Arkansas Democrat from Little Rock, Arkansas on February 13, 1899 · Page 7
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Arkansas Democrat from Little Rock, Arkansas · Page 7

Little Rock, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 13, 1899
Page 7
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j Does Tour I CHINA and "GI7AS8WATIB- Need Replenishing ? See - - brack, 508 Hatn St. Can Satisfy You in STYLES QUALITY, : ... , ( : ... , AND-PRICE& D I RBCTORY. LEGAL . 8. mTOHJEIiL ' ' . NOTABY PtTBLIO. ,. Arkansas Daaocral Oflloe "Careful Attention to mitten Urge or small. T30BBBT BVWanV ' ' ATTORNKY. AT LAW, 1 , Boom 1, 108V K. ktarkbam Street. new raoaa, ms. Patent!. General Practice. coUeaekxu. ONKT TO LOAN OS IMPBOVKD FAHlfR. Long time ml Installment pay uento. - J. M WOaa. 8MMi W Jarabam 8treet. IJ1 J. OLIPHINT, ATTOKNBT, &UCIT8 BANKRUPTCY PBAOTIOX. . , . Booms 11 And IS. Martin Block. JOSB OOLEMAN. ' ' f . ' - ATTOBNETff I AND SOLICITOUS DC BAJSTKBDPTCT. OYD. CAMPBBUi, . ltTOBNXT ATUIW, ' 0S Louisiana Street. little Book, Ark. E AfOLmn aitohib. ATTfurmtvfl it raw. T land I Adama Block. Ualn aad Harkham, MEDICAL BTBrPTTitTJSHTgB, . f - ' i PHYtJJOIAJT AND BCBQKON. - . J Haeonlo Temple. . . , Both 'Phones, No. 184. D B.0.8. 8BAT, DB. MUBBal. Practloe Bruited to diseases of Ije, Bat, Neat nA Throat. Offloe. Moore Tamer battling, Boom 18. ' JPB.FBAN kB. FBANX VINSONHALKB, -nuonoa mnu to- ITI. BAB. NOBS AND THBOAT. -. Maeoole Temple. p T. COOPXBI . . M. OOOPXB DENTIST8i Telephoaa 0S1-. dfflise end Besldeno 601 Kali street r.lttlfiRnnk A- miscellaneous. QLAUDK B. inNTEB, 1 1 .JTKA'IBKB. 00MPO9KB ANO ABBANQKB OF MUSIC. ,1211 Main Street, Little Bock. Ark. F 1 BENCH 8TBAM DYEING. fTT.lT A WT Kin vantDTTdDmmni Ladlr and Gents' clothing cleaned a epeedalty. tfavrlaa Mtllutt, Proprietor, 806 and 810 Wert jnarkhau street. Little Book. Ark. Old telephone No. 134. To Pine Bluff Train leaves Ltttl Rock Union Oepot tally at 8:05 a. m. arrives at Pint 8luR 10:40 a. m. Returning train leaves Pin Bluff at 2:35 p.m.; arrives UHH Rock 5:10a. n. Soils' train. : Mo Chang Aug. Sundholm, T icket Agent, Union depot STOCKHOLDERS' MEETING. rpHB annual maetfoe of the atockholdere of A the L'ttleB-iek M1H and K'eratorOo, will e held at the office of the compan, at Little B o, A.k., on M nflay, Fe ruarrM, 1689, for toe pa pose of elwtlmg a boani til dlrvrtorato crrv for the enrang year and transact each oth -r bosinena as ma; la foll me before aaid meeting. K.E. JXNKINH. aecretatT. . January SO, lm . . SPECIAL ASSESSMENT V ; Improvtntat District No. 80." ; ; ALLovneis of real property lying in hie 01 trior Ctyrinii atn-et fr m kbhteenth to rwenty-fl hs reet, are r qnstefl t ty their aw- ae enre to m wftnln t'drty days from this date. If nrn payment is not nude ac'ln will be oommraeKd a' tbe wnd of ctiat t me for the col'eoifoo H said asseesment, and tor fc gal penal' iea ard oosU - . .1 , . Given under my band this 1st day of Pfcbroary . 1SS. J K W Ctrr fV.lleH.H- CHOCTAW & .MEMPHIS KAIL-KOAD TO CHICAGO. QUICK TIME. SPLENDID SERVICE. THE MEASURE 0FMAN Rev C B Pattlilo Deliveis a Striking Discourse in St L ui 1 Protest Against tbe Acceptance of tbe -Standard That Man- is -4h - Meaeure of U Tbii gi. "God'e Measure of All Thing" was the topic of a striking discourse delivered .on Sunday at Lafayette Park Church, St. Louis, by Iter. C. E. Pattlilo, former pastor of the First M. E. Church, South, Little Rock. He said, among either things: , ; i.'y "It is time for plain speaking, uncompromising r loyalty and unwavering faith. We need to know that the statement, 'Man is the measure of nil things,' is materialism s Trojan horse: that in this flattering and complimentary' dogma' there is concealed a poison death-dealing alike to the activities of the individual and the hopes of tho race. " . ' "I protest against the acceptance of this standard,. JSot alone, on account of the source from whence it comes, butT""8"5 first, because It denies the reality of the supernatural, and asserta that hat - ural phenomena are all that lZ knownt ouuide ottnaornicn eoxli be tested by the senses, weighed, measured or analyzed, there Is and there can he no certainty. Ah, . but there are feelings to us more real than houses and lands. There are mental and spiritual wants beyond our possibility to measure, that seem to be stretching out their trms for help at the very center of being. - "I object further to the standard of the materialist on the ground that , it limits and degrades our humanity. It means the everlasting slavery of mind and spirit to matter. . - "It is a fatal objection to- the stan- dard given us by the materialist IV show that -It Is not -8Vfixedmeasure,X- -.Ur,,: ,o u atffAw, a m iB rtifr.nt .nt non. while under the palm tree, at-the so being In Its nature untrustworthy it has neither the power; of certalaty nor the potency of authority. "The saying of the old Grecian thinker and his present sympathizers is not to be cast aside as worthless. His work Is not wholly lost. It does not go simply to swell the mental and moral waste heap of human history. It Is the cunning of reason, which allows selfish Interest to have Its own way and yet compels it to minister to ends of reason. t "In opposition to 1he pagan and materialistic idea of the measure of all things declared:"' - : " 'In God manflnds a cosmo8t of which be f elt liiwselt ft part; . 7 , i "For the vast and pos-sibllities of his nature, he finds room, and to the ,; eager . questioning of his spirit there comes a ready answer. Here is a measure' which denies nothing good, which does not hide Its im-potency in mystery, nor veil its Incapacity In . dogmatism. A 'measure though accurate and Impartial, is yet klnd-A'measure'-Usfactory-ln-lts results and omnlfic in its authority. . "Granting that the conception is true that 'God is the measure of all things,' we must not lose sight of the fact that it is Impossible for man to think except in terms of his own thought, that all his beliefs and actions must bear the color of his mind, the imprint' of his character, and be found in the limits of his creaturehood. Man Is as necessa rily finite as God Is Infinite. "This world Is about us, Dresse us wiht eager questions and will either be inspired by our interpretation or made callous by our silence. No man can ignore or lightly regard tbe demands of the world who loves h s kind and who feels humanity stirring him, which Is greater than gain and larger than himself. Never were the opportunities for noble endeavor and splendid service in behalf of men as great as now, and they who own the wealth or possess the scholarship of this age may. build for themselves monuments In the hearts of their countrymen more lasting than bronze and more enduring than marble." ' v : V ON THE, PQRT ARTHUR ROUTE -. - . ... .- Some of tbe Splendid Advantage of the Country It Travetaes . The Port Arthur routeis one of the young giants of the western railway world. This" Is the popular name of tbe Kansas City, Pittsburg & Guff railroad, which is the most - direct route from the north to the gulf, and has, moreover, opened up some of the finest agricultural and mining sections of the state, skirting the western border. By far the larger proportion of manganese ore produced in the ' United States is mined In Arkansas. Tbe manganese belt is known to be very extensive, but as yet has scarcely been prospected. The Port Arthur route is the only line entering tL. rich field in southwestern Arkansas. An excellent quality of slate Is known to exist in Arkansas and promises to become a great source of wealth in the, near future; considerable marl and gypsum are found, and the only real chalk deposits In the United States are at White Cliffs. The farming country through which the Kansas City, Pittsburg & Gulf railroad operates more nearly approaches the Ideal than any other country in the United States. Any of It all of it-'s fertile, productive and well watered. It is near tbe center of population, and supplied with the moat direct transpor- What It Does HoBtettr's Stomach .Bittefs cures malaria and bilious at'acks. It cures nervous pro8traiion and exhaustion. It. mskes he nerves Btrone. It makes " saui vii s All uiunv .listener's rich. red blood, firm fle)h. suluj m ii si; (e Lni Iiea'thy fihr It lanisV- 1y8'e-m, 1i"ii e-tion anil, c'.rmtipn'ion Stnuiach it n:ii does all Miexe things. Diners tatlon to all the test market of the world.- The practical farmer can take out of this soil a greater return for the same labor than out te realized from any other farming land upon the globe. Drouths are unknown and crops never fa U -No jlgoroua winters or burning summer wlndSiIt ia poor Judgment A exile yourself and family in the deso late wastes of the west and wear away f yaur-Ilvta- tilling a bflrrMLJtnd-UtirC; sponsive soil braving the blizzards of whiter and the cyclones of summer and no compensation, when here Is a laud of promise, dotted with scfiools and churches, where life is not always a strife, and where nope holds her beacon high.' P, A. Hornbeck, land com-nilxsloner of the road, at Kausns City, will give all information desired. OFFICIAL PROGRAMME. (Continued from third page.) old oak are seen the figures of Bottom and Tltanla on one Bide, and on the other Falstaff and Mrs. Ford, the Two Dromloa appearing In the foreground of the float Float 8. Victory. A battleship, constructed on the lines of the Oregon, occupies almost the entire front of tho tJytlL f" . J & : the. word '.'Victory," and a female fig - TT! UreTsymbollc of Tlctoryrln the wnter; Float 10. Peace. This float Is symbolic of peace. At the background is the figure of an American eagle, and -two soldiers In the uniform of the American army, while the words, "United the Blue and the Gray," appear-on the bflse-ef- tueshleldj before the figure of the eagle. Two female figures bearing palm branches, with 'the word "Peace," occupy the sides of the float, while Uncle Sam, extending the blessings of fres government to Porto Rico, Cuba and Manila, " sym bol lzl by three female figures, stands In the center Of the float At his feet I ... .V. 1 1 S . foreground of the float are seen the figures of General Shatter and General Wheeler in major-general's uniform. LAW BOOKS. Latest Authorities on All Legal SubjectsAll Standard Works. ' Tbe Arkansas Democrat Company oas been appointed agent for rkansaii and tbe Indian Territory for Leather-man' Note on the Statutes of Arkansas. It is endorsed by the best attorneys in, to itate. - Price flO prepaid to nT aadresB for the two volume over 11,500 page, jubstantialljn bound sheep. tn OTHER LAWBOOKS, P.ex' Notary noI r. . ,. ;vi .W W Criminal Laws of Arttansaa . ... Arkansas Justice Guide, revised - l 1TI - -- to dateT;..,V;vi...7;.; 8 00 Leatherman's Notes on Arkansas Statutes, 2 vols., sat .10 00 Oliphlnt'a Digest, 2 vols., each 6 00 6 00 1 60 1 04 2 00 Laws of Sheriff Mnrfree. . . . . . Ia wyera Pocket Docketr, Sheriff Note Book.. Acts of Arkansas Webb on Record of Title. 5 00 6 00 & 00 Vested Riignta Myer ... Mills on Eminent Domain Mechanics' Lien Law, by Rose & Stebblns .'. 60 Above books aent to any address on receipt ot price. Send for our list, of legal blanks. Address Arkansas Democrat Company, Little Bock, Ark. Law Book Department OPPORTUNITIES IX MANILA. A man wlth-1,000 American dollars rn his belt and a head with sound American business abilay in It, landing lu Manila within tue next six months will only be able to compute his profits by its ability to count. It will not matter what business he makes up his mind to undertake, as long as he provides nr. tides of home make or their imitation. There is no doubt that there Is a-for-tune to be made by the man or womau who will start a bakery and candy store, such as are to be found in all' large towns . at home. Flour, sugar, and other necessary ingredients can all be bought in open market at very reasonable prices, and would go as rapidly as offered for sale. A newspaper agency, -where late magazines and American works could be bought, would be a profitable, enterprise. .There is now no way to get anything of this kind except by individual subscription. 7 The climate does not agree with many, but people of "both sexes who, while born and brought up In Europe and England, have lived here some time, say that they became acclimated in a few months. There Is no doubt that our people would find It the same, That American clerks and bookkeepers will be In demand there is no doubt; the Filipino is too careless and unreliable to be depended upon. In the large houses that are bound to be established b both English and American capital, positions with large salaries attached will be at the disposal of those on hand to accept them. Skilled labor of every kind, mechanical and engineering, will be needed In the municipal improvements as well as in tbe opening up of the coal and gold fields farther in the interior. With the firm belief that many Americans will try their fortunes here, a word to those who know something on keeping boarding houses. There is not a place where comfort at medium rates can be obtained. Let some one give his attention to this. Living Is extremely cheap. The hire of a servant is nothing in comparison with American prices. A good servant is . paid f8 Mexican a month most of them receive $0. Rental Is very economical. A 50-foot store on the main street, the Escolta, rents today for ?75 Mexican, and on the side streets the rents are much lower. The average rent for a house for six people, with a stable attached, is $70 Mexican; this is in the best neighborhood. Capt. Putnam Bradlee Strong in Leslie's Weekly. " EVERYTHING IN BUILDERS' HARDWARE. IN IMPLEMENTS. BUPK'S STOVES "AND RANGES. C RR1AGES WAGONS AND nARD. WARE. AT W. W- DICKINSON HARDWARE COMPANY'S. ' ALL OVER THE STATE Pine Bluff also has a fuel famine.:.;. The temperature has been lielow zero all over the state. The colored public school building ot Texarkana was destroyed by fire Feb-ruary lW--- W. A. Rowan, of Tyronza, cut oft the toes., of one loot while chopping wood. : . '. - ; : - . Master Roy Gould accidentally shot and killed Ned Hazetlne, a small boy, at Plue Bluff February. 11. Never in the history of Pike City has there been such a demand in real estate as there Is now, which goes to show that people have confidence in our town's future and are acting wisely by buying them a lot or two, which they are going to build on. Cannon mir l- ' r- The citizens of Ozark have been hoping for the -Air Line In valn.- Arch Stockton,-of- Harrisonr -formerlyballlf orthe" VnitM-States-eourVwas4n-the city yesterday and gave the information that the road would not pass through Ozark, but would come Into Fort Smith by way of Van Buren. Mr. Stockton also said that Col.v Drake, who is a m,p5oer of the construction t)onrdrwotld-Tisittheit3r-ln-itr few-days to look after the Interests of" the road here, Fort SmIthTlmes, A peculiar accident happened Monday two or three miles southeast of town. A mule belonging to Wm. Cooper fell in a ye, rand parties came- to town after a block and"tackle wlti which to rescue him. They succeeded in raising :"hlniltir rlghrbyplaclngthiT rope around the body, but when . he reached the top It was found the rope had slipped and strangled him to deat'.i had slipped, and strangled him to death. Sprlngdale News, CRESCENT HOTEL. EUREKA - SPRINGS, ARK., opens February 23. In heart of Ozark mountains. Climate mild and bracing. Scenery wild and beautiful. Unequaled medicinal waters. Cheap excursion rates. Write for handsome new illustrated pamphlet to Bryan Snyder. G. T. A., Frisco line, St Louis, Mo. j;0UHTYSUPERITENDENTS, Salaries Which Are Paid in Twenty Dif- - ferent State. - . -One J' the chief question which appear to "troubie Jhe leglstaturo relaUve to county superintendence J tnat or salary. For the Benefit of those interested in the matter the following list habcencomplledoftwenty-eight; states having county superintendents, and of the salaries paid in each stated Alabama, 4 per cent on all school funds. U-v L California, $000 to $1,500. Colorado, first-class, $3,000; others, $. per day. . Delaware, $1,000 per annum- Florida, $100 to $2,000. Georgia, $3 per day. ' Iillnoir3 per cent commission and H per day for other services. . Indiana, $4 per day for .actual time. Iowa, $4 per day for actual time. Kansas, $450 to $1,200. Maryland, $4 per day for actual time. Michigan, $500 to $1,500. Minnesota, $10 for each school district Mississippi, 3 per cent of county school funds. Missouri, $500 to $1.00O. Montana, $000 to $2,000. Nebraska, $500 to $1,200. New Jersey, 12 per child: limits $500 to $1,300. New York, $1,000 per annum, Jiorth Dakota, $300 and upwards. I Oregon, fixed by county court ' Pennsylvania, $4.50 for each school district; limits $300 to $2,000. South Carolina, $400 to $700. South Dakota, commission not exceeding $1,000. Tennessee, determined by county court. .... Texns, $800 to $1,200. ; Utah, $150 to $1,000. Virginia, based on population. . PERSONAL PARAGRAPHS. Gov. Tanner and party, who arrived here in the early part of the week, are' pleasantly domiciled at the Arlington Hotel. The governor is here for rest and recuperation, and hie appearance Indicates that he needs it. Owing to the extreme Inclemency of the weather since his arrival he has-been unable to take much, outdoor exercise, bur has made the most of his : environments about the hotel for pastime and hits indulged freely in billiards, bowling, cards, etc. Hot Springs News. MIks Minnie Trimble went up to Little Rock Wednesday to visit relatives and to be present at the Mardl-Gras festlvlties.'-Lonoke News. LABOR FARM HANDS. Negro hands In families furnfshed trom North Carolina at cheap rate of transportation. Send in your orders at once, as hands can be secured to pick balance of this year's cotton crop, as well as contracting for next season's business. Address . R. A. WILLIAMS, 8. E. Pass. Agt Choctaw & Memphis Railroad, At lanta, Ga. .. H. W. MOKKI-SUN, General Passenger Agent Choctaw & Memphis Railroad, .Little Rock, .Ark.-.-.- : .. : . " ,. Great Britain and Ireland have an orchard area of 226,059 acres. ' "NO TROUBLE TO ANSWEB QUESTIONS." The St Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern railway, with their free reclining chair cars and" elegant buffet sleeping cars, is the best route" to all points north and east City ticket office corner Markham and Louisiana. Fine Horse Should not be entrusted ' to tne 'c8jOOOTa'"T nary servant. ' , - He should be handled and fed by an experienced and reliable horseman,- who knows how and what to feed, and the best treatment. That is what he will get in my barn. ' ; E. H. SANDERS, nt.v.TUriSu-ttt IrlieSiois and RetiiTn! I -VIA- February 6 to 13, ONEEfiRETi Tickets limited to February 28 for return. No trouble to answer questions. City Ticket Office, corner Mark ham and Louisiana streets. Aug. Sundholm, P. AT. A. ST. LOUIS, AIJD SODTQEWI -RAILWAY. FOUR DAILY TRAINS To St Louis. UOVbiZ DAILY SERVICE To Memphis. v-L '''- PACIFIC COAST LIMITED To California, Sunday and Wedhet . day. . -. JTJDSON TOURIST CAR To California every Friday. WINTER TOURIST RATES To points in Texas, Mexico and the Southeastern- States. , For any Information call at City Ticket Office, corner Markham and Louisiana, or address Aug. Sundholm, P. & T. A., Little Rock, Ark. H. O. Townsend, G. P. & T. A St Louis, Mo. . BEOTTRAIfJG Missouri River, Montana, Colorado, Pacific Coast, Utah,: Washington, Omafia, St. Paul, (IcJjraska, Black Hills, VIA St. Louis or Kansas City. VESTIIOLED TRIII.S. sleefers, di::i::q cirs. ' ghiir curs ( OONSULV TIOKIT AOS NT, OR 0 H N DB WITT, TfUV. PASS'S AOT,T. L0UI,M0 HOWARD ELLIOTT, OINX MQR T. LOUIS, MQ W.W. WAKELEV.Oeiri.PAWRAOTMT.LOUI.MO - A hnndsorao new pamphlet, "Guide to Eureka Springs as a Health Resort" has been Issued with new and beautiful illustrations. A copy sent free to any address. Address all Inquiries and or ders to "-"- GEO. WEST, , Manager Eureka Springs Railway, Eureka Springs, Ark, illllpil m to Pacific " Coast" Limited Leaves Little Rock 10:10 p. ra.. Wednesday and 8andaya. Arrives St. Louis, 8:00 a.m. ' Arrive Chicago, 4:25 p.m. - : Stopora, Dialog Car. Bath and Batttr Sh, ' For all Information, bertha, etc., call at City Ticket Office, corner Harkham and Louisiana streets. TO CALIFORNIA PaciiicCoastLi iDitcd A new and palatial Pullman veatl- -bokd train put la service for the first time this season. t Leave Little Rock every Wednesday and Sunday, 6:10 vm.; fo Los ja geles and San Francisco, Leaves Ban Francisco every Monday and Thursday, and Los Angeles' every Tuesday and Friday, for Lime Rock, St Louis and Chicago. - 1 j i2 . EQUIPMENT CONSISTS OF - Composite- car, - containing -reading,- writlhg and smoking room,' buffet, barber hop and bath room. Compartment car, containing seven private compartments' and. double drawing room. Sleeping cars, containing twelve sections, state rooms and drawing rooms. . Dining car, In which all meals are served a la carte. -"..i Heated with steam. Lighted with Plntflch gas. 4 RUNS VIA v Iron Mountain Route, between : St Loots and Texarkana. ? Texa and Pacific railway, between Texarkana and El Paso. -- Southern Pacific Company, between EI Paso and California destination .. A summer route for winter travel No high tjUtVlflefli flg 9PW bloak' adei, - Only three days to or from California. Entire train runs through if ithoot . change. ,. For any information address an agent, or H. O. Towneend, ,G. P. T. A., St Louis. Tourist Sleeping: Car t - 8t Louis to Los Angeles and Baft Fra Cisco via the Southern route, Iron MoMialn, Texas and Pacific and ' Soul hern Pacific Railway. Leave Llttli Rock every Friday 2:45 p. m. Fr full Information address EL O. Towrisend, G. P. and T. A St Loots, or Aug Sundholm, P, and T. A-, Little Bock, Ark. Continental Limited The Wabash will give the fastest through service between St LooU New York and Boston. Commencing May 15, the Wabask-wIU inaugurate double dally through service from St Louis to New-Ysrk-and Boston. - A new fast train to be known as tho Continental Limited will, from that date, leave 8t Louis dally at 9M a. ai., arriving In New York at 8J0 p. m4 and In Boston 620 p. ra, next day. 1 . The Continental Limited Willi be a magnificent through train . composed of modern wide vestibule equipment, with dining cars; tbe whole train, including coaches, to be operated through to New York without change. For all information and sleeping-ear reservations call on your local agent, or address W. D. Wood, T. P. A., Century Building, St Louis. Mo. PGR- Chicago. Cincinnati, Louisville, New Orleans Choctaw and Memphis R. R. AND CONNECTIONS With Their Improved Train Service .. Shortened Schedules, Offer Absolutely THE BEST LINE. DOUBLE DAILY SERVICE. City Ticket Office, No. 110 East Mark, bam tMet. )ES HARRIS. City Tlaiel Aent. POLK TRANSFER CO., Prompt Oellvarv Telephone 69 1. - I'AKK THE WABASH LIN. To Milwaukee via rail or lake steamer from Chicago. 4 1 1 I

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