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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 31

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 31

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

1' OAKLAND TRIBUNE, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4. 194T 31 1 i nZ ii 7 84 AUTOS 66 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS I.EGA1?"1WTICE 84 AUTOS AUTOS B4 LEGAL NOTICES AUTOS AUTOS 84 (Continued) 1 Crane Operator 1 Pnivr inmii tibnjr Smtskllled Laborer OtHng Machine operator n4 and OilinET Machine Operator Semi-skilled lnhorei 1 Superintendent, Municipal Shops 1 Hatteryman 1 Shon Foreman Bargains $295 Spinet $195 Out on rent months. Full' 8S note. Bench and free delivery 400 miles. Terms 16 a moitth.

Open Sunday 1-5 Prices' Slashed Biggest Sale in My Time as Used Car Dealer Sal 1 Superintendent, Municipal Shop 1 Serviceman 1 Oarage Foreman i 1 Special Equipment Foreman 8 Automotive Equipment Mechanic 1 Equipment Mechanic! 1 Janitor As Is Bargains 1 Shop Foreman 8 Mai-lilnlst 1 Relief Manhlnlst p.m. and Semi-skilled Laborer 52 Laborer and Semi-skilled Lshorer 52 Street Sweeper Laborer and beml-skllled Laborer 1 Special Laborer, Corporation 1938 Hudson Sedan $365 xara ino, i SECTION i. Sections 4-fin 11 11) A 19 die IK ml in in 11 All Cars Advertised Are Absolutely Clean; Almost All Years Biggest In 10.171, 10.172, 10.18. 11.08. 12.01.

12.02. 12 03. 12 08 ii'ai l'iai. 'liiii' Ford Co S6 Buick Coupe 46 Olds Sedan. i 45 Ford Coach.

60 Chevrolet Ceach 66 Ford Coupe; new motor 125 Ford Coach 65 Ford Sedan 46 Plymouth Coupe 75 Pontlao 6 85 Bulck Coupe 69 Ford Coupe 146 Ford Sport Roadster. 35 Chevrolet Coupe 95 Auburn Sedan 46 Graham Sedan 75 1931 1930 1930 1932 1932 1933 1930 1929 1933 1932 1931 1934 1930 1932 1931 1932 Nit 12.11, 12.14. 12.15. 12.17. 1221 12.01.

1x04 19np. l'liii 'I'ensi VI a 18th and Webstek With New faint, sortie in and See for Yourself. )p rAVVVVVwvvvvy 66 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS l-ent of Ordinance No. 66 C.M.S. are hereby amended' to read respectively as follows; Sec.

9.09 In the Department of Streets there are hereby created 9 positions of Assistant Civil Engineer and the salary schedule thereof is hereby fixed at: a. $260. b. $260. c.

$270. Sec, 9.11 In the Department-of Streets there are hereby created 16 positions of Engineering Draftsman and fhe salary schedule thereof Is hereby fixed at: a. S190 XSfin -tain tioc Packard I yJI Coupe 1 Q27 Chrysler I yji Sedan 1936 1 0e goto Alr- I sJV flow Coupe. I'lymotith I yjJ Touring Sedan Plymouth I yjKJ Coach; trunk. WANTED 1936 Plymouth Sedan $296 1931 Chevrolet Sedan: 6-wheel equipment 110 EFORB selling band Instruments to 1933 De Soto Sedan 196 to others, see Musitf 34 Years of Fair Pealing Buy With Confidence 385 395 275 195 145 175 145 195 175 135 gnop, iius Franklin.

BJi.ei' positively pays more for 913 Iu the lePHrtment of Streets 'there is hereby created 1 aPt? ril. ther4f SrS' h8 department of Streets there Is hereby created 1 nosl-i lnSf "i1! 'alary schedule thereof la hereby 1836 Dodge Sedan: trunk ZB6 1937 Plymouth Sedan; trunk; 886 1938 Ford Coupe; radio; rumble seat 29B 1933 I'lvmouth PD Tudor 186 1930 Ford Town Sedan 95 Hebrank-Hunter Ltd tisea pana instruments. Ifi2(i Clay $900.01 1936 Lafayette Coupe W. cash tor pianos. HIGHEST spot TR lnldad Dm, tin it p.m.

Pontiafi 'aI. o( Stts there are hereby created 7 posl-J Hons of Chief of Field Party, Grade 1, and the salary schedule thereof casn paid for pianos. 1936 Olds Six Sedan 896 1934 Plymouth Sedan 210 I 7JM Sedan Soto and FIvniouth 3401-3620 Broadway HU mboldt 4202 v-iin nno uo. UL encourt 9765 125 Cars to Select From aaBsBBw'VBBBv 193 68 Plymouth Sedan Ford RADIOS 1936 Packard Sedan "I20" asft 1934 Oldsmobile Coupe 196 1936 Chrysler 4-door Touring Sedan. Airstream 386 Pontine Sedan; radio, 376 1935 I Day Only Con no AUTO radios Phllro.

Motorola, AUTOS WANTED 84) 1935 tt. 175 1932 DodBe Sedan 126 1933 Studobaker 146 1933 Dodge Coupe 186 1933 Plymouth PC 4-door Sedan. 176 $19.60 up; used. $7.60 ZOO auto heaters, $3.95 up. Gateway Radio Co.

ia ut-ieuy nxen at: a. szu, p. $230. r. $2411.

lhe Department of Streets there are hereby created II positions of Engineering Aid and the salary schedule thereof 1 hereby fixed at: a. $145. b. $160. v.

In.ths Department A Streets there Is hereby created 1 posl-tlen of Street Engineer and the salary schedule thereof is hereby fixed at: a. $300. b. $326. c.

$350. spJ- 10 10 the Department of Streets there Is hereby created 1 posl- nerVyf i WlT oT "ftlary SChedUle Serm10 In the Department of Streets there Is hereby created 1 position of Testing Engineer's Aid and the salary schedule thereof is hereby fixed at: a. $200. Sec. 10.171 In the Department of Streets there arehereby created positions of Street Construction Superintendent, Grade'l and th salary BChedule thereof Is hereby fixed at: $200.

ALT. cash immediately: any make. lOaiPord I fci. Sedan 2364 Shattuck. TH orn- 4201 Telegraph PT edmont 36fi3 1936 Plymouth Humble Seat Coune wall 6560.

ck Anfrt radios; nw, used: -unl our I934 23f.c 1936 Plymouth Sednn: radl 6 3S61 East prices first: best trade-In Wednesday, February 5, 1941 A Few Samples No. Sale to Dealers CASH for care or equities. 14th. FKultvale 7800. Roberts.

4346 HoDklns. Flt ultvnle 1933 Plymouth PD Sedan 1934 Chevrolet. .165 196 fQl? Ford I VJLi Couoe HON Nohei- Motors PaVS hlglles $10to $20 And Puddle jumpers from cash prices for Fords. 2840 Broad LATE model General Electric 12- pet. i u.i ie iu "ie Department or streets there is hereby, creatdd No More No Les tube console, (use): large speaker.

way. 1 Q1A Auburn I yJn Sedan lOI'I Graham Con- position or trept Construction Superintendent, Grade 8, and th salary $29.60. terms. Dunaway's, 1607 l-l 1 1 iirii eu for late cars: euui franklin. ties; out of State cars; $60 more If svucuing iiieirui in linieuy IIXCO Bll a.

BwUU. Sec. 10.18 In the Department of Streets there are hereby created Chevrolet 1339 Coupe 1 cent Louis ,4 vertible Coupe Ultimo NEW Packard-lion, 112.95; Zenicn, extra good. Hammond, 2U17 web stnr. HI gate 524L I'uaiiiun- oi oireei iignting construction inspector.

Any rierson an 117.96; General Electric. 114. 95: 1934 pointed by the Hunerlntendent nf Streets nwefeimnt tn thn nf Chevrolet 1982 1 cent down: $6.86 a month Philco, $14.96. Pay II weekly. Clin- Ford 1932 Coupe 1 cent Chevrolet 193J Coupe $149.01 1 cent down: $11.43 a month Ford 1933 Coach.

Motor nverhetitud 75 135 35 95 75 f35 45 48 35 125 49 95 puni ui Muveiiient act or tne mate ot cailtornia. for his time pays most cash for lYltneil erg, equities; nick, corner Hopkins, Fruitvale empioyea in tne dtschnrre nf dutlns ninnuH ltv Avenue. Act Of th State Of California hDll h. nnlH a -J 2138 East 14th (Corner 22nd Avenue) (Across rom Bymon Bros.) out-OI-State cars cleared, 8043 Broadway PACKARD Bell 15)41. Phunocurd 1 Sec.

11.03 In the Denftrtmnnt nf Rft.nta thnfA a. V.BKAh.. 1 1 oent down; $14.66 a ta.nth models makes, plays records; will demonstrate; open evenings' HERBALISTS positions of Sewer Mechanio and the salary schedul thereof Is hereby fixed at: a. $166, $160. TPs: riu mooint filial 84tiz Telegraph y-nn ii iji-iin-iriiirrii-ii-iri-iii -t-ii-i- I I owiNttKl.

hArhnllst: leadine- denend- ti ln lnB uepariment or streets there Is hereby created 1 posl- on Of Street MalntcnstiCA Enirlnepr flnrl th inlnrv Z. i. Dodge 1938 Sedan $126.01 $5.01 down: $10.26 a month Pontlao 1932 Sedan $176.01 $6.01 down; $10.80 a month Stiidebaker Sedan Austin Panel Chevrolet Coupe Chrysler Sedan Hudson Sedan Plymouth Sedan Pontlao Coach Chevrolet Coach Nash I able. YV Chan, 2340 Telegraph. PL enroiii'tSt'420.

itc.vL'j, MAni ni, n. a.u. u. fotu, f.iou, See. 12.02 In the Department of Streets there Is hereby created 1 posl, CV6vrrat 1936 4-door Snort vnevruier Sedan: original flfilsh; low mileage; 6 one owner car 'tyJJ i on or Btreet Maintenance superintendent and the salary schedule thereof 1933 1932 1932 1935 1932 1933 1931 1932 1928 combination; 3 bands; push button tuning; 12 inch speaker; originally now $44.96, used.

21st-and Broadway. iENlTH, repossessed 1939; beautiful qonsole with push button tuning and Radlorgan tone control. Guaranteed like new, easy terms. io iiritiu iiaru ai; a. 0I1, d.

tiioD. c. Pontlao 1935 Sedan $15.01 down; $20.08 a month ments IFongVan Co. Herbs for VaVlous All 576 10th Street, Oakland. 3767.

Chevrolet nec. in ine Department or streets there are hereby created positions of District Street Maintenance Superintendent and th sala schedule thereof herehv fixed at- n. 1220 1937 De Luxe Town Redan: oria- HI gat Sec. 12.06 In the Department of Streets there Is heWby created 1 pos! tlon of Superintendent or Street Cleaning and Garbage Disposal and thi in ChevroletJ989 Coupe $646.01 $46.01 down; $31.06 a month Dodge 1936 Coupe $276.01 $6.01 down; $16.96 a month Dodge 1937 $445.01 $6.01 4own; $27.38 a month Studebaker 1984 Sedan. $5.01 down: $18.19 a month Oldsmobile 1934 Sedan.

$175101 $5.01 down: $10.80 a month Pontlao, 1936 Coup $325.01 $5.01 down; $20.08 a month Willys J98S $49.01 1 cent down; $6.86 a month Plymouth 1984 Coach', t. 9S.01 $5.01 down; $12.04 a month Plymouth 1987 Coupe. $875.01 $16.01 down: $22.41 a month Chevrolet 1636 Coach. 01 $9.01 down; $11.42 a month Ina'l Mack Duco finish; ItALt. exoellent PUJ Chovrro 4-dooit Sport V.neyrgier gedan; original HKltBS for health: consultation free.

Sun Kay Herbalist. 1416 Jefferson, Bermans, Clay, 14th to 15th salary scneouie tnereor Is hereby fixed at: a. $220. b. $236.

c. $260. d'. $270 Sec. 12.08 In the Denartmpnt nf Klr-nata ttioi-n bm Sedan LttGAbIOTlCIS positions of Street Foreman and the salary schedule thereof Is hereby 55 20 black flnlBh; driven only 17,000 79 PETS FOR SALE Ford Roadster miles by Its original owner Sec.

12.0S1 In the Dnnnrl mini nf Stt-eata thor i immediately adjacont to and abutting on property soned for business UUUB.JU.K spaniels, all colors, ages, Hupmobll positions of Street Construction Foreman and the salary schedule thereof Is hereby fixed at: $176. Chrysler 1936 Sedan $296.01 $5.01 down; $18.19 a month, Plymouth" 1989 Sedan. i $76.01 down: $31.06 a month Plymouth 1984 Cabriolet. $166. 01 $5.01 down: $10.18 a month Ford 1984 Redan $128.01 $5.01 down; $9.18 a month Plymouth 1936 Coupe.

down: $16.96 a month Chevrolot 1940 Cabriolet. $900. 01 Undlo nnd heater. or inoustrv. rhovrnlof 1 8 3 9 4932 25 $545 Luxe Bpnt- $625 Luxe spot prices ootniii, rian leanuro, beaan 2.

That the parking lot use snail Town Sedan Sec. 12.091 In th Department of Streets there are herebylcreateij be only for automobile parking ROLLERS, choice, for mating; lessly clean; de luxe radio; low i i i i i i. 1rlvBr ann of ini-sauiea i.Borr and th salary vinculums na itanaei siock, bti with no sales, dead storage, repair work, dismantling or servicing of Monarr. uinnn iiureuy mfn ac: wimn worK-ing as Truck Driver: a. $160.

b. $165, When working as Semi-skilled Laborer: a. $136. b. $140, any kind.

HOLLER canaries; choice bieedlns in ine jippartment or ntreets tnere- are hereby created positions or woodworker and th salary schedule thereof is hereby PhiLDaVis Chrysfer-PlymouHi 2547 East 14th took; lingers, colors. 1730 23rc A venus. Chpvro pt 1939 4 -doorDe Vfievruiei i.uxe Sport Sedan: excellent condition; (tAAi original finish; lpDUJ Chevmet 1934 Master 8. That the entrances and exits shall be approved as to location bv the Superintendent of Streets. llAO.l III n.

lull, II. MO, Sec. 12.14 In the Department of Streets there ar hereby created 4. That wherever the parking lot posiuonB oi concrete. Worker and the salary schedul thereof Is hereby PETS WANTED 70 Sec.

I the Deniirtment nf RIi-mIi thin- vi.ahw an exceptional! adjolnB, property soned for a dwelling district a planting atrip with a width of not less than 4 feet shall be planted to a height of not less tion: radio clean car for positions of Power Equipment Operator and the salary schedule thereof CANARIES wanted; males and fe 3025-2630-2401 Broadway, Dahl Chevrolet Co. males. Garflnkle's, 621 Washing ia uvivuy at: a. si. so per nour, si.

so per nour. Sec. 12.17 In the Department of Streets there are herehv than 6 feet and maintained. ton; TBI mpieoar 8640. 6.

That no advertising signs nor positions of Oiling Machine Operator and Seml-sklUed Laborer and the BU1CK itny structures shall be erected on ANIMALS 72 nicimj Bimeiiuie niereor is nereoy tixen at: vvnen working as Ollln Machine Operator: a. $160 When working as Semi-skilled Laborer: a. $181 or used in conjunction with the (Continued) Sec. 12.21 In the Department of Streets there Is hnrohv nr.m.J 1 nn.l parking lot. f.

That the parking lot shall be tlon of Btreet Equipment Dispatcher and th salary schedul thereof Is Garland Chevrolet Co. 2424 Santa Clara Alameda BUICK surfaced to nrevent dust. SADDLE horse. 7 years old, well broke. Sacrifice, ISO.

2401 13rd Avenue. TR'inldad 2818. v1 Modern styling and exeen- Sec. 18.01 In the nensrtment. nf Streata ttilfa la hat-aHw 7.

That adequate lighting shall Val Strough Values' lona dependence are built flon of Superintendent, Municipal Shop, and th salary schedule thereof Into this 1939 Small Trunk be provided and so arranged as to be reflected away from the residential area so as -to cause no an POULTRY Sfrtan: brand new rubber and fully Sec. 13.04 In the Department nf Streets there lsr hinhv mmtij guaranteed. Parked right In Chevrolet 1939 Touring Sedan positions of Serviceman and the salary schedul thereof is hereby fixed mn II In iiih inn noying $745 with the new ones 8. That the parking lot shall be tv. n.

iiini. 17. flllU. Sec. 13.06 In the Denartment of Streets there Is herahv nrulAil 1 nml subject to such titlier further con Original Condition tlon of dnrage Foreman and the salary schedule thereof la hereby fixed dltlons as the Hoard of Adjustments Howard Automobile Company Bulck Dealer for 36 Years BABT chicks, ducks dally; scratch, fibers EggKing laying mash.

$1.80: special prices on ton lotB. Washington. TR 364" liAY o)d, litarted Lex horns; 10 var may deem desirable In the Interest O.I., a. aii. u.

G. fdiu. Sec. 13.0$ In the Denartment nf Streets there in hrhv prmtiH 1 nnal Finish; Good $545 Finish; Good FORD (Continued) evBoi of public safety, convenience, and Harrison at Hobnrt TB mplebar 8440 fcjttVHo; tlon of Machinist and the salary schedul thereof is hereby fixed at a. $170.

b. $180. c. $190. d.

$300. welfare. SECTION 2. This ordlnanoe shall BUlCIv WO Road muster oui'Ihk Sea. 13.061 In the Dnnn.rtment nf streets there are hflrnhv nreetan 11 rieties neavy breeds, uverpack's Sedan; FOTID very low mlleacre; cadlo; take effect Immediately.

naienery, Ban Leandro. positions of Automotive Equipment Meohanla and the salary schedul tin too condition: ruarantAed. Onlv Some say used car prices are In CounctI, Oakland, Jan $1195. Don Lee. 24th and Harri- going up.

but Incase thev uary SO, J941. iiibikiil is Hnivuy Lixeii at: a. exiu. o. o.

sivu, Q. dn the-Jilemfcrtment of Streetfl there are herehv niiaatad 1R7 so MOTORCYCLES spn. Plymouth 1935 4-door Trunk Sedan; Good Condition Passed to print lor two davs bv positions of Laborer and eemi-skllled Laborer and the salary schedule luxe Trunk Sedan with new rings and pins: excellent rubber. Years of the following vote: Ayes Council-men Beach. a 1 1.

Jacobsen. iiiereot in nereoy iixea at: wnen worKing as Daoorer: a. $137.60, D. fioU, When working as Semi-skilled Laborer! a. $135.

b. $140. WRITS' for catalogue. 1941 Harlcy CHEVROLET liavinson. Claude Salmon.

3 0 a a safe driving ahead In this modern car for w-f'J Peters, Quinn, Shattuck, Slavlch and President, MnCraoken 8. Noes SECTION Sections 12.10, 12.1J, 18.021( 13.061, 14.011 and 14.021 are hereby added to said Ordinance No. 66 C.M.S. to read resnac. 'Myrtle.

$215 None. Absent Councilman Fits tively as follows: Sec. 12.10 In the Department of Streets there Is hereby created 1 posi Howard Automobile Company Bulck Dealer for 25 Tears (so MOTORCYCLES WANTED immons 1. FRANK COLBOT7RN. City Clerk.

Fob. 3rd No. 255 (2t.) tion oi uurnenter ann in salary scneauia tnereoi is nereoy jixeo at 2700 Broadway TK mplebar 8449 CHEVROLET, 1937 Master Town Sedan; good motor, excellent tires; original finish; special at $349. Murphy Motor Company Sludeliaker Distributor 3740 Krondway Olympic. 7533 "More Mih-s From Murpliy" "See Us for Easiest Terms "After We Sell, We Serve" 3039-3359 Broadway CASH for used motorcycles, Pow 0 NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SELL a.

i iu. d. i u. c. iiiiu.

Sec. 12.18 In the Department of Streets there Is hereby created 1 posl tlon of Concrete Foreman and th salary schedule thereof Is hereb: fixed at: a. $10. i ell's. 180 12th Street.

HI gste 0600. Ford 1940 Cabriolet BUSINESS AND EXECUTE CHAT areruily driven. TKL MOKTGAGffi. Sec. 13.01(1 In th Department of Streets ther Is hereby created 1 oosl radio; Berke- (7000); Shattuck, forced Bale.

2364 Joseph Emmiuel, of. Los Gatos 81 TRU CKS, COMMERCIAL CARS OLDSMOBILE CHEVROLET, 1940 special de luxe; STUDOBAKER Btor clerK -nd the salary sqhedul, thereof Is herby fixed tl uaiuornia, venaor, intends to sell jl no re: ma roon bp prt sedan 1 1 Andrew Gross, of 892 Orosvenor Sec. 12.061 th Department of Streets ther Is hereby created posl- SedRrr; (Continued! iionjii SiiefilB juusar Oakland, (iulroxnlavaiidee. suie wan urea; radio; low mileage; excellent condition; private oreman ana tn salary scneaui tnereoi is hereby fixed atra. rauioj excellent condition tnrougn-Jul; a real bargain; guaranteed, owner: Hnywarri 1K37 Department of Streets there Is hereby created 1 nosl STITDEBAKER, 6, 19.16.

$250, terms. pi me vendor interest ill mi stock In trade, fixtures and equip ment of that certain hat manufac Dictator Sedan, AN dover 03SSf the rid Sec 13.13 In tlon of Janitor a Val Strough Values Good Used Trucks euau. uon j.en, ztn and Harrison CHEVROLET 1940 de luxe sport se OLDSMOBILE, 1939 Model 70 Luxe Club Coupe; built-in opera seats; the most popular car on the used-car market today. Spe-olally reduced to $696, Don Lee, 24th and Harrison. salary scneaui inroi is nereoy Iixea ail a.

1BW, dan. driven Just rivfew careful turing and renovating business a ORD cabriolet, 1939, excellent eon o. 130. Sec. 14.011 Department of Streets there a-r hereby areatad 40 miles: only $796.

2630 Hroadway known as Gross as Emanuel, and lo dltlon. 2676. IHI KnU 1llh TERRAPLANE positions flf Street Si TWlnoaks 2B14; Dahl Chevrolet cated at 616 HUh Street, Oakland, iveeper ana tn salary scneaui thereof 1 hereby fixed SW eetwood 9021, evenings FR uit- at: a. $127.60. b.

California. The consideration Is 18T Chevrolet 167' Stake; dual Co. CHEVROLET. 11)36 MftMer Sport Se Sec 14 021 In Department of Streets ther Is hereby created be paid on February 11. 1941.

at 10:30 TERRA PLANES, 1932-2, Cabrllot, wneeis: excellent heavy duty tires; A OLDSMOBILE, 1938, two. tone; new battery; new brakes; radio; heater; $S26. HU mboldt 4766, after 6:30. position of Special t'ORD 1084 V8 convertible nnrer. corporal on rara mo.

and the salary clock a.m. at said Place of business gooa connition. 167 Linden, evenings. dan. Here is a real clean little car; will give years of fine serv auxiliary gas tank.

A $1600 truck for. Notice Is also given that at sa schedule thereof is employe shall he tit, rovt shy fixed at: a. $136. As additional salary the ded living quarters for himself and family, the souu snaps; neater; oLym pic 3724. time and place, safd Andrew Gross ice; guaranteed.

$oti. Don Lee, reasonable rental or wn rcn nereDV xea be uzn Tier mom win mortgage to tne said Joseph 1885 Chevrolet a 1 wheel SECTION 4. SectlmiB. a 10 0 19 0 90 I) 2 1 0 'J 1 tli 1ino9 11 1111 PACKARD WILLYS 24th and llnrrison CHEVROLET 19M coupe; radio Emanuel the fixtures and equipment reconairipneci tnrougnout; with or FORD, model A de luxe coup; 16-Inch wheels; radio, extras; clean $125. r.asn 33rd.

12.22, 13.08. 12.23, 12.24 of said Ordinance No, 66 htTeby without tan body; OfC 7S00 miles; like new; private repeaiea. i 01 said business. JOSEPH EMANUEL, Vendor, Mortgagee. $I4S or.

A. f.U7J mkution 6. This ordinance shall take effeot March 1. 1941 owner; no trade: $625. Motel car- PACKARD "6" 1940 Sedan.

De Dure gas saving overdrive. It looks per Willys 1940 Coupe FORD 1931 Model A coupe; V-8 Th aforesaid sections of said Ordinance No. 66 CMS amended hv qiiineie. Richmond. Room 207.

1226 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery: thor this ordinance now read asxfollows: "Sec. 9.09 In th Danartmenl of De Luxe, heater, 11,000 actual mites; wneeis: 1941 license; good cohdi tlon: $116. TEmplehnr 4189. CHEVROLET. 1U37 Town Sedan NOTICE) OF INTENTION TO ENGAGE IN- THE SALE OF sacrifice.

tsnattuek, Berkeley, oughly reconditioned and ft'JACl guaranteed nLieois iiiBie are nereuy oreatea positions or Designing Drartsmau ana tha ll l.V inhill. 1 I I 1. a a A IHTH fect to us, but ask the man who Swned It. we'll he glad to furnish Is narde and address. Tremendous saving! Reduced from $1046 to low mileage; fine rubber; clean.

Jeltbn Motors, 8839 East FORD. 1936 'de luxe touring Tudor ALUUHUUU HKVKKAUKB. February 1. 1941. LEGAL NOTICE Sec.

9.11 In the Department ofNStreets there are hereby created 10, positions of Draftsman and th salary schedule thereof is herabv fixed at: 14th. needs work, $129. Olney, 2S10 Shat-tuck, Rcrk jley. RE rkeley 2676. TO Whom It May CHEVROLET Before buying any 1I3( Dodge ton; new paint; guaranteed reconditioned; a.

$190. b. $200. ai0. 1225.

See 9.12 In th Department ot Notice la hereby given that fifteen ORDINANCE NO AN ORDINANCK ADDING SEC used car, hear C. W. Hammond, in FORD 1930. 4-door de lux sedan Streets there is hereby created 1 nusltlon of Chief lllnrlnaerlnr nraftaman days after the date posted, the un- $926, Murphy Motor Company Studebaker Distributor $740 Broadway OLympIo 75S3 and th salary schedule thereof is hreby fixed at: a. $260.

b. $280. c. $290. radio; heater; new rebuilt motor; person, KRE, Monday, Wednesday, Frlriav.

6:46 p.m. oersignea proposes 10 sen sioohollo a. siiuu. aeo. u.18 in tne Department or mtreets tnere is nereoy ereatea TION TO THE OAKLAND MUNICIPAL CODB, RELATING TO POWERS INVESTED IN THE position of Dralnae-e nnaiu-n Enirlfi and the saiarv schedule thereof (leverages at tnese premises, fle sorlbed as follows; CHEVROLET, 1937 Coupe; extras; FORD 1983 coupe; radio; new tires, ia nirinv i in Bit a.

biiiii. n. condition. $425. AN' in perfect "More Miles From Murphy" $326.

sea. 9.16 In th Department 2814 Broadway, Oakland. of Street there are hereby created BUAKD OF ADJUSTMENTS. BE IT ORDAINED bv the CViiin reconditioned motor; $140. HI gate positions Of Chief of Field Party, nover Pursuant to such Intention, the PACKARD, 1986 1200 4-door sedan; Grad 1, and the salary Schedule 1 Is hereby-fixed at: a.

$220. ell of the City of Oakland as fol CHEVROLET. 1981 four-door sedan. b. $230.

o. $240. Sec. 9.17- In th undersigned is applying to the State Board of Equalisation for lssuanoe apartment of Streets ther ar lows: rORD 1982 eoach. Model B.

190. 714 very clean, new tires; owner leav- worns cannot describe the line condition this car Is In. Reduced to $39S. P011 Lee, J4th and hereby oreated 11 positions of Engln 1115 Ford H4-ton Panel 41QC oondltlod Jff I lll Ford Panel, 1-ton; $25 Val Strough, Inc. 3039-3359 Broadway lng Aid and the salary schedule 1146.

o. $160 d. 1170. See. 9.18 SECTION 1.

Section 7-1 SSI Is EasSMSth. GL encourt 2(133. of an alcoholic beverage license for ing city: $9.1. GL encourt thereof la hereby fixed at: a. $136.

b. nereny added to the Oakland Mu these premises, jis FORD, 1887 Coupe) new finish; good PACKARD, 1940-120, 4-door trunk On sale, Beer. Anyone desltlhglo protest the Is CADILLAC nanxa tjiara, Alameda ln the PepHrMnent of Streets there 1b hereby created J. poeltlon of Construction Engineer and th salary schedule thereof Is hereby flxefl at: a. $326.

b. $300. o. Sec, 10.10 In this Department of Streets there is hereby oreated 1 position of Assistant Assessor and the salary schedul sedan, wheels, radio: good condl suanoe of siroh license may file 1 tlon; 14,000 miles; $996. HI gate verified protest with the State Board GRAHAM 0112.

tnereoi is nereny nxeo at: a. szuu. 0, sst)i. c. liYo.

bee. lu.K in tne Department of Streets ther Is hereby created 1 position of Laboratory Assistant and the saiarv schedule thereof herehv fixed at: a. $200. nicipal uooe to read as follows: SfKC. 711.881.

The powers referred to In Section shall include the following! To permit Tn any dwelling district PBr.K!rK lotJJ'-ffcr the ajtpxage of auto. tenants, employees, customers oif patrons subject to the following conditions: 1. That the parking lot must be of Equalisation at Sacramento, California, stating 'grounds for denial a provided by The premises "After We Bell. We Serve" The dependafeHlty and excellence of this lovely 1986 8-wheel Sedan Is apparent the Sec. 10,171 In the Department of Streets th'ariXfcr hereby created posi GRAHAM 1936 2-aoor sedan, good PLYMOUTH are not now licensed for the sale of condition; special, $198.

Pacific CHEVROLET, -1936; 1V4 ton; new minute vnu see It. Nearlv $4000 new: tions or emergency construction superintendent. Grade 1. and the salary thereof Is hereby fixed atl a. 1200.00 ser month.

Sec 10.172 In th De alconollo beverages. rvaen Motors, 2740 Broadway. has excellent be a finish; tires; will sell cheap. 8W eetwood 3044. nartment of Streets there Is hereby oreated 1 nosltlon of Emergency DAVID BERGSMANN.

PLTMOUTH, 1986 Sedan 4-door large trunks deep, luxurious uphol Construction SuperlntendentGrad 2, and thsajary schedul thereof liEtiab- ftOTICB original finish; a bargain there DOD(3E, 1932 panel delivery; good I. UK A NOTICK HUPMOBILE stery. Attractive and modern; only condition; good tires; make offer. IIRniH A ltrfin mm fl i a aver was one; tzou. Murphy Motor Company Studebaker Distributor ie Avenue.

is nereuy iixea at: a. per moiitn. nee. in tne Department of Streets there are hereby created positions of Street Lighting Construction Inspector. Any person appointed by the Superintendent ot Streets pursuant to th provisions of any Street Iniprovement Act of the 8504 Mai HUPMOB1LE.

late 1S84 fordor se Howard Automobile Company Buick Dealer for 86 Years 8919 Broadway TE mplebar 3449 8740 Broadway OLympIc 7.638 9-foot body; LA kehurat erpress, State of California, for his time actually emDloved tn tha discharge of his DODGE sacrifice. AIi.2PSINANni' RECLASSIFYING CERTAIN POSITIONS OV EMPLOT-niriK op STREETS OF THE CITY OF FINDING THAT CERTAIN OF SIWH POSITIONS ARE CERTAIN POSITIONS NOW EXISTING AND PROVID- 'Morn Miles From Murpn dan; 1941 license; completely overhauled: radio; private; must sell; State demands driver's license re-turned. because of health; truth, of Cadillac. 1937 PLYMOUTH 19311 qoupe; A-l me- FORD-1939. pickup new palnt.1 model 5 Convert throughou chanlcally; clean iZn W.1? yjf SKIiVlUJS OF rim PLO I EES THEREIN.

POSITIONS AND FIXING THE SALARY EDV1'Ba THEREOF BY AMENDING ANrrREPEALING CERTAIN llfes, sparer newr a I ot $44 duties Imposed by such Improvement Act of the Stat ot California shall be paid a compensation not to" exceed $1.20 per hour. Sec. 11.03 In the Department of Streets ther are hereby created 11 positions of Skilled Sewer Laborer, and the salary schedule thereof Is hereby fixed at: ar $156V- b. $160 Hen. IB, 01 In the Department-of Streets ther I hereby created 1 position ot Maintenance Engineer, and the salary 'schedule thereof Is hereby fixed at: a.

$825. b. $340. c. $360.

Sec. 12.02 In the Denartment of Streets there la herehv created 1 nosltlon of Maintenance lble Coupe; radios new to new Duco: In excellent goon ures, low mileage; excellent condition; original owner; -1495. Richmond 4252W. niaiements upon interview; see to appreciate; $223. Donahue.

446 LA kehurst 2-0812 ADD1NC CERTAIN SECTIONS TO, ORDINANCE pikj. fin AT S. t- win, nit-nmnnq WW mechanical condl FORD, 1931 closed panel: extra good PLVMOUTH. 1940 de luxe sedan, very excellent condition, like new; bargain; owner; terms, Piedmont WHEREAfl. linnn fh trnmmiinr1aMnn n4 rtirl1 Ooxvln.

t)no wA tlon very snappy. eonamon; sacriric $96. fin Bhat- Una Tne 1 1 fVl a nn IT AP innl DArinln nfflnal nrl ttm In nenevlmant Only JU85. Don LA SALLE tucK, Berkeley. of Street he reels nl fled, ft tn fminri hv thm Cnnell in tlaalrahltt that Nuperintenaent ana tne salary schedule thereof is hereby fixed at: a.

wau. b. $266. $276. Sec.

12.03 In the Department of Streets ther are hereby ee. 24th and Harrison. FORD; -ton Jobbing truck; fully ucn reaiaBsiiications oe mad and that the titles to certain offices and CADILLAC, 1938; small 8-60 special PLYMOUTH 1938 de luxe coupe; very excellent condition; terms. created 4 positions ot District Maintenance Superintendent, and th salary schedule2 thereof Is hereby fixed at: a. $206.

b. $220. c. $280. $246.

equipprn: aa. yi enmont 3174 -department or Btreets be redesignated accordingly wlth- Da Salle. 1989 4-door Tourlne- Torpedo sedan; radio, heater, wheels, white walls; good condl Call owner. HU mboldt 9363 manner arrecting or disturbing the continuity of snid offices FORD truck 1929, canopy top; $50; Kona ront i on. I ti lninnrt xf, dan radio: heatert PLYMOUTH.

M34 Con tlon; $166 for equity. ANdover nvertlbleind n0ltlons, or of the civil aervlce status of th personnel i ame, now, therefore, cream, BE IT ORDAINED by tha Council of the City of Oakland filling the II fnllnwat- Sec 11.06 In th Department of Streets ther Is hereby oreated 1 position of Superintendent of Street Cleaning and the salary schedule thereof Is hereby "fixed at: a. $220. b. $235.

c. $250. d. $270. See, 12.01 In the Department of Streets there are hereby created 11 positions of Malntenane Foreman and the salary schedul thereof Is hereby fixed at: 1936 G.M.C.

2-ton tractor 2813. everything rignt; ciass $275. LA kehurst 2-3668, thoroughly reconditioned and guar-an teed: depend 6 International. 2-ton 1. ins oriices ann nun 1 nmnf emn nvmini in 1 inp orrices and positions of employment in the Depart I A HUtts $26 PLYMOUTH coupe, 1934; make offer, tractor 1134 Reo.

114 -ton cab and $160. b. $170. a. $180.

Sec. 12.081 In the Department of Streets tnere DODGE ment of Streets which are hereinafter In this section set forth In "Column II," are hereby found and determined to have. Immediately prior to the able and leal. Onlv ts4S 916 Broadway, gars nn. are hereby created 10 positions of Emergency Foreman, and th salary final arinnHnn i I under the title designations tnereor is nerenv rixea at ner montn.

sec. in tne Depart uon iee, znn and Harrison. PLYMOUTH 1936 4-door sedan; bargain: 8285. AShherry 4350. In chassis 225 General Motors Truck and Coach 2121 Peralta Street, Oakland Phone TWlnoaks 2700.

respectively set forth-opposite thereto In Column and, the duties halno- snhntfm In 1 1 ment of Streets there are hereby created positions of Truck Driver andor Semi-skilled Laborer, and the salary schedule thereof is hereby hJf SALLE, 1037 sedan, excellent DODGB) Make your family safer and attached to said respective offices and positions beln tsltlnnn Identical. It Is ordajnert that the nlaslrlr-s tlnn dnXaa and tamire rf hi III (.1110 (t vs 1 11. uc condition. $438. 6B18 East 14th.

SW eetwood 9921. Evenings. FR llltvnle PONTIAC USD trucks, most makes and naiiia vuHiuuin iiBreinaiter in xnis section Bet lortn in column pendable 1987 Town Sedan; large trunk; nearly new rubber: up- slses; liberal trades and terms. Campbell, 6001 -Grove; PI edmont I shall conflns In full forc and effect under th title deelgnation st IL UDJet to the salary schedules fired by Ordinance littfVeAMMWeAMMVWe'! LA Salle, 1U39 opera coupe; perfect noistery In excellent shape Iixea at: wnen working as xrucK Driver; a. iou.

bioj.ou. c. When working a Semi-skilled Laborer; a. $135. Seo.

13.11 In the De- artment of Streets there are hereby created 2 positions of Street Maln-enanc Woodworker, and the salary schedule thereof Is hereby fixed at: a. $160, $175. Sec. 12.14 In the Department of Streets there ar hereby created 8 positions of Concrete Worker, and the salary schedule thereof Is hereby fixed at: a. $165.

b. $175. Sec. 12.16 In the Department of Streets there are herehv created 10 noaltions of Power Road Equipment PONTIAC. 19! Sedan -oor trunk; 8427.

condition; reasonable. LAkehurst 8-1418. original factory finish znecnanicaiiy pBriet-Trrfim. Murphy Motor Company S(iHh Wr Distributor ve i.n. a.

COLUMN I COLUMN II 5 Designing Draftsman Assistant Civil Engineer 1 Supervising Draftsman 1 Assistant Civil Engineer 3 Emergency Designing Draftsman Assistant Civil Engineer AUTOS Howard Automobile Company Bulck Dealer for $5 Tears LINCOLN-ZEPHYR 1740 Broadway "More Miles From Murphy" iu craftsman 10 Engineering Draftsman 2700 Broadway TE mplebar 3449 16 Emergency Draftsman BUICK Engineering Draftsman Operator and th salary schedul thereof Is hereby fixed -t: a. $1.00 per hour, b. $1.25 per hour. o. $1.85 per hour.

Sec. 1I.1T In th Department of Streets ther ar hereby created 7 positions of Laborer and Semiskilled Laborer and Qlllng Machine Operator, and th salary schedule thereof ia hereby fixed at: When working as Laborer: a. $127.60. When 16 PONTIAC 1940 4-door de lux sedan; LINCOLN Zepher, 1937 4-door sedan; 1 Chief Engineering Draftsman 1 Street Mans and Records Engineer DODGE, 1939 4-door sedan. You will radio; must sell my equity, t-4 eo- mnnt R71Af iow mileage; nes naa me very best 1 Drainage Engineer Drainage Design isngin Emergency Chief of Field Party, rino mis car in very good condition; a real bargain; guaranteed $725.

Don Lee, 24th and HarriBon PONTIAC. 1941; sell $400, equity for I cniei oi ibiq farty, uraae 1 Enrlnserlng Aid jrraae i 01 care; win near your closest Inspection. Don't fall to see this great bargain; guaranteed. $496. Don Lee, 24th and Harrison.

$376. HUmBOldt naJ'l i 1 BCICK Modern, styling and "excep- tional dependence are built 7 Emergency Engineering Aid working as semi-SKUiea uinorer: a. Bias, wnen wonting u-viuna Machine Operator: a. $155. b.

$160. Sec. 12.21 In the Department oi Streets there ar hereby oreated positions ef Truck Driver and Foreman end the salary schedule thereof Is hereby fixed at: a. $160. b.

$11 c. $170. d. $180. Sec.

18.01 In th Department ef. Street there 1 hereov 1924 Coupe: lugKage Street Construction Engineer construction engineer Construction cream; fine. $226. 2436 Santa Street Improvement Assessor Assistant Assessor 1 Into this 1931 Small Sedan. iiryvun icepnyr 1B3B sedan; radio; STUDEBAKER Clara, Alameda.

it aboratory Assistant created 1 position of Superintendent. Municipal Shops, and the sainry Excellent rubber i.OC 1176. 2l0 1 Testing Engineer's Aid I Street Construction Superintend DoDGE 1940 sedan: 2600 miles: $45 mergency Construction Superln, ohedul thereof is hereby iixea at; o. imi). saao.

fee. an finish, Broadway, nf Bipa.ti Ihupa im hinhv rrftilnn tioslrinna equity. 138 Grand Avenue. TE m- plebar 043S. Serviceman and th salary schedule thereof Is hereby fixed ati a.

$Uo tenaent, uraae i 1 Emergency Construction iuperln-tendent. Grad I Howard Automobile Company Bulck Dealer for 86 Tears MERCURY DOD GE, 1936 coupe; good condition STUDEBAKER Hard to believe a use! Coupe "mild ha clean as this little i. $120. C. $1BU.

a. SIDO. Bee. la.un in tne Department oi eireeis ineie re haraby created position of Shop Foreman and th salary II Skilled Sewer Laborers radio $300. TSOnplebar 7803, eve- 2.700 Broadway TE qiplebar (449 nlngs thereof Is hereby fixed at: a.

$220. b. $280, e. $240. Sec.

1S.0 In me Department of Streets ther ar hereby created 9 positions of ent, uraae i 1, Street Construction Buperlntend- nt. Grade Jl Sewer Mechanic 1 Street Maintenance Engineer I Street Malntenane Superintendent. 4V District Street Malntenane Superintendent 1 Superintendent of Street Clean BUICK sport coupe 1938; special nd th salary schedul tnereor is nereoy iixea at: a. ivo. 1190.

d. $200. Sec, 13.061 In the Department of Streets there 1 Maintenance Engineer -i- Maintenance Superintendent 4 District' Maintenance Superintendent 1 Superintendent of Street Cleaning ''irVNWVTVWMfi JAjfXAjXf Mercury 1940, $795 4-door de luxe sedan: radio- heater; defroster; very clean. FR uitvale 1140. DURANT ii.i-ihir oreated 1 Boaltlnn nf Relief Machinist and th saiarv ha built-in perfect condition; private owner: no trades: sacrifice $500.

Piedmont 1606M. 646 Gflth Street. DURANT. 1930. de luxe sedan, good thereof is hereby fixed at: a.

$170. b. $180. c. $190.

Sec. 14 01 In Department of Streets ther ar hereby created 119 positions of Lab' and Semi-skilled Laborer, and the salary schedule thereof Is her fixed at: When working a Laborer: a. $127.60 b. $130. When worn ing ana uaroag Disposal II Street Foreman 1987 Dictator: smootn running, economical $-cyllnde engine; beautiful light blu finish; radio; heater and goo tJ Howard Automobile Company Bulck Dealer for $5 Tears $700 Broadway, TE mplebar $449 STUDEBAKER 6, 1937, sedan, 4-door trunk; a beautiful car; $379.

Murphy Motor Company Studebaker Distributor condition. Cheap. PI edmont BUICK, 1940 Special sedan; orig- NASH 11 Maintenance Foreman 2 General- Foreman 2 Truck Driver and Foreman 1 Truck Driver and Foreman 1 Htreec oreman 2 Street Foreman a. I 36. b.

as Semi-skilled Laborer Mti. 11 mai rinisn; actual miles; sacrifice immediately 2354 Shattuck, Berkeley. 1941. January 10, FORD 1 Street Equipment Dispatcher In Council, Oakland, Passed to print for two days by the following vote: Avps 10 Emergent Foreman 10 Street Construction Foreman BUICK, 1931 Coupe; good motor, new Jacobsen. Peters, Quinn.

Besoh, Deraoli, McCraeim Koes Mone. Absent I'Vuni-ilninn l'i NASH, 1939 4-door. sedan; her Is one of the best buys In town; a fine car at a very low price; gnar-anteed. $696. Don Lee, 24th and Harrison.

Truck Driver andor semi-skilled Truck Driver and Semi-skilled Laborer Laborer Street Malntenane Woodworker Woodworker I Power Road Equipment Operatorl8 Power rpr-j paint: 1141 license; private owner. jO. Parking lot, 17th and Jef- FORD, 1936 Coupe; rings, shook ab-sorters, plugs all cw. $220. AShbsrry 1694, $740 Broadway OLympIc J- -vji i.

i 8-2t "More Miles Trom Murphy".

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