Evening Public Ledger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 29, 1921 · Page 15
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Evening Public Ledger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1921
Page 15
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-sgr vi -ny4 YWmirK'' t ir,tv('tvj?(''- ff& ; '-' ' '"Jiifl .(TJi', VS' ' t( r'VtfftK ft, tr ,x J 1 , K Bs? fgOVlEGKAMS IL-eftmes a Character Man "fer he Shew" at Stanley Other FilmsM Lecal Houses 3 ANCE 'n n ,v'" n chnracter mnn, who litis no clnlm te pliydicnl beauty or U even tlint sleek nnd blooming youth common te screen stnrn, gets n part In -i... dint innblcs him te wnlk nwny with the honors. In micli prises It thn lmppcns that neither the company which produced the Aim nor the man kn exhibits It real'zcH the chnrnrter twin's work, but the fans iiptiprnlly de. Fer example up at the Htnnlcy next week In n William de Mlllc picture. Mifter the Shew," written by that clever and premising short-story nnd l Veen writer, Hltn weiinnn, wne in n riuimidpiiinn. 4nw, William dc Mine "i,tee shrwd n mnn te put some eung stnr or "Htarette" iih puppets in IiIk wiiref he he makes his people net for their enlnrlcs. rrim answer is that an (lid ncrccn I ,.,ii who lin done rhnrnctcr ;;rtiaKe.,u.. twa,jf? rhnraclCT Man tmrt in "After the eirZwwl Hlietf." Churl en fhTJbn Start, Osle h Mm name, te Screen Ziare hn old-timers .ill nine up with the remark tlint he rf te net ltli Mary Puller, v, nn and Mink MeDcnnett In the old FHlien Company. Yes, nnd was n 1 iftvrrlte for tlie roie 01 ucerge nsii-) ingten. e. Fer n lefifr time uric nas eccn nouns lent en the Const taking parts as they mm te him, poed, bad and indifferent, lind when his chnnce came he took lit Ogle, like Roberts nnd Hatten and Chancy, has one of Hiere mobile face? which can express something mere thnn i tie idea that they arc handsome nnd 'knew it, or that the director has told 'them te register grief, and thev muht T0 t te earn their milarles. The unfortunate thing is tlint he is net featured prominently as he deserves te be. Te be sure, the company recognized ,1jj work stilllclcntly te mention him in Ithe eamc brcnth with Jack Helt nnd llJle Lee, the ether prominent persons 'in "After the Shew," but unless seme ItOBcerted effort Is made, Ogle will again MUpe into "cholce bits," which, translated, means fragmentary appearances en the screen, mnde te stnnd out It the Individual efforts of the actor. That was what happened te Raymond Hatten after his unforgettable part in ,'Th Whispering Chorus," which Ctcll D Mille has sometimes called his 'test but least successful picture. Once in a while some genius like Mto&ere Roberts can combine a re-ifurkable ability te create new type mi a popularity Kith fana and ex-Wbiters. That there are net mere is ' line of the crying shames of the screen, Uni tjte fault rats party with you, tm' . . . let's hone it Is at least n fraction In tana a. film as Miss Wclmnn's ("Footlights!") the Stanley will have. Ue ncwru uusier rieaien ceinniy, unu 'the presence of Henri Scott, the bnrl-ienc, en Its program. Keaten is one of itbose "betwlxt-and-between" fellows; 'net milte slap-stick, but net quite irtralght comedians. Incidentally, there .de net seem te be any of the latter 'claw right new. Hareld Lloyd de-Ipendi partly en stunts, nnd the Christie comedies are pretty hilariously farci-'etl. Isn't It a pity that there are no llengcr any Sidney Drews te add the last savory flavor te a photoplay bill? Coincidences occur cvrry day in the iBOfifs, but an unusually peculiar one h noted m the Arcadia's film next 'uccl. Its name is "The Last Doer," "A THIRD OF A CENTURY" PLAYING EXCLUSIVELY VAUDEVILLE'S BEST NEXT WEEK AN ALL-STAR Mar. 2.05 ORCHESTRA 2.10 AESOP'S FABLES and LADY ALICE'S PETS TINY TOTS r ANIMAI.nOM 2.20 Al HAIG & LAVERE Earl "TXI riUENUS WHO CAN'T (IET ALONO" 2.30 FillST Al'l'UAHANCU IN TWO YEAUB Will M.CRESSY& Blanche DAYNE IN MR. CKESSY'S LATEST PLAYLET. "THE MAN WHO I1CTTED IN" 2.42 LATE BTAU Of "THE FOLLIES" JOHN STEEL TOE CELEUrtATED AMEIUCAN TENOR. JEItltY JARNAOIN. ACCOMPANIST 3.05 A TERP3ICHOREAN DELIGHT DORIS HUMPHREY'S DANCERS IN A SERIIC1 Or DANCE DIVERTIHSEMENTB 3.25 THE CLEVER COMEDY COUPLE IIRKKKY HITS OF MIUTII AND MELODY VAUDEVILLE-S liiaQEST MUSICAL HIT 4.00 THE I'AMOl'H AMERICAN HARITONE And HU SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA Henry SANTREV& A LITTLE BOB PENDER TROUPE vacdevilie'S most varied novelty 4.45 PATHE EXIT MARCH , Mutlnt (Except Saturday unit Ilell(tuj) 1000 Unkeny Scan, suci 1000 urcntatra Heat. B3c, Incliuiing iut. Entln. KAn.i niiMiii. neri nrchratru I Shows Dlly. 2 and H I. M. aeaU one "k tAt tAt tc it PALM GARDEN, 39th and Market Sts. Beginning Men., Oct. 31t (Halloween) for One Week PAUL WHBTEIVIAN'S ORCHESTRA Direction of ARNOLD JOHNSON "AMERICA'S BEST DANCE MUSIC" awe The Original GEORGIA JAZZ BAND CONTINUOUS DANCING $500 J00 Will be Given Away in Prizes Halloween y Open Every Night Under New Management HENRI MARTIN Exhibition of SMALL OIL PAINTINGS The Art Club of Philadelphia 220 Seutli Ilrnnil H'rret OPEN TO THE l'UIII.IO TO i3K?l.?ATU,,I,AV' "OTOIIKIt 23 TO BWUAY. NOVEMIIEK 18. INCLUSIVE WM M, j. T0 B ,., M DAILY 1 TO 0 P. M. BUNDAYS UF THE WEEK I Gets a Star ReleDn UUhta and Kugcnc O'Brien is the star. With him arc Martha Mansfield and A'ifn Natdt, and if you remember Jehn Barrymerc's "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," you will recall that both of these ladles first came into screen prominence in that picture. New, here they arc, a year later, In a different company, again playing the "geed" and "bad" women that did in the Stevenson story. they There came nenr being nn Oriental Invasion of Philadelphia week nfter next, but the "enemy" lest half its strength, se the Pela Acjri dnnger is nverten. Film Coming The Stanley's pic- te Stanley turc en thnt ec casien will be "One Arabian Night," the big foreign picture with Peln Negri. On top of thnt it wns planned te have Hetty Wythe nnd "The Queen of Shebn" start its lernl career at the Stanten. At the Inst moment, however, thnt persistent sticker, "Over the Hill," was urged te ttny another week i-e that nnether bushel of fans could be squeezed In nnd the Oriental rush was stepped. People evidently like te christen things. This is plain from the fact that thousands of letters have been received by the Nlxen-yidrlinger offices in response te the request for a name for the house te be erected in Olenside by Fred O. Nixen-Nirdllngcr and former Mayer Themas Smith. They ought te set some of these inventive geniuses at work naming Pullman ears when they finally run out of long Indian names. "The Cabinet of Dr. Callgari" was such n positlve hit out at the Bluebird Theatre last week (where it breke liouse records) that this nightmare pic-ture will be shown later in West Philadelphia at the Nixon -Nirdlinger houses. All of which gees te show that the fans like unusual pictures better than some of the exhibitors seem te think. THE picture at the new Knrlten next week is the kind thnt Is going te proveko n let of discussion. It'll make seme folks mad enough te threw things, nnd ethers will probably be suited right down te the grot nd. The picture is "A Trip te Paradise," with Bert Ly-tell. In case that does net mean anything te you, it may be added that the story is bnsed en Frnnz Molnar's drama, which, under the title of "Lll-llem," is playing a long engagement in New Yerk. The plcture people have removed It a long way from Molnar's original Hungarian, and they've changed parts of It entirely. As it stands new, the scene is Ceney Island nnd the "barker," PROGRAM Night 8.05 8.10 TOPICS OF THE DAY 8.20 8.30 8.42 9.05 9.25 9.45 10.00 Anna SEVMOUR 10.30 10.45 10.55 11.00 hl'KPK'M! NEWS uirnincn; niire rirni unirenr, no benti. 11.10 and II. no. Inrlmllnc Tu: I5c TBr ill. r 106. Week In Adani; Phen Filbert 8306. ir ir & it MbiKOfOLUAN Oiura Hoijhe i Jiroud & I'nplnr 1JTTLE MAE DESMOND ab tiiu MOUIER" IN "OVER THE HILL , MVirSIf, m "THE STORM" LfUMUIN 1 O j,ra,Si Men Wed Hft, H.iA 13 EMMETT WELCH Minstrels Dtlr BTIIIKINO COAT. BUIT AND BHUITWAIBT WOMCERB EVENING PUBLIC wlie la the clifcf chnrnctcr, In a typlcnlly tetiRh New Verkcr. Hcrt Lytcll is certainly far removed from Jeseph Bchild- Kreui; diu men, it eiigiit te ee inter-cutiiiK for compnrntlve rensenn, If nothing else. Thnt leiiK-nwaited event, the opening of the Atlline, nt Hie corner of Nineteenth and ChcHtnnt streets, is nt lnfet - . doing te be a Te Announce rcnllty. Anneuncc-Alalnca Open- ment will be mnde Intf Soen this week, nccerd- t, ,, . . Ing te the Felt Jiret hers, who head the cemnanr erect- B the theatre, ns te Just when It opens ie mmin. in ntiditien te Fnirbnnitf. JIary Tlekferd, Charlie f'liaplln, Ocerge ArllKs nnd D. W. Orlffith plctures, n recent switch of companies by Allu Anzimevh will mean that the great iuissian's photeplaye will also be shown here. Ilex lleach attractions are still nnether premise "The Three Musketeers will, ns previously stated, open i . n.c' house, A large organ is being installed. DREAMLAND ADVENTURES The Ilemc in the Weeds Ir DADDY Jack and Janet move te a home in the weeds. There they find a surprise atcaiting them two Shetland ponies for their very own. They ride the ponies and fellow a hopping rabbit xnte the woedi where they get lest. CHAPTER VI Lest in the Weeds JACK nnd Janet were lest In the great weeds. They didn't knew which way te turn te find their wny home. They were sorry new that thev had ridden their ponies, Trixlc nnd Topsy, after Mr. Rabbit. "And father told us net te go Inte the woedB," unld Jack, suddenly remembering his premise. "Oh, I never thought of thnt." said Janet. "I didn't think of anything except following thnt hopping rabbit." "But we should have thought of It," said Jack. "That is why fnthcr told us net te go Inte the weeds because we would get lest." Trixle nnd Topsy, the ponies, didn't seem te mind being lest. They Just nosed around for nice bunches of grnss nnd began te eat as contentedly ns though they wcre at home In their btnlile. "Thev don't need te worry," said Jnck. "They can fin plenty te eat hi the weeds. Hut we can't find anything te cat and we will starve." "Like the bnbes in the weeds," whispered Jnnet. "De you remember the story about them?" Yes, Jnck did remember hew the babcH get lest, and htnrvcd and went te sleep never te wake up again, nnd hew the birds covered them ever with leaves. "We enn't find our way out of the weeds, nnd perhaps the mere we ride around the mere we will get lest," said Jnck. "Let's camp right here nnd wait for some one te find us." Se they get off the ponies, nnd tied Trlxie and Topsy te bushes. Then Jnck tf ftcrnientmvn Ave. & Vfnatiire Mnts. 2:30. NIchlN 7 i 0 1 M. ncl 'ONDAV T' K DY A KDNKSIIAY CHARLES RAY NINTEEN and PHYLLIS '"'SDAY FIDY fATI'U?)AY Mildred Karris Chaplin nml riAIlKTII IIlTlirs In The Weman in His Heuse NBXQNIS I'm il nnd .MentEnmiT.t , 3.15, 7 A 0 V. O NKnn-Mrdllntf r. fir n . Mg r "Ladies of the Jury" A l-ATTUV ('(1""VVV OK 13 HAZEL MORAN TIIK R'RL AND TI1K I UIAT FATINO SISTERS & CO. AT'"' t, Tiinrr f ff LEIPZIG rnr.n or takd maniitlatetm TWO l"iT HfNM'TT CMKDY "OFFICER CUPID" KSOI"H l'AIILKH TOPICS' OK THE D V " 'Tlllf NKVS "''TfIM, J.KEIRNBRENNAN and JIMMY RULE sone wniTF.ns and kine i:ks ! t B2P MARKEn STS. Next Week t)60V 'ANNABnLLE' Munlcnl rumrriy, 3 rrnr! Klrey 6ltri Menlii & Slinwi Ladero & Hrrlimnni I'lrtrn Frei'nl nnd Kdltli Story In "Strnlitlit la tha Way" 5 niu TIME 1CT me nvn CTH uuUa 4Ht & I.nncnntrr Av. Aflrrneniia, I '.IO te 3 "WET GOLD" Men., Tues.- (hurlle Chnnlln In "Tlin IDLE CLASS" nr.n. alicr iikady in out or the riinitm" Chnrlle Clinplln In "THE IDLE CLASS" Hmr.. Krl.. nt. "THH OLD NEST" V , f D LOCrST BT8. ff fnltA9t. t 1:30 and 0:30 te 11 vayy Menii Tl,f WfJ A TALE OF TWO WORLDS TIU RM)AY rillDAY X sT"Y Conway Tearle in The Fighter TtfrnXL SI) STREET AT HAVHOM Men . Tufa., Wl. ALICE LAKE in "THE GREATER CLAIM" "HEARTS ARE TRUMP" iDdt-nvciO; s&r-i B:?d 0 MONDAY. TUESDAY A WEDNESDAY .1AC" nvyiON"1 "THE LITTLE FOOL" Thurs.,Fri., Sat. Madge Kennedy In "MAUI. UK CAUKITI." y-9 I I Mnrl.et St. he I, ( COUOCitTttnVrnVa Mnrl.i-t St. bt I. 00th SO ml n iiijxiixv nnu ii mimv CONSTANCE TALMADGE In "IP THL KOAD WITH SALLY" Wfd. IMIIh Murj, "lirtntrr l'relll" Tliura,, Krl. "Tlir .Inurnry'a End" at. D. Knlrlmnha. llnhlt of Happlnraa CtcUui OOTH A CKDAR AVE. MATINEES, 1:30 NIOIITS. 7 n.l n .. iiiinm i--ni n. n "WOMEN MEN LOVE" Wed., Thura CONWAY TEAIILE In "Itir KINO THE THJF.lt" e rrl Snt. ELSIE KKUOUSO.N In "HIOTLHlIirS" Aeadrm of Mualr, Ne 0n V, M, Philadelphia Operatic Society WASXILI LEI'S, Conductor Tannhaeuser WAGNER OPERA IN ENGLISH Htdlfii te W'60. Hmre'a. tlie Chestnut M V Am LGLTYCk IEDaBRr - JPHILABEmHIA, -SATURDAY, Twin Bed Lecture The screens are still up around the Devcleigh menage and Mrs, Devclclgh is quite peeved about it. She thinks that Mr. Devclclgh ought te de something. Mr. Devclclgh is doing something about it he is trying te sleep. 1 should think you would hnve seme Interest In your place. One would think you were a mere nnimnl, leading nn animal existence, for nil the Interest you tnke In your home. De you knew thn screens are stl'l up nnd it is nenrly Christmas?, They should have been taken down long ngej ynu knew they tdieuld. W11LI,. WHY HAVEN'T YOU TAKEN THEM DOWN? Why hnven't I taken them down i llke that I 1 KNEW YOU WOULD. . Oh, you knew I would take theni down, did you? Well, you never were se mlstnken In your life. I hope you Hve until I tnke them down. Yeu will be the only one alive en the last dav. I sheiild take them down ! Your wife should go out climbing nreund en the walls and window sills, risking her tere off brnnchca from shrubs nbeut them and made n little tent llke nn Indian's wigwam, only much smaller. "We can sleep In here If we have te," said Jack bravely, although he did net feel very brave inside. "Oh I I hope there aren't any bears in this weeds," whlspf cd Jnnet. "We haven't Johnny Bull here te fight them." "I wish we had waited for the dogs, before going riding," said .luck. "Toddle Pupkins wouldn't hnve let us get lest." Jnck nnd Jnnet were very tired, nnd as they whispered In the tent of leaves, fhej nodded. And before they knew it they were aslcpp. Hew long they slept, they did net knew, but when a sound suddenly nreused them they awoke te find that the weeds were growing dark. Again came the Hound a distant howl. "Is it n wolf?" whispered Jnnet. "Or it may be a bear," she added, as the howl sounded nenrer. Jack pushed Janet behind him, nnd picked up a stick. "Don't be nfrald," he whispered. They could hear something coming SJETOPOLIY " BROAD AND POPLAR STREETS - PHONE POPLAR 0600 Subscription Season SAN CARL FORTUNE. GALLO-General Director ffi BEGINNING NOV. 28 Repertoire First Week .MONDAY "CAKMEN," Ferraliinl. Ktltle. KUnove. Temmnalnl, Kojer, Iltckcr, Dalle Mellr, Tudlnce, DeULmlt Tell una Cert)i de Mullet. Cowl. Tfrenl. TUIMIIAY "RIGOLKTTO." I.urchcir. rnpisl. Kllnevn, AxeiOnl, VHlone. Cervl. De- lllanl. C'end. Knarh. H'KDNKSDAY "I.A l'ORZA UIX Di:TlNO," H.irnTi, Pnril. Kllne. Ueyfr, Tiulltea. Ccrrl. Delllnalt Trll nml Cerpa ilc flnllct. ('and. I'rrenl, TIIURHDAY "AIDA." nnppelil. rrnarnnl. Kljnnrii. Tamiuaalul. Vlvline, Tiidlace, tVnl. Dalll nil Tell nml Corua du II Met. Cond lVrerl. I'RIDAY "MA11AMR lUTTKIUXY," riUlu, Tngil, Ateallnl, Scelt, Cerrl, Dellnsl. Cond. Knerh. SAT. JIAT. "TALES 01 HOFFMAN. " I.ucfhfne, Hcltle, Krnfmtr. KlIneTB. llea- caccl. Herer, Scott, Tnrtlnrn. Cond. Knneli -T. r.VK. "1I TneVATORK." Snrejn. Kiiten. nilnevn. Temmnalnl. Ylvlnne. SUBSCRIBE NOW FOR BEST SEATS Subscription Beeks Clese Saturday, NOVEMBER 12 Public Seat Sale Opens Tuesday, November 15 At Mclrnpnlltun Open limine and We-iminn'ii, 1108 Chretnut St. Prices, 50c te $3.00 Phene, Poplar 0600 lUTRONAC.E OF THE PHILADELPHIA GRAND OPERA ASSOCIATION In 1 mW OPERA THE HOME. OF PHILADELPHIA'S PREMIER STOCK CO., BEGINNING MONDAY EVENING FRANK FIELDER, presents iirdC AS THE LITTLE FRENCH Larfeden TRCertntdcs melodramatic TAqaierpiece TM A ROMANCE OF THE BIG WOODS WilK tfie same electrical effecta ued in IBe etibmal produdien. 3 MATINEE? -TUE5.THURS frSAT. AT 2.15.- 15 TO 90 EVERY EVENING ("tL") 15'-25- 35- 50- 75 I.OO 'Jza&zs ns?-a e--ssff: WMBtnnEaa8l1BaMMMaMMnritMmMH t3"S .. T. Z.fM SUPREME Next massawm BALTIMORE AVE.AT 56ST.B M ft lllrrrlluu I red I) SI i: Fell TODAY- "IHi: Ol.n OAKKN Dt'CKRT" MARflAKKT JIl'I.I.EN. Hoprnne Monday, Tncuay & Wednesday nEAtJTIl'L'I SCREEN FAVORITE. IN "MoenlihtFollies" Thursday, Friday & Saturday MISS DU PONT FILMDOM S NEWEST STAR, IN "The Rage of Paris" JOHN A. QUKUN AT THE ORflAN MATINKKH AT Ii30 AMI 3 UI.MMjH AT 7 AMI U aut. Uv. 0:30, 8, 0:30, Prlcea (Including vnr tax). NUhta Adulta, flOe; ChlMran, 7c. Jfata, Adulta. 10a; Children, lle. md$'i By J. P. McEVOY ticrk, while you loll nreund the house watching her. I suppose if I foil out the window you would net even leek out te see If I hit tin- ground weu'd you? it'3 AccenniNO te hew busy i WAT AT THE TIME. Oh, Ih that sol Yeu are net satisfied with nngglng nnd abusing me, nui j en must Insult me. That Is the kind of a man I married 1 Why did I marry you? IF YOU EVElt FIND, OUT. LET ME KNOW. T-nf inn If nnu? 1 T trill W rmi tftintr right new that it wasn't te tnke down ' the screens nnd de ull tne work nreund the house thnt n man should de. I may have premised te love, honor nnd obey, but I didn't premise te de all the dirty work nnd wait en jeu hnnd and feet and be n fombinntien cook, house wife, houscbey, vnlct, bellboy and raddy. De your hear me? (b'nore from Mr. Devc'elgh.) Wnkeup! Hew dare you snore at me? Wnke up! (Loud snore.) Oh. urh n maul Oh, such a life I The screens nre still up. (hrntigh the weeds something that rnn swiftly. The Shetland penicn pnertcd Nenrer and nearer drew the Hemcthlng. Then out of the woedo dashed an nnllmal out of the weeds and straight for the tent of leaves. It stuck its nose Inte the deer it opened lt mouth. Jnck drew hack the stick te strike. Then suddenly Jnck threw the stick away. lie gave a shout and flung both arms nreund the nnimnl's neck. , "Tedd'e runkinst" shouted Jack. "Teddle Pupkins, geed deg, you have found us." And se it was Toddle Pupkins. And close behind him wbb Johnny Hull, printing hard, for he couldn't run mj fast as Toddle. The dogs barked happily ever flndlne the children, then when Jack nnd .land mounted the ponies ngaln, Teddle Pupkins 'led them home. "We will never go Inte the weeds nlone again," premised Jack. "Never w'thent Teddle Pupkins or Johnn Bull." (Next week Jack nnd Jnnet meet the wild folks of the weeds.) OPERA HOUSE Jl HOUSE CANADIAN GIRL IN MUSICAL EVENT STRAUSS FESTIVAL Tuesday Night 8"s mm Tlie CelcliratiMl Conductor, Composer. FlanLit RICHARD AUIk1 br Breniilaw Haberman Polish Vnllnlst Willem Will.ke UuIlIi I'elllat Eliubelh Scnnmann Popr&ne TlflCETS 11. 00 TO 3 00 AT ACADEMY AND lirpi'U'S 1110 OHESTN'l'T ST Ill Sir iinisr.i.i' in all new rr FRIDAY EVENINGS SATURDAV MATINEES BeginningNev. 18&19 MEXICO Nev. 18, 19 JAPAN Nev. 25, 26 PHILIPPINES Dec. 2, 3 GOING ABROAD ,," ,Dec. 9, 10 AROUND Ihe WORLD.Dec. 16, 17 Snl5in.fiw,. Mon.Nev.7 uvuiuui,u 110 Chrntiml i r m i mniQN WbHbV" 'afttaWaSSal' OCTOBER 29, 1921- tNLM Company of America Theatres ' 3&J$SlDrtjX MARKET AT NINETEENTH 1$ !T3mi3mt3 -g&s gKranaflQflgts Tdemille's paramount production jjvj-tj - '! mk mi ilia Bsm i hwm m mm --iM m m j m mi M&wzwwmwnjimMmJ-w:mMmmMm 7 H mmFM riKiPVlw w. -1 ll I I I I I "i . . uiru I I i "i r" I I I I 1i'v.l I JACK HOLT, ADAPTED FROM ADDED ITHE FIFTH WEEK Jii l I US .Ml jj imim scot A J. TlH LATE OF THE METROPOLITAN OPERA CO. MARKET STREET ABOVE 1GTH AT 11:80 3.30 0.807:30 AND Held Over te Accommodate Unprecedented Crowds! WILLIAM FOX'9 WOKDEKPLAI HFTH WEEK STARTS MONDAY rs EARLY 200,000 Ifti 11 I-"- - If Ifll 111 1 ARCADIA UHBHl.NLl HKL.OW mm 10 A. M TO 11 P M. NEXT WEEK I.BWIS J. snr.ZNICK Pretrnta I EUGENE ! 0 B IN niM.IANT DIIAMA LAST DOOR MAIITHA JIANSFIELD 13 IX Tlin CAST CAPITOL 724 MAniCET BTREET NEXT WEEK TALMADGE in "WEDDING BELLS" COLONIAL C1TN A I HEM-EN AM-.B CHARLES RAY i'Vws" SIART.V il In TORRI". Mellnl.t A VMKNTIA, PlnnUl Tt.nr Vt if Wern n In 111" Itniiv -k NTXT WKI'K ACTS OF VAUDEVILLE HEADED 11Y THE REVIEW A FASHION PLATE MUSICAL CONCOCTION AIke tha Photepluv Snatien A 1 PERT HI'flHES STORY Monday, Tueaiiay and Wednnlay Tha Supre no rnifrtnera EDDIE MY and GMPMY III a JfclanKS of Infinlli Vaneiy I TUurdy 1'rid , an I Kauir'lny The Eminent Motion Picture Aui EDWIN AUGUST (In Persen) AND COMPANY OTHEn ACTa WORTH WIIII.B BEIBEN i ST IbIt3h Svl h i MBEua Ql II W 11 H H M Vi W i?liHeW)aaaaaii ICbalitlU B i ITRANKFORD AVE. & AI.LUQHENY OiSQERELLi HI i Ifll !SMMaMSMaWjJMi lafc lll.ljl I HOW I r ii i MtJf alia U i j MARKET ST DEI OW DOTH i I MHMEEcWUm OGLE Jy THE SATURDAY EVENING POST STORY "THE STAGE DOOR. ldBr B!2L.Elfl J ATTRACTION - FIRST PRESENTATION TEBKE&re: I I IN 1 1 1 I J l- J. iHOAT i -j'j i i OF MUSICAL FESTIVAL BASS BARITONE IBillOlf O.80. 1'llICES IMIL.Y, 35e AND 50c UVENINOS AND PAT. ilAT . SOc AND 75e. Mil I 'w3fJk I v7 M Km m A t PERSONS HAVE SEEN THIS PRESENTATION AT THE STANTON AND NOT ONE ADVERSE OPINION HAS BEEN UTTERED 11: t 1 vlAlliilT sT 10 A M TO 11 P M S'i:.r WKEK-PAIUMOl'NT Present WILLIAM S. AUT u ' VICTO , MAllKci ai aiiii, bill I' A ,M TO 1 J 1 M , ! Nxt Wttk Frank 1.11yd s Productleni t 1 i'y i irvRLtd A rr r ira 1 a. tii a rua hart len P 1 by a I Hint cast, hHJa hy iiersr vr. ens a li J ir.EM; Ririi I i i j' " mpi ii a. v r ki i - nti i'T'i vJTJ 11 l 1 1)1" M N ' r 1 K ..TunrrwnhiMaUh Inilirc ivUh m r a m m THE K Nt N A FAR' L, WITH - iOS AND "NOBODY HOSVIE7' n 'h M VTTY M J T' JI N'VIK Ml M"11T7 unl i ie anJJLa Tour, Comedy & Senp Taber & Green, Ebony-Hued Comedian! 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