The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1949
Page 10
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FACE TEN BI,YTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUURSDAY, JULY 21, 1949 '5 Per Centers' nil j Probe Approved Truman's Support Coincides with Newest Demands Liquor Export License Policy LITTLE HOCK. Jlllv 21--''/Pi — [. h'eiifes issued 10 eipht out-of- stale exporters t° ti at\sport liquor 1)1; cue h Arkansas will be discontinued upon [heir explrrilimi and i no new such permits will be Issued | I in the future- " I j This was announced tnday by |. ppr centers'' coincided ye&tej'day Siale Revemie CoiutnU-stoner Dean l Is Miffed Oklahoma Drys Ask Assistance .,, ~ From U.S. to Curb Bootleggers At Large Papers WASHINGTON. July 21. <AP) — A new Congre.ssiona! demand for deep probing into "Waslfmston five Lack of Support, Election Forecasts Still Irk President CHICAGO. July 21. i/TV-President Truman says lie nrm has received support from any metropolitan daily newspapers In a "bit- President Truman warns. This source said DIP President has told Secretary of Johason and Secretary of (he Army Gray to "proceed with their investigation of so-calted five per renters" regardle&s of whom i t might embarrass, "Five ppr centers" \? a name applied of late to persons who help °et Army contracts for mamilac- tuver.s for a cocnmi&sian. Some of them have been accused of .saying they had influence with high officials which made their efforl.s par- tirularly worthwhile. Thp While House official said Mr Truman's ruiimrte could he siimavd tip in two familiar raying?-: •Let the rhlps fall where they may, 1 a*d "It i.< up to thp Army the Prreirtenr.s military He sairf the move was designed 10 aid liquor exporters now operating in Arkan>ns -o tJnU the state would realize mwt tax revenue- 'Die eight out-of -stale exporters nosi [rations r their inflnpnc*." Mr. Truman, speaking informally at a reception by Illinois Democratic leader*, -^ald that Arthur ojwratiiiR out of Illinois and LmiLsi- j Hay* SnlxborRer. president of the ana. each pay $20 yearlv for the j New York Times, has acknowledged privilege of haulm? their bottled j he wa.e -Aares throuah Arkansas. Export ; told Popp OKLAHOMA CI'IT. July 21~<rfV -—The United Dry Association of Oklahoma ye.storriav called upon the federal government to send a;: pat* -o help stop, the, flow of illicit liquor into [his dry .state. The request tame after it was diseknrd this week that the Oklahoma leRislatnre unknowingly parsed a law allowing federal a- Kem.s (o aid in enforcement ol the stale'* prohibition laws. The lav,. known a.s the "b')iic dry" nn'a.suie, haj been repealed by another "sleeper" cause i n Israeli-Syrian Armistice Is Signed in E. Galilee \ TEL A"IV, Jsrad, July 21. MV-The Israeli-SyrJan armistire was -signed yesterday, tt was announced here. 'Hie .signing took place In KaMem Galilee. An Israeli government .spokesman expressed satisfaction with the. agreement riding that it means t h'e t Israel now ha.s armiMice arrangp- sinffirnied" Piiw XII whei 13« he state's beer (ax hill in 11)47. The 1943 re-enactment was in a bill allowing sacramental wine to be t ra n sported i n lo Ok ia homa. David C Shepard, attorney Tor the United Drys, said the U.S. houses opPL-atLn? In Arkansas must i Mr. Truman had no chance ot elec-| pas- :J5 cmls tier ifl.^e on their • lion. ! exports oiil-of-nate. T)ie President said SuUbergor J^orlev saicMlu»t as long ^ there !'old Hie pope he could "assure" •,iere liquor pxpnrtpis nperatin* In ' him "tha- I wouMn t he in thr Arkansas his department would '• White House after January not issue new licenses to oiil-of- 1 However. Mr. Tnnnan said, when ^tate firms to haul liquor through ! he later took up the matter with Arkansas, and that U would not i the New York newspaper execu- renew the pcrmns of the plain out- i live. Sulzberfier said that new.s- of-Mflte exportery whpji their lie- , papermnn "polled themselves" and the first of next vear. \ 'didn't lalk to the voters" 5n)/bn-?er, in New York, said he had "always a.s<nm<"d that a conversation with 'ie Pope was as confidential as one thai might ne had with the President of the Uni- that | Attorney's office .should beyin im- '-IIK-.S expire $4,497 Payroll Robbery .faked, Officers Assert; Two Men Under Arrest to mediate enforcement activities. At the same lime, he requested Gov. Roy J. Turner to use his influence "in .sf-eiiiR thai thi 1 law against. bootleggers is operative." Assistant State Attorney Genera] Sam Irfttirnorp found (he "sleeper" and immediately sent letters to federal authorities requesting aid. At K.insa=; City, federal alcohol tax unit a Rents said they would •A a it [f»r instructions from Washington before acting. Shaphard also called upon thf Ok I a h o m a Economic institute which is hacKme prohibition repeal at a special election Sept. 27. lo demand federal help against boot- ments with all neighboring countries. Israel previously hart signed agreements with Egypt, Trans- Jordan and Le.hannn, Those aprce- ments also covered element A of j Saudi Arabian and Iraqi troops • which had fought against the new .Jewish sinte. i a cilijvn of Arkansas, of,Rood moral character, thai he lias never hron ' rojnjctcci c>: a felony or other crime | invoKin?, iv.oiul uupitude; that no j 10 sell boor by the under- j signed has boon IT volt en within live j yp;»rs pat; and UKU Die un- i dcf.signcri t\AA never bten ronvicunl , of violating the laws of this slati-. or ans' other state, relative lo the sale of ', IcboUc Uriuors. Application is for penult to tx* ' i.e.siicri, lor tjpci atioij I the 1st day ot Oct. W9, «ud Ui : expire on Ihc 30 riay oi June. 1950. Lawyer a ud ,v\v(uu i a lie'.are me tills :>o ci.iy of July Ml 5 Noi My Ct.mmi.vion OXIUICM 3 D 53 NOTICE OF AIIM1N1STRATIOX On On June 18. 1949. letters of HdjuiiiLSiraibn upon the estate of Bo Cable, deceased were granted to the iLiirtersipned. Grace Cable, whose address Ls Route 2, Box 516, Bly- thi'villt?. Arkansas. All persons iiaving claims against ilio saiJ estate <u p c required to exhibit the -same lo the adniinistra- Nobbed by His Meter HARRISON, Ark., July 21, Wf— C, B. Dorsey, manager of the Harrison Die Casting Go-, U a victim of his own devices. His firm manufactured the parking meters recently Installed In Harmon, The other day Dorsey received a summons to appear In city court. The charge: time had ,x, v>v»;»Vly authenticated, within i "Plrcd on a meter where his car months from the date of the publicallon of thi-s notice, or ilu-y will be forever barred and liieolndirt from any benefits in such estate. this the 13 day of July Grace Cable. Administratrix Cooper, attorney for 1 H-21-28 English Writer's Home B • i ; Purchased OS ' \vlio polled m HT than I'i.OtlO votes las an Independent candidate for sheriff of ^helby 'oi.nty last year v:as in jail iday rharged with i erand larceny. [ Police " niniissiouei -loe Royle t nlH the chnrsp «n^ filed against I ! Carlo. 1 ; E thrse eentlemen. the facts can .sneak for themselves. In June ot lf)48. when I tast saw his holiness will) ntliers present, there was only a few persons with v.'hnin T had come In contact who heltcvrd Mi- centers." Claims Kiicvwlpdgr- Vatighan has said he knows ''aboiij 300 persons in Washington" encaged in contract operations. A preHminarv intiuiry by the. Sej.ate InveMigations Subconmiit- , Carlo _ e Ei]2etle Tavfnr a rPS , aui . ant | ;-- , d bp elerte(i in thp fall lee into allegations of llie me o! . fjpelaloi% h| In(1( . t i 0 n with what! -y was n r>t amnna them. Tn Nov- innuenefi has ie.sviKed m s ^P pn -JB 0> .] e described as the faked hold- j em ber. however, my ji-d^mnit was up of n S4.497 payroll. j nmved wrong- anrl it was not the Boyle said William York, Jr.. has i been oViareed v.ith eiatxcl larceny | in the same casr. He said both j men have >iened statements detail! ing their parts '•• '.he affair. sion of two key officers by the Army Department. 'l*hey sre Maj. Gen. AMen H. Waitt. chief of the Chfnaical Corps, and Maj. Gen. Herman Feldman, the quartermaster general. The Wflshiu«ton Post said in a copyrighted story that the name of , General \'i;uehan "is reported to! have figured" m a conversation Mr. Truman had with Secretary Johnson, in which the President directed that the Inquiry proceed fully. Vaughan accompanied Mr. Truman on his Chicago trip yesterday. They apparently remain on Ihe friendliest ol terms and there was no indication that Vaughan Is the subject of any investigation. | LONDON. July 21. W*j—A Loni rloner has bought Jane AviMenV ! home in Hampshire and irivej] ii in [ the nation as a ricmorinl to liis ; son who was r| led in Die wur ! The KITH l Vi-torian writer's house, a mansion with nine tot'd- • rooms and ihrre silting i-onrn.s. way ; tnircha^ed bv Tliomas K. Carpcn- i ter for 3000 '^unds (S12.000» ' will he op en pel t- the public ' the first time Saturday. '•The OEI claims it is for good j — srovernmejit and is asnhiM t h c i bootlrscer." he .said "We call on 1 NotUv i* hnrby siven ;h:ii ttiem now to show really where i iindersir'ned has filed with ihey arc." " 1 CcinmLvioner oi Revenues of [State of Arkansas for permit to =,oli : nnd disperse beer at retail on. the erl because the newspaper? polled . pi'emise.s dpM'nbed as 1'iS S, ath St., Ihem^clvps and didn't talk to the ' Blyiheville Mississippi C^uiuy. voters." The undo:.signed states that he is was narked. Shirley Temple III HOLLYWOOD. July 21. ^t — Shirley Temple is resting comfnrt- nhly today !<f(er an attack of ap-j ptndicttis which sent her home i from her studio. j Her doctors salt! they do not be- ^ .Here an operation will be neces- j "Mr.v.r.alrhougli it wa." the second aitack the 21-; nr-olri actre.s.i has had wuhiii live weeks. York, an employe ol the Perkins Oil Co.. told last May 21 that he was held up b' p two men while lie was tnkiiiE the company payroll from a dowtitmvr batik to the plant. Boyle said York told officers last uizht tha'. tie faked the holdup and that Taylor planned it and drove- the car in which the "robbery" was stapprf. The commissioner said Taylor declared in his *tatr- tnent that he received half Die pro<• eeds of the fake holdup, but (hat he had no part in the planning. fir<=t time. "\ am aetline alonp in years, hut T si ill have a chance to lea rev" Mr Truman said five davs aftf»r 1 the rlerlion, ' i? i enircf niative to rhe Vatican. Mvron C. Taylor, "who is an Ermconfllian." railed on the Po pc and h i.s h nil nc s-= a sk ed \vh v the Pre.sident of the .so-ralletJ sreat- e-sl newspaper In the United States spent one-half hoi'r of his time "misienre.sentine 'he election." "I charsrd Mr. Sulrhcr-Rcr with It some tinif' lafer." the Prr.sirlent added. "He said he wa.= misinform- HAIRY VETCH F.iii'ly Shii>nient Expected.... I'liU'C your order now for your requirements, lo insure your needs fimi fitsl car. Blyiheville Soybean Corp. SUSPENSE V/REC JOHN MILES MILLER I'hoiu-s Sofi-S57 Rlyllieville. Ark. 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