Feather River Bulletin from ,  on April 3, 1924 · Page 5
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Feather River Bulletin from , · Page 5

Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1924
Page 5
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Wit 91umo0 5ational'SuUfttn of fflutnrp, California PAGE FIVE THURSDAY, APR. 3, 1924 5 gi J ard is the wife of Engineer Shepard of the Western Pacific Kail-road. J. James, an employee of the Western Pacific and a resident of Portola, is visiting friends in ON THE- Mohawk Valley Lodge, No. 1397 LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE Meets first and third Thursday in each month at 8 o'clock p.m. in hall at Blairsden, Calif. L. B. O'ROURKE, Dictator. E. J. McGOWEN, Secretary. of friends behind them, all of whom will be here to welcome them upon their return. Mr. Cor-bin is an employee of the Western Pacific Hailroad. D. E. Miller, engineer of the Western Pacific Railroad and a resident of Portola, is now on a short PORTOIA FEATHER. Pete, our leading grocer and said he didn't mind five sleep Mining - jxrn-Ra!rd DMsionTerminaf Tr - Hurrting visit to Heno, where he will look up some old pals. mm i Via .&m& PLUMAS LODGE No. 88, I. 0. 0. F., Quincy, Calif. Regular meetings 2nd and 4th Friday nights. Sojourning brothers invited. H. L. WILEY, Secretary. II. L. CATE, Noble Grand. liverv system that will be one of ing in one bed for a half, but when 17 show up out of one room that is too much for him. Guy Hardy, son of J. W. Hardy, road foreman of engines of the j Western Pacific, has gone, to San ! Jose, where he will pass a vacation ; the best in Plumas County CABOOSE CHATTER by Buddy Carleton (). liamery, of Crookstown, Minn., T. F. Heed, fireman of the Western Pacific Hail road and resident of Portola, has just left to visit in Oroville. J. .1. Fahnlender, who has been the night yardmaster ut Portola for the Western Pacific Hailroad, has left Portola to take up his new duties with the Western Pacific not cook a goose No,, we will A. J. Watson Wm. Watson among boy friends and relatives. has just left Portola after a short visit with friends who worked with him in the old days. W. J. Leonard, of Portola, who decorates the mound for the Portola baseball club, has left for ! County Surveyor U. S. Mini Surveyor CIVIL AND MINING ENGINEERS Court House Quincy. California Hailroad at Oroville. C from the Unioir Pacific Warren, j San Francisco to visit friends Hailroad, and relatives. Leonard lost a hard fought battle to Graeagle in the at Por- is the new night yardmaste Leon L. Clough Abstracter and Searcher of Records Mrs. W. A. Mcintosh, of Portola, is the proud mother of an eight and one-half pound baby boy, born March 21. Mrs. Mcintosh is the wife of W. A. Mcintosh, an employee of the Humphrey Meat Company at Portola. The young couple already have a baby girl. Mother and son are doing nicely. Mrs. E. F. Murray, of Portola, has left on a two months' visit to friends in and about the bay regions. Mrs. Murray is the wife of K. F. Murray, an employee of the Western Pacific Hailroad. She is accompanied by her two young sons. Mrs. S. McKay, formerly of Portola, is in Heno visiting friends and relatives. C. J. Johnson, of Portola, is leaving to visit friends in and about the bay regions. Mr. Johnson is well known throughout Plumas County and is a large land owner at Portola. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Powell, of i QUINCY County, California Plumas tins year. s . Clair Donncnwirth says he wishes he could play ball like Nelson can sheik. Hot dog Taylor says the , word opportunity is too long and suggests the spoiling he changed so that it will read Hot Dog. Lost, a wonderful girl. Why Edna, when did you get lost in Por-tola? Conductor Newman, the pride of Portola, said that of all his wife's relatives, I like myself the best. Newman, you had hetter stop kidding the editor. I wonder where they bury their dead? If the beautiful ladies in this man's town don't stop making love Sudaha & Saba Headquarters for TUBEROSE CANNED GOODS Portola, California tola. A surprise birthday party was given Herbert Janes, son of J. C. Janes, in honor of his arrival at the age of 10. Those present were Herbert Janes, Bertran Janes, Harold Cox, Hichard Cox, Howard Joy, Irwin Joy, Ralph Scott, Vernon Scott, Paul Norman, David Norman, Joe Freeman, Evan Olscn, Howard Standefer, Holand Stand-efer, Billy Powell and Walter Stin-son. Refreshments were served and games played indoors and out. QUINCY RAILROAD TIME CARD Effective 12:01 A. M., Nov. 25, 1923 FBOM QUINCY TO QXJINOT JUBOTIOa Leave Quincy. ...6:30 A. M. 6:45 P.M. Ar. Quincy Jet. 7:10 A.M. 7:25 P.M. FHOM QOTNOT JtJNCTlOH TO QUBrcrv Lv. Quincy Jet. 7:35 A.M. 7:50 P.M. Arrive Qnincy....8:05 A. M. 8:15 PJW. opening' game of the season. C. H. Hath, telegrapher of the Western Pacific, has left Portola for Marysville, where he will be employed for a spell. Mrs. J. J. Dryden and daughter have gone to Oroville to visit friends and relatives. Mrs. Dryden is the mother of J. J. Dryden, conductor of the Western Pacific, and is well known in club circles of Portola. H. E. Johnson, of Portola, is visiting friends in Oroville. George B. McFadden, of the Western Pacific, has left Portola for u stay in Oroville, where he has many friends and relatives. ku nil. iuiui , ci til tun niic UIIl)ir were given to all winners Portola, have gone to Sacramento . to visit friends and relatives. Mr. Powell is an employee of the Western Pacific. of the games, who were: Harold Cox, Vernon Scott, Howard Standefer, Billy Powell and David Nor- uiis ci'i utiu iikiii is going iu come hair pulling. Yes, the yard clerks love the .lnmlin. PORTOLA TAILORS AND CLEANERS Portola, California R. M. Middlcton, an employee of An enjoyable time was had Now I know why the Indians j"'"1. the Western Pacific, has left Portola on a visit to friends in Oro by all the youngsters. ville. L. L. ' Pruett, of Portola, has left on a visit to his relatives in Gilbert Venne, of San Francisco, stopped off at Portola this week long enough to say hello to his many friends here. Jack Belknap, formerly proprietor of the old Reno Cafe, is again in business at Portola. Belknap has opened up the old Annex Grill, which closed down a short while ago, because of lack of patronage. Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Seaton and son, residents of Portola, have left for Heno, where they will visit relatives and friends. Mr. Seaton is an employee of the Western Pacific. Lynn Moore, of Portola, has left Oroville. Mr. Pruett is an employee of the Western Pacific. Charles Scott, of Portola, trans acted business at Quincy this week. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Powles. of take pleasure in announcing to their many friends and customers the opening of A NEW MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT UP-TO-DATE SERVICE AXD STYLES Ladies' 'and Men's Tailoring, Pressing, Cleaning, Alterations, Relining and Repairing llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllliM IF WE CANT FIX IT, THROW IT AWAY llllillllllllllllilllllM ORDERED TODAY DELIVERED TOMORROW ALL WORK GUARANTEED sold Portola for a cord of wood. I didn't mind when the water froze, and it was too cold to light a match, I didn't care if my toes did turn blue, but it was sure hard luck, when the wife gave me the cold shoulder. We never have any meat in our house Unit comes from the butcher, No sir, I get cold shoulder and hot tongue from the wife. I am going out and eat worms, Edna. I am going to eat one that has fur on. You made me do it, Oh George. My God, what can a poor working girl do. "Gee," said yard clerk Rablen, "what is the movie world coming to?" The Lost Woman in three parts. That's the first time I ever heard about a woman that, was lost in three parts. for a vacation trip to Heno, where he has many friends and relatives. Mrs. J. D. ' Brown and daughter have gone to San Francisco, where both the mother and daughter 'have many friends. They will remain a month. Mrs. Hay Dryden, wife of an employee of the Western Pacific Railroad, is visiting relatives and friends in Sacramento. W. F. Feno, of Portola, has just left on a trip to Reno, where his wife is seriously ill. S. C. Kinchen, of Portola, has Belknap is well known for his catering, to the public and his old friends will be glad to hear that he is again in business. A birthday party was given in honor of W. E. Taylor at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Taylor. Cards and refreshments were the features of the evening. The guests were: The Misses Edith Bates of Oroville, Miss Hazel Howard of Portola, Miss Howe of the Portola high school and Mrs. Thel- Portola, are visiting in Heno. O. X. Owen, secretary of Brotherhood of Hailroad Trainmen, is visiting in Oakland. Mr. Owen is well known in labor circles at Portola. W. J. Norman, of Portola, has just left to pass a vacation in San j Francisco, where he will be enter-1 tained by friends and relatives, j Mrs. C. L. Shepard and son, res- idents of Portola, have gone to Oroville where they will visit and ; renew old friendships. Mrs. Shep ma McNally; Messrs. Arthur Taylor -Direct to Consumer from Producer-PORTOLA MEAT MARKET Antone E. Dotta, Proprietor left for Heno, where he will passtand Clifford Nelson, Mr. and Mrs, a snort vacation. .Mr Hoy Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kinchen Western r lis an engineer of the Pacific Hailroad. John Donnenwirth, the auto man, says he always has a tired feeling his garage. Brass-pounder Lyons wants to know what I will give him for a cold. Not a cent. Bugs, and I'll K. J. Fahnlender, night yard- Bender, and Mrs. W. Sexton. An enjoyable evening was had. Mrs. L. B. Cole, wife of L. B. Cole, cashier of the Western Pacific Hailroad at Portohf, now is recovering from her recent serious A Merchant clerk at Portola, has left Portola . fri i 111 lir vii'ifinn xi-illi even let you have mine for nothing. (,.:,,, i ; c' i,-,.. ;,.;,,.' m ivu.. RETAIL AXD WHOLESALE DEALER IN Meats and Meat Products, Butter, Cheese Eggs and Poultry -MAIL ORDERS SOLICITED- , lliltM .11 tjllll ft IUIIVI.KUI ..11. L .11111- imong the ; int.Ss. Mrs. Cole is well known j lender is well known younger set. for her sterling efforts in club Janes says there ain't no polar bears in Portola. But I can't be- licve him, for they told me in school that where there is ice you would find polar hears.. Well? EXTRA! Two humans and one Mrs. T. F. Reed, wife 'of T. F. Heed of Portola, has gone to Oakland for a sixty-day visit with relatives and former friends, where We know says that it's his job to please his customers. He is 1 00 per cent right. It's our job to please merchants by providing the kind of printing that is wanted. Try , us and see what we can do. m j she lived for eight years. I J. H. Burt, son of the manager Los Angeles salesman arrived town tikis morning. Brakeman Jones has decided alace Hotel UI Mil' 1 I'dlllll IUMI 111 III, una P A Firs t-Class Stopping Place in a Busy Little Town circles at and about Portola and her many friends are hoping soon to see her around. Mrs. H. S. Potee, of Oroville, is at Portola visiting old friends and neighbors. Mrs. Potee is the wife of Engineer Potee. Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Corbin, of Portola, have departed for their old home in Rio Grande, where they have many friends and relatives. They plan to be away three months and will visit many points of interest (luring their travels. Mr. and Mrs. Corbin leave a host PORTOLA, CALIFORNIA people at Portola are not exactly left with friends for a trip to honest. They used to be, until a J Heno, where he will visit many certain young writer moved in. !of his old school chums. Dean Durham, owner and manager. We Make Good Completely renovated and refurnished from top tc bottom. Everything spotlessly clean. Sample rooms. Porter meets ail trains. HOT AND COLD WATER and ELECTRIC LIGHTS In every room. STEAM HEAT THROUGHOUT. Lunch Counter and Dining Room in Connection. Good Mealj W. J. French, employee of the Western Pacific Railroad at Portola, has returned from a trip to Heno, where he visited many of his old friends. Mr. Wrench is better known by his nickname "Shorty." He takes great interest in the Portola baseball nine. Friday afternoon, at the election for a trustee for Portola school district, J. C. Janes, incumbent, was retained in office by an unanimous vote. J. C. Frickman, machinist employed by the Western Pacific Railroad, has secured a thirty-day leave of absence and is visiting friends Went to Graeagle last Sunday. Great town; the two-citizens turned out in force to welcome our basball tosscrs. Great day; used blocks of ice for bases. They put a keg of beer on 3rd base and dared us to drink it. Only one man got that far. It is a great life if you don't weaken. The most deadly of all animals A Super Sheik or sheikess. One kiss, one love; one love, one marriage; one hell. Some folk pay five dollars to get married, others get life from a judge. ALTHOUGH its high standard of design JL .has resulted in much, copying, the rarity of genuine Chippendale furniture has limited its possession to a scattered few. Not so with gas' I, see that they have nickel wash and relatives about the bay. E. M. Beardsley, formerly of When you build a house for comfort's calls You want doors and windows in your walls TOm oline. " Red Crown," the 7m standard of all motor fuels, is available every where. And every gallon has the same unvarying power and extra mileage ! Portola, stopped off here a few days this week to renew acquaintances with old friends. 0. N. Smyth, of Winslow, Arizona, visited at Portola, where he worked over six years, ago as an employe of the Western Pacific, this week. Mr. Smyth has been employed for the last six years by the Santa Fe in Arizona. W. J. Norman, of Portola, is leaving for a thirty-day vacation to the bay regions, where he will be entertained by friends and relatives. A move will be started at Portola, in a few days, to establish a "little player's" movement. This will embrace all of Plumas county and should be of great benefit to those who enter it. The general -outlook of business at Portola, by all retail merchants, shows an increase over last year's T WE HAVE DOORS for outside entrances and for inside rooms. SCREEN DOORS to keep out the flies and mosquitoes WINDOWS complete ready for installing BUILDERS' HARDWARE Locks, Hinges, Bolts, Door Handles, Door Pulls, Drawer Pulls, Closet Knobs, Catches of All Kinds, Nails, Screws, Tacks, Brads, and Other Necessary Adjuncts to Proper and Successful House Building and Repairing. ing machines. It must be great to get ironed out for a nickel. Many married men get ironed out for less than that, and I don't mean maybe. Just think for a nickel you can get your shirt washed and ironed. Great ain't it? Then you won't have to stay in bed all the next day. They are going to put them in telephone booths, then you can get washed and talk to your girl at the same time. The only thing wrong about it, is that if there is a fat lady in the next booth to yours, you may get her things and she get yours. Remember, Edna, love has nothing to do with the washing until after you are married. Operator Hath says: "I hear you calling me, Spring Garden." I guess that was the place where Eve fed Adam the apple. Just think what a lot of trouble one apple caused some persons. Mr. Newman says that if I mention his name again, he is going to run for county sheriff. That's all right, Newman, you also ran. You are a great fellow before election, but good by forever after. Last seen, twelve polar bears were leaving Portola for some place warmer. Gee, but we are having unusual weather. First tramp: How's the town? Second tramp: Fine, best ever; a hand out on every corner. I just got through stemming Main street. And I mean nothing but Extra Four girls of Loyalton fainted when they discovered that a- certain conductor on the Loyal-ton flyer was married. I love me, I love me, I am wild about sweet me. I wonder who sings that in this town. business, and they are looking forward to the best season in the hisJ tory of the town. The Portola Tailors and Cleaners have just opened up their new mail order department, showing that this company believes in the future of- Portola. They are installing a de- BUY AT HOME STANDARD (JlMIMIIIIllMIIIIIIIIMIIlllllllMlllllllMllllMMMIIIIIIIIIMIMIKQ Service I My stock of groceries, fruits i and vegetables is always right I down-to-the-minute. Also, ' I i handle high-class Sweaters, l Leather Vests. Mackinaws, I i Caps, Gloves Mittens, Socks, i Ball Brand Rubber Footwear, i 1 Etc., Etc. prices RIGHT j P. K. NICOLOS J PORTOLA, CALIF. j 5 '5 7? 7T W Store m E. T. ALDERMAN, Prop. i.THE WJVCfSTjt STORE I STANDARD OIL COMPANY (CALIFORNIA) QiHimimKiiiiiiiHiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiihiiihiiiiiiQ

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