The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1944
Page 6
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 10-i-l :• Patch and Paint I Your Old Walls ; Follow Instructions ',: And Bask In Fresh I New Colors Jf thnt room of yours Is due to ^ be painted, jou le piobibly tho chop -.vhollbe wielding the brush. 1 • - Your painter's soldiering for Uncle - Sain, or he's already seivert up with I* jobs for monthe ahead. But,pi)int- .., nig Is upkeep, ana t.ial. can't wilt .. for. the duration. So you're It! |" And believe it or not, once you've _ caught the first smeni on jotir •- chin and watched fiat stretch of — smooth, ficsh coloj span >our ceil- * HIE—jou'll Voudci why jouic al.. ways let, the mofessionals Imve all, the- fun i What's more to the point. you'll do a ml£hty proud Job on ^ even that first room—and Impiove . '?s \ou progress Heie are tucks good piilnleis use —Tor preparing walls and ceilings, for mhlng for putting on (he paint, ,• - -- ••- ™.m-,, numi _" for cleaning brushes Study them smooth, putty knife. Force tlio thru, check them off again as you work. Walls v,ill,be piemened, the missus \\i\l have her spanking new color «cheme, an ' ~ time of jour life Strip Koom for Action paint more safely, cosily, and a lot faster. Calcimine been used? Wash it off. Two palls of warm water, a sponge, nnd a brush are your tools, Brush water; over, n square yard of wall, ! ponge off, rinse the sponge, repeat,, l( calcimine's on tand-finlsh plaster, scrub it, off with both., a floor, brush nnd a sponge, .Some won't.'budge, but enough will. Dry the wall overnight before painting; Scrap* ott Wallpaper, Brush .water over a yard or two at a time. Scrripo off wet paper with a broad scraping knife. If jour, paint dealer will rent you a steam , papor - remover machine, jou'ro in luck, for It strips off paper in a hurry. You can use oil pnlnt on top of wallpaper, If it's, tight, imwrlnklcd. and Joints arc butted, not lapped. But someday that paper will Imvu to come. off,, and then oil paint makes It harder. Cold-water paints, however, -can be-put on directly over, snug, smooth.; wallpaper. •' • Fill 'Small'Cracks'"-. No fill ing's,-needed- for' hnlrljnc cracks,.Just, a iJignieuted-wall-prlrn- crUirsl coat-to seal: them. Thumb the open crocks full of fine patch- Ing .. plaster, floor crack tiller '. or putty. Or work it in ivlth-n clean smooth, putty kn" ciacks full, scrape off excess, let noil sandpaper. .Touch up with wall primer before Die s \\i ave er spanng new a prmer efore Die color echeme, and you'll have tho rllml pnlntlntr. If a crack has one ime of jour life' i 'We higher than the other, snnd- S(np Koom for Action (paper il level with No. 14 paper Dont tiy to swaddle vom funi-' mcr n block 'of 'wood, then fill. lilngs against spatters «hen jouj Wh.-iA .I'ajni? paint banish them cntireh Rugs, \\lnelow shades, draperies, | You've a choice between water — 0 ~, „....,«„ •^..uto, ujti t jL-,iv^, thinned and oil or varnish base pictures, lamps—all go out You'll pnlnts: Water .thinned paints are enlclmlnc, and casein, or rosin will pay for Balsam-Wool Insulation full - thickness installed in the attic of the aveiage five-room house. Insulation, wcnthcrstrip- ping and storm sash may be linancetl without hen through FHA for a m!\xi- rhum of 3G months nnd payments, as low as ?5.00 per month." Phone 551 for estimate E.C. Fmndly limlding Senice - " momi, ui Jt'aiu emulsion paints. They're fast dryers, their colors are beautiful, and mauv surfaces need just one cost UiKherl or spraved on. Cnlelmtnc Isn't easy to top-over with a sworn!, roat, so It's usually iiseri where -Just one coat will do ,? ^•-: Th <>--better.grades don't rub off, but should be washed 'ott before /rcdecoratlmj. So count the uashiUR,!,, n s part of tho cost A fUe-bound,,package.costs less than a dollar and will pnlnt an average bedroom.'A calcimine brush is fairly expensive, but docs the best Job' Water---paints-of casein or rosin emulsion types have pigments about the Mine ns those varnish bnsc flat wall paint. Tliey're washable after about 35 days. Usually I s not necessary to wash them off Dcfore redecorating.' Wafer paints New Church Under'Construction To co P. W.. Nash pastor of the congregation. patched, count- on two coals. Flat wall paints are washable but'not as washable as semi-luster or gloss wall paints and enamels. Fomented wall primer Is your first coat for new or old .walls.. It's white, so has to lie tinted with oil colors, it hides the surface almost us well'(is flat wall paint,, dries nearly as flat, seals flue cracks ami plaster patches inlo a smooth foundation for the flnishini; coat of flat wall paint. Semi-gloss wall paints have a bit more luster, fall about half way between flat and enamel in looks, cost, and washablllty. They go on easily, but don't cover quite as much surface per gallon as do flat wall paints. .«* new First Church O f'the Nn^rene now under coml.ucl.on here —TTJ T Fuel Shortages Point Heed For Making Homes Winter-Tight Chilly days and nights arc ahead for millions of 'American families unless they prepare now to make the most of the limited fuel which will be available to them this winter, the War Production Board warns. • • , Coal, oil and other fuel will not be available in sufficient qua'ntilies to take care of both primary war needs and ordinary residential heating requirements, It has been announced. As n result, home own- IJIILS. . »*"'uimi.i.ii. fi.., tl Jesuit, nomc OWli- Paint prices may puzzle you There I ela , lu ' D , urgccl to SCI11 Ulclr homes •e two prlccs-per gallon nnd per " 8 " , - . ci ! 1 . lcaka «<'..»' that every are two pricos-per gallon nnd per "»•'"'»;.'"»;'• 'eaxajfe, so" that every room. The paint with the higher llmt . of IUC ' 1 owned, wiii, provide the price per gallon usually covers more n '" xlm !"» benefit, . .... p,,,,* MV mill n*u HlgllLi price per gallon usually covers more surface- per gallon, so fewer gallons do for a room. As a rule It's also easier to apply, since It hides the surface better arid brushes more freely. -How much paint?'-Here's a good /*I1T1 rincllll" n*l^ n .,_!!.' J r _, can easily add another Yf color'or pattern strikes .thru. Pht wall paints, good grade ones, v ith oil or varnish bnse arc ensy to npfily. ' They hide the surface _^ ^nji jjjjuUilJ (JJj)i- tor. by 500 for sand finish. Your answer Is the number or gallons of paint for one coat. : W'»« -Paint Brush? • Don't, join the-majority of home painters and.'nsc a briish that's too IUL-I inrougn tiic infiltration of qo!,i : rcsml °' 5h eer carel air and the loss of Furtheii ,if fevence nnd neglect. lllClllnflnii, ir. i „ i.. ; ii,'-.. / J Mi-ii ir S ; i "'«<•-.«••«; • sui-incu lainters and'nsc a bnish that'-i tr,n IUL1 ln 'ougii tiic in ?c'« hn h ±'k Sttt On. IOW ? Ut '° ^ ^O^SH vm, f£nt: m " lr f'V| lhl r loss of heat. Furtheu.i tnrn the Wck™^nm,?nM ^ ,T y bolmil >:;9rip and won't, cover.: the ." su "_.'?»;> ^ bojnstalled in 4rie n,a^sss^ r^r s ^r o ^ the new 'color. If cracks. Imve been The best man-size brush for walls I'™^'J l '» of, ««Wcd taipStU NDS OF AMERICANS STILL IN JAP PRISONS and ceilings is a flat. Jour-lnchei' Women get along better with a three-Inch brush. Get the best grade brush you can afford. It lasts longer, spreads paint more smoothly, is easier on you. --Better Homes and Gardens. COSREGIDOR? Remember ., J-- ["«"/« of grinniag Japanese JOldrtts guarding American prisoners? Were out to wipe the grins off thrir fices.NVe ceout to liberate thousands of American soldiers and civilians still in J»p pnsons. That day can come only With final %ictoiy. *\X'e'rc out to finish it,. ; of the great national effort to win quick victory in the Pacific. The cost of victory comes high. It costs billions of <M- V la« a month to fight Japan! But WQ; Know you'll do your full share, as you have in all the other war loan drive?. You r full share is at Ifml one eitra $100 VonA. Bn'tnorc if you possibly -r-^-wi B ^Y AT LEAST ONE EXTRA *IOO WAR BOND Blytheville Water Co. • V«nr * "*~'«i^ ALLEN, tauufer ,i_. y- W ™* T /« Y °ur Cheapest Commoditj/r Number one In the government's recommendations, as given in its 11)44 manual on wiiHerizInn- '• the home, Is "repair roof and flrtsli- "Tlie 'roof of the house should he ma'de .wintf.vj-l.jght,)" the 'manual udvu; ;. Mont, .types of.r.oofiliglare available and defective roofs should So repaired. Competent carpenters or roofing contractors should be consulted ; if extensive ropf repair Is necessary. LonKy roofs uamnL'c to the houses an^ Bios'mride of asbestos and cement. They will outlast the ordinary home to which they are applied, and In addition they cannot burn. Siipsfas For : ire Protection 90 Pet. Of Blazes - Due To Seven Causes Can Be Prevented Fires are taking a toll of 1000 homes a day and 10,000 lives a year, according to the National Fire Protection Assn. These figures do not include those who have been permanently crippled and maimed. If tl',ese fires were unavoidable, there:would be no need for an an- which are dried, curled, and weather-beaten provide excellent tinder for any chlmney'spark or air-borne fire brand. Hoofs should be protected with a, fire-resistant material £ueh as asphalt shingles. Flammable roofs stand third [ n line among the seven major fire h'jfefds reports the NFPA.' }$ (4) Defective or /i-Dse of El«ctrkal Equlpment.Pi'wori] or frayed electric cords sjfould be rc- jjwcco.or repaired prcftiptly. Never. ruii cords under runs. Appliances should be disconnected, after using (hem. • : ';;; ,,;^ . (5) Rubbish; ^tjjgazlnos, papers Wgs, old fumlttifi 1 , and maltoses should, not be 's«rcd away in tho attic, closets, or JUasemetit. Fuel for any spark, and frequently the source of spontanpo* combustion, such rubbish Brt'^jJ be cleaned out and kept out d'xgie homo. Papers and rags shoulcuSj' turned over to local salvage :.-'cp'nKilU«es.' (6) ;' E'kitMjhre Cleaning Fluids, should. notMic:used or stored in the home.; Th»e,- are :> mdny. non.-cxp!o- slve nuitls.Ru'ch'as carbdn-tetrachlo- i-ide. ' -," -.':"-' .,; . . . (7) ErnptyinB Hot Asbcs In Wooden,, Containers.•• Ojily metal containers should r be,'use<l. • Throw out all Wooden orfp'aper containers. Bill Of Rights Home Loan Is Signed i Amidst jnuch ceremony, approval papers' fof'the: first home .loan! guaranteed under the G. I. Bill of Rights were signed in. Washington last week; the;, borrower being a veteran of- both World War i and - - . ... V1 1C1 ,, UI mral reminder of the horrible and Is necessary. LonKy roofs cause cosUy to11 fire..Bui the uamnL'c to the houses an^ waste Brc '' lt "'"J""E.v of these fires are the fuel through the infiltration of QO!,I : rosu 't "of sheer carelessness, indif- More than 90 'per cent of these fires, says Hie NPPA, nre clue to seven causes which can be eliminated. l\v--being careful, not care-.-- r no roors over insulated area-; less. What are these causes? irnrirl rnvmlv " • , , i ,-* • . ... ••••—••• good repair." Where reraofhi!; is necessary to make a home winter-tl»ht maintenance .iiithnrlttes recommend the use of materials that will stand up under hard wear. One of thy Jijo'st economical, from Ihe standpoint of performance and service, are shin- (l) Dirty and Defective Ilcat- lns Plants. The furnace, its flues and the chimney should be cleaned regularly, nepairs should be made as soon as u faulty or worn part mal:cs itself known. (?) .Carelessness with Smoking and iiMtelic. 1 !. Keep plenty of nsh trays-handy. Don't smoke in bed. Don't leave a cigarette smouldering in or on the edge of an ash tray. Don't empty ashes into waste baskets. Keep matches in metal containers, a\vay from hot stoves, and (3) riuinmubic Uonfs. Shingles Paint Over Wallpaper, Piaster, Brick, Etc. <^\1 ftf 'Tsn ?.»: :&>}&/>M?* >' f&\ 1ft oo» big aurpriM «ft»r anothw »m H I. ps.t. ^T*" roUf«J»COC«l« • COOBI wftk form. Con b* fvtt • (Iffyl r «ld And ttut on* «Mt m*f «B»'*OW. Tfbfl «• «p pictnra. 00 w^Ck 1>dil<W AA • jro« Ab««lvMy «• miitl N «l«l loxrop. o T>chM< wntli farf bi whS Map and n. , Miles B. Myers of Hyatlsville, Md., who recently was released from the Army Air Forces after serving as a capluln, nnd who terved in France In 1918, secured the S1500 loan which will start him owning Ills o'.vn home in Washington. He now is an nspector in the Bureau of the Budget. Money under this first Veteran's Administration guaranty was advanced by (lie First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Washington. Alttough policy details - are far from- settled, many loans ave now being processed In the regional offices the Veteran's Administration has opened jn New York, Chicago r.iul San Francisco. Additional of- llces .soon will be ready lor business iu nrost of the country's large cities. The United States Army buy's ll.COO different cotton items, vans- Ing. from handkerchiefs to gun camouflage. AT FIRST MI i in in ii r'TrT Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLII V/hfle I Us Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2911 ATM TUBS , AVAILABLE NOW BUT WHEN BATH TUBS . ARE AVAILABLE WE WILL HAVE THEM / Hove The Buyers! Glencoe -Hotel- Give your home ti gay new look with frcsli coat of paint. Cover up those old smudge marks and enjoy a bright new finish. It's fun! Try it and sec how lovely it looks. You will find that biir paints give n lasting loveliness to all your things marred by age. For Lasting Beauty Choose TRUE-TAGG PAINTS! True's Semi-Gloss KB WALL PAINT... Gal. 3,50 True's FLOOR ENAMEL .Gal. 3.50 Muraltonc WALL PAINT . . . Gal. 2.25 I White Enamels Priced 2.75 to 5.25 per We've A Wide Selection of WALLPAPER For Ever/ Room In Your Home.' PRICED Per Singh Roll Up ' '$ BlythcYille's Only fxc/us/ve Paint & Wallpaper Store ARKANSA Paint, Glass and Wallpaper Co. 105 E. Main Phone 2272

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