Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 3, 1939 · Page 39
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 39

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 3, 1939
Page 39
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE; SUNDAY. SEPTEMBER 3, 1939 res I 16th District Head Gets New Aid Mrs. William Holland Succeeds to Local Area Vice Presidency Mrs. William J. Holland of Merke- ley. has been named second vice-president of Ifith district, California Congress of Parents and Teachers, to succeed Mrs. A. A. Lowe, who has recently moved to Arizona. Mrs. Holland's appointment was ratified at the first meeting of the year held Monday In Berkeley. The appointment of Mrs. Rudolph Stein, metz, Alameda, was ratified as the new finance and budget chairman. PROGRAM ADOPTED The tentative program with the theme "Enriched Living, the Purpose of Democracy" and the budget for the year as presented, were accepted by the members. Plans for the school of instruction on Sep tember 25, at the Hotel Claremont, ';c!cy, were announced. Thev in- conferences conducted by ate officers for the morning ses- 6ion and a luncheon and sneaker on the noon program. Highlights of the Slate board meeting in July were given by Mrs. E. W. Buxton, district president, who announced that the board went on record commending the action of the Gideon Society for placing Bibles in the public schools. Local associations arc to be notified that the Bible has been declared non- sectarian literature and may be placed in the public school libraries. SCHOOLS Kilt PARENTS Officers and chairmen of the dis trict will be busy the month of September attending council meetings lind schools of instruction. At Ml. Diablo School of Instruction, scheduled for the early part of September, Mrs.' Buxton will conduct the conference on mombcrshio: Mrs. M. C. Godfrey, first vice-president, the conference on program; Mrs. 11. F. Keller, sixth vice-president, and Mrs. W. D. Burnham, parent educa tion chairman, the conference on parent education. FOR LEISURE HOURS ONLY to State !' " " VK-'.' ' MiU P.-T.A. members, of course, do not usually have much time for tree-sitting, but Mis. W. M. Arnold (left) and Mrs. W. H. Luttrell, members of Daniel Webster P.-T.A.. did a little bit ol just that at a picnic the unit gave recently. Tribune photo. Glenview P.-T.,Dads to Hold Dance Reception to Honor Faculty Members and Parents of Pupils Glenview P.-T.A. and Dads' Club will hold their annual Fall reception and dance in the school auditorium, Hnmpel and La Crcsta Streets, Friday evening at 8:30 o'clock. The reception is for the faculty of the 'school, members of two organizations, and parents of pupils who attend the school. COMMITTEE CHOSEN Mrs. Grace Lochridge is chairman for the P.-T.A. and will he ussktcH by Mrs. John Monk, Mrs. Harold Franson, Mrs. Fred Burton, and Mrs. Alan W. Davidson, Chairman for the Dads' Club is Mr. Fred Burton assisted by Otis Lenox,' Harold Franson and LaFavette Lochridge. The Glenview unit sewing grQiip will meet at 10 a.m. on Wednesday at the home of the chairman. Mrs Otis K. Lenox, 4009 El Centro Ave nue. Those attending are requested to take their own sandwiches. The hostess will furnish the dessert and loiiee. DRIVE OUTLINED Mrs. Harold Scott, membership chairman for Glenview unit announces that nlans for the Fall membership drive are beina out lined. Mrs. E. Lloyd Hanson will act as her assistant. Mrs. E. G. Gilder-sleeve is chairman for the dessert. bridge and fashion show which will De neia on J-riday, September 20, at the Glenview Womens' rinli. house on Glenfield Avenue. Reservations may be made by calling Mrs. Fred Nonn. AN novpr 0168, it is announced. New Officers To Conduct Meeting NeV officers will ffinrtin-f Um Oi District business meeting Tues-, when members convene at Hunter Hall at the Oakland School Administration Building. This first regular meeting of the fiscal year will be presided over bv Mis. G. W. Luhr, president. Registration booths! will bo open at 9:-1.r a m. The call to ! order is scheduled for 10 o'clock. Frank L. DeRoos, of the Oakland i public schools individual cnidi'iire I department, is (n be eiie-t .sneaker, j He will be pirnted bv Mrs. w. B. 1 Pel'i'sen, proeiam chairman. Her topic is "The Oakland Way." ; Musical entertainment is to be provided by Oakland school chil dren, according to Mrs. J. A. L. Turner, music chairman. Parent-teacher members attending this meeting will see "His Day," a story told through the medium of colored slides. Routine business to be transacted will include the formal acceptance j of. the years program and biirtat, anjd reports of department directors, fjfis. Lester A. Wentworth, mem- nfr-hip chairman, announces Cleveland Units Staff Selected Mrs. Frank Ch.indl'T lal-.es over her duties as president of Cleveland . i'.-T.A., with a sl;iff indicative of a .successful year to come. Serving with Mrs. Chandler this year will be: Mrs. Donald Fi-her. fir-1 vice-; president; Mrs. J. I,. Mnekay. re-' cording .secretary; Mrs. S. K. Itrown, I corresponding secretary: Mrs. Wil- liam Gnu niger, fiiKiin ial secretary; ' Mrs. John Ci-olly, Ire i- iirer; Mrs.! Thomas Galliano, auditor; Mrs. Merrel Milhr, hMuri.in; Mrs. TIii"li Thomas, parlnmonlarian: Mrs, a .- ! ol pimcipal. I N.VUI.I) 28TH DISTRICT SHOWS MEMBERSHIP GROWTH AFFAIR ANNOUNCED iTefferson BY UNIVERSITY HIGH P.-T. Chiefs Entertained Flans for the Fall term and for a benefit garden parly to be held September 29 in the adjoining gardens of Mrs. G. R. Ward and Mrs. Dexter N. Richards were made Wednesday at a tea at the home of Mrs. Harold T. Avery, president of the University High l'.-T.A. Mrs. Avery's guests included the budget committee on which serve: Mrs. A. M. Blum. Mrs. Edwin Thomas, Mrs. E. H. Clausen, Mrs. George R. Suffncr, Mrs. Ward Hall, and Mrs. R. E. Sherwood. The activities committee members present discussed plans for the garden party, of which Mrs. E. W. Jacobsen is to be general chairman. This group included Mrs. H. W. Mc-Kevitt, Mrs. Albert Warren, Mrs. Gilbert R. Jones, Mrs. E. T. Ayer, Mrs. Rene Weaver, Mrs. J. S. Blum, Mrs. R. C. Newman, Mrs. Shephen Terraine, Mrs. J. J. Botto and Mrs. E H. Espeseth, Mrs. E. K. Purchase, chairman of hostesses for the tea; Mrs. Guilford H. Soules, chairman of tea arrangements; Mrs. Alvin Powell, chairman of tickets; and Mrs. Harlan A. Evclcth and Mrs. I' H. Oyer, chairman of publicity for the affair were also present. The art and flower arrangement committee including Mrs. G. R. Ward. Mrs. R. A. Cotter. Mrs. Olaf Lindbloom and Mrs. E. W. Lock-wood, and the program chairman, Mrs. Vaughan MacCaughey, completed the group. Mrs. Avery will entertain another group of chairmen at her home next Wednesday. A board meeting luncheon is scheduled to be held at Mrs. Avery's home September 12. The Just regular meeting will be September 20. 28th District Head In Radio Speech "Our Tlans for the Year" will be the theme of a radio talk Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. when Mrs. W. B. Spencer, first vice-president of 28th District, California Congress of Parents and Teacncrs is scheduled to speak. The program, which will be heard over a local broadcasting station, is sponsored by 28th District, California Congress of Parents and Teachers. Mrs. Petersen plans to reveal the new program outlines of the district, emphasizing the relationship of individual department activities to fundamental Parent-Teacher aims. On the same program Mrs. Merrill Stover will sing, accompanied by Mrs. Jack Haak, Mrs. Blake W. Spencer, radio chairman of the district, will make the introductions. Meeting Set For Sept. 13 The first regular monthly meeting of the Oakland High P.-T.A. for the Fall will be held on September 13 in the Little Theater. This will feature the first of a series of programs built around the general theme for the year, "Every Day Living in a Modern World." The sub-topic for the day, "What Determines the Pattern at Oakland High School?" will be developed by W. J. Ewing, assistant superintendent of Oakland schools, and Dr. L. P. Farris, principal of Oakland High School. Business will be taken up at 1:30 p.m.. The program is scheduled for 2:15 p.m. Tea hostess for the afternoon will be Mrs. Clark Nowak and Mrs. Leslie F. S p 1 1 m a n, assisted by the mothers of the High 8 students. j Mrs. Bruno Laurie, president of ; the Jefferson P.-T.A., recently en-. tertaini d at breakfast for her newly-, elected officers. Present were Mrs. E. L. Moore, first vice-president; Mrs. H. K. Thomison, second vice-president: Mrs. L. R. Waggoner, secretary; Mrs. N. D. Nidever, treasurer; Mr J. M. Tyler, financial 'secretary; Mrs. G. A. Johnson, auditor; Mm. Jack Bofinger, parliamentarian: Mrs. K. J. Lutz, historian; Mrs. F. K. St radian, corresponding ; secretary; Mrs. K. B. Wastell, delegate to council: Mrs. Alex Ingram, junior past president, and Miss Mary O'Bannon. principal of the school. I The officers ratified the appoint-i mc-nt of the following chairmen: I Program, Mrs. H. E. Thomison; fi nance and budget, Mrs. E. L. Moore, Mrs. k. D. Nil-over and Miss Helen Blacker; standard goal. Mrs. E. K. Strarhan; publicity, Mrs. Roy J. Nelson; assistant publicity and music, Mrs. E. P. Carpenter; room mothers. Mrs. P. L. Hornbeck and Mrs. C. W. Lanam; membership, Mrs. William J. Park; assistant membership and hospitality, Mrs. K. B. Wastell; magazines, leaflets and emblems, Mrs. Philip Carlson; art. Miss Genevieve Beck; hygiene and student aid, Mrs. Guy Flood; assistant hygiene, Mrs. J. M. Tyler; recreation, Mrs. B. M. Dresser; homemak-ing and assistant art, Mrs. Julian von Meier; reciprocity, Mrs. Alex Ingram; hospitality, Mrs. Kyle Lutz and Mrs. Robert Evans; safety, Mrs. Harriet Lawyer; legislation and school education, Mrs. N. I. Whyte; international relation and juveriil protection; Mrs. Ernest Claxton; parent education, Mrs. G. W. Gold-spring; motion picture and radio, Mrs. E. H. Bumess; tea hostesses, Mrs. Alex Ingram and Mrs. M E. Fanlozzi; attendance, Mrs. L E. Sewell and Mrs. M. J. Hughes, Fd.vthe V, iV C KAIKMKN A I: o the foil, . an:.; Marjor.e Micimr . Ruiia Zil.ii. ail; M l iiiU r, hudi-M t and Iahtlie II ,i,t ,. I. ell. I Ijam Je.vi'ii, eil'"n .SchernieWiorn, dra Dolarian and Mrs hospitably; Mrs. M nd Mr .-. W I : Mrs. Vir-I t a m nee; Mrs. Mrs. Wll- lup; Mrs. L. F. la; Mrs. I!. T. Ray C o y n e, A. Freitas. ju venile protection and j--afety; Mrs, Victor Co'bourn, magazines and emblems; Mrs. Braytnn Halm, membership; Mrs. D. A. Lamp, music. OTHER KXI.( I TIVKS Mrs. IJ. W. Nieliobon, nutrition and child hygiene; Mrs. R. W. nine-hart, parent education; Mrs. Charles rge gram; Increase In membership of 28th district, California Congress of Parents and Teachers is shown in a regent report of Mrs. W. B. Petersen, former director of the department of extension. Mrs. Petersen fulfilled the aims of her department through the increase in 2Rlh district membership, and through the organization of parent education classes. AWARDS (ilVEN Mrs. F. C. Malignon. as member-' ship chairman, arranged a contest i among the units, to encourage the increase of membership. "Hitch Your Wagon to a Star." was the ! contest slogan. Large charts were ' prepared and colored stars showed the month by month record of mem- b -r.'bip increase. A red star was givi-n when the unit executive board was 100 per cent; a silver star when the unit nvmlier; hip was Ihe same as I In; previous year; a gold star meant lhat the unit had passed standard association requirements, j and a blue star was awarded when I the membership was 10 per cent capacity will be the nresenlalinn more than the previous year. 1 of programs at the monthly district Th following associations re-meetings. ceived nil four stars: Central Trades, San Lcandro High, University High, Roosevelt (San Leandro), and Sequoia. The total membership in the district was 71102, compared with 7824 of the previous year. Assisting Mrs. Malignon In the memnersnip cnairmnn.siup were Mrs. E. H. Doyle and Mrs. M. W Nielsen. 3.1 CLASSES Mrs. Alvin B. Turney was parent education chairman, assisted by Mrs. David Heargerty and Mrs. Clifton Hildehrand. Thirty-three parent education classes were organized. Mrs. Carl Vigneuu, study group chairman, reported three child study groups held during the year, and three radio listening groups organized nt Redwood Heights, Lincoln, and Central Trades Schools, where Dr. Gertrude Laws' weekly radio programs were heard and discussed. Mrs. Petersen Is now first vice-president of 28th district, and among her numerous duties in this r ,.,- ,.1,,1,,, II,, ii... r:,.... h.,i " " ' ' i'.'. irmbersliip cards and envelopes are ! '". ' . ' lo be made available to unit chairmen during the meeting. Luncheon is scheduled for 12 m. The afternoon session will start at 1:15 p.m. Claremont Unit Ready to Reconvene Claremont Junior High P.-T.A. will hold its first meeting Thursday at 2 pm. in the school auditorium. Mrs. A. O. Willoughby, inspirational chairman, will lead in the pledge to the flag and read a short verse. Mrsc W. G. Rector, music chairman, has arranged to present Mrs. H. S. Engle, soloist, with Mrs. Flora Hamilton, accompanist. H. N. M a s s e y, principal, will be the speaker of the day. Mrs. J. M. Bingham and her committee will be tea hostess for the afternoon. Mrs. W. C. Dye will pre- RJtf at the meeting. Irs. William Fisher, second vice-president and activities chairman, has arranged ft dessert bridge party to be held on Friday. September 22, nt the home of Mrs. J. S. Smith, 6315 Moraga Road. Maxwell Park Meets to Resume Maxwell Park P.-T.A. will hold Its first meeting of the term on Friday at 1:30 p.m. in the school at Monticello Avenue and Fleming Street. Mrs. R. F. McDonald, the new president, will preside. Miss Alma Collis will give a talk on "A Trip to the Orient," illus trated -with slides and children in costumes. Mrs. Nancy Pauline Turner, chairman of music for the 28th Dis-tejft, will sing. rving of refreshments will be und e r the supervision of Mrs. David Belshaw, hospitality chairman. An executive board .meeting was held recently at the home of Mrs. R. F. McDonald. 4109 Allendale. Plans were discussed for the coming year. New chairmen were given their instructions. Luncheon was erred by the hostess. Mrs. Henry II. Hall, radio; Mrs. M. E. Fisher, reception; Mrs. T. J. Lubralich. recipiocit.y and founders' day; Mrs. C. E. Irwin and Mrs. W. T. Fulsaas, tea hostesses; Mrs. Barney Spivak, thrift; Mrs. Donald Fisher, ways and means. Council delegates: Mrs. Andrew Blalock, Mrs. Donald Fisher, Mrs. John Gruner, with their alternates, Mrs. George Kelly, Mrs. J. L. Mackay, Mrs. William Painter. Westlake To Alternate Its Sessions For September, Westlake Junior High P.-T.A. will alternate its board and regular meetings, starting with the executive board meeting, scheduled for Thursday at' 10:30 a.m. at the home of Mrs. M. P. Beames, 425 Perkins Street. Cohostesses assisting Mrs. Beames are Mrs. T. A. Laird, Mrs. Phillip Oyer and Mrs. W. V. Reavis. The first regular meeting will take place on Thursday, September 21, in the school auditorium. Contemplated Fall activities will be presented and discussed. An active membership campaign will start after the opening of school, according to MVs. H. O. Boghosian, membership chairman, who has set her goal for a 100 per cent membership. Mrs. F. E. Wilson, presiding at the Democracy As A Way of Life," first executive board meeting of the Program theme for the coming Berkeley Burbank Junior High p.- i years, was announced by Mrs. M. P. T.A. on August 25, outlined plans Bpiimes' program chairman, for a busy and interesting year. i Choral practice of the unit mem-Mrs. E. A. Ruddell, program bers has been resumed. Members in-chairman, presented the t h e m c i ,Preslcd in singing-are welcome to chosen fur the year, "Enriched Liv- j""1 1he Kr0UP. "t is announced, ing, the Purpose of Democracy" f Rehearsals arc held every Mon-She gave a resume of Ihe program d''-v "lorning, at 10:30 a.m. at the which has been planned to bhow h"mn "f Mrs- Nancy Pauline Turner, how the school work and activities 5(10 Vernon Street, contribute lo firry out this theme 1 of "Enriched Living." Berkeley's Burbank Hi Group Active IT It Mrs. L. O. Dock, chairman of the 1 Oier neiafllS , i ' School Unit Sets Rededication Mrs. Sidney Snow, program chair- budget committee, reported on the ; tentative budget which will be presented to the main body at the first regular meeting. A parent education class is being organized by Mr''."" A. J. Napoleon to start September 14. Mrs. Harriet Watson will be the leader and her subject "Adolescence.'' The course man for Toler Heights P.-T.A. an of 12 lessons is free to all parents. Inounces that plans have been corn-Mrs. Charles Harding, in charge of pleted for a rededication program homemaking, will hold her f i r s t ; to be held at the school Friday at meeting Friday at the home of Mrs. 1 8 p.m. A. G. Starr, principal, will M. J. Hughes, 1400 Francisco Street. ' speak, having as his topic, "In fluences that replace those of the home." Toler Heights School building has recently been rebuilt to meet the requirements of the State. Mrs. Ralph Ferrino, newly-elected president of the unit, reports that P.-T.A. for the 1039-1940 term will! the following chairmen have been be held Wednesday at 2 p.m., in appointed and are already at work: the school auditorium. program, Mrs. Sidney Snow; public Mrs. Bruno Laurie, president, will welfare, Mrs. O. E. Pohl; publicity, introduce new chairmen. A short Mrs. Joseph Egan; student aid, Mrs. musical program, and a panel dis-! Richard Below; homemaking, Mrs. cussion on the "Work, and Purpose I Robert Hamilton; Summer round-up, of the P.-T.A." will make up the Mrs. S. D. Dcther; reciprocity, Mrs. program. Ncls J. Person; hospitality, Mrs. After the meeting a social' hour i Dale Merritt; Founder's Day, Mrs. will be held in the school cafeteria, i A. A. Miller; emblems and maga-where refreshments will be served lines, Mrs. Jared Davis; finance and by the school faculty. I budget, Mrs. C J. Gunn, Fall Events Commence at Franklin Berkeley Franklin P.-T.A. wull hold Its first meeting of the Fall semester on Wednesday at 2:1 S p.m. During the business meeting, Mrs. Ruth Wong, finance and budget chairman for the unit, will present the tentative budget as formulated by her committee for ratification. The new chairmen will also be presented. Mrs. Violet Richardson-Ward will show colored pictures of the pageant presented by the school children at the Exposition on Berkeley Day. These will be explained in detail by Mrs. Ward. The members of the faculty will be introduced for the benefit of the new mothers, There will be no meeting of the home-making group this Thursday but regular schedule will be resumed the following week. The group has met every other week throughout the Summer, but will meet every Thursday beginning September 7. Jefferson Opening Year's Meetings The first meeting of the Jefferson Piedmont Ave. Chapter Adopts Timely Theme "Education for American Democracy," the general theme of the- Piedmont Avenue P.-T.A. meetings for the ensuing year, is a timely topic of interest to the general public as well as members, according to the program chairman, Mrs. Ford Harvey. Scheduled on the programs of the monthly meetings are Dr. E. W. Jacobsen, superintendent of schools; Charles Wade Snook, attorney; Jean Bell, director of public relations of the Oakland Community Chest; Dr. Herbert Stolz, assistant superintendent of individual guidance; Dr. Gertrude Laws, chief of Bureau of Child Study; J. F. Has-sler, City Manager, and Fred N. Morcom, former Mayor of Oakland. A meeting of the executive board will.be held at the home of the president, Mrs. Fred Haffner, 4251 Howe Street, Friday, at 1 p.m. All chairmen are being urged to be present to inaugurate plans for the Fall activities and an intensive membership campaign, ' joe jel iMR! In Person ill. v v M ftv tKt- 1 Moot ino nt Kin' Imll game 'wyJ f ff'T I 'JL 4k J iJ Who stole fcat base? J&Tt t&'v S w ff A".-- y'4 -M s! Here I come See you soon Foul balls won't worry me TODAY and TO MOR ROW OAKLAND COAST LEAGUE PARK, 1:30 P. M. at the Semifinal and Final Games of the 7TH ANNUAL OAKLAND TRIBUNE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP BASEBALL TOURNAMENT Plan now to be there both days ADMISSION ADULTS 25c-CHILDREN 10c (12 years and under) Limited Number of Reserved Box v Seats at . For Reservations, Call OLympic 7700 40

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