Arkansas Democrat from Little Rock, Arkansas on April 16, 1898 · Page 6
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Arkansas Democrat from Little Rock, Arkansas · Page 6

Little Rock, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 16, 1898
Page 6
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THE ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT, SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 8 6 TWENTY-SEVENTH YEAR.- Dally and Twlca-A-Wsek Editions. DiMootTCoMAirr... Publisher. lAUm Mrrosnx. ......... PrenMpnt. enui 0. Natlo. , vie President. W. 8. Mrroiiau....... Sen. and TreM. M. Bhhffiblp .... Extern Reprowmtatlve. . Gbokub Kaoamas, Western Representative , FEDERATION OF WOMEN'S CLUBS PINE BLUFF CLUBS. "A llttlo leaven leaveneth the whole lamp." Never was this scripture more fully verified than in the history of the Pine Bluff clubs that were repre- spr.trul nt T.ittln VnrV lnst Abrll. The ' delegates cnme home tilled with .re- newed zeal and fresh enthusiasm, witn higher aspirations and a more earnest desire to accomplish greater results In club work than ever before. Their glowing account of the Information (ruined concerning the work of the other clubs of the state Infused new life Into the clubs that were already ln-- tensely la earnest; and the result has been a more thorough, comprehensive and exhaustive course of work than In any previous year. ' " The Mothers' Half-Hour Club will be repiescnted at Hot Springs by the president, Mrs.. J. II. Hlnemon, who will-speak on "Reform Schools,", and Fred Fox, who will present a paper on ."Child Study." During the post year this club has devoted two hours at each monthly meeting to the Btudy of Shakespeare. The play are selected one month In advance, so that the leader may have ample time to prepare the programme. Papers on the principal eharucters of the play are written by those previously appointed, and a general discussion of the character follows the reading of the paper. During the coming year a half hour will be devoted at each meeting to "Child Study." -The membership- Is limited ta-e4ghtiv The Ladies' Hospital and Benevolent Association was organized in 1803, and has for Its object, as the name indicates, the alleviation of suffering and arant nmnno- tho iwir of I'ine Bluff. "and the establishment of -a charity hospital. They have done a great work in the past, and promise still greater things for the future. On last Thanksgiving Day the children of the public schools donated several nunureu dollars' worth of. food and clothing for the poor and needy, and the immense amount of work required for the proper distribution of these donations was performed by the members of this association. The president, Mrs. J. W. Crawford, ,on indefatigable worker, will be present at the convention, and will open the discussion on the necessity of a state reform school. . Mrs. Dr. Troupe Is a delegate of the association, and will read the club's report. The Ladles' Auxiliary of the Y. M. C. A. has lately joined the Federation, and will be represented at the convention by the president, Mrs. A. B. Tru-lock, and Mrs. II. G. Higglubotham. Mesdames John Gillespie,- T. K. Gillespie, Carl Vosa, Maud Stanley, and others, will' attend the convention at Hot Springs. . " THE AESTHETIC CLUB. On April V2, 1808, was held the nn nual election, and It will be a notable day in Aesthetic records. Inasmuch as the written law, that has heretofore prevailed as Inviolably as the law of the Medes and Persians, that "no president shotnu, serve a second term," and the constitution, which provides that "officers shall be elected by ballot," were set aside, and amid much enthusiasm the present Incumbent, Mrs. Edwin Bently, was unanimously re-elected. It was s most flattering tribute to a faithful ouicer, and the past year of perfect harmony and progress Justifies the act; Gentleness and consideration omunuta from Mrs. BentlV as unconsciously and beneficently as the ' perfume from the viotei, or wmcu uo-or ih oponm the human prototype. The following officers were also -unanimously re-elected: Vice-president, Mrs. ;Wni. Ayres Cook; record ing secretary, Mrs. x. 1. v-otuam; cur-xuxutniw ,inrptnrv. Mrs. Eliznbetb Cantrell; treasurer, Mrs. John Fletch er; librarian Miss werta urceii nam. ilton. The recording secretary, Mrs. Andinm mill the treasurer, Mrs. Juo. Fletcher, to the sincere regret of the club mmDeTH, wno .uesirvti iu tauiu such efficient officers, positively declined to serve another year, and Mrs. T. D. Crawford was elected secretary, and Miss Mollie Fletcher treasurer. Tho rtruulf font announced that nomi nations forthe delegate to represent tin. Aoathotin mnn at the fourth bien nial meeting of the G. F. W. C. were in nnr Mrs. Frederick Hanger nom- Inated Mrs." Chas. Martin. The spontaneous applause that followed the nomination gave assurance of Mrs. Martin's endorsement by the club, and she was J accordingly unanimously elected. A brilliant duet by Mrs. G. L. Meyers and Mrs. B. W.' Green, and a vocal solo by Miss Carlyle were pleasing Interludes of this business meeting. May the dual power, "Wisdom and Love," preside over - the Aesthetic, welding, avWltb,:;iands,,p(Jron, our Mr. N. Ostrich's : , has a tine line of --bFTT ip urpisuing viuuus wini.11 arc guiug ax very low prices, it THE DIXIE," FREE TRIAL TO ANYHONESTMAN HIE FOREMOST MEDICAL COMPANY IN THE WORLD IN THS CURE OP WEAK HEN MAKES THIS OFFER. HAPPY flARRIAQB, HEALTH, ENEMY AND , , LONO LIPS. In all tho world today In all the history of the world no doctor or institution haa treated and restored go ..many men as haa the fumed KRIS MEDICAL COMPANY, of Buflalo, N. Y. This to dne to the fact that the company eon trols some inventions and discoveries which have Bo equal in the whole realm of medical science. 80 much deception has been practised In advertising that tills grand old company now makes a Startling offer. They will send their magically effective appliance and a month's course of restorative remedies positively on trial, without expense, to any reliable man. jVo a dollar need be paid unUt rttvltt art known to and admoviedgedbii tM patient. The Erie Medical Company's Appliance and Remedies have been talked of and written about till every man has heard of them. The higlwst medical authorities In the world have lately commended them. They possess marvelous power to vitalize, develop, restore and sustain. ' They create viKor. healthy tissue, new life. ' - They stop drains that sap the energy. ; They euro ail effects of evil habits, excesses, overwork. ' . They give foil strength, development tnd tone to every portion and organ of the body. Failure impossible; age no barrier. This " Trial Without Expense " offer ii limited to a short time, and application must be made at once. No C.O.D. scheme nor deception ; no exposure a clean business proposition by a company of high financial and professional standing. Write to the ERIE MEDICAL COMPANY, Buffalo, N. Y-i end refer to their offer in this paper, hearts" In friendship, broadening our sympathies and enlarging our mental Jaanzoa MRS. FREDERICK MARTIN, ... . Press Correspondent. THE WOMAN'S COURT CLUB. One of the most delightful treats ever enjoyed in this city fell to the lot of the Woman's Court when Mrs. Sem-ple, the gifted wife.of the able minis. fr, Rev. Dr. sempie, rnvoreu tuat ciuo with an inspiring lecture on Eugene Field. An object of speciul moment it is to this organization to avail itself of the latent, loreerui taieni innereui 111 woman.' 1 ! In her nnriraval of Mr. Field 8 many- Killed character. Mrs. Semnle showed the versatility of a genius, anil in her rendition of his humorous ana pniiieue poems she gave eviaeucei 01 power possessed by few. Her winsome manner and thorough enjoyment of the subject brought her henrers en rapport wit 11 ner every phase. May the W oman's court ue again so favored, with the privilege of extend ing their pleasure to all. HOT SPRINGS FORTNIGHTLY . CLUB. rr vnnann hns been nn interesting subject ever since his return from his daring expedition in tue nam, anu me Fortnightly CluD, at its weunesany 01-weekly meeting, thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon In discussing his life and the scenes of his labors. A paper by Miss Bell, on "Nnnsen's Life nnd Labors in Regard to His Recent Expedition nnd his Future Explorations," dealt with the subject in a most able manner. . - Miss Walsh followed, reading extracts from T. 8. Steele's "A Voyage to Viking Land," containing benutlful descriptions of Norwegian scenery and the midnight sun. These were supplemented by photographs, shown by Mrs. Jaggers. Mrs. Sorrells led the discussion, covering the history and value of Arctic explorations, and expeditions to start out next summer. in onnnertlnn with the com ing convention of the Arkansas Feder-atlon of Women's Clubs came before the club, and final arrangements for the reception and entertainment of the delegates nearly completed. . KING'S DAUGHTERS OF BRINK LEY. .Though our intentions are to bo rep- resented at the coming convention of the Federation of Women's Clubs, we reel 1KB lui'K of a lengthy report;- Our work Is of a charitable nature and a means of developing the spiritual life of each member. ' . ' With a membership of over forty the King's Daughters are by no means it power to be overlooked In naming the Interests in our city. Meetings are held once a week at the home of some member special services one a month at one of the churches. Last ednes day afternoon a "pound" reception was given, at Mrs. Webber's, friends and "Daughters" bringing donations for a "case that the order is interest ed in. Thursday afternoon an interesting programme at the Methodist Church led by Mrs. M. Krone, consisting of music by Mesdames .John Diffey and W. B. Folsom, prayer. Scripture read ing and responses, short talk by Rev. Pooular Clothing House, Spring Suits and Gents'- will pay you to visit 109 , arkham and 102 Main Street. 1 3 LITTLE ROCK. TWVVVVVrVWrWvVVvVVVVVVWI A. Graham. The order will send two delegates, Misses Bryan and Mitchell, to Hot Springs. It Is the wish of many to study next year the work of the federation, "Reform and Household Economics." ; Whatever is done will be done "In Ills nn me." MISS IDA LONSBERRY, Secretary King's Daughters, Brlnkley, Ark. , CLUB NOTES, Mrs. 8. Wiissell and Mrs. A. Retail will attend the convention as delegates from the Woman's Auxiliary to the Y. M. C. A. : ',, Mrs. A. O. Blscoe and Mrs. J. R. Dale are the delegates from the Woman's Library Association of Arkadel-phia. ' . '; :' ' ' . The Tansy Book Club will be represented at the convention by Mrs. W. II. Griiier and Mrs. H. D. Tomlinsonr Mrs. Sam Wassell and Mrs. A. Retan have been elected asdelegates frpra the Y. M., C. 'A. Auxiliary: Mrs. Norton will represent the Woman's Club at the convention. Mrs. Herman Kahn and Miss Belle Worm-H't go from the Woman's Court, and Miss Annie Wittenberg from the Warner Club. . , ! . The nttenti'on of nil federated clubs Is again" called to the fact that -the committee for club exhibits requests delegates to bring their year books, or wiipro thorp nro : nn nrlnted . pro grammes n written sketch of the year's J I , .L 1 .work, it is very mucn uemreu wui every club represented will have, something good on this table. The delegates will pay full fare for round trip to Hot Springs. It will be necessary to have tickets signed at station before starting .and signed again at convention. The' rebate will be paid when ticket Is presented upon return of holder of same. The Interesting paper on "Spain and Her Historic Relations to This Country" was written by Mrs. Kate Kear ney Egan, of Morrllton, who has oeen n riuiilii for venrs. net even visltlna her most Intimate friends, and has not been engaged in anything but home af- f.iirs. The club sends this article ror mihllcntion to set forth one of the great powers of club work. The Educational Aid society nas nati fim-nr iinniipntinns for assistance in the lat year than for five years previous. By helping one younK nitty iu u u-mArnifll fvnirnp ivp onened the WSV for '.mother to attend the public school. We have also broadened our lines of -workrMI-Urnforty-mamhiir8hipata children uunble to pay for them to the new Cltv Park library, organized last year by the library department of the Woman's i;o-operative assocuuiuu. as Tvlll niHntirn in .tune for the hot season we have planned our work for next year, and win assist two youus ln.iioo' niinnitir ar.1ppterl. one In com mercial, nnd one In kindergarten. We send ten delegates to the Hot Springs convention. President, Mrs. Clara Mc-Dlnrmld; delegates, Mrs. P. C. Ewing; Mrs. England, niternate. . Mrs. J. II. Shlnn, chairman of the reform department of the Woman's Co-operative Association, presenrea a fine programme for the members of ti, auMni.lnrlim nnd their friends on Friday afternoon. Music, two papers niul a fine address from uoveraor Jones were heartily enjoyed by all. Mrs. Jennie Beauchanip gave a good talk nnd offered a resolution concern- Inir the need of a state rerorm school. Mrs. Remmel read a paper which had been prepared by Dr. Ida .T. Brooks on the necessity of the em-nWmnnr nf 11 woman nhvsiclan to care for the Insane women in the state institutions. A committee was ap-i,,tn,i tn hrlnir the matter betfore the convention of women's clubs, and It is hoped every woman who expects to attend this convention will Inform herself along the line of this needed reform, which means so much for the guiltless, helpless womanhood or Arkansas. - J - ! - - ' - A FRIEND'S SUGGESTION. T lmve lone been troubled with ec zema. I was almost ready to give up In despair when a inena suggesrea Hood's Snrsaparilla. I gladly thank mr friend for his suecestion. for I be gan taking Hood's Sarsapnrllla nnd to day I am in better neann tnan ior ycars."-S. A. Collin, J)over, Ark. TTwVa puia pnre nil liver ills. Mailed for 25c by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. A PLEASANT AFFAIR. Presentation Exercises at Conductors' Hall An Enjoyable Programme. Division 182 B. of U E. and thej,a- dics' Auxiliary had a good time at Conductors' Hall, West Markham, yesterday afternoon. The entertainment vvas nitich" enjoyed ByTfir p'resenfraiia was quite a success socially, xne iot-lowlug programme was rendered: March on tne organ airs. u. a. tr uest. Vocal duet Mesdames E. Mills and A. Degulre. 1rountntlnn nf irnirt watch to Mr. A. L. Vaughan, retiring chief engin eer, by Jlx. uouert rieriot. A vocal solo A Boy s west Friend is His Mother," by Mrs. E. Mills. Presentation of a past president's pin to Mrs. E. Mills, retiring president of the Ladles' Auxiliary, by Mrs. Chas. Seymour. .. . . " Vocal solo "After the Dance is Over," by Mrs. Austin DeGuln. Recitation "A Ghost Story," by fra Pnliort TTprlnt. March by Mrs. D. A. Ernest, which was a signal for supper. The watch presented to Mr. Vaughan lo n twontv.nnp-1pwplpd Klffln. "with A heavy open-faced gold case, beautifully cnaravea witn me ionowiug inscription on the back of the case: "Pn-sented to Mr. A, L, Vaughan by the members of Division 182 B. of L. E. for faithful and efficient service as C V. frnm 1RR tn 1808." Itt ranking the presentation' Mr.'Her-rlot spoke ns follows: ? ' - "Brother Vaughan: You'bave, been the honored chief of this division for tho nnut ton rental, nnd von have lust recently laid down the scepter of office to become ngain a private in toe mines of nriraiiisted labor. Not only have you unrrnri AH Olir nhtpf PTPPlltivp of. fleer, but you were'one of the plone'is in the movement more tnan mieen SPRING TIME. The Beit Seaion ot the Year to Treat Chronic Catarrh. . Notwithstand-, Ing that a great number of people have been cured of chronic catarrh by taking Pc-ru-na during the past season, yet it wnnnt lo rle. , nled that the . j , c o-1 a , wci, stormy winter has . retarded many cures, and In some cases actually prevented' a" euro. But, after unusual delay,' 'spring-time has come at last,, and now Is' the time for all catarrh sufferers to begin ;a systematic course of treatment for tins disease. The greatest difficulty in the way of treating chronic catarrh is that 'the patient Is liable to catch cold during the treatment and thus delay1 a cure. This liability at this season of the year is In a great measure removed, and no one should neglect the opportunity to be given treatment.' VSpring fever," as It Is sometimes called, which produces a tired-out, sleepy feeling -and Inability to do much mental or physical work, Is the result of a sluggish digestion, and no blood medicine will be of any use whatever unless It Is able to rectify the impaired digestion. The great popularity that Fe-ru-nn has is due to the fact that In all such cases it at once corrects digestive derangements and enriches the blood by-purifying this very Important source of that vital fluid. Mr. Eph. Sells, of the Sells Bros.' circus - and - menagerie, writes as follows: "Your Pe-ru-na is certainly one of the very best tonics that was ever brought to my attention. It produces an even and nntural appetite, aids in digestion and produces sound and refreshing sleep. I would not be without It for any money." Send to the Pe-rn-na Dmg Manufacturing Company, Columbus, O., for a free book on catarrh. yenrs ago that paved the way for our present contract with the system of railroads on which we are employed the first written contract that was ever entered into between a railroad .wMi.nam. anA Ita amnlnvA. An till Amerlean-continentr-Iti-needles for me to tell you that your services l!l all thoan mnpfi ftni'o hpen nnnreciflted by your brother engineers, and while perhaps you may have made some sliRht mistakes they have been 'errors of-. the head rather than the heart,' and as one of our Little Rock divines recently said In a sermon, 'if a mnn has performed his duty well, don't wait until he is dead to accord to him praise therefor.' Acting on this principle, the members of this division anil a few engineers, your friends, not nmmlww hnv rlplecntert me the ve"V pleasant duty of presenting to you In their behalf as a small token of their appreciation this beautiful time-piece something that Is not only of intrinsic value, but useful in your Dusiness .is well. t "Wo lmn thnt no roil ha ve nlwavs proved faithful nnd prompt In dealing with our interest, tnis twenty-one jeweled Elgin will prove equnlly true to vrm nnit when Hnperilns along the rail on the inside of sixty seconds to the mile, and as you gaze on us aini-piat, may you often think of the donor-), your old friends." Mr. Vaughan though somewhat taken by surprise, replied In a few well-chosen remarks. Snnnpr was served at 8 p. m., having been prepared by the ladies, with the exception of the ice cream and cake, which was furnished by Mr. Bott. . The following ladles were present: Mourt'impa RlnkPHiev. Mills. Ernest. Dc- Guln, Green, Horton, Seymour, Ballnn-tine, Kline. McCorkle, Davidson, Campbell, Terrell, Mangui, lieriot, Hickman, Howard and Yates. The Ladies' Auxllinry deserve all the credit for the success of the entertainment. STATE NEWS NOTES. The grand Jury found nine indict ments, one vfor felony nnd eight for misdemeanors. This speaks well for a county ns large as ours, that only one mnn has been charged with crime of such a magnitude that he should go to the pen. DeWltt New Era. The bones of a man were found a mile or so above Greenfield last Friday. Also the skeleton of a moukey with a chain on it. The bodies had been burned, but enough remained to show what they were. About the 1st of March " two foreign men passed through here with a monkey nnd weut on through Greenfield, and It is reported that they were quarreling when they left that place and thnt It was nearly night It is supposed that they camped In the woods ana got into a fight, in which one of them was killed, nnd that the remaining one proceeded to kill the monkey and then burned the bodies nnd made good his flight. Harrlsburg News. The"A,B, Ab," of cleanliness: Use Pearline, downstairs, inside, outside, every where.. Cleanness Pearline is easier than with' soap. Then, if a woman uses Pearline, isn't everything likely to be kept cleaner? "Hard work" is the reason for leaving many things dirty. Pearlinemeansbetterliving; comfort, health, economy., wr 1 with NATAT0RI0M SEASON Grand Opening Being Arraaged for D7 Mr. Treadway. Lee Schuyler, the Champion High Diver of the World, Has Been Engaged as Instructor or the Season. Tn two wppkit. fir Anrllfr. thp nntfltflr. ium season will be opened. It Is morn thnn n fnri it la n nproHtaitv. nnd Rhntlld be even more liberally patronized than last. year, -iae srreet-car company id extending Its track to the door, returning to the main track by Raleigh Spring and forming) a loop that will ho vorir nnnvnnlonr The Interior of the, natatorlum building has" been painted a light blue, ana pariora. tor Indies and many other conveniences and improvements have been provided., By the introduction of larger waste pipes It is possible to empty, tho pool in tinny minutes, ad apparatus lias also been added for heating tha trnror in the nnnl. and is belnr tried today. Other amusement features a-'fl contemplated, and this promises 10 oe a more popular resort tnan. ever, a orsnd ooenlnz will be given near the latter part of the month. Mr. Treadway haa secured the services of Lee Schuyler, the champion high diver or tne wona, ior insirucmr for the coming season. Schuyler has been instructor for Professor Wllllnm rinrir'a St. Louis natatorlum for the past four seasons. He is a St. Louis boy, 22 years of age, and is nve reer. oltrht innhnn in hplirht, ' weight 152 pounds, and is an expert swimmer. He holds the world's record for high div ing, having dived Tram the heignt or ir0 feet in St.. Louis on July 18, 180(1. Ho hnn romneted with nnddefeatei all the best divers In the country. One of Schuyler's most daring aives was rrom the height of 75 feet Into a tank of aw thrpa foot rieen at St. Louis Fair Grounds. He has given exhibitions lo high diving all over tne unuea siuies. Schuyler turns a back somersault from i,o imin-M nf ino fppt. also & flvlns gainer somersault from the same height, which is said to be tae most difficult feat ever attempted by any diver. He is the sou of the late C. N. Schuyler, formerly a well-known stem- boat captain, also a uonteaerate veter- NORTH SIDE SCHOOL. The Democrat's Nrtb Side Rounder . Takes a Peep Into It. Vnatorrinv nfternoon a "Democrat" scribe went to school over the brook. It was a pleasant task to Interview the principal and assistants of the Ar-genta High School, which Is the only school for the white population in that part of the city. . The building is a very spacious nuu nnnvpnlpnt one. of the modern two- story brick style. Principal John E. Martineau's room, ior tne musi-uu-vanced pupils, is situated on the sec-nnrt flnnr. He teaches three grades the seventh, eighth and niuth. In his customary courteous mauuer tne priu-.)nni Bhmvwl the feiiorter through tae various rooms, which are under the immediate charge of capable young Indy teachers. Miss Ollle Chick is instructress of grades five and six; SIIss Ida Ramsey, of grades three ana rour; miss Maggie Faucette, of grade two, and Miss Belle Atkinson, of grade one. A very pleasant and enlightening task It is to enter a place of instruction like this, where the training of miud nnd heart are the ends to be reached. Discovering and directing the talents nf the rnnnir mind are tasks that re quire no little responsibility, energy and acuteness ot intellect. The child here enters the public anhnnl mnm. nrriinnrilv. at U or 7 years of age, and year after year climbs slowly to the summit or nis grnuimar-school course, which is finished in about his 15th year. By this. time he has acquired quite a strong grnnp uu his powers of learning, and he is able on entering the high school to adapt his mind to the more abstruse and Intensive subjects as algebra and the dead and foreign languages. And from the high school his course leads on to broader and more fertile neius, wnen bis mind has grown to such an extent timt hn criisns with readiness the most difficult problems of his texts. - For some reasons tne location ot, tue school building, ns it stands at present, Is not entirely satisfactory, and, look ing to tne proDamnty or, a cimuge more suitable and quiet, grounds have hppn oeippted in the eastern nart of town. The attendance has been In creasing constantly since the erection nf tho linMiiliiEr. and thora is now HH average dnily attendance of 250. The school has not ns yet come under the general supervision of the school board of Larger Little Rock, but remains in charge of a separate board of di rectors, composed ot tne 'ioiiowmg named gentlemen: Messrs. C. Robkin, Geo. M. Street and M. D. L. Cook. Owing to rapidly-increasing revenues the plans for the new building will rorv llkplv ho pninrirpfl nnrl the ennae- ity of the schol Incrensed accordingly. xne present term win nnisii one 01 tne most successful in the history of this institution. A WELCOME EXHIBITION. The announcement that Prof. Gentry's famous dog and pony show is soon to exhibit in this city has led to numerous Inquiries about the details, such as the location of the grounds rind prices of admission. The character of the show is so well known that people will regard the Information as news, and consequently we have made Inquiries, with the following result: The show, which it is needless to men tion, is the best one of Its kind in the world, will exhibit under their own waterproof tents, which will be locat ed on Fourteenth and Main streets six nights, beginning Monday, April 18, with matinee dally except Monday, The prlccB of admission are, chil dren 10 cents, adults 20 cents, . and when the magnitude and artistic worth of the show Is taken into consideration It will easily be seen that the prices of admission are decidedly reasonable. FOR DELICATE Her condition af that time was very serious. She was so weak she could hardly get up ahd down. But she commenced ta grow stronger after ' taking Wine of Cardui, and kept Improving right up to confinement. She came through that ordeal sai'ely and has done well since. I think this is remarkable under the circumstances. Wine of Cardui ought to t in every family. .' BENJAMIN. ESS. rur. Mr. Ess' experience has times. There is no medicine many happy families that does so much for women as Wine ot Cardui. It strengthens a girl as she steps into womanhood. It fits the young married woman for every duty of wifehood and motherhood; . When the turn of life approaches, Wine of CartM is the right medicine to use. For all the cares and drains and weaknesses of vomen there is nothing so good as this wonderful medicine. Wine of Cardui can be purchased at any dmg store and used quietly at home. Every delicate woman should procure it at once. It will mar-e ner strong and healthy. That will make her husband and children happy. aVUXt PBB a301"TI-.E. A GROWING TOWN. Conway Milling Company Awards Con tract for Construction o Building. CONWAY, April 10.-(SpecIal.)-The stockholders of the Conway Milling Company met this week and considered bids for the erection of the new flouring mill, which is to be completed by July 1. The contract was awarded to Slade Bros., who are enterprising men nnd fine extractors, who will push the work. The cost of the building and the mill completed will be about $12,000. Arrangements have been made with tho railroad company to put in a spur to run to the mill. The switch will be put in by the milling company. All credit is due to Mr. J. M. Allinder, who has talked up the company for the erection of the mill. Hou. Jno. T. Young, candidate for prosecuting attorney, was in Conway yesterday. He leaves today for Mon. roe and Arkansas counties, where he will resume his fight for prosecuting attorney. Mr. Chas. E. Taylor, the traveling representative of the W. W. Dickinson hardware Company, was In Conway yesterday en route from El Paso, White county, where he has been mak ing a country trip. Mr. Taylor is a good, whole-souled fellow and can eat atf much fried chicken as any drummer on the road. SAVE YOUR STRENGTH, MONEY AND CLOTHES By U9ln Antlrub Washing Tablets Saves all the bard labor. Money refunded If not as represented. Try it next wash day. For sale at Grocers. - We manufacture the best WIRE SCREENS at lowest prices. Chas. T. Abeles & Co. "THE ARKANSAS HOUSE, OF LITTLE ROCK," IS THF PENCIL. 4aiAaAaaaatAiaaA4aaA.. f To Order that OUR line of nobby patterns is still intact . .After making suits for a good many, nobby dressers this season, we solicit your business, feeling confident we can give you-a perfect fit. The suit is ours if it doesn't fit you. $15, $16.50, $18.50, $20, $21.50, $22.50 and $25 will buy one. If You Are in Need OF a new Hat, Shirt, Underwear, Hosiery, or anything to complete your Spring j; outfit, consult us for the correct styles. jw pi jm pt iriurireafTuii WOMEN. Patten, Thomas Ca.Ga. Sept 8th, 1897. I am glad to write you what Wine of Cardui has done for my wife, She was confined August 10th. She has been delicate all her life, and was sick all through pregnancy Confined to her bed a good deal. Three weeks before the baby came I got" ber some Wine of Cardui. kail been duplicated a thousand in tne wona mat mases so LADIES' ADVISORY DEPARTMENT. For advice In eM requiring ape-elal direction, addreu, giving srnip- . - V -.1...' . .nn. rtenrtl-twMfl. The ClmtunooB Medicine Co. Chattanooga, reno. Amusements "1402." .,. "1402," the musical extravaganza which ran for two years In New York to unprecedented receipts, Is to be presented at the Capital theater matinee and nizht, Thursday, April 21, with all Its original magnificence of scenery, costumes and accessories. The piece is a brilliant satire on the Columbus episode of 1402, and permits of a lavish-stage embellishment, which has been taken advantage of by the management who promise some of the most beautiful and striking stage pictures and tableaux ever shown on the stage. They have Bpent several months of hard labor in the preparation of this piece, and have selected a. company with great care. Of the seventy peo-, pie employed In its representation several are possessed of an almost national reputation. ' In the ' list of names there will be found Stuart, known as the "Male Patti," who will be seen In his wonderful Impersonation of Queen Isabella; Miss Zelma Rawlston. New York's favorite burlesque actress and vocalist; Master Thomas Meade, a phenomenal boy tenor; the famous Herald Square Quartette; Frank Gardiner, Marie, Conchi-ta, Conde Thompson, Arthur R. Seat-on, George D. Cunningham, H. J. Turner, Thomas H. Ince, George Ovey, and others. The chorus, which Includes nearly forty pretty young women, has been specially selected. Seats on sale Monday morning. DOOR AND WINDOW SCREENS will keep out the files. See Chas. T. Abeles & Co. .- aaaaaaaaa. Vf vvvi New Spring; Suit. J A

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