The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 22, 1946 · Page 6
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, June 22, 1946
Page 6
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PAGE & GOP Expenses Top Democrats in County Republicans Show $264 Mo re Spent Expenses of the Allegheny County Republican Committee for the re raf rAmary an? SPecial lections ran $264 more than those of the County Democratic Committee from Dec. 8. 1945 to June 10, 1946. Expense accounts turned in to the County Elections Board differed somewhat in their breakdown The Republicans turned in their expenses and receipts for the two elections, while the Democrats filed one report on their primary expenses and another on their financial affairs of the six-month period. Democratic expenses and donations for the special election were included in the latter amount. Individual Gifts The Republican committee showed total expenses of $25,989, against the DemocratsS 25,724. Receipts for the Republicans were $30,295. Democratic receipts for the six months were only $10,031, but they had $14,576 on hand on December 8. Most of the Republican receipts came from private individuals as shown by the fact that the Committee received 15 donations of more than $500, while only Mayor David L. Lawrence and Clerk , of Courts Dr. John J. McLean handed the Democrats $500 or more. Biggest item on the Democrats' receipt list was the S5000 turned in by the Jefferson Day Celebration Committee. Biggest expense item for both parties was for watchers at the polls. The Republicans spent $15.- 520, of which $290 was turned back to the Party, while the Democrats laid out only $7o00, including $950 turned back. Printers' Bills Unpaid Printers came out on the short end, apparently. The Democrats listed S2323 in unpaid printing bills, the Republicans $1133 Other big expenses noted were S158G for a Republican dinner at the William Penn Hotel and a contribution of $1000 on Jan. 8 to the Democratic State Committee. Leading the list of contributors to the Republican campaign were: Constance P. Mellon, $1500; Sarah M. Scaife, $1500; R. K. Mellon, $1500; W. L. Mellon, $1500; A. M. Scaife, $1500; James F. Malone Jr., $1000; W. C. Robinson, $1000; A. W. Robinson, $1000 ; and Thruston Wright. J. F. Walton, H. E. Lewis, S. S. Marshall, W. L. Jones Jr., B. F. Jones III and W. J Creigh-ton, each $500. Borough Statements Millvale Borough Democrats spent $581 for the primary, but their receipts totaled $723. Du-quesne Democrats spent $320, just about what they received from donors. Heading the list of candidates who filed expense accounts yesterday was Isabella J. Jones, defeated for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 29th District. Her campaign receipts came to $3290, her expenses $3003 but an unpaid printing bill for $680 will create a deficit. William L. Shaffer, runner-up in the race for Democratic nomination to the State Assembly from the 10th District, showed expenses of $522. Expenses of Harry J. Davenport, Democratic nominee for Congress in the 29th District, came to $502. $390 Gets Few Votes John A. Capone, who polled the lowest vote total in the Republican battle for nomination to the State Assembly from the 5th District, spent $390. In losing the Republican nomination for State Senator from the 44th District, Robert J. Strathearn spent $185. His successful opponent, State Senator John M. Walker, spent less than $100. Others who spent less than $100 were : Elmer J. Holland, Democratic nominee for State Senate, 38th District; Icnatius J. Pillart, Republican nominee for Congress, 33rd District; Donald F. Davison, Republican nominee for Assembly, 10th District; J. P. Moran, Democratic nominee for Assembly, 10th District; Anthony G. Thieret, defeated for Democratic nomination to Assembly, 6th District. THE PITTSBURGH PRESS, SATURDAY, JUNE 22, 1946 ' Z T" T" 1 "N. V H lMHi m I X V if i'f vi ii - I', 3 ; ) f- ' snk r fX fn Washinjto BEATINC VICTIM Richard Thomas, 6. son of Mrs. Nellie Crachowski of Soho, is cared for at Children's Hospital by Nurse Dorothy Muldoon. Police charge that Mrs. Crachowski looked on the boy as the "ugly duckling" of her three children, mistreated and beat him. Hotel Blast Toll 7 Dead, 41 Hurt Dallas Explosion Releases Ammonia Gas DALLAS, Tex., June 22 (UP) The Fire Department called in experts today to find the cause of an explosion that shook the five-million-dollar Baker Hotel and killed seven persons in the nation's third major hotel tragedy within a month. The explosion occurred in the basement of the 750-room building Silver Price Boost Voted by Senators Senate-House Battle On Move Hinted WASHINGTON". June 22 (UP) A bitter fight between silver state and Eastern congressmen was brewing today over a Senate proposal to boost the Treasury' buying and selling price of silver from 71.11 to 90.3 cents per ounce. Until the controversy is settled, the present shortage of silver for yc J V ,. - "" i industrial use is expected to grow tem. Deadly ammonia gas filled the basement, rising to the floors above. 41 Injured Hotel officials said 41 employes were injured. No guests w-ere injured even slightly, they said. The explosion crumbled basement walls. Police Lt. L. T. Spencer believed there was one body still under the rubble. Twenty-man fire department squads working to clear the basement said it would take 24 to 48 hours to determine whether all the bodies had been recovered. Saves 97 Charles Hodge, a Negro in charge of the sub-basement washroom, helped save 97 laundry workers, mostly women. He threw wet sheets over their heads and shouted to them to keep low to avoid the ammonia fumes. Crawling through the debris, he led them to safety. The blast was the worst hotel worse. Treasury sales of industrial silver halted last December and cannot resume until the new legislation is passed. In the meantime, silver producers are withholding their stocks until a new price is set. Industries Affected The photography and photo-engraving industries already have been affected by the shortage, and the manufacture of electrical contact points for auto engines is threatened seriously. The Congressional fight is expected to break out openly next w;eek when Senate-House conferees meet to resolve differences on the $1,606,067,840 Treasury Appropriation Bill for 1947. It was to this measure that the Senate tacked the Silver amendment yesterday. At issue were the conflicting opinions of silver-state and industrial state congressmen as to the price of silver. The Westerners want it as high as possible for the House, Senate Vote Funds of 13 Billions Push Appropriations For 1947 Fiscal Year WASHINGTON, June 22 (UP) Racing against a June 30 deadline, the Senate and House in one day approved four fiscal 1947 appropria tion bills totaling $13,250,090,683, in cluding record peace-time funds for the Army and Navy. Largest single bill was the House-approverd $7,091,034,700 measure to maintain an Army averaging 1,279,-000 men during th next fiscal year. The Army appropriation also includes 375 million dollars for peacetime atomic energy research, 281 million dollars for other scientific research and 350 million dollars to help feed starving peoples in occupied areas. Highest in Peacetime Although the Army appropriation is only about one-tenth of the record 1942 wartime appropriation, it is by far the highest peacetime military appropriation in U. S. history. The second largest appropriation approved by the Senate late yesterday a record peacetime $4,100,000,000 Navy bill. It provides for the maintenance of a fleet of 1045 combat ships and a force of 558,000 officers and men. Senators also " passed legislation to give the Treasury and Postoffice Departments $1,606,000,000 and the State, Justice and Commerce De partments and Federal judiciary $453,055,983 for the next fiscal year, To Adjust Differences All three bills passed by the Senate have been approved by the House. But they now go back to the House for adjustment of dif fering amendments. Both the Army and Navy bills carry no-strike amendments. The House attached a rider providing that no Army funds could be used to pay War Department employes who strike against the Government, or who belong to unions asserting the right to strike against the Government. The Senate approved a similar provision in the Navy bill and added a penalty of one year's imprisonment and $1000 fine for those who did strike. Navy Bill Cut The Senate cut $39,718,000 from the House version of the Navy bill before sending it back for consideration of amendments. As approved by the Senate the State-Justice-Commerce bill provided $131,139,523 for the State Department: $99,952,250 for Justice; $205,906,720 for Commerce and $16,057,490 for the Federal judiciary. SHOW SHOPS A Non-Expert Sees the Fight Film And Dares to Express an Opinion By K A SPAR MOXAIIAN There wasn't a boxing expert in the gang when at yesterday noon we gathered to see a private showing of the Louis-Conn fight picture. We were "pleasantly surprised" to quote one of the non-experts who voiced the consensus of the bunch in vhe projection room. We found it a better fight than we .iad anticipated after reading the Vu-r v accounts of the Yankee Stadium set-to. Not really a good fight, but hardly the "fiasco" i t' s been called. As I see it the experts over-wrote the fight before it took place and jnder - wrote it afterwards You can take that for what it's worth, re- Mr. Monahan membering I'm no expert. I can only report on what I saw and I'm still naive enough to believe that the camera never lies. Assuming the camera is telling the truth, I saw a nervous, "tightly drawn Billy Conn enter the ring and an impassive sphinx-faced Joe Louis shuffle out to meet him at the start of the bout. Joe was relaxed; Billy wasn't. From then on it was Joe stalking Billy as the latter retreated. I've seen Billy a few times in action and this time he seemed slower and lacking the surefooted grace that he had exhibited before. But several times he really got in there and threw some leather. In one round, the fourth I think, he took a terrific punch but came back with a few of his own. Seemed to have some steam in 'em, too, but in the broadcast and in the following day's reports there was nothing to indicate he was the least bit aggressive. As late as the seventh round and the forepart of the eighth he displayed in fitful flashes he had not left all of his fighting heart in the training camp. Or so it seemed to this non-expert. Of course, as everybody knows by now, he wasn't hurting Joe. But he v asn't the completely feckless ana helpless fellow we expected to see. Certainly he wasnt the poltroon we had been led to believe. Of course there was the explosive eighth round when the end came so swiftly and unexpectedly. A truck horse would have been knocked down and out by any of three awful blows, let alone a mere 182-pound guy outweighed by 25 pounds of fighting fury. You be the one to go around babbling as so many are doing, "why I might aS well have been in there with Louis." Not me. When Joe is chopping down some foolhardy lad, I get at least 20 feet away from the radio. Admittedly the film reveals that Conn was completely outclassed, but also it certainly reveals he was in there trying against staggering odds. In short, despite scurrilous and lying intimations to the contrary, he can walk the streets of his hometown with his head up. If you see the film I think you'll agree. It's showing at the Warner and on the same screen are Joan Fontaine and Mark Stevens as a married pair who have troubles. Troubles? Hell they don't have to face J. Louis! New Shows Slated For Kennywood Kennywood Park's free thrill shows at the Lagoon Stage will have a complete change of billing this week-end. Today the Seniorettes. a daring girl aerial duo, and the Trouts, sensational jugglers and hoop- rollers will present the afternoon and evening programs. Starting tomorrow Francisco and Dolores, perch-balancers, and the Downie Brothers, free pole gymnasts and upside-down loop-walkers, will take over for a two-week stay. A special feature for next week will be the one-night appearance i of Claude Thornhill and his orchestra on Friday. For all the other afternoon and evening dance sessions in the, open-air Pavilion Baron Elliott and his band will preside. to supervise formal banquet scenei for "The Searching Wind." "TOM SAWYER" Walter Brnnn Mae kodsod w';. Expert Advice HOLLYWOOD Director William Dieterle engaged Pancho, noted Hollywood maitre de hotel, who began his career on the Continent, m &v- V tit M W 3 Doors pro 10:30 NOW SHOWING! Xfi 7J& MGM fi(( VUtoi Jx-t fff "HICK JBfipW 1(1 CM,U I MAIN MGM Color III J.CARROL CartoonyUMSH MOW AT No Lend Lease HOLLYWOOD For one sequence in "O.S.S.," story of the work done during the war by the super spy organization, the Office of Strategic Services, the studio bought a Lockheed Hudson bomber, complete with engines. MIDGET AUTO RACES NEW KENSINGTON Thrills, Chills and Spills. Every Sunday 2:30 P. M. QBE Jt. V3k OH OUk A STAGE ihi.fv GWYNE&CO.; PRESENTING: The Most Baffling Magi Show of ALL TIME! For Your Dancing PUasur 2 g GRAY GORTON And Hil . J "Tick Tock Rhythm" Orchestra Featuring Th Lovilr Sitters f Son?, Betty and Shirley Lane. -A 3 Parties 10 to 1000 McK 2-222T $ disaster m Dallas' history. It! benefit of western mines. The ranked third in a recent series of hotel tragedies, following a fire in the Canfield Hotel at Dubuque, la., which killed 19 persons, and the LaSalle Hotel fire in Chicago which killed 61. Small Fire Put Out In Hotel ct Chicago CHICAGO, June 22 (UP) Fire broke out on the roof of the 20th story of the Marrison Hotel last night, but business went on as usual. Hastily-summoned firemen sped to the scene one block from the Hotel LaSalle fire in w-hich 61 persons died. Firemen put out the blaze by pouring water on it from the adjoining Hotel Chicagoan. Damage was estimated at $1000. Bucknell to Graduate 10 District Students Ten students from the Pittsburgh area will be candidates for bachelor's degrees at Bucknell University's commencement in Lewisburg today. They are: Dorothv L. Huffman, 391 Castle Shannon Rd., Mt. Lebanon; Lois A. Kutz, 1270 Justine St.; Sara J. Mc-Fall. 420 Parker Dr., Mt. Lebanon; A Patricia Means, 305 Dixon Ave., Mt Lebanon; Dorothy E. Ponsetto, 156 Lincoln Ave-, Leechburg; Alta K Schroder. R. D. 1, Salina; Ruth E. Harris, 6 Chestnut St., Castle Shannon; Caroline E. Hawk, 23o Sherman Ave., Vandergrift: Mary W. Steele, California, and William C. McMurray, Canonsburg. Parade Tomorrow City police and firemen, led by their band and Safety Director George E. A. Fairley, will attend special annual services at the Emory Methodist Church, N. Highland Ave. and Rippey St., tomorrow morning. They will parade to the church from No. 8 Engine House, East Liberty, starting at 9 a. m. The services will be conducted by the Emory Brotherhood Bible Class. Car Crushes Miner JOHNSTOWN. Pa., June 22 Ig-natz Beltowski, 62. Hastings, Pa., was killed yesterday while at work in the Hastings mine of Rich Hill Coal Co. He was crushed between a mine car and a pit post. London Firm Faces Toy Dog Mystery LONDON A London firm is paging Sherlock Holmes to clear up a minor mystery. - The company sent a package containing six pairs of trousers to a Leicester tailor. It arrived with three pairs missing but with two expensive toy dogs added. Easterners want to keep the price down for the jewelry, photographic and other silver-using industries Passed by 15 Senators A sharp fight had been expected on the Senate floor over the pro posal to amend the House bill to raise the Treasury silver sale price from 71.11 cents to 90.3 cents. But to the surprise of all concerned there were only 15 senators on the floor at the time the change went through without a dissenting vote The senate action tossed the issue into conference, where Eastern ers will fight for the House version to authorize resumption of Treasury sales at 71.11 cents. The Senate amendment provides that the 90.3 cent price for buying and selling shall prevail until June 30. 1948. After that time the price will be "not less than the legal monetary value (of silver) per fine troy ounce" an apparent invitation to Congress to raise it again later in separate legislation. Senate Votes Extension Of War Powers Act WASHINGTON (UP) The Sen ate last night passed and sent to the White House a bill extending sections of the Second War Powers Act for varying periods of from nine months to one year. Extended for nine months were sections containing authority for the Office of Defense Transporta tion and the War Shipping Administration; authority for the Government to dispose of property acquired for war purposes without condemnation proceedings; power to grant priorities and allocate and ration commodities; power for the Treasury to sell directly to Fed eral Reserve Banks not to exceed five billion dollars worth of securities at any one time; a waiver of navigation and inspection laws relating to seaborne commerce; a section exempting volunteer ration board workers and others from provisions of the Hatch no-politics act; and authority for emergency agencies to collect and disseminate statistical data. Extended for one year, to June 30, 1947, wa's authority to allocate building materials. The Senate adopted an amendment by Republican Senator E. H. Moore, of Oklahoma, which would specifically ban price control or rent control by any other agencies than those specifically authorized under the OPA and Economic Stabilization Acts. Bright Spots Physicist Dies SAN FRANCISCO, June 22 Prof. Thomas Howell Laby, one of Australia's leading physicists, died in Melbourne last night, radio Australia reported. cFeow Travelers' Facing Ouster in State Department Housecleaning Forecast as Result of Special Powers Senate Voted for Byrnes WASHINGTON, June 22 (UP) Senator Richard B. Russell, Georgia Democrat, today predicted a "thorough housecleaning" of suspected "fellow travelers'"' in the State Department under special - powers the Senate voted for Secretary of State James F. Byrnes. The Senate wrote into the State Boy Kills Brother With 'Never Loaded' Gun HUMMELSTOWN, Pa., June 22 (UP) Twelve - year - old Robert Slack pulled the trigger of a 22-caliber rifle he said had never been loaded" and killed his seven-year-old brother, Keith. They were playing "cops and robbers." Dr. C. M. Wallace, assistant county coroner, said the victim died almost instantly. The boys' parents were not at heme when the accident occurred. Shows to See And When Current stage attraction at Bill Household's theater-restaurant, Mc- ; Keesport, is Jack Gwynne and com- ; pany who present a magic show, . "Illusions of the Atomic Age." Gwynne is assisted by a bevy of pretty girls. He will remain at the Crooked Run supper club until Wednesday. Gray Gordon and his "Tick Tock Rhythm" play for both show and for dancing. The Saturday afternoon "Swing session" will continue lnaeiimteiy at Miller's Cafe. Sonny Miller has lined up talented musicians to take part in the session, augmented by the Tony Noll band who plays nightly at the Liberty Ave. cafe. Ted Weems' orchestra and enter tainers are playing at Bill Green's terraced gardens. Featured with Weems are June Lynn and Larry Noble, vocalists; also Paul Steele, Glen and "Tiny" Martin, instrumentalists. Stepin Fetchit, and his revue will be held over at Don Metz' Oakland night spot at 3802 Forbes St. Con sidering all the competition that diverted the public's attention. Stepin and his show were received by a three-quarter house nightly and should really pack them m for his final week. Known as the man who made a million dollars doing nothing, Fetchit really gets a workout in his own revue which also features the dance sensation, Tar-zanya. Greta L. Harbaugh's Pines is now featuring, Bill LeRoy's band, and will open with Lee Kelton, July 4. Lenny Littman recently put into operation his modern "Air-Temp" refrigeration. The Harry Walton Quartet and Tennie Trent play nightly. The Cary Gannis instrumental trio opened an indefinite engagement at the Hollywood Show Bar. Featured with them are leader Cary Gannis on the saxaphone and clarinet; Ben Bolan, the former Teddy Powell, Bob Strong, pianist, and Herb Knapp, bassist. The trio offer alternates with Moira Stewart at the piano and solovox, and the LeRoy Brown foursome. Civic Liqht Opera Association of Greater Pittsburah Next Week Robin Hood With an All-Star Cast Corps de Ballet PITT STADIUM WEEK NIGHTS 8:45 P.M. Ticket Office KAUFMANN'S Second Floor Also at Algeo's Pharmacy, and Mansmann's Stadium Ticket Office 2 P. M. to 10 P. M. 0t """"' FIGHT PICTURES B,0"Btow 5th AVE. DOWN7TQWN gum Dane Clark -zachary scott janis paige FiMWfi or ATW OX? I "The Green Years 1 i: is a wonderful motion picture (M-G-M, of cowrsef) COMING SOON Dividend No. 37 ROMANCE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 11 r IT DITT.5BITRr.H . j.or-rt nf l'i or seventv-flve cents te thirtr thousand 30.000 snares cl & o.t.hding capital o of this Com- holders of record at the close of business jSie 24, 1946x ChecktU be mailed. Vice President & Secretary Department appropriation bill power for Mr. Byrnes to fire any State Department employe he chooses without regard for Civil Service rules protecting Government em ployes against dismissal, except for proven cause. The amendment, which the House undoubtedly will accept, would let such employes exercise their Civil Service rights to claim a job in any other Government agency. Rules Bar Ousters Mr. Russell said the amendment was sponsored by the Senate Appropriations Committee after hearing testimony that the State Department was helpless to rid its rolls of suspected "fellow travelers" under Civil Service rules. "They could build up a strong case of suspicion but not one which would stand up before a Civil Service Commission hearing," Mr. Russell said. "So, we decided to give Byrnes extraordinary powers to cope with the situation. I am confident that there will be a thorough huosecleaning of fellow travelers in the State Department with this new power." Votes Information Fund Mr. Russell conceded that the suspected "fellow travelers" would I undoubtedly find jobs in other Government agencies. But, he said, "They won't be in a place where they could influence our foreign af fairs." The Senate voted to allow the State Department $19,284,778 for its International Information Service. The House, after talks of suspected Communism in the depart ment, had allowed a flat 10 million dollars. The Senate restored $9,-284,778 intended to be used in shortwave overseas broadcasts. But it wrote into its report: "It is the feeling of the committee that a very searching check should be made of all personnel having anything to do with the program." PITT STADIUM "The Merry Widow" Starts nightly at 8:45 p. m. STANLEY "Heartbeat" Glneer Roeers, Jean Pierre Aumont and Adolphe Menjou. Feature besins at! 11:10. 1:25. 3:35. 5:45. 7:50, 10:00. j FULTON "In. Old Sacramento" William Elliott and Constance Moore. Feature begins at 11:00, 12:55. 2:50, 4:45. 6:40. 8:35. 10:30. J. P. HARRIS "Somewhere in the Night" John Hodiak, Nancy Guild and Lloj-d Nolan. Feature begins at 11:00, 1:10, j-.xo. 5:30, 7:40, 9:50. PENN "Bad Bascomb" Margaret O'Brien, Wallace Beery and Marjorie Main. Feature begins at 10:45. 1:00. 3:15. 5:35. 7:50. 10:05. BARRY "House of Horrors" Rondo Hatton and Virginia Grey. Also "The Deyil's Mask." Anita Louise. j WARNER "From This Day Forward" Joan Fontaine and Mark Stevens. Feature begins at 11:30. 1:40, 3:50. 6:00. 8:10. 10:15. Also, Louis-Conn fight film at 11:10. 1:20. 3:30. 5:40. 7:45. 9:55. ART CINEMA "Open City" All-Italian cast, English subtitles. Feature begins at 10:30, 12:32. 2:26, 4:20, 6:13. 8:07, 10:00. SENATOR "Night in Paradise" Merle Oberon and Turhan Bey. Feature beeins at 11:05, 12:55, 2:45, 4:40, 6:30, 8:25, 10:15. RITZ "Her Kind of Man" Dane Clark and Janls Paige. Feature begins at 10:18. 11:59. 1:40. 3:21. 5:02. 6:43. 8.24. 10:05. I t jJLLIl- M ftfl'anjje 9900 Air -Conditioned J.P.HARRIS Sixth St. Downtown JOHN HODIAK NANCY GUILD 'SOMEWHERE In The NIGHT1 37e PIXS TAX TILL 12:30 ! 2nd BIG WEEK! MERLE OBERON TURHAN BEY THOMAS GOMEZ Air-Conditioned SENATOR HRERTV VE "NIGHT IN PARADISE" IN TECHNICOLOR 37e PLCS TAX TILL, 13:30! Air-conditioned LIBERTY Kast Liberty Jsnet B'air-Mirc Plart "TARS SPARS" Will Prkr-M. Chapman "ONE WAY TO LOVE" FAMILY Fat I fberty RITA HAYWORTH GLENN FORD '"GILD A" Air-Con ditioned ER3Y r-, '. AVf. fo Raf-As r,jrinm "WHISTLE STOP" Jim"T) Tir.dall "OLT OF DEPTHS" Air-Condi tloned JENIS Mt. Lebanon CROSBY-BERGMAN "THE CELLS OF ST. MARYS" BEECH VIEW.. iwhTtew J"l McCr-B Britton "THE VIRGINIAN" la Technicolor NORTHSIDE... Federal St. AbNi't id Cot!!o "LITTLE GIANT G. O'Bri-n-E. BntoHr COWBOY MILLIONAIRE Air Conditioned SHERIDAN...,. East Liberty AIR CONDITIONED BEACON (Murray at Beacon) Rita METROPOLITAN fBloomfield) Chas. Hayworth. Glenn Ford in "Gilda. Also March of Time. CAROL (Broughton) Lon Chaney & Brencia Joyce in "Strange Confession." Also 'Dick Tracy." COLONY W. Park. McKees Rcks) Gary Cooper in "Marco Polo." Plus Robt. Lowery in "Prison Ship." GERARD West View) Martha O'Dris-coll in "The Daltons Ride Again." Plus "Senorita From the "West," Cartoon. GRANT (Millvale) Joan Davis and J. Haley in "Geo. White's Scandals." A. Curtis in "The Daltons Ride Again." OAKS (Oakmont) Greg ?icClure & Linda Darnell in "The Great John L." Plus News of the Day. Starrett in "Two Fisted Stranger." Plus Linda Darnell in "The Great John L." NEW ATLAS No. Side) Bud Abbott & Lou Costello in "Little Giant." Plus March of Time and Cartoon. PARK Greenfield) Sonja Henie In "Wintertime." Plus Gene Tierney in "Sundown." SHEA'S ORPHELM fMckee Rocks) Constance Bennett in "Paris Underground." "Men From San Quentin." STATE C335 Fifth Ave.) G. Cooper & P. Goddard in "North Wrest Mounted Police." Also "Ragged Angels." STATE (Aliquippa) Rita Hayworth. Glenn Ford in "Gilda." Also Cartoon and News. or WiSTERM rmmyLVANiA tTj Independently Owwd tm4 Operated " ARCADE (South Side) Walt Disney MARYLAND (Blawnox) Brenda Joyce Feature "Pinocchio. Plus JacK Haley fc Edmund lowe in tncnanteo in "People Are Funny.' BELLEVLE THEATER (Bellevue) Ingrid Bergman and Gary Cooper in "Saratoga Trunk." Also Selected Shorts. BRIGHTON (North Side) Deanna Durbin in "Because of Him." James Warren, "Wanderer of the Wasteland." BRCSHTON ("15 Brushton Ave.) G. Tierney & Vincent Price in "Dragon-wyck." Plus Selected Shorts. CAPITOL (Allentown) Alan Todd, Veronica Lake in "Blue Dahlia." Plus Cartoon and Comedy. CHARTIERS (Crafton) Fred Astaire and Lucille Ball in "Ziegfeld Follies." Plus Selected Shorts. COLONIAL (South Side) Eddie Can tor in "Kid Millions." Also Richard Dix in "The Mysterious Intruder.'1 DIXIE FAMILY (Carnegie) Barbara Stanwyck in "My Reputation." Basil Rathbone in "Pursuit to Algiers. EMBASSY (Aspinwall) Clark Gable Ar Greer oarson in "Adventure." Pius News, Cartoon and Short. GARDEN (North Side) Humphrey Bogart in "Sahara." Also John Wayne in "A Lady Takes a Chance. GRAND (4902 Second Ave.) All-Star Cast in "Bandits of the Badlands. Also Lon Chaney in "Pillow of Death.' HAZELWOOD (4921 Second Ave.)- Judy Garland and All-Star Cast In "Ziegneld Follies." comedy and News, HILLTOP (Allentown) Ralph Morgan in "Black Market Babies." Also Jack Haley in "People Are Funny. HIPPODROME (North Side) One Tierney fc Vincent Price in "Dragon- wvcK." Plus Shorts and News MAIN (Sharnsburr) Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in "Little Giant." Plus Comedy and News. Forest." Plus Comedy and News. NEW CARNEGIE (Carnegie) Gent Kelly, Judy Garland and All-star Cast in "Ziegfeld Follies." Also Shorts. NEW GRANADA (t'ptown) Warren Williams in "Fear." Also Tex Ritter & R. Hayden, "Marshall of Gunsmoke.'' NEW GRAND (Carnegie) John Wayne and Ann Dvorak in "Flame or tnt Barbary Coast.' Plus News. PARAMONT (North Side) Dana Andrews in "Walk in the Sun." Also M. Reynolds, "Meet Me on Broadway." PARKWAY (West Park, McK. Rocks 1 Gale Storm in "Sunbonnet Sue." Also Leo Gorcey in "Live Wires. REGENT SQ. (Edgewood) Bing Cros by and Dorothy Lamour in "Road to Utopia." Plus Selected Shorts. RIALTO (Mt. Oliver) Mary Beti Hughes in "The Great Flammarion ' Also "Roaring Mountain." ROOSEVELT (1862 Centre Ave.) Ann Sothern in "Up Goes Maisle." Alsc R. Bellamy In "Wild Brian Kent." ROXIAN (501 Chartiers Ave.) Lon Chaney in "Pillow of Death." Also Eddie Dean In "Romance of the West ' SEWICKLEY (Sewickley) F. Astaire. Judy Garland and All-Star Cast in Ziegfeld Follies." In Technicolor. STRAND (Sharpsburg) James Craig in "She Went to the Races." Also Erir Von Stroheim in "Mask of Dtijon." TRIANGLE (East Liberty) Edmund Lowe in "The Strange Mr. Gregory." Plus Bill Boyd in "Leather Burners." TEMPLE (2845 Chrtier Ave.) Dana Andrews & Richard Conte in "Walk in the Sun." Plus Comedv and News. WEST END (415 S. Main St.) Dana Andrews in "Walk in the Sun. Jeff Donnell. "Throw a Raddle on a Star." ALL-STAB CAST "ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1946" in Technicolor REGENT East Liberty Air Conditioned ENRIGHT. .. . Last Liberty CAMERAPHQNE East Liberty Air Conditioned SHADYSIDE... 5518 Walnut SL M- McDonald-D. O'Keef "Getting Gertle' Gartar" War Docriinpntiry BERMA VICTORY James Masnn-Ann Todd "THE SEVENTH VEIL" Veronica Lske-S. Tufts 'MISS SUSIE SLAGLE'S' Clark fiabe-OeT Larson "ADVENTLRE" Jamei CraiB-Slfme HaM 'DANGEROUS PARTNERS' SCHEKLEY.... Oakland STRAND.. Oakland CENTRE Cor. Centm at Crair Oakland NEW OAKLAND Atvood it Fort Oakland Rinff Cmhv-Bnh Bone ROAD TO LTOPIA R iht. Lowrr-P. B'ooka HIGH POWERED" K. Rirhmond-B. Reed "Tht Shallow Retirna" Bu5tr Crabbe-Al ft. John "StagMoach Oitlawt" MANOR. T2. Murrav Aft. Squirrel Hill M. McDonald-D. 0'Kee Cattin Gwii.'t Garter" Vincent Pti'-e-I.vnri Bar! "SHOCK" SQ. HILL Forward at Murray Squirrel Hill SOUTH HILLS. Dormont HOLLYWOOD. Dormont BOULEVARD. Brook! ine BELMAR... Homewood ROWLAND.... Wllkinsbnrc STATE Wllkinsburi; REGAL Wllkinsburi; Air Conditioned MT. OLIVER. Mt. Oliver WHITEHALL... Brentwood MELROSE. . Car-rick ETNA. Etna KENY0N.... North Side Air Conditioned ARSENAL... 4109 Botler 8T. PLAZA 4765 Liberty Am. Bloomneia MODEL.... . 415 Butler St. Lawrence villa Ahhott and Ciwt!lo "LITTLE GIANT" Alan Curtis-Kent Tavlor Daltons Ride Again" . Harrion-C. Ctiipmtpra BLITHE SPIRIT" . Breneman-B. CranTille Brtakfat Iw Hollywood" John Pavne-M. 0'Hara "Sentimental Jogrn.y Jess Barker-Jull Bihop 'IDEA GIKL" John Pavne-M. O'Hara "Sentimental Joarnay" War Documentary BURMA VICTORY Veronica Lake-S. TufW MISS SUSIE SLAGLE'S" .lames Craiit-F. Cifford 'Sna Went to th Rae" James Masnn-Ann Todd "THE SEVENTH VEIL" Wm. darai-Ann Sae MIDNIGHT MANHUNT Joel McCrea-B. Donlery THE VIRGINIAN" in Technicolor Vronira Lake-S. T'ift MISS SUSIE SLAGLE'S' War Documentary BERMA VTCTORT Alan Ladd-Veronica Lake 'The Blua Dahlia' J Carradine-C. Prakt "FACE OF MARBLE" Bob Steele-Syd Savior "AJIBl'SH TRAIL" T. Bronpman-B. OranTillt BREAKFAST IN HOLLYWOOD" B. Harrim-C. CMTTTrir.H BLITHE SPIRIT" T. Breneman-B. GraniiUe "Breakfast In Hollywood" James Mason-Ann Todd "THE SEVENTH VEIL" Jack- Haiev-Ann Jenrevs "Sing Yo.r Way Home" Gene TirnT-Vinr. Pric DRAGON WICK" Bll Hi-rtrv-Era Matrh 'DANNY BOY" Alfred Drake-Janet B'air TARS AND SPARS' Kane Richmond-B. Mnntan "Black Market Babies" T. Brneman-B. GranTilla Breakfast in Hollywood" B. V Stroheim-J. Bate "MASK OF DIIJ0N" T. Breneman-B. GranTilla "Breakfast III Hollywood' War DoeUmnary BERMA VICTORY M. McDonald-D. 0'Kef "Getting Gtrtlt's Garter" James Mason 'HOTEL RESERVE Abbott and Costello "LOST IN A HAREM" Laurel and Hardy Uathing Bat TroaUt" AMBRIDGE.... Ambr1de PRINCE.. Ambrldca Air Conditioned MAN0S Greensbnrg STRAND Greensbarg VICTOR... MeKeesport Air Conditioned J. P. Harris MEMORIAL MeKeesport '. Breneman-B. Cranrllla 'Breakfast la Hollywood" rjommentarr BERMA VICTORY Anita Loi1'!-Ji!B Bannn "THE DEVILS MASK" Wild Bill EIHo't-B Blak Marshal ef El Lared" WALLACE BEEBY MARGARET ORRIE HQ . J D oanmk' B1U BaSbUlHM MAI'REEN O'BARA DICK HATMES 'Do You Love Ma' Pirk Powell-Ann Shirler "MURDER. MY SEtI" B. Hutton-A. de Cnrdoea 'Incendiary Blonde CLAT-PETTE Cni-REBT ORSON WELLES "TOMORROW IS FORVta

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