Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on August 1, 1955 · Page 22
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 22

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 1, 1955
Page 22
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22 REN O EVENING GAZETTE DENNIS THE MENACE "You're gonna have a real SANDwich. I dropped your hot-dog!" Major Metals Prices Listed COPPER 36 cents a pound, delivered. Foreign 36-46 cents, nominal. New York. 'LEAD 15 cents a pound, New York: 14.80 cents, St. Louis. ZINC 12.50 cents a pound, East St. Louis; 13 cents, New York. AT.TTMINUM 23.20 cents a pound, ingots, shipping point Pigs 21.50 cent. ANTIMONY 31.97 cents a pound, cased (less than carload lots), New York. Bulk, 28.50 cents, carlots, producer's plant. MANGANESE ORE 94-96. cents a long ton unit (22.4 pounds), India ore, C. I. F., U. S. ports, duty extra. On long term contracts, from other sources, 92-94 cents, nominal. FERROMANGANESE 5190 a net ton, shipping point. NIKEL 64.50 .cents a pound, electrolytic cathodes, port Col-borne, Ontario, U. S. duty included. PLATINUM $80-87 an ounce. SILVER 90.75 cents an ounce, New York; 79 pence, London. . TIN 97.87 cents a pound, New York. QUICKSILVER $259-261 a flask (76 pounds), New York. TUNGSTEN ORE $32.50-33.50 a ton unit (20 pounds) , duty extra Pedestrian Hit By Oregon Auto A pedestrian crossing Virginia street in a crosswalk was struck and injured Saturday by a car driven by an Oregon motorist. William C. Anderson, 54, of Verdi was crossing the street at Island avenue and Virginia street when he was struck by a car driv en by Martin Parnell, 40, of Lake side, Ore. Aiderson was taken to the Wa shoe Medical Center, given emergency treatment and re leased. San Francisco Poultry 8 AN FRANCISCO. Live poul-try: broilers, l-2'2 lbs 29-30; fryers, heavy type, 21i-41,j lbs 31-32; roasters, heavy type, 4'2 lbs and over 34-35; fowl, (hens) light type, all wts 19 20; fowl, heavy type, al wts, 25-26; old roosters, all wts., 11-12: squabs, all wts, 75; dressed turkeys aU wts. young toms 48-50. CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO. Aug. 1. (AP) Close: WHEAT: Sept.. 1.97'i.i; Dec. 2.01V V: Mar., 2.00i-1; May, lMW. July, 1.81 '. CORN: Sept., 1.357s-,i: Dec, 1.29 Vi: Mar., 1.325i-3i: May. 1.35V-. OATS: Sept., 6078-s; Dec, 63t-'a: Mar.. 647; May. 64i. RYE: Sept., 99; Dec, 1.02-02'i; Mar., 1.05U: May, 1.VIV. METALS PRICES NEW YORK, Aug. 1. (AP) Spot nonierrous metal prices today: COP PER 36 cents a pound. Connecticut valley. LEAD 15 cents a pound. New York. ZINC 12'i cents a pound. East St. Louis. TIN 973,i cents a pound, New York. FOREIGN SILVER 90i cents per Troy ounce. New York. BANK STOCKS Bid Ban kof America 397i Chase Natl Bank 52 '2 Irving Trust 29s,t Manuf Trust ...... 85 National City 61 'j Guaranty Trust 79 'i Asekd 42' 55'i 314 89 Vi 64 Vi 83 FUNNY BUSINESS g'1 Vs. tiwww!,. BgtPGrzr 'That tobacco-chewing batter didn't like the thrid strike he called!" August 1, 1955 Sy Honk Ketcham DOW, JONES AVERAGES 30 Industrials 460.25 off 5.60 20 Ralls 156.10 off 2.09 15 Utilities 66.42 Off .17 Approximate sales 2,190,000. NEW YORK. Aug. 1. UP) Blue chip stocks were hit hard by selling today, and the entire market was down at the close. Prominent issues lost 1 to around 5 points. High priced Reynolds Metals was down as much as 15 points at 212. There were few plus signs of any mo ment. Although the speed of trading picked up during the most pro nounced part of the decline, the amount of business done was rel atively moderate at an estimat ed 2,100,000 shares. All divisions of the market were affected steels, moiors railroads, oils, coppers, mail order houses, aircrafts, chemicals, motor issues, airlines, and radio-television. Brokers could assign no irrv mediate cause tor the tall in prices. They pointed out that the market has been advancine steadily for many weeks without a reaction of any size. There fore, they contend, a normal re action at this time would not be unusual. Directors of Reynolds Metals on Friday proposed a five-forgone split of the stock which closed unchanged at 227 that day. To day the stock quickly sold lower. Du Pont, another high priced stock, lost ground rapidly after reporting slightly higher second quarter earnings. San Francisco Min mg Bid Asked Acme .18 .15 .40 .45 .23 .30 .12 .12 as .09 .11 JO .10 .22 .07 .21 1.35 .08 .38 .25 .15 .10 .08 .10 .15 .05 .50 .05 .30 .15 .07 .05 .13 .05 .05 V , .45 , .40 .05V .52 .08 .07 JO .23 .42 .30 .25 .70 .15 .20 .25 .10 .15 .25 .13 .25 .08 .24 1.50 .10 .50 .36 .17 .12 .10 .11 .18 .06 .60 .06 .33 .20 .11 .09 .14 American Copper Apex uranium , Best Belcher Black Bear , Black Mammoth Blue Ridge Blue Ridge A , California Engeis ....... Com Keystone Comstock Tunnel Con Chollar , Con Virginia , Double O , Eureka Co Golconda Goldkleld Coa Goldfleld Dev , Gold Metals Gold Zone Jack Walte Manhattan Con Manhattan Gold ...... Mt. Union Operator Con Nellsen ... Pacific Uranium Pony Meadows Red Hill Flor Rosegold Round Mountain Silver Divide SlskonCorp Smuggler Tonopah Divide Tonooah Ovpsv Queen. . Tonopah North Star .. Trail Inc Verdi Vivian White Caps .06 .07 .48 .46 .06 .53 .12 .10 Eggs, Butter, Cheese SAN FRANCISCO. EGGS: Poultry Prortwrs: laree AA 53-54, large A 47-48, medium A 43-44, small A 30-31. West ern Dairy Products: large A 47-48, me- dlum A 43-44, small A 30 31. P.M.A. large A 44V2-45ya, medium A 41-41V2 small A 27Vi-28Vi. BUTTER: 93 score 58Vi, 92 score 58Vi, 9U score 56. CHEESE: loaf 39-43, singles 36V4-39, WHEAT FOE LIBYA-WASHINGTON, Aug. 1. UP) The International Cooperation Administration (ICA) said today 6800 tons of surplus U. S. wheat will be Shipped this month to j drought-plagued Libya. By Hershberger SELF-STYLED EMPLOYE WORKS PARKING LOT University of C a 1 i f o rnia Traffic Engineer L. J. Rothgery came to Reno over, the weekend and ran into a traffic jam quite unequalled in the annals of the automotive world. Rothgery pulled into a parking lot a University avenue and Plaza street and was told by the attendant tq leave the ignition unlocked, take the keys and the cost, sir, is 50 cents. "I'll park it for you," the attendant said. Rothgery returned to the lot, some time later and discovered his car missing. He called police, who called the lot's superintendent, Lloyd A. Cummins.. Cummins had nothing but bad news for police and Rothgery. His lot, he said, was a self-park type, and he used no attendant. He had not, the faintest idea who his new "employe" was. But all ended happily. Police recovered Rothgery's 1S55 car later that evening. LIVESTOCK MARKETS SAN FRANCISCO SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO. AUff. (AP) (Fsmn) cattle: salable i.jimj. tany supply most classes or grass few sales steady to weak. Few high commercial, slaughter steers 19.50. Few a. n J .inn. . ......I 1 ....... . . 1 fld 13.00, few cutter cows 10.00. Few lots good and choice feeder steers 18.00- 19.00. CALVES salable 300. Supply mainly slaughter classes, market not estab- lished. mainly butchers. Openin? moderately active, butchers opening 75 lower. Few 17 50 DUlcners sheep: salable 2.800. Suppiv mainiv Spring lambs. Opening only moder- owiy active, wwiCTi smugxiier opnug lambs about steady, other classes not established. Load and few lots choice ana prime wooied mountain sonnei slaughter lambs 19.50-19.75. LOS ANGELES LOS ANGELES. Aug. 1. (AP) (FSMN) CATTLE salable 5.000; hold overs 570; supply largely consists of cows; trading slow, early sales about steady; two loads good and choice fed steers to 1,035 lb 23.00-23.50; two loads good and low choice around 1,000 lb fed steers 22.00-22.50; few loads mostly good steers 20.00-21.00; one lot mostly choice fed heifers 22.00: two loads good and choice 795 lb fed heifers 21.50: few mostly good heifers 20.00; part load heiferish cows 15.00; utility and commercial 11.00-14.00; canners and ciai bulls 15.00-17.00; few heavy utility hoisteins to 18.00; one load medium stock cows 11.00. steady to 50 higher; good and choice slaughter calves and odd vealers 18.50- nn en. , , n -, AV ., 1 . e nn ionn HOGS salable 1,150; slow, steady to 50 lower: U. &. NO. IS 18J-Z.JJ 10 17.50- sales sows about steady: choice 400-450 lb. 12.00-14.00. SHEEP salable 350: supply one load cUpped Spring lambs and odd lots full wooled Spring lambs; no early sales. STOCKTON STOCKTON (FSMN) CATTLE low. adoui ou per cent oi reueipis stockers and feeders, balance mainly cows, slaughter steers and heifers in small supply, market rather slow, cows opening weak to 50 cents lower, mark- et not fully established. Bulls about steady, stocker and feeder steers steady to weak, few utility and commercial cows 11.50 to 13.00, canners and cutters 8.00-11.00. odd head utility and com mercial bulls 14.00-15.50, mostly good 550 to 750 pound stocker and feeder steers 18.00 to 18.50, a lew medium 15.00-17.00. CALVES salable 300, rather slow. slaughter calves opening steady; stock steer calves weak, good and cnoice slaughter calves 17.00-18.00. several lots mostly good to low choice stock steer calves i8.oo-i9.25, few lots of good under 350 pounds down to n.oo. JttUUS yuu. MarKet nos estaDiisneu. Thitchers carrvine a- weak to lower undertone. SHEEP 700. Market not established. KNEV-FM 85.5 MCS MONDAY, AUG. 1 4:00 Teen Time 6:00 Weather Report 6:01 Waltz Melodies; MantovanI, Strauss Waltzes 6:30 Twilight Tune; Quiet Music, Volume 7 7:00 Dinner Music; Melodies and Moods 7:30 Concert Cameo; Gilbert and Sullivan Overtures 8:00 Musical Comedy; Song of Norway 8:15 Entertainment Calendar 8:30 Concert Miniatures: Tchaikovsky; Symphony No. 2 in C Minor 9:00 Music's Finest Hour; Waldteulel: The Skater's Waltz Jussi Bjoerling In Song 10:00 Weather Report 10:01 Symphonically Yours; Beethoven Symphony No. 6, "Pastoral 10:45 Voice of Bennett 11:00 Sign Off TUESDAY, AUG. 3 8:00 Sign On 8:01 Light and Lively; Ros Mambos 8:30 Folk Classics; Latin American Songs 8:45 Join the Navy 9:00 Weather Forecast 9:01 Musical Showcase; Musical Moments, MantovanI 9:30 Social Calendar 9:31 Music to Make Believe . 9:45 Piano Moods: Liberace 10:00 Entertainment Calendar 10:01 Musical Favorites; Music of Gershwin 10:30 Meet Your Star; Charles Mag- nante. Accordion 11:00 Public Service Announcements 11:01 FM Favorites; Music of Romberg, MantovanI 11:30 Morning Melodies; Dancing with the Zither 12:00 Weather Report 12:01 Tunes at Noon; Harold Collins Band 12:30 Luncheon Concert; Carnival In the Sun 1:00 Afternoon Varieties 4:00 Teen Time 6:00 Weather Report 61 Waltz Melodies; Forever the Waltz 6:30 Twilight Time; Kostelanetz plays Berlin 7:00 Dinner Music; Music for Faith Melachrlno 7:30 Concert Cameo; Boston Pops Virtuoso Pieces 8:00 Musical Comedy; The Great Caruso 8:13 Entertainment Calendar 8:30 Concert Miniatures: Chopin: Les Sylphides Ballet, Philadelphia Orchestra 9:00 Music's Finest Hour Toscanini conducts Wagner-Loh engrin: Preludes to Acts I and III. Brahms: First Symphony In ' C Minor, Tccanlnl 10:00 Weather Report 10:01 Svmnhonicallv Yours Stravinsky: Firebird Suite, PhU- adelphla Orchestra 10:45 Voice of Bennett 11:00 Sign Off INSURANCE STOCKS Bid Asked Contl Casualty 132 139 umc American xua .. 4.J 43 new Amsterdam .......... 57 Ji 601 uuute AJUBiutuiuB . ai4 JOS Tony Cornero Dies Suddenly (Continued from page 13) cense, but when it became apparent that effort was doomed, the Stardust operators leased the ca sino to a group 01 eight men headed by Milton B. (Farmer) Page, veteran Las Vegas gambler. Cornero owned 50 per cent of the common stock of the Stardust. which , he willed to his mother, Mrs. Madeline Stralla, of Beverly Hills, Calif. Following his skirmishes with the federal government in the gambling ship episode, Cornero joined up with the law, and in 1943 served as an intelligence agent "without portfolio" in aiding the U.S. Navy to suppress a ring which smuggled diamonds from Brazil to Germany, by way of Cuba. He set up an oil shipping oper ation in Cuba, which he used to observe and trace the movements of various members of the ring. The diamonds were being used by the Nazis in important indus tries manufacturing war materials. He also aided other U.S. agents in Keeping a close watch over and suppressing anti-American agitation in Central America dur- ing the war years. u;. wtor T mnc to-,, that no changes will be made in Stardust operational plans. Open- ing or tne hotel, scheduled lor Labor Day, will be delayed how vere, by a strike of sheet metal workers. The new Stardust general man- ager Said he Will resign as St Helena's mayor and devote full time to the Stardust. A successful northern California farmer. Louis on the board of directors Of l , the Glenmore Distillery Corp Fnnpral sprvirps for Cornprn .,, , , m T a Will KJK. 1 1 V- 1A lil O rtll geles. In recent years he turned to legitimate shipping enterprises operating the Seven Seas Trading q, ana Santa Maria Steamship Corp. Gibson Services Conducted Here Funeral services were held to day at 10 a. m. in the Ross-Burke I fn tvto w;n Gibson Who died HI Keno, July 28 I'-'1 i oner la tunivcu uv a oiii, Charles C. Gibson of San Fran .-r. cietprc ATrc P.PnPviPVA roe or otOCKton, aill., JVirs Irene Breedlove of Oakland; and a niece, Mrs. R. J. O'Connor of San Francisco. The Rev. Arthur V. Thurman of the First Methodist church of ficiated at the services, which fnllpvvpH were ;u"eu by cremation at Moutain View cemetery. Samuel B. Doten Estate Appraised Less than $10,000 was declared to be the value of the estate of the late Samuel B. Doten in a dis trict court hearing Friday. The estate was declared to be worth $9825. First National Bank of Nevada is the executor. I tt tw c f. "" ",U1J tension service at the University of Nevada. The estate consisted of stocks in the Pacific Gas and Electric Co. and in the American Telephone and Telegraph Co. Carson Driver's Car Is Wrecked William Kee, 21', of Carson, was uninjured Sunday although his car went out of control and over turned 21 miles south of Reno in highway 395. Kee told sheriff's deputies he lost control of his 1951 sedan when he rounded a turn too fast. The car swung round in the road, slid backward to the road shoulder, then overturned to land on its top in a ditch. KSUE (SUSANVTLLE 1240 KC) MONDAY, AUG 1 4:00 Club 1240 5:00 Kiddie Corner 5:45 Veterans Service Officer 6:00 Speaking of Sports 6:15 Supper Serenade 6:30 Newscast 6:45 To be annonuced , 7:00 Answer for Americans 7:30 Words 7 :45 Serenade In Blue 8:00 Concert 9:45 Newscast 10:00 Sign Off TUESDAY, AUG. 2 7:00 Rise and Shine 7:30 News 7:45 Sports Page 8:00 Rise and Shine 8:30 News 9:00 Daily Cheer 9:25 Classified Column 9:30 Newscast 9:35 Civic Calendar 9:40 According to Record 9:45 Women's World 10:00 Song Shop 10:15 featured jsana 10:30 Newscast 10:35 Music 11:00 K-SUE Music Box 11:25 Your Birthday 11:30 News 11:35 Music Box 12:30 Newscast 12:45 Farm Front 1:00 Lassen Roundup 2:00 Juke Box Review 2:30 Local News 3:00 Melody Matinee 3:30 Newscast 4:00 Club 1240 5:00 Kiddie Korner 5:30 Classified Column 5:45 Bandstand 6:00 Speaking of Sports 6:15 Supper Serenade 6:30 Newscast 6:45 Eddie Fisher 7:00 Commonwealth Club 7:30 Joe Elliott 7:45 Here's to Vets 8:00 Light Opera 9:00 Mood Music 9:45 Newscast 10:00 Sign Off VITAL STATISTICS BIRTHS ALLEN In Reno, Nev., July 28, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Allen of Reno, a, daughter. BARTLETT In Reno. NeV., July 29, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. Muriel Bartlett of Sparks, Nev., twins, a son and daughter. BERTELSON In Reno, Nev., July 23, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Ber-telson of Reno, a daughter. CRUMMETT In Reno, Nev., July 26, 1955. to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Crura-mett of Sparks, Nev., a daughter. CULPEPPER In Reno, Nev., July 22, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. James Culpepper of Reno, a daughter. DAVIS In Reno, July 29, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Davis of Reno, a daughter. DILBECK In Reno, Nev., July 26, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DUbeck of Sparks, Nev., a daughter. DOTSON In Reno, Nev., July 20, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. William Dotson of Reno, a son. EVERETT In Reno, Nev.. July 28. 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Everettt of Reno, a son. HOLLIBAUGH In Reno, Nev., July 29, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Holli- baugh of Reno, a son. JAMES In Reno, Nev., July 25, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. Bertram James of Ouincy. Calif., twin sons. KENNY In Reno, Tev., July 27, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy of Soarks. Nev.. a daughter. KOVAKICH In Reno, Nev., July 27 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Kova- kich of Reno. Nev.. a daughter. LARANGO In Reno. Nev., July 23, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Laran- go of Reno, a son. LARCHE In Reno, Nev., July 21, 1955 to Mr. and Mrs. Leon Larche of Reno, a son. LEE In Reno, Nev., July 22, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Lee of Reno, a daughter. MANFREDI In Reno, Nev., July 25, 1955. to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Man-f red! of Reno, a daughter. MILLER In Reno, Nev., July 20. 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. James Miller ol Gardnerville, Nev., a son. OTJILETT In Reao, Nev., Jtfly 29, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ouilett of Carson City, Nev., a daughter. PANICARI In Reno. Nev.. July 26, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Panicarl of Reno, a daughter. PIMPL In Reno, Nev., July 27, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. William Pimpl of Reno, a son. PIPER In Reno, Nev., July 29, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. William Piper of Reno, a daughter. SIMMONS In Reno, Nev.. July 25, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. John Simmons of Reno, a daughter. STANIS In Reno, Nev., July 27, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stanls of Reno, a son. WALKER In Reno, Nev.. July 24, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. David Walker of Reno, a son. WHEELER In Reno, Nev., July 29, 1955. to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wheeler of Sparks, Nev., a daughter. WHITE In Reno, Nev., July 20, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. Dean White of Reno, a daughter. WOOD In Reno, New, July 21, 1955, to Mr. and Mrs. James Wood of Fal lon, Nev., a daughter. DEATHS CASALET Friends are invited to at- tend funeral services for Constant J. Casalet on Tuesday at 8:30 a. m. at the home chapel of Ross-Burke Co., thence to the Church of the Little Flower where a requiem mass will be held commencing at 9 o'clock. Burial in Mater Dolorosa cemetery, MACKENZIE In Reno, Aug. 1. 1955, Alexander M. Mackenzie: husbasnd of Mrs. Edna F. Mackenzie of Reno; father of Miss Barbara Micol Mac kenzle; brother of Earl Mackenzie of Sacramento, Mrs. Elsie Jeff and Mrs Jean Kent, both of Alameda, Calif, A member of Reno Lodge No. 597, B. P. O. E.. and Nevada Alpha of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; a native of Nova Sco tia. Funeral arrangements will be an- noimced by Ross-Burke Company. NELSON In Reno, Ne. July 31, 1955 Charles L. Nelson; brother of Mrs, Clara Bunch of Laurens,-Iowa, Bert Nelson of Long Beach. Calif., and Mrs. Elia Meyer of San Francisco. Funeral arrangements will be an. nounced later by Ross-Burke Com pany. R ANSON Friends are invited to at tend funeral services for Mrs. Flora May Ranson Tuesday at 3 o'clock at the home chapel of Ross-Burke to. WEATHER Information as furnished by U. S Weather Bureau at Reno Municipal Airport. Temperatures high and low for 24 hours ending at 4:30 a, m. Date Aug. 1. 1955. H. L. H. L. Nevada Stations I South Central RENO ... 94 48' Denver ... 93 Austin ... 92 59! Fort Worth . 99 76 Beatty ... 99 70i Galveston . .89 80 B. Mountain 98 501 Kansas City 100 82 Elko 96 52! Memphis . . 91 75 Ely 86 59! Oklahoma C. 99 75 Fallon ... 96 59 St. Louis. . 97 . . Las Vegas . 98 77 San Antonio 100 76 Lovelock . . 97 551 North East Susanville . 92 40j Albany, N. Y. Tonopah . . 93 59 Boston . . . Winnemucca 98 49! Buffalo . . . North Central ICincinnati . Chicago . . 95 75! Cleveland. -Detroit 77! Columbus, O, 94 68 90 72 92 73 93 70 97 72 95 70 95 74 88 73 Duluth ... 88 66 Louisville. . Min.-St. Paul 96 72! Philadelphia Omaha . . .102 78 Pittsbureh . 90 70 S. Ste Marie 90 64! Portland. M..77 66 North West IWashington. 89 73 Bismarck . 93 67! South East Boise . . . 104 64! Atlanta. . . Fargo. ... 94 70 Birmingham Helena ... 91 54 Charleston . Portland, O. 85 63 1 Jacksonville. Seattle. . . 69 571 Miami . . . 86 70 88 72 85 76 91 71 86 77 Spokane . . 88 59! New Orleans 91 76 South West I Raleigh. . . 85 69 Albuquerque 94 68 Richmond . . 89 70 Amarillo. . 92 68 Tampa . . El Paso. . . 91 72! Canada Los Angeles 80 62 Montreal . Phoenix . . 97 79. Quebec . , S. Lake City 95 67!Toronto . San Diego . 75 64i Winnipeg S. Francisco 68 49; Edmonton 81 71 91 76 88 70 94 76 83 59 74 60 PRECIPITATION DATA Reno and Vicinity; last 24 hours none; season to date. .35; to date last year. .08: normal to date. .23. Nevada Stations: last 24 hours, none reported. Other Stations: last 24 hours; Fargo, .01; Seattle, .21; San Antonio, .02; PhU- adelphia, .01; Atlanta, .31: Jackson, ville. .03: New Orleans, trace: Kaleigh, .02; Tampa, .92; Montreal, trace; Que bec, .29, FORECASTS Reno and Vicinity: Fair tonight and Tuesdav. little temperature change. Nevada: Fair northwestern portion tonight and Tuesday, little temperature change: variable cloudiness in southern and western portions; scat-tered afternoon and evening thunder-showers extreme southern portion. Sierra-Nevada: Mostly fair tonight and Tuesday, scattered afternoon and evening thundershowers southern ranges, Uttle temperature change. Sunset Monday, 8:12 p. m.; sunrise Tuesday, 5:36 a. m. Thieves Have Eye For Proper Values Thieves had a definite sense of value Sunday morning when they stole Garnett W. Walsh's auto mobile from its parking place in downtown Reno. They drove the car several blocks " to West and Chestnut streets, stole Walsh's clothing and then abandoned the car. Walsh valued his clothing at $250. The car, a 1938 model, is worth $75. PLEADS GUILTY Charges of drunken driving cost Ward F. Sp'indler, 47, 1543 A St., Sparks, $300, Monday in Police Judge Harold Call's court. Spindler pleaded guilty. He was arrested by Sparks police Sunday evening. with the Rev. Rafe Marti tfnSo.ryy John's Presbyterian church, clergy-man. Burial In Mountain View cemetery. It is the request of the family that flowers please be omitted. SQUIRES In Reno. Nev., August 1. 1955, Fred L. Squires; husband of Mrs. Delphine Squires of Reno; father of Robert M. Squires of Reno; grandfather of Susan Leigh and Linda Leigh Squires both of Reno; brother of Harley VanCleve of Loyalton, Calif. A native of Taylorsville, Calif. Funeral arrangements will be announced later by Ross-Burke Company. , MARRIAGE LICENSES Allen Bruce Gray, 28, Sacramento and Lillian Bernlce Ewert. 24, Reno; C. M. Connor, 49, Reno and Nancy Cas-slngham, 48, Silver City. ACTIONS FILED Ruben H. Godfrey vs Ethel Godfrey Kathryn M Eckhart vs Percy B. Eck- hart; Charles B. McNally vs Mary Jane MrNallv: Rnnforrf C. Mnhrlv 1r v Mary D. Moberly; Dorothy Redelie vs I ing Of the YDA executive Commit-Eugene Redelie; Genevieve G. Bowman tee m May and was told non- Beatrice Davis vs Chester E Davis; Viola McCollum vs Harold J. McCol- lum; Harold E. Coe vs Violet E. Coe; isrma Neil Biggs vs Donald D. Biggs Betty Lavonne Herring vs Murray R. nernng; Evy (Jallander vs Robert Cal , nm. v ci xvi. nuwmuu va James W. Roland; Joyce E. OXearv vs CarroU u Leary; Joseph F. Szeliga vs Marv c SM,rfM a1"0??:" I elM Doris s. LaFerriere; Neva r. shinners vs Margaret Phillips; Mary e. Marek wiima e. Houser vs Ralph e. Hous- er; estate of Allan R. Ray; estate of ?fLBlaEea,1lne-,?0,S.ley I! James H vs Luigi Turchl; Earl L. Walther vs Ruth E. Walther; Ida Day Allison vs Oscar C. Allison: Virginia Julia Nielsen vs bven K. Nielsen; George .Ladeslch vs Loretta M. Ladeslch. Ronald A. Dixon vs Lillian I. Dixon Courtlandt Otis vs Virginia M. Otis Ricardo H. SaHella vs Vlsltacion S. Sa- bella; Albert A. Pagni vs Mariorie E, Pagni; Lyle A. Varney vs Eunice L. Varney; Pauline Brooks vs J. B. Brooks Rosa Paulina Paz vs Tony Paz: Fran ces O. Crale vs Felix G. Craie: Alei. ander j. spindogiiozzi vs Elizabeth n. uFuiBuu-iai, ijiuiuru ueviue vs wa-i shoe county board of commissioners; tll ot fTeXell Barbara Joyce Rogers vs Kirk e. Rog- Harvie C. Elmore vs Ludie J. I Elmore. William J. Hannegan vs Charlotte nora R. Pugner; application of Aubrey jorgenson ior a writ or Habeas corpus; toger uarDasn vs Jam Ho raan: wti. I nam Tobias vs Elaine Tobias: Lillian M. Bennett vs Dennis L. Bennett; Har- Ian IT Ul nlr mrm Ta "nl 1. Nevada Credit Ratine Bureou vs .TrV Bryant; Anne S. Rome vs Harold W. Kome; Mary e. straight vs James M. Straight; Ida Mae Lagel vs Elmer E. Lagel: State of Nevada vs Frederlrk Clark; Jeanne 8. Mintun vs Willard P. Mintun; Betty Jo Zoog vs Richard J. Zoog; Joseph S. Craveiro vs Alex andria Cravelro; Charles J. Carroll, jr. vs Jeannette Carroll; Evelyn j. Pa. UtlKhES GRANTED Ida Day Allison from Oscar C. Alll- son; Stephen D. Brown from Lola M . Brown; Gearline L. Horsley from James N. Horsley; Chloris T. Mathewson from Amos J. Mathewson ; Mary Edith Marek irom momas M. Marek: Thomas J Naves from Anita B. Naves: Hazel Lee Nelson from Greydon A. Nelson: Vlr- ginia juna Nielsen from Sven K. Niel- sen;..Rlchard E. Young from Violet E xoung. Barbara K. Tarburton from John A, Tarburton; Richard M. Glgon from Joan L. Gigon; Lee P. Smith from Anita Louise Smith: Hilda P Hutson from Edward W. Hutson; George C, iartwrlght from Madeline L. Cart-wright; Charles R. Stephens from Em ma u. otepnens. Leah Gertrude Braithwaite from Charles E. Braithwaite; Marie Chavez from Fred Chavez; Andrew J. Owens rrom Verna R. Owens; Laura L. Strad-ley from Warren R. Stradley; Gerald LeRoy Traves from Patricia Mary j. raves. KALINE INJURED BOSTON, Aug. 1 UP) Detriot star rightfielder Al Kaline, lead ing hitter in the American lea gue, was taken to the Deacon- nes hopital for x-rays after being hit on the left elbow by Frank Sullivan pitcher, in the first inn ing of the first Boston-Detroit game here Sunday. Kaline was still in uniform when he was taken to the near by) hospital. The Detroit trainer saia xne x-rays were only pre cautionary and that he hoped to have Kaline back playing in the second game. f ' T '-- 1 k KZTV LOG MONDAY, AUGUST 1 3:10 Afternoon News in Pictures 3:15 Sands of Time 3:30 Kitchen Fun 4:00 Health and Happiness Club 4:05 Guy Lombordo 4:30 Love of Life 4:45 Julius LaRosa 5:00 Old American Barn Dance 48 PONTIAC $199 4-Door. Radio, heater, hydramatic. Very clean and fine transportation car. See It at 1300 E. 4th Street. Stock No. 386B. 5:30 Univ. of Nevada Summer Panel 5:45 AP News Telepix 6:00 KZTV Sports Raund-Up 6:20 Weather Vane 6:30 Rocky Janes 7:00 Westinghousei Summer Theatre 8:00 Biff Baker, USA 9:00 Those Whiting Girls 9:30 T-Men in Action 10:00 Johnny Arizona 10:30 Late News 10:40 Late Weather 10:45 Baseball Scoreboard 50 Nevada Editors 00 Feature Theatre 12:00 Conclusion jonnson Chevrolet Go. FRIZZES? 7 S3!t S i 88 iff It in V TWO LOCATIONS II ! 221 S. Virginia St. if j Phone 3-6173 J L g 1300 E. Fcurth St. .( 85 Sawyer Named State Chairman (Continued from page 13) gas and that she was working out arrangements for the event with Ray Germain, Clark county cen tral committee chairman. Miss Nada Novakovich of Reno urged organization of a Nevada affiliate of the national Young Democrats, declaring that if the Nevada group were part of the national organization, the 1956 convention probably would have been scheduled in Las Vegas. She said she attended a meet- membership was the principal bar. The state committee also ruled that county conventions would be held next year on or before the o ; a.:i second Saturday in April, en. Alan iJlDle. WHO IS in Washington, greeted the Demo- crats at Fallon by means of a sound film. The Nevada senator Pled?ed himself to the task of W'eioing lOgetner tn various groups within the Nevada Demo cratic party. Famous Coach Has Seizure BOSTON, Aug. 1 UP) Dart- mouth basketball coach Alvin F, t-. - . - , , . . , Haggle) JUlian COliapsea toaay in a 2051011 restaurant shortly after he attended the Fenway farK aouDieheader between the Pnct Tigers, rw-tors nt Citv Tinsnitnl said Julian suffered a cerebral hem' orrhage. A late renort from the I " "US1"LU "e "ung cuiii' lOrtably, . Julian whn rnnrheH iha TTnlv , ' V .. . 7 ' -roSS DaSKetDaU iorces tO tne NCAA title in 1947 and later coached the Boston Celtics, had entered the restaurant with his wife and another couple when he nplained of "not feeling so eood." T,,i; V u TJVO., ""J rOSS in J.y4D. moved into tne professional ranks with the Cel tics in 1948 and shifted to Dart mouth two years later. SEA CLASH TAIPEI, Formosa, Aug. 1. UP) Nationalist warships today en gaged Chinese Communist gun boats and shore batteries today in a battle in which two Red gun boats were set afire, an official Nationalist announcement said, GAZETTE RADIO LOG (Radio togs are compiled from Information provided by four of the Reno radio stations, which are responsible for keeping them up to date. The Reno Evening Gazette assumes no responsibility for the correctness of the logs or for network changes made too late for entry in the log. For information concerning the programs do NOT call the Reno Evening Gazette Flease call the radio station involved: KATO 2-4501; KOH 3-5106; KOLO 2-4516; KWIt.N 3 6156; KQNE 3-4493. KONE 1450 Kc High Fidelity Music and News 24 Honrs a Day Monday Programs KATO MBS 1340 KOH NBC 630 I 5:00 Sgt. Preston I Dream a While 5:15 Sgt. Preston I News: Weather 5:30 Music (Diamond Dust 5:45 S porta Dream a While 6:00 Heatter I Shell News 6:15 Nevada News Knox Manning 6:30 V. Plnkley; A. Bible; Rhapsody 7:00 Top Sec. FilestFibber McGee Mr. Keen AFL News 7:15 Top SiV. Files! Joseph Hlrch iMr. Keen: News !Fix It 7:30 Rep. Rnd. UplWlng for T'morrowlGodfrey Tal. Scouts!Strange Saga 8:00 Broadway Cop! News of World lHanlon: T. Ernie iFamillar Music 8:15 Broadway Cop; One Man's Family 8:30 Pop the QuesJ Henry J. Taylor 8:45 Pop the QueS. Capsule Concert 9:00 News 9:15 Fulton Lewis 9:30 Spotlight Sy, Telephone Hour Telephone Hour Jane Pickens 4I 9:45 Music I Jane Pickens 10:00 Crowell ShowlRlchfield Reporter 10:15 Crowell ShowlDatellne Reno 10:30 Crowell SbowlDance Time 10:45 Crowell ShowlDance Time 11:00 Yawn Patrol Dance Time 11:15 Yawn Patrol Dance Time 11:30 Yawn Patrol Dance Time Tuesday 7:00 News ICactus Tom 7:15 Bkfast Gang ICactus Tom 7:30 Bkfast Gang iLocal News 7:45 News Cactus Tom 8:00 Engle; News ICactus Tom INews; Eev.; Crys. B. Bkfast Club 8:30 Haven of Rest I Local News INews: Reveille Bkfast Club 8:45 Haven of RestlMedltation; Port'tglReno Reveille Bkfast Club 9:00 Unity Center Cactus Tom Iwendy Warren (News: Music 9:15 News Cactus Tom jVa. City Varieties jBob Garred i 9:30 Off the Ree. Cactus Tom (Helen Trent (True Story ' ! 9:45 Off the Rec Carroll Guild Oal Sunday ' True Story 10:00 News Carroll Guild Mark Time Whisper Sts, 10:15 Tellotest JKOH to School Mark Time Girl Marries 10:30 Coffee Tims Istrike It Rich Mark Time Companion "n 10:45 Coffee Time Strike It Rich Mark Time Close-ups 11:00 Florida Call. tPhrase That Pays Sec. Mrs. Barton Homemakers 11:15 Florida Call. Kelly Barton Merry Go Round Homemakers 11:30 Queen a Day iM'Bride: Peale Nora Drake iHomemakers 11:45 Qleen a Day Prelude to Noon Top Tune Time IHomemakers 12:00 Baseball News: Local iNoon News Paul Harvey 12:15 BasebaU Dr. Rhythm jMldday Matinee Nevada News 12:30 BasebaU Dr. Rhythm House Party Sam Haves 12:45 BasebaU Better Farming House Party , KWRN Music 1:00 Baseball Right to Happiness Godfrey Baseball 1:15 Baseball Stella Dallas Godfrey - Baseball 1:30 Baseball Widder Brown Godfrey Baseball 1:45 Baseball Pepper Young Godfrey BasebaU 2:00 Baseball jWoman In House (Godfrey Baseball 2:15 Baseball Lorenzo Jones IGodfrey Baseball 2:30 Cheerful Ear. Lone Ranger (Crystal Bay Reylewi BasebaU 2:45 Cheerful Ear.lRanger; D. Boone Aunt Mary I BasebaU 3:00 Musie News; Tea Time I Afternoon Melodles'Grable-James 3:15 Swap Shop Fibber McGee (Afternoon MelodfesjGrable-James 3:30 Behind Story Turn Back Clock (Western Star Time IHour of Stars 3:45 Swap Shop Turn Back Cloclc Western Star Time IHour of Stars . 40 Fulton Lewis IDream A While IWestern Star Time IHour of Stars 4:15 Hemingway IDream A While (Western Star Time IHour of Stars 4:30 Here's Answer Dream A While I Sierra Song Shop iSerrice Time 4:45 Sam Hayea IDream A While tcrystal Bay RevlewCocktall Time 5:00 Sgt. Preston Dream A While Edw. R. Murrow CocktaU Time 5:15 Sgt. Preston News: Weather IMuslc for You 31U Stern 5:30 Music Diamond Dust (Sports Final Wm. Winter 5:45 Sports Dream A While Goss; Local 'sob Garred 60 Gabe Heatter Shell News Ferris Reel Music Masters 6:15 Nevada News Knox Manning boweU Thomas IMuslc Masters 6:30 Behind Story Rhapsody in Wax Amos n Andy Dinner Waltz 6:45 V. Plnkley Rhapsody In Wax Andy; News Dlnner Waltz 70 Tresury Agt. (Dragnet ISuspense; News lAFL: Fix It 7:30 Enchanted Hr, McGee; GUdersleereiDlslc Derby Strange 8ag 8:00 BasebaU News of World News; T. Ernie Familiar Musie 8:15 Baseball I One Man's Family ITenn. Ernie Familiar Muslo 8:30 Baseball I People Are Funny Tenn. Ernie KWRN Music 8:45 BasebaU I People Are Funny B. Crosby Show KWRN Muslo 9:00 BasebaU iBlog. In Sound ICrys. Bay; Tunes IMuslc Box 9:30 BasebaU iBlog.; Travel Bur. News; Stars London Music 100 Crowell Show Richfield Reporter 10 o'clock Wire ABS Sports 10:15 Crowell 8how DateUne Reno i Music for You Science of Mind 10:30 Crowell Show Dance Time ICommand Perform. Rom. Muslo 10:45 CroweU Show Dance Time Com. Per.; News iRom. Muslo H Iwn 2 ISnc l?m (Muslo tU Mid. I Rom. Muslo 11:30 Yawn Patrol Dance Time (Music tU Mid. lRom. Music n Variance Session Set For Tuesday Application of Nevada Auto Wreckers to store wrecked automobile bodies near Sun' Valley drive north of Wedekind Road will be the subject of a variance hearing held by Washoe county commissioners Tuesday afternoon in the courthouse. Also to be presented is a vari ance request for a service station short distance north of Reno on highway 395, on the west side of the road. Men of the Regional Planning Commission staff said today that opposition to the auto body request is expected. The area is now zoned for agricultural use. The service station application is made by Margaret F. Baily. Hit-Run Driving harge Is Lodged Clayton W. Spining, 49, a paint er living at 815 Quincy St., pleaded innocent Monday in Judge Harry D, Anderson's municipal court to charges of hit and run driving and backing a car without due caution. Spining was accused by police of backing his truck into a parked car owned by Jerome F. Mayer, 20 D Park Terace, Sunday evening. He told officers he did not rememben his car striking May er's. Spining pleaded guilty to charges of driving without a license. He was fined $10 on that count and ordered before the court Aug. 24 at 2:30 p. m. Deer Is Killed On Carson Road One deer was killed by a car at about 1 a.m. Monday when it jumped between two cars on highway 395, 23 miles south of Reno. ' Edward M. Block, 32, 140 La Rue Ave., said he was driving at about 55 miles an hour when he saw several deer at the side of the road. One of the deer, a doe, jumped between Blocks, automo-bUe and the one ahead. Block said he was unable to turn away from the deer because of anothe roncoming vehicle. The right fender and headlight of his 1955 car were damaged. LECTURES IN JAPAN TOKYO, Aug. 1. UP) American novelist William Faulkner, winner of the Nobel and Pulitzer prizes for literature, arrived today for a series of lectures on American writers and wTiting. KOLO CBS 920 KYVRN ABC 1230 Edw. R. Murrow I Music for You I Sports Final lOoss; Local (Cocktail Time Bill Stern Wm. Winter IBob G aired Rosemary Clooney Music Masters Lowell Thomas IMuslc Masters Amos-Andy; News Dlnner Waltz ITenn. Ernie IFamillar Music ITenn. Ernie IVoice Firestone B. Crosby Show IVoice Firestone Crystal Bay Review! Music Box Music Box KWRN Music KWRN Music Toast 'o the Tune i News: Stairway Alan Bible (10 o'clock Wire I ABC Sports (Music for You Science of Mind ICommand Perform. iRomance Music (Command Perform.lRomance Music iNews; Music I Music til Mid. IMuslc til Mid. IRomance Music IRomance Music IRomance Music Programs I CBS News ISunrise Serenade I Frank Goss . lHarry Babbitt iMusical Clock lAsronsky I KWRN MusiU I John McVane

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