Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on December 3, 1955 · Page 2
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 2

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1955
Page 2
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9 RENO EVENING GAZETTE f - - ' - - ' 111. AM -J ' THEATRE GIFT BOOKS Ideal Christmas Gift Nov on Sale 4 IAST HST itiiit IVn Continuous from 1 p.m. LAST DAY! Top Double Bill HIT NO. 1 "DESERT SANDS" Superscop - Color SECOND HIT FORT YUMA" PLUS World News Color Cartoon 34 WIST HBSI STtilf 1 IHONI S.01 Continuous from 1 p.m. LAST DAY "TEENAGE CRIME WAVE" ALSO "TOP GUNS" Starts Sunday H. Bogort - F. March "DESPERATE HOURS" Second Feoture Dana and Ginger Lamb "QUEST FOR THE LOST CITY" IIINU YlANO J.yii Bki MONI 3-421 I -a V- r I . !l Lasf times icnigni "MAN WITHOUT A STAR" Screens 2:46.6:23-9:57 "REVENGE OF THE CREATURE" Screens 1:20-4:57-8:34 ' Starts Sunday "STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND" ALSO "RUH FOR COVER" V 1134 SieflT. SAK J rHONI S-4J41 h Saturday, Dec. 3 "PETE KELLY'S BLUES" starring Jack Vebb Screens 1:30-5:50-9:40 AND Undo Darnell - Victor Mature in "MY DARLIIiQ CLEMENTINE" STARTS TOMORROW DISNEY'S "AFRICAN LION" December 3, 1953 HARRY IUCIIMAX and his revue open at Mert Wertheim-er's Riverside theater restaurant on Thursday for a two weeks stay. Floor Show At Riverside To End Soon Wednesday evening Virginia O'Brien and the 4 Stags, Profes sor Backwards, and Les Marcellis close their current engagement at Mert Wertheimer's R i v e r.s i d e theater restaurant. The show has been a crowd pleaser and "Miss O'Brien, break ing in her new nitery act, has won many friends. The act is differ ent from the usual act of its kind because Miss O'Brien's singing style is peculiar to her, and the dead pan comedienne has her own way of putting over a song. The 4 Stags prove able assistants, and the act is whipped into excellent shape now. Professor Backwards, despite a cold, delivers his monologue to the amusement of the audience and then climaxes his act with his upside down, backward writing which not only amuses but amazes. Les Marcellis are in top form. Old Reno favorites, their current performance tops anything they have done on the local stage. The hard working Riverside Starlets and Bill Clifford and his orchestra round out an excellent show. Next Thursday will mark the world premier of the Harry Rich- man Revue, an elaborately costumed, carefully staged nightclub spectacular which is something new for the Pyramid Lake rancher, once known as "Mr. Broadway." Have You Been To The STIRRUP GUP - - LATELY? Sunday Buffet Suppers $1.00 Hi-Fi Music by K-ONE NOW PLAYING! "DESERT SflHDS" "FORT YUMA" STARTS SUNDAY! Thenix City, Alabama, was doing a $100,000,000 annua! trade in sin and crime." "The wickedest city in the United States." "...a thieves' retreat...o hoodlums paradise." See ft ut Th whole blistering story authentically filmed in Alabama ...the way H happened! THE ALABAMA PULITZER PRIZE EXPOSE won by the c-.Columbus ledger STi An ALLIED ARTISTS Pnsentatioe Companion Feature "TWO GUN LADY" Peggy Castle William Talmon EM Song Writer In Reno Job As Gardener Jack Urben of 305 Chestnut St. works as a gardener when he isn't writing songs, breaking horses, playing the guitar or vocalizing under the name of "Singing Bill Rogers." And to top it off, he looks like the late Will Rogers. Urben, who has spent nearly all his lif e roaming through the west is attending Reno gardens only "temporarily." His major occupation is song-writing and he has written 35. So far, only one of his western ballads has been published. 'There's Gonna Be a Round-up Bye and Bye" appeared recently in a collection of songs entitled "Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan's Song Corral." The song, his first one, was written in 1932. In 1952, he sang it on the radio on the Bob Hawk show and it was published in 1954. With one success under his belt, Urben is determined to keep on composing and playing his guitar by ear. Sparks Girl Meeting Speaker "What Homemaking Education Has Meant to Me and to All American Youth" is the subject of an address to be presented by Carma Baker of Sparks at the annual American Vocational As sociation convention to be held at Atlantic City Dec. 5-9. Carma will leave Dec. 4 by United Air Lines and will be met at Washington, D. C. by Lois Oliver, assistant national FHA adviser. Carma, state president of Future Homemakers, and national vice president of the Pacific region, was chosen by the national FHA executive council to represent the Future Homemakers at this meeting. Her talk will be given at the first general session on Tuesday, Dec. 6, in a program entitled "Youth Speaks." John Bunten, state director of vocational education, will also attend the American Vocational Association annual convention. PIPE CLEANER Borrow a few pipe cleaners from your husband's supply and keep them near your dishwashing area. They're efficient as can be for cleaning the spouts of both coffee pots and tea pots, and for the narrow tube of a percolator. DANCING TOURS Ml., SAT. NIGHTS Music Provided by BOB'S WESTERNERS Bob Jenkins, Curly Duran, and Tom Regie t U. S. 40 TAVERN Open 24 Hours (Horn of Western Music) 640 EAST FOURTH ST. RENO LITTLE THEATER PRESENTS A SOPHISTICATED COMEDY V 1 V i OPS-fjS MONDAY DEC. 5th Box Office Open Daily 1-5 PM. 7TH t SIERRA STS. PHONE 3-4502 SCREEN, 1:00, 4:44, 8:23 mm i m m mim t w tm k ous eiie m I mam mm 'V;v : I . L -t- THE STUARTS share -top honors with Terry Pepin in the new -musical show opening Monday Dec. 5, at Harrah's Club, Lake Tahoe. The Stuarts To Appear At Harrah's Opening Monday, Dec. 5 at Harrah's Club, Lake Tahoe, Highway 50 at Stateline is a sparkling musical showv Sharing headline honors are The Stuarts top flight instrumental vocal group and Terry Pepin, glamorous keyboard vocalist. With this show Harrah's Club institutes a new entertainment policy of continu ous entertainment every evening. The Stuarts come to Harrah's Club after three months at the New Frontier in Las Vegas where they met with high acclaim. They are an extremely talented foursome and advance reports indicate their popularity with night club audiences. Terry Pepin has played in some of the leading clubs around the country but this is her first appearance at Harrah's Club, Lake Tahoe. Uncle Dan's Dinner Slated Annual Uncle Dan's, Dinner of Reno Lodge No. 597, BPOE, will be held on Dec. 10. The occasion marks the 42nd observance of the traditional gathering of all Elks members in the interests of Christmas season charity. Motto for the dinner will be the same as in the past, "There are those who have les3 than we and are in need. We won't miss the little we give but will be the better for it." A turkey dinner and special entertainment are scheduled and the committee in charge hopes for record-breaking attendance. BURLESQUE! GIRLIE, GIRLIE SHOW NIGHTLY ! Hollywood Beauties NEW SHOW Monday VIVIAN GENESE & Her Orchestra PLANTATION CLUB 7100 S. VIRGINIA, PH. 2-3530 2 Miles South of Reno City Limit SCREEN, 2:35, 6:19, 10:00 Share the loves, the lives, the thrill of the men who guard our ky frontier! JAMES JUNE STEWART-ALLYSON Strategic Air Command Color Iry TECHNICOLOR FRANK ALEX BARKY BRUCE JjOVOTM-SUmN-BENNETr TWE - - STARTS - - SUNDAY mtmmrjl GAGlffiT WW& DEREK co&oei vr TECHNICOLOR. New Hotel At Vegas Faces Suit LAS VEGAS A move to throw the still uncompleted Stardust Hotel into receivership was made here Thursday as of-j ficers and directors of the corporation were sued by a stockholder who claims two million dollars in corporation funds were dissipated. In filing the suit, Edward Rus-nick, who has a. $15,500 piece of the huge 1000 room hotel, said it is a class action being brought on behalf of all other affected stockholders. Rusnick alleges through his attorney, Louis Wiener, that at the time he purchased his stock, he was told by Anthony Cornero Stralla, now deceased, that four and one half million dollars would complete construction of the hotel. Now, Rusnick alleges, Stardust directors and officers have made a deal to borrow an additional two million dollars from Frank Hofues. He claims the action is aealnst the best interests of the stockholders and that the terms! are "oppresive and inequitable." The case was filed in the court of District Judge A. S. Henderson who has not yet set a date for the hearing. Defendants in the action include B. W. Silver, hotel vice president and assistant treasurer, Jac De Luca, first vice president, J. W. Marks, Seymour Zimmerman, William E. Peluso, James Payne Bradley and D. J. Rotondo, all hotel directors. Top Thriller At Granada William Wyler's magnificent film production of "The Desperate Hours," which starts Sunday at the Granada Theater, is the final triumph for a story that has successfully stormed every entertainment outlet possible. Written by Joseph Hayes, the screenplay of the masterpiece, which stars Humphrey Bogart and Fredric, March, is based on his own first novel and his Broadway stage adaptation. "The Desperate Hours," is a story of the 48 hours of terror of a family whose home is invaded by a trio of brutal and murderous escaped convicts. Its violent and relentless tension and the brilliance of its performances have tabbed it as one of the greatest films ever produced. GRIDDLE GREASE For just the rig'ht amount of griddle grease, spread it evenly with a crumpled paper towel or paper napkin. M0ANA HOT SPRINGS SWIM THE YEAR 'ROUND Phone 2-5044 p;:a:a H"O...B a..a a rr B DANCING o Saturday, Dec. 3rd i 9P.H. 'TILL??? H THE VISTA GARDEN TRIO H presenting a i B Popular & Swing Dance Tunes" a VISTA GARDENS a Ha daJ cmiriwi e and the 4 STAGS KiirrrfAnnrKA lilfl n' (PROF ESS0R backwards; LES MARCELLIS J tkeCuevLU STARLETS wlUvCtHt HASH A MOKO-iANWS MOOWCIlON 13 OL CLIFFORD ei luo eickwlrta. ELAINE EVANS eecaUrt" E? I : f - fK i' - r STAR I , TV "S:" Vinnlfua nut !! ' . iifc. ,. 5C f ' "... .. x--.-. . '. i - i , ' V ' , . " f ' v " .. w e - : -. : 1 . . .-v- 'Ut(M y - ' 4 , ' ' f , ,s-' -r- '? RORLEU Debbie Reynolds, engaged to marry Frank Sinatra in "The Tender Trap," tells him that first she's going to reform him. The CinemaScope comedy-romance co-stars David Wayne and Celeste Holm and will start Sunday at the Crest Theater. ft? Hi t ".ntVtla aaiii r' mi i k rtm, miili VkisLii. cV Story, tae yuaoama k-uuizct ctuc expose vo.. by the Columbus Ledger, opens at the Majestic Theater on Sunday. r ..n rr-7. '. . . .. ' .... A m ; i.-. i.-" r I TERROR STALKS the house as three fugitives hole up In Fredric March and Martha Scott's home in "The Desperate Hours," starting Sunday at the Granada Theater. The picture stars Humphrey Bdgart and Frederick March and co-stars Martha Scott. Youths Charged In SUSANVILLE, Calif. Seven teen-agers, three girls and four boys were brought into justice court and charged by local authorities with starting the fire which destroyed the old Lassen DiHt at the . . . Branding Iron "Always the Finest in Food and Drink" BAR OPEN 10 A.M. - SANDWICHES 4 P.M. ''f 'XL , SERVING DINNERS FROM 4 P.M. TJL 9 P.M. REMEMBER . . . "It pleases us to please your' 4700 NORTH VIRGINIA ST. 3 MILES FROM RENO ARCH ON HIGHWAY 395 NORTH RENO'S ONLY TURKISH BATH Mapes Health Club O Steam Room O Massage Open 9 A.M.-9 P.M. MAPES HOTEL PHONE: 2-4581 CHRISTMAS DECORATING CONTEST RENO NEWSPAPERS, INC. and 20-30 CLUB g 123-127 North Center Street. g Please enter my name in your CHRISTMAS DECORATING CONTEST FOR HOMES ... It is S KP understood that this contest is Free and open to 3 ail resiaenis 01 neno ana bparlcs. NAME ADDRESS.... . RENO or SPARKS... (Check one of these themes) a? r & 1. ( 4. ) Outdoor Tree ond Shrubbery 2. ( ) Doorway Decoration. 3. ( ) Outside House Decoration. PLEASE NOTE: No decoretions will be judged unless entry it mode on this Entry It Rlnnlr nmA Hornrnf inn. nmnlf kw CPU Z.'.J n I O ENTRY BLANK MUST .. .". v. . v '4H 3 Lassen Fire Lumber & Box company building on Nov. 19. The building was owned by the Fruit Growers Supply company. They w;ere turned over to the probation officer for report. & DAHGE' BE IN BY WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14. Tender Trap' Laugh Hit Is at Crest Anyone who likes to laugh will have a fine time starting Sunday at the Crest Theater, where The Tender Trap" will be showing. Frank Sinatra, Debbie Reynolds, David Wayne and Celeste Holm have the starring roles. 'The Tender Trap" is a story about love from the viewpoint of debonair New York actors' agent and bachelor Charlie Reader (Sinatra) who has a flock of career girls breaking their necks to catch him. This is a source of amazement to Charlie's old friend, Joe Mc-Call (David Wayne) who has left his wife and kiddies back home in Indianapolis to come to town on a business trip and stay with Charlie. All this is changed when Julie Gillis (Debbie Reynolds) arrives on the scene as she has a marriage plan in mind. Charlie finds his Utopian world turned upside-down by Julie and Joe comes to the realization that the domestic problems of the wall-to-wall carpeting and braces for the children's teeth are more important than illusory Manhattan romances. High School Play to Open Opening next Monday, Dec. 3 and continuing through Thursday, Dec. 8 will be the annual Reno high school All-School play which will be presented in the high school little theater at 8 o'clock each evening. The play, "The Seven Sisters," is a thrte-act comedy and is sponsored by the sophomore class. The plot of the hilarious comedy revolves about an old-fashioned family whose mother believes the daughters should marry in order of age. Her pLin is complicated when the third eldest daughter, being the most attractive, falls in love. The comedy is unraveled when her boy friend plots to marry off the two eldest daughters to members of a nearby military academy. Taking the leads in the student production will be Dee Slaven and Mickey McBride. Other members of the cast are Pat Reynolds, Mary Morton, Deborah Hughes, Judy Garwood. Judy Stratton, Jackie Ray, Marilyn ' Petersen, Fred Byington, Jim Manley, Roger Joseph, Ron Cox, and Walt Ducker. Ducker is. also stage manager while Kathy Oxborrow is the assistant director. Danny Ducker is assistant stage manager. The play is directed by Glenn Slight, drama instructor. The public is invited and tickets are on sale in the high school cafeteria during the lunch periods and at the door for each performance. Lack of License Brings Citation Charges of driving without a license were placed against Anthony Saetz, 39, 131 W. Taylor St., Thursday afternoon after the car he was driving struck a parked truck at 1043 S. Virginia St. Police said Saetz's car struck the truck as Saetz maneuvered into a parking place. $ SAVE $ BEER -WINE LIQUORS TREMENDOUS SAVINGS ON ALL PACKAGE LIQUORS WAGON WHEEL Open 'Hound The Clock 116 C COMMERCIAL ROW Itllllllllllllllllli "PHIL" FOR THE EST '' SERVED -ANYWHERE . . YES . . ANYWHERE" It'l ESTINA Serving " Varieties" el Dellcioutiy Tetty PIZZA Everyday freM 12 Neen 1!t 4 o. m. ORDERS TO TAKE OUT 2100 S. Virginia St. ph. 3-723 IKI Of Of X ...... a " at ) Wmdowt y X3k V-

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