The Courier News from ,  on December 23, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from , · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1952
Page 9
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TUESDAY, DEC. 23, 1952' BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Economists 'on Limb/ Foresee Good Year By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK Oft— This is the time Cf year the economists crawl out on a limb—both those hired by corporations and those hired by government and the universities. This year most of them have chosen an optimistic limb and predict a pleasant year ahead for their bosses and the public. There are some dissenters, however. A group of them held a roundtable discussion under the sponsorship of the National Industrial Conference Board -T^hetr views, on average, were summed up by the board's chief ^economist,' Martin R, Gainsbrugh.'as follows: "A trend toward lower prices In 1853, including not only wholesale commodity prices, out also a lower consumer price Index (the cost of living index), but with a rise In the wage pattern In 1853 of two per cent or probably three per cent." If the economist are right, that will be fine for many Americans- more pay and lower prices. For the businessman, however— the economists ndded — it would mean "even narrower profit margins In 1953. And the group, as a whole, looked for the gross national product—the sum of all goods and services produced—to rise some two or three per cent next year. . Not all of them went along with the majority, however. Dr. Jules Backman of New York University believes: "Some time In 1953 we will see the start of a recession -which will be of a magnitude of about 10 per cent and it will go on through 1954." Six-Year-Old Child Star Wants Jane Russell for Christmas PAGE NINT5 State Firm Hit By NLRB Order Alleged Practices Ordered Ceased WASHINGTON (If)— The National Labor Relations Board yesterday ordered Burns and Gllleaple Rt Gentry, Ark.-, to oease certain alleged labor practices at the firm. The concern was told by the NLRB to cease and desist from: 1. Discouraging membership In the AFL Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen, or any other labor organization; 2. Interfering with,, restraining, or coercing employes In the exercise of the right to organize; The NLRB also ordered that cer- tan employes be offered positions previously dented them and that the company reimburse certain workers for any loss of pay they may have suffered as a result of discrimination. Marriage-Loving Shirley Gets Attention from Agents of FBI By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD to — Long ago I made a rule to avoid Interviewing child actors if at all possible. • It's not that I'm anti-children; heaven forbid. It's just that my early bouts with child stars were unrewarding experiences* to say the least • | However, I broka the rule to have lunch with George (Foghorn) Wlnslow. George is 6. He has a voice that resembles Tallulah Bankhead's, with a cold. He also has" a sharp inquisitive face and • knack for saying amazing things. This knack was discovered * year or so ago by Art Linkletter on one of his kid interviews "on lhe air. This appearance led lo a big role in "Room for One More" and a contract at 20th Century- Fox. He has since appeared in "Monkey Business," "My Pal Gus" and currently, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." It was lunch hour »t the studio, but George was finishing his school work for the da'y. So I waited out- i side the schoolhouse with his .father, Karl Wentzlaff, who runs an engineering and designing firm. "I'm subbing for my wife today," he explained. "She usually Etnys with George at the studio. But she has to have a day off now and then or she can't take it. Watching after George can be pretty strenuous' you know." I asked how he 'kept George's fame from going to his head. "By reasoning with him," he replied. "We tell him that certain people possess certain talents, but that doesn't make theni any better than other people. So far we have succeeded. One day a playmate asked him how much money he was making at the studio. George replied (hat he didn't want to snow, 'because it might make me conceited'." School was out and George emerged from the classroom with molded piece of clay. ."What is It?" I inquired. "A flying; eggbeater," he replied scornfully, as though I should have known. Then ha took off, as If propelled by the gadget. He ran all the way' to the commissary. Ah, youthl At the table, George was less Interested In the questions that were asked, him than In his eggbeater and a submarine he was modeling. "What do you want for Christmas?" "Jane Russell." "Do you like to work at the studio?" "No." "What would you rather be do- in?" " »' "Playin'." "Do you like school?" "Not particularly." "What do you like to study best?" • "Recess. 1 * Because George wasn't paying much attention to his cheesebur- er, his father took the clay models away from him. A few minutes later, George remarked to his father: "Now I don't want to appear to be commanding you, but I'd like to. make a. bargain with you. Can I have the! submarine or the Government's Ra/7 Powers Held by Court WASHINGTON t/P) — The Su premc Court yesterday upheld the government's power to raise railroad freight rates within one state to help make up losses on passenger services generally. Justice Burton delivered the fl-S decision. The decision applied specifically to an Interstate Commerce Commission order increasing Intra state freight charges in Florida, to correspond with. Increases ordered previously in Interstate freight rates. DENVER m-The rai yesterday ook an Interest In the story of Shirley, SC-year-old Michigan girl who told Denver police she's-married four soldiers but divorced only one. Federal agent* said they want to snow If she's vecelved any government dependency allotment'checks illegally. Shirley, who asks "what can you Prison to Be Shrine MANILA (AP)— The Philippines government will convert historic Ft. Santiago—hellhole prison for many Filipino martyrs and heroes ^during the Spanish and Japanese regimes •Into a national shrine. President Elpldio Quirlno has created a committee for the rehabilitation of the old fort, which was virtually razed during the battle for Manila in 1945. do when you gel an Impulse," is In Denver Jail on a petty thelt complaint. She is docketed as Mrs. Shirley Dlnne Barton Girvln. She .orally admitted laklhg a girl friend's billfold. Shirley added she has more trouble with boy friends and told police this story because she wanted to "start getting it straightened out." She married Donald Glrvin of Mount Pleasant. Mich., her home town, In 1W8. Before their divorce became flnal'in August, 1950, she married Gnrr">r King, a soldier the met in Louisville. Ky., and Bernard Campbell, another soldier and home town friend. Husband No. 4 Is Tommy Whltedj Introduced by Glrvin. She followed Whited and Glrvin from Alabama to Denver. They're both stationed at Lowry Air Base here. x "There's not a chance of reconciliation," said Glrvin. "Ditto," echoed WhKed.' IMA IMS l«0 ISS2 EMPLOYMENT UPWARD- Above NewEchan ihowj trend a! employmeni tn the U s since 1940. when therr were 47.5 million persons over 14 years of age w o i k i i. g The growth was upward until 1943 when the n u m b e > decreased with many workers entering the «rmy. In 1851 there were 61 million people working, and an all time high of 61 3 million Is estimated for 1952 Evangelist Billy Graham Gets Glimpse of Dying in Korea Pioneer construction on the Alaska highway was completed by U. S. Army engineers in seven months and 17 days. eggbeater?" Such Is life with George Foghorn) Winslow, age 6. Bo rum Drug Store Authorized CHOCOLATES Dealer We ore genuinely pleased to extend to our many friends our sincere Holiday greetings. We wish you all the joys and happiness of Christmas, May yours be a Merry one! Bill Cherry Lona Cronk Helen. Halcom . Slyra Richardson Cloteene Augspurger Ann Geuvian Ann Howard ABOARD DANISH HOSPITAL SHIP JUTLANDIA, Inchon Harbor, Korea (AP) — The American soldier lay Inert, barely breathing, on the steel hospital cot, A tube carried whole blood to his arm from a bottle suspended over his head. A doctor worked on one side of the cot, a nurse on the other. The medic straightened up, shook his head doubtfully, A tall, handsome man, a chaplain's cross on his hat stepped to the bedside. He bowed his head in prayer so softly spoken H was only a compassionate murmur six feet away. The chaplain shook his head. His boyish face was grim, his voice hard, as he stepped through the doorway of the tiny hospital room. "I wish," said evangelist Billy Graham. "That I could take every person In America Into that room for Just a moment. I wish they could see that boy's life In suspension, hanging by a thread. "Every night club In America would be empty Christmas Eve, the saloons would be deserted, and the churches would be Jammed with millions of Americans praying for peace — and for each of these and all the other wounded." He waved an arm toward mor« than 40 men, Americans and South Koreans, on double-deck hospital bunks In (he wardroom, The doctor and the nurse bent to their work again over the wounded soldier. Meanest Thief Candidate , OKLAHOMA CITY (AP)—Another candidate for the "meanest thief" title is the burglar who broke into a general store recently and stole about $1.000 worth of groceries and merchandise. The thief also took $25 in change from a Jar containing contributions for flowers for a funeral. At the end of.the year, when we come to count our assets . , , none la quite so valuable as the one that n ever appears on our books, but which is always written large in our hearts... the friendship and loyalty of those whom we are privileged to serve. To one and all of you we say most sincerely: "Thanks a Million ... and may the happiness o.f the season abide with you and yours throughout the New Year," DELTA IMPLEMENTS lv INTfKNATIONAL-UAKVfSTfK SALtS SfKV/Cf 0%^ 6863 ~ BLYTHEVILLE.ARK.

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