Arkansas Democrat from Little Rock, Arkansas on September 14, 1901 · Page 5
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Arkansas Democrat from Little Rock, Arkansas · Page 5

Little Rock, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 14, 1901
Page 5
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THE ASXAKSAS CLKSCRAT, SATl.: AFTERNOON, SEPTEK5ER 14, 1301. SATURDAY'S FEATURE FG3 TUE LITTLE OIIES. ABSOLUTE-. : SECURITY. "Ut the COLO DUST twin do your work I " Something of School Fads and - Styles In the Windy City. ' GIIIGAGOESQUE ' if . ' ' Oh his 11 ill I IV (IS ; "Clubs Cannot ' News nd View. " ' To; the Women of Little Rock. "- : Cwwfordivllle.. '' ?. ; Newa and Views. ' The Wednesday Club, of. Fayette-Tllle; will tend regular reports ot Its good work to this department. . Mrs. Pisco, ot Denver, who Is sister of Mrs. Joe Wolf, of Little Rock, has by earnest efforts raised f 20,000 to establish a Jewish hospital. , ,. Mrs. " Pisco is one of the most valuable members of the v threat Denver Woman's Club. . The New'Century Club, of Camden, began the work of 1901-1902 with Na most successful meeting at the home of Miss Minnie Barker, September 3. The able president, Mrs. E. S. Green-'. ing,' has a capable assistant in the cor responding secretary; Mrs, S." C. Gar-ber. ' ;':-;"'', " ,'. . .'. ' The Pan-American Exposition was regaled September 12-14 by the meeting of the National Council of Women. - Among the subjects of Interest JJs-. cussed by interesting speakers were: "Marriage and "Divorce,? "Domestic -Relations Under the Law," "The Coun-' ell Idea! "Our 'International Oblige, tions,V'How Can the Women of North and South America Co-oper- vate?rV& . The beautiful counters of Warwick is making a great success of th$ agricultural college for women that she has established 'at Reading, England, $506,000 have been given to the cause, and the institution is filled with young women eager for an agricultural edu- . catlqn. .The countess thinks it would be much better if women took more to out-door work and less to needlework. It will be remembered that as Lady Brook the " countess of Warwick grew the first Shakespearian garden wherein flourished and flowered - all the plants named In Shakespeare's ' plays. . . -' ... " '.. ,., The. Chicago School of Domestio Arts.will be opened September 16. It is under the united supervision of all the Chicago ,women's clubs, the board of managers being composed of representatives from the various or - about lir liB - crK!OTl22c!c (Hill ' ' t4JU iww - W I a. - 1.' ., . . -II . .7" t II rims m mA he bd me raaQ7 ; cost was shabby m&ee&y had a bad habit III! n Part Them," , ganizations.7 -The -following -good, topics homeiV,' every-day-ii)-the-week will be taught and lectured upon:-"Lo cation of the House," "Ventilation and Sanitation," "Best Environment for Kitchen, Laundry and Bedrooms," "Methods of Work." "Relations of Mistress and Maid." The change in date ot the G. F. W. C. biennial meeting from April 24 to May I meets with the general approbation of club women throughout the United States. The place of convening will be in the Simpson Auditorium, Hope street, Los Angeles. The following chairmen if loca.1 committees have been named: Badges, Mrs. J. M. Armstrong; transportation, Mrs. Chas. Fraser; credentials, Mrs. W. W. Murphy; hotels, Mrs. Frank Wiggins; finance, Mrs. W. L. Graves; bureau of information, Mrs. C. O. -Wadlelgh; pages and ushers, Mrs. Sumner . P: Hurst . Preparations for the entertainment of the Illinois Federation- of Women's Clubs at Decatur, October 16-19, are belncT perfected- The attendance .1 at the meeting will be very large, as Illinois has 222 federated clubs with an aggregate membership ot 20,000 women. The delegates are to be entertained in the homes of the Decatur women and each hostess knows who her guests ace to be. The president, Mrs. Stanwood, and the chairman of the progamme committee will be entertained at the hotel as their duties are so strenuous that any stray min utes that may fall to their lot should be free from the demands of social en-terruptlons. ' , : The sultan of Turkey is not an un speakable Turk when it comes to saying what the Turkish women-shall not do. Fearing the "new woman" idea might become prevalent, and seeing signs of a longing for the latest in Jewelryr etc., the sultan has lBsued an ediet that no Christian teachers shall eafgr -.Turkish harems; that no Turkish children shall attend Christian schools;, that Turkish women must be at home; one hour before sunset; that Turkish women shall engage in no up-t4.4ate athletics; that they shall wear no other headgear than' the -horrid '. : . can have a ttractical treatise on motherhood, tellinir 2 - fiTl'r - nrG cmrrnrnM , . (Nwaina mm rruu final , , will save months of pain and trouble), sent, free, ; by sending- name and address of self or friends to TMB BMBWUCtW BWOPHTOB CO., attoata. . . "Tht wwW un product nothing liU 'Moihtr'i Frknd' " StylBnOTtl.eotiictMtbyMiMMiMiicctefprtM. "hotes," ud that European, frflla and terbelcrws are forbidden. L . . Busy Women. Soldiering and running the engines on railroads are about the only oc cupations that man can call his own all the rest of the work-a-day world he must share with women. In the domestic and civil fields the scramble for a livelihood has brought out the Ingenuity and Industry of women to points hitherto considered beyond the pale of profit or propriety. See what gentle woman dares! Mrs. Maria Beasley has Invented a barrel machine that rolls out 1,600 barrels daily. Miss Lillian Small, of Cape Cod, spends her time spying through a telescope on the lookout for passing ships, and tele graphs their coming to Boston. Miss Cora Kimball, ot Moultrie, La., belongs to th Southeastern Bill Posters' As sociation, and thereby has the ezdu slve rglht to have the billboards 'of Moultrie pasjjed and plastered with ad vertising posters. Miss Alice Hughes, an artistic young American, was the fortunate founder of the "picture hat," and went to London for a wider field in which to -have It flourish. The directory of Dawson City, containing much valuabje mining Information of the Yukon region, was arranged by an enterprising young womai. Miss Fan nie Carpenter, a New York attorney, has just pocketed a 176,000 fee for win. nlng a case in the court of appeals. Mies Mary Shepard, of San Buena Ventura, Cal., has a flower ranch cover ing 1,000 aores. The profit in the bus iness Is derived from the sale of seeds and not " of blossoms. Mrs, Francis Benedict was the first person to see the ponlt and profit in making a business of writing catching aneV fetching advertisements. It Is printed in heavy head lines that many of the women of the London smart set are interested in trade, ranging from establishments for the fitting and making of ' swell shirt waists, to the setting of precious stones. There Is said to be a demand for professional trunk-packers, for professional story-tellers, for professional "minders of youngsters" (when the mother takes an occasional outing), for professional. .tying of bows at ribbon counters, In fact the woman who learns to do something better than anybody else in her locality is quite apt to find a paying demand for her chosen calling. r To the Women of Little Rock: I am impelled to make an appeal that doesn't need much persuasive eloquence to be convincing. I am de luged with applications from colleges, schools, educational and charitable Institutions, aswell as homes, for housekeepers. .. ' ' There Is no denying the fact that the housekeeper is an- Important factor Jn flay lnetitutloiirwhereipeopie have" to; be ' led...,:... :S ' ' 1 ... ' 1 ; '. There can be no happiness or comfort' in the running of an Institution when bankruptcy stares the management in the face every month because of ignorance in the kitchen. i , The Woman's Boarding Home Is"t Cenulno Carter's" Iittie Liver Pills. Must Boar Signature of N. 5m Paoailt Wrapper Below. intake rOIIEADACML FOR DIZZINESS. rtn biuousieis. FOR TORPID UVEA. FOB CONSTIPATION. rOR SALLOW SKIN. . FOR THE COMPLEXION mmni mutmw ci)re sick headache. fine example ot success, 1n this part of the management To say that it has been phenomenal, considering the scarcity and cost of food material and the nominal charge for board, is a mild way of stating it. -There is an easy, scientific way of. 'keeping house that looks to a profession la this business. It is so comforting to hear "nil bills settled" when the board of managers meet every month. Now this is due to a professional as superintendent,' matron, housekeeper, lust as you choose to term her. She 1b the pivot on which centers , the success of the Woman's Boarding Home. My appeal Is this, since, there Is such a demand for professional' housekaeiersj- let all women of this city come together and establish a domestic science training school, haying for its object to train, for housekeeping as both a science and an art The tide of sentiment is turning in that direction. I have heard many expressions as this: "I wish I was able to manage an Income," "I would like to acoept that position of manager in this school it I could make 'both ends meet,'. but I cannot manage my own income and I would not attempt another's," so the school or college goes on the old road to bankruptcyThat Is the secret otlhe-clostna uo of tnanv an institu tion and 'college, yea, and home. Am I not right? Let, us do something to ward specialised, work. Not to train servants, but capable, Intelligent housekeepers. Let's drop the servant problem and raise the standard and dignity by cultivating Mgher-Wgard for the profession ourselves' and stimulating others to become ' self-supporting through this branch of business. We have the teacher, what we women and men, too,; should do, is to procure the means and facilities for such training, and go about It like you would to make a bookkeeper, typewriter or stenographer. The way would open up as we progressed. What we want is an earnest, determined stlck-to-atlveness spirit ; .. .MRS. JENNIE BEAUCHAMP, Chairman of Household Economics. Crswfordsvllle. After six weeks' vacation by the way, "club vacation" Js a misnomer, as the various committees are as busy during that period as at any Kims during the year the Woman's Book Club resumed its meetings -Wednes day. September 4. , f i' ' . The committee on education furnished the' afternoon's' . programme, and the local school conditions were thoroughly discussed." ' As ei-toachers are' in the majority among us, we grew eloquent over "The Mission of the Teacher, Especially the Country Teacher.", . , Being a small club In a country town, we And too' much concentration on any one subject unprofitable, hence the miscellaneous programmes to be found in our calendar. , Th, annual short-story contest will be Opened next . meeting, The local press will furnish the resident mem bers with the conditions covering the contest, and the society will look" after the interests of the non-resident members in the matter. Monday, September 16, we will enter. tain our friends. The programme for the. occasion will be furnished by local talent. Dainty refreshments will be served. The committees 'are active, the vil lage improvement in particular, and altogether the outlook for the new club year is very flattering. " ; CLUB CORRESPONDENT. : i ' . MISSOURI MILITARY" ACADEMY New buildings. -100 uhvj.: Model nohool. Gnat succesi. Faculty. Uirivrait- graduates A. K. YANCET, I'realdent, Mexico, Missouri of national reputation, ; Address, . . : .TALKING ABOyT US. - Little Rock contracted a severe case of swell-head over the.: news .of a double victory of their ball team over tBS Nashville "bunch.-It was a Skopec affair, Arkadelphia 'SIftlngs. Herald. . v .'' '. "'" The postal authorities of Chicago recently made a test of automobile vehicles for carrying the malls. ; The results are reported to have been entirely satisfactory. CARTERS M . CHIQAQO, September 10. (Correspondence "Arkansas Democrat." Of course here, "u 1 everywhere Bath-' ing else has been the subject of conversation for days except the dastardly act ot the anarchist Csalgosi On the life of President McKlnley,, In many If not all of the churches' last Sunday prayers' were' offered , up for his recovery 'and in many .. sermons J were, preached about the sad affair -v V A visit to, the Horace Greejey public school last week was of great interest to me. Miss McOillen, , the principal, kindly showed me to the rooms' frhlch would be'-ot special use to me In my own Work at home; that is in some. things, not in the arithmetic, howev er. Assistant Superintendent v8peer's method is used In all of the schools and Just "ow a large number of the teachers uio making a violent protest against. It The method is that arith metic la the science ot the relation of magnitudes' and should be taught by pictures and blooks of wood, A few examples here might Interest some of the many readers of the "Democrat". who are Interested in bearing about the ''fads"' If not believing in them. 'At the ratio of 1-12 of 24 to 1-12 of 18,300 is 762 1-2 ( what Is the ratio ot 18,300 to 24?" "Close eyes. Handle solids and guess at relative size.' Infer relative weight Try to determine the number of cubic Inches In each solid by means of touph . and muscular sense." Some of the teacheTs say It Is excellent for' mental drill, ' but they want to know what use it will be when the pupils come to figure up Interest or keepTjooks. , I was shown a new way to teach spelling, .reading and language In the low .grades. It is called the process of "visualisation." The, teacher writes words, sentences, etc., on board, allows them to remain a minutes or two, then erases, says "write what you have seen," etc. This is also the Speer method. It Is said that, after trying . Superintendent Spebr's method, it will not work! A visit to the elegant school building at Avondalo shows one what a model school hulldlpg Is even in one of Chicago's suburban towns. Here Is found every modern convenience; beautiful bath-rooms with open plumbing, with women in chargethese are, of course, exclusively for the little folks; station-ary Wash-Btahds on each floor, also stands for palms, ferns and flowers. Surely if elegant surroundings are conducive to study these-little-folks ought to be exceedingly wise. Just now manytjf the early"" fall styles are to be seen in the shop win dows. Such fetching gowns and millinery as Is to be s.eenwould( actually startle the fair gaser. to say nothing of the tremor felt by the contents of the pocket-book. , One of the latest creations of Dame Fashion Is the "garter skirt." ' They are really little Individual pantalets rthatvreach only to the knee. They are fastened to a silk and ribbon garter" and simply look Just like those dear little baby carriage parasols that were used before the popularity of " the go-cart. WhatnextT - .. ' . -Belts very wide and again very nar-row are things of beauty, prices running high. Shoes, oh, so pretty! so sensible, with the heavy broad soles, which every Chicago woman Insists on wearing, are very popular. Neckwear, so elaborate and so becoming, and so new. The weather is very damp and chilly slnoe the heavy storm of last Frl, day, and Jn consequence the heglra south Is very great , Many , summer resorts are closing after a very successful season. Time to gp back home. What a world of significance in the phrase! -Time to, say good bye to wave-washed sands and wind-swept grasses. Time to think of .how you will have your fall suits made and the most becoming shape for'' your . new fall hat Pack up your bathing euit and tennis racket, and take a last long look at lake and sky. Tomorrow fair girl, you will turn you'r-face home ward, and how good it will be to greet those at home who have not had the pleasure of an outing. . B. B. S. . . ADVICE TO MOTHERS Mrs. Wln- Slow's Soothing Syrup should always boused whent children are cutting teeth. . It relieves the littlesufferer at once;, it produces, natural, quiet sleep by relieving the child from pain, and the little cherub awakes as "bright as button." It Is very pleasant, to" taste, It sooths the child, BOftens the gums, allays all pain, relieves wind,' regulates the bowels, and Is the best known remedy . for diarrhoea, whether arising from teething or other-causes, Twentyj five cents a bottle. . Be sure and ask for "Mrs. wlnslow's Soothing Syrup ; ; r DOWNED THEM AGAIN. . j " It Is no use, for when J. C. Wemble; gets a customer to see those fine pla-i nos he always sells. He has had many hard fights lately and always wins.Hia are.tha finest p!anos1aud on accoiint:of such small expenses be Is making lower prices' than you, can1 get anywhere. By calling at 1009 Main street you will get . some valu- able piano Information. . ' i 'J. C. WOMBLE, 1 y ' v .-. 1009 Main street , Send (or our FREE booVet. ' ''Golden Ruin lor Houiawoik. 1 a GOLD DUST 1 -,. It is the World! Beat CleanMr." Try It onot and you will alwayt um it THEJ). g. FA1RBANK COMPANY.. Chicago, St Uula. New York, Boetos, ' Texas House of Representatives ; ; ' Officially Reco;iiU:s the Shirt Waist. . ' ,' ' ; ...--VA:-"' - - . -, ' . J,,.' The one thing that Is sure to stir up the American public Is any radical departure from custom anything that is not in style and lacks Dame Fashion's approval, no matter how sensible and full of service the new idea is vide the shirtwaist man. for instance. In time, nowever, the merits ot any worthy innovation impress themselves, and the distrusted theory becomes FACT as in the case of the shirt ' waist, adopted at Austin, August 6th, by official vote, as the proper thtng, "THE DENVER ROAD" was the first to" break away from the electro-slug method of display advertising, giving the people something to read, with frequent changes, and It worked well. This year. in the interest of our "constant readers" we have put In a little time courting the Muse, also the Amuse, and Has it' worked? Well, (he shirtwaist man realized that he had been flagged and backed into a blind siding when ,. he heard the talk. The "TALK" was what we were after we thought the people a trifle alow in coming to a full understanding of what we are offering them for their money.;. '. v .' '-,'...,.,- :'-' ( ' Within the last three years "THE DENVER ROAD" has made several quite radical departures in the matter ot regular, dally equipment and. service, vis: Pullmans with comfortable large dressing rooms tor ladies, Cafe Cars, mealB a la cart, . . Day coaches ot the most modern jarlety a hand- some, box-vesttbuled train, run-through without change; Thes trains, as well as 'our individual advertising both strictly "Poetry Of Motion" have attracted considerable attention, and we are doing a good buolness, which Is a compliment to the intelligence of the people who are our guests.' v- j a. u. r. a. u. a. r. u. i. r. a. n :. . FORT WORTH, TEXA8. ' ' P. B. Unless you go via "THE DENVER ROAD," you'll not get quite all you should for your money. . Two Things to Remember: "Only One Roadr and ."No Apology Necessary." - .,T-.- Cool Eureka Springs; - Bpend your vacation at "Eflroka Springs, .on "Top of the Osarkai" ... ,. Nights are delightfully cool, iscenery is most picturesque you'll be sure to enjoy it and besides it will do you a world of good. ' , Very lbw 'round-trip rates In effect -.-Ask your local ticket agent, or address Bryan Snyder, general passenger agent, St Louis. - - Bk. I n wwiiiiii m imnTiwilnirwriTfirrn-ni-T i ftiiimiifti ir-fi PAN-AMERICAN EXPOSITION. .. - Excursion tickets Via iron Mountain Route to Buffalo, N. Y. . , f $29.70 for round trip, limited to fifteen days from date of sale. --- -' $38.65 for round-trip tickets limited to October 31. ' ''rrir. ' Martin's opinions" and Forms W 4 Chancery, Vol, I, now ready for delivery. It It a valuable addition to the chancery side of any law library. Price $5.' Orders should be sent to Arkansas Democrat Company, publishers. Little Rock. makes dean floors, bright nun, ipottai kettlei. tnowy linen, thinlna .duhei. It cleans everything more thoroughly than ioad dOM and u much dwiur. Tr DR. MOREAU'S " V. TAXSY AND . ' PEKNYROYJU. PILLS ' The Sefrat, Sanet ead Oely : -. buaslb rreaci uiusi. : Price f t.00 pet ke. Pink rtper. ' utM lltauIlL Ml m kn h mall, potpaid. Addrrnt D. Moauu Co . Brown Btoi."BIde., S. Clinton St.. Cbi-M" In," sola oy tne louowing aruggieta in Mine, nock. Ark.-: J. P. OowdyN204 Main street 1 John B. Bond, Jr.. roroerv Mnrkhan and Uock streets ; IlcClerkln 4 .Xliomaa, come BeTcnth and Main imIi. " In Zante, one of the Ionian, islands, . therq is a petroleum spring which ha, been known for nearly 3,000 years. It' is mentioned by Herodotus.

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