The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. xxvn-xo. ion . SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Last Shamrock lias Run .Race for America's Cup NEWPORT. R. I.. Srjll. 19 itJP' —Sir Thomas I.ipitni leaned llie . v. eight ot his 31 years ugaiiisi t:ie • j , I T 1 uiil of his yachl Erin loday as his Unusual interest Ill All DC- "'<"" drifted across 100 yards in vhc-rc Ihc- last til ihe Shanij-:ii-k-. glistened on ihe sra. pitrlinenls Promises Keen Compelition. • nv j. JIKI.I, IIHOOKS Sc'irutary ;;l>lln vil!,- ('. n f (•. Ju;:i like a snowball rulliiii; ilnivn hill geitiiiB biRger and bigger ad the time - that's the Mississippi county fair for this year. Every day brings new reservation'; lor snaee in (he commercial oxlnbii de- pnitment, c-.immmity cxliibiis. i>oul- Ir.v. lio^s. and o:!ier departmrni'; of the fair. | l-'or tlic lir-,1 lime since t!>e au| lumn day 31 years 'ai;o when Ir j 5i-nl his lirsl sfooj) scudding ncr..s^ tin 1 Atlantic I" challenge fra ihe I America's cup there was no ji-si or his lips to alleviate the sting »f defeat. Alter the Shamreck's first defrai he ha<3 laughed and talked of installing motors on his yachl. Th; second nice saw him Brin aaain ;uul suggc-il "maybe the Shamrock uecd 1 a rrew o[ girls." The ll'.ii'fi cosui'si he blamed on a parted halyard and " The poultry show, carrying a lo- I called ii a "trick Ihc sea pl-.iys." 1'cxlay he says nothing. I.asi nielli a roininc staiem'.'Lil. one of those "the best boul \vnn" all'airs. was given out. but llie 111 1 humor of the Sir Thomas ot o!r| lal of S'-'H in cash premium's, bid.s fair to exceed inn-thing in ihe way of a iioultry exhibition ihat has rver lx>en held in this comity. This show ha.', given promise of having Mich an increase over last year that il has been necessary to oici'r Aslioie Harold S. Vanderbilt additional exhibilrn ccops ti> take .-kipper of Enterprise, nimbly sen care of ihe anticipated eir.rys. l.onk fin l!i? Sny Hcaii Slimv A Ir-atme of the tail- this year v.'liich is drawing llv attention of f.iiiu wcmen and (;ir!s and farm v.-omens club.': is the wash dross Myie show. Home eight o:- more clubs have already signified dieir inleiuion 1 of entering this "xhibit. A cash pri?e of IK is being offered In the club which makes the nicst a forehand shot across the nel OH the tennis conn of the Newrnri country club and grinned as "Bubbles" Havcmeyer. captain of !h? victorious sloop's alterguard. c!ive;i for recovery. Inlerna'.icmal yachl ir.e:'s to him were a thing of yes- Vandcrbilt expected victory. Ixjnr before l::c startinEr whistle sounded above the sirens of spectators' creditable exhibit of home made fleet be bad sailed every conrciv- ivash drm-sps. A special exhibit will I ^blf vac? in his own mi:i:l. Fortmi be had fcr the uiris under eighteen ! 'ae "ad been memorized by th years of nge. nnd another for ihej"' cl1 ' so ail Vanderbiit d::l yester- v.-cmen over eighteen yoars of age. i day was say "we will sail a inim- This department is inider the sup- , ber seven race today, men." M-i ervishn of Cora Lee Coleman. j chines in the hull of Enterpris- coimty l-.c-ine demonstration ap?nt.! "^ ihi"B5 thai no human brinr The special soy bean show is could hone to equal, and for t-.-r- nnothi-r added feature in the fair : fourth successive lime air Thoma.< this year. Due lo the liberality of I tvisd lo c "okc back his disappoim- tKe"OsKH>l(i Civic club, nnd Jesse menl -- fts he strained his won eye-- Tayl:r. Blytheville soy bean en- '9t X.K llm P- w ,.° [ '-I'" ran sm' [frusTasC the fai.- management has ' C0lll<! se * »?'''» n S but the white hul' been able to offer substantial cash i ot Enterprise, prixct fcr exhibits in this depart- My R! '.nnrcck3 have cost me SJ. uvmt. Ttie Osceola club has ap- i K" 1 - 000 -" he said, but yet there wa-- propriated S25 lo be used as prizes I f IWill Opera !e DeVails Bluff I StiTicttivc with Reduced I loll Charge. I DcVAl.LS BLUFF. Ark., Kept 13 , i UPi—A ions 11:4)11 13tween the js'ate highway departiur-nt and : owners of the mil bridge over while river near here was ended today :wilh ihi 1 .slut.*, i^aiinn^ poshes>.lon .of tin.' bridge. , j The state, hiid siarted condemh- ! !he bridge bonds amounting jo '• 3-H3.000. the state assuming Ihe 1 bridge Nov.-'iiiln'r 1. i The slaie had slaretd comlemfi- atK'n proceedings to obtain" tlie I structure which is icrated on Htgh- ; way "0 between Little Rock and I Memphis. Th.! bridge wns built In I 192-1. I-'ranchise was granted the ' White I i Ivor DrUlgc company for , a period ol !)9 years. Until re- fcently a charge uf $1 was made for | I'lT.sslnii but after many complninls . the war r>panmcnl. which had n,u- i thoi-ity over Ihc slructure. ordered llie rate reduced to 75 cents. 'Hie ! slate will charge 30 Ci?nt-s. johnny IVpp's l''irsi Round 77 al Sunset Mil! Love Pirate SUNKET HIM, COUNTIiY CI.UI1. SI. I,o-.!ls. Mo. He pi. 19. iUl>i--' Julmny I'l'pp. Hlythoville. Ark. tumid ui LI Tl on his III Inks ' of ih- SlU.tKK) Si. Louis-Open i'.ull Ui'.niKiiiiciU lierc today. Ii. Mu:ilri'.s>.or. Rru'kfonl. 111., a 11. cvi'ii par, to len<! the tiel:l ;it II ii in., but with minimally- kuuwn : prcfi-vsisinals having par shriller- I ing psiictii'f rounds yi-sterdny : scoi. 1 in the niid-slxlles was ev- ixvird 10 be low (or Ihe day. K-irlv morning Manors turned In higii .-cores. Charles Drown ol Mcmohi..; ti.rned ill u 1U. Julius Ackerbloom of I.ilile Rwk liiini-d in a 74 and C. K. Cuin|iion ol Memphis a "ii. i But \Vi(e Insists Her Return to Their Home Is "Up to | Mr. Beery." | HOLLYWOOD. Cal. Sept. 10. : lUPi —N'oah Berry, motion pictur ', villain, sought, to settle all diller- fiices with his wite. today by ask- Wil nesses Bring Talcs of Horror from Scene of : Communist Terrorism. HANKOW. China. Sept. 19 ail') — Chnngsha. once the leading trade ; V'Jf. and educational cenler of • Himan province Inhabit! by over half a million people. Is today a : cily i f death mid ruin 1 ,. i Modern buildings, and historical landmarks alike have been reduced to charred walls atul di-bri.s. There _ is if.'va.stulion everywhere, accord- i inn to eye witnesses. | Chinese refugees who were not '' killed by the communists arrived in Hankow with ghastly tales of massacres. . Government officials, ; educators, bankers mid merchants to their ranch i ing her to return j home near here, j The actor sent! Til as an emissary to the home of Mrs. Ur-ery's friends where she has .KILLSJIBtl lSon-in-Law Sought !.f o r Crime, Hart Threatened Death to Family. nVEHSBUUO, Tcnn. Sept. 10 (Ul'l — U'D Prince. 34-year-old' share cropper, wns shot to death by Ills soii-lu-kiw. Clim Snyder, 38. . nnd his son. Uob?rl. Prince. 10, was seriously u'oimdccl ai the Prince . hrmc 10 miles wc.'.l of Dycrsburi: - Inlp last nljjlil. Snyrlcr. who Is said to have' threatened the lives of Ihc entire I'rlncc family followhiE separation from Ills wife about, (wo niuullis np.e. escaped nlcr the shouting. • Olfifeis today were comluciln" a wide r.?areh for him. ' The cider Prince wns seated with his family In llie front, of thi'ir home when a shot gun charge tore through a. window. slrlkhVi the fullicr In llw left side of Ihc face. Snyder then iked through a win- clow on the opposite side of the room, the charge striking Prince's heart. llouerl wnis wounded while Siiy- d,;r was attempting to break thrroiigh the front door. Mrs. Prince fired two shots In return nnd'Sny- dcr nrd. were killed in the streets and their : Edwina noulh, movie actress labovei. Ls accused of stealing the love I'.eads were huni; "P outside pub-' of Renault. D. RenaUlo, movlo actor, in a $50.000 alienation of af. u "5 e °' lc S'' pt i!; in this department, nnd Mr. Tavlor > lhc ™™ing of his last race, lins ndded a special prize ot 'his ' , , S "' TIlo:l!:1s ' «'• St. '"•= ntairjone- (Hvii " ls 'He-long hope 01' lifting t i; Hoys and srirls club work, horli- ! (-'""lea's cup for the Royal Uhlc- culture, individual agriculture, am! ! .J ae .'" clui> - ai:d v: ' :1 »"'- challenge norai and an exhibits, all come in ', nf > a " v for their pan of the pri?,? money. The women's department, featuring fancy work, canning and prc- MMvini; of fruits nnd forxis. home made clctlilni; and all the many thin?.' thai ordinarily come'r the i'oaci of Ihis department, has been allcted a total nf S203 .0 be 1 "''" y ""' fe L ' me Kork lawyer* used ns cash prize money, ar.d Ihe j ( ™« '*™'°* ^L°"^ r « f! : " f exhibits in this department are la '"" s to '"' Lawyers Arrested on Privilege Tax Charges LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 19 irjPl — Twriry three Little Rock lawyers i • were ' ! faiiin city privilege wti lo exceed these of even las: year when ihis department iday nnd Friday. Ribbons will be was one of ihe, most, outstanding ; placed f<-llowig completion of th? judging in tnc various departments. Tlie droutli which damaged the "in Ihe Fair. Ofirns Wodncsday, October 1 The fair proper orons on Wed- r.esdr.v. Octulwr 1st. Monday and Tuesday September 231 h and 30th, will be used for placing exhibits and get'.ing in shape to throw tha exhibition open to the public. All entries shr.uld be made before Wed- crops of Ihis county so srrio this year has not had the effect of dampening the interest in Ihe ccimty fair which has increased steadily during the past few y?ars. Acccrriing to all information coming 10 the committee from all over army. People were for Sir I'limim l.ipton DICE BEIT Las Vegas. Her unannounced departure from j the ranch September 8 caused grrnt . anxiety and he enlisted local po- j lice and federal otficiais to aid in ' a search for her. Bcery's peace otter came on tlu- . .hee'.s of conflic-ting statements !s-' 7"sned by the couple regarding tlieir • | financial differences. i "Mr. Beery wants me to coine! --— 'home but I haven't made up my j Representatives of Four i " lilKl ""<" T am eoing to do." Mrs.'! in "ihe streets for wearins hc-r return'^rolii Iarel 3 n <-l="i>"S or long gowns One ; of the ccir.munisl slogans is "Doun the Unm gowi:.?d class." FITtlNMf Suffers Serious Injuries } as Car Hits Parked Truck ; OSCEOLA. Ark.. Sept. 18.—Mrs. W. T. Jacks. 40, Is recovering al • | her home here from a scalp wound and injuries to her right'arm nnd lelt knee sustained when the Ford sedan In which she wns returniiir. Irotn Memphis late Wednesday nlghl ran into the ear end of an i:nllihted truck parked on the side . -CTt"- 'the"hl$ilvay '£Outir'~{f",";Jo|)u'r; ' Mrs. Renaldo charges that Rcnaldo felt ^ lrs - Jacks also sustained.the Ins^ , in love with Miss lioolh while llie Ura v.ere In South Africa lasti of ( * a > AW lCLlt '' " ntl I'er daughlir, J Kntlileen. siifTsred n wrenched back j and slight body bruises. Mr. Jacks, I who wns driving Ihe car, nnd their Infant son. who was nslcep In his mother's lap, were uninjured. The family had been lo Memphis 1 to visit their daughter, Miss Chris! tine Jacks, who Is recovering from ' nn nppeudlcllls operation'- »t (he nnptist hospital. The truck lint! apparently been abandoned on ths side of the road. the actor's divorced Year mnhlne a muvlc " ' Arkansas May Get On sled Goal Gland Specialist Bet-ry said. "T!:e next move i Counties Meet to Study ' tirely up to him. Upon whatever hr . 1 does will depend my decision afco:;t i ' going back to him or getting a di- j I voice." ! Plans for Future. is en- Rescue Crews Comb Sens for I race of Schooner's Crew cf 19 Men. nesday noon. A place will be pro- j the county, the exhibits ihii, year I vidcri on the grounds at which j will be- such as lo convince rX 1 may he made during Monday, i peop 1 ? [ha; il will take more than, Ti'?sday and Wednesday. Judging'• a hundred day drouth to put Miss- will start on Tnrsdny October 2nnliSKippi county agriculture down for ar.d be completed during Thurs- I the count. Per Capita School Cost Herr Is Relatively Lo\v STUTTGART. Ark., Sept. 10 (UP)— An agricultural progrun M'liich will cover a period of years uas nnrterwny toriny fotlnxia^ ti niretit\jj 01 repro.^cntalives of .four vonntics li?rc. Preliniiiuiry investigation anti surveys u-ill bo ftaictd in every ^ec- tio» of the rice belt atid recommendations for the future program will 1:? made from the .surveys. N'o money wil! he lonned farmer.-; i in the future unless they irrigate . Ihcir dry crop?. Paul .R. McCoy I president of a local bank. ntinoiuK-- j ed in a -!l:i'enie::l here lociny. ; V.'hile nearly SOO farm fntnilies ; were crippled by the dontli. Me . Ccy pointed out those who iiri?ated i knptt " norllin S of her secret roin 5iilferc-d on]v :\ Might 1o?s. LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 10 lUPl— ; Dr. J. II. Brinkiey of Mil/ord. Ivans.' 1 goal gland 'pcciahsl. whose Ii- ' cer.H 1 ic practice tn'.-d:i'hv wus H-- : moved by the Kansas board of j health this wrek. nrnvtvl by nir- j plane here today presumably re- ! gardrng coining to Arkansas to : conlim-i? his work. | ' Dr. . F. Martin of Dell Is. Lat-' esl lo Claim Damages j Mfssouri School Expert from Frisco'Railroad. ' Studies Local Situation i MARSHFIELD. Ore.. Sept. ID. j i UP)—The strange disappearance j of the steam schooner South Coast I from Ihc walers off Cape nii\nco airplane and was reprntcd to be- j r.aliiraf flowage 'of surface water remained a mystery today. conferring here regarding his prob- Rrscue ciews ccntinned to cruise able removal to Ankansa.* Me coul-J slov.'ly over the ocean 30 miles not ho Anothcr Sllit ,, d , W. W. Carpenter, professor of Mrm!i „ school administration in the school st. Louis San Francisco Italic ° r education. University of Mis- Brinkley hurriedly left his | company nlteging obstruction ot U°'»'i. is in Blylltsville today vislL- ing Mibs Willie LasvEon. county Mother of Ruth Alexander Surprised at News That. credent ipity o i i |0f lbe s " UIh c one Had Husband. JKVINO. Kans.. Sept 19 lUPl- soutt) of here in search of some clue to ihe f.ue of the vessel and the 19 ir?n who were nb-ard. Reports along the coast from Cape Sebastinn south of Cold liE'ach lo lal, : aid wreckage I ot tne is-utn Coast was being i washed ashore. ! Our lor.r hop.? remained to griev- I ing friends ,ind relatives of tliose during the period following the 1927 floods when T. F. Martin, ,-cll known plantation owner, of near Officials of ihe hoard o! health | Dell, filed his complaint. »oi:!d not ecmnn'iii upnn llie possi- sui>erintendeiit, nnd CrawCnrd Cirecne, superintendent- of Elie Blytheville schools, both former students In his clashes Wliile here Professor Carpenter to to ArkLi bility of Dr. UrinkW at'.enip'.ini; j Marlin. through his attorney. J.jis going over Ihe budget nnd T. Ccslnn of Osrcola. who is also [ teaching schedules of the local allormy in several similar suits, 13 ] schools with Mr. Greene in the asking that- damages of SIS. ODD he I hope thnt he may be able to offer nssefsed against the Frisco by llv seme suggestion for reducing circuit court. | school costs without materially In- Martin's complaint, similar W ! lerfcring with the quality of the Police Believe Memphis Bullet Victim a Suicide jThe parents of Ruth Alexander ,->board. Two of tht life Irals ha-J , "°- - ve t located and either MEMPHTS. Pc;il. 19 lieved to have slnti himsolf -lie- others, recites the claim that the Frisco company oUMructcd Hip n.:t- flow of surface water by fdl- - - - . . . . . ..... . ... .. mice bared by a farewell note i-- ' onc would I? large enough to ae- period of dependency over the loss . ing or allowing lo be filled, open- ,'! vealed by her death. Mrs. W. T.! comcdate the entire crew. ] Dlauey. mother of the young \vo- ! nyer. tow ihe united Pnss; Govevnment Confident Editor's Nctr: This is the fifth nf 3 series of arliclrs prenarcd by Superintendent (.'rawfonl HTCPIIC dealing will] tlie various phases nf llie local srhnol system. RV CKAWFORI) OliKKNK .Su]icr]nlciidpnt oT Schools Educational anlhoritirs .ivali/e lhal there is doubtful value in comparing educational costs unless Ihe (owns comparer] nre approximately Ih: same as regards sire, cccnnniic conditions, type of penple. and the school programs are approximately the same. Unless ov.c is able to isolate another city which Is oomparab!.' 1 in nrarlv every phase lo his own cily. it Is necessary to confine the cimpari ons to those of a general nature. Tiicre are sev,? bases upon whirh (o comnetci unit c-\sts of education, but the most rcmmoii I; tl;e per rnniln cost for average dally attendance. Tliis bases (h^ co«: upon the srhn-l's ac'.'.nl con- Inn with the pupil, and dees not roni.!(!ei- ahienlees. The following (able gives the per capita costs bv schools ^n 11-,-! basis of average dailv attendance both for nil-rent e\:>enditu;'es (exclusive r-r <i(-bl service) and for total expenditures. Current Ti-tol Kxp^nililures K\n rt nditin n s J1M.51 Junior high ri!).7S "2.7S Elementnrv school .. 38.80 -16.8,1 Avcrar- Whiles S3 c-t C^SO Colored school 18.3G 20.07 Average all sch-ols . -17.22 fiO.87 One ecifilv recojiiirrs Ihe burden '•f the bond issues when it is note:! that approximately $4,1 a jvar is for each Inch school student for debt service, or nnproximately SIR )»r vear fnr all white children. Last year Ihe average dailv nt- i?ndnnee was only 93'': for (!••' whites and 79': for the cclr-rcd. There were various contributing causes fer these figures such as rainy days, epidemics of children's discos and economic e-ndiiions A hiehev percenlage would have reduced the per capita costs ns t!te schools could have cared for I00 r ; nverase daily at'oudance with very little additional cosl. The Mlowinn table gives comparisons of per capita costs for ciirrfnt expenditures for Rlv.h-vil!^ in l92fl-M with other nails hase-l on lf)27-23 costs: nivit-oville ....... Young Evangelist _ Will iliere ,, (!nv Conduct Revival Here Mre - Blaney said tl-.ey hod no • knowledge of the purported innr- I of his job. William M. Tipton, -13. vns near dentil in :i bo.-pital here today. " . ",-—-• Members of his familv discovered « <"•• "°V < DUSineSS lUrn IS Due Tiplon lying in the driveway of his tllc 5 Par 19 ' !7 - Ilicme with a bulli-t lodged in his ings In the raised roadbed that c-iusod surface water lo back up | and remain on his Innd. destroying the crop vnlue of the Innd for schools' work. Bandits Gel $3,000 in Nashville Bank Holdup The Rev. Virgil F. Paul of Springs. Ark., as the bov vangelLsl. will open a revival meet- ; cr ""trudnr of th n? lo;iiglit at the Church of the ' drersed a sealed Va?arene. 110 Cherry strcel. it i, ( Arkansas Missouri California Oklahoma . Kentuckv Continental U. S. S 1722 60.12 4181 87.22 Iii comparing cily school cos: wilh ll'.n casts of ft slate, one mn.s . i(V.i)liniie<! on T.iqe Three i riage of their daughter lo Robert t WASHINGTON. Sept. 19. (UP)'brain. His family cxprcfrad Ihe bc- Eliolt. naval reserve pilot and form- ; —Government nnnncial autiiorities lief he was shol by a bandit but 10 girl, who ad- j t(K i a y expressed the view the busi- : police were inclined 10 accept ihe note to him sr'ncss recession has atom reached ' suicide theory, husband Bob" before she us low level and that no further He was diiini inuounced oy the Rev A. T. Mc- \nal!y. the pnstor. The Rev. Mr. Pai.'l, w!io is onl>' started her fatal flight rd hy his employer • visterfluy. in San ] decline may be expected. Diego. | Hopeful signs looking to trade rc- The mother said si:? knew noth- : vival have been discerned by fed- , . . ing of the whereabouts of Elliott . eral eserve Iward experts who are MfiXlCan President rushes V,'.,,,!, iboul 20 years olci, lias altained ii = except he was "somewhere in New j now- preparing a report on the bus- ' ; '' wide iriuiutlc-n as n preacher. O:iiYork." ' iness situation, lis way to coniinue Ills \:,,di;». he | The note left tehind by Miss in 1:5 monthly report published consented to ste-p olT here for a Alexander for Elliott read:' ' today the federal reserve board c-m- NASHVILLE, Tcnn., Sept, 19, iUP)— Two unmasked bandits pos- I ing as taxicab drivers held up the SJiith Nashville brunch of the Fourth and First National bank r. i , ,,„ ii shortly before noon today and es- IJUCK tor Emergency I caped with some S3.000 ill cash. The two men had previously seiz- C(l a taxicnb from D local corny. bound and gagged the driv- Dusky Traveler Carries KAST ST. LOUIS, 111. <UP>Jolm Uavii-. 22. negro, likes plenty . _ __ lo cat and roast duck is one of his-; er and left him several milc.s out favorite dishes. When he left m- >n the country. liinnn for East St. Louis recently. | Affainst Game via f «t freight, he carried a liv.- 3 c'uc ick tucked under his arm. — Presi- 1 Davs passed but Davis continued campaign I to >-'airy the duck along with him. honey. If f have precc'l-i money mnrkc-t. It noted a season- , against ~ gamb'.int * proceeding ' ahva >' s in tht> ^'i 0 ' l' lal '' wo »' {! do not grieve for in.?, bin . al Increase in August of about $60.- rapidly and witrTimportant results. I S 5. no ns a " lasl "sort" meal week's meeting. His wife will assist : "To my husband. Bob: Life is j phasized the continued ease in the 'dent vllli Ihe music. ; Flrange. Service*, starling at T '4> each 'cd you, MF.X1CO CITY. cV Oritz Ruble's , , ., . . . evening, will continue thu-nsh nev;. be content. Finish work down i OOO.CWO in currency In circulation. • n'cordMia to Info' T.T^II made pub- I Wilerc lle P llt lllc tillcic wnen hf ...__:, .,_._ ...»..._... . _., . ^. ...... '_. ___ ..... r.. . »*.*.wi«.iif,\\*«ii*wi ...... c- I i«3Hft Ule rfti'Vrlp fnf vii fti 1 r if wpek. here and make me proud of you,' Even with this rise money in eir- n c at t ). 0 • as I ever will be al your side. And i dilation was S300.000.000 under the Numerous oflice. institutions a!on<r County Agents to Attend Meeting at Marked Tr»e OSCEOLA. Ark.—County Agents S. D. Carpenter of Osceola nnd J. TuiSion Refund Checks Made Available E. Critz of Blytheville will attend an area meeting of agricultural in- tensions workers to be held ii> Marked Tree. Ark.. Saturday, when "Every Member" Canvas Checks to'.alii'B S3.084.G7. repre- snuing '.'.liticn Iocs paid at the-. opining of school las'.'week, today Confederate Home Dodor I An "Every Member" visitation aw'.ilterl parent: of pupils ef ih? ; Plyir.r-villc public schocls. Rc-ftir.d of ihe tuition w"s riecid- i ed upon when the- board of eciuca- I made Ills rounds for meals, is ( ^,' mystery but when he arrived here !r*™_^J5r..'^? S . u , I with tales of his experiences with *» agricultural program fcr the ! the cluck but nnally admitted, po- , counties comprised in the north- lice said, that he stole the fowl) oast Arkansas area will be worked "somewhere in Indiana" for the 011t purpose of using it as n iy, in i ' an emergency. , WEATHER • Hal of D "" n?0 1: wa5 a:ino m;nK .\\VAKF.XINT, BELLEVILLE. III.. lUPi—I: cost Annninfprl Sltncrinrf-nflpnt : " mi " lgn of tho Fim chrlsm n 'Mis Maigare; Mar.sf.cld $249.80 ar.r! I nppointea ouperinienneni :Chl]rcll u . m be cnrrjod om ln lhe (cok 1)cr ]0 Jlfai , ti , ,- [nil Ollt Uia( 'week cf Sept. 23 to Oct. 5. accord- she was net llie brr.c!ir:ary of her LITTLE ROCK, Sept- 19 (UP)- m e to the Rev. E. K. Latlmer. mi late husband's' Ir~.iur.ce p-llcy. linn abjndor.ed its sttcmpt lo mak? |Dr. \V. J. Brown of Dover, physi- ;pi.;ceciin? Ihe onnual Home Coming 'Mrs MansP'lcl beer, pavin- the up the deficit lacin; the district Ician nt tlv> Confederate home, lo- ;service on Oct. 5. ' premium" on he- l-.u-tard's policy through a charge for school nt- , ctay became superintendent (o s'.tc-1 A committee of 2-1 members will'for 10 veors crlv 10 discover re- tmdance. Many pnrenis. advised by |cced Jame.. R. Weed of Hamburg -call on every number on the church cent'.y upon hi-- -lea'li -l-!t his firs- their parents that the refund was. who resigned after serving as heafljrcll nnd the Friday evening befoi >' vlfe her prenV-v sor !-, M.irsflMd's to h uuilc. railed at the checks loday. jof lhe Institution for nearly [our [Home Coming Sunday Shore"will be : af'fcctio r n<:. -«s |>^rs- |a li.v.inurt at the social hall. .Insurance. the ARKANSAS —Increasing •• ness, showers late tonight or Satin I !rrlt> find- Arriflpnt' m ' da >' : CTmer ln east portion to- m Little KOCK rtccioent illlgh( coo!pi . in nonhw(!5l Satur . Killed, Two Hurt LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 10 (UP>Mrs. 0. W. McPh:rsoi), 50. was j day. Early today Blythjvllle had the . . killed, nnd Mr. and Mrs. W. A. j ccolest wsather of the summer ami Boyt! of Little Rock were injured in foil when the mercury dropped to an automobile nccidni! here late yesterday. 55 degree?.. The maximum yesterday was 84 / /I "I.

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