The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1934
Page 6
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MGE SIX / nan :IF FIRST 9 Wield Wicked Tomahawks for Indians Indians Duo for Second Division Desnite Good Pitching, Says Bralicher KPirOR-S VOTE: This is ati- nllicr of a scries iif urtli-les from (lie Wg Irarue lia^'tull Irulnlni: eanips', hi wMrh Hie chuiu-cs of each team are aualyird. I RV Bll.l. HKAI'CHKR NfiA Sfrvli? Sjmrts Eilllor NEW OHI.KANS.— Walter John- san. buliiulni! Wf fi.-st full year ni manager of the Cleveland Tn- t»nns. niids lilmscU *M\ one of HIP most vr>Yin<» urnblrms !n Die Mix '->rs on hl« Imnds. "H's thr Infield," I lie Hln Train lold me us we sal watching n pirtdicc Mime tlir other tiny. "I'm rilPiitv wo: Mod nfcoiii il. "We Mf>tn pri'tlv Wl'll set III Hip outflow. We've pot one of ilir best ^jtchers nntl licst pilrh- I"" stairs in the innlors. Too ivinv tfoor] pitchers. In fact. which """kes It hard to decide which to keep. * * • "But hi Ilie Infield we have to pxinble. Hal Troskv nrobnbly will stan HIP season nf. lirsl. Ills flrel . censnii In Hie inn tors. lie wns n ' rt-mlnr Ttaho PIUI, n t Tolivin last vonr, hut we still linvp to find out how he'll m In this lear/iie. "At second I slur,; to T,oii Hrr- Vfr until lie proved In Hie tralnim: rainu IK> couldn't hit for us. Find n hnbll nr wnlline fm- n Just one In hit. and (hnv made, n sucker out of him wiili the curve. Ro "•i> bonolit Faille Moore from New frlrans. nml It bcsltis to look as If he'l! stnrt there." Moore—the name was fninlllnr — I'ndn't he been nu before? "Yes. he wn 1 ; tin with t li n ninnls rim) Pirntrs nud n ample . of others. He hns h<m experience. imvwny, nnii we need It In the Infield, •'Knickrrboker will play short. Last .wa^mi he wis n"f. o:it with » snlke iniiirv. He looks line out there tills year. "At tlifnl we've vn: Knmm and J'nie. Knmm Is eclllnv along In years nnd orotouiy won't be able to keep coin* nil season. So Tin rejiini; him lor an emergency nnd .'til-tin,, HnV nt third. For n . while we thniwht we might have to use Hale nt stconrt but his nat- .nrnl position Is third." seems j/, ,„)! tllf . s(orj , of lol the poor Indians! In « few well-chosen words. An Infield with n recruit and a casloT playing ihe risht side of the infield cnn- not be regarded as n keen contender. Of course the Indians have the pitclilnpr. A sinfT composed of ^Hnt and Llovd Brown, Mel Harder. Oral Hlldcbrnnd. Willis Tludlin. Monte Pearson nnd Sarge r-onnally— with .the possible additions or (he sensational Dennis Cnlehoiuc and either Ralph Winc- parncr or Belve Bean- -Is about !>s formidable as can be found In the leasne. And that's leaving out of con' slderallon temperamental WPS Fer- rcll. whose holdout teems to be incurable. Ferrell has turned down a basic offer of S5000 with bonus provisions for more than 10 victories. He may be out of base- hall for a year, as he hns declared he does not want to pitch !or Cleveland. Frank Pyllak, as Johnson says. Is just about ns good n catcher as there is In baseball today Roy Spencer Is In reserve. The outfield, composed of Vo;- mlk. Averill and Porter, with Holland and Sam Rice In reserve combines hard hitting with adequate fielding. The fuel that the Indians are moving back to their old park, where the right field wall is easier to reach than in the huge municipal stadium, will help the hitting of Averill and Porter and oilier lett-handtd bat- ISiYT HE CUTE? Ycsi. «he'i * ,lie, and first- string c.imt«irliack of this season's, find v.n!iad at tlic fnl. ' : verity of Wisconsin. "She" fa . I.eo Po:«ll, who Is plajlng t!i^ part of > wily raino In Iliit ',.>•'•«'» prcssntatlon l,y Ilarv?- rin(, r»lno«,i Bad(«t lll-i.^l. Hopks Slides ill Braucher Drrliy c;ossip n so happens that Mrs. Payne i Whitney has decided not to let 1'oss First Minstrel run in the MONDAY, APRIL 9, 1034 Dlxlana Farms fllly, m*de t ruling favorite in the twrby wlnUr book, may hejitat* !)«;»„« ol her "temperament." There were some mean hoists among her tncestors which track back to Hastings an "ornery critter," u we used to say In I.adv Wlndennere's draw- In? room. Mata Hari Is by Peter Hastings, out of Nettie Hastings by Hastings. On her mother's bide Is War Woman, daughter of Man o' War who in turn was a grandson of Hastings. Mata Hari gets her nasty cllsjwsltlon both ways. i.;.iklc nrst baseman whose bat may be a potent factor in thu southpaw obtained from the Fled Sox to strengthen the pltchln, Hseiimn are thrn: big figures of the Cleveland Indians this year nbovo: Die pllclici- is Lloyd Brown, lower right. «, lt | (he second Indliiiis 1 batting attack, a veteran staff, nnd a former Pirate second The nrst sacker Is Hal Trosky. baseman is Eddie Moore, left. <ii(r!iiding George Ruth, of ».' Yankees, too). Holland, a ookle. promises to become a hlt- r- , i Hut Die leom cjiimot expect to 1 in the tVjht. and shapes up y second division outfit, with that ioei-imental infield. Maybe Roger Pecklnpaiigh who as succeeded by Johnson ns nnngpr in the middle of last tea", is Just as glad he Is lian- Ing n ball club at Kansas City ils yenr. Bo Mis; Actinp; May ssiii^ From ssng rom Main Go Tonight The "cleanest" wrestling match er singed | (1 n lof^ rlng maj . In -store for fnns at the army tonight when Freddie Knlchel id Ralph anit}i meet in (lie fea- re match. Knlchel nnd Smith are both 'ciuleniDii of the mat" us coni- ired with the run of performers no nppear on cards here. Local ns have seen so much of the ,eye gouging, ear-twisting, kicking style of wrestling that promoters believe they will welcome a chance tonight. Knlchel is a prime favorite here mostly because.lie lias concentrated on the business of wrestling nnd let his opponent pull the roufli stuff. Twice he hns been kicked oft the outer ledge of the rliif by rough opponents here, the lust time being knocked unconscious and injured, The Jackson. Tenn., school teacher, Smith. IS also a wrestler Judging.;rom his appearances here who celles on a minimum of slapstick work to gull! his end. In the preliminary the usual order of rough and ready performances is slated with Paul Bazelle and Speedy Lawrence mixing tlrr Huards Worry Oregon TILLAMOOK, 'Ore. (UP)-R e5 |. dents of Tillamook county scene of Oregon's : n iost disastrous fire In history last summer, are worried by the unusually early spring this .yenr. A number of minor forest fires already have been started although the,.Are', hazard season does not Mny 15. officially until Hr,n uf Britain A following is developing lor Spy Hill, son of splon Kop, nmonj Ihi-iii tile cominctilator G. p T I'yull. who poiuis out that both S|iy Hill's pci|i|iy and grandlath- er. Spearmint, won the English IX'rby ui, Ep.som Downs. JJke my haw, Holystone il happens thai Spy Hill won only cue race year. He was laid up for it time with a itg ailment from which lie has recovered' And, like Holystone, lie is bred to slay. Maybe you'd like to have ii—lie- -has mi odd name, anyway. • • • Mupprd by a Do ( You may have heard the story of Cavalcade's father, a hoss nam- <;<! Lflticegnye. Cavalcade is the entry of !. D. Sloane's Brookmeade stable. Well, Lancegaye was In (he English Derby too back In 19313, the year Coronach won. nnd was coining home right, town In front of the pack. At Tiitlonham Corner "a dog strayed into Lanceguye's path, causing ilm to swerve und boll. They sa y , tlmt but for the dog. Lancegaye I would have won It. Krom Mean Folks Tha 1 * who like Mata Hari, the 1>01)1>etl inhmin GOLF ^^ Bv Art Krenz By Art Kfenz turned to the body, the right hgn<j Is bound to assume too much con- no) of the cuing, and to force the clubliend outside ol the line of flight. Tills practice can only itsult in u bllcecl shot. ' Golfers watching star players in action may have noticed that most of them hit their tee shuts with a slight hook. Seldom will you see then; slidiu; consistently even If they lire oil their game. Tills hcofc is >ici|ii!red by hitting Hi? bull from the iiiiide. To ••"v NEA Service SOUTH BEND, Ind. (UP)-Some day a Notre Dame athletic squad wll Bloat over an overwhelming victory over some University of PHUbiii-Bh team. The reason is that the Panthers have been pol- 10 Hie Irish .since the 1932 iall squad from the Smoky City upset, the Ramblers Since then P j u Wfl ,,, s , drubbed She Irt5h in footb again, stopped their winning streak of 22 straight basketball victories won one of the only two dual golf matches the Irish lost In four years, and copped the mile relay during the recent college meet staged by Notre Dame accomplish it, the right elixnv must be held fairly close to ihe body during the swing. Many good golfers allow the elbow to leave the liody at the top of the bnckswlng, but it is returned immediately at the start of the downswing. If the right elbow is not «- Read Courier News Want Ads. Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance Phone 7S7' FAIR PRICE LAST TIME TODAY Mat. 2:31), iri-2. r ic Nite 6:45. 10-35c Dean Says College Boyi V Becoming Mbllycoildle i EVANSTON. Til. tUPl-Collp,-e ' 1-oys me being mnllyctxlilk-d en-, tiu-ly loo iinicii, fx-ott H. rio&i-| in.Ill, dean o[ men at the Uui4 v.isity r,f Wia-ciiiin, told 100 titheil (.f-nns at ;i conIVn.-111-e of the Hu\ i.niini rtssocintion nf ivans -.nil Advl.-oi.s- 1,1 Men m u cun.'de.icJ mill hc-iv j-eccntly. 9 '» Li iel. Mr. ciodiliilght, told ht ci.feitcs: . ,'.'\ Ve '"'" lio -"2 ' cu ni'ieh tar am iii.cH'itts. 'liii'jo Is ion much conn- 1 •i ling, ten many iiiuiligt.nce ti-sf' '"•'I i-xeciitiiv coinmiit es I t(.. : •eve tli.tloius ^-uiiJvi -i' !• lialning if'"'^ w'',','.,^ '',„ >>e ™l ^".liy on u, L . U | t ,. t , 0 M '•in liom thi-ir ov.n ini',tal:es." — •WW^^H^ ROXY Last Time Today Mat, 2:30, I0-25o , NUe U:-15. begins where your Telephone is made In the telephone service, economy begins at Western Eleclric Com- paii), supply unit of tlic'Rell Systew where the savings of raasi prwluclion anil qtianlity l.uying help hold the cost of telephone equi.>. lueiil low. Withoui _t| ](; u i<| of W.-stc-ru Kiectric, the meii and women wln> furiiihh your teleplitinc horvice licre could not serve you so well. Freddie Knichel vs. Ralph Smith Paul Bazelle vs. Speedy Lawrence ARMORY - - MONDAY NIGHT FOR SALE Form Relief Coffon Seed ir PER M TON This seed produces 11-16 cotton that turns out ,15 1-2 per cent. This seed is clean and sacked. Stored at Meyers Bros, office in Blytheville. R. A. MOORE Onmatra rubber jilanlations, Cliincse auli- uviny mines, and tlie pine forests of this ruiinlry and Canada i-ontrilnile soim: of tin- raw inatcriala fur ymir telephone servii-r. Vong a«o, for inslaiicc, tlie operating eom- pinienit (lie Dell Systfni learned that they could buy in the world markets through Western Electric clieajKr than if each company >iade ita own purchases. A. popular-priced automnliilc lias about 3,000 parts . , . but workmen at tlie great lathes and furnaces of Western Eln-lriu must inrn out, economically, more than 100,000 i)lercnt parts and appliances needed in lli.- frlcplione service. As Ji fnrllier saving, mat i}- »f tlir»e are assemitleil into units ready to dip into place in the telephone swilrhtmard or plant. : Utcaus* they «re itandardized, Western Electric parts fit equally well into »telephone «riwilrhlioaril in San Francisco, San Antonio or Si. Louis.. .optrate in tin; same manner and give, the same hi oh quality of service. This uniformity menu., a n incalculable saving in o|Krating «-osu. If each of the 24 Bell operaling coin|ianie» used different equip- nii-iit and dirTfrrnt mothods, the fast nalion- vide telrphnne scrvi,-,- we know today vvmilil Good telephone service for you ... at Fair Cost person w | 10 pro fi, 9 most from ostern Elrriric's savings from »«>pr«l«c«5o n a,,,l ? «a«U, y pur. cAasmg is ... the ideplionc user 1 T«l«plione service here shares in the •cononiiea thai result from the rffon - , . ° llle en °fi to kjeep cosis lov, . This policy has been chosen deliber- Paramount News Broadway Brevities "Around the Clock" • With Norma 'J'erris Anil 4 Eton Itovs Tuesday - Weds. MAT.—I0-25c NITE—10-3oc thi far eorntrs af tht e-irlh THE BIG LAUGH SHOW jn rlm prove 80 und«8t for the telephone .-ompany. WeWieve tlutin an under, , - , , ... u . , taking planned, like the telephone service, for tbc long pull, what is bwt t . » i -n • i for you 89 a telephone user will HI the /,. . r cud bring us the surer, more succew. TELEPHONE COMPANY the radio favorifes of millions, With T«d Htaly, Eddie Fay. Jr., J. Ftrnll MicDonald, Ray Hcdjt' Ihomas Jackson, Grace Ha r ci, Trial. Frigjnu. Ditcclid by Al Bojibfig. Produced by Foy Pio- ductionj, Ltd. Prcicnltd by C«rl L«mml t .AONIVERSALPiCTURE. Comedy "(;,,f, s of rnn .. With George d'ivot and Charles Jutiels. Travelogue "/'aris on Parade" Tnes.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. & NITE—10c - 25c EDWARD EVERETT HORTON ' < MllcS.ll, Johi fl , o •'.""*. O'Comiof. Scrtcnpliy by Ebb. Hiy.x <nd 0<l« V tn f «H- Product* by C.H Licrnml.,- it. Dtntttd bv Edwwd Scdjwiev! Pfiitnttd by Cifl Liimnk., ' ,A UWVKSAL PICTURE. Pnramounl News "The Kxpedant Kathcr" An All Slav Comedy —Coming To The Ritz— April 19-20 Al Jolson in "The Wonder Bar" with Ricarilo Cortez, Delores Del Rio, Dick Powell and Kay Francis A Ti^ed Lady A Pretty Girl Two Fool Cow-;) boys —and ci HORSE! —oil mis;•) op c-bourd ihip. In swsil Itoro.'s <:nd In rluy society bcilrooms In the most hilarious bit of exciting tomfoolery ever screened! O WilK Lcili Hyamt, Ferdinand Goll- schalk. Mdy Btatly, Lucille Lund. David Toncnct:. Dircclrd by Edward Srdjwick. Screenplay by H. M. Walker and Dale Van Ercry. Pu- tinted by Carl Lacmmlc. £ UNIVERSAL PICTURE. Fox News Comtdy—"N'orfh of

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