Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 4, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1896
Page 6
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A. Veteran of the Late War Adds One More Name to the List of Striking Cures by Pink Pills in Michigan. Ill OLO-FI8SI08ED, URGEFllLfOF THIRTEEN GIIUIEL From the Conricr-IIcralrl, Snyinnw, Mieh, ,ost continuous piun, iinU it, would tlmot oiii one purt of my limly to another, with •eat .saililujiiH'sn, iisitl eimse ate itucusc snf- rinf;. Soaictime.-i it. misi i" mv hips, then : A feir years n^n .1 wave of Ln Grippe iwept over tlie luml ami brought tlioiisinuls at its victims to the grave. Oihera who cs- •Onpcd the futc lived on in sorrow and sailer- Ing, broken in health uwl spirit. Terrible as was the ilispiifp, its nflcr effeets were yet more iippnlliiifj, us it sought nut the weaknesses of [he constitution and left, thnu- Bimlsslnitterwl wrecks of ilieir former selves. A few days a.t;o a Cowier-lfa-aJd iTpreson- tative, while at tint thriving little town of Akron, Mich,, met John L. Smith, u veteran of the imluili'inl army, on whose iiued lii'iid the disease ImJ fiillc*. mill lie licnrd him ti;!l how he Imd sull'ercil and what had given him relief. We can do no del.tcr Ilitm quote his n\vn words, which are as follows: "About. seven years ago Iwnstnkcn down with l.hc : Grip,'" mid it fusK-Mi'd on me very Imrd. For about hnlf the winter 1 was so bad that I could not leave the house. 1 was chilly nil the time, and could not jri't warm. J felt as •if I WHS frozeji solid, iitnl could only breathe j •witli ijrcsit clilliunlty. "Tliis eoailition altermiti'il with swer.tini; apell.s of i,Tent violenee. There was nn ul- j most continuous puin, iinU it. would tlioot from ' " •'---' - '' '" ereat in my legs, and ajsiin it would go to my; .h'cntl nnd puiii mc'in the eyes. It'wnsso iu-; Jcnsc tbnt. it even nlleeled my sight, j "I culled in medical nvsistunee, but this j wns fruitless, as I roceivi'd no benefit from, physieiiins. From then on 1. tried various preparations that wei'e recommended (o me, lilt they (lid me no .cpnd, and my condition wna ns 'bud anil p.-iinful as it was before 1 tried them. "Finally, I saw an ndvertiscmcnt of Dr. TVilliiuna' Pink Pill.i for Pale People, r.iul 1 rend with math interest of the wonderful cures that they hud effected.in so mnny •oases. I hnd tried so tntinj; proprietary preparations that 1 bad no tiiitli in it, bat tried It, us I hnd so many other tilings, to see if they were of any use. "One day when I was feeling us lir.cl. as CEiiinl, I got n box of Pink I'ills, and shortly before going to bed I took one pill. I ninuor tell yoii what a surprised tuna I wna next morn'ing. Then I put on my shoes with ease, a thine; thiit I hail not done for forty years. A little while after this f wnssowoll that J drove to Buy City, Michigan, n disunite of twenty-three mile?, and was not ut all tired when I got there. " I nrn now seventy-six years of ago nnd unusually active fo.-:v mini of my years. I work on my forty-cierc farm nnJ experience no. trouble from "the work. I wnnt lo s:iy a goad word for Pink Pills, us they helped Die. where all elso did no pood whatever. Since tny illness and ctircn. number of my neigh- tors have used them, nnd say that they litve i teen greatly benefited." Urs. Smith, the veteran's wife, who sat near by, confirmed the words that her husband had spoken nnd added her testimony 1 to the good that the pills had been to tlie family. The worthy couple lire dirt nnd respected residents of Tnscoln County, where they have lived for thirty years. Mr. Smith is a sturdy pioneer, and cleared up a 200-, acre fnrm near Akron. He yet Jives there, surrounded by twelve of his thirteen children. Thanks to Pink Pills, he has u prospect of many years of usefulness. Another sufferer with the same malady WHS Neil Raymond, ft prosperous nnd lending former, residing near Columbiavillc, Lnpeer Co., Michigan. Speaking to a representative of The Courier-Herald. We. Raymond sftid : "Three years ago last. June. om- night I suffered nn uttnel; of paralysis., brought on, I think, by overwork and us un after effect, ol la grippe. After n week my eondiiion was sotol that I sumninninl :i pnvsvnm nml 'doctoral for about six months, with but. little 'iclicf, For some time I hid seen in the papers reported euros of cnaes similar-to iiiini- cffeetinl by [}t. Willinms' Pink Pills and (hoii'.'ht [ would try them. I bought n. box iiiid'eontinned their n.se with good re- sulls. I wjiiii begnn h> gain in strength and heiillh nnd full the good oiled, of the Pills. "They were the first things that had been nl-iln to give me relief. They have been of great.'benefit to me nnd 1 can strongly recom- inend them to anyone v.iffuring from pitnilysis." Tin- cnso of nnotlicr voter.i:i 1ms come to (lie Attention of diispupi'riuKi itisliere wven: When, in IS'JI, the fnlr of oar Union bung trembling in the 'li:ihinw, "iitl President Lincoln issui'd his famous rail for volunteers to go to ihe front nml light for its preservation, nn iiiimedintc rcs|ini:si! Mvept over the North like a tidal wav. mill regiment after rcgimniL,if hrnve buys in blue quickly .sprang'up from every r.inrliT. llnmiiiilfnl ol" the privniioiis of n soldier's life, and (he horrors of win-, they shoiildored their mnski-ts nnd marched to the front to battle for their country. Among the first tonnswcr the call was h. G. ilatlheirs, who enlisted us a mtMiiher of Company D, 10,'id Ohio Infantry, and who fought bravely until the close uf tlic great struggle. Mr. Matilicws now lives with his wifoTiiml fitmily of six chihlren nnd ^rttnd- ehildreii on bis farm ncnr Akron, Inscola Cotinly, Michigan. While in tne ranUs he contracted infiiimmntoi-y rhcumntism and tl'.is developed into n trouble that remained with him for over thirty years. He finally become cured of it and to a representative of the Conricr-lImM he spoke of ins caso its follows: , "During tlio latewnrl was n member of 'Compnny J), 103d Ohio frrf;iiti:i-y, and performed all the ditties incident ton soldier's life from 15(i2 to ifiii. While nt the front owing 10 the privnticns of our soldier life, I contracted iiil!:iiiiintilnry rlu-iimatisin, and this finally developed into a permanent form of rheumatism, thnt liasalwnys troubled me since that time. Wiiuit I was mustered out in 3Sft" I went back to Ohio to the place where I enlisted nnd was laid up thcreMn ta! for 12 weeks. I then got out fora short time and w.is atsiin laid tip for a long spell. Since then I Imvc bsen a -victim of these nt- tncirs nnd they have luid me up for much of the time. "Mv case was also eompncnteu by severe kidiiev troubles and other diseases that buf- fi cd the best medicol skill. I Imve tried many physicians and also proprietary articles of all' kinds that were said lo be good for suc'i troubles ns mine. In my search for heiiltb I spent hundreds of dollars, but it seemed to be all in vain, and nothing seemed to rQiich my trouble ami give me relief. Aooutayear ngo n friend advised me to try Dr. Williams 1 'Pink Pills, nnd although I hail no faith in them, i bought n box nnd be"sin to take them. After Iliad begun on the third box 11 prent change in my condition began to appear, nnd my trouble for over thirty years' standing bc'.'iin to be cured. I took 'four boxes more and then felt so well that I discontinued tln.-ir use: "Itun now able to work on my form and have no fear of the old trouble coining buck us long us I can gel a box of Pink Pills. My case was a particularly deep seated one, of long standing, mid so I want to let others who are afflicted as I was, know the benefit thill these 1'ink Pills for Pale People have "l)r. WilTitims' Pink Pills for Pale People arc now given to the public as an unfailing lilood builder nnd nerve restorer, curing all form.- of wenkuc-.-v arising from a watery condition of thclilnod or shattered nerves. Ihe pills are sold by all dfii'iers, or will he sent post pnid on receipt of price, 50 cents n box or si.- boxes ibr .«,fx>, {tliey-nre never sold IE bulk or by the 100), by addressing Dr. >\ il- r-ams' Medicine Co., Scheucctudy, is. Y. FULL OF SNAP—W. UFE THE LEADING HUMOROUS PAPER OUT EVERY TUESDAY A MASIERSTEOKE, How tlio .rortrult AB«nt Wprku the \Vonn:n. "It's :ill a very simple- matter when you come to know how," sa,ifl the man who takes orders for crciyou portraits. ."It's a soft answer that turns a\vuy •wrath, and Uie right kind of a jolly jurjll make most any woman f|tiict down. "Xow, for instance, 1 go up to the iront cloov sifA ring the bell. My kit's a. dead give-away, and, of course, whoever ccTmes to the door knows right away that I'm working some sort of a graft. "Xo matter who comes to the door Jve always got the same question to spring. I say: 'I'd like to know, please, if your mother is nt home.' If it's a aervan^. ft flatters her to think that •you tako her to be one of the family. If it's a young women it goes on the •level. "Eut the hit, a,h, the hit's made with ,-Hie girl that's got past 30. A lot of 'these smart boys workin"' the same gnmc always begin' by saying: 'The 3ad v of the house, 1 presume.' "That's all right and it don't give offense; but it ain't no way to make a ten-strike and got into the house. Let a woman on the shady side o£ 40 open the door arid begin givin' you the marble heart, and theji you give her a .pleasant look and say: 'I beg your par- dou, miss,-but isyoui-mothe'f at home?' "It's ten to one that she'll look surprised for a moment, and then begin tittering and say: 'Why, my mother isn't here.' "Then-it's my turn to be surprised, and I nay: 'Why, are you the lady of the house?' She blushes and snys she is, as if she, was sort of mortified to let jn'o know she was past 22. 'Indeed,' says I. 'Well, I have something here that's of' particular interest to young women wll ° I)ave nevcr k 000 nblc to •get a picture that will do 'em justice.' ^ "Good-stroke, eli? You sec, yoii don't often fmd a woman, who'll admit tliat jury photograph, ever did her justice. After you've complimented a woman on her youthful appearance and sympathized with her because her pictures nevcr made her handsome enough vou'rc in'a fair way to take on order. Soino women can't be jollied, though, and if they're mean about it Tve got n great way of gettin' back, especially if the woman's under 35. I say: Have you got any married children who mi"bt wnnt to have some work done?' '"it's always some satisfaction to know that they'll keep thinking-about that for a longtime after I've gone. — Chicago Record. . ., Ijjrjrene Wine,Cask. The largest wine cask is In the Paris establishment called tlie "Halle aux Vina." Its capacity is 8,710 gaJlona. AIDING BUFFEMRS Belief Funds in St, Louis and East St. Louis Growing, Latest Tables of Dead, Missing and Wounded in Two Cities—Generous Offer of St. Louis Capitalists. St. Louis, June 3.—The body of an unknown man was found floating- in the river Tuesday nig-ht. It is believed the man was a victim o£ last week's tornn- do. This is the only addition to the deuth list in the past SW hours. The following summary of fatalities in St. I»uis wns made up Wednesday morning: Burial permits issued lo date 127 Killed, bodies not recovered 13 Wounded In hospitals -. fj Missing people, _^> Grand total: S W The relief fund at ten o'clock Wednesday morning 1 had been increased to $140,000, imd it is expected that at le:ist $10,000 more will be subscribed'before night. So 'far nenrly i-00-families hnve been provided with provision's, clothing and furniture, A fair estimate phu-rs the number of individuals assisted nt 4,000 and the'work will be systematically carried on while money l:ists. Nearly everv public st-hoo! isreopomd and ihu chimng'cd ditirelies :ire beini; repaired as fast a.s laborers can be sec": c-d. The roadway across tin- ]iads 1 : I'.g* was opened for traffic 'Wedncsdv-' inornine 1 . Torniiiiu YlvClniH ii> Eai" ••'« T-oiilH. The revised list of tornado victims in Enst St. J'.oxiis shows'the following figures: Identliled dead •'• " Unldentiiled (lead „Missing -. i Fatally Injurca -__^ Total 1Sl 1 The work of rc!"u'vinff the suffierers still continues iii'.il all iinir.vdiate want's 'are beinjj su|)p:iei'!, Tlie n-lief fund Wednesday morning iifj'^reg'ated. S44,- 000, imi'l in iiililiiiiui $."j.(IUl) was sub- scribcd \-Ved;iesdiiy. _ > Al>l>roprl»tc SI 00,000. Tbe lower ]irj.:!t,u of the municipal "S- seEibly on Tut'siliiy passed ihe bill ap- jiroiJi'iating 1 #inu,OLjO :'or the irlii-1'of the ' tornado sulTerers. The bill jirovidus for a coniniissioii of live, with tin; mayor as chairman, to disburse tin 1 money. Mayor \ValUridyt' tr,\x nui. refined to accept, money sent from nuiside eities and has runn.'d ovi.'r$l5,00(MliiisKceure<l to the reiiiif comrr.iliei-. Tlie mayor, however, believes thiit Si. Louis should be equal to the Kisk of i-arinfr !'nr th' 1 iifllioted and is ojiposcd to soliciting aid -from outside channels until ahsoluteli' necessarv. The individuals of the police force who were not sufferers from the storm have each ooriti'ibmc;] one: day's pa.v to the 8'iiJieral fund. Several policemen lost all they possessed-by tlie storm. The St. Louis Fair f:«sociatiou lurne'! into the fund the net profits of Mo:i- cl-iy's racing, about $1,300. The general fund footing now is $123,000. Of Ihis a large part has already been disbursed. Need Pay -Vo Interest. , James Campbell, Ban Catlin, William J. Lemp, Charles Parsons and other capitalists have taken' initial steps to raise $230,000 to lend to tornndo sufferers 'at low rates of interest to rebuild their homes, Xo interest will be charge,] for'12 months. At the Noonday club $35,000 were raised Tuesday for tliis purpose. JSyen where property is iii- cumbevi'd, worthy small property owners will be helped out. Ten district assossors ri,ncl 15 clerks left the oflici} of the board of assessors Tuesday morning- to mal;e an official cstimale ol' the losses caused by the slorm. The assessors will make iihouse- lo-liouse canvass iu the territory blasted by the tornado. Tru-y will. mal<e a com- p'lele report of their worlc a weekhcreo. The amount ol damag-s xvill be deducted from the assessments on which taxes for JE07 will ui; compurocl. DcxtUntloii Increiisi'iST- Destitution in E:\st St. l.nnis is hourly increasing'.' People who at first refuse;! assistance, have found their own resources inadequate. Prifcs of clothing, furniture and en fables are double what they were before the storm. The relief committee is straining 1 every resource to ffct supplies, and an: doing noble work. The ladies made a tour of the ruined territory and report . r .70 families absolutely homeless and destitute. Two thousand five hundred people were breakfasted by the committee Tuesday. One hundred families, who found homes in freight'curs were turned out iu the rain. A committee of islanders made an appeal to Mayor Bader for tents. He immediately telegraphed the p-overnor fo^lOO canvases. Those able- to move made a rush for.the suburb of Denver side where.70 tents- are standing. The militia were compelled to drive back many of the newcomers to prevent a panic. The fight for necessities of life is a desperate one. The relief committee is having a hard time controlling tha poor and Djakin.? equal tlistribiitipn. At. What Zoa Phora- won't do for WOMANKIND no medicine will. For sale by B. F. Keesltag and Ben present they are expending.about $1,000 daily for.fuel, clothing uodcotK. They need $500 more a day, but th'e oapijal is limited. • A CALIFOHNIA BEE VILLAGE. Wliera tlie Honey I* Found Thiit IUva]> tlio Nectur of the Goils. The month of May is the carnival ol bcu life in California, and at no other time of the yenr is the half work, half play of "bee-ranching" so wholly fascinating and delightful. After spring showers are over, a delicious warmth and fragrance steam up from the circling foothills, where every notch and byway is choked with flowering wildwood. The long "blooming slopes stretch sunnily to fruitful valleys, and the whole riotous floral /.one is voiced by honey-hunting bees. Their lilli- putiaii cities are SPED, just without the open arms of canyons, the white hives arranged with the precision of dwellings along the streets. Sometimes these mimic thoroughfares ore shaded by scattering ottka and sumac, or the green umbrellas of'elderberry bushes, now fringed with freighted, crwimy clusters. Where there are no indigenous trees it is not untisuaJ for the thrifty apiarist to plant grnpe-vineH und orchard rows between the hives, wliich serve the double purpose of shade and forage. A neighboring be« ranch is ofuui fnur to five miles distant, ni;d again this PaJi-stine of the new wo'rld shows leagues on leagues of id«i.l pasturage, left solely to the harvesting of wild beefTan.d various species of Wiiiip and humming-bird, or to that interesting lover of sweets, .the Me^:- ican honey-ant. A typical western apiary .belongs to the foot-hill region of southern California. Here the atmosphere has thnt du- y:-ee of lient uml drynoss essential to nn abundant saccharine How, and the high gravelly soil yrows a luxuriance of nectar-be!i.ring plants, the chief of which are the numerous varieties of j-nge. During the blossoming of these aromatic spikes the amount of honey stored by strong colonies,is almost in- crctlible. A summer's product will ofteii average 7"> to 200 pounds a hive, and instJinccs arc not uncommon where a single Italia.!) sv.-ann lias produced 1,000 jiouiuls of extracted honey in one vear. This suf-'i; honey lias rare virtifos, ami is said to be more delc-ct- ablc tha.n the famed nectar of Ilymet- tu.M or Chrniiouiii, and whiter and liner Jlavoivd than die celebrated honeycombs of .V.acamti. To set one's t(M'th lliroiii-'!: an exquisitely frail .comb brin:niiug with llu> cleiicato nectar of ('in- white sagi.—Audibcrtia—is a gtist- i:to:-y relish nol to be otherwise i"'|i'.a!ril. -More es(>acit:My is this true if c;::i.- has all the concomitants—a v, :'ni) cli-an stone under n. singing syca.- nionr. mountain air spiced with counties o<iii-:-K. t.he inoiiobonc oi' buos nt :!;>•::• vohijitunMS toil, a landscape bil- i'-v.- : ra- up t« :.':g"'.ntic summits, and a bTri-i-.:vI l.'a.nl Ir/'O keep the shout up ]. t ,..,. i;,. :: ,-1. —'.Ninc-tm Kamcs, in Har- ucr's .\::i;-:i/. r iu^. Drlnlthii; \Tutcr 8t Sciu The 1','.-'. Ha u battleship Cbristolbro Colombo has a. curious arrangement for fiiv:ii:jii:i:g her seinnen with drink- ii-.i; water. JCxporience proved that drinking largo ijuanritics of cold water iiftor viol-.'iil. exercise, especially while cruising- jn '•''" tropics, caused many deaths.^ The- '.v;-..t-.:r tunks on the battle ships won" designed, to prevent such intliiici-ei.!!));. The v.-atcr tanks on the vessel are eoiiiiectetl with iimumci-able liuln rubber iioHL-s a.nd on the end of i cadi hose is a. small rubber nipple. \Vhenovor any j-ieau'ian wants drinking water ho miist turn a stop cock and then si-.ok it through U;c hose and nip- plo. It is ?'!ow wo:-];. bl»t it has been found that it preserves many valuable lives.—Chicago. Chronicle. THE" MAUKETS. THE STATE; Events In Various Portions of Indiana Told by Wire. ChlciiffO, June 3. TTV OU Ti_Quit-t antl easier. Qu°V l , h '° f»-'-^^^s^ n ^^ ? scconcls^jV.OO&ilO: low B'raOes^ $1.754i^i). iP'-lo^bMters,' jimfs-aO; low prados^ SI.CO® 1 WJ-IKAT— irod-jratoly actlve^ind ""sot- tied. May, rra'/.iffiJC-iic; July, C'^'OituC. b«p- tombcr, DGvit^T'^c. ~ . . XT* n 07/T, O71/;r* • A.n. 5 October, 20Vic. . O \TS-QuIot and steady, with moilcnito imdlnK. Jui*. "We: ,iuly, nSffJic; Sep- tembcr ]S=/ilSlS%o. Stimiilos stciidy. No. 3 TT^W?; No. S white, ISWiQJIMic; No. i, ITKIiiliic; No. 2 wMte, l!)?ii(Mc. RYJS— Dul r and weak - No - - cash, i'io. Sample lots, SaETOic July delivery, 32c. 'EARLEV-A sliade lower. Tliero liavo been free arrivals the last few days. IMi, Stra-5ic-fn.il' weight, but off color. 27«f23c. Good color, fair to good welprln, 2WCc; choice, lie, fancy a shade over. MFSS PORK— OffcrlnR's rather Jiberal arid demand fair. Prices easier Quotations ranged at »G.9ft8« 05 for cash; $0.000 6.9S for June; JS.M«ji7.00 for July: J7.05O7.10 for September. ' I AKD— Demand moderate and offering!) fro" Prices easier. Quotations ranged ac M06JW.07V4 for cash; }1.05@4.07V4 for June; aio|ll7^for July, and H25@-l.27* tor BepternberT BUTTER — Qu'et and steady, rather tame. Creameries. 10®15c; Dairies. SffilSc. LIVJS POULTRY— Onlj- moderatu demand Turkeys, 7@9c; ' Chickens, 7VsC; Duclis, 9©)10c per pound; Geese, per dozen, $3.00igM.OO. i WHISKY— Steady on the basis otjl.22 for high wines. _ N 7 ew York, June 3. FLOUR— State and western quiet, weak, unchanged. wl-TFAT— Ko. 2 red, moderately actlvo, '/Jikc ' lower. Steady, July, C2%®C3-T4c; August, C2!4c; September, G2W<S>fi3 1-JCc; December! MV4«J»uc. GCKX— No. !, q - Jl^t ai;d firm. June, 33%® 34',ic; July, 34r; September, 35@351-10c. • OATS— No. 2 dull, nominal. State, 2o^ 28e; western, 23@2St;; July, 22%c. EGGS— Fairly active, lirm. Western, ' Live Stock. ' - . Chicago, Junes. CATTLE— Market dull, steady to We lower Fair to best beeves, ?3.60©-l.40; stockera and feeders, J2.7CC3.S5: mixed cows and butchers', n.COfW.Uu; Texas, $2.75®3.S5. HOGS— Market stuiidy:. closed 5c lower. Light, ?;UO@3.«; rough packing, J2.70@3.00; mixed and butchers', $3.00!i?3.30 ; heavy puck- Ins and ..shipping, $2 :in4/i;:.20: pigs, J2.75® Hold to the Grand Jury. Lebanon, Ind., June 3.—Coroner Itfil- ler finished the inquest over the body cf Wallace Riley and ordered Thomas Allen detained by the officers. Allen's attorneys demanded an immediate preliminary trial and the defendant -was arraigned before Esquire Verrill, nnil pleaded not guilty. The evidence discloses the fact that Allen wns looking for lllley and made no attempt to avoid the tragedy. . That he killed Eiley while the latter was being held by Armstrong. The defense refused to introduce any evidence, preferring not lo disclose their line of defense until they were compelled to do so in a court trial. Justice Pi-mil ordered the prisoner returned to jail and refused to release him on bail. _• Fjthlan TfiinpU Proponed. Indianapolis, Ind., June 3. — The Pythian grand lodge met here with about 700 members present. Ths principal topic was th<* question of erecting a great building in this city as the home o/ pythianism. The following officer* were lected: Grand chancellor, OKo Kolb. Boonevillc; grand vice chancellor, U. B. Hunt. Winchester; Brand prelate, John UcCardle. New Richmond: grand mastr>r-at-arms, J E. McDonald, Llponlcr; trrand inner puard, John II. Franks, Alexandria; grand outer puard, Charles A. nookwalter, Indianapolis; keeper of records and seals, Frank Bowers, New Castle; master o£ the exchequer, W. E. Morris, Frankfort; grund trustee, C. L. Bartol, Warsaw Terribly Stung. Kushville, Ind., June 3.—Jiva Wurth, three years old, daug-hterof Undertaker Daniel Wurth, of Falmouth, was stung bv a honey bee on the sole of her foot. Her body swelled 1o an'unnatural size and turned purple i:i color, with red spots. Her tongue swelled also, until she could scui-cely hold it in her mouth. Two doctors were called, and after hours of attention the little girl's life was saved. The unusual result of the sting 1 has attracted much attention. Law Schoc'l Kcunlon. Valparaiso, Inch, June 3.—The nlnmni reunion of the Xorthern Indiana Law school was held in'the colleg-e auditorium and was attended by J.SOO people. Thomas IT. Donovan, class of '9-1, K.-inkn- kee, 111., delivered the alumni r.cldress. Miss Grace Ba.uks Griffith, class of. '00, of G.is Cifcy. gave tlie class jxjem. Plates were Inid for -J2G at the annual banquet. The ;JO gradiKitcs were admitted to the bar by "Judge John H. Gillette, of the Porter circuit court. Sny Tlie.v Poisoned the Stream. IiK'liannpoIis, Ind., June 3.—General Manager Williams and 17 other employes of the strawboard works at Xoblosville have been cited to appear before Judge Baker, of the federal court, and show cause why they should not be punished for contempt, growing out of the fouling 1 of tlie wator of While river by the breaking of the inelosure' filled with poisonous refv.sc. A. hearing will be had on June 5. Temperance \Vorkors Meet. South Bend., Ind., .'June 3.—The 24lh annual state convention of the Catholic Total Abstinence Union of Indiana b<;- gan in thiseity \viih about 100 delegates from all part* of 1hu slate presont. Bishop Kaclcniacln-r made n brief address at the close of the- junss, c.'> pres-sing great pleasure over 1h= nn'Cting nnd u)ion the good work which the union is doing in the temperance cause. Gas Found Ncnr IiKlmnapnlis. Indianapolis, 1m!., June 3.—Severn! weeks n^'O n company headed by Mayor Taggart, of this city, began drilling for gas" at Broad Jiipple, nine miles north of here, in comparatively unexplored ter- j-itorv, anrl a gusher was struck, indi- cnuiug 1 about :>UO pounds pressure. JCx- citc'Tiiont prevails over the find, as i'.s close proximity to this city makes it valuable. ISlack niplithcriiu Crown 1'oiut. Ind., June 3.—An epidemic of black diphtheria is r;iging at Schercrville. J.n 'he family of John Eonny one child died and the death of lour more is expected hourly. The children were apparently well and in a few hours were deathly aick. Children in several oilier families arc not expected to live. About 00 more have been exposed. _^__ Quarrel End:* In Suicldo, Evansville, Ind., June 3.—Miss Alice, daughter of L. J'ritsch. u local merchant, committed suicide by shooting herself. The deed was the result or a rjiinrr^l with her mother. The young Judy had many'accomplishments. She wns engaged to be married shortly to Edward Fleck, n musician of note. Crop Kvporu Indianapolis, Ind., June 3.—The crop bulletin snys: "Wheat Is rlpcnins, l>ut th<> straw and heads are short In mnny fields; In some counties It Is nenrly ready for cutting. A good crop of barley Is being hurveslsd in eorne localities. Qats are much improved and heading and promise a good crop: In some. localities It Is the best crop in years." • i Corpnc Is Identified. Brazil, Ind., June 3.—The decomposed body of the man found in George Stearley's woods proves to be that of G. J. Early, of Palco, Hooks county, Kan. This was ascertained by a dimly written letter found on his person addressed to G. W. Button. Leroy, 3f. Y. Injuries Prove FatiiL Huntington, Ind., June 3.—Wiiliam Fulton, father of Postmaster John F. 4 Fultoii, fell from a fruit tree and sustained internal injuries from which he died, aged' 70. He leaves three children and had resided her 50 years. ^ • Denth of u Pioneer. Valparaiso, Ind., 'June . 3.—Uncie Harry Kirnball, one of Porter county's early residents, died here, aged 33 years. He came here from southern Ohio C2 years ago. - THE TRIUM?H_ OF LOVE is 'nAF.py/irnuiTFUL HARUTACE." Every nin:i \Ybo . V/oijitl Ivnow the Grnncl Truths, l-i£ r!n.".;i ruct*. tlid Ncxv JJiMgovcricn of ?IoJii:r.t ,*>cloncO cttt Apy'Jcd ty JlIitiTiOfJ l.jlc, \VJio \Vo::]<! Atc»c for I'a*t Errant r.i::l Avoid I~:IIJ:TO i*Ufnll*» Should Secure • luc "Yon dor ful Llttli: *;oolc C'a.llc%l " Coitiplcio niniiboodt naid ]Io\v 10 .»t- l:ti:i It." "Horc r^t ln=t is Information frnm a ):irh xncdiculbourcethat must work wonders viili Ibis ct'iicratiun of niOD." The book fully describes a method by \vblch, to attain full vigor and manly power. A method by which to cud all tin natural Drains on iho^sicin. . 4 7o cure nervousness, l*ck «f self-control, -lo- rr'ork'Tj.tv, <tc. '/oexelinDRO n, j.ideil aTid -worn nsturc fer onecf Mirliiiiess, IraojviEcj-nr:; 1 . POVA r. ':"o cure forever effects of excesses, ovcrvor.i. v/'.rry, &c. 'j.'o F ivefull strcncth, development and to^e lo ( vcvy portion and or»n of the bo'ly, /-£e ho barrier. Failure impossible. Two th'vj.iiind rcferuuecs. 'j'iic book is purely «»»rlic:Ll JITH! fcientif:t-, ire-loss to curiosity Becker?, iavaluaolc 1.0 DC.I ».:!>" v.'honeed it. A doMvurinf? Juan, TVho l»nd r-irj'icd to vs, fXimnfier wrote:. "iVe!],I tell you that first day is, one 111 never fomrt. 1 jubt bcbb!e:i with joy. L V.— •. *"rt 10 hup: everybody and Toll thcmmy / i;(!f had died yesterday, and i^yce^'eelf \ -.- norn to-day. Why didn't you tell n:c v.-li 71 1 lirst wrote that 1 v.'CKlu find it Ibis \v^y'.' M v And another thus: "If you rtumpcil a cart load of (;"'•' r.tiny foot it would not brinK such claducis into my liio us vour method has done." V.'rue to the ERIE MEDICAL COMPANY, !V:.".'u!o. >". V., and nfk for Uic little book r"i\?il "COJ1PLBTE MANHOOD." Kcfeno [hismpcr, ajidthe company promises to send [he oook, in scalcil envelope, without any ••'.irks, p~ul entirely free, until it is well intro- The COAST LINE to MACKINAC TO MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers ThcOMatert Perfection yet attained in'Boat Construction--Luxurious Equipment, Artistic Furnishing, Decoration and Enicient Service, insuring the highest degree of COMFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. FOUR TBIPS PER WEEK BETWEEN Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinac PETOSKEY, "THE soo," MARQOETTE, AND DULUTH. LOW RATES to Picturesque Mackinac and Return, including Heals and Berths. From Cleveland, $|3; from Toledo, $13; from Detroit, $13.50. EVERY EVENIN3 Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting at Cleveland with Karlicst Trains for nil points East, South and Southwest and at Detroit forai! points North and Northwest. Sunday Trlp( June, July, August and September Only. EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-ii>Bay j Toledo Scud for Illustrated Pamphlet. Address A. A. SCHANTZ, o. r. ».. DCTHOIT, MICH. The Mroit and Cleveland steam Kav. Go. ONE-HAUF SIZE OF BOX. POZZONPS >GO^?LEX!Oii PQWDERi I hid been tbo stwidari for forty j-e.irs u , Is more j,or"l:tr tosi.17 iliiiii ever before. POUMJOXjnS ' Is vie trtoal complfKion powder—bcnct!fy*nK,I riifrosl.'iis, clo.'inlj-, h^nlili'uJ a"<l bannless. . A dKlioaii;, hivl?Itle nrotcctl™ to Hie fac«, | ' Withovrrv MIX ol l«oaai«>TS n mnr j ! BiScfnt Keovlll-s «01.» PCrf | i BOX *j KHVPII ircc oJ clinrce. j 1 AT DRUGGISTS AND FANCY STORES. ' ' B^r^EN^CSNB^avBNB ' Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully enjoy a! i; you lakuono o£ the 'AF_E MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPESIG?- TRANSPORTATION CO'S ILE6ANT STEAMSHIPS, J.aiilii'is between Chicago and Macklnac liiiiij fuur times every week. •Hi.j now steel steamship "Maalton" Is a ! -,7'ifn" -jalacc. Travels 'twJxt, Chicago. 'Sia.'levoix, Harbor Sprir.£S. Petaskey. j,i\-innc rsiatlil, etc. . , . \yrtte lor our rc.'inaDle • r^adlns mntMr, fr^ or .'.s^S>£»L wk.yo" 1 -.,".?^! J.AND1 SUPEBIOK XK.INS. CO. I. Water St. Chicago, by c.tprufi.1. propaii, 11.00, or 3 bottle ^, circular ucnfoii

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