The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1951 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 21, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE nro BLYTHEVTLI.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, AUGUST «, Itfl Two Sisters Wounded In Deaf Mutes Attack LITTLE ROCK. Ark.; Aug. 21. If, — Two t««n sifters were wounded last night by a young <ienf mut< who attacked them with a knife >nd • pistol. Police Lt Jack Kerr snld the as- Truman Seeks $400 Million lor Flood Region Congress Told Grave Emergency Demands Action WASHINGTON. Aug. 21. „-, President Trvman has asked Congress (or 5400,000.000 to help the flood-battered Middle West and lo finance a new national flood disaster insurance program. He tolrf Congress In a in* last irifjlit the situation was a "grave emer«!tncy" nnd asked that the nio- n«y be provided as quickly ns pos- Vicc President Barkley promptly referred the reo,uest Jointly to ttie Senate Pnblir Works and Appropriations Coriimittees to speed action. Ordinarily each would study the matter separately. The relief money would be used poultry ranchers, to pay flood victims of Kansas. Mis- " " "' sour! and nearly states for part of sailant, 20-year-old Parram Bunny Youngblood of Toomsboro, Ga., gave himself up early today and admitted he shot one of the vic- titm in the abdomen and sla.shed the other, The youth, held with out charge, gave officers no motive but wrote a note saying he was "j?irl craay." Elizabeth A very, 1ft, was critically wounded by a pistol shot. Her 17- year-old sister, Virginia, was cut .•severely on Ihe left arm and shoulder by a knife with a four-Inch blade. The attack occurred about 10 p.m. iCST> near the A very home Kerr .said Young Mood followed the sisters after the three alighted from a city bus, and attacked then] without warning. Khle Was Obtained After the attack, the lieutenant related, Youngblood obtained rlile to a cafe about five miles from here, where he wrote on a pad that he had killed two persons The driver of the car called police. Questioned in an exchange oi notes with Arkansas aazette reporter Dean Duncan, Young Wood wrote: "I never get girls—date. Life/ Once he pointed to his gun. n | foreign' manufactured .25 caliber automatic pistol, and wrote; "Not want to live—electric." Apparently lie referred to the electric chair, which Arkansas uses to ln- fltcL the deatA penalty. Youngblorxl told Duncan he was the son of reasonably prosperous Only One Inhabitant in State's Smallest Town, Census Shows -"OFFENSIVE" SOVIET MEMORIAL GETS A FENCE—American authorities in Berlin ordered, ft] 18-foot wire fence built around this Soviet war memorial tank erected by the Reds soon after Berlin fell in wliat later became the American .sector. The fence was ordered after irate West Berliners tried to bum the monument, resulting in exchange of sharp notes between U. S. and Russian occupation authorities. The Reds rejected a polite suggestion that the offending tank be removed. 'Change-for-Better in Business Comforting to the Men Upstairs what they lost in July floods; to guarantee liberal loans for rebuilding homes, farms and factories; and to help states and cities participate In the rehabilitation activities. Funds lor the new Insurance program will help 'fill "the lack of a national system of flood insurance (which) is now A major gap in th« means by which a man can make his home, his farm, or his business secure against events beyond his eorttr" 1 " Mr. Tr"man said. Blgfeflt In History White House aides an Id the 1400.000.000—18 times more than the $25,000.000 already appropriated b> Congre.w for Midwest flood relief— 1* probably the biggest In the history of American dtanster relict But Mr. Truman snld the flood is the In that region's history too, and this amount 1* needed to rebuild an area of vital Importflnce to the nation nx a whole. "We are now ennaged us Won in • struggle for survival, unc we can not afford to dispense for long with the industrial and agricultural production that came bu Is not now coming from the floodec ftrfuft," he said. He aald flood lossea have passer the $ mark—$1.000.000. 000 in physical damage. $1.00Q,OQO,OfK In Income loss—and may grow high er when all count- 1 ; are In, t ' l ; '• rtjlnjr'Vfrit Recall** In his special message," Mr. Trn man recalled his flying visit to thi flood areas shortly after dtsaste: struck; He laid he wished each IK-af Since Birth He said he had been deaf since birth, and had developed wfuirter- ust after he finished the ninth grade of the Georya School for the Deaf. He has visited all the states, he .Id. miking ins living by .selling cards which read: "These cards have been printed for the purpose of assisting me along 'til I find suitable work." Youngbtood claimed made an average of $500 a month selling the cards. Printed nt the top of the cards in red, block letters were the words: "Be happy, keep smiling." Mrs. Redman Addresses California TB Group Mrs. C. G. Redman, executive secretary o( the Mississippi County Tuberculosis Asocial ton, ha.s returned from a visit to thr West, Coast, during which she addressee a planning committee meeting o the Alnmeda. Calif., Tuberculosi. Association. At the Invitation of Dr. C S. Me Gammon, director of the Alameda County Health Department, s h spcke to the committee on x-ray surveys carried out in Arknnsaa and Mississippi Cpimty. , t .'Mrs. Redman was asked to nlsh the Alameda group blueprint of-the educational exhibit she dis played at the National TuborculosL Conference In Cincinnati. On the trip, she also visited-rela member of Congress been ilong. He Bald one of the richest farm area* in the world had-been devastated srtd that the mobilization prn- jram needs products from the factories of that area. Mr. Truman epmhastzed that the relief program will be carried out by feaernl, state and local governments acting jointly. He said much already has been done, but a large sum of money is needed quickly. The President nskeri speedy ap- prnvnl of Ihe $-100,000,000 to; 1. Pay flood victims "for a portion" of their loss of real and personal property. could have'tlves in Oregon and Kansas City. Maglionc Apartments Reopened by Vatican VATICAN CITY (AP> — Th apartments In the pontlflcat pnlac otrcnplert by the Inte Cardinal Lnl; Maglione have been reopened for the first time since his death. Cardinal Mo?done, former Vntl- can secretary of .state, died In 1944. Since then. Pope Pins XII has acted as his own secretary of slate, with the Rid of two church offi- By SAM DAWSON NFAV YORK. AUR. 21. WlV-Thc tiange for the better in several id us tries—notably In some of the le.s weren't "s high a.s some other j in many peoule's minds. WASHTNGTON small- populated place In Arkansas Is Jouglas in Lincoln County, It has ne Inhabitant. Next smallest Is another Lincoln bounty place, South Bend. It has wo inhabitants. Figures released by" the Depfirt- ment of Commerce on the 1950 emus show that Douglas lost three nhabitanUs during the 1940-50 i>«rod while South Bend gained one. Three places which had inhabitants when the 1940 census was ,aken, showed NO population in the ast census. They were Kolso in Manila High School Annual Staff Named Barbara uonner has been elected editor-in-chief of the Lion's Echo, Manila High School' annual. Other staff members include Betty Walker, associate editor; Johnny Brotherton, art editor; Ployetl GainniUl and Wallace Fowler, activity edjtors; Dean Horsley, business manager; June Veach, copy editor. Roy Ashabranner is faculty adviser. Desna county, Graysonia in Clark county and Rohwer in Desha, Then /ears ago, they had populations of [ 27, two and 142, respectively. On the other hand, there were 21 populated places listed In the 1950 census that had NO Inhabitants in 1940. They are: Atnagon I n Jackson county, Bauxite in Saline, Bradley Quarters in Bradley, Brews tors Brick Yard In Jefferson, Carrunack Village in Pulaski, Cherry Valley In Cross, Cullendale in Ouachlta, Euclid Heights in Garland, Greenbrier Faulkner, Hickory Ridge I n Crow, Humnok« in Lonokt, sonviile in Pulaski, Jornw Mill Hot Springs, Mountain Pin* f» Garland, Oakhaven in H«mpst«*d, Oxford In Jiard, Sherwood In Pu- laxkl, Viola In Pulton, W««t End la Jefferson, Western Grove In Newton and Wilson In Miulwlppl. ocme furnishing lines, and that merchants appear to expect a good Christmas season. From the western housewives .show at. Los Angeles this week comes woj'd that the steady stream of I goods 11 ties—m ay be o n ly ;i lint so far in some businessmen's yes. But after months of Ingglng rrlcr.s and growing inventories, ! of buying there, atso mostly usLiiNismen find any signs of a j small lots, surprised the exhibitor*. urnabout comforting. I Ttirnatioui Krporled Consumers take comfort, too.] B]H col!ectors also re p 0r t the A department store is advertising for a Santa Claus. It says the man selected will be thoroughly trained — there's time enough, at least. Either the Christmas season Ls going to start early, or someone is spreading one of those rumors—could a shortage in Santa Clauses be looming? Inflation — 1776 Style NEW YORK ^AP)~Letters of a merchant and his fntnily, given to the New York Public TJbrnry by the estate of Bayard Blackwell Rodman, show the rilgh cost of living in 1775. "A green bonnett" made for a lady in those Revolutionary days cost $2. A L6-po\md side of lamb cost $3. A 23-pound hind of veal cost 55,50. hsit prices in many cases are well iclow their peaks—at mnnufuctur- ns' nnd wholesalers' levels, if not et at retail stores. Plentiful supplies seem to hold a curbing rein n the threat of future price runaways. Much of the slowness In sales has been because buyers obviously have jecn hoping for prices to, ilrop fur- her. But .sellers see signs—or any they do — that retail Inventories are being worked down to normal at last, and that tvmny retailers are coming around to Ihe view thai irlces on replacements have been worked down to & more tempting level, too. As examples, uptimists cite the surprisingly good buying at the linen and domestics shtiw atul the gift show here, anri at the housewares show in Las Angeles. Situation Not Unmixert The situation Is far (roni unmixed, but those who count on better business this fall inke heart from several things in today'. 1 ; news. Cotton print cloths continue to first signs of a turnabout In merchants' financial health. Many businessmen have been taking longer to pay their bills lo manufacturer. 1 ;, as they struggled under high inventories, Quite n number still are asking for more time. But bankers nnd some shippers are reporting that within Ihe last month they have been getting fewer requests for time extensions on payments, and are receiving ' more payments from merchants. taking advantage of discounts for cash In 10 days. The total of bank loans for carrying Inventories has dropped during August. And, finally, turn off the electric fan long enough to listen to thl reminder that even in Hhese dog days Christmas already looms large React Courier News Classified Ads -. 225 N. FIRST Phon* 416) • MACHINE WORK (All Tvpt.) • LAWN MOWERS All kind mowers and mower e lines repaired. • WELDING (Any Type) • Bicycle Repair , (Complete tine of parts) Authorized Service & Parti for Clinton Engines. See as! WESTBROOK'S MACHINE SHOP Playgrounds for the Kiddies Fre« Kiddi* Cor Ridti Kids Under 12 FREE with Parents Show Starts 7:15 p.m. No Mosquitoes—No Bugs Tuesday & Wednesday Doublt Fe»tur« WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Ctilcka- I *aM'ha District. Mississippi County, i | Arkansas, Marparct Neal, Ptf. vs. No. 11,785 Johnny Neal. Dft. The defendant Johnny Neal is i | hereby warned to appear within j thirty days in the court named in 1 the caption hereof nnd answer the [ complaint of the plaintiff Margaret Neal. Dated this 17 day of August. 1931. Harvey Morris, Clerk • By Ruth Magee. D. C. C. F. Cooper. aUy. for ptf. | Gene E. Bradley, attorney ad lltom. j 8'20-27-9;3-10 i Old Fashioned Box Supper Public Welcome! Ladies Bring the Box! Gents Bring the Pocket Book! Tuesday, A UWYER5M.-1H1ERKATIONV PICTUft —Plus— ROD CiMERON ALLIED ARIISTS Reel 7oo Short Also Cartoon Phoni «21 Shaw Stxrta Weekday! T:0* Sat.-Sum. E:M Always a Double Feature Tuesday & Wednesday Dtmblt Featur* 8:05 P. M. of Accusd Cadets To Leave in Few Days WEST POINT, N. Y,, Alh<, 21. UPj—-The last of the estimated 90 n censed cadets are expected t o leave the Military Academy in the move in qunnllly this week. Fol- | next lew days. Three more left lowing up last week's first revival of buying In that long slumbering field. Dealers report that both or- j der/i' and":enquiries are picking up. : with eciivierters asking about price and delivery pro-spectjs for as late RR the first quarter of next yenr. On .some cloths prices are reported nine cents a yard under last March's hiph. and IhU 15-cent a yard price probably lured the buyers Into worth street. Even the most optimistic mill owner doesn't expecl- fall's fine frenzy to be 2. Mnke and guarantee loans on j ccrs. liberal terms for building homes nnd brslnesses to replace those destroyed. X Heln farmers drain and rehabilitate their land, replace buildings. and restore the productive capacity of their ferms through on-fnrm ns- si^'ance and loans, 4. Pet ml t loars where ne"pssnry to let state and loral governments 1 surance. Cardinal Maglionc's former aoart- mcntft will be used to house a Vatican relief mission. participate In rehabilitation activities. 5. Provide funds to establish a national system of flood disaster In- 7wir?on Accuses Korsas. Missouri Of 'Doing Nothing' for Flood Help repeated this year, but hope for ft renscnable the point yesterday, bringing to 81 the number thus far ousted for cheating at examinations. I hey do i business I RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Wrestling Wrinkle The Devon, England, style of wrestling permitted opponents to wear heavily soled 'shoes and to kick the adversary's shins, according to the Encyclopedia Brilannlca, ODDFELLOWS HALL STANWYCK r, WINOEU WALTER Y-HUSTON 2nd. St. "JIGSAW" Franchot Tone Jeanne Wallace 2 Shorts MONEY AS LITTLE AS 28c PER DAY! Tuesrlny pick-up to run well Into next year. | A good deal of business is re- (Mrted at the opening here tills i week of the Allied Linens ami no- mettles show. The volume of Mies j // A n Df\t kJT M CKJT In small lots leans the 55 exhibitors >\rrWII^1 I mtl^ I to speculate UiBl the August white gcorts sale,^ nrounrt ttie country linve bfcn brisk fnonsh to whittle down ST. JOSPPH, Mo. An?. 21. H'I— P"?.<;ident Trumnn say.-; Oie .slate povernmcnl-s or Mis-ouri and Knn- s--; hnvc tlnnc "rbsohilfly no!h:nc' j sas which have nothing Io\s'nrri done lhat The letter, received y* Irrday toward rehaWlitjtion of Hood- ! uvs la rcspon.-e tn a tclciram tro:n •"•-> ">aynr. The trlepram was pent al thc request of the CIO ntorics and sent! buyers out. for quick replacements. Price- 1 ;, on average, arc about 10 tier cent below i those of six months HRO, and this helps the buying volume, too. K.xrjrrtalt'ms Fxcredcd Mcst of thr 600 exhibitors at the j New York gift show report that! both attendance anrt buying Is ex- ! , rcedlnR their rxpfctations. Thevj have about 1.000 Items on display I and report thnl while ordering was I mostly In small lots. It WHS steady] and comes to a sviusUnttnl tolal-j They add that glftvvare Inventor- | WITH DANGER' Alan l.arlrl Phyllis Cnlvcrt Warner News & Shorls His coinirent w^s in a 1 •.. in Mivor Stsnlcy I. Dnle of St.lP 1 " 111 " nlt> " n " c """ "reed spet p Jasrph ' '• ' r fia'^ilitation ror floori stiftcrers ^n _.'.' ' . !thc Kansas Citv nnd Toprka areas , T.-.e PiTsidtnt wrote: ; Mr Tnlmiul nddcd . | "I have hceu nwkine all the j .. tt 5< . cm5 to me Oat the pressure i contributions pojsible to meet the n« nol necessary on t-he President' empreencj' caused by t^e Hood »ii w | 10 uncicrst.nnds the situation bul Missouri and Kansas. Uhat some ac"^n should be taken "One of the difficulties I have, by the citizens to sec that their been confronted with is the state [local governments perform as r ney governments of Missouri and Kan-' should." ; YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE COTTON BOLL on North Hiway 61 Tuesday & Wednesday WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY -,- JOAN ..ROBERT . FRANKC . CRAWFORD YOUNG LOVEJOY No ofM holds a candle to Joan— wrhen Joan is carrying the torch! ^^ WARNER SRO&: GOODBYE, MY I UMX VINCENT SHERKAN-H:I:W BU>NKE Kr.'5;, 1 r^r-'isr.:sr^r. p i;55 FOSTER • BR1TTON JOHN rtlUMO . HUB HAOUT J. nWAK WOMIIIO • VKTO* «M»N Wednesday & Thursday THE BIG CAGE' Clyde Utility Also News & Shorls Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. MiUinces Sal. & Snn. I'h. 5S Tuesday "Tahiti Honey" Simoiic Simone Appliances IMMEDIATE DELIVERY REFRIGERATOR FROM 209.95 Electric Ranges FROM 175.50 WRINGER-WASHERS FROM 114.95 Cartoon & Sport Reel Free Playground Kiddies Free " Free Guest Movie Ticket Nitc; Wednesday & Thursday "NANCY GOES TO RIO" Jane Powell Harry Sullivan lies, we wilt make immediate delivery with no money down, when you trade in a like appliance in operating condition. We allow the highest trade-in prices in town. If the appliance you trade in will operate, we guarantee that the minimum allowance we will give you will cover the amount required by government regulations as a down payment. So—• ASK ABOUT OUR METER PLAN! HARDWARE CO.Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W.MAIN ST PHONE 515 COME IN TODAY FOR THE FINEST IN HOME APPLIANCES

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