The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1949
Page 11
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rmmsnAT, JULY 194* BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.)' COURIER ?AGB ELEVBW Frozen Beans Retain Vitamins Better Tasting and More Nourishing, Says Home Agent A family able to puv up garden .snap beans by freezing Is likely to have a better-tasting and more nourishing vegetable to serve than a family that saves a beau sur- plu. by canning, says Mrs. Clcr- J>U(ie B. Hollnian, North Mississliipl JMunty Home Demonstration Agent ^Judges who have sampled bcaiu )>ul up both ways by home methods in comparative -study by the Bureau of Human Nutrition and Horn* Economics, U. S, Department o: Agriculture, rated frozen beans a bout twice as high in eating qual i'y as canned beans. To freeze and can parallel sanv pies, the Bureau's home food pica crvatlon specialist used harvest, from four successive plantings Pulcvop snap beans. * full-podded •stringier variety recently develop ed by the Department's plan scientists. some of the bean samples wei tested and analyzed for vitamt value when freshly frozen and fresh ly canned, other frozen and cantie .samples u-ere not given tests unt they had been stored 10 months comparable to a family's use t summer's preserved food by tl following spring. Once frozen i canned, beans changed very lilt further in eating quality while i stm-nf-e, the judges' ratings showe Frozen beans retained more vit; Summer Picnickers With Easily Prepared Snacks All-Round Diet Requires Milk; No Substitute Sauces Suggested As Complement to Sliced Cold Meats with t since of chopped cucumber added lo whipped cream with assorted seasonings »s cayenne and celery seed. Another appropriate combination Is made of sliced stuffed olives in i cooked cream sauce YOUNG PICNICKERS—Will enjoy preparing their own sandwich spreads as well as ealiny them, Let the teen-agers preapre a few H cup chapped celery, 2 table- jars of sandwich spreads, pack up | spoons cHl sauce. boxes of crispy .soda crackers, wheat Blend niin C than canned fceans. The! toast wafers an d other kinds. Give j chili $;\ hpiU. of canning nurf cooking UvV.cs \ them something cold to dfin'tt, some i celery, ., ,!.:_ ..;,...-:.. _,,., _. | rcsh f^t. There's a real iilctiu' — for the bnck yard, the par the hills. ice chresp, ham ami ',u-ll. Sin- in toll cf this vitamin, and even at lower ranges of temperature in storing preserved foods, vitamin C I.s favored by relative coldness. \ Here are .spreads ea^y for yrmng- Frozeti beans stored at minus AOisters themselves to degrees F. kept more vitamin C t Carrot-Orange Spread lhan beans stored at zero P.. and canned beans stored at 32 degrees £* kept more C than beans stored *5k 75 degrees. The amount ol th Untune retained was also compared, in the frozen and cantied products: frozen beans when cooked for serving retained 77 percent of their original amount of this vitamin, and canned beans 70. Two Names The name "dog days" comes from the fact iliat at lliis time of year, the dop star, Sirius. rises at dawn. In ancient Egypt, this period was called "Nile clays," since the Nile And lirve are .some additional hhu.s for the youthful picnicker: !^^s: To carry to picnic North Mississippi Comity farm amities that keep and care for nough miik cows to produce an idcquate home milk supply find his one of the most important .tcjxs toward an all-round good diet. Home Demonstration Agent Mr.s. Gertrude B. Holiman explntn.' hat milk is the 111051 perfect food known, ^ltd one that seems to have \o satisfactory substitute. A nro- :ein food or highest order, it is HI ^ccllenl -source of calcium, anc contains many vitamins. Children need ore quart of milk in theli daily diet and adults at least one pint. Only milk from disease free cow. .hould be used, says the Home Demonstration Agent. To be sure that cows nre healthy they must be tested regularly for tuberculosis, bangs, and mastitis . Keeping the cows from eating buterueeds and wild onions is very important in the production of good milk. If milk does tiol taste good It will probably not be u.srd,; therefore all families should Rive j careful atention to the production of good quality milk. The udders and flanks of each cow .should be cleansed before they Are milked. Seamless milk pails should be used for milking and seamless strainers with filter pads hould be used for straining milk. All utensils should Ue thoroughly defined and sterilized after c;ich Milk should be cooled as soon , ;iftor milking as possible. This can ' be done by the use ol running water. After milk has been crxned, lore it in covered container.* U Sauces can hetji make favorite summer /ood exlra appealing and t&sty with H minimum of time in (he kitchen. One good example Is sliced cold meat loaf with a langy sauce, points out Reba Stages, home economist. Among the numerous meat loaf sauces, she suggests prepared horseradish folded Into whipped cream itnd expertly sctisoned with sugar and salt. Or A mustard sauce of prepared mustard, mayonnaise, paprika, sugar and salt; or slightly whipped currant, jelly mixed with •long with chopped green p*pp«r and canned" peas, or a barbecue sauce made extra tangy with minced clove eatUc and Worcestershire sauce, Steel made In IndU Atvtral hundred years before Christ wax apparently good enough quality to b* made Into 100 different instruments. chopped mint, leaves and grated orange rind. Meat loaf, also may be combined Appio« overflowed in August. I Makes about Z cups) One cup creamed cottage cheese, ] 1 cup grated raw carrots, U cup i orange marmalade. ! Combine a 11 ingredients and blend well. Chill. Creamy Peanut Spread (Makes about 1 cup) Two table.spoot\ s peanut butter, 1 3-ounce package cream cheese. '- cup chopped dates. Blend peanut buuer iu\d cream cheese together well. Stir m chopped dates. t'wamy Ham Spread i Makes about t cup] One 3-ounce package c r e a m put two suited'tr,'.; halve* together ; t -'°° l P |a(>c - preferably in a rcfnyer- aml wrap in waxed paper or alum- ;Uor - until rer.dy for use. inum foil. iMix yolks with mayonnaise, salt and pepper for filling,) Frozen Kruil. Take it out of original carton and place in small paper cups for individual .sorvings. Covered, of t-oursr. Will tlmv and; MEMPHIS. July 31— OF;—A Mem- be rn.iiiv to cat by time children \ phis labor tender has been clearec roach picnic grounds. Serve \v I h ] by the Shelby County grand jury chocolate mn?get cookies, square su- ! of charges of murder in connectioi gar \vafei's, etc. \ with the death o[ a fellow union Memphis Union Head Cleared of Murder 'cheese, 1 3-ounce can deviled ham. Othe. cherries Fmttt While oranRcs, prapcs, p 1 u m s. pcaclies. pears, bananas. Take them whole as is—or rut them fr>r fruit cup and pftck in covered paper cartons for individual servings. Wolves may have five to fourteen young in a single litter. member, Vernon E. Deal, Si 1 . The grand jury, however, indictee Robert Edward Montgomery on charge of assault and battery. Ueal died July 8 after an altercation in the APL Carpenters' Hall. Inspector pete Wiebenga said an autopsy showed death was caused by a heart attack. CAMERA Regular Retail Price $4.39 AND 1 COUPON FROM At City Super Market Wilson's Certified Krey CORNED BEEF V 43 PURE LARD Better salads, better cooking Tasl Gow , skimmed WESSON OIL 59 MILK SI'KCIAL! Aluminum Shaker with ... CARNATION L'T;.*iiI «". !i P ' MALTED MILK 59 BANANAS Jack Sprat Sour or Sunkisf, 432 Sizt DILL PICKLES , 98 LEMONS 2 i 35 C 3 r. 25* dot. Home Dressed Hens 49c Fryers 59c Fal, Tender, Juicv Wisconsin Aged HOOP CHEESE Ib. 49c Cold Cuti Chop'd Horn 69c Liver Loaf 59c Pure Meat Bolopia Lb. 49c MOORE BROTHERS Hi[hwar IB West. Blythrnlle FOR DELIVERY JUST CALL 2668 City Super Market 109 East Main Street 4 Deliveries Daily Phone 2668 DAVIS & STRICKLAND Grocery & Market 309 North 6th Street "A" Graded SLICED BACON ,„ j I'urc GROUND BEEF „ 37 Tenderized, half nr whole CURED HAMS 55 Homemade I'ure PORK SAUSAGE ,35 Sliced BAHY BEEF LIVER ,59 "B" Grade BEEF ROAST 49 Choice "AA" Grade BEEF ROAST ,59 Knd C.uls PORK CHOPS ,55 l.oin Rack PORK RIBS ,>, Fresh Dressed FAT FRYERS ,,,.59' Brooks Chili HOT BEANS 2^25 C-Ville CATSUP Hush's Whole GREEN BEANS N 2 °° Grade "A" Large EGGS I)o7.en, carton Home-Grown TOMATOES Ib. 49 £ 12 Fresh CROWDER PEAS ,, 15 ,,5' N'ew Crop CABBAGE Sunkist Seedless GRAPEFRUIT Ib. 12 Your FavoriU Brand CIGARETTES Home Grown POTATOES 10 ,25 Fresh BREAD ,. 12 \.w.7.y T SPINACH 2 N £ n V27 c 12-Ounce Can SPAM 4r Island Flat Can SARDINES Fresh Pasteurized MILK 1-Lb. Jar, Welch's GRAPELADE 25 e 1-I,b. Carton PURE LARD 14' FREE POPSICLES For the Kids We Feature SWIFT & CO. ICE CREAM ICE COLD WATERMELONS Ib, 21c

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