Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on March 14, 1962 · Page 5
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 5

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 14, 1962
Page 5
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RENO EVENING GAZETTE MARCH 14, 1962 5 CRAY REID'S NORTH VIRGINIA AT FIFTH NEVADA'S FINE STORE OPEN 10:00 TILL 9:00 MONDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, OPEN 10:00 TlLl 6:00 TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, SATURDAY i if : ? L I" I arf i ' Mil 77 I.'!-. r t fc ill jjTBh'iii rt'htifcu et i iJMh mill PROCLAMATION - Spark Mayor C. E. Richards, left, declares De Molay Week in Sparks March 11 through 18. On hand for the proclamation were, from left, De Molays Mike Reed, master councilor; Larry Dennison, senior councilor, and Gary Cecchini, junior councilor. County Housing Code Studied The possibility that Washoe i County may adopt a uniform housing code defining standard and' sub-standard dwellings loomed Tuesday after a meeting of the' county's housing and environ-' mental health committee. j Jack Davis, ownerof a five-acre; tract off Mt. Rose Highway, complained of sub-standard dwellings on nearby tracts. He said they depreciate the value of his and other homes. Davis claimed some people put State Director Of Civil Defense Talks to Council The Washoe County Civil Defense Council has decided to resume monthly meetings on the fourth Monday of each month at county civil defense headquarters, 1200 E. 2nd St., beginning at 8 p.m. The announcement was made during a meeting of the council with Claude Shipley, state civil defense director, as speaker. Ship ley outlined state civil defense plans. Chairman of the meeting was Mrs. Robert Manker. Mrs. Mel- vin L. Monjar acted as co-chair man. Mrse. Helmer H. Hancock urged a warning system for Reno and Mrs. Manker filled members in on the spring conference of the Nevada State Women's Civil De fense and Disaster Council in Las Vegas next month. up "buildings" on their tracts simply to comply with federal regulations to obtain title, then abandoned them. Some, he said, are cf cardboard and a great many aren't fit for residence. At the suggestion of committee j chairman Robert Clarkson, the ; county building inspector and district attorney's office will investigate conditions in the area. There's a chance some can be removed as oublic nuisances, i David Parraguirre, assistant dis-! trict attorney, said. j Robert Karrasch of the county j health department and Ross! Stoltz, building inspector, both j backed adoption of a housing code by county commissioners. This code, they said, would al low the county to step in and take ; action against low quality homes; in some county settlements. Some j are not fit to be lived in, they admitted. Clarkson said he wanted to see closer cooperation between the county and the federal government in future tract developments where government land is sold to individuals. He said he would try to arrange a meeting Between county and federal offi cials concerned. Sheep, Lamb Rated Better Than in 1961 Sheep and lamb condition is at 82 per cent of normal this month, three points higher than last month and two points over last March. The Nevada Range and Livestock Report said the condition is unchanged from the 10-year average but down four points from the 30-year average for March. Stock losses to date have been moderate to normal. A heavy loss is usually expected during shearing and lambing periods just now starting. Gambling Rises In the World Up to 2nd Floor LAS VEGAS (AP) Gambling is getting off the ground in Las Vegas at least as far as the second floor of the landmark tower near the Convention Center. County commissioners removed a restriction Monday that gam bling licenses can be issued only for the ground floor. The change was made at the request of Frank Carroll, develon- er of the Landmark Tower Shop ping center, who said he wants to put a casino on the second floor. SEALED WITH A KISS ROCHESTER, N. Y. (AP) Arthur Heverson, postman, is be ing treated at a hospital. He kissed his wife and his jaw locked. Cubans Attend U. S. Schools MIAMI, Fla. (AP)-Cuban parents have sent 8,000 children to live in America rather than let them attend Cuban schools that teach communism. Roman Catholic agencies said that most of the youngsters, brought to this country steadily for more than a year, are dispersed throughout the country for schooling and care. About 900 are in the Miami area. The program is being aided by federal funds administered through the Department of Health Education and Welfare. Ml I mm $ 19 SEWELL'S 445 N. Virginia St. 1331 S. Virginia St. RENO v TT-tff -I I. (. 11. fit. Iff. "" "-"T f-- j REG. 2.50 59.50 MOW 1 .00 19.95 1 1. EARLY AMERICAN RECIPES 82 favorite Colonial recipes, main dishes to desserts. Illus. in color. Gift boxed. By H. Frost 1.00 2. TIMOTHY DEXTER REVISITED by John P. Marquand. The life of one of America's greatest eccentrics, who titled himself "lord", shipped coals to Newcastle and profited. 1747-1806 background. Pub. at 6.50 1.00 3. EAHY'S HOTEl MOTEL GUIDE AND TRAVEL ATLAS OF THE U.S., CANADA AND MEXICO, lists lodgings, prices, has maps of railways, airlines, national parks, cities, etc. Plus complete Rand-McNally Road Atlas. 1961 ed. Pub. at 6.00 1.49 4. All THE KING'S LADIES By ' J H. Wilson. Neil Gwynn, and other fabled females of England's Restoration stage. Royal romances, bawdy stories, successes and tragedies. Pub. at 3.95 . .1.98 5. THE BIBLE FOR FAMILY READING Prepared by J. Gaer & C. C. McGown. Old and New Testaments in a modern prose that retains the beauty of the King James version. Ideal for reading aloud. Pub. at 7.50 2.98 6. THE SETTLERS' WEST By M. F. Schmitt & Dee Brown. Picture and text. Covers Western life from the Civil War to Pancho Villa's raid. 300 authentic photos. Pub. at 10.00 4.98 7. THE LOST PANORAMAS OF THE MISSISSIPPI By J. F. McDermott. The fabulous history of 5 panoramic paintings of the Mississippi and their outstanding artists. A treasury of art history and Americana. Pub. at 7.50 2.98 8. DOCTORS ON PARADE By Elizabeth Seifert. 3 complete novels about doctors, their women, their conflicts, their triumphs. 802 ppg. Pub. at 4.95 1.00 9. COMPANY OF STRANGERS By Anthony Heckstall-Smith. Shocking true story of an evil family's million dollar gold-mine swindle. Pub. at 4.00 1.00 10. ROGUES AND RAIDERS By Everild Young. A voyage through the bloody seas of Sir Francis Drake and Morgan, the Pirate. 60 photos. Pub at 5.25 1.98 11. STAFF OFFICER Edmund Ball. The blood, sweat, humor and victories of Sicily, Salerno and Anzio; the great leaders Ike, Clark, Patton. 75 maps & photos. Pub at 4.50 1.00 12. AMERICAN DEMOCRACY AND MILITARY POWER by Louis Simth. Democratic theory, constitutional law and administrative practices governing civilian control of our military organization. The Gen. Walker issue. Pub. at .......... 1.98 13 AMERICAN WRITING TODAY Ed. by Allan Angoff. Over 50 articles by leading authorities from W. H. Auden to John Dewey. Pub. at 4.50 2.98 14. BOB AND RAY'S STORY OF LINDA LOVELY & THE FLEEBUS By Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding . . . Radio's lovable madmen wage satirical war upon the grand old soap oprea. Pub. at 3.00 1-00 15. LOUIS SULLIVAN AS HE LIVED The Shaping of American Architecture, by Willard Connely. life of the reckless genius, friend of Frank Lloyd Wright, and creator of great American buildings. 49 plates. Pub. at 6.50 ....2.98 16. THE HIDDEN RUSSIA: MY 10 YEARS AS A SLAVE LABORER By N. W. Krosnow, Jr. Horrors of Soviet prisons, hitherto undisclosed facts of present day life in the USSR. Pub. at 5.00 1.00 17. THE LIFE AND ART OF ARTHUR SCHNABEL By Cesar Saerchinger. The life, times & musical ideas of the great pianist and composer. 37 illust. Discography. Pub. at 5.00 1.98 18. THE GREAT REBELLION . . CIVIL WAR CHRONICLE By Earl S. Miers. A stirring tribute to Lincoln's epic vision. proceeds from war's outbreak to lee's surrender. Pub. at 6.00 . . 2.98 19. WOODROW WILSON: A CROSSROADS OF FREEDOM Ed. by J. W. Davidson. 1912 campaign speeches which set forth his "New freedom" principles. Over 500 pp. Illus. Pub. at 600 2-8 20. SIGMUND FRUED By Dr. ludwig Binswanger, director of Switzerland's Sanatorium Bellevue. Memoirs of 2 30 yr. friendship. Pub. at 4.75 1.00 21. THE FACE OF THE WORLD Cecil Beaton's International scrapbook of people and places. Word 8. photo portraits, hundreds of sketches. Pub. of 10.00 3.98 22. VIRGINITY, PRE NUPTIAL RITES AND RITUALS By O. Nemacek. A scholorly study of changing practices and psychology in primitive and modern societies. Illus. Pub. at 4.75 198 23. GERTRUDE STEIN AND HER WORLD THE THIRD ROSE By John Malcolm Brinnin. Knowing portrait of Miss Stein from Radcilffe to the final years in France. Illus. Pub. at 6.00 ..1.98 24. FLOWER SHADOWS BEHIND THE CURTAIN, Chinese Decameron. By Ko lien Hua Ying. 12th century Chinese classic a tale of rascals, leachers, women of easy virtues, etc. Pub. at 6.00 1-98 25. ALWAYS ANOTHER DAWN The Story of A Rocket Test Pilot By A. Scott Oossfield with Clay Blair, Jr. The courage and daring or the man who designed and flew the famed X-15 rocket plane. Pub. at 5.00 100 26. PHOTOGRAPHY YEARBOOK Ed. by Norman Hall. 192 camera masterpieces by famed photographers. Pub. at 7.50 1.98 27. THE DANCE From Ritual to Rock and Roll by Joost A. Meerlo. A noted psychiatrist's startling analysis of dance contagions through history. 100 photos, paintings and sketches. Pub. at 4.95 1-98 28. DICTIONARY OF PAINTINGS ed. by M. I. Wolf. All basic terms, forms, techniques, materials etc. clearly explained in thousands of entries on the fine and commercial art of oil periods and cultures. Pub. at 6.00 ..1.98 29. DICTIONARY OF PHYCHOLOGY by P. I. Harriman. Over 2,900 entries Psychology, psychoanalysis, psychiatry defined for professional and laymen. Pub. at 4.75 1.98 30. DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN FOLKLORE by Marjorie Tollman. Over 1,200 items of Americana from all phases of U.S. life. Pub. at 10.00 2.98 31. HAMMOND S AMBASSADOR WORLD ATLAS Complete and Authoritative. 151 full color maps of all countries and regions; 33"x50" colored world wall map; over 100,000 entries on world's peoples, gov-srnments, geography, weather, et al. Hnudreds of photos and charts, plus gazeteer of world's great cities, luxuriously bound, embossed in 25 kt. gold. Pub. at 18.95 9.95 "... You bought a house in the Gazette-Journal Want Ads for $18! Someone must be Cuckoo!" 32. WILLIAM PAGE, THE AMERICAN TITIAN by C. Taylor. Life of the fascinating rebel against English tradition in American painting, 57 illus. 8VjxH" Pub. at 8.50 ..3.98 33. THE PRICELESS GIFT by C. Hirschberg. How to enjoy the matchless pleasure of the arts and sciences. Orig. 3.95 ...1.00 34. NAPOLEAN IN LOVE by R. F. Delderfield. The man-sized story of the Emperor's boudoir forays. Illus. Orig. 5.00 1.00 35. IN YOUR OPINION by J. M Fenton. A frank, inside view of polls, politics and the American public from 1945 to 1960. Orig. 3.95 1.00 36. THE SHORTEST PATH TO HEAVEN by M. P. Johnson. A treasury of information on the world's major faiths. Orig. 3.50 .1.00 37 OSCAR WILDE AND THE YELLOW NINETIES by Frances Winwar. The exciting close of the 19th Century through its central lost generation figure and his life. Orig. 5.00 1.98 38. NOW I REMEMBER The autobiography of Thornton W. Burgess, author of over 15,-000 bedtime stories. His views on writing, nature studies, and the other components of his imaginary world. Pub at 5.00 1.00 39. COOKING THE FRENCH WAY by E. Smart & A. Ryan. All the best of the finest cusine in the world, simple but economical 1.00 40. THE COMPLETE ITALIAN COOK BOOK by t. I. Sorce. Antipasto to Spumoni over 800 recipes. 44 pages on Spaghetti alone. Orig. 3.00. 1.98 by D. Daly. The authentic flavor of delightful specialties, con 1 41. COOKING THE ITALIAN WAY jured up in 400 tempting recipes. Orig. 2.50. ....1.00 42. COOKING THE GERMAN WAY by N. Whitfield. 400 imaginative recipes, prepared with a mini-mun of fuss and expense. Pub. at 2.50. ................1.00 43 COOKING THE CZECH WAY by J. Brizova. For the food lover looking for that still better way to prepare meals. Orig. 2.50 1.00 44. COOKING THE SPANISH WAY by E. Bebrens. A collection of 400 outstanding authentic recipes. Orig. 2.50 1.00 45. COOKING TH AUSTRIAN WAY by A. Knox. The best dishes from the Crossroads of Europe. Orig. 2.50 1.00 46. COOKING THE CHINESE WAY by N. Froud. All the favorites, including Cantonese specialties. Easy and fun! Orig. 2.50 1.00 47 ALEC TEMPLETON'S MUSIC BOXES The charming, unusual story of the pianist's collection of rare music boxes. Illus. Pub. at 3.95 1.49 48. THE MARCH TO GLORY bmy R. leckie. The searing, blood-anl-guts account of the am-battled U.S. Marines in Korea. Orig. 3.95 ........1.00 49. UPON MY LIPS A SONG Kate Smith, America's first lady of song, unfolds her life's story. 26 photos. Orig. 3.95 1.98 50. THE NEW BORZOI BOOK OF BALLETS by R. Krokover. Discussion of 57 ballets in the U.S. repertoire. Illus. Orig. 6.75 2.98 51. NEW YORK, NEW YORK by S. Hawkins. Comprehensive guide on the what's and where' of the world's most dazzling city. Special bargain priced tours. 52. MACMILLAN'S FAMOUS EVERYMAN'S 12 VOLUME ENCYCLOPEDIA This is the NEW 4th edition of the distinguished encyclopedia. There are 50,000 articles, 9 million words, 9,272 pages and 2,500 illustrations in 12 cloth-bound, easy-to-handle volumes. A compact treasury of authorative information in every field of knowledge, the Macmillan Everyman's Encyclopedia is the ideal reference for the college student, the office, every home. An ideal gift, a permanent possession. Orig. 59.95 19.95 53. HOW TO ENJOY WORK AND GET MORE FUN OUT OF LIFE by O. A. Baftista. An amazingly simple method. 18 helpful chapters. Orig. 4.95 1.49 54. LYRICS ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS by Ira Gershwin. A nostalgic collection of lyrics and theatrical memoirs by the famed collaborator of George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, others. Orig. 5.00 1.98 55. HOW TO HAVE A GREEN THUMB WITHOUT AN ACHING BACK by Ruth Stout New fool-proof mulch gardening. Orig. 2.75. 1.00 56. LINCOLN AND THE PARTY DIVIDED by W. F. Zornow. How Lincoln recouped the political and military failures of the North. Orig. 4.00 1.98 57. LIFETIME INVESTING FOR SECURITY AND GROWTH by E. S. Grant. Guidd to profitable long term investing for the Average earner. Orig. 3.50 1.00 58. THE CANAL BUILDERS by Robert Payne. Story of great canals and men behind them. Illus. Orig. 5.00 1.98 59 POOR NO MORE by Robert Ruark. lusty novel of poor boy's climb from poverty. Orig. 5.95 1.00 60. THE NEW TESTAMENT: AN AMERICAN TRANSLATION by Edgar J. Goodspeed. Ministers and scholars have praised its clarity and beauty. Orig. 2.50. ...................... 1.00 61. THE ADVENTURES OF DAVY CROCKETT Illus. Adventures of the famous fighter. Orig. 3.75. .......1.49 62. CHARLEY IS MY DARLING Tender, hilarious and unforgettable novel. Orig. 3.95. ....1.00 63. IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE by Joey Adams. Inside evaluations of America's Funny Men. Illus. Pub. at 2.95 1.00 64. HOLLYWOOD RAJA The life and times of Louis B. Mayer, by Boxley Crawther. Illus. Orig. 5.00 1.49 65 THE BIBLE FOR FAMILY READING prepared by J. Gaer and C. C McCown From the Creation to the Ascension. Old and New Testaments. Pub. at 7.50. ......2.98 66. GOD IS MY LIFE by Shirley Burden. The story of Our lady of Gethsemani. 8 '? x 11". Orig. 6.00 1.98 67. MASSACRE by Marshall Sprague. Colorado in 1879 the Tragedy at White River. Pub. at 5.00 1.98 68. MARK IT AND STRIKE IT by Steve Allen Pungent tale of his rise to the top. Illus. Orig. 4.95 1.00 69. I REMEMBER by Boris Pasternak. His most important book after "Doctor Zhivago." Orig. 3.75 1.00 70. RACE FOR THE POLE by J. E. Weems. Peary vs. Cook. Illus. Orig. 4.50 1.98 71. FIRST AID FOR YOUR INFANT AND CHILD by Eric Northrup. Reference guide that tells and shows how to give safe aid in all emergencies. Illus. Orig. 3.95 1.00 72. EDWARD PALMER by R. McVaugh. Fascinating story of the Plant Explorer of the American West. Maps, photos, indices. Orig. 6.00 1.49 73. YOUR MEMORY by O. W. Hayes. Amazing method for devloping super-power memory. Illus. Orig. 2.75 1.00 74. ENJOYING AMERICA'S GARDENS by Joan P. Dutton. Description of our great botanical gardens and others. Pub. at 5.00 1.98 75. THE GEOGRAPHY OF WITCHCRAFT Montague Summers. The classic account of demonology and witchcraft. Pub. at 7.50 2.98 GOOD BOOKS FOR YOUNGER READERS 108. SPOT, THE DALMATION PUP by Dorothy K. L'Hommedie. A dog becomes the Mascot of a fire-engine com pony. (Ages 3 lo 8) Orig. 2.00 1.00 109. SNOW WHITE AND OTHER STORIES FROM GRIMM Most characters beloved of all children trip through this 9x12" volume. Beautifully illustrated in full co'r. (5-8) Pub. at 1.95 1.00 110. THE FABLES OF IA FONTAINE Even the parents will enjoy the tales In this handsome, 9x12" volume with full color illustrations (5-8) Orig. 1.95 1.00 111. NOW I HAVE A DADDY HAIRCUTI by C and M. Appell. 39 captivating photos depict boy's first trip to the barber. Pre-school. Pub. et 2.50 1.00 112. THE DAY THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING WENT VISITING, by H. . Sattley. The world's tallest building takes a capricious journey. Illus. (5-10) Orig. 2.75 1.00 113. ROCCO CAME IN by J. Beecraft. Four affectionate cots in a New England farmhouse. Illus. (5-8) Pub. at 3.00 1.00 114. THE TRAVELING BIRD by Robert Burch. Illus. About a little bay who discovers what a good friend a parakeet can be. (6 - 9) Orig. 2.50 1.00 115. GOOD HOUSEKEEPING'S BEST BOOK OF HEROES AND HEROINES Ed. by Pauline Rush Evans, illus. 20 tales by men end women who have changed our lives. Pub. at 2.95 1.49 116. GOOD HOUSEKEEPING S BEST BOOK OF DOG STORIES Ed. by Pauline Rush Evans. More than two dozen stories of the canine world, by masters of the trade. Illus. Orig. 2.95 1.49 117. HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN'S FAIRY TALES Fifty full color illustrations. Famous artist, Jiri Trnke, creates a new dimension with scores of adorable draw, ings. 8x11 volume and easy-to-read type 2.98 76. THREE SAINTS AND A SINNER by I. H. Tharp. The story of the dynamic Julia Ward Howe, who wrote 'The Battle Hym of the Republic." Illus. Orig. 5.00. 1.98 77. A HISTORY OF MILITARISM by Alfred Vagts Definitive work, feudal times to the present. Illus. Pub. at 7.50 1.00 78. HOW TO FOR HOME OWNERS by M. T. Forster. Sound, simple guide to home care. Illus. Orig. 2.95 1.00 79. YANKEE FROM SWEDEN by Ruth White. The teeming life and times of John Ericsson, designer-builder of the Ironclad "Monitor". Illus. Orig. 4.50 1.00 80. THE HASHEMITE KINGS by James Morris. Romantic, tragic story of the oldest Arabian dynasty up to the days of Modern Israel. Illus. Pub. at 4.50 1.49 81. THE HISTORY OF PROSTITUTION by W. W. Sanger, M.D. Monumental history from earliest times to modern era. Pub. at 6.00 3.98 82. PARK ROW by Allen Churchill. Stirring days of the great newspaper ty- coons. Pub. at 4.95 1.98 83. BELLE OUT OF ORDER by Belle Livingstone. Scandalous memoirs of the speakeasys' Oueen. Illus. Orig. 4.00 1.00 84. FIELDS OF GLORY, on illustrated history of land warfare in America. By Nelson & Vandiver. A Tremendous chronicle, from King Philip's War to the Korean conflict. Handsome 8 x 1 1 volume, 16 maps of campaigns, battles. Over 300 radiant illus. Pub. at 10.00 3.98 85. GOD'S IMAGE AND MAN'S IMAGINATION By Erdman Harris. A witty, and reverent survey of the curious ways man has imagined God, from Yahweh to the "Man Upstairs". Pub. at 3.50 1.49 86. BOTTICELLI By Bernard Gay. 12 masterpieces in full color: tipped on indiv. ppg., suitable for framing. Intro text plus notes for each. 11x15, printed in Italy. Special Import ...................... 1.98 87. RAPHAEL By Edward Lucie-Smith. 12 great paintings in full color. Tipped on indiv. ppg. and suitable for framing. Intro text, notes for each. 11x15, printed in Italy. Special Import 1.98 88. POMPEIAN FRESCOS By T. Copplestone. 12 marvelous full color plates depicting lush life of Pompeians and their Gods. Each on indiv. pp. suitable for framing. Intro text: notes for each painting. 11x15, printed in Italy. Special import ........................... 1.98 89. RAVENNA MOSIACS By Bernard Myers. 12 beautiful color plates of Byzantine mosiocs are among the world's greatest art treasures. Ind. plates suitable for framing. 11x15, printed in Italy. Special import ..... 1.98 90. OUT OF THE JAWS OF VICTORY By Jules Abels. Inside story of the amazing Truman victory in 1948. Illus. Pub. at 4.95 1.49 91. THE LONG SEARCH By Mark Boesch. Tightly documented history of cancer research and the work of Coley, Schmidt, Glover, Deaken, etc. Pub. at 4.95 1.00 92. HORIZON BOOK OF SCIENCE By Charles Hatcher. 32 full color plates, 150 photos, drawings and diagrams. Topical as tomorrow, the world of modern science .. from molecules to Major Gogorinj 8x11 ......... 1.98 93. LINCOLN FINDS GOD By R. G. lindstrom. A penetrating study of Lincoln's life-long search for spiritual truth. Pub. at 3.00 1.00 94. BOOK OF RAILROADS 32 full color plates, 180 photos, drawings 8 diagrams. A wealth of data on the world's railways & their trains. 29 articles, covering everything from early locomotives to monorails. . 8 xl 1 1.98 95. FIRST AND IAST LOVE By Vincent Sheean. Sparkling memories of concert-going and friendships with the greats of music Caruso, Chaliapin, Tos-canini, others. Pub. at 4.75 1.00 96. AROUND THE WORLD ON A BET By A. Armand and B. D'Oultremont. 3 adventurers en a hilarious world-wide scavenger hunt. Photos. Pub. at 3.95 ...... 1.00 97. THE GARDENER'S WORLD By Joseph Wood Krutch. 128 selections by renowned authors about gardening through the ages. Drawings. Pub. at 8.95 3.98 98. ZSA ZSA GABOR ... MY STORY "Written for me by Gerold Frank". Her fabulous career, from Hungary to Hollywood. Photos. Pub. at 3.95 1.00 99. THE WORLD OF IIGHT By J. S. Collis. An illuminating study of the science and lore of light .. Explains solar energy, mirages, etc. Pub. at 3.75 1.49 100. MODERN SEWING METHODS By D. lowries 8 S. Mager. Over 850 clear illus. end detailed instructions for beginner & expert. 428 pp. .............. 1.00 101. MAKING 8. COLLECTING MILITARY MINIATURES By Bob Bard. Complete how-to book on this fascinating hobby for both novice and advanced practitioner. Over 100 illus. Pub. at 5.00 2.98 102. GREAT ESCAPE STORIES Ed. by Eric Williams. The most famous escaper of World War II has collected 12 great modern escape stories. Illus. Pub. et 3.50 1.98 103. THE MAGNIFICENT SCUFFLERS By Carles Morrow Wilson. Richly anecdotal history of American wrestling, from Father McOuode to Strangler lewis. Illus. by Jon Corbino. Pub. at 4.50 1.00 104. THE IITTLE FLOWERS OF SAINT FRANCIS legendary stories of the meaining of the Franciscan movement and its early leaders. Over 350 illus. by Doudelet & ethers. Pub. at 4.50 1.98 105. THE STORY OF WORLD OPERA By K. V. Burian. Encyclopedia view of grand opera from Monteverdi to the most recent work of Menotti, Britten and Poulenc, the great singers and companies of the world, and the erehitee-tire of the opera house. 364 illus. 9xll 5.95 106. MODERN SEX TECHNIQUES By R. Street. Frank discussion of sexual practices, presenting detailed instructions. Illus. Pub. et 3.95 1.98 107. YOU AND YOUR EYES By Dr. Lawrence lewison. Origins of eye trouble, eye exercises, vitamins end diet, contact lenses, etc. Illus. Pub. et 3.50 1.00 pir!!ilMffi!l!!I' EE 1 GRAY REID'S Box 2191, Reno, Nevada 1 n I - 1 l Please order books by number: m 1 CASH COD-Q CHARGE Name , .... Address Number Price Number Price City State Please add postage and, in Nevada, 2 Sales Tax. 3

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