The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1931
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 9, 1931 BLYTHSVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS > V-: BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Luafer Two Teams Keep Records] Clean; Guardsmen Hit Win Column Last Night.! Hubbaril and Gas-Oil won their .second sliaiglit victories in ns ninny j rtarts In the City Case league last night white Company M broke into the win cclumn lor the first time. The formidable Ilubbard aggregation, rated early season favorites to cop the league chase, met a scrapping but un-organized squad cf non-descript warriors In the Outlaws. Hubbard won easily 22 to 15 but hart to show a last halt jptirl to get very far ahead of the Outlaws. At thn half Hubbard was ] leading only 15 to 12 and two' minutes before the first half was I tcni|i!El.?[l the Outlaws through' seme nifty goal shooting by Todrt-j find Bunch tied (lie score at 12-all. Todd of the Outlaws was the high rcorcr of the game with nine points Blankensliip led Hubbard v.ith ies'en points. Gas-Oil had a fairiy easy time In the second half with the Dixie Fliers. The score 1C to G gave Hie Gas boys a good margin but at the half they led cnly 5 to 4. Rayder. City Cage League Team IV. Hubbard 2 Gas & Oil 2 Company M I Pliers 1 Outlaws 0 Frisco 0 Pet. l.OM 1,000 .500 .500 .000 .000 cf the Gas team was the high scorer v.ith five points. Christian, forward of the Gas five turned in twoj of the mcst sensational field goals! cf the night. Cox led the Fliers! with one field goal and a tout goal. Company .M played circles around the Frisco quintet. The railroad i crew was on the losing end of a 23 to 7 score. Th? Frisco boys tired in the last half after a desper- rue defense in the first period. AC the half the guardsmen led, 8 tO | 2. McHcnry and McCarty of the, Buard team tied for high point honors with raven points each. Eecoy scored five of the Frisco's: IN THE OPEN, POLUE star ToTue LEFT OF BAU- ofazcMEp OFF OF AMO FELL DID YOU KNOW THATV- Great Northern Game Due to Become Better Known in This Country. lly CI.AIUK NK.t Strvlct S|>orts WrLlrr A whirlwind sweeping down from ' ' R a rallier nitty piece of tlontal mgcry In a Co*it Hockey League ;lty about 13 ye»r5 ngo. Ho \vns ripped and his feet flew into the ilr. One sknlc struck Hoy Rickey of Sc.iltle full In the mouth. Rickey mmcdlalely began to do queer tilings, much to the bewilderment of players and 5|>cctntors who could «s! neither gashed face nor Woody lips. He shortly spnl out lour big molars on the Ice—ami thc- Kamo wjs resumed, » • * "Happy Harry" Holmes wus a professional goalie for 18 years, last appearing in the National League Hire.? yenis ngo wltli Uie Detroit entry. A year ago his first managerial eilort nt Clevelnnd won the li>lornr\Uo:)al Leaeuc championship rr.vcn Sometimes u manager or second can study his fighter's opponent, pick points. The work of Me-1 out R ;vea :;, lcESr tc u i,j s owll fighter how to attack it, and bring his boy was outstanding. First Came Company it (23) Pos. Wright HP 1 Wsllcnry Snnc*ers Wiggins McCarty Krutz McHcnry, Baker " LP C RG J I.G Sedontl Game Frisco (1) Eaton Carlork ' •• -Seloy Holland MrHaffey Chapin Santf ' mto * n * Aa *. But there are Limes when all the advice and blandishment in the world mean nothing. Here's one told me by Jos Ferry, the handsome two-fisted boxing Instructor of Illinois: ^-'Joo- Ferguson of Manayunk, a tough ex-sparring partner of Stanley Dixie Fliers Kcnningham Bible Cox . Lewis G?.n?ke Pos. HP • L,F C RG LG Gas-Qil Vcn Olman Christian Eadcs Ekins Rayder Harris Thirii Game Pos. RF •Cetciiell, was ImndliiiB Kid Fredericks against Pat Bradley at the late amented Jack McGuigan's National Club in Philadelphia. The first ound saw Ferguson's Kid pretty well worked over. "How am 11 going?" he asked In his corner. "Holding him even. Kid," Ferguson told him. In the second rcund, the Kid was cut up some. In addition, Bradley had floored him for a nine-count. Again, he asked how he was going Again lie was told he was still even. Tlic third round was slaughter, according to Ferry. Poor Fredericks nose was bashed, his face was bloody, an eye was cut, and he knocked down three times. Wearily, he staggered to his corner whei the bell rang. Again, he asked the question. "Kid. you're way ahead! You've got him tired out. Slay in then and fight," Joe shouted. 'What! I'm ahead!" asked the puzzled Kid. "Well then, I'm milttini right now, Joe, while I'm ahead." Love, Tennis, Etc. No less a personage than E. Uailcy. president, of the United Etales Lawn Tennis Association thinks that since George, Wil reer Allison and Johnny Vwn Ryi have been recently married, an entered iipon business careers, th association should encourage them to concentrate upon ti'.eir c and not tempt them to devote sev cral months in 1031 to the playin of the game on international teams. It begins to appear there is ur- C.cnt p.eed for seme kind of "stay- Einglc-and-bring-back-the - Davis- cup" movement. Johnny Ltoeg. national singles champion of last year, also has turned to business pursuits and is reported to have bscn smitten with the idea that the life of a family bread-winner isn't such a painful thought after all. It is not hard to remember that Helen Wills, queen supreme in the field of women's tennis, clnngsd her name to Moody some time ago and expressed the thought that international tennis honors could go hang so long as there were e. b; fried for Mr. Mocdy. My grodncis! What is tcnni: coming to. anyway? " • • i Tco Ycung io Marry? Just as s^on as a young lady cr ycuug man reaches the s'aje of i;r.y.unj the diflcrcnce tct-.v:ai Shields. Clifford Sutler, Gregory Mangin and Sidney B. Wood. Jr. None of these boys is yet old enough to vote, but they may comprise the Davis cup team of 1031. Shields reached the finals of the national singles tournament last year, losing to Johnny Docg. He is ID, but has been playing six years, graduating from shagging balls at Troggs Neck, L. I. Clill Suiter, a Tulane University student, is only 19 but he is the south's ranking player, and during ;he six years In which he has ap- jxared in competition lie has won the national intercollegiate crown, the Longwood Bowl title, the Eastern Grass Courts title, and has beaten such players as lilden, Mercur and Bell. Mangin Coming Up Mangin is not 21. bui he has moved up in national rankings from 26th in 1927 to a spat near tr.e top. He is a student at Georgetown University and Has won the eastern college crown. The Newark boy impressed British observers at Wimbledon with his aggressive-ness Hiu'ricaue Plays Chicks in ,Game Al Armory ToNite Bill Terr.y- got. very tired sit- ing on the bench watching Long Ucorge Kelly . playing ' flret for (lie Giants. . . . The Nntion- il League's leading .hitter for 1930'chafcd under McGraw's restraint. . . . Once he asked McGraw to. let him go:6ut : and try his nnnd in the outfield." k -... "No," responded Mac',-"you 'might get hit on, the .head with a fly ball" . . /But now Bill says, he is just beginning to realize: how much he learned • by'v watching Kelly. . . . Bill was a',- left- hand ed- pitcher originally/ , : He makes his home in Memphis durinj! the winter. . . . His pel aversion Ms having 'his family photographed for the newspapers. . . . But_ he will .allow, as many pictures ot. himself -as the most ixac-ting^camerarnan 'would desire. Ciuiailn's' frozen stretches scvcrn' yeuvs aso sU-iic'n the Inncy of tills comury'a thrill-seeking sport public. After 10 years of whirligig Ky- rritions and nillc-a-mlnutc sp^ed, it has grown liHo the blgufsl professional spoil of the winter season. Oh yes— professlonnl hockey Is the whirlwind's name. It is played in six healthy professional circuits embracing the Uniled Stales und Canada, and In dozens of amateur, collegiate niul scholastic circles here and to the north. Mony ihiuus luivc happened hi tlie development of the ".shinny on your own side" gainc to a Ihrlvlivj hockey industry of more than $30,000.000 investmeiil iirovlilliiK llirllh annually for more than 3,0110,000 paying fans. They mnde nrtlflclal ice (Irst and then built Indoor rinks. Then they stalled to tinker with the rules. Meanwhile, salaries of the professional players Increased ten fold. There wns a time when Canadian mothers kept their youngsters Indoors at nlghl by the mere mention of the name "Saskatchewan Edille" Shore. Eddie was the "bs^ey mtin" of hockey, and he carried llml rep- ulatlou to the Boston Bruins of the National League. Only a few seasons ago he eol something Ilk' three hours of sleep In the penults boxes during one winter's schcd ule. But Eddie finally reformed, n did other "bad men" of the liocke; ranks. It's almost impossible an; more to get Shore or Uabe Sibei or Red Button into a fight on Hi ice. They avoid the collision's when ever possible. However, all this mo inve ueen done because their re speclive features no longer will hoi doctor's stitches. llic Indians are In the running this winter, also. "Hockey would rivnl bnscbull if : ad my way for a few years, 1 olmes once told me. "I'd sprlnkli whole northern halt of Hi nlted Slates with onUloor skalluj onds and start the high schoo ids In the game. Flftcn years o ml raid the country would be ful majur league hockey talcn merican born. You know mosl o ir plnyors now arc Canatllan" A miniature golf cour&'luu been istnlled on the decks-ot the liner injcsllc. ma/ft .wtfl or stetm switch-M<jpf*> N TUB MISSISSIPPI COUNT CHANCERY COURT: C11ICKA SAWBA DISTRICT. ifilciin Building and Loan Asso elation anJ W., L. Dclony, Trustee, Plaintiffs, vs. •• . M. Ross, ct si., Defendants. WARNING ORDER, Tlic defendants, J. Eraser SinlCi nd l(. S. Norman, Trustees, are vnrncil lo appear In this court vllhln thirty days from this dale unit answer'the complaint of the ilalntiffs, American Building and n Association, and W. L. De- :ony, as litisto:. In Witness Whereof. I have hereunto set my hand und tho seal of the above court lliis 2dh day of Dec., 1030. (Seal) W. W. HOLUPETEK, Clerk of tho above Court By Harvey Morris. D. C, or MORE PROFIT rom YOUR COWS I AXIMUM milk pro- Auction can often be obtained by feeding a 16 concent rate in conjunction wild liomc-growii grains. You'll make no mistake in adopting Quaker (16%) Dairy Nation—a clean,pure, fresh mixture of just the safest - und V fipest', ingredients. Let's italk-over your. Inc. ' STMfEP 8AO» Two of hockey's pioneering professionals today occupy managerial roles it) this country. On? is I,?s Patrick, manager of the New York Rangers. Another is "Happy Harry" Holmes, owner mid pilot of the Cleveland Indiana. Hockey and Patrick are synonymous in Now York; lie took U there, installed it In Madison Square Garden mid as pilot Increased its fnvor. Prior to that, rlck participated in 12 Stanley Cup playoffs, which is equivalent to a dozen of baseball's world scries classics. There is a story that Patrick, while plnylng for Victoria, pulled Ford Service at Low Cost 00 Grinding Valves and Cleaning Carbon . . . The Blythcville Chickasaws and Jonestoro Hurricane will clash on he hardwood courl at the armory ;ym tonight. The local high school team has >ccn developing gradually after los- ng the first two games of the sca- ion. The Chicks will be decided under-dogs in the game tonight, hope to give the Hurricane, composed, of veterans, a good game. The Jonesboro school Uoasts one of the best high school cage aggregations in the state and a large crowd is expected to turn out to witness the visitors In action. A girls' game will probably pre- ceed the boys' game. Drive your new Ford into the clean,'.well-equipped shop—tell '.us when you want it—and we'll liuvc it ready. One of the best investments you can make. You will be surprised how much it improves the performance of your car. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY I'honc 810 Aufhori/.ed Ford Dealers ished second en five occasions, but victory. and excellent backhand. Wood, a New York strip'.inj. is "ever have gained a the lad who stcppc-d Ellsworth Vines, red-hot after victories c-vt L- Shields and Hunter, was swinging j along toward the I'.omrs. They Can'l Win For Losing Teaming together in a half dozen six-day bicycle races Paul Brocar- clo and Aifred Letcurnsr have fin- Bifj lUonry in Pcwce Coursis Miniature t'olf courses scattered Woodj° VC1 ' lnc United States represent an and volleying, he. or she at two seasons ot pUy in the French cuce fives up the game and goes j and British championship? and in a-m.itrmj. 11928 he came within a paint oi tak- Mr. Dailey snys the nation's l.cpe for a return of the Davis cup may rcr'. upon the youthful sinvi'lcrs of four boys v.'iio are still a bit ycunj {•j marry—at any rate too young v,i;hout the cor^ent of th?:v par- cuts. These four are Francis X. was 19 last Nov. 1. but he has had | investment. eNdusive of real es- ing a se: trom Cochct. These four boys may make up the tate, of between $150.000,000 $'."00.000.000 and employ matcly 140.000 persons. Spanish and French interests are Davis c;;p team of 1031— barring ! planning lo dam the Mulaya river. the chances of ma. riniDiiy or busi- i which forms the boundary bc- :twcen Spanish and French Mc- jrocco. for production of power and i Irrigation of large areas. Read Courier Keys Want Ads. Kentucky Small Kentucky Lump aVa!lo Genuine and Ginger Tollivor, vivacious daughter of a small town who seeks to keep life from growing too dull by organizing a nifiit club from which parents, babies and ministers arc barred. .' .. . Bard Hotloway, a young artist, who is hoboing through .the country in a decrepit auto. . . . Patty Scars, friend of Ginger and a fellow conspirator in the campaign to alleviate gloom... T. i These arc three of the fascinating characters about ^hora isi woven the plot of a stirring^new serial novel, "For Gihgcr?s Siake,"; written by Ethel Hueston, herself the daughter of a minister. BJQ-, piance, a kidnipiqg plot, gay parties and thrills gajorexbmbine to' make this an outstanding storv. Don't miss U-'hwinnih«r(; ^ ' • • '•>''''*! ' January 14th In COURIER NEWS

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