The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1930 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1930
Page 9
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'rHURSDAY,_S_RPtKRiBKR 18, 1030 JBTjYTHlRiyiLLE, (ARK.). COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS TWO cents a word lor first Insertion Bad one cent & word (or wcc sutecqmni Insertion. No »dverti«meuttaken lor less thui 6Cc. count the words iud send the tMb. Phone 306 i'UU SALK I'OH SALE—20 HUX-S, one mile uf minimi on conc'ruc rond. Suitui down payment, ualano; uusy Uiiub at u-,a. J. c; Cuni'iiii Manna, AlK. IBl'-K^ i'Ott KENT FOR RENT—Front bedroom, adjoining biuli. Private uomc. l j iioiie * raw. 17c-K2i FOR RENT—Light housekeeping vcoms. 1020 Hi'urn Si. 1'lione !111). 1'1-PK. VI FOR RENT—Front bedroom, convenient, to bum. Mrs. E. M. Hiillman, 522 Lumeriic. Phone fciHJ. 11-PK 20 FOR RENT—Four room [urn&icd or immrnishcu a»art:nem, oaili Barat'C. Alcurme Apia. 13])Kid. FOR KENT—Two story house, nine rooms, two baths. Main si. 1'iioue tiliu ana i)Ki. L. L. Ward. ti FOR RENT—One of Shane apari- jni-nifi on West, Main sireet. Tul- epnone 107 and 571. 1511. FOR RENT— Housekeeping rooms cheap. 'J14 Hcani. FOR RENT— Sleeping room adjoining bal-h. Mtc-am healed home. Garage Is desired. 1100 West Main Phone 114.. 15ckl8. FOR RENT—ti room house, 232 Dougan. Phone 334. ICckU FOR RENT— Splendid home, 2 bath rooms, newly decorated on Walnut St. Rent 545.00. Thomas Land Co. 1GC-K19 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white womun. Mri. brown, Via S Lake Si. 17clc-u WANTED—Three or four-room fur- nujicd nuurtmeitt, private, long term, desirable location. Address It. R., Courier News. llip-K19 WANTED to rent, lease or bus- three or four-room house, modern. Good condition. Price right. Box "H" Courier News. lCp-K18 WANTED—Second hand wardrobe or chittorobc. Phone 5150. I2ckl9. AT ONCE—SOUTH AMERICA OR UNITED STATES. Permanent positions; clerical, mechanical, salesmanship; experience unnecessary. Salaries S25.-5100. weekly, transportation furnished. Box 1115. Chicago, III. TAKE>: TJP TAKEN "UP—Blue marc mule. Owner call at Ezra Hampton's on Route 2. • 17P-K22 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT The re-asr?s5ment of Curbing, Guttering and Paving District No. 1, of the City of Blythcville, Arkansas has been filed in my of- Jice, and the same is now open for inspection. S. C. CRAIG, City Clerk of Blythcville, Ark. 8-if. ON ANNUM, BASIS RHOSLYN. (MonmciUh), En?. (UP)—William Hugtes willed to his wife SS'JO for each completed year he lived aftei'. the date of his marriage. HOPES FOR 100 VliAKS PLYMOUTH, Pa.. lUPI — Mrs. Lmmeline Williams. Plymouth's oldest resident, is confident she will JtKUIN IIF.Ill-2 TODAY CKi'i.t iiocr.HH, jiut out oi hlfih M-'liool, »iicniJ« u hut July <lny luuklni; for a Julj. Her mollipr. M.MUiAFliri 1 HUG|:HS. Is n NlUinv, viiiiilajed tm u HCIIIII- *m-*ix In a ilrrflH nhoii. On llic ilny llie ulory ulicn* Mnr^nrcl n*- L'drrJi a lirtlrr ulih'U t>Lc con- crnls fritm Crlln. II \* mi uCYi-r, hleruL'il JOHN 5I1TCIIKI.I., to provide Ihp Rlrl with evi-ry uilv.-iii- Injct' itf riliu'ntlmi, trnvi-l nnj no- ><lnl pllKltlull if till' lllllllKT \\lll ^Uc Itcr up. ^lurirnri-l Jccl:irva klio i^lll ju'vcr <t,t fhl^. (-{•lln K or * '^ k r it Urtve ullh ll\»M-:r .SIIir.l.DS. ?nmin IH-H»- )'.i|irr i»liol(iifr:i|i1icr. ll:irui'y u-Ui* trrlln fm ltirf-« lirr ntnl KWcarn Ih:it bonir dny Ihry tvlll \it innr- rli'd. .Vi'.vt ilny Ihp Klrl cuiidiiiirji her Krnrcli fur \vnrlc mid *rcnrr* u linjitlloll an httnoK rniihcr. Sht^ froi-K to the* Khcii, tn ».or lirr niulhrr and find* ^Irv. Itn^erx lint lircn taken III Kiidileiil}-. 1'lie dnclnr jt:iyM lirnt nnj evlinuhtlmi art- the CIIIIM*. Attrr n iln>S rest .^Irs. rii^rrx rrturiis to IIIT duties, lint thri-,^ dny* ]:itcr \ljc pn^M u vnll tt> Ilie diiclorV otTrc mill IH told )jcr con- dllhm !•< MvrEou.H. The iihyKU-lnii IjivixlK hhu iiiusf K\ve up \inrk. 'I'liiil uluht Slr«. UHKITN ivrltea n Irltrr in .Inlin Mllclirll. NOW GO OX WITH THR STOI1V CHAPTER VI TT was Wednesday night that - 1 Margaret Rogers wroto tho letter. Two days later ;i man in id tile-aged, well dressed and obviously prosperous, paced up nnd down a room in HID Belvc dero Hotel. Onco lio Gtopncd pn.ippnd his fiugera impatieutlj nnd then strode on a^ain. Ho paused before tho telephouo. "This Is Mitchell in room 71C,' lio said slinrply. "Havo tUero been any calls for me?" "»Vo, Mr. Mitchell." "You're sure, aro you?" The (emiuino voice assured him the Tyas t]uito suro. Wh ehoiildii't slio be? It vns tli third tinto in halt an hour tha tho Buost in room 11C had i>u the sanio Inquiry. John Milcliell replaced the tele plione. Tlien he glanced at wrist watch, eeated himself in largo overstuffed chair and bega drumming his lingers on the chut arm. John .Milcliell was a largo man tall, with u figure that was \vc filled out but not stout. He lookc like a Kolt'er who also eujoye his meals. His hair had bee dark once—nearly black. No there wns more than a sprinkliu of gray in it though from b face one would havo placed tl man's age at about 50. As a ma ter oi fact, John Mitchell kno "nov; to drive a bargain. Iiid he knew how to turn Ihe vote :i directors' meeting. The colo in bis checks indicated an exce lent digestion and the man looke iu splendid lieal'b. CTU'FFED away in a pocket " flint suit was tho letter Ma gavct Rogers had written. It w a brief note. It read: "Ueai' John: I c:tn not gi you an nnswcry Imraediatel There arc so many things to considerert. Perhaps if you cou cotn.o hero so thai wo can la matters over ami como to a cle understanding it could be settl more easily. I want to do wb is right. That is all that.I ran say isow. Very siucerely. Margaret." Mitchell bad sent two telegrams en receipt fit that letter. He was waitius now for Margaret Rogers' arrival. The telephone buzzed insistently. "Hollo—yes!" the man au- OTJR BOARDING HOUSE By Aheru "/ watil Celia," he said abruptly. He said if ai a man acfuitomcd to taking the (/n'ngs lie desired. I'll semi Celia to ew seconds later when lie emcrg- d fi'om the elevator into tbe :otol lobby. Ha also was making . tremendous effort not to appear elf-conscious. Slowly ho surveyed the big oom. • His frown deepened. He vas turning when a lo\v voice poke at his elbow. "you're—Jobn Mitchell, aren't •ou?" "Yes. My nauio's Mlleliell." Tho pair stared ut each oilier. Mitchell's eyes were stony, unlie- leving. Margaret answered bis ;azo iinliincliiugly. "I'm Margaret," sho said simply. She rnllft man nodded. Tho mask-*- like expression setlled over his face again. "I want Cclfn," he said tilirupt- ly. IIo said 11 as a man accustomed to taking tbo UiiiiBS he wore a black crepo frock thor best otic) with touches of white lace at tho neck. It had aeon remade more than once by ler clever flrigers, but ft was becoming. Her close-fitting turban emphasized the lustre ot those really beautiful brown eyes. "Margaret 1 ." ho exclaimed Then tho high color in his cheeks darkened. "Yes—yes, of course, You've cltauged," ho added. "Shall wo find somewhere to lalk?" tho woman asked. lie led tbo way into a lounge adjoining the lobby. U was deserted except for a yonug woman reading a newspaper. "This will do," Margaret agreed. "Yes, I've changed. You have changed loo, John." "No doubt! Well, it's been a long time—" he sectned embarrassed, dropped the sentence and lnirrhd ou. "I'm fatter. Don't get as much golf as I used to. Ought to have more exercise. Hat I feel pretty well just the sains." "You look well!" "Tli ink so?" John Mitchell eyed bis companion closely. "I wouldn't have kuown you, Margaret." surprised. I didn't Margaret Rogers' lips quivcrcil jut with an ch'ort slie kept them firm. "I don't know—" she beau. Milcliell broke In ruthlessly. "It's tho only thins for tho child," bo Insisted. Yon ought to sea that. What can yon give her? What future have you I'lanncil [or her hero? Slio's finished high (school. Sevcnleen— almost a young woman. What's sho gointj to do now?" Margaret was ^wift in her own "Celia's been happy," she defied him. Ho scoffed. "She's a child. Now she needs to learn the world. Is she talented? I'll give her training in the finest schools in Ibis country or in ^Europe. 1C she wants soclet I'll lake care ot that, too. I caul Margaret gasped. n the tall Onrope." Tbo whirlwind of plans was loo niii'li for Margarel Rogers. "I can't offer anything," paid Margaret through linn lips, "ox:C[it what I've given her all her ifo. I'm willing to work (or her. I'm willing to do anything to i:iu!;e her happy." "Then llml'u tho answer!" llie man said, elated. "Is it?" llie woman asked iravely. "Aro you so sure?" TOIIN' Ml •' darkened. MITCHELL'S checks "Celia Is mine," Margarol Hog- era reminded him Dimly. "I don't have to Rive her up!" "No!" Tbo man'r, voico roso pbarply. "You don't bnvo lo give- IRT up. My (Soil, Margaret, you've robbed mu ot every happiness! Yon took her away. Do you want lo ruin my wbole lite?" lio bail forKolleu where they wcro and so had Margaret. Sbo was in llio past agnln. "Don't—don't say that, John!" ~-m *• OL 1 OWL'S CLUB BLJ(LD|r\i(3 ' S1/U3Y, "7H 7 WRECKBR5 US LIME S. ACROSS -irr sfReer AMy/Trfe POLICE. STA-riofA J' ( filk/e 'EM-Tri 7 HoorT ^ AW BERRVJ -- 7 v Mdrd EIFFBRErUCE. If CRAMPS * -fle RE 7 S A Urf IF-TH; PVRAMJP5 VW.S IF I WAV par \T-THWWAV; ~^ ai *&**££&&**$-'Zi —^" • ~^,'_1 .i»300T»CAMBv,tt.iKc?,,,^^srjfirHe OL3>, rVi&St* IS .T5OQWrEI>, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martin OUT-OF-DOOR GIRLS! swered. Tbcn his voico changed c-xpcct you to." entirely. "Oh—you've come? I'll "Wouldn't have known you!' do it. I can givo her everything In the world she nccils! Margaret, don't you see—?" "Schools nud money aren't everything," tho woman couu- Mitchcll was on his feet "Where is she? When can I seo her?" bo asked. Margaret Rogers was very pale. "You can see her." she, said. lercil. "I want ber to have a] "She's—lovely, John. She's bcan- chance for happiness. 1 want her tlful! Celia doesn't know auy- to bo safe!" She put her hand to her face thing about all this. Sho thinks she's going lo be a stenographer but John Mitchell did not notice [and earn S20 a week. Ob, I'm Hie fiuick motion. Ho did not so proud of her. 1 want her to notice that when Margaret's l dropped tho fingers were wet wilh teardrops. "It can all he arranged very easily," Mitchell was saying. "I'm in Nciv York now. Moved there two months ago." Ho mentioned the namo of an immensely respected lejal firm with which he was atliliaied. "But what about Celia?" "I've arranged everything." have the very best!" "I know." ' Bolh nf them were silent for a tiino. Mitchell's eyes wero downcast. It wns a moment of crisis and Margaret llogers was making a tremendous effort. "John," her words came finally iu tortured rushes, "I'm trying—• trying so bard not to bo selfish. You can tako tier if you'll agree to mv (crmj. You'll Imvo ta Mitchell insisted. "She'll stay' promise!" be down immediately." He looked at his watch as he Milcliell repented as tug lo convince himself of a sur- wiih my mother in liio old Gram- lown you!' mercy Square place. I'm then' though try- too. Mother may be getting old] but no ono could launch a girl stepped out ot tho room, noting! prising truth. socially better llian s'ho can.I his visitor was just livo minutes "Hadn't wo better—get at: Mother knows everyone. Slic'll' Hie Mitrlieli vsu frnivinncr „ I what V on ratun to talk about?" I introiluca her (n tho ri^hr r.eordc. "What aro tbo conditions?" Mitchell asked harshly. Slarsarct leniicfl forward, her face clo5:c to bis. "Proinise," gbo sail! tensely, "that Celia shall never—iaioiii" (Tn l>i> Continucdl CoRf\ MX) We 9Rof«AoR. BMSX Kt» VWK ON live to be ICO years old. Mrs. Wili- iams celebrated her 93th birtlulay last month and i; hale and hearty WHEN YOU BUY AN AUTO Do you let it go from month tq, month without needed repairs? 0£ course not—to keep value in a cur it must bu kepi in good repair. Your home needs repairs, modernizing, rliaiiKcs and additions, to make it livable, attractive, and to keep up its I value. GIVE YOUR HOME A CHANCE By Keeping it in Good Repair. Pay Out of Income By the Month. Phone 100 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Check This List Sec if your home needs any of these repairs or Improvements IMnrc closet space Shelving Cupboards ~ Doors Garage N'cw walks Or driveways New floors over old Kofifing % Paint Screens or screen doors Repair or recover side walls New Trent entrance AViudow.s or frames New trim Partitions Lnelosc ]ioreh FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THAT UoiS£ DANGER! By Bk»s«« VJfTH THIS VlD FRKkLES OUT OF MiV VIAY I'LL SMOOTH SAILIUS... VJELL, I'LL 6£T -IT t TWHk HCNJ1VJAS A FE\U MINOTCS tGO... 6E6... TH6RE AIK'T rJOftna' COULDA SEE! AMY WWD O= ASl AM1WAL. '"' D\S OUT OF IU THAT Pt-AM£ sc SOME: \ tvevt I!" THE tcrret wt> C(\M SOMt UMA 4ND CO&S f^ ^ /iStSr^/^fev J4I -^M^'

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