The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1931
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 9, 1031 m/YTHKVIU.B, (AUK.) COUK1EU NWsVS ^ CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first Insertion and one cent a word lor each subsequent InseiUon. No advertisement liken tor less than 50c. Count the words and senct the cash. / Phone JiOli ; FOK SALE scolding hla "Watson" roundly. lint ho changed his mlnJ ami con ANNt AUSTIN ; EON ! i i ij AVCNGi NQ PMJPOr vi'WOUC BACKSTAIRS" Dorft Depend Onj Yoiir Friends For A 1 rurlurri tn • . ---• j- 1H Mlf'l' jcuctt lu New York kut ; ;SfffiJ h K •^"S&r tmririn-iil 1 ir' A |iot *!"'«*• PT' Si:!IK\,\ I1AI1T. line* •"". *« li-m-i-i llj:il Mia'* picture wrm liri:ilril villli :i «"''» olnmt «kc tnVlilr lit t.MTA I.KE.'. . ' '. Ilimdrr ivIrM ID I'KX.VV GRAIN, ill-irlrt ultrtrnci'n «rcrelarr. nnd t.-nri:» friiui bfr Ilinl the nilcld* ..liiij nn* prfntfd In llninlltini, Ilinl nn cl>rrrjrH»« »' H" .. r .,..- iili-tiin- AIMii'Bwd. Aitrt --- ' -• NVIII- solcJ tho clmmhermalil Instead: "Jusl tell Mr. Wilson Hint (or onco lie's wroiiB. Vou dli) not lur- get to cover Cau'n'B cage, llello. LcqU! M : .' Tlie'ilrl's dull black eyes bulged 03 they look ni..tho case, completely Bwalliert lu a si'i^avo o( "lark sills. tlio co|iy v,-ns exactly iho ESIIIO ns Hint on whtcli tin-' orlslnul liaJ been written. II. will Surprise you to know that' a. car 5 , just ;_as_-g?od as the cars .-'ypi'-i' frierttls" 'drive may bs; bcush'i at fch'uiii naif .what you' expect .the price" (it to.-. >' • ' You cap. buy o'-mlj.iity nice car from, us f"v.<a lltllo'. mo:ie% and" yon CE.II I"-.assurer}, that the car you £ c t from us is alv.-ays cMidly as represented.i ll/p,\\YI)'S sake, Mlalah Uunilcol" V* . ulio 'ejaculated. 1 - "1 ilhlu'l put 'd.n covnh on dal hill's /U\\no!ltiah ilhl Mli'ilioiVL-n./canso slib : ,>.ticeii laid', iijil^'llh rliciiryallz .veil slnco. "you lof. an' cveli.las' ir st,,. wjn".r«>J«21' i ».; |J J 1 ° 1rl ' tf'} lll^S&W^g l>mnlrr lrrlp>,1»>l*-l« Sir."" 1 .'.'»;"• .3 1JODGE G 18 CHEVROLET,COACH. .... 125 •:o CAP-iEa^-iis' TUAIL.EK 255 ... : .:.. :.:;-_!-.: AvVfl ^ '28 FOKD tll IK-TON'; .' ' '30 FORD '27 FOKD PICK \lje. D fj MM 11 I I" 11 J >W ft'X ••' •' ' £.* • , ,, nnH iW< •'&<• ••.!•'!>. «J>; Inn-.ll- i::illni','fnrlfcrr -rtBiiVv uriirfilnl". 1 .i,,LI|.' rrr rcriirili "I Mln'« Innr- rliiui-.'-l>"ndrr fln-l. ruilMni; In \'< » York liul rrnlUen llml >lir Tnirhl h'.vl nwrrlrJ In Cunuri-cl- .'ul nr Xtit.jrwej. lind nilfhl mi li:m- m'fil *" WS' Spmr. Illr iirllfi.' Inrory Ibal III*., llfrt ^crr l;lllr, " S«"K "'j:' " r< * n ' ! * cuJiirli\''tliliilj in' cjls ol' liouso.-hns '" '" ' '23 CHEVIlbLET; F C;o|lLil5l^' 1 . . 205 •29 CURYSIjEK '"75"';RpST£R -«? '23 WH1PPETT '30 CHEVROLET C '23 LATE ESSEX C COACfl 175 '2D FOKD PHAETON ....... .233 •28 'CHRYSLER SEDAN ..... 125 '30 FORD SPOUT HOADSTEK 333 '2C CHEVROLET SEDAN ...i ; 55 '23 JTOaD TOV.'X SEDAN ...: ,333. See 'th£se cars on display. ,Vjeri' dcsiiable terms to tit- youi- income'. It you ha^-c an Open Car, tkde. It in on a nice Closed Model.: ; Phone 811 : , • PHILLIPS MOTOR ;, COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealers. MIW CM) ON j|PlTll..TIIP^STURY 5 set bis travel- bag upon a chair anil picked 'sealed envelope ivluch bore /•^no ot>cr inscription than hla name. '' _Tlie Vote It coQlaincd was on paper " as"pln|n'as the envelope, was typed ."lf)'Special Investigator Dundee i 410 of the latest been lef j to' $nv -,-.-.:-. "Tlien I mip.po'uij tlio Inillgnanl Mr. Wllpon lahia,_JHJ am] 'cqverci Cap'n' liiinself,"'.Diirif(co snBb'ested crossing tho roon\ to\U)0.h.oo,kcaso which filood ^within reachlus dls tiinco ot his b'.g Icatbor-coVcrci artn-chalr, .. • "Him?" Dello snortcil. ,"llow h gnnna get In hyer wldont no key Sides, he'd a-tol' mo it'll—" "IJclle. bow many ^tlmij.1 must ask you not • to .Umistilaco in things'!" Dundee .yuj In irrltabl) for he was ti/ecljil^'thc discussloi and angry that hjrf copy of "VJho \Yho"-*"s?- rnis3lns from its cu tomary plaee-'in'tlie Loohcasc. : " v "Jlcf':v- ; ^.ti ain't tccheil none yoah tiilnBVy'ccp'n to (Ills' 'em at • lav ,'ein <lo,wn wbar 1 fouu' 'cm liille •" J loo alwut llie root tben Ills. 1 ' eyes aliglited uiion ih raissliiB.fcook, lying upon a lapc^ ilrapeil ilicll that cxtoiulod aero (lie lon v '«f an old-lasliioncd Ifol-a regist?;V( set high In tl:o wall I twcenj^he two \vlnd6ws. Tljc till reel volume lay ,ticse }\K truth allied Into his mind. It \vns no coluct(tcnco that ho J a copy^ ol Iho very book to ilch his nviknown correspondent ferred liliii'.- 1 , For llio iiulo liai\ en written IhMlils very room, on .tloncry conveniently at band, 011 o noiseless typowrller which had •en far nioro consldVi ato about not itrnying tho Intruder than bad the arrot'VhOEO slumbers had been sturbcd. Hut 'why . , did piy. •lend risk a«est aa'n burglar if o wqntdl to 'glvo we. an, houeat pj-ro;l)undco,J;CUiacVed .aloud, to 10 .'pirro't); w^o," cronUi'd, an ' ln-clo- aiit ;aiiswe'f:-/ •"> r j : , ' " '•uaa?rc>)i>y! Penny!" llenr hat 'those- words will not bo clufuliln this caso as they were when your mistress was murdered," )uriilco'.issurcd his parrot absently ' another minnto to bofoio (lie blK tol-.-.!r fumncc Above Ilio fire box \v.ii n bl^ iiuta coini'-.H-lnu'iit—lliu rc^crvnlr fnr U:i> hciik-il :ilr. And sol Into ilu> reservoir, lo cunilucl llio heal to regions above, were three I>ll>CF. With streiiBlh nugtncutvil hy cltciiu.-:ii, lliiuili'C tufiscil ni'.d tin nt on; at Hie pljics niilll illsloil^ul it. Then, Ihnisllni; Mt and l>.no ilic li !roiu~d iinill lio lind foiuul \\lini liid linciwii ir.nH'be lliere-Jmli-i- Mnr.-U.ill's nuininnllc, with n,u MftNltii sllencor Ecrcivcd iiiion llie end uf Its fchoi t nose. At !ni:t bo hcli! In Ills linntls Ihe weapon \vli! Scliiu mill IJ.!.wte mtuih'red. ' " T!ic- lii^ciiSousiic.^s ot his o\vn nl tc-mi-tci! nuinlcr moved lilni lu yrofo.iml ndmiutlon lliiit lie ciuinl .scaixely (eel resentment. If, In tin 1 cjellemcnt of liuntliiK for n pron iso k d cliio. tio Iniil. KUUC illrci'lly 10 or ho'-ivas Btdilyinl; tho peculiar t»«;Siielf. Ktandlut; In frtinl ol tliu .ttiiatlor. from every angle. "Another question, Cnu'n— why did the mktibwc bother to tako m^-'iyfco'^ iVbo' out of tho lio_qUc«se, wheru 1 should normally .IravV'looked for II, and put ,U'.ion that partlculnr shell?" /''.' ' , - \Var!ly,,'for his scnln was prick- ;^vllh a premonition of danger, niidop Crossed tho room lo the shelf, but Ills hnii'l did not ropch out for the rcjl book, which i liai'o been expected to Eolvo one problem, at least. "Why the s/icl/f" ha nskcd hlms^ft again. Why not tlio desk lop, or the inaiHclplcce, or tlio smokiiis jablo hcsWo the,' big arinclmtr? v- .. Tlio EhcK, ' wllh Its drapery ol rather Uno/oW silk tapestry, ol PAGE SEVEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE HMF ! — I wisH II HAP VoU WITH ME LAST -fHe: AFRICAN , i>0 I SAVF..P MYSELF -fife. EV:pf£MSE OF EVER rlEAR I GF WE AS A j BIG GAMB SAV T VOL! Hlf A STUFFED OlOL,0«J , wrtU £ HA-mJL or ,, PICE t -^ -tH ' OWLV -TIME. > I KMOW oF T .VdHEUVGU CAME "FACg -To TACE WltH -E^ WILP V (AM OF WOULD GAMS VROM -Trie ;,B'.!5H j all, 'its Bold-lettered "rib',' -lacinulfereil no ariswer In Itself, for it held except tho red hook, a rlll'Miisiili I'ayo -110 of the lalest the rou m. "•;' : : luotliina except tho red hook, a WHO'S »VHO IN A\!EliU'A. he ''lielle, tell 'nle the truthl and 1, Chincso bowl, and a humidor ot •-•T.-llVviynd a lip which',should aid aunU not be aWry: did you pnt iliac! tobacco..'.Atytl beneath tho shelf •• l\ln?!|iihlcrlally In solving Hie two d book on' that shelf?" 'Dundee!was nothliiB'bnl. Hip old-fcshloneil "'iriulitir; ccsss which seeni to be asked, bis-;voic6 steady, aiid kindly | register,, the dpcnlbg''C'oVcrcd with :iil? : T* 'IWEliVE HiiAD ol good mules for Sldel See Sam Thomas at. First National Bank, Blytheville, Ark. >•' ; •JF-K10 Used 1V2 Horse Motor For Sale Will make a good motor fov 2'/^ to 5 horsepower load. Needs one new bearing- Will soil cheap- COURIER-NEWS IN DELL—FOB RENT—3 room house, S7.BO; t room ho:isc, 511. L. Fowler, Phono 858 or 450-J. 18C-TF FOR, RENT—Four room apartment, 810 West Asli.: : Sail 510. ' 5C-TF too difUcult for' his ines- L;rin nt the uufric\idly gibe anonymous corroipondent ujt iwisling hla Itps^-when a '.'knock, \i-ltli which b° p"d iii very familiar, Eouniipt!' pu the living rcom iloor. which tie had cot completely closed. :"Comc in. Dellc!" A tporose, slni-^-tnoutliPfl mulatto jirl Iii iijicicut felt slippers strtlcr Into.the room. "Hov.-dy. Mlstah Dnnilec." Bnlli BreeicJ, him listlessly.j. "Von GO l:ack.'liite the paper said you woulii illiln'^ Juli? , Ami 1 Kli't sayli 1 ainl ^laill \DH purrotj o' yoah sho Is a ua^'il's ,own nuisance- nlppln 1 at mahiflngbhs. an''! Ecreecl In' his fnol h'e.^l iff... . . 'Course ain't savin' It's his} fault,- kecpin dat young gen'niah on de- sec.on' fl awake las' night.. . i |lnt la¥"I sa to .Mistah Wilson. ;when he li^h into me dls uiiiv/nin'.irunnln' i at de niouf 'cause .1 •fo 1 'uoi to p Cap'n's covah on/ his''' cage, la nifilu. r aiii'i-tie' 'uriiiesl one wha foliscts'iii dls'ffse..,.. . Coml home C!awd knowsXwhen-an' leavl de front do' unlocked'dearest o' t rjight. so's bugEleVs-andaimrdere and Onwd knowsnvlio'could wa right In hyor—'' '; ' V Dundee, Itching to consult h own copy of "Who's Who." flui a glance at tli* p*rrot's cage. I lenrtinn. to pacify the mr'-.-^fnl el of his e-xcltemenC; "Nossuh'! I ain't tcclicd It!" a metal screen which v.-ap ;;' inass ot Ills holes lo permit "Anil 1 yon dlil not.'put tlio cover jthc <;=car,3 of hot air when tho fur- •er nis' parrot's cage,..nll.housli Ijnace.wns Going In the winter. . . . ad tifipsJ you well to feed" Ca'p'li].: Sin'denly Dundee stooped and aid severely. T stared wllli eyes that wero widened wilb excitement and a certain "I golla hear, o 1 ivuk to do-" iacioimt of horror. Then ho rose. "Ami you Eiy'lliat Mv. Wilson. ati<l. slanilliiB far to ono side, le ot ttii f.vo'youns men on the ; V'icked up Ihe fat volume which lay •cond Iloor. left the front iloor i!ii-|ou i^c shelf. As he bad expected when he camo iu la^. !'• """ct wliizzcil noiselessly across om and hurled Itself In the • of the wall opposite—a bill ockcil • light?" Dundeo asked. "UoEfl he .dmitll'r" I "Yuisnb," liello told him sulkily.; jole In (rii, reulsler Into |riu-. of; .tile .silencer had jammed, so that It showdl ai nil, c.vcn LO eyes Iciokhi.. ho wonlil now inve hccn de^il. the gnu ami illeiieer. af.tcr down tho big hot-air pipe liehlml Ihe register, could have lain hidden for mouths, even years. In the I'.c.H reservoir of the furnace-. * \VIIli the weapon rr.rofully wrapped In Ills liariilkiTChlot, Dun- dec went• up .the stairs almost us swiftly as he linn 1 -gone down thriji, ^/^§§i mcelins no one on Iho way to hi* "*" ronins on' the top Iloor. "My most heartfelt lliniik 1 ; lo run. Cnp'nV'-he greeted his p;ir?i>l. "It you had net Etiuavvkcil last ami so frlfihleucd Ihe murderer hat he made the vital error ot covering your cauc, 1 Fhnuld never iiave aiinuyed you as-'iSn with my Slierlock riinilnulloim on cases v.'hlch ilo uol lineresl you I?, tlic ellshlesl." The parrol cackled I'.oai-sply. but Dundee paid him scant lie picked up Die nnw "Who's Who" ami turned to •lit), u corner of which had pcnreil with llio. slrluy whSeli was still fastened to the h.ilr-lrlKser hammer ot tlio Colt's .32. clover and very simple! The uuir- dr-rcr of two people ami the would- Ji3 murderer- of a third had h.itl 'only to unscrew Ihe m'ctal covering of the register, weilte Hie crnl uf Hie silencer Into nun of .1(10 many BOOTS A$D HER BUDDIES DAliE IS STEPPING OUT! ,., By Mailin hich would have plowed' holes, replace the screws, ami paste 'Hs f;iy lie v.-aa llaheil when got home 'long 'bant niiilnight. | Ihroiisli his own heart If lie hail ; oiicycil Ills first Itiiriulsc nnd gone le clfan fo'sct de do' au' shont de bolt." "Thanks, nolle. That will lie fill now." and Dundee did a .treat di-al to dispel the chainbci'n.ahrs glcnm jy presenting her with a dollar 1>:11. de"key in |<!lri':ily lo Hie fhclf lo obey tha in- slruc'ions In the note, lint more hnd happened than the \\liUzlns l!|?hl ot a hul.let lhrpii ¥ sh nr:e of the liulcs of llio - hot-air' re'G- isi<r. The "Who'll Who" had ber:i V.'hcii she had sone. tho detective-. jcrkec^aliiK'St out nf Durulec's reail the note asalu. then 'looked'boforc'he hail HtXcil the lic;ivy vol- at it ami Us envelope moiu closely, nine many inches frnin the ihelf. They had a strancely famiiinr looi. | Coincidental wltli tho dls-.iptrar- Suddenly lio jerked open a!;u:ce of a hit of white string which drawer of his desk, on which his I hew pinned lo a thin pa^e of new noiseless portable typewriter! liio book- -wa'tf 'a "mcttaHlc- clatter stood, selected a sheet of plain followed swiftly by the faiul sound while bond, and'rolled It into the lot a bump far below, machine. Noiselessly ho tapped 0:11' the end ot tho stilus to n pace of the honli he had selected ns tlia one most likely in lo a detective is a cine suurce. . . . No. wait! lie liad ineirol. Uinnire htjit and the metal cover of the' register. Tlio circumference of the hole the murderer liad chosen ns llio one which \vnulil' be lilrcclly in front ot Dundee's ucail lirlghll)'. had brc:i"iiecin.--:iry to- enlarge It considerably. The murderer had left a trace adcr ;:!!! '•''lint-the licoft waa'open dee's hands anil bis eyes rapidly scanned pa?c -110. And he found what the murderer had not ex- a co raessa . py of tho strange, tatinUng ! riltOPriyo, "Wlm;s. >Yho" (o Jh? ^(ctcdLlilrJ to Ijvo Ji", !Wai\. hut. asc. '••' '"'• '-* iloaV, 'liuii'dc'e ifung di'eh Ills wliicis'lic l:n'il c'oiinlwl btf avdn'cx- Yes!, Tho left-hand margin was living room door a,ml raccil down Ideutic'aV Jlie typing andlits rlc^i^ei i.'iroe flighl^ of sl(\ns. MaJ^ougnt of bbcMlis were Identical. nniNnp. pp'!'.i;is. at llio door of tho basu- the papVioii'-wliich lio.had ma<!f- pcnt^ H was not locked nnd In FOR RENT — Bedroom in steam COytlMB^k, MO., (UP) — Csn- i : -i!ts in tl'.e Collr?e of Arts nm heatcci liousc. Men preferred.: didates" "(or Phi Beta Kapj>>. Ec!:r.ct, Rccorriii;:: lo an aisnour.'.-. • Phone No. 1, Mrs. J. G. S'.idbury. I national coliejiate scholastic frr.- iv,-:it by the Mi^oiiri Alplia cliai:. "P-K14 ternity, at the University o{ Mil- tt-r. 1 ssuri frcr.-i 1D3S-31 will be seiecl:- from the nii:c his licit rankina slu- After lying on Uie bottom o - : WANTED planat.Ion of the note which Ihe po- •IJce-ij\|iul*l Jmv'e.uuzi' liad cone well with hls'schcme. . '. . (To lie Coiitliiucd) Lake N'er.ii in Italy tor nearly 20CO \cai.>. one of the barBES of the Ho man r-nuwror Caligula has been ex-1 ncscd by nuinnlng tlm walcr Irom' iiic Inke. The boat, some 200 feet; Ion!;, was once n floating pnlao:- j I'OR RENT—i room stucfp. hunga-, low.- Oarage. Modern' conveniences. Aprjly (JOG N. Fifth St. -• P-K-12 FOR RENT—Nice three (3) room apartment with private bath, gar.-; age ah dentrance. Call 72-W. 7P-K10 POULTRY V.'ANTED—Market prl- , ces. any quantity. Marilyn Hatel) ery; 210 S. Fourth' St. • '• 9(%TF WANTED — Family Washings. - Washed, and .itpncd by comire-. tent white "woman. Mrs'. Brown, 104 S. Lake St. By Biossui FOE RENT—Good 5 room house. located North lOlh St., Call at 91G • Holly, phone 290. 6c-kll FOIl RENT—5 room Binicialow, 605 Chickarawba St. Apply Mrs. Walter Hcsenthal. Phone H9. 6C-Ktf WANTED' — To biiy" poultry; any amount, market prices. J. E. Fisher at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed! Store. 210 N. R. R. ' WANTED— Nice clean. free of buttons. Courier . Cash P;iid For Late Model Used Cars • |W. T. HARNKTT j 117-110 East Mnin St. , • Phone 8E8 or 837 LOST AND FOUND WANTED—To buy chickens, any amount. Fisher's Place, 213 South First St. 23C-TF I LOST—Lad:cs | wrist watch. iC07 \ViiliUii Loral and lonj disfnncc hauling. Special rales oil rarloart lots. Team for loeal haulinfc' •MV V. R. WASHAM TRANSFER 1400 Chickasawba I'hone' 851 -L We can Save you money on Auto Glass JACKSON AUTO IJAUTS 202(1 Main rhoifu fifi HAY. Onn Kilo » r •- lrnl11 lrad KAH C'OHN'. slnicSc on, SSc bit. Shuck cfT, Me i>er bu., in car lots Cotton Sl-itfs Sales Co., Inc. Elytheyjlle. Aik. " plior.c 111 or LD 1806. May July Oct. Bee. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIKNOS ONE Ol'OSCAR'S TRICKS! . ear UP AM' VtJALkED. ( Ai-j. EWEM''' .J«\=D OP Tilo r-i'iCI : .U=j B'VU- 1 New York Cotton \ NEW YORK. Jan. 8. (UP)— C2t- ,lon closed barely steady, j Opsn High Lov,- Close | Jan. ne-.v 1003 1015 938 1003 IJan. old 1*32 1032 1022 1022 Mar 1012 1041 1012 1022 May 1010 1063 1039 1050 July .... 1052 10?o 1061 1007 Oct 1057 1003 1065 1077 Dec 1083 IHO 1083 1092 SpDts closed quiet at 1020, oil 10 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 9. lUP) — i Ccllon closed steady. Op?n High Low Close Ji>n 092 1022 002 1003b Mar 1015 10-« 1015 1026 1041 1003 1073 1081 1WO 1081 1091 1100 1041 1009 1087 1051 10G9 1075 1091 Spot's steady *and Ififchatigtd •»

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