Arkansas Democrat from Little Rock, Arkansas on May 1, 1900 · Page 2
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Arkansas Democrat from Little Rock, Arkansas · Page 2

Little Rock, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 1, 1900
Page 2
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THE ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT TUESDAY, MAY -1, . 1900. 3 The Worry and Delay of Going 'i To Market '. Can be avoided by the use of our unexcelled cF telepone system. We make it ou business to f give you satisfactory service. Ui course we are always glad to welcome you to our store but if you get busy, or in a hurry, ask central -lor 588 we have three ; 'phones. Our system of willing r exchange or money back makes trading this way safe, 4. Jar Pure . Fruit Preserves for 75c. Value $ 3X TO SUBSCRIBERS. M . 'H. a' HiimnhreT In m An ft ire r of drcu- Utloo of the "Democrat," and makes the dty circulation bla especial charge, to the sd that all aubacrlbers mar recelre their oanera Dromotlr each afternoon. The carriers are held responsible for prompt and proper delivery, and report! of failure r carelessness on their part will be grate- VYiiJL receivea, .. busiucm. viuuv, v. either 'phone. . ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT CO. LOCAL BREVITIES, 200 Scott street. Foster Hardware Company. Granite wool. D. E. Jones Co. Caughey Hayes Grain Company. Fort Smith by the Choctaw Route. Drink hydrant water It's healthy, New Route to Fort Smith the Choctaw. We paint houses. Lynam ; Bros., 115 East Third street. Good feed, good horse. Caughey Hayes Grain Company. The dance at the boat house last night was well attended. A dance will be given by the Qua- paw Club next Iponday night, Old feathers, sacks, rags and met tla bought at M. J.- Siesel.ft Co. Horses clipped, electric machine. Sullivan's shop, Second and Kock. Scientific"' horseshoeing. Satisfac tlon'guaranteed. Sullivan's shop. May sale of wash goods at Blass'. Get first choice of the dainty tanrics Pratt's Food is the best, animal regulator. Caughey Hayes Grain Com. pany. We can save -you money on your feed bill. Caughey Hayes Grain Company. Pure -linen lawns, figured and striped, for 25c, at Gus Blass Co.'s May ale. 35c far the new blue and white figured mousseTlne de soies at Gus Blass Co.'a. Beat goods, lowest prices, quickest delivery. Caughey Hayes ' Grain Company, Leave Little Rock 2; 45 p. m.. ar rive Fort Smith 10 p. m. by the Choc- tuw Route... Waterman's- Ideal Fountain Fen. Complete assortment' Arkansas Dem locrat Company. The wash-goods ' season was for mally opened at Uus Bias3 Dry uooas Co. s yesterday. Buggies repaired and painted. Sul Slvan's shop, Second and Rock streets, Both 'phones, 983. -The Little Rock baseball team has made arrangements to plr.y in Mem' - phis on Dewey Day; . Have you an automobile? If not, ' (buy your feed " from the Caughey 'Hqyes Grain Company. " The Little Rock police force made 'their first appearance to-day noon In their new summer uniforms. Wave you paid your gas bill? Save ' 'the 10 vet cent discount by paying before the 10th of the month. Glanders In a most malignant form lias made its appearance among the horses and mules of the vicinity. The Caughey Hayes Grain Com pany handles nothing but feed.. Both 'phones, 39,' Seventh and Center. . Lawn tennis and baseball goods; now. un-to-date. lowtst prices. J. H. Martin Arms Co-41,0 Main street Janle McCoy and her son, Chas. McCoy, colored, of 419 Victory street have been taken to the pest house, i A meeting of the Penbody high school alumnlr Is being held-this after , . -noon on Eighth and Louisiana streets. - Sneclal train to Boonevllle for auc tion sale town lots May 2, leaves Little Rock 8 a. m. Only $2.50 for round trip. , , , "r ' The nobbiest styles In suitings and trouserings Just received at Wm. Rel-man's, 112 Louisiana. Popular prices. Satisfaction given. Mrs. C. L. Rupprecht died at her residence, 402 Summit avenue, and the remains were taken to Hiieppara, Hempstead iepunty, Tor Interment. Prof, and Mrs. Treblng, of the Ar kansas School for the Blind, gave an organ recital Saturday night at the Presbyterian Church in Monticeiio. An interesting calisthenic exhibi tion will be given by the public-school children at West Knd Park Friday ar-ternoon, beginning at 2:30 o'clock. "There is no new thing under the sun. This, is no longer true. i ue Choctaw Route has a new line and a new schedule to Fort Smith, Try it. Potash Sulphur Water,' fresh from the spring every day, at A. C. Read's drug store, second . and Louisiana streets. Half a gallon daily for $1 a, week. - . The exhibition of drawings by the pupils of the public schools in the Whipple building "attracts much attention. It will be open to-day ana to-morrow from ? a. m. to 6 p. m. Do not buy your sprinkling hosei lawn mowers, hammocks, croquet sets or bicycles until you have examined the quality and prices at the J. H. Mat-tin Arms Co., 110 Main street. A lire at 2 o'clock this, morning caused a loss of about. $1,000 in J. N. Roberts' grocery store, at 110 West Washington avenue. North Side. The loss on the building is $500, covered by Insurance. Our renorts Bhow that all gar ments for spring will be close-fitting, and the majority of business suits will be made from stripes and stripes ana checks combined. Grays will preaom Inate. Engstroum & Fraser, tailors, Capital Hotel building. For Fort Smith The Choctaw Route is rapidly coming to the front as the, most popular route to Fori Smith, furnishing as, it does the most elegant equipment and the fastest time. Leave Little Rock 2:45 p. m. arriving Fort Smith 10 p. m. Hon. Henry M. Cooper has re celved Information of the good luck that has befallen his cousin, State Sen ator Mahlon Pitney, of Morris county, N. J. . George Richards, a New Jersey millionaire, died on April ?. ana lert a will by which Senator Pitney gets $250,- 000. Indorsement of Bryan One of the Most Important Planks in the Michigan Platform. CHAT OF CONVENTIONS Tbit I lbs Last Day of Jhe Ecumenical Conference, and the M. E General Conference Meets Tomorrow. PORT HURON, MICH., May 1 The Democratic state convention to select four delegates-at-large and alternates the Kansas City convention was called to order here today by Daniel J. Campau, chairman of the' state1 com- lttee. From present appearances the Campau faction will control the se lection of the delegates to the national convention and Chairman Campau will head the delegation. Another appa rent certainty as a member of the big four is ex-Governor Justin R. Whiting. The Indorsement of Bryan Is one of the most Important planks of the platform be submitted to the convention. The platform will also oppose Repub lican militarism and Imperialism In the Philippines, condemn the trusts, Indorse the Chicago platform without specific mention of the financial plank, oppose any entangling alliances, .secret or otherwise, .with Great Britain any other foreign power and advo cate the election bf United States sen ators by direct popular vote. Michigan Republicans. GRAND RAPIDS, MICH,, May 1. The'Republican congressional conven tion of the Fifth District met in this city today and renominated Congress man William Smith by acclamation. Delegates were also selected to the Philadelphia convention. A GUARANTEED CURE FOR PILES. All druggists are authorized by the manufacturers 'of PAZO OINTMENT to refund the money 'where it falls to cure any case of piles, no matter oi how long standing. Cures ordinary cases In sis days, the worst cases lh fourteen days. One application gives ease and rest. Relieves Itching in stantlv. This Is a new discovery ana is me only pile remedy sold on a positive tuarantee. no cure no pay. Price 50 rents If your druggist don't keep it in stock send us 50 cents in postage stamps and we will forward same by mail. -- Manufactured by Paris Medicine Company, St. Louis, Mo . DELEGATES HAVE BEEN NAMED. Eoumenical Conference. NEW YORK, May 1. There was a rousing attendance at the sessions of this cal mission conference. The forenoon I Axmk. was taken nn nrlnclnnllv with the (lis-1 ' cussion of the general topic, "Home Work for Foreign Missions." Among the papers read and discussed were the following: "Enthronement of the Mis sionary Idea," George Wilson; "Pos sible Power of Pastor," George F. Pen tecost;- ."Effect " on Churches of Sup porting , Foreign Missions," A. J. F. Behrends;" "Reflex Influence of For eign Missions on Other Benevolent Enterprises," Dr. David H. Greer. Great preparations have been made for the farewell demonstration at Carne gie Hall tonight and a notable list of speakers will be heard. Miss Jessie Leigh Selected as Sponsor for the Omer R. Weaver Camp.. At a meeting of Omer R. Weaver Camp, U. C. V., last night the follow irig delegates were selected to the Louisville reunion to be held May 30 to June 3: Delegates L. C. Balch, Thos. Churchill. Jas. P. Eagle, John G. Fletcher. H. G. Bunn, Robert Hernott, Chas. F.. Martin. W. C. Ratcllffe. Jas Mitchell, R. D. Partee, J". G. Leigh and F. T. Vaughan. Alternates Frank Carl, L. P. Drake, A. J. Snodgrass, W. H. Haynes, B.. W. Green. L. Volmer, G. P. C. Rumbough C. F. Penzel, J. H. Paschal, C. B. Moie, R. D. Plunkett, Theo. Hartman and E. Cr Wright. Miss Jessie Leigh was selected as snonsor - tor tne camp witn run power to select as many maids of lion or as she may desire. Tuesday, May. 8. was fixed as Con federate Decoration Day. There . will be no parade this TrearrandTll who. participate will meet at the cemetery at 3 p. m. of- that date. Mrs. U. M. Rose, representing the Daughters of the Confederacy, was present to confer with them on the matter of Decoration Day exercises Adjutant Tbornburg was appointed to confer with the Daughters regarding the ' arrangements and Commander Balch to select an orater for the occasion. Committees were appointed to attend to the various details ot ceremonies. The thanks of the cam were voted to Mrs. U. M. Rose and the Daughters of the Confederacy for their interest in the matter. The Invitation of Rev. J. N. Jessup pastor of the Christian Church, to at tend memorial services at that church on May 27 was accepted with thanks. ARKANSAS POSTOFFICES. The following changes of fourth' class postmasters 'have been made Cave Creek, Newton county, O. W, .Thompson, vice W. R. Salmon, signed Meyers, Garland county, L. Helms, vice Rosa Helms, resigned. . "Well, you won't find It In town If It isn't at 'The Democrat' office," Is what la said about office supplies every day. The "Democrat's," assortment Is complete and up-to-date. Gome and see,ui. Welch's Grape Juices Made from the - . . Choicest of Concord Grapes. .A delicious drink.- ' ' Bolt Wonts 542. H. Kirot & Son, v 900 14 902 Mala llrMt. 4gVVVVVVVVVVVVVVrrrrrArrrrrrrrrrrrrVtl n nATiminiT rpmTAl) 1 KNC ORGANS, In Over 25 Special Designs, To Be CLOSED OUT. The north wall of, our build ing is to be torn down in 20 days. The alterations and rebuilding, the expense of removal and the loss we will sustain unless our fine stock on hand and en route is sold, requires us to dispose of over ing attendance at tne sessions oi -nn j -, ff the last day of te great ecumenl- PnOS and Organs in Nebraska Republicans. LINCOLN, NEB., May 1. The city alive with delegates and visitors to the Republican state convention. The convention will assemble' at noon to morrow and besides electing delegates to the national convention, will name a full state ticket. Twelve hundred del egates are expected. The factional strife between the followers of Sen ator Thurston and Edward Rosewater, editor of the Omaha Bee, promises to Inject an element of liveliness into the convention proceedings. A Day on a Parlor CafcCar for 50c. You can ride all day on a Cotton Belt Parlor Cafe Car for ' only 50 cents extra, haw your meals at any hour you want them, order anything you want, from a porterhouse steak or a spring chicken down to a sandwich, take as long as you please to eat it, and you will only have to pay for what you order. Cotton Belt tmlnt Nos. 1 suit (dr trains), bttwan M.mphU. PIdo BluC n,i Teirkn., sad Nos. 3 snd 4 (asr trslnil, between Teierksas, Tjrler.f eniesna and Waco, each esrrjr one ot these haodeome ear. Let ns tend ran oar little ' booklet. A Trip to Texas." It tells all about these hand- some cars. . ' . E. W. LaBEAUME, 0. P. and T. A., St. Louis, Mo. I iu 1 EUPIO THE FAMILY SAFETY OIL. - Still the only reliable oil in the market. Others may claim to have something as good, but EUPION is "X the highest grade of alL It can be tound in tirst-class grocery stores in every town, BUT IS NOT PED-; DLED. Please bear this in mind. Waters-Pierce Oil Co. M. E. General Conference. CHICAGO, ILL., May 1. Delegates continued to arrive in large numbers today preparatory to the opening of the general, conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church day after tomor row. About three-fourths of the . ar rivals ard being entertained by private families, while the remainder have ob tained hotel accommodations. The Im portant questions to come before the conference are being freely discussed by the delegates already on the field and the ardor with which they enter into debate whenever a small number of them come together in hotel lobby or about the Quarters of the Western Methodist Book concern, which is " a favorite meeting place, indicates that there will be some lively discussion when these same questions are brought up In the general conference for settlement. Indiana Prohibitionists.'' INDIANAPOLIS, IND., May 1. A state convention of Prohibitionists assembled in Plymouth Church todav with several hundred delegateslpresent from all parts of the state, in MItlon to several Prohibition leaders of national prominence.- After - perfecting its organization the convention will se lect presidential electors and delegates to the national convention at Chicago. -Tomorrow candidates will be named for the state offices to be filled at the November election. For the gubernatorial nomination several names are prominently mentioned, In cluding those of Charles Eckhart, " of Auburn, A. P. Andrews, of Laporte.and T. J. Bassett, of Thorntown. T GET PRICES ON YOUR PAPER ING AND DECORATING FROM CHAS. T. ABELES 4 CO. Never before In the history of the piano business in the southwest has such a large, complete and up-to-date stock of pianos and organs been offered at such low prices. s ' The stock consists of several hun dred pianos and organs m over twenty- five handsome designs and HniBh. The newest and choicest products of the Kimball', Hallet & Davis, Schaeffer and other factories, are displayed in complete assortments . The prices are the lowest ever quoted in the southwest for instruments of this class, and every piano and organ is marked In plain figures with this special sale price. Just as an idea of the remarkable bargains to be found by prompt purchases we quote a few.: ORGANS. A special tot of twenty-five new Or- gam of the test quality and in finest condition, fully guaranteed (.regular prices from $65 to ftOO) will be closed out at prices from J'7.50 to MANUFACTURERS' t AMPLE PIANOS. A large number of new Upright Pianos, manufacturers' samples, large size, cabinet grand, double roll fall- board, duet music desk, three peaais. 7 IS octaves, in various designs and variety f woods: Lowest regular prices. $250 to $300; our special-sale price, $185 to $2 )5. , i ?. : THE NEW SCALE KIMBALL HLLrrr oavis pianos. The beautiful Schaeffer, . Whitney, United Makers and Htnze Pianos in a great variety of cases comprising Rose woodSan Domingo Mahogany, erencn and Hungarian Walnut,-special fancy- figured Oak and all varieties of imported woods, from the plainest to very handsome carved cases. Former stand ard prices $500 to $250, Our special prices at this sale range from $)25 to St. Louis, Iran mountain and soutnem Railway Go. DAILY 4 Trains to Texas, 2:15 a. ., 740 a. m., 9:22 a m., 3:00 p. n. 4 Trains to SI Louis, 1:1 S a. 8:40 a. 6:00 p'. m.t 8:30 p. m. 2 Trains to Mimphis. 8:40 ,i.,t 18 a.m. 2 Trains lo Kims City 8:48 a. m., 8:45 p. m. PULLMAN SLEEPING CARS and RECLINING CHAIR CARS. Local Sleeper Between Littlt Rock Hi Memphis. Local Sleeper Between Little Rock ant Fort Smitk 7 maintains1 unsurpassed. DOUBLE DAILY SERVICE From NEW .ORLEANS To MEMPHIS 8T. LOU 1 8 EVANSVILLE LOUI8VILLE CINCINNATI . CHICAGO . GRAND PIANOS. 1 "used Hallet A Davis, Mahogany, Parlor Orand, regular price, $650. Bale orioe $SS5. 1 Bteinway 'Concert Orand, second hand, but in good condition, $190. In this sale are also Included a num ber of used pianos and organs of varl ous makers, at auick selling prices. Time payments will be accepted it desired. FOR FORT SMITH Th6 Choctaw Route 1s the quickest and best. , SEELY A FREE MAN. ' His Term In Prison for Stealing $345,-000 Expires To-Day. NEW YORH, May 1. The prison term of Samuel C. Seely,' convicted In 1S95 of the theft of $345,000 from the National Shoe and Leather Bank, of this city, expired to-day. When his thefts were discovered Seely fled to Chicago, .where he was later arrested and returned to New York; His confederate. Frederick. Barker, committed suicide. Since his . incarceration in the Kings county penitentiary Seely's wife obtained a divorce and was mar ried to a rich and elderly resident of Brooklyn who -was flrstuttracted to her when her' husband's peculations brought her as welt as him -into-ub- liclty. , - 1 ; . - 8TEAMER TICKETS To ill foreign points on sale it tbe Choctaw Route City Ticket Office. 211 Main street Jas. Harris, city passenger nf ticket agent Any used Instrument bought at this sale may be returned to us at any time within two years, and we will allow tbe full amount paid as a credit on any new Kimball piano in our stock, oi nigner price. If you have any idea of purchasing a piano or an organ within the year, you will save moniy by inyxng n tins sale. We guarantee every bought at this Bale. . Instrument llotlenbergMusiGCo Established 1853. 317 Slain Street, Little Rock, Ark. City Ticket Office Corner Marklur. mi Louisiana Sts. AUGUST 8UNDH0LM, P. I T. A. H, C. T0WNSEND. 0. P. 8 f. A , SL Louis.lMo. Ilinois Central I R, For the Auction Sato From MEMPHIS To CAIRO 8T. LOUIS CHICAGO EVANSVILLE. CINCINNATI LOUISVILLE Town Lots In the Booming Tows of - And From 8T. L0UI8 TO CHICAGO ST. LOUIS TO NASHVILLE, ATLANTA AND JACKSONVILLE making . direct connections with through trains for all points north, east, southeast and west, including Buffalo, Pittsburg, Cleveland, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, Ashevllle, Charleston, Savannah, Tampa, Miami, St Paul, Min neapolis, Omaha, .Kansas City, Hot Springs, Ark., and Denver. Close connection with Central Mississippi Valley Route Solid Fast .Vestibule Dally Train for . DUBUQUE, SIOUX CITY, OMAHA and the West Particulars of agents of the Illinois Central and connecting lines. WM. MURRAYr Dlv. Pass. Agent, New Orleans. ' JNO. A. SCOTT, Dlv. Pass. Agent, Memphis.. ... , A. H. HANSON, O. P. A.. Chicago. W. A. KELLOND, A. G. P. A., Louis Tiller . LAW BOOKS. Latest Authorities on All Legal Sub. Jects All Standard Works. Tbe Arkansas Democrat Company baa been appointed agent for Arkansas and tbe Indian Territory for Leatherman's Motes on tbe Statutes of Arkansas. It Is endorsed by tbe beet .attorneys In the state. Price, $10, prepaid, to any address, for the two volumes, over 1,500 nages, substantially bound In sheep. nTriRR t.AW ROOKS. Bel's Notary Manual .$2.50 Arkansas justice uuiae, ifvisra 10 date ....... 5.00 LMtJutrman'a Notes on Arkansas Stat utes, 2 vols., set 10.00 Ollphlnt's Digest, 2 vols., each..... 6.00 Laws of Sheriffs Hurfree ' 6.00 Acts of Arkansas 2.00 Webb on Record of Title 5.00 Vested Rights Myer ...... 6.00 Lawyer's rocket Docket 1.60 Sheriff's Note Book 1.00 Mills on Eminent Domain 5.00 Mechanics' Lien Law. br Rose 4 Stebbhuf .t 50 Bankruptcy Blanks, per set. ' 1.50 Above books sent to any address on receipt of price. Send for our Hat of legal blanks. Address, Arkansas Democrat Company, Little Rock, Law Book Depart ment. , . , , j: -NO TROUBLE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS." : The St Louis. Iron- Mountain Southern railway, with their free re. dining chair oars and elegant buffet Bleeping cars, Is the best route to all point north and east v-city ucaer. of fice, corner Markham and Louisiana. .-.-1, 1 .4 - WE MAKE WIRE SCREENS. CHAS. T. ABELES aV CO. ' -OF Booneville May 2, r Will SeD Round Trip Tickets at tbTVet Low Rate of $2.50,- On May l and 2, Good for Return to May 7. Special Train Will Leave little Rock, May 2, at8 a. m. Arrive Booneville, 12:30 Noon, Tickets rood for return on any regular train. - JAS. HARRIS, ' City Ticket Agent. . J.F.HOLDEN, Traffic Manager, Little Rock, Ark. New Yorkand Bostdf -vm- Masli, .V, Continental Limited. Solid Through Train. ' Dining Cars. A

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