The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1939
Page 3
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'AUGUST 8, 1939 To Complete Arrangements For Tri Delta Dinner Party TARE.?. COURIER NEWS Circle Cross Dwindles from Million To 25,000 Acres _ALAMOGORDO, N. M. (UP) — T»e famous Circle Cross ranch, once a million-acre domain on V.'lilch grazed herds of 25,000 cat- He, Is for sale. Located In the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico, the vast ranch has figured in Die history of Ihe Southwest since the 1 1900s. But changing hands and financial tangles through Ihe years have brought a steady break-up of the vast holdings until, today only thc headquarters ranch of 25,000 acres remains And now that Is on the block. The ranch Is one of the beauty spots of the mountain area mill is a hunter's and fisherman's paradise. Owners built a 10-foot fenc» around the ton and vegetable garden to keep out deer. A /lock of rare white turkeys roam.? the ranch; bear and other gamo abounds. On the the Bac- ramento river, a' tiout stream and the Varrizo Springs, from .vhien pour a million gallons of water daily. Large House Is Modern Nestled in a 250-acre fanned valley with an apple orchard of 5,000 trees, the two-story headquarters is for sale along with the timber and pasture land. Tlu-rc are eight bedrooms and three baths In the house. Each room Is built with B fireplace, but thc house also lias furnace heat, supplied fiom a central heating plant in the basement, which extends under the entire house. There is a six-car garage v.'itli three bedrooms. Bains, slaughter house, corrals, chicken and turkey runs, silo and bunkhouses — nil enclosed by a concrete and pipe fence 5 feet high—form the remainder of the ranch ' headquarters. One Ifad Million Acres The Circle Cross Ranch .was formed in 1912 when the Sacramento River Gallic Company bought up surrounding ranches until there was a total of 1,000,000 acres. On its lush range a herd of 25,000 white-faced Hereford. 1 ; grazed. Then in 1924 and 1925 came e drouth. The company began sell Arrangements for the dinner. Billy Dougherty of Fort Smith. Miss party to be given Wednesday night! jaue James or Springfield Mo at 7:30 o'clock at the Hotel Noble - - - ' by members of Delia Delta Delta sorority will lie completed tills afternoon when the local group meets at (lie home of Miss Thclntii Woilhlnjjlon at five o'clock. The dinner Is being given by local Trl Delias nnd members of thc Arkansas Caravan, which Is composed of 12 Deltas from the. Unlveisity of Arkansas at Fayelle- vllle. The caravan is n novel Idea conceived several years ago whereby a group of the Arkansas girls loui' the state nnrt attend parties being given for the riisliccs In an effort to contact more prospective members. The sorority colors of silver, gold, and blue .will be carried out. in the decorations of Ihe Ulue room. Miss Martha Ann Lynch, who is a member of thc University chapter, will preside as loastmislress of the affair. Members of the caravan who are expected to lie here tomorrow night nre: Miss Modest Ifeiisley of Leslie, Miss., Janette Dai'ls of Magnolia, Miss Virginia Morgan, Miss Helly Welch, Miss Kay Foersier and Miss Charlotte Mnr- lin, all of Joplln, Mo., Miss Georgi- etla Rowland and Miss Dorothy Mashburn, both of Little Rock, Miss Lou Black or Tcxarkana, Miss Miss Jean Winborn of MorrlHon. Invitations to the party have been extended to the following rustiees: Miss Lynetlc Tucker, Miss Blllle I-i'fgctt, Miss Mary Nelle Patterson, Miss Miiry Adnh Robinson, Elizabeth Ann Wilson, Miss Gloria Martin, Miss Churchill niiaa i.uuiiii iviuiun, jvuss uJHircnni • Buck, Miss sue Rnincy, Miss J'atty . FMA I O^-Q Rf, ro |.,l<. Shane. Miss Anita Rw n^\, m,,i ' ' " A ' JJ(J ^«-OICIS PAGE THRE1 CEMCDEL In Icresll'ng Construction Items Shane, Miss Anita Fay Beck and Miss Jean Stacy. Out of town riishces who have been asked arc: Miss Martha Hammond of Parngould, Miss lietty Huffman, Miss Uctty Kemp, Miss Dorolhy Earl Petty ami Miss Mar-— ^,»v l , .„, *«„..,„, j, ull5 ,ng A «- lon fianklu, all of Cnnithersvlllc, I ministration Insurance in loss W ere Miss Ruby Grain of Wilson, five-room houses. It Is shown In a tho Almost half of the new homes accepted for Federal Housing Ad- . , Miss Mary Elizabeth Ballew, Miss Dixie Lee Qiilnn, Miss Mary Virginia Crotncr, Miss Pearl Cartwrlght, Miss Madeline Edrlngton, all of Osceola, and Miss Marlanna Norman of Huntlngburg, Ind. Fourteen local Trl Deltas are assisting with arrangements for the party. They are Mrs. C. R. Wroten, Mrs. H. F. Kelsey, Mrs. W. A. Af- report of P11A activities for year. Other Interesting construction [rends revealed In the report were: Pour cut of five new homes securing PHA-lnsttred mortgages had enrages. , Three in 10 properties had garages of two or more car capacity. Over nlnc-teenths of the new homes contained four to six rooms, and loss than 1 |Wr cent had more than eight rooms. 'Eight Room House' Now ~*ossible on $33 Salary un HUE iiKu^iuu, ivuwi miuuia i[mu CIKIIVJ luuius. Lynch, Miss Virginia Martin, 1 The average new single-family 111 March, 1939, followed, and through It the acreage dwindled to 50,000. Now the United States government Is negotiating for the purchase or 25,000 acres of timber '-land to add to (he Lincoln tlonal Forest for regi'owth and protection of watersheds, leaving 25,000 acres for sale. Caruthersville Society — Personal flick, Mrs. John M. Vendes, Miss Thclma Worthlngton, Miss Mmiha Ann Lynch, Miss Virginia Martin,• inc uvciuge new siugie-minny Miss Mnry Spain Usrey, Miss Mary home accepted far Insurance was Elizabeth Boruin, Miss Helen Tin- valued til $5,530 nml was built on <lal, Miss Mildred Lou Hubbnid, land valued nt $785. Miss Virginia Little, Miss Sara Jo On Iwo-nfths'of Ihe new homes Litlle, Miss Anita Stracke nnd Miss wood was used as thc material ot Margaret Shaver. | exterior construction. ——•• I Brick homes accounted for three- tenths ot the new-home total, most of whlcli were brick veneer. Stucco, singly or In Its several combinations, constituted the third -most Important exterior material with a lolal of one-fifth of nil new homes. ' Cedar Lining Turns Celebrates Second Ih'rtlulay Ellen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R:bcrt C. Wilks, celebrated her second birthday Friday, with n birthday party given by her mother. Ten little friends, had been invited to spend the afternoon with her. They enjoyed playing in the ;and pile'and other outdoor games . —„-— -?H-Iliad been planned; nig land and cattle. By 1930 all Me In (lie afternoon Mrs. Wilks the-Heretords'were gone and the served ice cream, birthday cake .ranch was reduced to 300,000 acres. ' ml[1 orange-lemonade. Balloons in The ,0tero Investment, Company ft var[ely o[ gay co , ovs wcrc , was .organized to take over what -- -—-..- —. . - s . remained. Bonds were sold. .,- .'- A'~rec r eiv'ersViip- wlifetr'lasYe'd 'iin- r AD AUII I f^ rUK tnlLLc AND FEVER An d Other Malaria Misery! ha usual Malaria go on shivering with chills one moment and burning wiUi fever the next Malaria is relieved by Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. Yes, this ™ e i1 C ? e really works. Made espe- ciaUy for Malaria. Contains tasteless quinidme and iron Grave's Tasteless Chill Tonic ac- J" a »y. combats the Malaria infection in the bood. Relieves th* wracking chills and fever fie ns you feel better fast. - P Thousands take Grove's Tasteless bv wi C f ° r f¥ al . a V a and sw »ar SVM p ' oas '' lnt '" take, too. Even children take it without a wbimpen T£* r- st I 1 first S1 E« °£ Malaria. Take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic In Poplar Bluff by Miss baby Kirsclmcr, a friend of Miss Juda's, and she spcpt lhc day with, them at Ine spring. Mrs. E. C. Pierce and daughter, Harriett, left Sunday for Gulfporl, Miss., where they will take a collage anil spend several days en vacation. Dennis Cain, Earl M. Coppage,! Clyde Essary and Dol'ph Hinchey I left 'Saturday for Detroit, Midi.,' to drive home a fleet of new cars Any ordinary dollies closet can for the Monan Snles Agency. They easily be made Into n spacious arc expected home Into this week. cc dar chest through installation of Mr and Mrs. H. W. Green of ft C ednr lining, which Imparts an Chickasha, Okla., passed through o dor pleasing to humans but repel- tlns city Saturday enroute to ] C ,,t to moths Neeley's Landing whercjhcy visited Among the'cedar llnjngs being manufactured toduy me those Closet Into Chest with relatives of Mrs. Green. They, returned Sunday nnd Miss Dorothy, w hicli, , w i, n new-ome Ward accompanied, them to their arc saW lo cosl UUIc in new-home construction, Mr. and °- T1 ' 10mas " friends. . v and Mrs >i .1 , C ? Uouw1(KKl , mvay-s mother, ' m c (| kinds of cedar lining no needed, as varnish or paint Hie aromatic ininlities. For protection the lining Much ot the cur- r«m upswlite In the Imllilhif trade Is due to Die thousands ot s m a 11 homes being built for moderate - income families wlio postponed building through tlic depression years. This market is lie- infr stimulated by builders ami arclil- Iccls who have brouplit forth attractive but CCO- , nmmmtim houses wltliln the nurse MIIRC of tlic S3f>-:i-week man The V°\ I H! U "M 'i?'! 1 " <'"" ) '" (|1C " Town ° r r r<'morro " a Tie New iork World's Fair Is an c.vamiil«. Spous.n-nl l,v the Nat cir Home Hu.lders JSurcau, of which \V. Wmlsivorlli Wauii (um.ei rlt V) Is director, the home Is of the dual duty Ijpc, IW I. « n e R ,,«l to serve several purposes The Livlnp; room/shown lc,w 1 8 H lin* Sinshcd by the ainiarcnl spaciousness added Uv the plate nhss mirror over the fireplace, and (he cheerfulness ot the I Re wlml"ws NEW YORK—One answer lo a major problem ot the building Industry—that of designing nil nt- tracth'L' but' economical residence within the reach of lhc $2,000 a year man—Is provided by he No. 1 model home In (lie "Town of Tomorrow" »l the New Von; World's Fair. Tills "dual duty" demonstration house was planned especially for the family In the $35 to. $!>0 a week Income group and Is KO designed thai each of Us four rooms Is really "two-ln-oiic," providing "11 tile conveniences of eight rooms. One of (lie distinctive features of the Fair's No. I home, according to w. WadsworUi Wood, dl- announcing the arrival of a. 10- pound son, born, last Wednesday, He : has. been; given the n a nip, p( Thomas Wayne.' Mrs. Willlains the former Larene Killett. _favers.,. Ellen received a number 'af 'nice--birthday gifts .from her Bryant, Bobby Joe Robinson, Lee Bennett Jones, James Earl McKay, Janet Coker. Lorna Lee and _; Billy Gene Hitchcock, Marjorie -Dell Gymnasium Is Baker and Juliatina Hawkins. Billy Stan Clreenway and Jiminie Williams, cousins of Ellen, sent gifts but were out of town and unable to attend. 6 * * Mrs. Gage Knight, .who is a patient in Saint Mary's hospital in St. Louis, Mo., underwent a second operation there Monday morning. Her husband, Gage Knight, drove tip Sunday to be with her. Her condition is improving at this time. Word was received here early this week that Sam D. Dickerson of Greenville, Miss., was In a Greenwood, Miss., hospital suffer- .. _, T ,r,, ~ r ... — ' UUUIB iuiu LWCKS OL ooors Mrs R 3sa Ki let, of this city left fts to walls and ceilings Sunday for Hot. Sprmgs, Ark., where must nt , tlghUy . ®" they will spend the week. Thc ModerniUtlon r.wlft Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Wi.liams are (of t£Td^f ^^ radlt 1111011001112 the arrival nf n in. ,._,:.._ .... ,_. . , ? Keener springs. They were joined Now Ready For Use '.The new gymnasium of the Dell school has been completed at a cost of $4000 lo the school district and with the WPA furnishing $6000. The frame building, which is of the same type being built in WPA projects for a number of schools of this size in Mississippi County, has a 11 by 8G feet floor space on which Is a basketball court, bleachers on both sides and four dressing is a pine floor, the four. —, -..-. .foot wainscoting is painted white ing from concussion. He received and the building is ceiled overhead the injury while working near' Greenwood where he was stationed with the U. S. Engineering Department. Mrs. Dickerson is the former Freddie Williams. Mrs. M. B. Jitda, - Mrs. Phoebe Brewer and daughter, Kathryn, and Miss Jo Juda spent Sunday in rooms. There If You Are Thinking of Buy ing A USED TRUCK Don't Buy Until You Have Looked Over (he Largest bclection to Re Found in N. K. Arkansas. Corner Vine & Second. A Few of the Many Bargains $595 $259 $495 $367 $396.50 1938—Chevrolet V/ z Ton L. W-B. 7.50x20 Duals. Perfect Condition 1M7—Ford, l'/i Ton S. W-I5. A Real Bargain 1037—Chevrolet I '/i Ton S. W-U & 22' Trailer. A-l Condition 1937—CMC >/ 2 Ton Pick-up Perfect Condition I937-GMC y t Ton With Stake Body Looks and runs like ne\v 1937—International '/ 2 Ton Long W-B Panel Body—Will Painl. Choice color Model A Ford Coupe CO4 A good buy at yu4 Distributors of International Trucks DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. Law And Gospel" Rev. Uhlig's Subject "The Law and the Gospel" will be the subject of the sermon to be delivered tonight at the Pilgrim Lutheran Church by the Rev. N. P. Uhlig of St. Louis, missionary to the deaf, tonight when he conducts services for the, deaf mutes and their friends. The service will be at 7:30 o'clock, the -Rev. H. J. Kleindicnst, pastor of the local church, said today. The Rev. Mr. Uhlig gave a radio interview over KLCN al 3:15 o'clock this afternoon on the subject of his work among the deaf. should be applied lo Hie closet ''eclor of the National Home liuild- flocrs and backs of doors as well Cls ' Bureau which is sponsoring llic exhibit, Is Its emphasis on details which appeal to lhc housewife and Plan "Blilon her work. 'Built-in plate glass mirrors In- builders must demonstrate locall, that low-priced residence.') can b com [or (able and plcnstna lo 111 eye to .tup this market." "In lite Garden" o - . - s mrors n- may be used in financing stalled In Ihe llvlnt; room nnd nms- -' ' ' Iiistallalion of cedar lining: In tcr bedroom have caused much •closets, of _ existing homes. Under-.favorable comment/ .for the way they contribute glamor nnd style to thc interior. The door-size double plate glass mirrors In the bedroom have proven popular wllli lhc mc n as well as women," Mr. Wood commented. "This is an example ol how (lie speculative, builder or landlord can increase the rental value of n properly tuul give nn air of o .sum 1 model home Is also for the manner In this plan the funds are^obtainable from qualified lending. Institutions Where the closet of an old hcme is to be lined with cedar, it is often advisable first lo apply funing strips over lath and plaster. Fireplace May Be Modernized By Tiling Tile for fireplaces nnd mantels still enjoys wide popularity, especially as n means to modernize old fireplaces. • New styles In fireplace tile nre being developed lo bring a modern touch to an art centuries old. However, the brightly colored Dutch Insert panels arc still being manufactured for use in homes where this type of tile is adaptable. In substituting a modern tile for one Rev. Jernigan Will Serve Manila Church The Rev. P. H. Jernigan. who has served as uastor of thc Second Baptist church of this city for 16 months,' has accepted a call to become pastor of the Manila Baptist church. He and his family plan to move to Manila tomorrow and Thursday. The Rev. Mr. Jernigan, who is now -conducting nn evangelistic meeting at Gosnell, came here from Lepanto. I which has been worn a|id discol- cred by age the Modernization Credit Finn of the Federal Housing Administration may be'used. Under tills plan the funds are obtained from private lending institutions qualified by the FHA. Fireplace tiles, as well ns those for thc hearth, can be obtained to conform lo different requirements and to suit Individual tastes. New Treatment Matches - Floor, Wall Linoleum A sound-absorbing plaster, hardly distinguishable from ordinary plaster, is being found adaptable to nurseries, bedrooms, and oilier places where acoustical treatment Is desired. Several kinds of such plaster nrc being marketed, and in cases where sound treatment in a room is desired the plaster can be applied with funds obtainable from qualified lending institutions under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. One type of sound-absorbing plaster has a. light gray natural appearance hut may be colored to almost any shade by the use of mortar colors or may be painted by using special thin acoustical paint. Other makes are furnished in several different colors. A wind of 30 miles an hour is Goine to thc flj«vies on a FREE TICKET! Trade here nnd get free tickets to either Rita or Roxy Theatres at our expense. 510 In Trade Adult TicXet $5 tn Trade — Junior Ticket RITE PRICE STORES 111 E. Main 320 \y. spaciousness to Kinnll rooms" The No. distinctive „ ,„ which single rooms me KO designed as to be adaptable to several purposes. The master bedroom, for example, also serves as sewing room, household olllcc and correspondence room. Us "convenience wall," contains a sewing machine, Ironing board, typewriter stand, files, drawers nnd cabinets. When the wall is closed, one door size mirror gives the room a feeling ol spaciousness. The other • mirror swings oia to provide that "fore an nft" view appreciated by men and women alike when they arc dressed to step out. 'The American building Industry has n potential market of four million houses for families of moderate income," Mr. Wood said "Bir "Thru this tjatc como (he nice." people In (lie world, our fflcmcls Is written en u quaint. M«u wntcl welcomes you at I ho t'«te of th George W, Uarhnm flower gardci In the rear of their home 01 Jlcarn street. While most of the gnrtlcnii ar not KO pretty at this time, tu IJarlrams' shows no signs of In hot .wx'atlicr. Their wild ferns, som 'Of \vhlcli measure -Ifl Indies li length, make n love!)- picture tin dor their arbor, their Lotus Illle nrc now Wcomlnr; in llic Ivy-boim pool, their deep purple wlslcrl and lavcmler-blue agcrnLum in beginning to bloom along sld rose-red verbenas nnd pink dalslc nnd their .roses arc .continuing t blossom. One of ihclr most popular rose is lhc liny Sweetheart, vnrlcty, minute bloom In pale jilnk whie makes n iierfcct bull en liolc Howe for lhc man of tho house. Combining the lovely with th practical, (he Barlinms have hpnv Hy landed iicach trees and rasp berry vines nhlch ndd to Hid gnrdun. Wood And Brick Homes Predominat On almost two-fifths of the nc. homes given as security lor fHA Insured mortgages in' 1038 woo was used as thc material of exlcr lor construction, and the great bull ef these were of clapboard. Brlcl homes ivcre also numerals, three tenths of (ho new-home total. Thcst were mostly brick veneer, stucco singly or In Its several comblna lions, constituted the third mos important exterior miUcrlnl will a tolal of one-fifth of all new liomcs. New Plaster Held To Be Sound Absorbing Art Interesting combination for modern kitchens can be found in matched wail and llcor linoleums. Wall linoleum, ns a treatment for side vans, reflects the qualities that have made it popular for floors. Harmonious wall nnd floor blends are obtainable nnd can bo Installed with funds secured from qualified lending Institutions under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. ' 'if Another use of wall linoleum, said by builders to be growing In popularity, is In shower stalls. I fa ^ONEASY TERMS That's what building your own homo under liberal FHA terms amounts to! Enjoy boiler living in your house while you are paying for it, just aw many of your friends nro doing. This is the year to build; lot us help-you with the details. THE ARKMO LUMBER GO. Phone '10 Quality Service Lessen Or Destroy Desirability 01 New Home nie Federal Housing. Admmls- . lists the following as factors ivlilcli lend to lessen or- destroy lU'slrublllty or utility In the location or » home: 1. A (Icdlnlni; )Mpulat!on In DID neighborhood or region. 2. A ilofllu'e O t daiiuer of (teellnu in tin- desirability of the ndijtibor- li«)d through (he influx of lowcr Ivlng .stnmlnrds. , ; 3. A decline or danger' or decline In lhc (iMlMtWlHy of the neighbor. io«l ns u ulnrvof residence through the Introduction of ramincrclnl, lii- (lustrlnl, or mimurnclurliur enter- irlses, or nulsiincrs or Inharmonious uses ot uny kind. 4. [jiick of upiironrlnlc nnd sult:- iltralc protective civcnnuU and ellwllvc provisions for the enforcement thereof. 5. l,nck of npurourlnte nn<l nde- (|imle y.onlni; reijulntlsns, Leachville's Building Program Slill Underway LEAOHVIUU!. Ark,, Aug. I).— Another new home In Lenclwlllo will be reiuly for occupancy within Ihe next few duys. tt Is nn nltrncllvc Several Residences Are Being Repaired number of Blythevllle resl- .-e being Improved by paint mid repairs during August Mr, nnd Mrs. Carl Davis, 818 ciilcknsnwba' nvwnie, have made a number of repairs u> their ), ouw have underpinned the foundation supports, rescrecned the side porch mid repainted the house white ' TJic w. it. Mlnyard house,'818 west Ash street, is belllK painted while am! other Improvements jnnde. Another house being painted w Hie Is Hint or 'Mr. nml Mm. Wnndrow Fisher, 703 Walnut siren. Mrs. Jack Applebnum'.i residence, Oil Chlcknstuvba nveime, has been redecorated. 1938 Home Building Largest Since 1929 New residential building In 1938 amounted to about 341,000 family units, exclusive of farm homes— the largest number since 1920, ac- wrdlng to the fifth annual report of the Federal Housing Administration. Approximately. 270,000 one- family houses were Included, about 10 per cent more than in 1921 and "bout 15 per cent as many as In Strasbourg Showplaces Placed in New Setting STRASBOURG, France CUP) — ......... „,.„,„ T !' 111 ol<l capital of Alsficc has five room bimsjniow Ijcli'ig' btiiil"by fmm d a .solution for Ihe problem Mrs. Nlnn Mori'mi nnd Is to be oc- what lo do with Us old houses, cuplccl by Dr. nnd Mis. Charles P I cs l><!cliiUy Uioso which are famous Harris. . . n»tl beautiful, it tears them down The house Is of white clniibonrtt uml u '" ll(1 s them again In a mores ' ' ....... room, din- Ing room, two tied rooira^'kilclicn nml built. This home Is lhc Ililrrt of n sc•les of len Hint nrc planned for completion this year. The John Iloyt jr. and Waller Hipp homes were , finished earlier In tho year. Oilier residence. 1 ! expected to be completed by the llrst, of the year are those of Mr. and Mrs, Ted Roderick, Mr. and Mrs. . , Mr. and Mrs. intcy Howard and tho C. K Smiths have four new houses under construction. C'hlmpuiivin! UIIHniH I'atlcul CAIRO. Egypt CUI>)—Hnlf iv dov.- cn Injection:! of morphine, a dose slroiijj cnoiiuli lo kill » iniin, fulled to put lo sleep « chlmpaiwce .at the Cairo /oo. The ...clilmpnnzcc bad to undergo an opcrtiUon..',, ; During Hie time of Klnij Henry VIII, of England, roynl command rciinlrcd a copy of the iilblc printed in Enollsli lo be deposited In every cliurcli. Complete Lino nf WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP til) S. Second , Phone 3H npproprtate atmosphere. With heavy heart the municipal nitllioi'ltles In-fore' the prcssine needs ot modern traffic called the housebreaker In and ordered razed some of the city's ancient buildings. To save them, Strasbourg ordered Iheso houses set up again In one If lls old quarters. Australian I'rlsoncrs Decline SVDNKY. Australia (UP)— The constnicllan of lane 13»y Jail,- Aiistrnlln's largest nnd most modern penal Institution, Is an architectural success but 'it remains 91 per cent empty. -Men and women prisoners In Australia -have 'shown u steady decline for the past 50 years. Read Courier News want ' 'QUALITY' SAND GRAVEL AT THE RIGHT PRICE ALSO ALL GRADES COAL I'lione 700 or 372 SUPERIOR COAL CO. Invest Your Rent Money in a Home of Your Own • N We offer many attractive plans and can secure for you a 4'/ 2 ^ FHA loan. Only $5.81 per month per $1000, cheaper than rent. SEE US AT ONCE E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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