)l.COp tills year, Ihe nd- ilitlcnal 5S.WO to IK used for i. 1 -' linu tht local Intilnn urade! tchool. 632,7^3. They were'd'lvlfc-j'05 f 0 :-' Sojiul, 3^, vr.lucd nt 831,130.010; dlalfguc, GKI, worth S(J«7,7l!),4ai; end silent, 1.S10, vulued at, siu - Ib7,20«. • " ' • man-eating leasts—and lived toilell the, tale In celluloid. '.:.' Won Official Sanction They began their camera Jour- ,ney In Hyderabad. The Nb.ain •himself—said to be (he richest man in the Vorld—sent word throughout his native kingdom Hint their 'trip was to be aided In every way. "Head men" of the villages greeted them with elaborate ceremonies. Lesser natives fled In terror from the camera, which they, seemed to think was a gun. letters : back to ; civilization became "offi- ; .clal 1 .' messages—that, Is, they ' had red pepper and chicken Wicrs . stuck In-them to show that they were to be rushed. . . '.• "Getting -sight and sound films of tigers was the main goal ol iiir . expedition," said Mclnnls. 'They seldom are photographed In their • native haunts and never have ap: beared'. In talking pictures before. Many hunters have spent more tliarr a year in the junples without so much- as seeing a tiger.": . ."In Hyderbad, though they dug tiger pits under decepHvc grasses and laid l.n, ysjH for weeks, they . were . unsuccessful/ They photo- (jraphcd scores of Monkeys, swing- j ing in. the tree-tops and coughing tp warn .HH approach of tigers— but 'no "User's:. ";, "We moved on to Aslfibad Road] with--three native servants," said Hawk. "Our trip was pimctiiated •by: "the frequent, sight of strange •looking-Images—usually of a man . with ah elephant's bead, holding a plate of fruit in his fcur hands— which .Hie natives said were the gods o! : good luck. We, felt encouraged. tht The noted opera star Is pictured above at Miami Beach, Fia., \vhcre sire Is resting prior to starting n concert tour through the north. iv & Cost of Movie Work During 1929 Increases; WASHINGTON, (UP)—The cost of, work done In 1928 by organizations hi this country engaged In the manulnctuic of motion pic- lures amounted to {ISO,Sill,:! 19, :,n mcrcar.! or 31.CC per cent n* compared with $134,343,360 reported for 1927. Theatrical negatives produced in RITZ THEATER ly-Monday JUST FOLKS! : Tlicy might be the ;><:oplo next door! | tjie corner! h'a the : life, the love, the ! | trou!)lc8 of people i like, you _ or you! i K HOMETHEATRE Friday and Saturday Mtitmec and Nislit-^10-2r)C. 8ITZ THEATRE Last Time Today THE retorte'd . Doroth' women—for they don't allow their I J >lai j lll . rl ; Mrs - s ^ E - Lund, says women to go on the stage! Their n " 1 el ^ A ^l n( = r hcr """lugD make-up boxes, about a square yard Io lc . r I'^nnd, Sidney Lund, was in size, held gaudy paints and a'h- scnl lo thc south scns ta Iw'P "'m dust talcurrs powder." [ a U"~- lu ™ featuring Miss Janis ind -They-recorded the dry grasses or} 1 ™'- 011 Novarro. On this trip, <\? Affum crcckling beneath the husol c " ar8K! ' ll0 losl ' llU "esL In his wife paws of lurking, unseenbensts. Tree n "' J transferred his affections to trunks cracking before -tte giant heads of bull elephants in Cpoch Behar. Howling panthers Irapped the actress. about -to feet of toll dry grass be- ; V-. With .••':"••• El Brendel '&Uohn Wyane Matinee—8 Hud 3:30— 10 ami 30c, Night—G:-I5 aiid 8:-15— ' 15 and «IOe. In.a circle "f tame elephants. The iwcen them and the tiger McTnnls vicious charge of grunting wlld| and Hawk stood their ground and boars in Udaipur. A bout between [ photographed the nmn-eater and a mongoose and a crow, mth the recorded his ominous roar crcm-. winning the decision when he] . ' got hold of the mongoose's tail, i u ?* «» n i i SWes dart and loud with crvingi natf-ltlOOli >5C/fOO( vulturer. .nghtlng with each othcr.l and with, screeching jackals over: School work Is moving along the carcasses of slain buffnlo. Pots- j nicely since the Intermission'-for "orious Hrfirds with darting tongues; the holidays. A fine spirit of en- hiding inside the skeletons of fal-1 thustasm and cooperation is func- len animals. Gay, proud pencock-s, tionintr and the next sem'esters whittling in fri?ht at the approach work looks promising, of leopards. Herds of fleet blnck[ Tlic primaries are having for buck racing over plains. . . .. All:their freehand drawing, a series of "Saturday Only the wild bedlam of the pungle. Ti£«r Eluded Trap In Assam, they trapped n tiger at night in a stockade of bamboo and^. wire, but the jnwcrtul animal leaped over the seven-foot barri- '•¥•:> the hj.ilth vegetables. These have been colored In natural tones, mounted and arranged in an attractive exhibit. The fourth grade has organized a letter club and is exchanging let- cade i'n c>ne bound and was gone! ters *'' tn the fourth grade at before and mike could : Paragould. Jlmmle Buck was elec- be put in place. Once, too, a nn-i ed president ar.rt Earlme Richard-j live chieftain walked into the tiger 'son, Secretary. . I trap by accident, thc door snapped! A r.r.v book in our library is shut behind him—and it took a lot; "Kidnoppod" by Stevenson and was! of diplomacy to explain things ta;donated by Kenneth McNally. him the next day. \ Miss Turner, county supervisor,' Hawk was struck down by a!v;"til us Wednaday morning. • ! •tropic fever and fought for Ills; Pupils who met thc honor roll life fcr several days- The mon-! requi r i2n-.ents fcr this month arc:, coons came, with fierce rains and Juanita Galnes, Mildred Vlnslon, • whirling winds, and tore down thei Edthcr Haskins, Maxlne Holland, -grass hut ln : which they lived. Onccjlmogene Gainrs. Jamie Dell Prlk. the elephant which was'carrying Ira Gaines, J. C. liar-kins, Earllne! their sound equipment chased the! Richardson. Primaries: Virgil elephant carrying tlvjlr '.' camera! Shar.eyfelt, Russell Delbrldgc, Ncda .With -~"' Lonixe ' Dresser and •.'•, Sharon Lynn Also Short Subjects. Matinee—2 and;.4 O'clock- Night—2 Coniplete Shows., Admission—16 and -10c. Tuesday, Wednesday a n t Thursday, "HELLlS.AN£EL" Comihfj-—'•'• : "', . a "WHOOPEE", with- Eddie Cantor, . . . ; "PAID", with Joan Craw- t'oi-d. H01WETHMTRF; Sunday & Monday T equipment - for seversfl miles, and they did battle with their tusks While the precious loads Icetered precariously on their b.icte. Finally , they Flo Richardson. Lcalous Jones,' Louise Alexander, James Alexan-! der,.Mary Lightfoot, J. L. Holland: and Maria Llghlfoot. Teachers — mutii> .knuuKci, iney inuna tneir* T v t . tigers by daylight. One i'n parttc- Har S° u - ular posed for them, all unawares, ° f fflnl -' h e their Eiva !5 ' <J ? ()S "'id Cassie Caldwoll ™ STOCKTON, Cal, (UPI - Ucsl- moving picture ever made of a tiger d(!n , 3 O f thh sec'lon of California m ° 5t C " C ' ? Wi1! " CV " b5llCVC th " C '* »»V- :thlng tunny or (nsignlncant Bfr . ul attraoted by. s s'nlnlthe lowly nut. The Unden plant T h c daringly different drama for which N o w Yorkers •stood in line to :pay 52 a seat!' FRIDAY, _.].'._. :.;..". SIBE^^^S j ^•••^^^ 3 "t-rf»/ u~" '.' Bargains F<$$ Saturday Only Large Select : f , Fresh Fine Crisp Heads Size-Ws Golded Yeilow GRAPEFRUIT IWS101 The f ( their trip. . . lo^ C4m.e to visit them unex-!of the San Joaquln Walnut Grow- pecttdly e»rly, ; They had no guiisjers' Association handled $500COO no.l weapons of any sort, and their j worth of riufs during the past sc.v n*Ure . wrvants f.edi Wjth only ron. >•;.;•'-• With Lois 'Morau and James Jluriy. ifatince—10, and 30e. Nipht—10 and 3">c. Burdrn-Clianlcr frofiiicllon Also Slior; Suliject.-i. Malitie.— '2 ami .[ O'clno N'iglit—2 t.'ottin!ote Shov,-s. AtlmisMiiii—10 and 2fn-. Coniinir — Tuc?cla\T \Vn1ivT- (l".v & T'ui!-sday_"\VH..\T A WIDOW", with G!oi-in Svvim-i I son. ; ONIONS F % anish lb. 31c A Dpi CO Arkansas Blacks or HijLLd Rome Beauty 2 Ib. ORAiGE! S\voet Juicy Fioritlns 12-l,h. 1'eok Good For Eating Peck 3?c or Baking DQZ. tOc Caulif lower POTATOES ds !b.2 Pet or Carnation can. E Sunset Gold It's Fine In Cloth Bags Limit 10 Pounds Dixie Cream 24 Pound 5ack R5S9585Z&£K52i Hillsdaia No. 1\ Can CTS2HHEI313H No. 2l Gan 5 Polks Best 3 For No. 1 Tali Can BEANS 2 lbS.10C | RICE Fane, Blue Rose Compound Pound Pal! Pure 8 Pound Pail X SAUSAGE Ib. SAUSAGE X k T Thick Rib . or Chuck SALT MEATIl g lb. MINCE MEATS,. 17k STEAKS An, cut Ib. 22k agaaCT^^axgjnw.JlHItt.aia«.»Mg; Pound 20c BACON Sugarsc :=«s r

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