The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1944
Page 8
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iPAGE EIGHT lawson, Paiker Win Tag Match •' Defeat Rough Actors In Feature Wrestling Bout Here Last Night Charfts (Buck) La»son and "Big j Jim" Paiker gave "Wild Bill" Can- • ny and ."Rough Red" Roberts a warm reception last night at the American Legion arena as they defeated the mcanie pair to Hie fea- j, ture tag mnt«h of Promoter Mike . Meroney's wrestling' show before another packed house ^Rallying brilliantly. Buck and Jim- each -took turns enacting the "Iron man" roles to turn back the villains via straight falls In a typical .barroom, knock-down-aiid-drag affair that matched in sheer brutality and roughness any on the recent'mat calendar here. ( And It took some extra super work on the part of Parker and tawson -to turn the trick. Hammered unmercifully from ring post to post, and subjected to some of the most inhuman treatment ever ac- cqr'dcd a grappler In. a:local ring, / they had. to rise to tile occasion or suffer a possible worse fate. Meanlei At Best Making their first apjiearance In several months Cannv and Roberts v.'eri "at -tlielr best'ln their villainous roles.: They overlooked little as they teamed perfectly In a mechanical, methodical elimination of their foes/ only to have It backfire right m their very faces and leave them very, \ery red for being twice Uiio«a single handedly In one evening. spec]n i|./ c ,„ getting information are lool[ll , g j or ,a likely prospect to do „ , reportlng ttftcl . (lle ' . ... . -_ . \,.v.» IVK"**"^ *..wi \.,u \viu ni^jf i>i» wii juin ijuiniug UILU iinuing, so can do well to sign Major Hlcjinrd he sure and contact H. P. (Hen) P ^FHr'lfl 'Piufnll • T?l'rt(Trf/*>» nt ,K« T^n ....**..... rt_..l. r. . .....Presence' of Robert's wife and fivc-jear old son didn't help the Litlle Rock meanle very much, • Mrs. Roberts and their sandy- haired youngster was at ringside for the roiigh mutch and watched Red and .Csnny go 'dowii 'to defeat -From all Indications the young Roberts will follow ; In the footsteps of his illustrious father for during some tight spots he ap- peared-willlng and anxious .to get in (he ring and help Dad out. '" Lawson Comes Through t Buck was 1 the first to rise to the occasion, the climax of a superhuman effort. Roberts, and.Canny, concentrating on the larger, heavier Parker, had all but choked the wind oiit', of' him and 'tan • whammed what littleVwas left ; vla. the .rock and socX Cannv had the honor of fhe.'fall and could hardly wait for Referee Meroriey |o 'assist Jlni out of the ring It could have served him much better to wait a few moments at least for Buck was red hot He 'caught the ."Rubber Man" coming in v,ith a well tuned right cross that floored him As he arose Buck greeted him with three successive flying tackles that .finished him flat "of his back That .evened the at one-half each and left BLYTIIEVILLE COUilJKR NEWS tie DOPE BUCKET <Sy J. F. FRIEND K ATKS pno'SPECT r>»*jk> * »ii»i • *\\jjn i^v* °, *" "'•' If some of these companies who every week. it's not so bad. 10. To work oft some,, of ; that "Uunlap" abdomen (duiiiapped over your belt) you developed while going through nil the hardships and rugged life here In the war ?/>nc, call up Harinan Taylor. Adam Is a Icnnls player, the only one In town whom I can beat. And if you talk favorably lie might Invite you out for a set or two, provided he Imsn't busted nil his racquets, J!c gets so \ overjoyed when he wins ho throws > his bnt nround a little. Very teni- i jieramental fellow. You might check - with him and sec If the penny ante game is still going on nt his house . (Dick) Tipton. The reason I say this is because . have In hand a document which Dick wrote Major Osmund 11. Akre of (he BlythcvDle Army Air Field. In this letter Is the "low down" on some of the citizenry of Blythc- vllle, and this corner isn't spared, either. You see, Major Akre was not only Dick's night surgeon In the North African and Italian campaigns, hut shared tents with him. When Major Akre, a most friendly Minnesotan, wtvs returned to the Slates and learned lliat he was to be sent, lo Blylhevlllc, he wrote Dick ami requested some special Information about his "|iome lown", Just to help easo (he problem of (jetting..acquainted. The following Is Dick's typical reply: 57th Bomb Wing, APO G50, % P. M, New York City • (Corsica) Hi "Doc": " Well, what do you know! Yoii finally wrote to us. Just like I told Big John before I opened your letter, you wouldn't have written unless you wanted something. Sure enough, on opening the letter f find you want n recommendation, some 'good' phone numbers, and nil in-' traductlon, lo some people of oui fair clly. Now I'll do all I cnn but should warn you first. Don't let a soul know thai yon arc n friend of mine, or your immc will bo mud in thul lown. • ,. First, the- recommendation:' we have lots of good veterinarians there with whom I 'could make you acquainted. They have a lot of business am! might be nblc to throw some your way. 1 could give you a good recommendation lo them. NO PHONK NUMBERS As for the phone numbers, well, I don't know if you would want them or not. In ttie first place, I couldn't give you one that doesn't 'have at least three children. And In the second place, I nm an Air Corps man, not n snilor. And in the third place, I don't have any numbers-in i- the first place. t. Now .for tlie last request, namely i- the introductions. Well, hold your hat, here we go. Just follow these instructions and I'll see that you get all fixed up: 1. Since you nrc at the field you Brogrton nt the Farmers Bank & of v the former Navy chief and went down in less than tv,o minutes with practically the same bitter dose as his partner The combined time:was,n minutes. 'Resume Tough Tactics After the rest period Canny and' Roberts went back to their usual system This time they started in -^.uui,*., j' ( oijii*p uuwii[ was illicitly troubUsonte, Hunng that first fall. ,TJiey accomplished their im\in ob- jeot' 1 'eliminating Buck in 15 minutes of some tierce, rough-tough milling where flying fists were • as .common as Marines' In the pacltic. Roberts put on the finishing touches Then It was'Parker's turn. And from the looks of things he was m none loo good condition to face the meanics alone But he had plenty left as he exploded a vicious right hand on Robert's vulnerable chin an<j soon had him kayocd. Despite" some vicious'work Canny was unable to match the curly haired power house and also (ell a Victim to the TNT laden right hand, all of which consumed 10 minutes. Post climax Spree Roberts gave the elated customers something extra special by tackling Parker after the mstch was o\er. And for a few seconds it v,as pretty ll\ely," Attempting to quell the uprising Referee Meroney came In for some bruising from Roberts but managed to keep the situation under control' ..The teams earned an even break in the lively preliminaries. Canny defeate^ Lav,son in 15 minutes, us- «iff a surf board for the official clincher. Actully It was an effective combination of rough work Which Included almost everything in and out ol the modem category. Parker proved superior to Roberts. In their slugtcst that resembled more of a fight than a wrestling affair. Meroney unwittingly plajed a role in the defeat of Red. The official had to start stamp- Ing Robert's feet to make him break. That raised Red's ire and he took : out after Mike. -That kit Parker free to measure him with a right And did he clip him! -Red .•wasn't.sure it was a truck or a train The time: 17 minutes. Public Officials Must Take Oaths In Arkansas LITTLE' ROCK, Dec. 5 (U.P.)— Members of the armed services who have been elected as Arkansas pub lie officials must take their oath o office In Arkansas. , ' she will Invite you out lo dinner. She writes me her cooking" has improved but I want someone to lest- tiop one of her meals before I commit myself. She should be able to lake your wife around nnti get her into the swing of things. 2. Being a newcomer you will want a place to hang your hat. so go over and see Tom Little nt the Little.. Real Estate, office. I believe BlgjTjOnUs^tUUn the, business, yqtt;,caiiT (ell. Eddie B. David '' is there, also And will help you locate a tent.'"-- i ; '. •, <••;.. ; 3 Now for a place to eat. Ernest sell out at the Rustic Inn should be good for a couple of pig sniul- wlches. Ernest is n good quail shot so you might bring that up and get to go on one of his famous Hnlscll hunting trips. 4. Even though we were tenl- mates doesn't make me love you enough to give my private bootlegger, but go down and see Phillip (PooPoo) Applebaum at the,Blylhc- ville Whiskey store and he will fix you up. Don't make lh c mistake of opening the bottle In the store PooPoo" is a great hand at help ing all his customers drink the! they W ou't gel whiskey, just S o drunk, of course. GETS VEIIY I'EKSOXAL 5- Well, that lakes care of (he necessities. Now we got to let pco- n £ yqu ' re '" town ' Go (i <»™ Ihc Post Office and meet J p cml, but don't let that name fool •ou. He is really a news hound in UGGESTS OLD MALAIiKIvY 11. You say you want to catcli on your hunting and fishing, so o. "Hen" Is n good Jiand at iboth^-syheii his wile will let him eo.' Make It a bray on Ms bird dog; Icll him how good ho (the dog) is, almost as good UK Pinto, If you' jwiir It on thick "Hen" will lot you use that untouchable rod and gun. 12. When your car needs overhauling take it to Boone' Hall's garage. Boone can fix them so you won't have lo worry about gas rationing. You won't ncbd It any more. He will spit at a crack, double or nothing, for the bill. Boone also Is the. fisherman and hunter deluxe If you don't believe It Just ask him. At least, he is the most popular. All the fellows Invite him out to fish at their places. He cnn pull more logs, stumps, brush nut) tin cans out of the creek in less time than anyone I know of. He is the proud possessor of Hie test back- lash In that part of (ho country. 13. If you arc going to..UQ,,a»y limiting or fishing witli 'lli'c' above mentioned, I hud better make you acquainted with Joe Whltley, the gamq warden. You are bound to come In contact with him, sooner or later, Joe's nil right as far as game wardens go. Thn only way to handle him is to tell him you played baseball In some Three-I league somewhere. It doesn't make any difference where. Either that or you saw hlrn years ago—many years- hit four home runs In the same game at Hoboken or somewhere. Again it doesn't make any difference where. Tell him that, nm! lie will help you dynamite the lake to get your limit TAKK IT HASV 14, If you don't lake my advice mid do meet nil lliese fellows, you'll be running Into Ed Rice, Charley , TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5, Short and Slick Kissel at the Police' Station. They are easy to handle,' so don't worry. Just drop around lo' 1 the station some night when they are on night duty and manage to let them win a few pennies at hearts, gin rummy, or whatever they are playing now. If you can manage to lose n little then you are In. You'll have to play with your head up and look, though. They don't knor very much about the game. i Well, there you arc, good Juddle When you meet all these yc3) will as we say here, HAD IT. 1 ' Write me and let me knoi' how you came out, that or have/someone to do it for you. J As ever, I.. ' „ »ipton. . P. S. Im sorry. Brothffr Brown holds services at the f lit, Baptist Church, Walnut and Eig/th streets, every Sunday. Cobli and Holt Funeral Homes have very good service. RPT. Major Akre has a few things lo tell about Dick, but that's another story. Arkansas .Briefs FINE'BLUFP—Cralg'head County Judge Clarence Freeze of Joncsboro Saturday was elected president of the Arkansas County Judges' Association at the final session of (lie association's annual convention at I'ine Bluff. Hi succeeds Judge C. H. Bund of Marion, first vice president; Judge SiHilliers, second vice president; Judge IE. O. Slrozier of Fort Smith, third vice president; Judge Dobliins Taylor of Hamburg, secretaiy-treasurer and Roy O. Dunn of Paris, attorney. ' LITTLE KOCK-A Camp Cliaf- fee soldier, Corp. Taylor Rln«o, is In the Camp Robinson hospital suffering from a serious neck Injury received when the automo- 'bile In which he was riding turned over following a coJHsion nitri another car in down-town Little Hock Sunday. Doctors expressed ' fear (hat Kingo's neck may have been broken in the crash. " • SHOREHAM, Vt. (UP)-One of the new Representatives In. the"State Legislature next year will be William J. Anderson of Shoreham,' Negro son of an ex-slave and former doorkeeper for President William McKlnley. Anderson held 1 such offices in Shoreham as sctiool director, auditor and town agent,:. i . l\ hns n stril > m tllc local iri-vvcek y (try to get it out every week! that i,c v,. rl t cs for hi "J scription. Be careful what vou "ell . - , you "" a - really • eay in with all the top waters of that metropolis. ,. 6 ' w . hlle S'ou are In the po ask lor Earl Buckley. There is no end to the amount of trouble 1™ ci et ' get you into. Is a cross nting. that (he outdoo .shim;, horacl £ ^- , , . , In an opinion to actlrig prosecuting attorney C. E ^Yingltng of Searcy, says that the official oath of county officers must be lakcn before a judge, county or circuit court clerk or justice'of the peace of Arkansas. « MA adds that there is no provision ..whereby,such officers outside the , sUte'tand unable to appear before ,,the proper otllclal can take the oath. 'jflHo^rever,' the attorney'general s*ys he understands thai a blH-is . being prepared to be submitted to \ the IW5 Arkansas legislature to meet \Uie«'sl'unf!on. /,J_ - -_ " ~" all liw tin!!! 1 * 5WC|1 la>out 1] e has SSKSSi »« the scd" ",f.™ e ln ' and when could heHolidaus! The Christmas holidays mean parties, informal gatherings, special ceremonies; trimming the tree, the midnight church service, the Christmas feast. With the coming of America's most popular holiday season, you'll want to feel your best in a new suit and topcoat that will make you LOOK your best, too. 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